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Hi Neil

I  noticed Paula Gruntmeir has TWO Notary licenses.  One is for State Electronic Notarization.  THAT ONE was not suspended, at least according to the SOS web site.  It may be just procedural but there are two license numbers.  I wonder if she is still notarizing Bosco’s name electronically.  I am watching the recorders web site to see if docs start showing up after the 8/12/2011 suspension date with her name on them.

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  1. I am trying to get a hold of Robert Lockett. ASAP I too have a forged assignment of mortgage from babara j gibbs as notary and swarupa slee as mere vice president. Bank New York is truing to foreclose in June. Please help I need to find more assignments with barbara j gibbs as notary

  2. Renee, I have David McCall notary in CA # 1925272 on my Assignment of Deed of Trust.

  3. Hello America, I’m just a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody that is trying to screw everybody. I am presently working on information to expose B of A and the Notary’s that have committed fraud. If you have the name Barbara J. Gibbs as notary on any of your documents or the name Cynthia Santos as a MERS signer please email me ASAP. And people keep up the good work they may have hurt some of us but this is America and the people will eventually win.

  4. […] title, rescission, RESPA, securitization, TILA audit, title, trustee,WEISBAND « NOTARY COMPLAINTS: WATCH FOR MORE THAN ONE LICENSE Aztec Foreclosure Corp […]

  5. BoA just did an assignment of Deed of Trust on my property. The Asst Sec for MERS is Bud Kamyabi (possible robo-signer.) I started to dig around on David McCall (notary in CA # 1925272) and could not find him on CA notary website search. I called CA office and they couldn’t find him at first then his info suddenly appeared. After researching the address that the state gave me for Mr McCall- I found several different businesses at that address and the address is a residential address (shows a regular home on google. Hmmm- several businesses in a home…) One of the businesses for Mr. McCall is called “Seasoned Mgmt., Inc” w/ entity # C2826876 and they have been suspended by state of California! No business licenses for the address 39045 Foxholm Dr, Palmdale, CA 93551. (I alerted City of Palmdale- they are looking into it.) Something is not right with this notary…

    Anyone else have these people listed on your assignment of deed of trust??
    FYI- the other businesses are called: McCall ins Agency & DWM Guardian Angel & Associates.

  6. Pay close attention to the license numbers. Notaries will sometime use the electronic number when they should be using the regular number, and vice a versa. This is a violation.
    Also, the notary must be arm’s length from the TRUSTEE. Ofetn the notary is employed by the law firm and one of the law firm partners is the TRUSTEE.
    The notary complaint is the most powerful tool to stop the banks and leads to proving the TRUSTEE Breached their Fiduciary Responsibility to the TRUSTOR, the State and the people.
    This Breach is sufficient “good cause and support” to issue the Title Quieted in the possessor’s name.

  7. Brittany Snow from DOCX has had her notary license revoked!!

  8. i noticed the notary on my docs has 3 notary appointments in michigan, each in different counties under various spellings of her name… same person

  9. Actually, I am currently researching a Christine G Johnson in MN, which I cannot find an active license under that exact name, even though I have a document with notary expiring in 1/31/2014, which there is a Christine Georgette Johnson with that notary expiration. Not sure how the chips will fall on these woman, but upon searching Christine Johnson’s in MN for licences, there also appears to be significant duplication. I realize it is not the rarest of names, but there are several with Dakota County, home of LPS and there are 2 with Middle Initial of “A” one expired one active, one with “B” the other with Beth, again, one active, the other expired, 2 with Carol for MI and again, one expired, the other valid, 4 with MI “E” all expired, the G & Georgette, a MI of Karen all by her lonesome and inactive, 4 with MI of “L” one active all the others inactive, 7 with MI “M” 4 active and 3 inactive, and then a “R” and “Renee” once again, one active, one inactive. They could all be coincidences, but with all the crap these people are pulling, I just do not believe in coincidences or that there is not significant duplications – – especially considering the reason “Linda Green” was chosen with the simplicity and common aspect of the name.

  10. FBI Brags About Chasing Down Mortgage Fraudsters But Big Banks Are Left Untouched

    By Michael Hudson and Ben Hallman, iWatch News
    12:24 am, August 16, 2011

    “In a new report , the Federal Bureau of Investigation pats itself on the back for using “sophisticated investigative techniques” to target mortgage fraudsters. The FBI’s 2010 “Year in Review” mortgage fraud report says the agency has used wiretaps, undercover operatives and “tactical analysis coupled with advanced statistical correlations and computer technologies.”

    Not everyone is impressed.

    Consumer advocates say the FBI is missing the big picture, focusing its investigative muscle on small-time crooks and turning a blind eye to misconduct by big banks.”

    FBI: Feeble Bumbling Idiots.

  11. oh,my,oh,my,
    It’s all in the notary lil’ child.
    The SAME notary bond number!

    How. Why? Ask the _IA!

  12. Thank you for all of your work. I really appreciate you!!!!

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