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EDITOR’S COMMENT: WHAT ARE THEY NEGOTIATING ABOUT AND WITH WHOM ARE THEY NEGOTIATING? This is theater in the most absurd. Our government is negotiating with the very people who have demonstrated that they must fabricate and forge documents in order to establish their authority to do anything. Even in hostage negotiations we don’t give as much as we are giving to the servicers. They have no authority.

By definition they don’t own the obligation which means the obligation of the borrower is not owed to them. They are not the authorized agent of the real owner of the obligation until the real owner is identified and says they give authority to the agent to negotiate on their behalf.

Those documents don’t exist because those facts don’t exist. The investors are not going to give the servicers anything. If they were going to do that it would have happened en masse and avoided lots of paperwork problems for the banks. If it were not for political contributions, thousands of people would be headed for jail cells.

Instead we are negotiating away the future of America — for what? All homeowners are affected by these negotiations because when the so called honest Joe Homeowner goes to sell his home he is going to be hopping mad that not only can’t he deliver marketable title, he now has nobody to sue because the government sold him out. AND he still can’t sell his house because there is no way to clear up title.

These negotiations are a farce because down the road, they will be meaningless except that they will have added time to the already corrupted title registries across the country.

Mortgage servicers spend millions on political contributions

Banks under scrutiny as housing crisis festers

Posted Aug 8, 2011, 2:55 pm

Michael Hudson & Aaron Mehta Center for Public Integrity

As the financial markets roil, one of the critical factors weighing down the U.S. economy is the flood of home foreclosures. Thursday’s crash underscores how difficult it will be for the economy to make significant strides while the housing market is still in tatters.

The pace of the housing market recovery may depend in part on the outcome of intense negotiations underway among state and federal authorities and the nation’s five largest mortgage servicers.

Government officials are negotiating with the firms — Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Citigroup, Wells Fargo & Co. and Ally Financial Inc. — over allegations of widespread abuses in the foreclosure process. State attorneys general around the country have been investigating evidence that the big banks used falsified documentation to process foreclosures.

Four of the five companies under scrutiny—Bank of America, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and Citigroup — are major donors for state and federal political campaigns. Between them, they have donated at least $8 million since the start of 2009 to candidates, party committees and other political action committees, according to an iWatch News analysis of campaign finance data.

(Ally Financial hasn’t given money during that period to campaigns under its current name or is previous name, General Motors Acceptance Corp., or GMAC).

The fate of foreclosure negotiations could go a long way toward determining where the housing market will go in the next few years.

Normally, the housing market plays a leading role in any economic recovery. But that hasn’t been the case in the aftermath of the U.S. financial crisis of 2008.

“It’s has been a negative factor in this recovery — or lack of recovery,” housing economist and consultant Michael Carliner said.

Generally, when interest rates go down, that spurs the mortgage and housing markets and helps move the economy in the right direction. But that hasn’t happened this time around, said Carliner, a former economist for the National Association of Home Builders. “We have lowest mortgage rates since the early 1950s and it’s not doing anything,” he said.

Interest rates on 30-year fixed rate mortgages averaged 4.39 percent for the week ending Aug. 4, according to a survey by mortgage giant Freddie Mac.

What’s holding back the housing market, Carliner said, is a glut of available homes for sale, due in part to overbuilding during the housing boom and to continuing foreclosure woes. An “excess inventory” of perhaps 2 million homes is making it hard for the housing market to get going again, he said.

The inventory of foreclosures continues to grow. In June, one out of every 583 housing units in the United States received a foreclosure notice, according to data provider Realty Trac. The numbers are even worse in the hardest hit markets, where housing prices climbed the fastest during the housing boom and fell the most when the housing crash came. In Nevada, one out of every 114 housing units was the subject of a foreclosure filing in June.

Investigations and negotiations over allegations of fraudulent foreclosure practices by big banks have helped slow down the foreclosure process, making it harder for the market to work through defaults and readjust, Carliner said.

He would like to see a deal between government officials and mortgage servicers that would pave the way to swifter foreclosures that would help put the foreclosure problem in the past. “If people haven’t paid their mortgages in two years, they shouldn’t be able to keep their house,” Carliner said.

Not everyone agrees.

