Use AZ AG Goddard’s Letter to Servicer in Discovery, QWR, DVL


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SEE AZ ATTY GENERAL ROBO-SIGNING Mortgage Loan Servicer Letter

People ask me what they should allege and what should they ask for when it comes to fabricated, forged documents. I was reminded this morning that Terry Goddard, the Arizona Attorney General sent a letter to servicers giving them a stern warning and demanding they respond.

My suggestion is that in addition to asking the same questions of the servicers or the pretender lenders, that you ask how they responded to the AG’s inquiry and demand a copy. Also, ask the AG office for a copy of the response as it would seem to be available as public records.

Again I remind the reader that this relates to transfer of the mortgage and not necessarily the note and mortgage itself nor the obligation that arose when the loan was originated. I remain steadfast in my belief that an attorney would find more than enough decisional law in every state — particularly when it is a case of institution v. institution — that where nominees are in use, very specific disclosures need to be made in order to perfect the lien. I am saying that the liens were never perfected and that therefore no lien attached to the property in the first instance. The obligation, while real, is not secured. Additionally, the obligation, although real, is not recited in the note as to terms of repayment nor the identity of the payee; hence the note should be challenged as to being evidence (or complete evidence) of the terms of repayment.

That distinction must be stressed in court to avoid the appearance of attempting to say “I know I got the money but here’s why I should NOT be required to repay it.” The confusion by pro se litigants and some lawyers as to this point has led them down a rabbit hole where no judge is going to rule for you. You must make the point that you are talking about priority and validity of lien rights, not the validity of the obligation. As to the obligation, you are only contesting the issue of the amount, since it is likely that the real creditor, when found, received undisclosed third party payments, as per the securitization documents that gave them the right to make a claim on the obligation of the borrower.


This Office has learned of the practices that have earned certain mortgage servicer employees the title of “robosigner” in the press. These practices include the following:
␣    Signing thousands of foreclosure documents per month

␣    Signing notarized foreclosure documents without reading them

␣    Signing affidavits that falsely claim personal knowledge of facts

␣    Signing affidavits that falsely claim the affiant reviewed the attached documents

␣    Notarizing affidavits before the affiant signs them

␣    Notarizing affidavits when the affiant was not present before the notary

␣    Filing documents in court with records attached that do not correctly reflect loan payments,
charges and advances.

He also gives us some legal help by citing the specific laws that are violated, which are substantially the same in most states.

If your employees or agents utilized any of the above-described practices in connection with conducting a trustee’s sale or a foreclosure in Arizona, such use would likely constitute a violation of the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act, A.R.S. §§ 44-1521 et. seq. In that event, you would be subject to all of the remedies of that Act, including injunction, restitution, and civil penalties. Further, any trustee’s sale or foreclosure conducted without the actual right to do so as provided by A.R.S. §§ 33-701 et seq. or -801 et seq. would constitute a breach of your duties under the trust deed or mortgage and Arizona law. And any trustee’s sale continued or conducted after July 29, 2010 without having first attempted to contact the borrower to explore options to avoid foreclosure would constitute a violation of A.R.S. § 33-807.01. It is your responsibility to ensure that your employees and agents comply fully with these and all other applicable laws.

And then he goes on to demand information, which runs to the core of these foreclosures inasmuch as the pretenders go to great lengths to NOT allow discovery and NOT get into an evidentiary hearing in which they would have to prove they were in compliance with basic law.

1275W.WASHINGTONST.;PHOENIX,AZ85007 ␣ PHONE (602)542-3702 ␣ FAX (602)542-4377 ␣ WWW.AZAG.GOV
October 8, 2010 Page 2
1.    Identify all foreclosures or trustee’s sales in connection with which your employees or agents “robosigned” as described above, affidavits, Notices of Trustee’s Sale, Notices of Substitution of Trustee or other documents that were recorded or filed in the State of Arizona.
2.    Confirm that you are currently conducting a review or audit of affidavits, Notices of Trustee’s sales and other documents that have been “robosigned” on your behalf and used in connection with Arizona foreclosures or trustee’s sales to determine whether all such documents were legally justified. Explain the process of that review, the current status, and the results to date. Provide assurances that you will immediately rectify all foreclosures or trustee’s sales discovered to have been not legally justified.    Describe in detail corrective measures you have and will be taking. If you are not currently conducting such a review, we demand that you do so immediately.
3.    Confirm that you are currently reviewing your procedures to ensure that all foreclosure and trustee’s sale documents recorded or filed in the State of Arizona are legally justified and that you are in full compliance with Arizona law. Explain the process of that review, and identify any policy or procedure revisions resulting therefrom. If you are not currently conducting such a review, we demand that you do so immediately.
4.    Describe all measures you have taken to ensure compliance with A.R.S. § 33-807.01, effective July 29, 2010.
5.    Provide assurances that you will conduct all future foreclosures of properties in the State of Arizona in accordance with Arizona law.
Given the devastating effect of foreclosures on both Arizona homeowners and our economy, it is imperative that foreclosures that are undertaken are both truly necessary and appropriately carried out. Your prompt response to the demands of this letter will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Come On – 60 Minutes Editors! Where is your Due Dilligence?

