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The US is Now a Corporate Monarchy

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By Barry Ritholtz – November 17th, 2011, 6:00AM

I did an interview with a print reporter yesterday about what has been going on with lack of prosecutions, the banks, and Wall Street in general. We discussed the corrupt exchanges and HFT.

I dropped lots of F-Bombs, called out cowards and crooks and held nothing back. (“That fucker belongs in prison; this son of a bitch should hang“)

Afterwards, she commented that I seemed angry.

I wrote back suggesting that I am a happy dude, and its not Anger — its closer to an ineffable sadness that comes once you realize you have lost something dear. I am old enough to have grown up when this nation was a Democracy, but that era has passed. We now live in a nation no longer run by the citizens — it is a Corporatocracy — and that makes me sadder than angry . . .

She suggests perhaps a better word is outraged.

I wonder: Why have the Europeans figured out they are getting screwed, and we haven’t? Why are they taking to the streets en masse, while we seem to be watching our own control over our own futures slip from our hands almost as if from afar?

In America, we are too busy dropping the kids off at soccer, running around looking for sales and bargains, racing to keep our heads above water. We seem to forget to get outraged. Our control over our once Democracy — the one we had a revolution against a monarchy dictating decisions from afar — slips away from us. Not with a bang, not even with a whimper, but with a 1000s acts of gradual ceding of power to the new Monarch. We have given up hard won rights to a coordinated attack from all three branches of government; Our Congress has become the legislative branch of eBay — Congressmen are auctioned off to the highest bidder; they even have a Buy It Now button to get specific legislation passed. The executive branch has fallen under the sunk cost fallacy, afraid to prosecute banks because we spent so many billions bailing them out. It turns out that even our once venerable Supreme Court is just as corrupted, with lobbyists partying with Justices and backdooring ethics by hiring their wives.

In short, our new overlords are enormously well funded, well connected, relentless and perhaps most of all, patient. This new King was not appointed by primogeniture, or even Divine Right, but by acquiring enough profits in the free market that they can buy control over society, even as they thwart that free market ideal for their own ends. We have become, in short, a Corporate Monarchy.

The right question isn’t why am I angry, sad and outraged. The proper question is, why aren’t you?



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  1. I’m sharing the below for those who may wish to act on it. This may not be thee way, but it may be a way to focus the energy and ideas coming out of responses to Barry’s: “… why am I angry, sad and outraged. The proper question is, why aren’t you?”

    The answer is evident. We have NO SHORTAGE of OUTRAGE, or ideas. We just have no one place to bring them to harness the energy into forward momentum. Of course this is attributable to the Government’s and mainstream media’s deliberate use of the weapon- ‘fragment and dispel.’ Divide the Outrage into little states and further, down to little people. The press provides them cover through ‘if I don’t report it, it doesn’t exist.’ Or, better yet, ‘If I mis-report it, I can make Outrage look like something it is not: ‘They’re all a bunch of unwashed commie insurrectionists.’ (i.e. Gingrich’s “…go home and take a bath.”)

    Occupy teaches much. A Wealth of thoughts and ideas. The strength of Unity. Don’t ‘hide Outrage under a bushel.’ Go eye-to-eye with the enemy to force revelation of their true hand, the power of dictatorial gestopory.

    (If Occupy has committed to writing the music, maybe it’s our job to write the words!)

    Am I Outraged? You bet. I cannot leave this Country and our children in this mess having been snookered over a house. It’s about a whole lot more, isn’t it? (Nobel Peace Prize?!#? Pull-eze. How’d THAT happen?)
    [For your information and use]

    Source: Dylan Ratigan

    “Climbing Everest” Nov.15 2011

    We live in a system of legalized bribery. We have committed to end it.

    This is a monumental task that will be achieved exclusively by our ability to form a massive, singularly focused coalition. And that’s what we’re doing.

    Like climbing Everest, a variety of resources, skills, and equipment are critical to success. Climbing the highest mountain in the world alone is impossible, but together, people climb it every year.

    Today on my show we’ll be announcing that we’re growing our team. We’re adding resources and deep expertise from people who know how to reform democratic systems and are organized to help us do it. Specifically, we’re merging Get Money Out into a group called United Republic, who noticed the same thing we all did – our government is bought.

    So let me introduce the team.

    Joining Jimmy Williams as the three principals at United Republic will be Josh Silver and Nick Penniman. I’ve known Nick for years. He and I first met when he was running an investigative journalism unit for the Huffington Post, exposing the powers behind the financial crisis. Josh, who I’ve recently gotten to know and like, is the former founder and CEO of Free Press, the nation’s largest media reform group.

    United Republic is forging a bigger, bolder movement to end our current, corrupt way of financing politics in this country. Get Money Out will be their first campaign. And they have already forged an alliance with Lawrence Lessig’s Rootstrikers. Countless other organizations, from the People for the American Way to the Committee for Economic Development, to the Goo Goo Dolls, are with us.

    United Republic is looking for lots of volunteers like you. In the weeks ahead, we will be asking you to tell us how you want to help, and how we can help you. Like climbing Everest, we need lots of different skills and a shared goal.

    United Republic will be coalition building, organizing across the country, as well as issuing grants to home-grown activists to help give you the resources to get our work done.

    Using my show as a platform, I plan to highlight you and your work, hosting the debates that need to be had, and grilling those who dare to stand in the way of reform.

    I believe that this is the most important fight of our era. Gather yourself. Forward this note to your friends and family, so they know what’s coming and can join. Facebook it. Tweet it. Email it. Tell the world.

    It starts with us.


    Dylan Ratigan

    Get Money Out of Politics ·
    You can also keep up with Dylan Ratigan on Twitter or Facebook.

    Created with NationBuilder, the essential toolkit for a new generation of leaders and creators.

    “We Need Your Ideas” Nov. 18, 2011

    The merge is complete. By now, you’ve probably heard the Get Money Out Foundation and Democracy Fund have combined to form United Republic.

    We are now 300,000 strong, but we don’t know enough about you or what you want (other than cleaning up politics). That comes from the survey below.

    It’s short, it’s easy, and it’s necessary because we need to know what YOU can do to help with this movement.

    Please take the time to fill it out. Literally, it will take you 4 minutes. Four minutes to help organize a movement that can change American politics forever? It’s not much to ask.

    Click here to take the survey

    Tell us what you can do. Tell us if you want to donate your time, your ideas, and yes, your money.

    More importantly, thanks. Without you, this doesn’t happen. That’s not lost on us.