Ira Rheingold, executive director of the National Association of Consumer Advocates, a consumer attorneys group, argues that any national settlement should be about keeping people in their homes. He wants a settlement that would require banks to reduce the amount of mortgage debt held by distressed homeowners.

Reducing their payments and overall debts would help keep them in their homes and reduce the number of foreclosures, he said. It would also provide a measure of justice, he said, for homeowners who were defrauded via bait-and-switch salesmanship, falsified documentation and other predatory tactics that were common during the mortgage frenzy of the past decade.

Rheingold acknowledges, though, that extracting large concessions from big banks will be a “tough slog.”

Concerned about keeping quality reporting alive in Tucson?
A metro area of nearly 1 million deserves a vital & sustainable source of news that’s independent and locally run.
The banks have high-powered legal talent and lobbyists on their side, and four of the top five mortgage services have given generously to state and federal political campaigns, according to an iWatch News analysis of election data provided by the subscription-only CQMoneyLine. 

  • Since the start of 2009, Bank of America has donated at least $3.2 million to candidates, party committees and other PACs. Among the top recipients was Rep. Jeb Hensarling (at least $17,500), a Texas Republican who is vice chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. Another Texan Republican, Randy Neugebauer , received at least $16,000 from the financial giant. Neugebauer also serves on the Financial Services Committee, and chairs the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.
  • JPMorgan Chase has donated over $ 2.8 million to candidates, party committees and other PACs since the start of 2009. The firm has made donations to the Republican Governors Association (at least $50,000), the National Republican Senatorial Committee (at least $45,000) and the National Republican Congressional Committee (at least $45,000), the Democratic Governors Association (at least $25,000) and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (at least $15,000). The firm also donated at least $15,000 to the Blue Dog PAC, the fundraising arm of the Blue Dog Democrats who were vital to financial corporations when the Democrats controlled the House.
  • and ranking member on the financial services committee’s Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit.
  • Wells Fargo gave over $1 million to candidates, party committees and other PACs since the start of 2009. Wells Fargo has given at least $45,000 each to the NRCC and NRSC and at least $30,000 each to the DSCC and DCCC. It also donated at least $17,000 to Rep. Ed Royce , a California Republican who serves on the Financial Services committee. Another top recipient was Democrat Carolyn Maloney of New York, the vice chair of the Joint Economic Committee
  • Citigroup has given $850,000 to candidates, party committees and other PACs since the start of 2009. Among its top individual recipients is Democrat Gregory Meeks of New York. Meeks, who sits on the House Committee on Financial Services, has received at least $10,000 from Citi. Another is Ohio Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi (at least $15,000), a member of the powerful Ways and Means committee. Tiberi is currently the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Select Revenue, which has jurisdiction over federal tax policy.

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31 Responses

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  2. If just one of these lying, cheating, back stabbing politicians or AG’s had the nuts to stand face to face with us and spew their crap I would take him or her out. It’s that simple now, we need to step outside and whoop their asses.

    I took more than a few beat downs from a father (a good hard working veteran) who would tolerate almost anything with the exception of disrespect towards ones Mother and lying.

    If he were alive today, well maybe it’s better that he hasn’t had to see what has become of the country he loved and fought for but the two boys he raised are ready to stand and deliver when the time comes.

    How is it that we as a nation have allowed just over 500 individuals to pull off this scam on the entire rest of us? Or, better yet, when are we as a nation going to stand up and take this country back from those 500 traitors?

    I go back into court in the near future to defend my property rights for the 3rd time in 5 years from the lying SOB’s at BAC who have changed who they are and who they represent each and everytime they have filed on my property without anyone at the court house even raising an eyebrow.

    It is really easy to get away with fraud on the courts in Colorado because it appears that the courts are part of the conspiracy along with the public Trustees. Just read the Denver Post’s article about “Attorney’s ties to Public Trustees” to get a feel for how things are down around here. Disgusting.

    No matter how all of this ends all across this country, the average man will never have any respect for the rule of law ever again and therefore neither will his children and possibly his childrens children. And that is really sad when one thinks of the implications of all this on future generations.

    I really hope that there is a Hell in the hereafter because it would be the only satisfaction that most of us could take away from all of this.

