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Isn’t it amazing that we live in a country where nearly $10 trillion was given to the banks, where a similar amount was stolen from homeowners and where the same was done to world investors, and when some homeowners arrive at the most important financial location on the planet, the media is absent?

What will it take to get anyone’s attention? It was mentioned several times on the Bill Maher REALTIME show last Friday but mainstream reporters are ignoring or avoiding it — which is it?

It’s hard to argue with people who say we have lost our way and that the American ideal is dead. The future of all generations of Americans and perhaps around the world too is at stake here. Unless the Bank’s backs are broken and we return to the usual kind of filthy politics, we don’t stand a chance. Housing is down again and still going lower. Maybe when it gets to zero we will have some understanding of how deep this wound is in our national psyche and how deep the damage is to our economy and future society.


New home sales in August fall to 6-month low

Mon Sep 26 14:43:32 UTC 2011
By Jason Lange

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – New single-family home sales in the United States fell in August to a 6-month low in a sign the crippled housing market will not provide much support for the flagging economy anytime soon.

The Commerce Department said on Monday sales slipped 2.3 percent to a seasonally adjusted 295,000-unit annual rate.

The reading was in line with analysts’ forecasts and does little to allay fears the United States could slip back into recession.

The median price of sales slipped 8.7 percent from July, with weak incomes and a moribund job market keeping households wary of investing in a new home.

The report keeps pressure on the Federal Reserve and President Barack Obama to do more to help the sputtering economy. The Fed last week unveiled new measures to try to ease credit further for homebuyers.

“Sales of new homes are still very depressed,” said Gary Thayer, a strategist at Wells Fargo Advisors in St. Louis, Missouri.

“There’s no sign yet that low mortgage rates are helping the housing sector,” he said.

The U.S. economy slowed sharply in the first half of the year and looks vulnerable to any escalation in the European debt crisis.

U.S. stocks pared gains after the data, with global equities up on hopes that Europe was tackling Greece’s debt woes.

Still, the government raised its estimate for July’s sales pace to 302,000 units from the previously reported 298,000 units. Also, the supply of homes available on the market dropped to a record low.

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast a 295,000-unit rate of new sales for single-family homes in August. In the year through August, sales rose 6.1 percent.

Data last week showed new construction of U.S. homes fell in August, dragging on economic growth.

“The housing sector can’t get any worse,” said Michael Englund, an economist at Action Economics in Boulder, Colorado.

(Additional reporting by Ellen Freilich in New York; Editing by Neil Stempleman)

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  1. For the first time in days i read something about occupying wall street, but it’s all BS! and propaganda to discourage people from looking into the real meaning of the “occupation”, yup you guessed it, MSNBC had an article about it, very interesting the different views that many americans have on the worse scam ever ran on the american people by wall street, all the comments on that article shows the real reason why americans aren’t doing much about the wall street’s thieves.





  4. JUst watched CNN Piers Morgan and they had Michael Moore on. He was at the occupy Wall Street Protest and talked with Piers Morgan for at least a half an hour about the issue.



  5. Right on, ANONYMOUS.

  6. oops made a typo so I fixed it.

    What would you expect Kathleen to say when she is enslaved to Michael Bloomberg


    The question Michael Bloomberg should be asking is

    Who would Borrow money from a bunch of criminals who should be in Jail?

    Never Again

  7. What would you expect Kathleen to say when she is enslaved to Michael Bloomberg


    The question Michael Bloomberg should be asking is

    Who would lend money from a bunch of criminals who should be in Jail?

    Never Again

  8. @MarkD

    WTF are YOU?

  9. anyone know how to get a password to see the 15 ticks?


    Americans MUST PAY for their bad decisions.

    I believe that is called debt slavery.

  11. Interesting. I just acquired a copy of the “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward griffin, 4th edition, 23rd printing 2009 Feb.

    I got it at the Goodwill store for 3 bucks. My local library is always out and a waiting list. Internet wants 30 bucks I think, I am so cheap these days.

    Anyways, always wanted to read it, and I have read Web of Debt by Ellen Brown.

    Interesting, haven’t read it all and just started. But here we go. And it aligns with the financial crisis of 2008.

    so here I quote from the book. Bear with me TN HARRY, I know no editing of this site and conspiracy theories.

    pg 11, The Structure was Pure Cartel

    The composition of the Jekyll Island meeting was a classic example of cartel structure. A cartel is a group of independent businesses which join together to coordinate the production, pricing, or marketing of their members. The purpose of a cartel is to reduce competition and thereby increase profitability. This is accomplished through a shared monopoly over their industry which forces the public to pay higher prices for their goods or services than would be otherwise required under free-enterprise competition.


    So, background info, Jekyll Island meeting was back in 1913 and the was the meeting that created the Federal Reserve System of banking.

    But that is neither here or there for one to understand. Doesn’t matter if that is true or not, and that being if the Jekyll Island meeting was in fact true or false.

