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EDITOR’S NOTE: His anger is understandable. And he’s disappointed with the way things are going in the courts, in policy making and in the courts. And he’s right, up to a point.

This Blog has been dedicated to the proposition that the truth will set us free from the slavery of debt that was foisted upon us by unscrupulous bankers who were able to deliver money into the hands of people using the money of other people. He wants a form of justice that is unreachable, though, and if we are truly after the truth, then there are some things that we must acknowledge.

The Banks would have us believe that most of the problem is that the borrowers bought homes they couldn’t afford, that speculators committed fraud, and that still others committed fraud in a smaller scope and in a smaller sense.

The Banks are wrong and they know it, and now we all know that the Banks caused this economic and societal disaster with reckless disregard for the consequences of their actions. Their position is both morally and legally indefensible. They released the money of investors knowing full well that the lives of both the investors (pension funds etc.) and the lives of borrowers would be ruined by crushing debt that could not be paid in a single lifetime.

However, that doesn’t mean that there were not instances in which the borrowers did buy a house they could not afford and more importantly that they can’t afford now unless it is just given to them for free. Thanks to the banks’ skulduggery, that result may yet happen anyway in a form of collateral benefit, as opposed to the collateral damage that occurs when predators take aim at questionable targets.

The paperwork is all rotten to the core and the wrong people are foreclosing. They are pretenders and so the result in court might well be the house won’t end up subject to any lien. That makes the obligation of the borrower unsecured and it also means it can be discharged in bankruptcy —- but the catch is that if they got the house for free and the right creditor comes up with the right paperwork, they will owe the money and the assets in bankruptcy will include the value of the home.

For the few homeowners who came to own a home that they cannot afford at any price, some allowance must be made for them — including allowing them to rent with an option to buy. The truth is that some people do not have the resources to pay anything —- even the utilities on a home much larger than their budget will permit. If we are going to hold the Banks’ feet to the fire on the issue of truth, we must apply it to ourselves as well.

My regrets to Spitfire who is feeling betrayed and angry and justifiably  vindictive. Yet when I say that we must be practical and not ideological, that applies to all parties, not just the banks and their myriad of layers of conduits that pretended to be aggregators or originators of loans, sellers of bonds or traders in exotic securities to hide their obscene profits.

Submitted by Spitfire on 2011/10/12 at 2:52 pm

Hard to believe that I read this post on Neil Garfileds site. This “paper” alludes to a “new currency” being issued to rectify the devaluation of the dollar and to “write down” these securitized fraudulent mortgages or allow the home OWNERs to rent it back with a scant promise of the “possibility” of owning it again ~ when in reality THEY STILL DO AND ALWAYS HAVE, as they are THE ONLY ONES WITH A VESTED INTEREST IN THAT PROPERTY OTHER THAN THE INVESTORS THAT WERE SCAMMED ALONGSIDE THEM AND THAT CANNOT OR WILL NOT CLAIM OWNERSHIP.

This whole article echoes bank sympathies as well as a hint at bringing in the long awaited Amero currency between all three countries linked through the Rick Perry supported trans Texas corrider. Which in and of itself is a NWO agenda, not to mention the whole supposition that we somehow still owe these parasitic bankers ANYTHING OR ANY MONEY ~ whether it be in dollars, euros or their long awaited and much coveted Amero.

We stopped owing them the MINUTE they took our largest asset, our home, and traded that asset as a stock. They bifurcated and clouded our titles so that we can never sell that property unless we spend the thousands of dollars it will require to Quiet our Titles. We stopped owing them ANYTHING when they deliberately set out to destroy all vestages of a strong economy with their financial “WMD’s” (weapons of mass destruction) that killed hundreds of job sectors like real estate agents and brokers, property inspectors, appraisers, property investors, etc..etc.. Weapons that they paid Yale & Harvard finance and business scholars to design so that no ordinary person would ever know what they were signing or what powers they were embuing these entities with, or themselves losing.

This is not a banking scandal ~ this is OUT AND OUT WAR. It started with the weapons of mass destruction called securitized assets and REMIC’s and mortgage derivatives, and now it continues with psychological warfare on all the homeowners whose lives are tied up and entangled in the day to dayness of having to wonder what to do next to keep these vultures from descending upon them and depriving them of thier life’s blood, sweat and efforts with the stroke of a key and and a pen, and thereby evicting them from their homes. It continues when the supposed “Justice System” is so corrupted that no matter how much evidence is presented they still side with the bankers. It is a non stop onslaught of financial and psychological warfare. WHEN DO WE WAKE UP AND CALL THIS WHAT IT REALLY IS???

