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” I Failed… and I’m So Very Sorry”  Mandelman

But the other truth is that I’m angry.  I’m angry that I even have such responsibility… such power that my writing about someone’s situation has the potential to save their home from foreclosure.  It shouldn’t be the case.” – Mandelman

“That another veteran has made into the statistics is all the more painful. People who gave their last measure of true commitment for you and for me are treated as expendable in our all out rush for money. We have let money create its own morality and we believe in it so ardently that it exceeds true religion. Money has become its own religion. In the morality of that religion, anything goes. The one with the most money is the most pious and those without money get to suffer for their sins of failure to earn enough, learn enough and fight for the rights they thought were guaranteed by our Constitution.” – Neil Garfield

EDITOR’S NOTE: Like Mandelman I get dozens of calls where suicide is a real possibility. I try to do what I can but there are times when the Courts move too slowly, the lawyer misses a deadline, or the homeowner does not believe that they have remedies. All homeowners, whether in foreclosure or not, should know that there are many legal scholars and many court decisions to back them up, who believe that virtually none of the foreclosures are legal, none of the evictions, none of the seizures. It LOOKS legal because it is a name like Wells Fargo. You would think that with a 150 year old name to protect they would not intentionally commit wrongful, even criminal acts. But they do, every day.

Mandelman is right. Neither nor any of us should have the responsibility for another life, but we feel it just the same. We know it is wrong to evict them, we know the courts are moving too slowly and that the media and the government just won’t get it, even if after the regulatory agencies all came down on the industry citing he very violations we write about every day.

I feel Mandelman’s pain. His efforts at raising awareness for the country have been phenomenal. Too often we feel like we are fighting a losing battle because we are. We know there will be more suicides, we know there will be more lives destroyed by the greed of the banks who are not protecting themselves against loss — they are taking advantage of the loss of others and turning it into a profit. I’m sick of this and I’m sick of waiting for the government, the courts, and the media to accept the simple truth — the mortgages, the transfers, the foreclosures, the evictions and the seizures were all faked. They took money from investors and took homes from innocent  homeowners and then took money again from the government to “bail-out” non-existent losses on mortgage loans.

That another veteran has made into the statistics is all the more painful. People who gave their last measure of true commitment for you and for me are treated as expendable in our all out rush for money. We have let money create its own morality and we believe in it so ardently that it exceeds true religion. Money has become its own religion. In the morality of that religion, anything goes. The one with the most money is the most pious and those without money get to suffer for their sins of failure to earn enough, learn enough and fight for the rights they thought were guaranteed by our Constitution.


This is a tragic story of a Veteran who took her own life after a foreclosure and eviction. Our good friend and fighter for this victim of Wells Fargo Bank is blaming himself.
I say to our dear friend, Mandelman, the blame belongs to Wells Fargo Bank and to our nation and government for failing this Veteran and her family.

We mourn with you the loss of this courageous warrior who did all she could to stand up for her family.  Let us honor her.

Today, another victim of the foreclosure crisis took her own life.  She was a disabled American veteran and her family was counting on me to help.  And I let them down.

You see, when I returned from a trip to Hawaii earlier this summer to meet with members of the state’s legislature on how the state might better deal with the foreclosure crisis, I received a call and a letter from a couple who’s home was about to be sold by Ocwen.  The husband, afflicted by multiple sclerosis, could not be moved from their handicapped home and I couldn’t stand what watching what was about to happen… so I wrote about it… attacking Ocwen for allowing such an injustice to take place.

And Ocwen responded.  Within days the trustee sale was cancelled and Ocwen agreed to modify the loan so the family could remain in their home of so many years.  It should go without saying that the couple was joyous and thankful, although I couldn’t help but wonder about all the families about whom I would never be able to write about… and perhaps save from the pain of foreclosure.

Soon after that I received another letter and call from a couple’s daughter who lived in Hawaii… her parents were facing foreclosure in California and their lawyer who had been hired to help them had dropped the ball… they were on their way to being evicted.  They’re older… in their 70s, and they were caring for a disabled American veteran… a member of the family.

