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Occupy Wall Street is being raided by NYC police, and the 99% movement is asking for everyone’s help. From Occupy Wall Street on Twitter:

1:10am: Raid happening NOW at #libertysq MOBILIZE!

1:43am: Call #nypd at: 646-610-5000 and respectfully demand 1st amendment rights!!

1:47am: The whole world is watching! Watch here: livestream.com/occupynyc

I just called the number above, and it’s pretty busy. Good! it’s really important that people keep calling. Here are some other numbers.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg: 212-639-9675
NY Governor Cuomo: 518-474-8390
NYPD 1st Precinct: 212-334-0611
NYPD 5th Precinct: 212-334-0711
NYPD 6th Precinct: 212-741-4811
NYPD 7th Precinct: 212-477-7311
NYPD 9th Precinct: 212-477-7811

You can also sign our petition to Mayor Bloomberg here — and tell your friends.

If you personally know any New York political leaders, please call them and ask them to take a stand against this outrage.

The people united will never be defeated.

In solidarity,

— Adam Green & the PCCC team

18 Responses

  1. Oh yes Chris, your story is exactly it. It’s all hidden under total BS.

    Fuck these a holes. And I mean it.

    Since defaulting on my cc debt 3 years now, and paying cash for everything it is such a pleasure knowing I owe no one. These fuk’in lawsuits against are BS and they will dismiss the case 6 days b/4 it comes to trial, I know it as I have done my research.

    I will post my ongoing research into this crap so as to help others.

  2. What is this crap about throwing m cocktails at Macy’s in NY and messing up NY (interview with a wso’er aired this evening)?
    Somebody needs to talk some sense into any idiots advocating and or espousing such actions. NYC happens to be the home of Wall Street, but it is also the home of citizens who have seen more than their share of ‘excitement’ in the last decade +. The Macy’s in Manhattan charges too much for its good in my opinion, so I don’t shop there. Why is Macy’s being singled out? OWS’ers need to shut down that kind of talk toute suite or we can all kiss the movement goodbye. That kind of violence will not be tolerated. Good people will be harmed and if that happens, the backlash will be crushing. I’d like to know what the talking face’s
    deal is…that he thinks nailing Macy’s department store is going to address. We need to be taken seriously and that kind of hysterical
    bs only serves to do otherwise. Pressure, yes, lots of it – peacefully. But not that. Somebody PLEASE gag those guys spewing this garbage.

  3. If the Occupy movement wanted to have any credibility then they would be Occupying Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac where the new CEO’s are going to take $12,000,000.00 and split it up for their bonuses, after getting another $9,000,000,000.00 yes BILLION from the very taxpayers that the Occupiers profess to represent. Clearly the CEO’S are 1%’s that need to be protested against but that is not the agenda, if the government is handing out the money then it is full f***ing steam ahead. The leftist slant of this blog is really starting to make me wonder about the position I have taken in defending my home. When you people ask the occupiers to come to a park near you and use your bathroom all day every day and threaten you with violence if you ask them to clean up after themselves you will all become truly credible. Until then maybe you should call and ask the businesses that have been shut down because of these “protests” if you can support them financially.

  4. What is yet to hit the public:

  5. cubed2k;

    Oh, I really got it! My best friend who has become disabled, bought a slightly used car in 2006. Used 2 working vehicles for a down payment of 40%. 4 days after receiving it, the car broke down, back to the dealership over and over, electrical problem, maybe no fix. Call Ford Motor credit, they care less, say it is his problem. Car has 60K miles and has not been able to be driven for 3 years, parked in my driveway, no registration due to inspection not being passed. You get the point here….not even eligible to be driven on the road due to the problem. One point: I live in a homeowners’ association, car is here and they are trying to fine me $100 per day, because it is unregistered) Debt collectors Smith-Debnam harassing this guy to death. Tell them to come and get the vehicle and sell it. They wait 2 1/2 years, enrich themselves from Ford Motor and they take him to court and get a judgment, after not taking the vehicle and getting the money out of it, as it still has equity. He now has FICO score of 520, from 700+ is disabled and is judgment proof. So, what is the point here? All of these trash bags are “enriching” themselves at everyone’s expense, no matter the cost. My friends take; what is the point of paying anyone now? Credit is very damaged, no end in sight. F-them all. This crap is way out of control, everyone knows it and is lining their pockets, if they can. I could give examples all day, in the area of work I am in. What a joke….NOT REALLY! Disgraceful.

  6. Thanks Chris,

    Since now having been sued for defaulted credit card debt, and defending myself, the cases are still ongoing. Once one gets involved in the court system and does some research, it really opens the eyes on the financial system bull crap. It is truely unbelievable.

    Like I get sued from some debt collector, who is actually collecting his own account, not for another. So I respond to the suit with an answer. Great. Now in Calif here I’m supposed to submit a case management conference report stating we met and confered. We being the plaintiff suing me, and me being the defendant. Now wait a minute here. They sue me, I have to answer and file with the courts and it costs $300. Now they sued me and provided no contract, no nothing.

    The debt collector just sends me a piece of paper saying I owe them money. And then they sue me.

    Now I have to do discovery and ask once again for any contract signed by me. And now that time period is 6 months. But they sued me. If they really had a signed contract, why wouldn’t they send it in with their original debt collection letters? Simple one would think. But the whole system has been corrupted so that the defendant has to prove they have no contract. And they are hoping nobody fights back or gives up.

    Like somebody here stated once, I think E. Tolle or Anonymous, the whole business model of the debt collection industry is in fact not collecting for another, but buying defaulted debt for peanuts and getting a windfall and all based on getting default judgments or people just caving in. It’s all hidden to make it look legitimate.