    What one needs to understand is what the author states as a definition for cartel. And one can substitute cartel for UNION.


    So, lets examine the above statement from the book, and aside from conspiracy theories if this meeting did occur or not, or even if it was true or not, let’s just read it and apply it to what we know.


    Here is what we know, and everybody experienced it. If you had a credit card during the 2008 period your interest rates went up. Even if you where a good customer, your interest rates went up. It did not matter if you were a “good customer” or not. And the so called laws were changed so that the laws stated that CC companies could increase interest rates at any time without your consent or agreement. The CC companies just did it, all accross the boards to anybody that had a CC card with them. It’s in your contract.

    And one has to ask, why did all credit card companies increase their interest rates? Why did all of them do it? Cartel? Unions.

    One has to ask the question, if this is free enterprise, then if several Credit card companies, such as Chase, BOA, Cap 1 raised their interest rates accross the boards to everyone who was a CUSTOMER, then why didn’t just one of them lower their rates to entice CUSTOMERS to transfer their balances to the lower rate. Where is the free enterprise? Or is it a CARTEL? A Union?


    Here we are 100 years from the creation of the Federal Reserve System of banking. One should ask the question – what is the reserve? What does “Reserve” mean? And whose “Reserve”?


    One has to ask the question, Chase, JP Morgan Chase, was sending out fliers to everybody, telling them to open a savings account or checking account with them and receive $100.00.

    The question is – how is that possible? Free money? Why do you give me free money for opening an account with you? Something is not disclosed?

  12. Media promoting “shared equity” program to address underwater mortgages — of course, foreclosure victims – NOT to be included.

    Kathleen Hayes — Bloomberg talk show host — continues to promote agenda that claims homeowners are not to be “bailed-out” — due to “Their very bad business decisions.” Expert tells Kathleen — these homeowners are being held responsible for debt on assets that have been drastically reduced by the market (I add — appraisal fraud). Kathleen — does not care —- according to Kathleen — Americans MUST PAY for their bad decisions.

    Expert tells Kathleen — well — one in five are facing underwater mortgage — this is huge percentage of the American public. Kathleen does not care — Americans must pay.

    Expert tells Kathleen — well — homeowners will NOT continue to pay for debt on assets that no longer exist. Kathleen does not care — American homeowners MUST pay — according to Kathleen.

    Expert promotes “equity sharing” program — that is, share in the equity of homes given forgiveness of the “under-water” portion of the loan. Kathleen says — MAYBE — (paraphrasing) — as long as homeowners are not left off hook.

    Well, Kathleen, know where your allegiance is. Are you an attorney?? Do you understand how fraud was perpetrated upon American homeowners?? Oh — and do you have an investment in the fraud???

    As to equity-sharing — let’s just say that American homeowners could possibly agree — if and only if — you will divulge in contracts the true and actual lender to make the contract legal?? Or will fabrications be continued???

    And, as to those who have already been foreclosed upon, Kathleen, what kind of restitution will you provide to them??? It was not American homeowner “bad decisions” — Kathleen — that caused the crisis — it was Wall Street fraud.

    Kathleen — divulge your investments. .You will also lose — if you continue to promote fraud upon the American homeowner. Homeowners — and Americans — were your “investment.” Without them — you have nothing.

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  15. Got to Current TV with Keith Olbermann. He is on several times a day with the same show. He is covering Wall Street protestors. Current TV was founded by Al Gore. It is located in NYC.

  16. The G-d Almighty rules the World. Anybody who attempted to rule the world has fallen. We learn that from the story of the Tower of Babylon in the Bible.

    The Story of the Tower of Babylon is a universal (classic) story and is told in many Cultures and civilizations

  17. By the way mr. Davis as Atty Davis will no longer apply very soon, how do you expect to get a deed for my property, real…..I am never going to sign over a new deed to you or your goons and that is the only way you will be able to do anything with todays fraudulent events. And I will know if you try to forge a new deed, real. Now you may be set in your ways here, and have stolen alot of homes here already in Massachusetts and this may come out on you and should. You should retire now times have changed. Neil can explain the credit bid to you… It’s illegal, you need to have real cash in the game to bid. This was all witnessed by Police of whom I am sure will give testimony in court.And no, I did not out bid you as I have no mortgage so why bid on my own property.

  18. Wow….strange thread….need meds…..I knew I shouldn’t have had that lobotomy….things no longer make sense…..

  19. Today, in MSN, they had a News clip on the front page about the N.Y. protesters. When you clicked on it, it was a clip about the Muppet characters. Later, I found a clip about the protesters that was buried down deep in the website.
    I just read something about CBS and Susan Orman saying something about people should favor strategic defaults. Sunday’s N.Y. City Ray Kelly saying on CBS’s 60 Minutes that they had capability to bring down an airplane. Does anyone remember when those poor souls lost their lives on a passenger aircraft close to NYC and a someone had stated that they had seen something similar to a missle strike the aircraft ? This is something for Roger Moore to investigate.