I tried to help… called an attorney friend of mine who stepped in and filed what could be filed, but acknowledged openly that it was a long shot.  Maybe some media attention would help, as it had previously, and I said that I would write about their situation.

But, the truth is that I never got around to it.  I had other pressing concerns.  And I’m only one person fighting a much larger fight.  I spent several weeks in Arizona, meeting with lawyers and homeowners… and filming a documentary that I’d come to believe is the most important contribution I can make to the war against the bankers and the foreclosure crisis that is quietly tearing about our country and destroying our middle class and our economy.

I found out today that a few days ago she took her own life.  Wells Fargo Bank had allowed the eviction to proceed; they refused to do anything else.  Maybe they wouldn’t have changed their mind had I found the time to publicize the couple’s plight… maybe not.  But, we’ll never know… I’ll never know.

The couple called me, their daughter called me… many times during the month of August, but I was away in Arizona, I needed the rest… my own health was in question and I felt I needed to rest and recuperate before I‘d be able to continue the fight effectively.  I spoke with the husband… and the wife… they sent me their story written out on many pages.

It all started when Wells Fargo said they had made a trial payment a couple of days late.  The couple said they had made it on time.  How petty a thing that could lead to such a tragic end…

I tried to calm them down… told them I would try to help them.  But, I never got back to them… never wrote their story.  And now it’s too late.

The last phone message I received was from their daughter.  I played it today when I got the news.  She was literally begging for my help.  But I didn’t hear it in time.  And now a disabled American veteran is gone.

I don’t know what to say except that I am so very sorry that I let them down.  So deeply sorry… and I’ll never forget them… I’ll try never to let something like that happen again.

But the other truth is that I’m angry.  I’m angry that I even have such responsibility… such power that my writing about someone’s situation has the potential to save their home from foreclosure.  It shouldn’t be the case.   

The banks should not be allowed to lie to people, the process should be transparent… none of it should be done in secret.

God damn the bankers that continue to treat American homeowners struggling financially as a result of the global financial crisis and our country’s deepening recession that they caused as if they are meaningless souls… as if they are to be disposed of like diseased cattle.

And God damn those who have no compassion for the millions of Americans who continue to receive foreclosure notices every day… their lack of compassion comes from their ignorance of the facts involved, and at this point there is no excuse for that ignorance.

And God damn the Obama Administration for ignoring and abandoning the American middle class in favor of the banking billionaires to whom he has given a blank check as reward for their crimes.  None of this should be happening in my country.

But, again… I’m just so sorry that I let them down.

Please join in this prayer for a fallen soldier… its author is unknown…

I saw a soldier kneeling down,
for this was the first quiet place he had found.
He had traveled through jungles, rivers and mud.
His hands were scared and toil-warned.
He folded his hands and looked to the sky…
I saw his tears, as they welled in his eyes.
He spoke to God, and this is what he said.
God Bless my men, who now lie dead;
I know not what You have in mind,
but when You judge, please be kind….
when they come before You, they will be poorly dressed
but will walk proudly, for they have done their best.
Their boots will be muddy and their clothes all torn…
but these clothes they have so proudly worn.
Their hearts will be still and cold inside,
for they have fought their best and did so with pride.
So please take care of them as they pass Your way…
the price of freedom they’ve already paid.
Mandelman out.

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  2. This is a recurrent theme. Usually covered up. Familiies foreclosed and evicted by thugs –using fake documents. There is supposed to be a govt to protect its citizens–supposed to be Congressmen, etc PAID to do this –supposedly with power to do this when we as lawyers can really only go in and beg on our hands and knees because the laws do not apply to the banks or their hired thugs.

    There really should be a pretty big tax reduction because the govt does precious little to justify the payments made to them–except protect the interests of banks–banks everywhere !!

    Now even as Americans kill themselves this govt is literally pouring $$$$ into the European banks to make sure the bonus pools remain deep, the chateaus keep selling along with yachts and private jets.