    I thank you very much for replaying falsified documents documentatory. Why did you not include any new updates? For petes sake why did you ‘spin’ the ‘servicers’ loan modification conventions again? And NACA Bruce Marks provides interesting coverage of some video clip accusing Chase’s CEO for Home Retention and the link does not work. The new integrated NACA-Lynx (sound familiar eLynx?) link does not work. As a consumer who wonders who is NACA and you gave them spin as a legitimate entity operating as a non-profit, could you please followup and see if they are a legitimate organization? There use to be a NACA. That entity expired. Did someone use the same name of a former non-profit? Or did someone legitimately restart the non-profit?

    60 Minutes we count on you! These ‘conventions’ placing thousands of borrowers’ in harms way. Consumer’s don’t know that the ‘Servicer’ may purchase the bad loan and in the modification securing a lien against all assets of the borrower they will act as an intermediary funder and provide bridge loans in a mofidication of the existing mortgage.

    And for consumers not in default but struggling they are input into the computer with a big red flag -FCI – foreclosure imminient!

    The SERVICER advance funds to the TRUSTEE paying the loans which must be performing to stay in the ‘loan trust.’ Already securitized as collateral they cannot be again resold rather ‘modified’ ‘liquified’ ‘swaped’ perhaps but not sold.

    Sixty Minutes, why don’t you do an update again and incorporate details of the nationwide network in which TD Services dba TD Escrow Services CLOUD integrated with nationwide bank attorneys, closing agents, settlement agents, title companies, insurance companys, through pipeline of Fidelity which integrated with MERS and eLynx, SERVICES-Link, CTS-Link,.

    What about a story about US Trust acquiring Chase Manhattan Corporation? processing?

    What about a story how Bank of America NA TRUSTEE is US TRUST?

    What about a story on the former Neighborhoor Assistance Corp of America, NACA? which was a real non-profit who had report taxes to state and federal goverment.

    What about the new NACA Bruce Marks have they provided state and federal tax reports to the state and federal government?

    What about educating all viewers who borrow money for a real estate loan, that the ‘mortgage brokers’ and ‘Banker’ ‘Consultants’ don’t have ‘authority’ to restructure mortgage?

    60 Minutes please research and you’ll see that consultants of the bank do not have authority to ‘restructure’ mortage and what the consumer could do over the phone requesting a loan modification would save them from sleeping on the streets in line for a convention that mispresents what it has the authority to do. They don’t have ‘special funds’ available to help consumers.

    Just call on the phone and get a lawful attorney who is not an REO BROKER and is NOT part of the nationwide network of FIDELITY – TDServcies dba TD Escrow Services, eLynx, MERS, Service Link , etc.

    All of the loans part of securitized transactions ‘mortgage notes’ are already collateral of the loan trust and trust fund ‘closed’ when the ‘loan revenue’ was committed as collateral.

    Bank consultants can’t modifiy a loan in default, nor can TRUSTEE of ‘loan trust’ or trust fund.

    The lien against the deed lawfully recorded placed lienholder ‘TRUSTEE’ c/o temporary lender of ESCROW which really is PREFUNDING and the date the ‘mortgage note’ and ‘lenders policy’ recorded attached to the loan trust named as in the assignment in a judicial state prior to the foreclosure so the loan cannot be sold period, and the loan can be swaped if liquidated with like kind which occurs after the default, complaint and Summary Judgement in which the Court of Equity will rule the party standing is the lawful party or they get proeprty by default if borrower does not respond to the complaint.

    At these conventions “Somebody” paying big bucks to rent convestion centers. The NACA calls them ‘Bank’ Consultants’ who input data into a nationwide network. Hellow. Where is the info going? Same place during Origination when the Mortgage Broker input the data for inquiry to get an appraisal when a consumer sought a home equity loan, for example.

