Az Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument Today on Certified Questions at 3PM PST


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Another Supreme Court decision is in the works. How long it will take them to render a decision is within their sole discretion. When you watch don’t assume that you know how that Judge is going to vote. They intentionally do things to NOT telegraph what their ultimate decision will be. See the questions that the Supreme Court will address at the above link. The argument should be interesting. As for the fear that Arizona might not take the courageous step of actually addressing the the issues, like the Ohio Supreme Court in declaring  a key case “moot” I can only say that we can only hope that the banks don’t have that much influence here.

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  1. what ohio case devclared moot?

  2. Great commentary, E. Tolle. So what did the AZ Supremes say?

  3. WASHINGTON (AP) — Fannie Mae missed chances to catch law firms illegally signing foreclosure documents and its government overseer did not take the right steps to ensure Fannie was doing its job, federal regulators say.

    The Federal Housing Finance Agency’s inspector general said in a report Friday that Fannie failed to establish an “acceptable and effective” way to monitor foreclosure proceedings between 2006 and early 2011. Government regulators then failed to ensure it was complying with demands that it clean up its programs.

    Mortgage industry employees — including law firms employed by Fannie Mae — signed documents they hadn’t read and used fake signatures on foreclosure cases across the country. The practices, known collectively as “robo-signing,” resulted in a suspension of foreclosures last fall and a probe by all 50 state attorneys general into how corners were cut to keep pace with the crush of foreclosure paperwork.

  4. How on Earth is it the Governments job to create jobs? Not possible. The government is there to create and keep the rules fair for all the citizens. To deliver the mail. To keep us safe.

    Federal Reserve System of Banks mandate is to keep employment high and un employment low, and inflation low. WTF is that? We have been TOOK? How on Earth will the Federal Reserve System of Banks going to do that?

    By creating money and charging interest and changing the rate of interest rates from 1% to 30% or from 30% to 1%? To influence people to borrow money or not borrow money? OK. But if your goal is to create money and charge interest for the money borrowed, what happens when people do not wish to borrow money? So how can you create jobs or keep employment at a high level?

    oh boy, it is screwed up big time.

  5. GOD helps those that help themselves. So how can you help yourself???????

    thus God is you, not some Saviour. Big difference. And not religious BS being spouted everywhere.

    And I ain’t no religious freak.

  6. @E Tolle

    your post. Got it. What you write is exactly what Neil wrote some time ago.

    In a nutshell he wrote your basic American is trying to follow the rule of the law and is in fact more ethical than the mortgage industry.

    Our so called “leaders” in Congress are in fact not leaders and I hate it when the media states it as so. The President of the USA is NOT a leader. He is supposed to be a representative of the people serving the people. Same with Congress.

    Serving the people. Not leading the people.

    These god damn idiots thinking and voting thinking that some representative is going to save them (because the representative says he will). Sorry, wrong viewpoint.

    One should not vote on a Saviour, but should vote on one who will follow and enforce the law and constitution.

  7. What is really scrary is the banskters have commited every kind of alleged fraud. From the minute we signed the contract to the bogus loan modifications and the President of the United States The Department of Justice the IRA the Attorney Generals to the District Attorneys including the Judges have done literally nothing.


  8. Carie thank you for the dylan ratigan video

  9. E.Tolle-
    The UETA (uniform electronic transmission act) when written several years ago, if memory serves me correctly, required that the person whose signature was to be electronically reproduced and/or affixed to any document had to approve of this in advance. I never did, and my signature appears on things I never even saw, let alone signed or agreed to. I will dredge up the particulars, brush up on the issue, and post a better explanation. As to any original, or wet ink notes being produced in court, I would mistrust that they are all fraudulent, whether they were deliberately destroyed by each originator’s scan and shred department, or trucked down to Mexico and burned in open pits, as in the case of New Century. The banks/servicers/Trusts keep changing all the loan numbers, or their file numbers, so that apart from your original copy, no one has any idea, as tracked by number, as to which loan is which, and which trust(s) if any, they were assigned to, endorsed over to. Changing loan numbers was a great way to throw off the dogs as to how many trusts each loan was pledged to.

  10. carie

    Great post — Dylan Ratigan video!!!

    “Do no harm to the banking system.” —— Timothy Geithner et al.

  11. If the Dylan Ratigan video loads too slow—FYI—it’s the one with Suskind…


  13. Now it it’s time for us to evict them from there homes , did our ancestors let the g-ment push them around ?? HELL NO it is time to take the fight to there homes and see how they like it , just google your banks official list of trustees and ceo’s etc. it is easier than you think to find where these maggots live . NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THERE COUNTRY .

  14. The link to the video only talks about archive videos not live videos. How do we log on for the live feed?

  15. The following paragraph was written just a week ago by Richard D. Vetstein, Esq., whose byline states that he is an “experienced real estate litigation attorney who’s handled numerous foreclosure defense and title defect cases in Land Court and Superior Court.”