    There is no constraint–no accountability–a lost govt. Doing nothing–failing its basic responsibilities. Today the Washington Post ran a story about Leon Panetta crying that the trillion dollar a year military budget was going to be reduced by a mere 500 billion over ten years–and probably backend loaded at that. Thats about the amount of the sales tax on the annual military budget. So although we may be required to cut our incomes by 50% due to some cutback decision made far away—and/or now face increased taxes one place or another—the military cant take a 5% cut without the end of the world coming.

    Cant remove troops from anywhere—ABSOLUTELY must buy new airplanes at $90 million each—–why ?

    To maintain military presences in places of no particular interest to average US citizens–like Afghanistan Iraq—–military bases in Germany to protect them from whom? Maybe the Greeks?

    Nuclear submarines cruising the world under orders written in 1987—-

    Aircraft carriers circling aimlessly.

    Soldiers making targets of themselves.

    Tanks that are overpriced antiques–that dont work.

    Expendable soldiers that return home to become expendible civilians.

  3. Again, oneof THE best things we can all do is to write a letter to our local newspapers’ editor column and bring Neil’s website to the forefront of the minds of all local judges and USA homeowners. The realtors will and are doing nothing; in fact they are still profitting off now using fraudulent foreclosure “sale” values (which are essentially inflated from the prior-years’ mortgages already hyped in the market bubble) and the local judges are much too busy to be trying to locate THE best source for exposing the StrawMan Shellgame Fraud which has been allowed to permeate our court records system and wallstreet
    money maniacs certainly don’t care (yet) about protecting us when they have & continue to profit … until they get exposed by each homwowner and local judge demanding to see the full documentation, money trail, legal transfers and allonges, PSA, etc. as Neil has so diligently presented to us as the best-practices argument for making them step in their own s–t. Until homeowners and judges realize the extent of how this all has devastated our USA families, communities, economies, court system and real estate markets (ie jobs & investment
    of majority of our finances/household) then we will continue to be abused by their multi-level scam. Let’s all write our local editors NOW!
    Let’s not see another veteran nor any USA citizen suffer unknown ills…

  4. This was hard to read. I feel so sorry for the family of this young woman who thought that taking her own life was far better than anything the bank could dish out…. this is just disgraceful!!
    Damn to Hell all involved in this young woman’s demise!
    Those of us who have the will and mindfulness to stand up and fight, need to get the word out that we are here to help! I may not be an attorney, but I have the knowledge and the know-how, and the determination to help others who are in the same boat as myself. Knowledge truly is the power. Proving these diabolical assholes wrong is the ultimate reward on this earth.
    Again, my heartfelt sympathies to the family of this young woman. May she rest in peace.

  5. For all those facing a foreclosure right now, there really is HOPE and the last thing we should do is give up. Thats exactly what they are hoping we will do. Give up and allow ourselves to be herded (why do you think they call us sheeple?) into their vision of a land of renters.
    As hard as it is, we have to stand strong. We have the power to overcome this tyranny, but we have to keep forging ahead and expect that there will, unfortunately, be some casualties.

    For everyone in Texas facing a foreclosure, there is a company here that has a Private Investigator that will certify your documents and do a full blown audit of the loan doc’s, PSA and your title work too. They are not cheap ($3,695) but their tactic’s seem to be working well for pro se litigants. They will also let you break it down into two payments if you need to and most of us (including me) do. I have seen with my own eyes the documentation signed by a JUDGE that agrees with their Private Investigators opinion, that these mortgages have all been bifurcated and as such, there is no clear chain of title and therefore,
    no one has juridictional standing in which to foreclose. This is based on a Texas statute, so I am not aware of how well it might work in other states, but it IS working here. I spoke to a gentleman yesterday thats been in his home 2 1/2 years and is now filing Quiet Title because through this process he was able to have the pretender lenders liens REMOVED from the County Recorders records.