    A real story documented with tons of juicy facts sits on the SEC regarding the merger of Layers TItle Servcies following Chase Manhattan Corp, Norwest Corp and GMAC-RFC, and the virtual network in which mortgage brokers during origiantion or consumers who input virutal inquiry are attached to the ‘pipeline’ that the ‘mortgage note owner of the collateral’ part of as related to the 11 Bank Credit Facility – Lawyers Title Corp merger, Landamerica, Commonwealth, Fidelity, First National Financial, …nationwide network of bank attorneys, title & settlement agencies, agents, brokers, dealers, distributors who trade eLoans and eNotes.

    Lynn S. MY HERO providing the good example of what DOJ, FBI could do if but for the classification the FEDERAL RESERVE affixed national association and federal association preventing the NJ DOBI for example from collecting ‘real evidence’ acceptable as ‘Federal Civil Evidence’ as per this incredible expert witness but for the OCC’s vistorial powers preventing enforcement of laws that otherwise would protect consumers.

    The original mortgage brokers are pretender lenders’ connected to a pre-determined pipeline if they work for ‘WFHM’ or are independents who are connected via agreement part of the pipelines.

    The ‘secret’ closing transactions in which ‘mortgage broker’ is a pretender lender, and ordered bank attorneyh part of nationwide network to issue title lenders policy in the name of ‘X’ for the amount of ‘X’ and the settlement agent who accepted the ‘deposit’ in their name as ESCROW representing PREFUNDING of an ‘Issuing Entity’ passing the loan as an undisclosed Alt-A INVESTMENT, which the nationwide network of underwriter “temporary lender” closed with the mortgage broker’s bank attorney, title agency, title company, closing and settlement services,

    Let’s have a story on PREFUNDING of ESCROW via CREDIT FACILITIES (of 11 to 10 Banks) during origination who are the same parties during the conventions ‘Servicers’.

    Don’t sleep on the streets! Get an attorney and review your situation but make sure they are not part of the nationwide network. That’s a story – who is not part of the network?

    Who pays these ‘consultants’ to sit at the table and plan how they will take property and as REO benefit from the transactions.

    The real owner of the ‘mortgage note’ ‘TRUSTEE” is not part of any of this.

    In Illinois, Wells Fargo’s Home Mortgage Consultants’ promoting on the radio ‘WGN’ today invited all ‘Wells Fargo Home Mortgage’ borrowers to come on down if struggling to make payments and/or already in default or foreclosure.


    Home preservation events

    •Since 2009, we have participated in more than 300 home-preservation events, including large-scale Wells Fargo Homeownership Preservation Workshops for our customers in some of the nation’s hardest-hit markets.

    •At Wells Fargo-sponsored events, customers can confidentially share details of their financial circumstances with a home preservation specialist. Additionally, nonprofit financial counselors provide information to customers about non-mortgage debt and a viewpoint of their options.

    Chicago Illinois’ United Center – Gate 6,Wed Thur 8/17 and 8/18 . Website and services of this ‘convention’ just for Wells Fargo borrowers. www . wfhm . events . com / leadingthewayhome

    Wells Fargo’s instructing borrowers to get on line and bring their papers.

    Why won’t the radio station take calls from listeners who want to ask some important questions. Like why does Wells Fargo not have the documents they need already?

    How can the Mortgage Consultants have the ‘authority’ to authorize a loan modification when its the TRUSTEE who approve loans which are in good standing, and its the SERVICER’s REO/LENDER/Underwriter who does not have standing in the DEED of TRUST and will now go after your other assets if you sign a loan modification amending the current ‘mortgage’ promissory note, and they will attache to the recent statemetns for every savings, money market, cd, bond, stock IRA and 401(k) account,.
    Is there a disclosure on these ‘modifications’ other than defective language that will provide the ‘Servicer’ of the bad debt with access to all assets to satisfy the ADVANCES paid to the TRUSTEE of the securitized loan trust, trust fund, CDO’s, CLO’s etc?

    Anyone experieince first-hand or second-hand what happens at the NACA ‘Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America’ convestions which Wells Fargo Home Mortgage clearly states the IL and other www . wfhm . events . com / leadingthewayhome are not part of. Even though Wells Fargo Home Mortgage advertising these events, they acknowledge on the website there will be ‘other’ consultants from non-profits there.