  3. Dylan Ratigan’s truth-telling words need to go viral – please send the link below to everyone you know:

  4. I know this is a couple of years old,but if Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur gets it, why can’t the rest of her colleagues get it? That’s a rhetorical question btw…. THIS IS A MUST SEE

  5. Congress in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 through August 2007 ignored welfare of nation and allowed Microsoft’s
    Steve Ballmer CEO & President of Microsoft technolgies at the time duly accountable for the technology revolution with internet channel licensed to MSN, regulator FCC, and facilites the filing of falsified documents. Please visit 60 Minutes and post your comments under both Foreclosure Fraud reviewing and Paul Allen’s STUNNING REVELATION ‘Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates’ of Microsoft planned to ‘steal’ stock away from Paul Allen! No surprise that ‘integrity’ meant ‘sound banking system’ not lawful transactions recorded in accordance with statutory laws. Steve and Bill are BULLYS and drank their own Koolaide they did not have to include lawful recording of promissory notes when real estate traded.

    Here is mine taking 2000 announcement so you all will focus on how the transactions were/are happening:

    by protectuspeople August 10, 2011 7:38 PM EDT
    Steve Ballmer CEO & President, Microsoft’s HomeAdvisor Technologies Inc. partnerships with FREDDIE MAC GMAC-RFC, Norwest Mortgage & Bank of America automated manual 30 days into 10 days skipping recording recording mortgage deed of trust and collateral. Revolutionized real estate industry, sadly, Steve forgot to include ‘integrity’ in automated open platform. Stunning revelation by Paul that Steve Ballme & Bill Gates conspired to ‘steal’ Paul’s stock . No surprise then the virtual real estate industry channelwhich joined forces with Steve Ballmer & executives of Freddie Mac;; GMAC-Residential Funding Corp (GMAC-RFC); Norwest Mortgage Inc., a Wells Fargo company; and Bank of America joined MSN(TM)as strategic partners and owners of the open software platform global network connect financial universe mortgage transactions. Widespread adoption of partners insures distribution to their partners, representing the majority of the nation’s real estate and mortgage professionals and integrates funding Alt-A non-conforming real estate transactions around credit checks, appraisals and underwriting decisions.

    Acquisition of Tuttle Decision Systems Inc., mortgage technology loan platform integrates depositors, sellers, purchasers, temporary lenders, underwriters unrelated third partys, insurance companies, title companies, attorneys.

    3 divisions, formed the nation’s leading consumer and business-to-business real estate and mortgage e-commerce company:

    Transaction Platform Div combines Microsoft(R) technology w/electronic loan decision processing tools (credit, underwriting & property valuation) partners streamline and automate all aspects of the mortgagereal estate transactions eliminating paperwork and red tape.

    Microsoft developed and maintains platform technologies distributed by partners to banks, lenders and real estate professionals, allowing real estate and mortgage professionals to pass along significant savings in time and cost to their own commercial brokers, dealers, distributors, brokers, attorneys, title & settlement agencies.

    Productivity Tools Div real estate professional tools expanding businesses while enabling industry professionals to fully utilize customized versions developed Realty Desktop, complete suite of tools specifically for the nation’s leading real estate companies. Div incorporate consumers with every aspect of buying, financing, moving into, maintaining, improving and selling their home. First site to offer loan platform promoted through aggressive consumer marketing campaigns.

    Jonathan Gaw, research manager of consumer e-commerce at IDC bless technology binding mortgage quotes in real time boosts the development of online real estate industry

    Microsoft’s majority stake in HomeAdvisor Technologies Inc.;, Capital Partners, GMAC-RFC, Norwest Mortgage and Bank of America equity interest.

    Freddie Mac provided significant technology contributions, with financial interest in the new co. with strong ties back to industry partners and parent companies in the form of commercial agreements for technology sharing and distribution through online and offline channels–Leland C. Brendsel, chairman and CEO of Freddie Mac makes suite of innovative tools available to our lending partners, and enabling them to deliver a faster, mortgage process to consumers.