It makes me want to scream when I read crap like this. What reality are they living in???? I live in the reality that a lie is a lie is a lie and a thief will always be looking for ways to steal from you. And until we all unite collectively and stop accepting these piece-meal solutions that seem to ALWAYS leave the PTB still in power, then we are truly doomed to lead our lives like the sheeple they love to call us and compare us to.

When we all wake up ~ and I belive we will ~ we will insist with strength, clarity and in unison ~ that we are no longer their slaves. We are a free people and that freedom cannot be dictated by ANY government or ANY banking cartel. And our inherent freedom which comes from simply BEING also includes the right to OWN our own property and land that we have earned with our own sweat and labor and TIME. And NO MAN or ENTITY can take this freedom away from us unless we ALLOW it and VOLUNTARILY give our permission for them to strip us of that right.

Which is EXACTLY why we have PROPERTY TAXES and INCOME taxes. BECAUSE WE ALLOWED IT. Now is the time to stay our course and demand that these RIGHTS be ACKNOWLEDGED, RESTORED, OBSERVED AND PROTECTED. And this all starts with me & you, right now. Each and every one of us has a duty to stand up and rightfully demand that those entities that would propose to continually interfere in our G-d given rights, be dismantled, abolished and where criminal charges are appropriate, imprisoned.

Enough is enough…..

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  2. @Diane ~ thank you for your comment regarding my post. I would be delighted and honored if you wanted to re-post it on your site. In fact anyone can re-post it if they feel it may be useful in some way. If we all start expressing our own righteous indignation and disgust with the audacious and disastrous level of fraud these banking cartels have committed against the whole of humanity, then MAYBE, just maybe changes long overdue can be affected.

    If we do not all start waking up soon though, this country will become a land of renters ONLY. Which is exactly what was intended from the inception of these mortgage “products”. They were created to bankrupt our economy and to destroy the middle class sector. And that is the same as declaring war, albeit a covert one.

    Time to take up arms by refusing to play their little games anymore. Repeal the Income tax, repeal property taxes and abolish fractional reserve banking and the Fed. Go back to the Gold Standard and kick
    the banking cartels sorry asses out of our country by any means necessary. Either voluntarily leave with NO possibility of ever re-entering or stay and face charges of treason and fraud. And if I were in charge, 2012 would be a year of Jubilee for EVERYONE.

    To all of you rebels and patriots and fighters out there that are spreading the word like you Diane, Enraged, Shelley and others, I salute you and stand beside you in your diligent effort to make a difference and to be heard.

  3. oops—I meant:

    thanks again.

  4. All the LIES are in the ACCOUNTING.

    That’s WHY we need to GET MONEY OUT of politics.

    Stop the AUCTION of our lives.

    PLEASE sign—if you haven’t already…this is the root of the financial collapse—deregulation was BOUGHT AND SOLD.

  5. And four TBTF Accounting Firms are responsible for not doing great job auditing SDI corporations. They are all corrupt and NG.

  6. O and DOJ are together to push those state AGs to settle for banks. And this is corruption… I am very disgusted by the CONflicts of interest run by those state AGs that received political CONtributions from those accountable banks and LPS.

  7. cubed2k

    No food, no water, no utilities , no gas,
    BK left me with nothing to live on,It takes all your money,
    Maybe time to dump it and move on…


  9. Peaceful because we have the power of election. IF the 99%ers achieve a mass of over 10million people it is over for Obama and the Tea Partyers (The two Frauds in American Politics, both were voted in because they claimed change).

    Not only are they not providing change they are allowing this Fraudclosure to continue by saying one thing and doing another.

    It is Obama’s Democrats and the Tea party really working together.



  10. So I wrote this————

    “It’s really unbelievable. Debt collectors who are really debt buyers, buy for pennies and even sub-pennies on the dollar, send out pieces of paper and the money just rolls in. In the meantime the original creditor just write-off the debt for taxes. It is really a racket, and the gov’t allows this, the courts too. By paying off some debt collector, one is never making the original creditor whole, they are out of the game. So where’s the right/wrong in that? It’s just another make believe game.”