    I am hoping that the news of their tactics spreads like wildfire in all the non judicial states so that more people can be helped.I know that they are on to something that could be potentially devestating to these robber baron banksters because they have been routinely targeted and had their website sabotaged repeatedly. The only reason that the
    “powers that be” would even bother to do this is because they know that once people start talking about this, its END GAME for them.

    I am happy to share their information with anyone interested. You can shoot me an e-mail at if you would like to know more or contact them.

    G-d bless everyone and please do not allow yourself to reach the level of despair that this person did. Keep fighting and most of all,
    keep your faith and keep praying your victory and giving thanks for it.


  6. Thank you Mr. Andelman for bring this story to our attention, and yes you are right that we need to bring all the stories to the attention of the world. This story touched my heart, although many have as well, but this one was specially so because that young woman may God rest her soul, she could not bare to see her parents evicted out of their home. Imagine the pain in her heart, and the anguish, the feeling of helplessness! My condolences to her family and friends, my heart is broken having to read about her.

    But what’s really just as sad is that only a few of us get to read or hear about what’s happening in this country as far as the foreclosure crisis is concerned because we have the opportunity to blog on sites such as this one, and we keep up with the internet news. The main stream media had swept most of this crisis under the rugs, and our government avoids dealing with the issue.

    Many people out there are very helpless, and out of reach and yet many more have no clue. How many people who are struggling economically get to have an internet service, or savvy enough to navigate through it if they have it. The older citizens who are so far removed and who may not have any way of getting help, they get thrown out and no one knows about them. I know one personally, she didn’t even know what hit her!

    Mr. Andelman feels a sense of responsibility and so do we, whether we ourselves are going through the much of the same, I still consider myself for one, lucky. Lucky that I have knowledge, and lucky that I can write about it and lucky that I have an opportunity to fight, like some of us can and will. I believe that’s really important that more people know about what’s happening especially with those who lost or may lose their homes to banks that neither need the money, nor the house and have no right to either, yet are ruthlessly evicting people from their homes for the hell of it. This is how the banks in this country have been treating the very people that made them!

    Mr. Andelman, we are behind you and we need to get as many people involved and we need to keep on fighting. No other lives should ever be sacrificed for anything whatsoever! Good luck to all of us, God bless those who are standing strong, and those who are keeping us informed!

  7. Linda–

    Your story makes my blood boil.

    These “process servers” are nothing but debt collector goons.

    The judges and law enforcement are either ignorant and /or paid off.

    UNSECURED DEBT…they are attacking people for unsecured debt.

    The sooner all these freaks get that reality shoved in their faces—the better.

    Then shattered lives can be re-built…

    This is the truth that must come out.

  8. Wells Fargo is at the top of the worst. Remember they are the ones behind the Phelan Hallinan call to the police on the homeowner and me in the video below. And guess what?

    Some huge developments in that case I will share next week, likely occasioned because of what happened in this video. Fortunately George didn’t take the suicide route but he sure was despondent.

    Meanwhile did y’all hear about the employee-side lawsuit against Deutschebank? The screw everyone else, I guess they roll their own too:

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  10. Suicide leaves survivors feeling the guilt that Mandelman is now feeling. That feeling is what could I have done or feeling they did not do enough can haunt you forever. This is not your fault Mandelman, you did what you could and you can’t save whole world

    The government does not care about you. We will see more suicides with our vets and families will be left with the guilt they should have done something. Even if you see the signs, you may not be able to stop it. I know because my husband, who is a disabled vet, attempted suicide.

    My heart goes out to this family of suicide and all others out there would cannot deal with loosing their homes. God bless them.

  11. Wells Fargo is ruthless. I wrote many letters to their CEO and nothing. In the end, they blamed it on Wachovia and said they could nothing. Their realtors climbed over our gate, their process servers screamed expletives at us and chased us. Our attorney sold out to them. They rushed us through an eviction. It’s just horrible. It’s all obscene and cost us a lot of time and money, plus health problems.
    We have no choice but to sue.