    For a fact, WFHM brokers are part of the nationwide pipeline connected to Fidelity, TD Services dba TD Escrow, eLynx, MERS, SERVICE Link, CTS Link as TRUSTEE of the mortgage note collateral, remitters, servicers, who trade ‘loans’ thru eLENDERS Correspondent Lenders of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage a Division of Wells Fargo BanK NA, 2701 Wells Fargo Way, Minneapolis MN (Wells Fargo Funding).

    The ‘Servicers’ may be issuing the new lien attaching to all assets in the modification a 40 year mortgage, in which you are forced to refinance at the point the anniversary of 30 years would have been, and they appended all of the late fees and compounded interest to the last 10 years, and the existing mortgage can’t be paid off until the 10 years fees are paid off and if you can’t refinance they will get all your assets in court now with a restated and amended assignment you did sign in modification.

    So called ‘non-profit’ Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, or NACA conventions on 60 minutes I researched and found the former company was a real non-profit and was inactive and appears someone just ‘using the name.’?

    Who is the NACA?

    The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, or NACA, held its fourth loan modification convention in L.A. last weekend, coming face-to-face with homeowners to try to do what their banks can’t.

    Non-profit and mortgages don’t go together, like oil and water.

    Anyway, who is traveling the country, and who is paying to hold what are essentially loan modification conventions in which ‘S. Show up with all your paperwork, they put you with a counselor and then face-to-face with a bank representative. Some 5,000 people a day filed through L.A.’s Shrine Expo Center over five days last weekend. It’s called the Save the Dream tour, organized by the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America — or NACA. Homeowners lined up for blocks, some camped out overnight.

    Conversation on website of NACA of a CONVENTION:

    Inside we met Shawn Ricks, one of the NACA housing counselors

    Vahe Azarian: I’m an in interest-only loan as of now. And we are just renting; paying just like a rent.

    Vigeland: What did the bank tell you when they decided not to modify your loan on their own?

    Azarian: They came up with kind of excuses, they said, ‘your loan is with us but since it wasn’t Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or whatever, we cannot do anything at this point.’ And the interest rate’s so high, it was killing us.

    Vigeland: Shawn, is any of this difficult to you, because he doesn’t have 20 percent value in his house?

    Shawn Ricks: I really don’t understand why the banks do that. To me, if your homeowner comes and he’s struggling, and you can help them, why not?

    More WFHM events coming your way! Be aware and share what additional harms ‘may’ befall consumers who seek loan moficiation help from the non-profits and ‘special events’ to be hosted by WFHM in Dallas, TX, Boston, MA, Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, Philadelphia, PA, Kansas City, MO, San Antonio, TX, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Fort Meyers, FL, Orlando, FL, Jacksonville, FL, Charlotte, NC

    Beware of foreclosure rescue scams
    This is a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage workshop designed to provide options for homeowners who are having diculty keeping up with mortgage payments. If you have
    any concerns about the validity of this workshop, go to to view a video from past events.

    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. is required by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to inform you that if your loan is currently delinquent or in default, as your loan servicer, we will be attempting to collect a debt, and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. However if you have received a discharge, and the loan was not
    rearmed in the bankruptcy case, we will only exercise our right as against the property and are not attempting any act to collect the discharge debt from you personally.

    With respect to those loans located in the State of California,
    the state Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act require that, except under unusual circumstances, collectors may not contact you before  a.m. or after p.m. They may not harass you by using threats of violence or arrest or by using obscene language. Collectors may not use false or misleading statements or call you at work if they know or have reason to know that you may not receive personal calls at work. For the most part, collectors may not tell another person, other than your attorney or spouse, about your debt. Collectors may contact another person to confirm your location or enforce a judgment. For more information about debt collection activities, you may contact the Federal Trade Commission at

    FTC-HELP or

    We may report information about your account to credit bureaus. Late payments, missed payments, or other defaults on your account may be reflected in your
    credit report.

    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. NMLSR ID

    Wow – just before I hit update and post – NACA email arrives

    October 29th NACA Actiona against FANNIE MAE
    While we continue to get affordable solutions for many, we have encountered a serious roadblock due to the refusal of Fannie Mae to support the long term affordable solution – Fannie Mae sets the industry standard.