    This is not meant as a slam to Mr. Vetstein, as I’m sure he’s a nice guy, and highly educated. It’s simply a pointer as to where we stand today. The case he refers to is Eaton v. Fannie Mae. Mr. Vetstein writes:

    ….I do know that rarely, if ever, are properly endorsed and assigned promissory notes in the hands of lenders when they foreclose. As with this case, they are typically endorsed in blank, that is, to no one, and in storage somewhere in New Jersey or Ohio held by a loan servicer. In fact, obtaining such promissory notes from lenders can be nearly impossible. They are often lost, missing pages, or destroyed.

    This case, which is typical, illustrates the problem with the entire system. According to Fannie Mae’s brief, after the loan funded, the note was indorsed in blank and allegedly transferred to Fannie Mae. How does an entity as sophisticated as Fannie Mae purchase a loan without getting the promissory note properly indorsed and assigned to it? God only knows. So the best Fannie could do was produce a copy of the note indorsed to no one. That’s just great…

    This is the problem in a nutshell, it’s not just God that knows the answer to this riddle….it’s the reason courts across the nation are writing absolutely ridiculous rulings one day in one state to the left, then the next day in another state to the right, confusing the hell out of anyone trying to follow along at home, or trying to protect the same.

    Case in point, in the Eaton case, which is headed to the Supreme Court in Mass, the lower court writes, “….under the common law, both the mortgage and the mortgage note must be held by the foreclosing entity in order to foreclose.” OK fine, that’s easily understood black letter law there, even I can follow that. But then there’s the already decided Jackson v. MERS case, in which the Minnesota Supreme Court concluded that “a party can hold legal title to the security instrument (the mortgage) without holding an interest in the promissory note” WTF? Notice the phrasing, “must be held” in the first case, then the “without holding” in the second. How does one reconcile these 180 degree shifts?

    Back to the “God only knows” deal, Yves Smith wrote the following exactly a year ago this week:

    In 2009, the Florida Bankers Association wrote a letter to the Florida Supreme Court objecting to some proposed rule changes for foreclosure cases. The critical section:

    The reason “many firms file lost note counts as a standard alternative pleading in the complaint” is because the physical document was deliberately eliminated to avoid confusion immediately upon its conversion to an electronic file. See State Street Bank and Trust Company v. Lord, 851 So. 2d 790 (Fla. 4th DCA 2003). Electronic storage is almost universally acknowledged as safer, more efficient and less expensive than maintaining the originals in hard copy, which bears the concomitant costs of physical indexing, archiving and maintaining security. It is a standard in the industry and becoming the benchmark of modern efficiency across the spectrum of commerce—including the court system.

    So, back to attorney Vetstein and how this relates….if someone who is deeply involved with these issues both at the Land Court and the Superior Court level has no idea that these are deliberate acts taken with pure intention to defraud, what does that tell us, or worse, where does that leave us? If the courts, both low and the high, east and west, truly know nothing of the reasons behind the criminality; the pure fraud being committed upon their courts, what does that portend for rulings in favor of sound law, both presently and for the future?

    When all of this is coupled with the impossible to deny fact that those presently in power DO know all about the fraudulent and criminal puzzle parts; the Fed, the entire Obama cabinet, Treasury, DOJ, as well as all of the various regulators, then this becomes the single largest class war ever initiated. It’s literally them against us….outright tyranny against both the citizenry and the rule of law at the same time. And although God may be the only one who knows how this will end, one can pretty much surmise that it won’t be pretty. Follow the money, and the foreclosure signs.

  16. Kentucky Attorney General Backs New York’s Schneiderman In National Foreclosure Settlement Talks

    “Today’s economic crisis was caused by Wall Street acting improperly,” Conway, a Democrat, said in the email. “Every American has paid the price — with families losing their homes, investors losing their money, and many Americans losing their jobs. There should be absolutely no criminal or civil immunity given to banks for activity that has not yet been investigated.”

  17. Countrywide protected fraudsters by silencing whistleblowers, say former employees

    “In the summer of 2007, a team of corporate investigators sifted through mounds of paper pulled from shred bins at Countrywide Financial Corp. mortgage shops in and around Boston.

    By intercepting the documents before they were sliced by the shredder, the investigators were able to uncover what they believed was evidence that branch employees had used scissors, tape and Wite-Out to create fake bank statements, inflated property appraisals and other phony paperwork. Inside the heaps of paper, for example, they found mock-ups that indicated to investigators that workers had, as a matter of routine, literally cut and pasted the address for one home onto an appraisal for a completely different piece of property.

    Eileen Foster, the company’s new fraud investigations chief, had seen a lot of slippery behavior in her two-plus decades in the banking business. But she’d never seen anything like this…”

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