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inShare. Want to Know Which BPO and REO Companies Pay the Fastest?
Then, you’ve come to right place! I have been asked by one of my BPO Training Students recently, “Which BPO and REO companies pay the fastest?”

Here is the list I gave him specially for BPO companies that pay consistently within 7 days:

1. Advanced Collateral Solutions (ACS, through Rels)

2. Rels Valuations (Valuation Support Services)

3. Core Logic (through Rels)

4. eMortgage Logic

5. LAMCO (Lenders Asset Management Company)

6. Ocwen

7. RRR (Residential Real Estate Review)

8. REO Brokerage Group

This is just a sample of companies that I have found to consistently pay within 7 days of completing a BPO order. There are many more great companies to work for that pay within 14 days.

If you want to learn more, I’ve got a detailed list of over 120 companies too, plus more detailed information about BPO training and lots more having to do with the broker price opinion business. Come check it out for yourself, click here to go to: my website.

Be well,

Nicole Ocean

BPO Trainer/Realtor


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  1. Pat —

    Sadly, they already know this.

  2. Wait till the ordinary Realtors ( who are just trying to make a living like everyone else) learn that they have been doing the banks dirty work with these BPO’s, Foreclosures and short sales they are going to be stunned!

    Why is this post important to the folks fighting here?

  3. @Nancy Drewe

    I think you lost us all…

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