    Josh Silver

    Nick Penniman

    Jimmy Williams
    Senior Strategist

  2. lies is all they tell,

    I have background in economics (and finance) — and economists rely too much on history. History repeats itself as to the consequence, but not as to the cause and situation.

    And, we have a current dire situation. Any economist telling you otherwise does not know what they are talking about.

  3. foreclosureinfosearch,

    Hey Cowboy —- cut out the “darling.” We are not in Texas.

    And, Cowboy — you need to find where the horse came from before you shoot it.

    That is your problem, you assume foreclosures are fraudulent but that the “refinance” was valid.

    There was no valid refinance.

    Know you will argue this, but, cowboy, follow the horse’s path (or the bull’s horns) from the BEGINNING — does not start with a refi. . .

  4. thank you nora!!
    @ carie and everyone we are all educated but none of us have a phd in economics. we soon could have our honorary one plus our law degree. the s&L loan your deposits to make money. they were so careful whom they loan to. underwriting was strict!!!home prices rose very slowly because home buying was a privilage you earned after working hard and saving for a down payment. in 1991 after 4 years as an RN and 2 yrs of marriage, my husband and i cut back on everything and was able to save 10k just enough for our down payment. i was in my house for 13 years and would have stayed there but what happened next is so sad and should never have happened. by the time 2004 came around that glass steagal law repealed in 1999 now has the likes of wells fargo. chase ect not lending depositors money (not enough) but doing something so wrong and so underhanded. home prices were so high that these banks did not have the cash so they had to find alternative methods for fiancing. loaning their credit was illegal (funny pun) so they armed with our signiture boerrowed against our ” federal reserve account” each american child since 1933 is worth approx 750k. with no skin in the game they are free to lend to anyone. underwritng standards lax. stated income loans, lieing on mortgage applicaitons, and appraisal fraud made lending endless. they can lend now to anyone with a pulse because there is to be no income verification. for if there was i would never have been approved for my home in 2006. my credit score was a 780 but my husband was unemployed. thye new i was a risk.

    they were greedy and this is the result

    everyone please watch

    please google bithcertificate and the federal reserve
    please goolge the inside job

  5. The 99% movement is showing outrage. I dont come across many that do not agree with the movement. People are waking up to this outrage. More and more of my customers and friends have been effected and are understanding what has happened, We need to keep exposing this crime and support the 99%. My husband and daughter just had major sergury therefore I have not been to down town seattle, I expose it to everyone and ask them to support it in any way they can and they tell me they do support it. I have my Pro Se case in the ninth circuit and my son has his also in the ninth circuit of Appeals. I pray and hope it goes well, I feel pretty good about it , but who knows until the decission is made. My Pro Se battle is my way of battling this crime..

  6. Neil you and my wife are on the same page as well as I.



    All they need to do is enforce existing statute. Reinstatement of the Glass Spegal act would work also.


    “…The repeal of provisions of the Glass–Steagall Act by the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act in 1999 effectively removed the separation that previously existed between investment banking which issued securities and commercial banks which accepted deposits. The deregulation also removed conflict of interest prohibitions between investment bankers serving as officers of commercial banks. This repeal may have contributed to the severity of the financial crisis of 2007–2011 by allowing banks to become so large, complex, and intertwined that both they and their regulators failed to see the systemic risk that a failure in one part of one bank could lead to cascading failures across the global financial system…”

    “failed to see the systemic risk”? Not quite…they BET ON IT.

  8. Ending the Fed is a great second step, the first being to gather and organize. There are nearly seven billion on the planet now–plenty of man power to overthrow the 4,000 or so evil bastards entrenched in this plutocracy.
    There must be a forced disconnect between money and politics. Lobbyists have been a critical component to corporate overpowering of individual rights.
    We need to get Ron Paul in office, and protect him. Central bankers are behind the deaths of seven presidents, including Lincoln and Kenedy who were gunned down by these mad men who value wealth and power over human life. He has integrity…he’s old school, votes his conscience, has a good plan. He hasn’t been stopped by the deliberate media blackout of his campaign, or the stupid propaganda the media outlets spew, saying he’s “unelectable”. That’s just horse poop, fellas. People get behind him because his message is true, and our memories of oppression are piqued.
    The founding fathers were very wise, having learned the hard lesson from the king, and we need that true representation without lobbyist access. We need to return to a republic, not a corporation. Revoke the charters and business licenses of all off shore corporations and break up the ones on domestic soil. Replace the bought-and-paid for regulatory dummies in the windows of the FDIC, the FTC, and about ten other fake agencies entrusted with oversight, and put our guys in. The people can and must stand together, and be willling to take up arms if necessary to defend ourselves, if legal means fail.
    Until we return our basic, constitutional rights and take away the power of the government we allowed to over reach while we napped, we will continue to get what we got. Time for new rules.
    Time to rethink what life was like during James Madison’s time, when people traveled if they wanted to, owed no man a dime, paid no part of their hard won earnings to a thief in a suit with a badge, and truly were able to pursue happiness. Mass mind control through the TV and Radio, contaminated foods, poisoned water and a polluted planet are all the work of corporations, so they will suffer the fate they have engineered for themselves–non existence.
    (Oh, and those other five murdered presidents who planned to do away with the evil Federal Reserve, were POISONED.) These are dangerous people we’re dealing with–deranged, mentally ill. I don’t know about the rest of you, but “Give me liberty or give me death,” still works for me. We deserve freedom and peace, not to have to watch our children slaughtered for profit on foreign soil, where they don’t belong. We need to retool the process for filing criminal charges and take it out of the hands of the Dept of (in) Justice. Try them, convict them, and put the criminals in jail instead of letting them decide how much money they will pay to cover up their crimes. NEVER CHARTER ANOTHER CENTRAL BANK. Free up the people of America to do what they do best; manufacture, build, design, market, invent and trade. Okay, that’s my plan. Sorry I used up so much space, Neil.

  9. Nora C’s point is well taken. The egregious acts committed against the 99% aren’t and never have been due to our ignorance level. They have all the red hotels. We have to pay them rent.

    Her second point is equally as important in my mind. The evil that occurred when the Federal Reserve was established absolutely has to be abolished now, not later. Only through this will we be able to get out from under the debt that is totally needless, and has now been heaped upon even our grandkids. Death to Wall Street and the Fed. Now.

  10. @Nora,

    Your solution to this mess being…?

    I view it as universal suffrage, ability of the people to hold their representatives accountable for certain infractions and removal of private interests from politics.

    What’s yours?