    Now your media, and banks, and whoever, I guess congress……………oh, Wall street too…………..

    they will all state that is our capitalistic system………….but I tell you now it is not, it has been corrupted to just money making money on money and any other via’s you wish to state such as CDS, MBS, ABS, REMICS, QE1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

    What is missing. I will tell you, exchange of product (also called work for a living) which the 99% have to do while the 1% do not exchange product but exchange money instruments or specifically debt instruments (no work but just keeping track of who owes who and getting a percentage). But who owes on the debt instruments, that would be the 99%. So while the 99% have to earn a living exchanging a product or service for money, and would also include buying or exchanging thru credit on a one for one basis, the 1% get to bundle it all and make millions and millions on leverage. But the 1% never produce (work) anything. They just trade pieces of paper with so called values to them. It is called Monetizing DEBT. Or turning promises to pay, IOU’s, into money, converted to money, that can be traded for discounts and ROI’s. And who is behind this all? The banks and Federal Reserve and IMF and World Bank. And it is just a numbers game and make believe, but you are made to believe

  11. It is truely time the American people stop getting pushed about by these so called leaders and 1%. God damn.

  12. if you are in a fight,,,,,,,,,,,to the death,,,,,,,,,,,,i mean a real fight in which one person will die………..really a fight…………..there are no rules—you will either live or die,,,,,,,,,,so you must fight to live and anything goes.

    I mean this for real. Imagine you are in a fight, for whatever reason, a robber, a rapists, whatever………and you are either going to die or the other person is,,,,,,,,,,,there are no rules.

    If I am walking my dog around the block and another dog attacks my dog,,,,,,,,,why I’m afraid my dog takes priority and I will defend him to the death of the other dog. It is as simple as that.

  13. a-man

    and i mean literally a head.

    how’s that for being sweet and civilized

  14. @AMAN,,,,,,,,

    peaceful protests, sure why not, one need not destroy innocent property or people.

    However having a few select heads on a pike might get the message across for real.

  15. @BSE,

    I went yesterday w/my wife to a lawyer to discuss BK and foreclosure. She went to Max Gardner Boot Camp. Well, I didn’t learn anything new and probably knew more than she……….oh well.

    Now today I get an amended Complaint from the law firm so called representing Cap 1 which sued my wife. I responded with a demurrer for lack of contract. The amended complaint is only amended by them attaching as an exhibit a copy of the Cap 1 cardholder agreement. Get this, it’s from 2010 and has no sign or anything. It’s just the details page with no interest amounts or rates or any of that crap.

    Now, with receiving this and filing a demurrer first time for me in the court system,,,,,,,,,,,,I can see how what a racket the whole thing is. This lawyer does not represent Cap 1 and they are hiding behind the fact that they are a law firm acting as a debt collector. But they are not a debt collector for another, but a debt collector for themselves since I’m just sure they bought the debt for pennies.

    It’s really unbelievable. Debt collectors who are really debt buyers, buy for pennies and even sub-pennies on the dollar, send out pieces of paper and the money just rolls in. In the meantime the original creditor just write-off the debt for taxes. It is really a racket, and the gov’t allows this, the courts too. By paying off some debt collector, one is never making the original creditor whole, they are out of the game. So where’s the right/wrong in that? It’s just another make believe game.

    I feel like flying down south to this law firm below LA area and punching them out or slapping them silly or giving them 4 flat tires for a week straight. I did that once when I lived in Chgo. Some fuk kept parking in the ally and I could never get my car out, in the middle of winter. So one day I let the air out of his tires, all four of them. Never saw him park there again. Fukers.

  16. In front of the United States House of Reps. Nov. 5, 2003

  17. The only way out of this is through Peaceful Protests. Just like the Vietnam War.

    The Banksters must be removed from doing business. The Politicians who back them and do not repent must be removed from office

    Deadly Clear I like your analogy of the body bag count.

    Be Strong and Courageous

    99%ers Rule

  18. Eventually somebody will do the math and realize they have more bodies than body bags. They wrote more loans than they can hold. The dead lender pile is staggering. See: How & Why the Big Banks’ Lobbyists Killed Foreclosure Mitigation on DEADLY CLEAR

  19. Here’s to you Spitfire! I am thinking about posting your comment on our website “Occupy San Diego” or Occupy Orange County”
    With your permission of course.

    We are the 99%! Fight for your rights!

    We aren’t going to take it anymore!

    Diane in Laguna Niguel

  20. I don’t think they’ll be able to count on the military for too long with moves such as this one… All it will take is a few martyrs to the cause. Haven’t governments learned anything from the past 2,000 years?

    And there won’t be enough cops to break up all the riots we’ll soon see with that kind of arrogance, ignorance and stupidity. Regardless how much bank money is poured into it.

  21. @tn—what’s their response to “Show me the ledger”???

  22. You want truth? Please read “Human Race, Get Off Your Knees, The Lion Sleeps No More. You will see how this entire “Great Recession” was created by the banking cartel to fleece the people of the world and make us slaves not only to debt but to the New World Order. This mortgage and banking nightmare was created to enslave you. It has happened before, and it will happen again if we do not stand together left and right and in between.