    Tuttle’s technology in 2000 networks over 800 mortgage banks across the country to the nation’s largest mortgage conduits and facilitated the electronic registrations via seamless data exchanges,integration of key underwriting engines,d loan origination systems unique venture is a natural extension of Chase’s long-standing relationship with Microsoft and brings together highly trusted companies and industry leaders that share a clear vision for creating new business models for the Internet economy,” said Denis O’Leary, executive vice president of Chase Manhattan and head of

    Chase Home Finance, the nation’s leading mortgage originator and servicer, using Internet for Chase’s entire financing correspondents, brokers, realtors and corporate customers with strong ties to MSN through a long-term commercial agreement that makes the network’s exclusive channel for home, real estate and mortgage decisions customers access to the most integrated shopping and e-commerce experience available on the Web today. said Microsoft is the mortgage technology company best positioned to deliver real value said Bruce Paradis, president of GMAC-RFC. Microsoft’s technology leadership with our deep relationships& expertise in finance industry will be extremely tough to beat. largest direct lender to consumers, enters into this virtual relationship,” said Pete Wissinger, president and CEO of Norwest Mortgage Inc.

    Microsofts’ HomeAdvisor Technologies dramatically changed real estate industry into global network and harmed economy

  6. Jamie Dimon on a bus tour of the USA visiting small branches and talking to tellers and branch managers. PR, PR, PR.

    Get’s interviewed by the grand illusion promoters of Wall Street today, CNBC.

    States we’ve, JP Morgan, been in Europe for hundreds of years, ww will not pull out of Europe.

    There you go, these folks have no homeland that they really care about.

    So, question for you American’s.

    Will you bank with your local, LOCAL USA, credit union, or …………

    one of these global banks????????????

    Look up the salary’s that your local credit union employees and managers get and compare to millions that mr Jamie diamond gets.

  7. @Christine,

    I know you have been advocating what you wrote. And I am just restating it so people don’t forget and maybe somebody new lands here.

  8. It’s has been a negative factor in this recovery — or lack of recovery.I agree with it . thank you !


    From an insider at Pam Bondi’s administration…


    From Andrew Bennett Spark, Assistant Attorney General, Tampa Economic Crimes

    August 8, 2011

    Cell: 941.321.5927

    I. Introduction

    By way of introduction, I have served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Economic Crimes Division of the Florida Attorney General’s Office since March of 2004, first in Orlando, and the last 6 ½ years in Tampa. I have been reading articles concerning the
    controversies swirling around the Attorney General’s Office with respect to the forced resignations of June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards (from whom I took over day-to-day handling of the ProVest investigation), and the employment of Joe Jacquot with Lender
    Processing Services, one of the companies at the heart of the foreclosure robo-signing issues. While I have a significantly different philosophy concerning these cases than Clarkson, Edwards, and most other homeowner advocates, the people of the State of
    Florida are entitled to fair and honest government, independent of personal connections and powerful interests, and I have decided to speak out.

    As an important caveat, please note that the below contains various factual statements, and asks questions. If I ask a question, it is because I truly do not know the answer, not because I am implying any particular answer to the question.

    II. Former Director of Economic Crimes Mary Leontakianakos now works for foreclosure law firm Marshall Watson

    Joe Jacquot is not the only high-ranking recent member of the Attorney General’s Office to now be working with a company which has been the subject of one of our foreclosure investigations. Mary Leontakianakos, who was Director of Economic Crimes until
    approximately January 3 of this year has, according to The Florida Bar, taken a job at foreclosure firm Marshall Watson.

    Document Leontakianakos was centrally involved in the foreclosure investigations while leading our Division, including the investigation of Marshall Watson:

    It appears that Watson and/or Leontakianakos have been secreting her employment from the public. By using a personal email address as her contact email address rather than the Marshall Watson email address suffix, Leontakianakos has been
    able to avoid search functions which would reveal her affiliation. It is through the use of email suffixes that one may search the Florida Bar’s database for former employees of the foreclosure firms under investigation. In addition, Watson has taken down the portion of his website showing the attorneys in the firm; it appears to be the only portion of his website that is inaccessible from elsewhere on the firm’s website (interestingly enough, Watson’s own attorney profile on that portion of the website is easily found directly from a Google search, and so does Caryn Graham’s, but there’s none for

    As has been widely reported, the Attorney General’s Office entered into a settlement with Marshall Watson in March of this year. A copy of the settlement agreement with Marshall Watson is found here:
    Note that Paragraph 4.1 of the agreement requires Marshall Watson to name a liaison to the Attorney General’s Office. Is Mary
    Leontakianakos that liaison? I do not know. However, Leontakianakos’ address on The Florida Bar website is listed as Fort Lauderdale, and yet a search of the website of the Broward County Clerk of Court reveals that she has not appeared as an attorney in a
    lawsuit in Broward County – ever.