  11. your preaching to the choir please see following web sites and watch the movies. please pass it on. we need to wake up the rest of the 99%

  12. Anyone fighting Deutsche/HSBC in CA…I could sure use some help and quidance. They are trying to foreclose on my house with a trust
    that does not exist nor has it existed.. I did a refi in 2007 and they are foreclosing using a 2004 trust that just doesn’t exist.
    I was able to get a TRO to stop the sale but had to tender. Going back at the end of this month so if anyone has in insight please let me know. These people are evil.
    I can be reached at

  13. Where did you guys get the idea that the colonists couldn’t read or write? The population of the colonies had a far superior command of the English language than you realize…something lacking in today’s education. They also excelled in critical thinking and problem solving. It’s the students of TODAY that can’t read, write or apply what they’ve read. The colonists were not illiterate. Many were in fact, anti-federal in attitude, believing the States should handle matters because there was grave danger of the wealthy men (bankers) of privilege taking control of a centralized government. Seems they were right, in addition to being literate.
    The first ten amendments to the constitution were added as a written Bill of Rights to clarify what they deemed to be God given and inalienable, in an attempt to limit the power of the central government over citizen’s freedoms and liberties.
    Evil, greedy, central bankers proposed a plan in 1910 to control the world through capitalism, in a secret meeting on Jeckyll Island off the coast of Georgia. {The Creature from Jekyll Island} by G Edward Griffin states: “Men with great knowledge are easily enslaved if they do nothing to defend their freedom.” We must organize and unite while we plow forward to rid society of the collectivists–bankers–who believe they have the right to play God. Capital is not evil in itself, when there are free markets. But when arrogant men like JP Morgan plot to control the world through an imperialist capitialistic assault on less sophisticated men, they must be stopped short of ruling markets.

  14. We can read and write. The constitution was written in its format because the majority of people could do neither.

    I believe a true democracy allows for universal referendum. We don’t have that right. Why? Shouldn’t we fight for it?

    We want to elect a president by universal suffrage. The electoral college must be eliminated.

    We want representatives to be accountable to their constituents. We must be given the right to vote them out of office at any time during their mandate for specific reasons: conflict of interest (obtaining favors from private parties while in office), dishonesty (lying while in office), and the list can be amended.

    Money doesn’t belong in politics. Presidential elections cannot depend on private money. Once candidates have been chosen by their respective parties (at their respective parties’ expense), the official campaign is given a certain amount of tax payers’ money to be divided equally among candidates to state/further their positions.

    The best one wins on the merit: his ability to manage the sum given, hire managers, create advertizements, etc. This is the only way to test the candidate’s ability to unify, delegate, manage, spend, govern, etc.

    This is exactly how presidents are elected in developped countries.

    Why is our system so different and yet so dysfunctional? Why do we have such a hard time with common sense?

    Haven’t we outgrown adolescence and stupid rebellion? America represents only 5% of the total world population. America represents less than 30% of the population of developped countries (and shrinking fast as China takes over. Once China is recognized as a developped country, we’ll represent 18%).

    Isn’t it time we realized that our ways no longer work?

  15. No, M.Soliman…not from ANONYMOUS—from “tony”…and it’s “carie”—not “carrie”…thanks.

  16. Carrie – pushing anonymous again Hmmm

    Comments – DBNTC even put in a claim with the FDIC and was DENIED and was stated they are NOT a SECURED CREDITOR just a GENERAL CREDITOR (unsecured) and there will be no money for general creditors.

    Ahhhh, no I dont think so . Winging it here darling. What is a General creditor – is that like anonymous creditor ?

    DBNTC was stuck with shares representing the equity in your home. Its called a pledge you see. FDIC has to make good on the pledge. FDIC says no – its not our poblem because the IndyMac Bank officers are gone .

    So DBNTC say’s fine. “Thats the way you want to do it”. FDIC say sorry – we can not honor your claims if we tried too . Sorry . Your stock is worthless.

    So now the IMB receiver says – hey debt collector, while DBNTC is not looking – here . Go get these homes back that we already own in trust …its a no brainer you see. The loans charged to TC stock and held as bare and legal title in trust . Say , ahh . . . say their One West Banks loans , yeah say One west Bank is foreclosing . Okay .

    Debt collectors enter and say –

    Dear borrower . . .Would you like a modfication ?


  17. Like Tyco and Enron convictions, you cannot carve out the fat in a deal and securitize the value while moving the liabilities off balance sheet. The lien they received at settlement is replaced by a UCC filed in records.

    The mortgage is divested of it value as the Ibanez case called Bifurcation, or celebration or mental masturbation by lawyers or something like that.How else is a foreign national bank like Deutsche Bank and HSBC bank allowed to encumber the securities transaction on a pledge which is admitted to in court documents? (See securities Cutoff Date and Closing Date.) My God, they – by their own admission describe the elements of a surety and haven taken bare and legal title to support the cases I am prevailing in . . . while hiding the facts behind MERS Corp..

    What are you arguing to date? It is the FDIC who is orchestrating these random best efforts recoery through attorneys and brokers hoping you will buy into a deal of modification until the times right to drain you and take the houses.

    Below is a freebie … LOL
    Good Luck

    1921 – Law Fourscore and so forth, in the matter of Uncle McBain, The Law and Practice of Municipal Home Rule, 278. … 12 Cases cited, supra, n. 10. 18State v. Plainfield (1882) 44 NJL 118; Chilvers v. … 486; In re Chipchase (1896) 56 Kan. 357, 43 Pac. 264; In re Martin (1901) 62 Kan. …

  18. The AMERICAN PARTY! How does that sound?

    Jan, get going on the trademark application!

    The AMERICAN PARTY would have a platform including:

    hmmm, where do I start?

    Life begins at inception Term Limits
    One Nation, Under God End lobbying
    Repeal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Enforce the laws
    Abolish the Federal Reserve Decriminalize Marijuana
    Immigration Enforcement Increase Domestic Oil
    Limited Government (halve it!) Production Strategically
    States Rights (Fed Lands to States) End Ethanol Subsidies
    Abolish the EPA End All Subsidies
    Limit Public-Sector Salaries Abolish the NEA
    Repeal Obamacare Interstate Insurance
    Voter I.D. School Vouchers
    Enforce the law equally Eliminate “Townships”
    Mandatory Military Service (2 year) Eliminate the Tax Code and IRS

    I don’t want to be accused of hijacking this thread, but Right is RIGHT! This IS ELECTION SEASON. The crooks own both parties. The parties are owned by the corporate lobbies. Somebody needs to take control. It costs you about three hundred bucks to file a lawsuit against the lender. If you defend your foreclosure in a slightly burdensome fashion, the judge will be agitated but the SHAREHOLDERS WILL PAY! In the end, the banks will bear the brunt of the costs.

