The only forgotten good guy in this story is the truth.


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If you are one of the people still making payments on a loan deeply underwater, we have not forgotten you. The media has and so have the politicians. They adopt the Bank spin that it isn’t fair to address the issues of non-paying debtors because it is gives them an unfair advantage over those who are paying (allegedly the good guys). But the truth, as one of our volunteers so eloquently states below is that what we seek is a correction that would provide relief. We use the word correction because it addresses everyone whether they are paying on a bogus loan or not. And we want that correction to apply to everyone who was defrauded. Splitting the people who choose to continue to pay from the people who refuse or can’t pay is a tactical maneuver. We should not fall into that trap.

Here is the response to one reader that was drafted entirely by one of our volunteers:

You raise an excellent point and it is one that I know Neil is working on.  It was one of the motivations behind him creating a new endeavor: <>     (AHC)

The AHC website is still under construction but you can go there and look around.  We’ve still got a lot of information to put on the site and it’s still being beta tested, but once it’s functional we’ll make the announcements.  The goal is to provide information to ALL homeowners on many fronts.

In the meantime, I have forwarded your email to Neil for him to consider addressing in his blog.  Your suggestion is excellent.

As a point in passing, we are curious by the subject line in your email “The forgotten good guys”.  We don’t understand what you mean by that?  Who are you thinking are the forgotten good guys?  And who are you thinking would be the not forgotten bad guys?  On first read I had thought you meant the pretender lenders versus homeowners but it’s confusing because in the body of your email you ask Neil to write about homeowners who are not yet in foreclosure.  Do you believe there is a difference between those homeowners who are already in foreclosure, maybe even evicted and those who are not?

I sincerely hope not because if you do believe this, then (with all due respect) you do not understand what is happening and until you do, you will lose.

We are all on the Titanic, Rick.

It rocks one to the depths of their core, knocks the wind right out of them the day one realizes not just that they were screwed over, I mean purposely screwed over, but that they are in the exact same situation as everyone else who has already lost their home and everyone who will lose their home.

No one in this country is exempt from the impact of the greatest financial crime in the history of the world.  It’s a great equalizer.  They purposely did this to all of us.  And you know what, whatever happened in your situation, it’s not your fault.  No matter what you did or didn’t do.  It’s not your fault.  No matter what happened to me in my situation is not my fault.  Whatever happened in the situation of the poor immigrant couple who can’t speak English, is not their fault, and it’s not the fault of any of the other millions of homeowners who got a mortgage starting about year 2000 forward to today.  They did nothing wrong.  Don’t blame the victim.  Put the blame where it belongs.  On the rapist.

Wall Street engineered a crime so complex, that most people, lawyers and judges included, do not have a clue what actually happened.  That’s one of the reasons why it’s so hard to fight.  And through it all, Wall Street counted on that.  They counted on the fact that we first wouldn’t believe it, then we would blame ourselves—after all, only Irresponsible homeowners lose their homes, right?—there’s SO much shame attached to losing one’s home.  

We in this country live with images of success and affluence.  To lose that can be devastating and isolating.  No one wants to talk about it.  I know I didn’t.  I was so embarrassed, so ashamed that this happened to me.  I stopped seeing friends.  I became much more reclusive.  I also got very ill because of the stress.  It affected everything.  But I got educated, slowly I began to learn what they had done to me, to you, to the immigrants who can’t speak English and now I’m pissed.  They lied.  They are trying to steal my property, your property, everyone’s property and I’m fighting them tooth and nail.  They will NOT get my property.  The only bad guys here are Wall Street and the pretender lenders.  The only forgotten good guy in this story is the truth.

7 Responses

  1. How do they “correct” the “forged Deeds of Trust” that are on my home. Correct, implies error. There were NO ERRORS. It was FRAUD, plain and simple.

    DONNA K. DEMELLO, First American Employee in 2007, indicted in 2010 for over 80 LOAN FRAUDS, (just the tip of them) acted in conspiracy to FORGE my name to Deeds of Trust on a LOT that I never was presented documents on.

    DEMELLO presented documents to me for LOT 256, and a GRANT DEED, and then they took those Min/MERS loan numbers and put them on forged Deeds of Trust for a different lot.

    I found out the Deeds were forged, and then I found out that it was DEMELLO that did this, and then I found the MERS numbers were for a different house!

    This cannot be CORRECTED.

  2. WOW, who ever is this volunteer person is, thank you. Your words are wise and and kind, it’s people like you who help lift the spirits of those who feel down and unjustly hurt by this mess. We are all in the same boat, and it’s true that we feel ashamed from time to time, but if the banks are not ashamed of what they had done, why on earth should we.

    They committed the biggest rubbery of all times, yes they were very clever, but the game is not over yet. Everyone reaps what he/she saws, now, today tomorrow or even yesterday, it’s coming! So thank you again who ever you are, stay strong and keep up the fight. And if each and everyone of us hold their head up, extend a hand or an uplifting word we will all get through this, we will persevere and we will win this battle; this too shall pass.

  3. Here’s the PLAN from Bill Black:

    Work it.

  4. Would you like to film a community built 2003-2006 of 534 homes of which 289 are in foreclosure or already foreclosed in Northern Cal?
    Are you coming to San Francisco? Ken 650 793-3838

  5. @Christopher King.

    excellent video. thank you for posting.

  6. Well put. The milk of human kindness and sympathy has dried up, sucked away by vampire bankers and their minions. Get out your wooden stakes in the form of lawyers who ” gets it”, and waste these worthless good for nothing bastards bankers.

  7. Hey man there are some good State Reps out there from time to time!
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