    I am truly sorry for the veteran. There is too much cruelty in the world today.

  12. gorble,

    You are not dealing with Wells Fargo — may have been at some point along the twilight zone — but, not today.

  13. Let me add this. God damn Wells Fargo.

  14. So, instead of HAMP—now we have HARP…which is a “refinance your rights away” program…too little, too late for so many people.
    A new program to hide the fact that it’s all unsecured fraudulent false default debt.

    “The administration has said it wants to reduce barriers to refinancing under its Home Affordable Refinance Program so homeowners could take advantage of current low interest rates. The program, which targets homeowners who owe more than their homes are worth, was supposed to reach 5 million borrowers — but so far it’s only helped 800,000.

    President Obama said in 2009 that the centerpiece of his administration’s anti-foreclosure efforts, the Home Affordable Modification Program, would help 3 to 4 million homeowners modify the terms of their mortgages. While more than a million homeowners have been offered preliminary modifications under HAMP, fewer homeowners have had their mortgages permanently modified than those who have been kicked out of the initiative.”

    Yeah KICKED OUT—THEN KICKED TO THE CURB—by an insanely corrupt system.

    Damn them all to hell.

  15. I am sorry for all who suffer under this usury banking system…it is diabolic and may God sustain the survivors of this greed driven fraud upon our country.May God have mercy as many of us no longer feel we can extend that Virtue to the vulture class…

    I am so sorry for the veteran’s husband,her family…so so sad….another name on a tombstone and no one notices except the ones inside the community of truth speakers…there is a comeuppance approaching America…I fear it,and welcome it….but for now…
    Silence for the ones who suffer
    who fight
    who die…

  16. DyingTruth…and evidently “practice” has yet to make any of them “perfect”… this is a national shame filled tragedy.Blood on their hands&heads!!!

  17. I think it is terrible that Martin would be put in a position of responsiblity for this – whether self imposed or not. God Bless him for feeling the grief and horror of this situation; hopefully it will fuel a different passion of holding those truly accountable, accountable. My prayers go to her family and to Andelman.

  18. Posted a nice comment under “ANON” — changed name — but “awaiting moderation” — and never got posted.

  19. Amen to that, Dying Truth!

  20. Heart felt prayers for Mandelman and the Veteran and family he could not save. Yes, for Mandelman – too — because so much responsibility is placed on those that make an effort to help others. Reaching out — can bring failure with it. And, it should NEVER have come to this.

    For a country that is always out front to help other countries — the US has failed its own citizens. The fraud — and saving homes — should have been the first concern of Henry Paulson, Ben Bernanke, and Timothy Geithner — it was not. Saving “face” — by bank bailout – was their first concern. In the guise of the betterment of the economy — the bailout now proves a failure. And, society – as a whole — yes– a whole — has suffered. Putting the elderly, the sick, children — out on the street — is simply inexcusable. Greed has trumped.

    Modifications?? Questionable. Nevertheless, Mandelman is doing what the government should have mandated — and with principal reductions.

    President Obama is now promoting a program for refinancing under-water current mortgages. This will not help victims of foreclosure and fraud. It is simply an acquiesce of the Treasury/Fed Res position that helping fraud victims is a “moral hazard” problem for the financial markets.

    Really?? without the people — there can be no financial markets. Victims should always be provided restitution. As I have said before, these days will go down as very dark days in US history books.

    Condolences to the family — and Mr. Mandelman.

    PS — changing name to “ANON” — I hope.

  21. tnharry,
    And that’s what makes attorneys Pu$$ies and traitors to our cause as well as the Law.

    If you’re so bold as to correct homeowners over here on what the Law is, why aren’t you the same with correcting those given the chage of enforcing it?

    It just goes to show that, if anyone is not qualified to “practice” the Law, it’s the Judges and Attorneys who fail to honor it.