    Lots of anger. Over the misery and loss of “quality” of life (however thankful for every day). Now I know the Federal Reserve via TARP/Blackrock are the undisclosed beneficiary foreclosing on me. Maiden Lane One apparently absorbed all of Bear-Stearns’ garbage, as well as half the Hilton Hotel worldwide properties.

    It’s kinda like what Maher told me three years ago. In fact, it’s EXACTLY what he said it was.

  19. hi james october i have been reading post all day having made some posts myself. i am so with you my hell with wells fargo started in 2009. my eyes were closed. only new what i had been taught. but when the paper work started to get lost when i new i sent it because my fax machine has a report i new something was wrong. and it has been down hill. i to have been through so much stress. its taking its toll on my family my marriage, my health, and my work. i am a nurse. an RN what i found out is what i am horrified about its called a stated income loan. the mortgage broker was able to state my income and underwriting did no verification because i had a high credit score but it dint matter my husband was unemployed. and then the appraisal fraud, modification fraud. iwas part of the group thatwas told by wells fargo not to pay but denied telling us this. my chest pain and headaches are more frequent. i can only work until i die and my family will get my life insurance. there are no jobs in florida what they report like things are better yet my husband gets no calls for a job so not sure where the jobs are. even if they were some where else in florida rick scot and pam bondi forgot we cant sell our houses and move i have painstakenly worked 25 years of 12 hour shifts. i am not going let them win with out a fight. no i am not just sitting here waiting. i have wrote every government entity so everyone is no the same page with the fraud. please every thank you for your complete support. please watch zeigeist addendum on you tube, google birth certificate and the federal reserve bank, and watch the inside job

  20. When you hear news from the main stream media and the government about funds going to one country or another, I hope you know since any and all government officials are corrupt, lying deceiving thieves that none or most of what they say is not true. When the US sends money over seas let’s say to Egypt, they are not sending it so that the people of Egypt can get a handout, or that they can helped in any way!

    The US essentially are buying either silence, trading rights, or the peace and quiet so to speak. the only people that benefit out of that kind of money are the officials of that country, like for instance, Housney Mobarak, etc. Any and all governments else where are very much self sufficient, just like we used to be. No one gets a free anything in this life, we all know that because we hear it in the adds all the time, this is free, but it’s not.

    It’s all a political game and favors from one dictator to another, or from one source to another. Our President this one or the ones before him or after, say all sorts of things in public to appease the world, they are never telling the truth about anything. We think that we vote people in office because they want us to think that we have a say or power in some decision making, but it’s true we don’t, and if we did in the past, we don’t now.

    We have to ask ourselves these questions, why would the US give money to other nations when the US itself is in debt for over 14 Trillions? If I am going broke where would I get the money to give others, and why? And where the hell did that money we used to have gone to? Why is our money being shipped over seas over the last decade or so? If we are such power, then why are we in debt to China? Why after the banks luted all the wealth of this country are they still getting bailed out? And why is our lovely government keep supporting these filthy rats? And why did we really go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan? Was 911 really a terrorist act or an inside job?

    We probably never know the real answers to any of these questions, some of us may know a thing or two, the rest are relying on the news to keep them posted, what a joke! May be it’s true that a new dawn is near and that change is on its way, and that would be nice for a change. I do know however, that in order for any change to take place we have to change ourselves. And this what we are doing is a step in the right direction!

  21. Outrage. Pure. Unmitigated. Similar to yours?

  22. It has occurred to me that the constitution was written at a time when most people on this continent couldn’t neither read nor write. The founding fathers were very aware of it and were concerned that, without the ability to research whatever they were told, they would fall prey to anyone and anything. Hence all the “safeguards” put in place at the time.

    That was 300 years ago. We can’t be treated as children anymore. It is time to demand that we all fully participate directly to every single decision made by our federal government by universal suffrage and referendum.

    Otherwise, the cycle will continue…

  23. And just to clarify one thing…

    It took me a while to realize it but… America does not have a democracy in the sense that the America people is never directly asked for its opinion in anything having to do with the federal government. And yet, our federal government makes decisions impacting every individual every single day. In the majority of “democracies”, when decisions must be taken, which have the potential of affecting everyone, everyone is asked to participate in the decision process.

    When was the last time:
    1) We elected a president without interference from the electoral college? Most politicians don’t even understand what the elctoral college role is and why it exists. It’s unheard of anywhere else.
    2) We were asked to vote on an any issue by universal referendum? If we had, I would venture to say that everyone would have been insured a long time ago. We would have an educational system worthy of that name. We effectively would be free to travel and settle anywhere without having to-register for a driver’s license and spend inordinate amounts to validate our diplomas from one sate to the other.
    3) We were given authority to question any of our legislators about their actions, by using any such thing as a “confidence vote (i.e., you shape up or ship out im-me-dia-te-ly)” Again, if we had, we would have known long ago what was going on between lobbyisits and Capitol Hill and we would have been able to nip it in the bud. MERS would not have seen the light of day, we would never have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan, we would not be on the brink of an intervention in Iran and Israel and Egypt would have to fend for itself.
    4) We could demand the dissolution of our executives for poor performance? Again, had we had that power, the Rumsfeld and Cheney of this world would never have caused the damages they did, Gore would have been elected and we would be well in our way to complete energy independance.

    Why don’t those alternative even exist in our constitution?

    I do believe that the consitution as it is has run its course and we will soon have to choose between being a nation or a federation. For too long, we have been a nation when it’s about paying federal taxes, being drafted (currently suspended but make no mistakes: if we become engaged in any future war waged without our say, expect it to return), paying incompetent and corrupt representatives, supporting corporations intent on destroying us, etc., while having absolutely no decision power.

    If our common sense and hard work are not good enough, why should our money and our blood be?

  24. @Jan van Eck

    “The fourth way is to pool resources. In places like California, you have to either “tender the debt” or post proof that funds are available to tender, by affidavit and evidentiary foundation (like copy of funds account in trust). So everyone chip in $20 into the pool and you have a funds pool for proving ability to tender. Gets the foot in the courthouse door for thousands, and that swamps the Gangsters [call them what they are: gangsters, not banksters]. Their business model is not designed for dealing with an avalanche of lawsuits. Also forces the Courts to focus on the thefts, and away from the comfortable perch of “you don’t have the tender funds, so you cannot come in here”.

