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By Darrell Blomberg:

Here’s the link that will get you to each of the lawsuits filed by the FHFA against the banks today, September 2, 2011:

(Or you can <CTRL> + <CLICK> on each of these links:)

  1. Ally     Financial Inc. f/k/a GMAC, LLC <>  
  2. Bank     of America Corporation  <>
  3. Barclays     Bank PLC <>  
  4. Citigroup,     Inc. <>  
  5. Countrywide     Financial Corporation <>  
  6. Credit     Suisse Holdings (USA), Inc. <>  
  7. Deutsche     Bank AG <>  
  8. First     Horizon National Corporation <>  
  9. General     Electric Company <>  
  10. Goldman     Sachs & Co. <>  
  11. HSBC North     America Holdings, Inc. <>  
  12. JPMorgan     Chase & Co. <>  
  13. Merrill     Lynch & Co. / First Franklin Financial Corp. <>  
  14. Morgan     Stanley <>  
  15. Nomura     Holding America Inc. <>  
  16. The     Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC <>  
  17. Société     Générale <>

May your possibilities be unlimited and your opportunities bountiful.

Darrell Blomberg
“Emissary of Observation”

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10 Responses

  1. Neil- could you make a post please and list all the possible COUNTS someone could bring against the servicers and lenders…these new lawsuits had some intereting ones.

  2. @ mkd…….Well said and I totally agree. I doubt the homeowners will ever get what they so deserve… What has happened to me because of all of this will forever stay fresh in my mind. The trust I have in our government and justice system is forever tainted.

  3. neidermeyer

    Yep — ah — the world of debt collection. Deregulated — no one has access to ANYTHING. But, we are getting there. We are getting there!!!

  4. Anonymous ,,

    I kinda like this bit ..

    134. In addition, BOA sought to expand its share of the mortgage securities market by
    aggressively pursuing subprime mortgage originators, including Option One, offering to pay
    more for their mortgages than competing Wall Street banks and offering to perform less due
    diligence than its competitors.

  5. Again, Wells Fargo and others such as HSBC — acted in a servicer/subservicer/Master Servicer/trustee capacity. But, as servicer Wells Fargo and others had the ability to fraudulently place loans in default — purchase the collection rights from Freddie/Fannie —- “refinance” (not a real refinance) and sell the fraudulent collection rights “loan” elsewhere. That “elsewhere” would be the bank that concealed it’s identify at table funded transactions.

    Check out page 48 — #130 — in FHFA action against BofA (sure it is in others too).

    Quote — “As disclosed to the FCIC in June 2010, almost 17 percent of the LMI loans originated by Bank of America between 2004 and 2007 were delinquent at some point for 90 days or more.”

    Believe — the 17 percent coincides for subprime/alta-a “origination.” But, likely even higher. So — all 17% — were in default before origination??? Did borrowers know this??? NO — did NOT KNOW — because they were never in default.

    Homeowners were in false default — before they even signed on dotted line for so-called “refinance.” Actually, just a modification of collection rights to “dumped” GSE loans.

    So — did GSEs know that there were fabricated defaults??? Why would they “sell” collection rights to loans they owned — rather than foreclose??? Because, they would then purchase the fraudulent “MBS” securities that contained cash pass-through on the collection rights from the banks. And, the GSEs could earn a higher return on these fabricated MBS — then they could on the loans that they actually owned. When these high interest “MBS” went Kaput — “investment” return collapsed.

    But, you cannot go on demanding high interest on fraudulent loans. All are to blame.

    Blame game — when are they going to realize that homeowners — were NEVER to blame??? They were victims — victims — and targeted victims.

  6. I had great faith that somehow and someday all the fraud and illegal activities done by the banks and their peons would have caused a bigger uproar than it has. I know that the wheels of justice move slowly, but it seems that those wheels have stopped, and in the case of mortgage fraud never even moved. Sure there are suits being filed, but we all know that they will end up being settled for nothing and the homeowner will get zip. Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac on down to the littlest peon knew all of this crap was going on and did nothing but blame other guy. They are still participating in this crap as we speak because they can and know they can get away with it.

    So can anyone tell me, what will these lawsuits do? The only ones who will win are the players in the mortgage fraud because they know that they can get away with just about anything and all they get is a finger pointed at them telling them to play nice. Does anyone think these suits will compensate the homeowners past and present who did and are fighting the fraud to keep their homes? I have no faith left in the legal system and our government do the right thing. Will all of this just end up being another bill the taxpayers have to pay so in the end fraudsters can go along their merry way?

  7. Mary, Wells Fargo is involved in other things. Don’t despair: it will get what’s coming to it one way or the other. The wheels of justice are slow to start turning but they will.

  8. so do we know why wells fargo is not included??????

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