  22. Nothing but tears. I have felt like this. I still feel like this. Doing my own research, asking for help, politely asking, begging, screaming…writing letters. Yes, we need to stand on our own feet. We all have our own problems, but sometimes, sometimes we need help. Sometimes I am afraid to ask for help because I am accustomed to being told, “no or I can’t”, so I go it alone. Mandelman did what he could. He should not carry such a heavy burden. We are all doing our best. If there are typo’s, it’s because I can’t stop crying. Such a shame!

  23. Speaking of BofA, what ever happened to the 5 billions Warren Buffet was going to pour into it? Done deal or just hype? Because the way I look at it, Warren Buffet wasn’t going to do it for nothing. So, there had to be a few to be mede out of it.

    Status please, anyone? I’d love to learn that Buffet decided against it after all…

  24. there is a lot of liability for publicly criticizing a judge, particularly for attorneys within the same jurisdiction. ethically and professionally it can be very damaging. that’s part of why you don’t see the judge-bashing you call for

  25. Yup, nobody gives a damn about Veterans. My Dad’s a Vietnam Veteran that’s been working for the Federal Government (USPS) for 25 years and we took our TILA Rescission case against Quality, Litton and Fremont to Federal Court, offered to tender, 20 days goes by without any response, they default, file a dismissal past the court ordered deadline and still win.

    I don’t expect you to tell or publish my Dad’s story, we’re all suffering here and no one’s pain should be more important/valuable than the next.

    You would be a lot more effective if you attacked those whom they utilize to facilitate their successful plunder, THE JUDGES, and the core reasons for why they enable it, PENSION INVESTMENTS & JUDICIAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN CONTRABUTIONS (for state Judges).

    You guys will criticize and analyze everything from the Recorder’s Offices to the Legislatures, but when it comes to the courts you lack the initiative (and common sense). Do you realize how much of an effect you would have if you not only reported on “Good” cases but also on “Bad” cases and the “Bad” judges that handled them. You’re an attorney why can’t you look at wrongly handled cases and specifically point out where the judge was wrong and cite the correct way the law should have been enforced, instead of being circumvented.

  26. Check this out:

    Bank Of America To Pay $930,000 Restitution To Whistleblower Who Was Fired For Reporting Fraud At Countrywide
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 09/14/2011 15:27 -0400

    Bank of America Bank of America Countrywide

    We hardly needed confirmation that a) Bank of America is a den of criminals and thieves, that b) its toxic $1.3 trillion mortgage division, better known as Countrywide, is an even scarier and more putrid den of criminals and thieves, and that c) it retaliates against anyone who dares to remind the bank that there are such things as laws, and the aforementioned criminals and thieves actually have to follow these. Yet this is precisely what we just got after the Department of Labor said that it must pay $930,000 to an employee who led internal probes of abuses at its Countrywide Financial unit and was fired in violation of whistleblower protections. Bloomberg reports “the employee, who also must be reinstated, had claimed that people who tried to report fraud to Countrywide’s employee- relations department suffered persistent retaliation, the agency said today in a statement. He was fired after Charlotte, North Carolina-based Bank of America’s 2008 purchase of Countrywide, according to the statement.” So is it possible that the general public can now get the documentation that said whistleblower was fired for attempting to bring to his retaliating superiors’ attention? And just how damaging will this development be to a bank which is already embroiled in litigation with virtually every single entity that has every transacted in mortgages both in America, and now abroad?

  27. I am willing to join this fight to help others. I have been pre-occupied helping myself but I remember when, two days after christmas in 2009, I too felt that desperate. I made myself sick and my children had to watch as I fell apart. I am emboldened by my small victories and moved to offer assistance to Mandelman or others . This is heart breaking.

  28. I love Mandelman’s refrain: God damn them. And God WILL damn them. But we have to keep fighting to insure that these domestic terrorists, the al Qaeda banks, are damned in THIS life, not just the next!

  29. Damn the banksters to hell.

  30. Amen. You’ve said here what needs to be said in all USA local newspapers … only then will enough citizens be knowing of the truths, and be willing to fight the demons and vote out the evil-hearts in 2012.
    I/We feel for the loss her family now endures.

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