  23. Enraged is right. The borrowers had the job, downpayments and made payments until there “option” triggered. This was no a mortgage – this was a securities “option” ARM (in most subprime cases) that was sold with the promise that the borrower could refinance as long as he made the payments and kept his credit in shape. The borrower did. The lender, however, had a planned exit strategy (bankruptcy) and there was no way the borrower could exercise his “option”. Credit was the nicotine in this scheme. Borrowers were manic about keeping their credit in tact.

    The banks knew this was a ponzi scheme with a limited life – yet they sold loans that they knew could never refinance because they were fielding investor lawsuits and investor money had dried up by January 2007. The only poor saps that didn’t get disclosure were the borrowers. And as for the “appraisal” – it became unnecessary, really.

    The lenders used a patented credit-risk and behavior analysis to “qualify” the borrower for an amount of money he was willing to pay – then they went shopping for an appraiser to meet that number. Yes, the property values were certainly inflated 100-300% within 2-4 years in many cases. And this appraisal is what the unwitting and unsophisticated borrower used to base his decision to refinance or buy a mortgage – a fraudulent inflated value.

    The fact that the loans were “options” (and also patented that way) and the guidelines were based on credit risk and behavior rather than property value, the borrowers (more so than the investors) were duped by the banks. It certainly appears that borrowers were sold securities – so where is our SEC 10(b)-5 ability? Maybe we should start intervening in some of these investor lawsuits.

  24. I agree with Spitfire! The banks owe us the losses of our incomes, the house, and the damages the law allows for the crimes they have committed against us. The “TORT” against us, the “RICO”, the Breach of fudiciary Duty, violations of Dishonest Service, Felony crimes, and more. The banks owe us more than the house. The loss of our business incomes, and jobs was not an act of nature. The crime has cost us dearly and is not our faults. The banks have to be accountable for the economic crime as well as the mortgage crimes. I have so many friends, relatives and customers that are in a real mess caused by these crimals. One is looking at bankruptcy and 85,000.00 in back taxes, because the bank illegally foreclosed, so he did not continue to farm the land that was under a special agreement to farm, for two years until the foreclosure was recinded and the sale was recinded and the house was just in the last month put back into his name. Something none of us have heard of before. His business is ruined and now the county says they dont care why the land was not farmed they want the money. Brother. Another has done bankruptcy due to both their small businesses being ruined by the banks and then received inheritance money they did not know they had coming from a father they have never met and will loose all their inheritance money to the bankruptcy courts, when they would have avoided bankruptcy altogether if they had known the money was coming. People have committed suicide. One of my family members almost did and another was a green beret in the vietnam war and died from the stress of loosing his business, after fighting for our corrupt country. The S.O.B’s must be brought to justice. I dont care if a few people whom could not afford the American dream get a way with a free house, most of us could and I believe these banks have sought out 18 year olds to suck in on credit card debt and have caused a lot of the people to be debt slaves and if these people had been treated fairly there is enough for all of us and more people could afford houses and we could all be wealthy. The banks have been causing poverty and stealing from the weak for centuries.

  25. HKCON, you are right on the money. this is the problem with Elizabeth Warren. too far left. out of the park left. All we want is the truth, the fraud acknowledged, and a writedown-setoff for the quasi contract they call a “mortgage loan”. Enforce the rule of law and the Uniform commercial Code, property recording laws, the Securities and Exchange Act of 1933. ENFORCE SOMETHING! Anti-trust law, Sherman Act. Because they have refused to concede on any points, the battle goes to that “all or nothing” level. Wait til the news that 64 million mortgages are “unsecured” gets around. Then they’re done.

  26. Thanks usedkarguy..My problem is that I put down a sizable deposite plus I remodeled my home..I am over 200 k upside down and over 150 k cash out of pocket,,this includes making double payments for about 5 yrs..The neighborhood will never savings now depleted from the fight..not gong to make it much longer,,,,to far behind in arrears as I could not pay the attorney and the house payment at the same time..I should have filed BK from the start but would have still been up side down over 100 k

  27. The banks say robo-signing was a victimless crime and Obama is siding with the banks….Imagine that…..jeeze!

  28. write in candidate for the communist/socialist take my money and give it to people who do not and have never worked people ELIZABETH WARREN…..

    “there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody.

    “You built a factory out there? Good for you,” she says. “But I want to be clear: you moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for; you hired workers the rest of us paid to educate; you were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory, and hire someone to protect against this, because of the work the rest of us did.”

