FLORIDA: Palm Beach County residents expose foreclosure fraud


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Foreclosure Hamlet and 4ClosureFraud Fight Back Against The Florida (un)FairForeclosure Act

Palm Beach County residents expose foreclosure fraud
September 22, 2011 10:37 PM . See video at http://www.cbs12.com/articles/foreclosure-4735490-fraud-started.html#ixzz1YmBAYgYm

WPEC – CBS12.com
Foreclosure Hamlet and 4ClosureFraud Fight Back Against The Florida (un)FairForeclosure Act
PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — Two locally founded websites are helping homeowners facing foreclosure. They are also exposing fraud.

Palm Beach County resident Michael Redman founded 4closurefraud.org to keep track of Florida’s ongoing foreclosure process. He started it in September of 2009 when a relative went into foreclosure.

Lake Worth resident Lisa Epstein is facing foreclosure herself. She started Foreclosure Hamlet a similar website.

Both say they’ve uncovered a mountain of fraud being perpetrated by the banks.

“We’ve seen cases where law firms created their own evidence, default processors created own evidence and filed original notes in same case,” said Redman.

“I’m defending against a foreclosure that has been brought agasint me by a bank that I had no financial relationship with, never made a payment to trying to get some answers,” said Epstein.

Redman says from what he’s seen, in 90 percent of the cases there is questionable documentation.

Read more: http://www.cbs12.com/articles/foreclosure-4735490-fraud-started.html#ixzz1Yueq3VC4

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  1. I’m still waiting for at least ONE of you law-doGs (NEIL!!!), preferably ALL of you, to opine one way OR THE OTHER, on filing writs of mandamus/prohibition against the AG’s to force them to perform their duties by thoroughly investigating and prosecuting crimes perpetrated by the banks, and preventing them from cutting deals without thorough investigation – my understanding is that these are administrative functions and fall under the purvue of such writs.

    And same for mandamus against the official, in GA I believe it’s the Superior Court Clerk of each county, responsible for collecting the fees MERS has dodged, forcing them to file suit to collect.

    And same for having the attorney (non-judicial) on the steps that sells or even starts to cry out the sale, arrested for applicable theft and criminal intent charges after you have put the attorneys/lender on notice of PROVED forged docs (such as assignment) in the chain of title. Also, by same logic, can’t you have everyone in the attorney’s office that is legally capable of being culpable, that you can prove “touched it”, arrested for criminal intent when they tell you in writing (or a recorded phone call) that they are not cancelling the sale, even considering the forged docs.

    You guys bark it up ten different ways to Sunday about various legal aspects of all this, from one extrme to the other; why won’t you come down on these issues?

    I’ll be in court and swearing out criminal warrants within the WEEK if viable.

    HOW ABOUT IT?!?!?


  2. +1 vote for strange comment of the day Louise. lose all your social programs, really???

  3. If you vote right wing, you will lose ALL YOUR SOCIAL PROGRAMS and get lots more war, death and destruction. We need to stick together.

  4. pretty lazy article on the part of CBS12. and you’ve got to wonder why it was copied here…no substance, and the websites have been around for a long time already



    Mortgage Relief Scams Proliferate After Recession

    First Posted: 9/26/11 08:29 AM ET Updated: 9/26/11 09:18 AM ET

    “From the looks of the mortgage relief companies Christopher Mallett has marketed in recent years, offering lower payments and new loan terms to troubled homeowners, one might easily get the impression that he has the backing of the federal government or is running non-profit help groups.

    Mallett is the driving force behind usbankloanmodiication-gov.info and mortgagehelpgov.us. He also founded The Department of Consumer Services Protection, U.S. Debt Care, the U.S. Mortgage Relief Council and several other operations with similarly authoritative if not auspicious-sounding names. But people who turned to them for help didn’t receive services, according to court documents filed by the Federal Trade Commission in U.S. District Court this month. Their names were instead sold to companies that almost universally scam distressed homeowners, federal regulators say.

    Consumer advocates inside and outside the federal government say Mallett appears to be part of a rapidly growing network of customer lead generation, foreclosure rescue and debt settlement companies aggressively marketing their services to a crop of cash-strapped consumers that’s grown out of the housing crisis. Many of these companies break the law by portraying themselves as agents or partners of the federal government and by guaranteeing relief that they fail to deliver, FTC officials said.

    In the last three years, The FTC has accused Mallett and nearly 40 other company owners of deceiving consumers about foreclosure prevention services. This year alone, attorneys general in Virginia, Idaho, Ohio, Michigan and North Carolina have brought cases against foreclosure rescue companies. In most cases, the companies collected up front fees for their services. That practice has been banned by the FTC since January. But new mortgage relief services are constantly evolving…”

  6. good grief Louise – it’s not a right wing or left wing thing. has Obama saved your house yet? did Dodd or Frank make things better or worse?

  7. Make Banks Pay Week
    I think Abby posted this, But I think it is worth posting again.
    Please pass the information on Facebook Google+ Craigs List etc…..



  8. Same ole right wing BS. Fraud is fraud, and the banks created it.

  9. Douglas, Rush is a big fan of Wells Fargo. That’s HIS bank.
    HE blames the Community Reinvestment Act for all this,. And the borrowers. Rush has become a mouthpiece for the banking oligarchy. You start talking mortgage fraud and Snerdley hangs up on you.

  10. It would be really nice if Chunga85 from the Hamlet and the foreclosurefraud folks could get Rush Limbaughs’ ear , he lives nearby to them … For being so right on politics he is about the worst informed person I have ever heard on money matters… I know he reads the local South Florida papers … Rush is still stuck on blaming the foreclosure crisis on the “Community Reinvestment Act” , he hasn’t a clue.

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