    If Leontakianakos is that liaison, would she have been switching sides during the course of a controversy, Rule 4-1.9 of The Florida Bar states,

    “[a] lawyer who has formerly represented a client in a matter shall not thereafter:
    (a) represent another person in the same or a substantially related matter in which that person’s interests are materially adverse to the interests of the former client unless the former client gives informed consent;”

    Of course, the Economic Crimes Division acts in a parens patriae role as a representative of the people of the State of Florida. Consent of the people of the state cannot meaningfully be given in such a situation – and judging by the reaction of so many of
    people in the state the past few weeks since the Clarkson/Edwards/Jacquot story broke, it is safe to say such consent by the people would not be given even if it meaningfully could be given.

    The Case Report for the investigation indicates that attorney Caryn Graham is the “point person” to contact at Watson for concerns about the AVC. According to The Florida Bar website, Graham is still with the Watson firm. Watson recently hired former Broward
    Chief Judge Tobin in a supervisory capacity. Indeed, the Miami Herald reported that Tobin said he would not spend much time in the courtroom.
    If Leontakianakos is not actually the liaison, despite the entry about Graham in the Case Report, this begs a few questions, one of which is what, if anything, Leontakianakos is doing there?

    The other question that arises is whether Leontakianakos’ hiring by Watson is connected to the settlement. The settlement agreement does not specify as such; however, I have been told by someone in my office that in another case some years back, another highranking
    individual with Economic Crimes received a job with a subsequent employer out of settlement proceeds from a case – and the connection between the settlement and the job was not disclosed. Perhaps tellingly, the Attorney Geneal’s press release concerning
    the Watson settlement states, “The Marshall Watson firm fully cooperated with the investigation since its inception.”,marshall,watson

    During her tenure as Director of Economic Crimes, Leontakianakos encouraged side agreements that were contemporaneous with but not memorialized in the formal settlement documents
    (“AVC”s). Perhaps as some sort of Freudian-like slip reflective of what may be in effect a golden parachute, on the Bar website Leontakianakos still describes her practice in the
    “Occupation” field as “Government attorney.”

    The Marshall Watson settlement contains an unusual provision, paragraph 6.1, requiring the Attorney General to close the investigation upon the execution by all parties. It is
    typical for our office to close investigations following execution, and parties do typically want the public to know that the investigation is closed; what it is unusual, however, at least in my experience, is for the settlement agreement to explicitly state as such
    memorializing the closing as a priority. Why the extra concern? (Interestingly enough, despite that provision, I should note that the investigation is now open – I don’t know whether it remained opened or was reopened).

    III.Powerful interests have influence


    Copy of the Release :


    “Pierce, who has been out of work since March, is a relative newcomer to the group. Sykes lost what had been steady work with a construction company in 2008. He’s been lining up for day labor assignments and looking for work ever since.

    Pierce spent three years driving a truck for one of the New York’s many delivery companies. Major chain stores and local retailers hired Pierce’s old employer to transport their goods to customers across the city. Earlier this year, Pierce recalls delivering what he was told was a $5,200 kitchen sink.

    “We pull up at this guy’s building and he actually came outside to make sure we took it off the truck the right way. I think he said he worked in finance,” he said. “All I know is he had a $5,200 sink. Even when I was working, I don’t think I ever had $5,200 at one time.”