    She continues: “Now look, you built a factory and it turned into something terrific, or a great idea? God bless. Keep a big hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.”

    see the rest of us paid for the roads …you didn’t…so you owe…and who decides how big a chunk you have to give to the government that will piss it away and give it to their friends…

    This is exactly what the “leaders” of the communist party believe

  29. According to Bush Senior the New World Order is based on Laws not the laws of the jungle, is he kidding us!

    Whether or not people bought homes they could not afford, is not the problem we are having, the problem is all the homes bought or refinanced supposedly between 2001 and 2007 are based on fraudulent documentations, THAT’S UNLAWFUL.

    And even though, some people did that, they did not do it on their own. The banks were pushing the idea very strongly upon those they knew may not be able to maintain payments on those homes. People were suckered in by all different means to get in on the rage. I know people who worked for the banks at those times.

    The banks planned the seeds, they thought they were so clever no one will notice, but it’s too late. Everyone must pay for their wrong doing, especially if it’s done to purposely deceive the unsuspected victims.

    If this country was based on laws and rules and guidelines, then all those rules and guidelines must be enforced! No one should be above the law. A man who does steal a purse usually gets pursued, and if caught he goes to jail, that’s the law. We found fraud and we can prove fraud and we were not preview to the truth, then it should be dealt with as fraud, period! Grandma always said, you made your bed now lay in it!

  30. Trying again:

  31. Theme song for this post:


  32. Any down side to the Flex?

  33. BS, filing tomorrow. 7.
    You’re in a tough spot. The PRIME borrowers and those with large amounts of (illusory, bubble generated) equity are really the ones being the hardest hit. Can’t sell, bad values and bad loans ate up their savings, 401k’s, and investments, and now the deficiency judgment risks. And don’t forget the idiots who literally used the house to sustain purchases of cars and boats and Harleys. There is blame to go around, but it all comes back to the make-believe money that is the Federal Reserve System. These guys are criminals of the highest caliber.
    Schlubs like me with little money down lost in other ways. At least I could beat ’em on the numbers.

    Selling Fords again, buddy!

  34. Louise, I entirely agree with you.

    It’s amazing how none of us ever got up one morning thinking “Jeez, i have an idea! I’m going to buy a house i can’t afford on my great salary from that job I’ve had for years in that fantastic company that’s been in exsitence for 100 years. Then, I’ll go out and buy a car I can’t afford either and I’m going to send my kids to college with student’s loans in my name. Then, I’ll simply default on everything, just for kicks.”

    No, it never happened. We had the job, we had the down payment for the house and the car and we had a retirement plan we had been paying into for 20 years and we had 6 months of saving. And if anyone of us had been told ahead of time that:

    – Our retirement account was no longer worth a rabbit’s pellet;
    – Our “great” company was shipping jobs out of the country daily;
    – Ours was next on the list to disappear;
    – We’d be jobless within a few months and unable to find another one for months;
    – We’d been hounded down like vermin and made sick with anxiety, shame and fear,
    I am absolutely sure that not one of us would have gone that route!!!

    We were sold bills of goods and hidden the truth of what was going right underneath our feet.

    That, i can’t forgive to this country! That’s why I won’t give up without putting the fight of my life.

  35. Write-In candidate for president : Elizabeth Warren sounds great.

  36. Here we go again. The dog in the manger is here again. If I can’t have it, no one can. Boring. This was a fraud from the beginning. The contract or mortgage was fraudulent from BEFORE the borrower sat down at the closing table. It was also predatory lending. There might be a few people with more house than they can afford (investors with more than one house), but they could afford it before the economy went blooey. The banks caused the entire world’s economy to crash and burn.

  37. This web site is useful .However, if i were to give advice I would file BK
    before doing anything or walk away. Seems the only place to fight is in BK court – no where else. I found injustice in federal court outside the BK court. Judges will not simply rule for a home owner no matter the paper work nno matter your investmetn no matter the fraud. I was finally forced into BK and now also I am so far in arrears after a 2 yr fight I now find myself unable to pay the BK plan. There is no money for food, utilities, and even minor auto repairs.

  38. Neil,

    The truth is, FRAUD legally cancels out any contract the banks might have had with the borrowers…If I remember correctly, you alluded to that fact in a previous article….Let the bastards fry!!!

    “The truth is that some people do not have the resources to pay anything —- even the utilities on a home much larger than their budget will permit. If we are going to hold the Banks’ feet to the fire on the issue of truth, we must apply it to ourselves as well.”

  39. Write in candidate of the People: ELIZABETH WARREN for President!!!

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