  20. Yes Neil, it continues here as well…..even though we have all the evidence of the real parties involved in our case and have sent out cease and disist and demand the forclosure mill atty Jon Davis of mansfield, mass still conducted an illegal “foreclouser sale” on a property with out ant valid deed to secure to in the said “pretend mortgage” today with Paine Auctioneers of Newton, Mass without any bidders and even over my request of a view of a certified bank check for the 5000k to bid and in front of 2 local police offficers, one being the chief of my Town and even of being again given verbal notice that they as well as Jon Davis will be sued for triple damages they conducted this fraudulent sale to themselves of my property. After this event today I went to the Police station and gave the chief a full deposition of the groups and names within per my private investigator. Now some of you my feel that you had some sort of deal set and so did we, so you did not want to keep the payments and wanted more. It is to bad if this proves to be the work of 1 man Jon Davis acting in behalf of himself as this continued act of criminal activity only sets you all up for Federal crimes.Yes sister #2 you can belive your voice mail as you are all very implcated in this crime spree. The chief knows all and criminal charges have been filed. someone told me once to scream thur him, I would have liked to. But instead I will scream thur Neil and reach millions of people at once. The saga continues here but in the end Massachusetts residents will be free of a few poop heads.

  21. Guys—watch Dylan Ratigan every day—he is the bravest guy in the media—and he knows what’s going on in the financial frauds/cover-ups—and he’s not afraid to go there—



  23. Economists, financial “experts”, bankers, realtors, mba educators are stuck in relic theories from the past and they advise the govt thus we get “market” theories of how to fix it – ie jobs – so people will buy the mushrooming inventory and prices can return to “normal” and thus we get “speed up foreclosures to clear the shadow inventory” – get the deadbeats out – they bought too much house – graceful exit maybe to homeless shelters maybe or govt or investor rentals better for them no big deal to give up home ownership forever – foreclosure is a favor ie Jaime Dimon and friends – fix the paper – it’s holding up the recovery – don’t let anyone especially AG’s question these mere paperwork issues.

    Here’s how it went down – first prices stalled – next no refinancing toxic subprime and flippers – stampede out – foreclosures – prices went down more – more foreclosures – no refiance – global credit crunch – small business and consumers credit shut down or 32% – no consuming- small business failure – no jobs – big business raise prices and lay off people – no consuming – higher prices and layoffs – no property tax or sales tax revenue to cities, counties states – more layoffs and cycle starts over at the speed of light. Negative feedback loop. Foreclossures spinning the engine.

    Then the experts say people are not buying houses, things, or starting business or hiriing because of lack of confidence, regulation, taxes and bad press. Uh – what about broke, bankrupt, out of work, tapped out on debt, no savings for all ages? No demand. How about we stop the foreclosures by keeping people in the homes instead of fraudulently handing them to theives? Only way out of this. The “experts” need to drop their market theories. There is no market. Wallstreet and govt should learn from the protestors not the “experts”.






  25. Fox news mentioned something about the riots in New York, the police apparently pulled out their pepper spray and sprayed a bunch of the protesters, women were screaming out with pain on the video! The news was short and they were debating whether or not they can comment on the event because they could here more than they could see, therefore, it was not easy to comment.

    I thought everyone keeps saying that this is a free country, so if people protest peacefully why cannot they have that right to do so? We know that there’s no more freedom in this country it has stripped off of us since Bush took office.

    It looks like we have to make the news ourselves, stop watching TV because even though, we pay for all the adds directly or in directly, they are not delivering to us what we need to be delivered especially the news that matters. They only want us to see and here what they chose for us to, if they lose the viewers may be the’ll get it.

    I am filing complaints with my local media and the national media to let them know that they are covering up the truth and I am not happy! I thing we need a new revolution, people should bring out their TVs and burn them in the square in protest!

  26. That under 300k sales number is all you need to know about the economy… no jobs , no money , no hope , no sales but necessities.

    We’ve been living a bubble since the 1970’s with manufacturing being replaced by Wall Street … accelerating hugely after 09/11/2001 … the “real” economy can no longer support the illusion of a growing vibrant nation… The only way out is to look at things clearly and burst the bubble of TBTF banks owning the government .. and start bringing jobs and manufacturing back. The last 4 years ,, when the truth was plain to all ,, did nothing but dig the entire world deeper into a hole.

  27. “The report keeps pressure on the Federal Reserve and President Barack Obama to do more to help the sputtering economy.”

    Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are!

    “More?” Oh pleazzze…no more, whatever you do Ben and
    Barack, don’t do it more…..pleazzze don’t!

    Oh man…my sides hurt! Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!

    Shouldn’t that read, “the sputtering Federal Reserve and President”?

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