    Need a mainstream advocate to set up a website and collect it. $20 from millions in time for xmas. Telethon. I know I am dreaming.

    Tender has to do with equitable balance. It’s a joke. The foreclosers have nothing invested and nothing to lose. In many cases they got paid in full at origination and are getting paid again when they foreclose (conveniently leaving out any mention of the trust in non judicial states). Their attorneys get paid by the govt. They are profiting big time on the foreclosure mill. They are profiting on credit default swaps and insurance. They don’t want payments, they want foreclosure. They keep houses vacant if it suits their bottom line trashing the value of the neighborhood. Owners take better care of homes. The true balance due any still existing investor is not disclosed and it is nowhere near the false default declared by the false “lender” verified with their own records and not the records of the “beneficiary”. The docs filed at recorder are fraudulent and a felonly in CA. The lien is not perfected. The note was not negotiable. There is equity. Ought to be that the case is a no brainer and 100% likey to succeed plus of national significance. All reasons for no tender required. Judges have that ability they just don’t get the theiving and lying of the so called “banks” doing the foreclosing.

  25. Very interesting Carrie. Thanks for details and the link. Wondering if this is the case for WAMU trusts. Suspect so.

  26. If anybody has an IndyMac/Onewest/Deutsche—or in fact ANY “TRUST” situation—I am sharing this info from “tony” and again—because it has been very helpful to me, and may help with someone else’s research…good luck—and give ’em hell!

    “…People on here must understand what a “Qualified Financial Contract vs a Non Qualified Financial Contract” is. If and when you understand this you will see that (in some cases), trusts only had Non QFC’s in the trust.
    Check out:
    Read it well Non QFC’s are as ANONYMOUS has stated many of times (just not as QFC’s vs Non QFC’s) are ONLY receivables of collection rights…start attacking the meaning of QFC’s vs NON QFC’s. …check out DBNTC vs FDIC …judge talks about the QFC matter. Case number is #09-3852 in the California
    Federal District Court Central District Western Division.
    People you need to read this case, and if you have a so called an Indymac Loan you really need to read this case. DBNTC admitts that all 246 trust under the Indymac was striped of all assets. They even went to probate so the judge would not make DBNTC liable for anymore claims. If anyone knows trust law you know that you can only go to probate when a trust is dead. DBNTC even put in a claim with the FDIC and was DENIED and was stated they are NOT a SECURED CREDITOR just a GENERAL CREDITOR (unsecured) and there will be no money for general creditors.
    Onewest is not servicing the former Indymac papers for DBNTC, but instead for Indymac Ventures LLC. If you google and pull this name, its on the FDIC’s own website it says THEY WILL NEVER BE GIVEN THE ORIGINAL NOTE, AND IF THEY TRY TO JOIN AND FORMER PARTIES IT WILL BE VOID.
    So when banks lawyers (debt collectors), say: ‘Here is the original note!’—they are committing open fraud and there is proof. They was only given a collateral file with the debtors information as any debt collector receives, when they buy debt.
    FDIC gave Onewest the collection rights without taking on any liabilities. As many has seen in there court cases Onewest says we brought the assets of Indymac without any liabilities. Then how could they try to use the PSA’s in court cases? They cant—they are not a party to the document.
    Indymac was 2 people in the trust transaction:
    1. Sellers (QFC)
    2. Servicer (Non QFC)
    Indymac sold there collection rights aka Non QFC’s to the Trust Series. (You must understand a series has one main name and feeds the rest—that’s why it called series.) Then Indymac promised that at of the time of selling that everything was in good order, and if it wasn’t they would buy it back. (QFC) Once the trust took it, Indymac’s job as seller was done.
    Indymac then took on its other job: 2. Servicer of the trust. (Non QFC)
    When Indymac went under, the FDIC took Indymac into receivership. FDIC then made Indymac Federal FSB. This is a big part, because when Onewest Bank says they bought the assets of Indymac Bank, Onewest did not buy the assets of the Failed thrift, but of Indymac Federal FSB the FDIC version of Indymac—which is a BIG difference. Onewest just tries to muddy the waters by not saying which one they really bought!
    FDIC as in conservator split the QFC from the Non QFC and gave IMB Hold Co the deposits and the Collection rights of all 246 Indymac trust series without any liabilities. IMB Hold Co then made Indymac Ventures LLC (the only sole member of the LLC is Onewest Bank), who Onewest is servicing for.
    FDIC did this without repudiate contracts under 12 U.S.C. 1821(e), r. Even if they did, it would have made the trust series whole, and still DBNTC would not have any claim even in Non QFC form. As FAS 140 explains in detail.
    In short, if your loan was securitized its not about your Mortgage or Note it is about is it a ‘Qualified Financial Contract’ or NOT. Use this and you will not have to worry about ‘where’s the assignment?’ or anything else.
    Its now about accounting and security laws. Then you can show why there was not any assignments, because they only had Non QFC rights. Judges won’t like this matter, but there is nothing they can do about it—now you are connecting the dots. All these securitizations are UNSECURED period—and banks know this. The Trust never had any QFC’s only Non QFC’s.

  27. “Why aren’t you (outraged) ?” is a pretty stupid question, don’t you think? It is apparent from all the angy posts, protesters braving the cold to Occupy and homeowners who stopped paying and sued, that we’re outraged. Thousands of websites, hundreds of utube videos, millions of law suits…and yet you fail to see the outrage? You must not be looking, if you’re making a question like that the last line of your article. Duh, yeah. Outraged, here. The Republic ain’t dead, yet. We’re just gettin’ started.

  28. Barry Ritholtz is mainstream and associates with mainstream. That’s why he can use four letter words and be taken seriously. The only good thing that is happening right now is that something that has been hidden is coming to light. When mainstream gets hit hard enough – as if we are not already there – more will get on that band wagon. Too late for too many already and how bad will it have to get? The current global “crisis” starts and ends with MBS. No real resolution to that on the horizon yet. Something like 10 or 12 million have already been forclosed since mid 2006. Multiply it times couples, families and extended families, it’s pushing 50 million Americans affected. 10.5 million more foreclosures are in the pipeline and 30% of all mortgages underwater. How many people is that? Only “savings” most ever had was in their homes. Most have never been invested in the stock market. Speculators drive the stock market. There is no inflation. Wishful thinking. Banks are insolvent and faking their books can’t last forever. This is the Greater Depression.