  11. Oops….

    N.Y. PEN. LAW § 187.00 : Definitions

    As used in this article:
    1. “Person” means any individual or entity, other than an individual
    who applies for a residential mortgage loan and intends to occupy such residential property which such mortgage secures unless such person acts as an accessory to an individual or entity in committing any crime defined in this article.
    2. “Residential mortgage loan” means a loan or agreement to extend credit, including the renewal or refinancing of any such loan, made to a person, which loan is primarily secured by either mortgage, deed of trust, or other lien upon any interest in residential real property or certificate of stock or other evidence of ownership in a corporation or partnership formed for the purpose of cooperative ownership of residential real property.
    3. “Residential real property” means real property improved by a
    one-to-four family dwelling, or a residential unit in a building
    including units owned as condominiums or on a cooperative basis, used or occupied, or intended to be used or occupied, wholly or partly, as the home or residence of one or more persons, but shall not refer to unimproved real property upon which such dwellings are to be constructed.
    4. “Residential mortgage fraud” is committed by any person who,
    knowingly and with intent to defraud, presents, causes to be presented, or prepares with knowledge or belief that it will be used in soliciting an applicant for a residential mortgage loan, or in applying for, the underwriting of, or closing of a residential mortgage loan, or in
    documents filed with a county clerk of any county in the state arising
    out of and related to the closing of a residential mortgage loan, any
    written statement which he or she knows to:
    (a) contain materially false information concerning any fact material
    thereto; or
    (b) conceal, for the purpose of misleading, information concerning any fact material thereto.

  12. To Bill A: try Global Capital Law at 8700 Warner Avenue, suite 200. Fountain valley, California 92708

    Do you have a copy of your Note and DOT? Assignments of mortgage as recorded on the County land records? have that stuff handy for them to review.


    Dylan Ratigan is brilliant—wish HE was in the White House—or at least our own President would grow some huge brass ones YESTERDAY!!!

  14. cubed2k,

    I have been advocating for everyone to stop paying their mortgages a while back, to close their bank accounts and flock the credit unions. I have also advocated for banks to write off mortgages when they can’t prove they have any interest in them (and they don’t).

    Did anyone know that members of congress who failed miserably to defend our interests are actually exempt from any foia request? We can ask them under foia how much they have, how much came from investments through banks, how much they profited from the mortgage fraud… and none of them has any obligation to answer!

    The only way to regain America is to force a general bank collapse by refusing to pay anything any longer. How many will do it?
    Forcng a bank collapse is the only way to re-establish a financial equality and restore the middle-class.

  15. @E.Tolle,

    I was eating lunch and saw the whole thing. He was pretty pissed, I thought he was going to throw a book or something and walk out of the room.

    It’s actually pretty cool Dylan has the correct viewpoint as he certainly has enough money.

    I wish everybody would just stop paying on their mortgage and CC’s for one month, and unless our demands are met – principal reduction and 2% interest rates, we will continue to not pay.

  16. With so much information out there I sure hope the fact that I have been moving slowly on my loans and trying to deal with B of A that things may come into focus. I am doubting where my payments may have gone. Was I caught up in this mers thing? Will B of A just one day tell me how I can get the train back on the track. If there are other people feeling the same way, please share your thoughts.

    Bill A.:

    You are doubting where your payments may have gone…..this is the $7 trillion dollar question. There’s no way on earth to know, save for the fact that a bankster got it and doled it out to themselves or their friends.

    Were you caught up in the mers thing? Why of course, we all were. It’s like syphilis at a bikers ralley….pretty much a sure thing.

    Will B of A just one day tell you how you can get the train back on the track? No. Absolutely not. They won’t even tell you if you still have a ticket. They’re lying thieving bastards who will do anything to steal your house right out from under you. Oh and don’t look now, but they’ve blown up the train station and paid off all of the Amtrak officials.

    those are simply my thoughts.

  17. Does anybody know of a group or organization that is helping people in California in dealing with B of A. Thank you to anyone who can help.

  18. With so much information out there I sure hope the fact that I have been moving slowly on my loans and trying to deal with B of A that things may come into focus. I am doubting where my payments may have gone. Was I caught up in this mers thing? Will B of A just one day tell me how I can get the train back on the track. If there are other people feeling the same way, please share your thoughts.

  19. Dylan Ratigan goes off the deep end today for a good cause….bankers having bought our government and taking everything that’s not nailed down.

    One of these days maybe we’ll all have had enough, just like Dylan here, and we’ll decide in unison to peacefully assemble outside PA Ave and the Hill with farm implements that are normally used for peaceful purposes like farming….shovels and pitchforks and such, but could in a pinch, prove to be more persuasive if the need arises. I’m game.

  20. jOHN ANDERSON if it is true and I believe you than she is one dumb Wh#re


  21. Brian, correct, a ‘consumer advocate’ does not perpuate the Lie. We need to point this out over and over and over again. I believe he works for the pretender lenders too.