    Well, that’s it for me. No credit cards, no loans from these big banks. Oh, you think it might be ok. Well, first they bombard you with advertising on using this great service called a credit card. And if you are a working stiff that meets monthly expenses and one day you find out no job. Well those so called friendly credit card companies become the devil themselves, and then they send their minions on you called debt collectors, but they are not debt collectors, they pretend they are. And now they say Pay up buddy, now. And yet they are just business’s as well. And they want you to pay the full amount for something they paid for for very little. Why should I pay some debt collector some money? It will never go back to the original creditor. So this guy pays $40 for a $4000 defaulted debt. That is quite a return on investment.

    You can take those plastic demons and shove’em.

  7. cubed2k:

    You are correct…took me a long time to see the light, didn’t want to believe it. Handling my stuff Pro Se, that’s a joke too. The information you need is quite time consuming, lawyers are way too expensive and some, frankly don’t have the sophistication to handle it and burn up the cash you need to move ahead, after the attorney fumbles. The finance business nuances are complex and done that way intentionally. They pay to belong the credit reporting agencies, hence giving them control, MERS again giving the banks/members control. There is no transparency or honestly about the alleged debt and the fraud and forgery is right in your face. If I, like millions of others’ was not going through this, I wouldn’t believe how far it spreads. It is just my opinion, the delinquencies and defaults are all planned and insured; for monetary gain/bonuses, etc…The entire financial system is rigged and it appears very little can or will be done about it. People need to get their head out of there asses and start using cash, as you said, It is the only way to curtail the “control” finance entities have, so they can be forced to into submission.

  8. Federal Prosecution Of Financial Fraud Falls To 20-Year Low, New Report Shows


    “I wouldn’t blame anyone who believes they’re part of the 99 percent of Americans who has to follow the law, while 1 percent of the country doesn’t,” Connaughton said. “And a big part of the reason for that is lawyers and accountants are failing in their role as gatekeepers, and the Justice Department is too often deferring to these lawyers and accountants, which is like outsourcing the interpretation of the fraud laws.”

  9. Our whole monetary system is based on Control not freedom. And it is Global as well thanks to Central Banks in every Country, the IMF and World Bank, except North Korea, I guess they have refused…………..think about it………..

    World Bank———–where do they get their money to lend………………..is it borrowed from Mars, or whatever…………or is it just book keeping entry on Promise to Pay——–monetizing the debt or Promise to Pay and then selling the Promise to pay to some Investor………….?

  10. The media will never acknowledge the movement and what people really think………….never, since they are paid hacks as well…………all commercials are still Credit Cards………………think about it………who owns it all really…………

    so stop using those plastic demons………………use all cash………….no debts, no loans from big national banks………..get a loan from your local credit union…………..or friends……………


  11. The movement has done it’s job. Bought my cigs today at a local store…………..the talk in the air was the banks are fuk’in us over………….

    Check it out for yourself………..ask anybody what they think about banks when you grocery shopping……….just be a casual questionier.

  12. @Enraged,

    the crime in Oakland is mostly gangs killing themselves.

    The killing in Occupy Oakland same thing, but open letter request from Oakland Police never mentions this fact.

    Sorry, but if gangs are killing themselves and crime stats report crime up, well, that is a different story…………..

    All media desire to keep people in fear.

    Like media says camps are not sanitary…………..all designed to be promoted on the airwaves so as to keep people away………….

    the government, the media are all paid up via advertising…………by guess who………….

  13. @Carrie and whoever:

    Welcome to the real world of the BS in the Financial system of the USA and Global.
    I just received a collection letter from a junk debt buyer of our defaulted Heloc.
    Ok, this outfit wants us to pay them 127,000 thousand bucks for something they bought for probably 1 cent on the dollar. Or $1270.00 dollars. Quite the windfall for some debt collector who says they are collecting a debt. and blah blah the usual statements.
    What about the lien on my property? Will that get released? No mention of the lien? What about UCC code on Presentment?
    So, somebody sends me a piece of paper in the mail and demands I pay them 127 thousand fuck’in dollars???????????????/
    Can You Believe IT?????????????/
    And now I am supposed to send them a debt validation letter.
    And maybe they respond back?
    And maybe I see nothing like original note or contract?
    Doesn’t matter, they sue. Now I have to figure it all out or hire a no nothing Lawyer?
    All because some fuk sends me a piece of paper in the mail saying I owe them money? With no proof. When in fact they, the debt collector, bought the name for pennies on the dollar, which was defaulted debt and written off by original creditor. So they are pretender debt collectors, and in fact, they are collecting for their own purchase of defaulted debt,
    and this has been going on for 20 fuk’in years, and finally the truth is getting out.
    The whole system has been corrupted to the court level. It is all about money.

  14. Apparently, it’s been shut down for overnight stays… Blomberg wins temporarily, compliments of $4.6 millions from Chase who, incidentally, still exists thanks to our bailouts.

    They made a huge mistake: it will bite them back. Very hard.


  16. occupy oakland protestors and aclu sue the city of oakland!!


  17. I got through to the Mayor’s office and registered my protest against the police interrupting the Occupy protests, stating that this is the ONLY WAY we can effect change. Voting doesn’t do it, writing our congress people doesn’t do it. We are guaranteed the right to peacefully gather to protest. The only way we will effect change to get up in the face of the public so that the message cannot be ignored. I spoke to a nice man named Vlad who carefully transcribed my message and promised to forward it to the Mayor and gave me a confirmation number. I gave my name and mailing address and email and he told me I should receive a response within 14 days.

  18. Just got through to Mayor at 212-639-9675
    Gave name & phone number
    Told: “Thank-You Mr. Abdullah. Your concern is noted and will be looked into by the Mayor”.
    They then hung-up.

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