  29. Thank you Neil!

    Most people so are befuddled with “amusements” that they don’t take time to think. If we were to do an etymology of “amusement” one would find the root “muse”…to think negated by “a”…..AMUSEMENT…not to think! That’s why we have amusement parks, weekend amusement activities, weekday afterschool and afterwork amusement activities, any and everything to keep us from thinking about what is really happening to us.

    Now, take the interest of America in the latest sex scandal. I have compassion for the victims of this horrible crime and coverup. How many are there? Maybe 9 that have come forward? Well, what about the millions of homeowners that were raped, sodomized, robbed, left homeless, murdered and became vitims of suicide by foreclosure? What’s the difference in Sandusky being protected for so many years by those “sports” associates who knew something was going on and did nothing? Our elected representatives, judicial, law enforcement, other government agencies, banks, loan servicers, mortgage brokers, investors, notaries, robo signers and the like, all knew homesowners were getting screwed! Who’s holding them accountable? DA’s won’t investigate nor prosecute, judges sustain demurers to squash homeowners court cases, homeowners are evicted from their residences as though they were tenants, banks are reducing principle balances to allow investors to purchase underwater properites when in fact they could reduce the balances to allow homeowners to keep their homes!

    I’m mad as hell and I’m ready to do something about it!

  30. Keepon—

    Thanks for posting that video. It really says it all.
    I will pass it on.

  31. Enraged….yes, and I will blame the agenda behind the media, standardized education, and all of that nonsense that keeps us from learning how to THINK !! Generations die out and if the knowledge is not passed on, then what can we expect but the complacency and dumb down of our persons that we have seen over the years that is only a reflection of that?

    Even voting is a sham.

  32. James October,

    I am truly sorry for what you have been going through–including others and my family and I. These crimes against humanity are a gross injustice.

    Please take care of yourself and your family. We have to believe there is restitution coming to restore our sanities from this nightmare.

  33. @Linda,

    This corruption has exisited eversince the first man. It was prevalent during the industrial revolution in England. It was prevalent in Russia under the Czars. It was prevalent under Louis the XIV and his successors in France. It is prevalent in India right now, we saw it in China a few years ago with the baby formula scandal. I don’t believe any country escaped it at some point of its history. The pendulum swang from one extremem to the other and it took decades, if not centuries, to get to a middle gound. Eventually, Europe reached that middle gound and stayed the course for a long time before the cycle began again. They are in the middle of it now, thanks to us…

    What makes it discouraging about America is that we seem to have jumped from one extremely corrupt period (the 30s) into this present one… without having learned anything and the body isn’t even cold yet! I was talking to a older neighbor who grew up during the depression and he is flabbergasted at how little has been learned from such a recent past. In fact, what astounds him is that all the telltale signs were present during the S&L crisis, 20 years ago and yet, no one seems to have bothered to read them.

    We’ll get through that. We’ll come out better. But at what price?

  34. Just a reminder….Barry Ritholtz is the author of the above posting and quote – “The right question isn’t why am I angry, sad and outraged. The proper question is, why aren’t you?”. Not Neil.

    As for me, I cannot live with daily outrage. Not healthy or productive in my opinion, at least not for me. I pray that one day justice might prevail and in the meantime, I will keep reading and trying to gain knowledge for when the tide turns in our favor!

    God’s blessings on each of you and Happy THANKSgiving to all! Thank you Neil for your blog!

  35. This form of corruption has existed for at least a hundred years…from my limited research. I am not a student of history or politics, but because the evidence of such gross malfeasance and greed is increasingly coming to light as of late, common sense tells us that this problem did not suddenly spring up as of a few years ago.

    We see that there is something terribly wrong going on around the world, such that we can reasonably assume that the material evidence of this wanton behavior has been ingrained in our multiple cultures and that the big wheels of corporatism have become so smug and self-indulgent that their schemes are now being conducted in broad daylight and enforced by their bands of lackeys.

    These facts which the average intelligent mind finds to be completely repulsive and unbelievable…SHOCK the conscience. Then again, corporatism has no conscience because it exists to feed itself…it simply wants what it wants. It feels nothing. And, that is also the definition of evil. Let us ask ourselves: Why do we keep expecting this evil empire to have “feelings?” To uphold “our” laws?

    Then again, I see another tide emerging. That is one of The Awakening that so many are showing us now in the form of films, Internet, Garfield columns, a return to whole foods, clean air, and the like.
    It could be that the wheels of corporatism are losing their momentum and are thus striving to work harder to get as much as possible before their ultimate demise and collapse under the weight of the awakening of truth. That is another reason why we see all these dirty deeds coming out in the open. For these crimes against humanity cannot continue. They have caused the trauma that will endure in our collective psyche for eons to come. We cannot erase history, though we MUST re-write its events to reveal the truth, lest we are not allowed to heal.

    We must realize how the people have deliberately been kept in the dark and hidden from the truth….how we have been lied to…how we have been living in an illusion of free will and constitutional privilege. And that what has really transpired is not what WE think, but only masked itself as WHAT we think in order to keep us distracted from the effects of their ballistic agenda and busy with the consumerism and survival issues of our own little lives.

    I predict we will have to pay them off to cut them out of the big picture or that they will have to pay us off for us to keep them out of prison. They have been in the game too long and have developed an entitlement mentality in that they have been born into this monetary menagerie and know nothing else. I believe that under all this criminal activity, they are the ones who are truly SCARED. Thus, their reaction to get as much from everyone as possible before their empire dies out.

    People have been living in two realms and did not know it. Two forms of government, the one we THINK exists for the people and one that exists for THEM, that is the one that was DEVISED to control the one we THINK exists. There are even two forms of the individual, the natural-born and the CITIZEN, who is the corporate slave (owned by the corporation). We see this evidence in our birth, marriage, and death certificates, federal and state-issued ID’s, and so on. All these documents prove that “we the people” are owned by the UNITED STATES, INCORPORATED. We pay taxes to the I.R.S. The FEDERAL RESERVE is a private bank. There is the UNITED NATIONS, the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, etc. This definition of “capitalism” goes on and on wherever you see the capital letters.

    People are serious about reclaiming their sovereignty and that of their country’s. I am confident there are good forces at work behind the scenes and the trend will continue.

  36. I have been outraged so long that I am now on medication and my health is severely affected from the stress. Today I’m simply wondering how it would have been by now if I had just walked away. I am now broke and sick; I was neither before this fight over my house. No pile of sticks and stone called a “house” is worth that price. Many homes have been destroyed trying to save a house.

    I realize that this is not a popular view with most here, but it’s just the truth as I see it. I stood for what I thought was right, but I wish I had just walked away. I’m too far invested now to quit, but in my heart, I quit this morning.