  22. carie, thank you. No, you do not modify loans on unsecured debt. This lie has to be put to bed. People must understand that all of the loans are fraudulent. I really appreciate your posts when you get back to the core issue here, there is NO secured debt in a MBS. The Investors talk about the fact that the Trustee just didn’t do their job…the Trustee’s job was to NOT DUE THEIR JOB. The docs were never supposed to go to the Investors. The Investors were used and now the Trustees are done with them. The Investors are getting the silent treatment just like the people are. I sometimes wonder if the Investors even ‘get it’..duh. I am waiting for BNYM to bring 65 million Notes out of their vaults and claim ownership of all the land in the U.S.of A. and the ignorant Court going along with it.

  23. Mr. Rheingold does not sound like a consumer advocate to me. He actually sounds like a plant by the banks. Hope the people counting on him read what he has said.

  24. so in not so many words you are telling us that because of their hefty contributions the TBTF banks have been bought by our government, and judicial system. doesnt this just make everyone mad. we need a new continental congress of unemployed people that can storm the whitehouse. unfortunatley some of us have to work to feed their families working 2 jobs since my husbansd is unemployed looking for work, funny how the debtors call off the hook. they tank the economy so there are no jobs but when you cant pay because there isno jobs they call?? do they not know you cannot get blood out of a stone. i have perfect credit for my whole life. they have done this to th e economy. yes i borrowed money and i was paying on time every month since i was 18. i have perfect credit. but if greed is going to tank the economy and send all our jobs overseas how do i continue making payments. and thats not even talking about the mortgage scam. i have been scamed enough by wells fargo fo r a life time.

  25. Just saw this, maybe some justice will come from the investigation down in Florida……..

    Fla. mortgage fraud firings to be investigated
    Written by Elgin Jones
    Monday, 08 August 2011
    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) _ Attorney General Pam Bondi has agreed to seek an independent investigation into the forced resignation of two of her lawyers who had led a crackdown on foreclosure fraud.

    Bondi, a Republican, on Tuesday denied the firings were politically motivated.
    She said she trusted three administrators who sought the resignations on grounds of poor job performance.

    But Bondi said she agreed to an outside investigation because she had questions about documentation.

    The two lawyers who resigned, June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards, had received positive job evaluations from Bondi’s predecessor, Bill McCollum.

    They worked in the attorney general’s Fort Lauderdale office focusing on law firms and banks suspected of fraud in mortgage foreclosure cases.

    State Rep. Darren Soto, an Orlando Democrat, last week urged the U.S. Justice Department to investigate.


    HAMP: Mortgage Modifications Slow To Trickle Under Obama Anti-Foreclosure Program

    “…An oft-cited explanation for the program’s failure is that it was designed primarily to help homeowners who’d taken out adjustable rate mortgages that left them unable to refinance after the housing market collapsed. But rather than bad mortgages, the foreclosure crisis is now driven by unemployment and reduced income.

    “How do you do a modification for someone who’s unemployed?” asked attorney Ira Rheingold, executive director of the National Association of Consumer Advocates.”


  27. I can’t wait to move my stuff into the dumpster and finnally buy that tent I’ve always wanted.

  28. Amen Alice

    The lie is sprinkled with bits of truth…The lie is offered as a premise everyone accepts

  29. “EDITOR’S COMMENT: WHAT ARE THEY NEGOTIATING ABOUT AND WITH WHOM ARE THEY NEGOTIATING? This is theater in the most absurd”. I agree. This article is attempting to spin the facts again. The authors are writing this as if the loans were actually transferred to the Trusts/Investors. We know this is not true. Who is this “Center for Public Integrity” and why are the authors so misinformed. I appreciate the information regarding contributions and the fact that this is not a partisan issue is clear but I question the purpose of this article. The Big Lie is always sprinkled with a bit of truth. I hope the “Center” does some more research before they print articles full of misinformation as regards ‘fixing’ the foreclosure mess.

  30. We need records of who is contributing to whom.
    Pam Bondi “FL AG” has accepted money from LPS while they are under investigation. Send her e-mails requesting that she takes back the dance pole, and returns the money.

  31. We need nooses for Government officials. Hang’em High.


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