  37. Ours is not, nor has it ever been, a Democracy. The United States of America was founded as a Democratic Republic.

  38. Exclusive: Lobbying Firm’s Memo Spells Out Plan to Undermine Occupy Wall Street (VIDEO)

    Sat Nov 19, 2011 8:53 AM EST.

    by Jonathan Larsen and Ken Olshansky
    (crossposted from MSNBC’s “Open Channel” blog)

    A well-known Washington lobbying firm with links to the financial industry has proposed an $850,000 plan to take on Occupy Wall Street and politicians who might express sympathy for the protests, according to a memo obtained by the MSNBC program “Up w/ Chris Hayes.”

    The proposal was written on the letterhead of the lobbying firm Clark Lytle Geduldig & Cranford and addressed to one of CLGC’s clients, the American Bankers Association.

    CLGC’s memo proposes that the ABA pay CLGC $850,000 to conduct “opposition research” on Occupy Wall Street in order to construct “negative narratives” about the protests and allied politicians. The memo also asserts that Democratic victories in 2012 would be detrimental for Wall Street and targets specific races in which it says Wall Street would benefit by electing Republicans instead.


  39. The answer is much, much more simple: Europeans have an educational system in which they are taught not only history but why it happened as it did. They are taught to use their critical sense, analyze, explain, understand. The multiple-choice debacle is unheard of there. They know what happened before they were born and what will happen after they’re dead if such and such action is taken. And they learn to care!!!

    American kids are turned into brainless, overweight pigs who should eat their Monsanto veggies (pizza) and keep loading on sugar (for energy, you see…! So much is needed when you sit in front of TV 12 hours/day and spend the rest in front of a computer…) By golly, one could wonder if the idea isn’t to fatten them and use them as food, after the planet has been thoroughly destroyed. Isn’t that how many civilizations ended up? Cannibalistic after having destroyed everything?

    A joke like the republican campaign would be impossible in Europe. A Bachman, Cain, Perry, Romney wouldn’t have a prayer!!! Can you really imagine those people near the red phone? America is done for good.

  40. We would have had the tender money if the banks didn’t screw up the economy and then took our tax paying dollars to fight us back with. The judge should demand the same from both parties, if the banks can prove they own the original wet ink-NOTE first, which they cannot, then the homeowner should be made to tender!

    You cannot ask one party to rectify the situation when there are two parties to every agreement! The judges are not being fare to ask the one party who is unsuspected to the agreement to fork up what was lost to them in the deal. There is two sides to every coin, the judges just side with the banks for the many various reason that we are aware of by now, but the not the most viable one.

    Judges need to realize that they have tipped the scale much to one side, and that is not fare or just. I think to me that is more outrageous to see our judicial system being corrupted or deciding on cases because of personal gain instead of what’s just. It’s known to them and to everyone by now that the banks are filing in sufficient and faulty documents to foreclose on homes, therefore, they have to be held accountable for that. and to demand from the homeowners something under these conditions does not make sense.

    Jan, you have a good idea though, about having a pool of a trust with donations from every homeowner to help prove that there is tender available for specific cases when needed, if that’s what it takes. We are unfortunately dealing with a system that is in cahoot with each other against the homeowners their resources are limitless, and to get the homeowners to pull their resources together is not an easy task basically because most of them are scared to make any moves.

    Now you have certain capable individuals creating systems in which they pool some distressed homeowners together in a corporate trust to secure their property temporarily for a certain amount of time till they find ways to fend off the foreclosure process, but it cost a lot more than $20.00. There are ways, and each of them are costly and the idea of trusting anyone now a days is not so good. Imagine, if you cannot trust your bank any more or your government, how can you trust anyone else!

  41. It’s not that we are not outraged, it is that this has been like the boiling frog. They have implemented one strangle-hold after another, and it has been gripping us to the point that you’re scrambling to keep your head above water. Quite a good plan, isn’t it? Keep everyone too busy to be able to show their outrage. It will come to a point, though, that you have no choice and your head is not above water at all, and I think full violence will start to occur. I don’t think the Occupy Wall Street people are just going to quit and go home, when nothing has changed since they’ve been out in the streets for several weeks already. In fact, our country continues to sink. Washington WON’T change. Tax reform WON’T happen. No agreements on cutting the spending–no bringing the troops home and shutting down some of the 900+ military bases we have all over the world, in fact, now Obama is going to open a new one in Australia! More and more coming out about the leaders in congress-both sides- and how their insider trading and investments make millions, and it is not illegal for them, as it is for anyone else. Until we really clean house and get them all out–both sides, and implement term limits, it will just continue. Serving in Congress was never supposed to be a life-time profession. It was supposed to be serving your public duty for a time, and get out. Look how rich they become after they’ve been in Congress–Denny Hastert, for example. Also, I think they have control of the vote to such an extent, that our leaders are not even elected. They are installed. We need to get that fixed, as well, or voting is of no good. It has been proven and testified to in Congress how they can program those little chips they put in the electronic voting machines, and can make the vote come out how they want, many with no paper trail. The states like Arizona that do have a paper trail, also don’t matter. It is next to impossible to get a recount. Years of legal suits, lots of money wasted, and then they do such a shoddy process on the recount, it is all for nothing.

  42. chilling…

  43. The right question isn’t why am I angry, sad and outraged. The proper question is, why aren’t you?”

    Why would you conclude that I am not infuriated and outraged? I sure am.

    One way to lead the revolution is to march in the streets, invade those fundraiser breakfasts, those Dinners at the Union league Club.

    Another way is to drown the pond-scum with an avalanche of lawsuits.

    The third way is to start off fresh with new political parties, or re-seize control of one of the existing ones. Refuse to have as candidates, or vote for, lawyers. Sadly, attorneys have beschmirched their collective reputations. A matter of profound sadness, but it is what it is, and we have to start with facing Truth.

    The fourth way is to pool resources. In places like California, you have to either “tender the debt” or post proof that funds are available to tender, by affidavit and evidentiary foundation (like copy of funds account in trust). So everyone chip in $20 into the pool and you have a funds pool for proving ability to tender. Gets the foot in the courthouse door for thousands, and that swamps the Gangsters [call them what they are: gangsters, not banksters]. Their business model is not designed for dealing with an avalanche of lawsuits. Also forces the Courts to focus on the thefts, and away from the comfortable perch of “you don’t have the tender funds, so you cannot come in here”.

  44. Keepon, you sound like you are outraged! You are right on so many levels, and Neil is right too, everyone should be outraged, but not everyone is signed up on living lies, even the many evicted homeowners from the last few years.

    Those who were prayed on by the banks are mostly powerless and or ignorant of the true facts. It isn’t just about housing anymore, it about the whole enchilada. The wool has been puled over our eyes slowly through the past decades, if it happened over night it would have made a huge impact.

    Those in control are much more clever than the most, they plotted and created all the rules while the average Joe & Jill were watching TV. Like I said months ago, people have been fed corn-crap for so long they are all fogged up. Life was made much too convenient for them to follow, all they had to do was watch TV after a long day at work and while he/she was eating corn-crap. After the corn meal, plenty of brain washing effects were brought you by SO and SO! The next morning Joe and Jill spent their hard earned Dollars on SO and SO.

    Try taking away the only comfort people think they have now a days, bet they’d be outraged. Try and fire any S O B who allowed some coach rape young boys, and they’l be outraged. You see, you have to hit people where they are happy go around, spoil their routine, and then they’l be outraged!

    Yes and there are the rest of us who are speaking out and who are trying to find as many ways as possible to defeat the enemy and defend our rights and freedom of speech or what have you. And in a true world a fair world we would have gotten ahead by now, but we don’t live in a true world. Who knew that as we were being fed lies from those we gave power to, and then they’d turn against us by the very power we gave them? If Neil is outraged now after he spoke with a reporter, than he must have found some new information that out raged him further.

    How many average person has the inside information? Slowly some information is getting out to the people, but not through the main stream media, they too are been bought and sold like a racks of meat! So where does the average Joe and Jill get theirs, how do they fight this system who is telling them what to do and how to do it. Those of us who knew something is being crooked are still in the battle field, and we tell all our friends and family and we hope we can spread the news as far and wide as we can.

    You would have to get everyone to believe that this country that was based on a great constitutional foundation is now based on lies and deceit. CNN and other news were happy to show the lack of democracy in other countries. During the Arab Spring, everyone here watching was outraged about how Hosney Mobarak’s horseman were running over the protesters on the streets. Here we have policeman beating up people and spraying them with pepper spray and rubber bullets and hauling them to prison, and what’s the difference?

    No one is outraged here over all that, because people here truly believe that this country is different, is democratic and fare, give me a break. The media is making it sound like a bunch of outlaws are on the streets causing trouble, no one wants to admit that here in America, there is no democracy! My point is if you have been told (brain washed) for decades to believe something to be true, it would take a new wash to make people believe otherwise!

    And those of us who are outraged and fighting for justice get smacked hard over the head with a hammer! We are fighting for what we believe in, and for our homes, our jobs and our health with all the power we have, and with what ever little resources we have. The only way for a huge change is when everyone is effected by what’s going on wether is housing, jobs, schooling, resources, etc, etc. And can we make a difference, I believe that we can, but not with some of us, it has to take the whole lot of us. A whole lot of washing that is!

  45. “The right question isn’t why am I angry, sad and outraged. The proper question is, why aren’t you?”

    The “YOU’s” are not outraged simply because they HAVE NO CLUE that their DEMOCRACY is being EXTRACTED from their Nation ON THEIR WATCH. The Majority of Americans don’t know the REAL STORY: they’re intentionally being ‘dumbed down’ by the 1%s CONTROL of ALL MEDIA that would inform them of what THEY and future generations are in the process of suffering here.

    THE REAL WORD IS BEING CONCEALED from the Majority. If THEY KNEW don’t you think THEY’d BE OUTRAGED TOO? The fragmented message to the Majority is that ‘a bunch Occupiers want their homes and educations to be paid for by them- the Majority.’

    How do you explain to People that they, and their Nation, are in the process of FALLING VICTIM to the MIND CONTROL of the Ponzi? Would you expect the Enemies Within= the President/Banksters/Media- to ‘tip their hand? ‘Oh yeah. Didn’t we tell you? While you were out, we decided; Facism trumps Democracy. Didn’t you get the Memo? Not on the distribution? Don’t have a computer? Sorry! Too late.’ Not gonna happen. They’re running for RE=ELECTION. Might have a negative impact on their chance to continue the plunder.

    Unless they are current victims of the Extraction, the Majority of Americans have no way of knowing that THEY HAVE BIG-TIME SKIN IN THIS GAME. They now see parts of the EXTRACTION by the Corporate Monarchy: America ‘hollowed out’ by offshoring manufacturing, jobs transferred to 3rd world including all of their financial/medical records, American homes- ownership of the land itself in process of EXTRACTION by Ex-US banks using forged, made up documents expel current owners and to seduce immigrants into their trap, our children CONSCRIPTED into debt slavery by virtue of the education we insisted they get.

    Try to articulate any one piece of this believably to the Majority who ‘don’t get it’ yet. I did yesterday and, racing thru my mind as I spoke were the words ‘they’re going to think I’m crazy.’ Am I?

  46. thank you andvery enlightening bcause that is what ihav been felinfor 2 years.

    i hadhard in y lcal paper ourlocal congssma washavin a foreclosure workshop. so i call nd sign up because i wanted to ask all the questions and share my story in person but whe they asked mw wha bank “oh they are going to be here” so i chose not go an to protest with the occupiers. becauseunlike other folks i am awake (in matrix i cant remember what color pill) i know about the crime. the origination that tese table funded loans are not real money but an electronic give away from te federal reserve they received with our signiture. there s no real money in the unied states it went bankrupt in 1913 and again in 1933

    (thats A whole chapter peopel do not know about either please google “birthcertificate and the federal reserve or ) .,

    the only money they make is our intrest or the insurance payment from the credit default swap insurance they bought on our loans that they made with out their money that they new would fail hence th mortgage appliation fraud, appraisal fraud, modification fraud and because teydo not own the note robo signing. none of tiswassuppset be discovered,

    so why shold i metwit wells fargo to now try and modify a home i bought for 260k n 206 and is now worth less then 100k or find a lawyer and have another plan. see the messed with the wrong people the thouht we would stay aslee forever and the can contnue stealing our homes

    whn in anones iife did you ever havemore equity in your car or motorsycle then your home? we cant afford our bills becuaseof unemployment and need to do a BK but i hav more equity in my cars and motorcycle then my house. it just flabbergahsts me.

    another thing i try and get everyone to watch or go to web sites of iimporance and people cant be bothered. status quo will notgetus any where

    pleas see these web sites and post them on your face book ect. he only way we can help is by waking up american people

    and watch the inside job

    we all need t ducate ourselves and fight

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