    We will be campaigning against them on Wednesday October 29th at Fannie Mae’s corporate headquarters in Washington D.C at 3900 Wisconsin Avenue. We will meet at 10:00 a.m. at the park behind Mc Donald’s around the corner from Fannie Mae at Upton and 42nd; or if you are not sure of the location meet us at NACA’s Washington D.C. office 1716 14th street NW at 9:00 a.m.

    This effects everyone since Fannie Mae owns or guarantees 30% of all mortgages and sets the standard for “Accepted Servicing Practices” adhered to by the industry. For most borrowers with an unaffordable mortgage, Fannie Mae will not permanently reduce the interest rate to achieve an affordable mortgage payment.

    We will highlight the impact of their foreclosing on so many homeowners. We will be delivering to them our furniture, clothing and any other personal items that symbolize the taking of our homes. Your participation is important:
    When: Wednesday – October 29th
    Meeting Time: 10:00 A.M.
    Where: Park at 42nd and Upton (off of Wisconsin). Behind the McDonalds
    What: Demonstration at Fannie Mae. It may last for the day so come when you are available for as long as you can.
    More information: Call NACA at 1-888-302-6222 and select 1.
    Confirm your participation: click here to confirm your participation or Email NACA at
    Bring your family, friends and as many others as possible. Also, since Fannie Mae is taking our homes, we should bring personal items (old clothes, stuffed animals, furniture Etc) to leave with them to symbolize the devastating impact of their actions. We look forward to your participation and your being part of this historic event.


    Bruce Marks
    NACA – CEO

    P.S. NACA is only able to provide affordable solutions as a result of demonstrations and actions to change the foreclosure policies of servicers and investors.

    Bruce Marks

    Boston, MA
    (888) 297-5568

    (404) 377-4545
    (706) 855-7464
    (410) 783-0465
    (205) 942-8111
    (617) 250-6244
    (716) 834-6222
    (843) 556-0497
    (704) 536-7676
    (773) 723-6222
    (888) 297-5568
    (803) 255-0223
    (972) 283-1171
    (303) 217-7015
    (713) 706-3400
    (601) 922-4008
    (904) 306-9272
    (816) 531-6222
    (702) 562-4387
    (978) 687-3993
    (501) 687-2960
    (310) 412-2600
    (901) 348-0115
    (414) 442-6222
    (612) 605-6192
    (615) 783-1696
    (203) 562-6220
    (504) 482-3000
    (973) 679-2601
    (510) 652-6622
    (888) 297-5568
    (602) 383-3744
    (919) 855-8484
    (210) 826-2828
    (413) 788-6220
    (314) 645-8333
    (813) 287-5051
    (202) 328-6333

    The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (“NACA”) is a non-profit, community advocacy and homeownership organization. NACA’s primary goal is to build strong, healthy neighborhoods in urban and rural areas nationwide through affordable homeownership. NACA has made the dream of homeownership a reality for thousands of working people by counseling them honestly and effectively, enabling even those with poor credit to purchase a home or refinance a predatory loan with far better terms than those provided even in the prime market.

    Investing in working people
    The NACA homeownership program is our answer to the huge subprime and predatory lending industry. NACA has conclusively shown that when working people get the benefit of a prime rate loan, they can resolve their financial problems, make their mortgage payments and become prime borrowers. NACA’s track record of helping people who have credit problems become homeowners or refinance out of a predatory loan debunks the myth that high rates and fees are necessary to compensate for their “credit risk.”

    Started in 1988, NACA has a tremendous track record of successful advocacy against predatory and discriminatory lenders as well as providing the best mortgage program in America with $10 billion in funding commitments. NACA is the largest housing services organization in the country and is rapidly expanding by growing its existing 30+ offices, headquartered in Boston, MA, opening many new offices nationwide, and expanding the services it offers its membership. NACA’s confrontational community organizing and unprecedented mortgage program have set the national standard for assisting low- and moderate-income people to achieve the dream of homeownership.

    NACA – America’s Best Mortgage Program
    The incredible NACA mortgage allows NACA Members to purchase or refinance homes with:

    ◦no down payment,
    ◦no closing costs,
    ◦no fees,
    ◦no requirement for perfect credit,
    ◦and at a below-market interest rate.
    Everyone gets the same incredible terms, including the below-market interest rate, regardless of their credit score or other factors. NACA also provides free, comprehensive housing services. NACA counsels Members into the extraordinary NACA mortgage using character-based lending criteria that takes each Member’s circumstances into account to determine whether they are ready for homeownership and what they can afford. This is in contrast to risk-based pricing where people are often given loans they cannot afford while brokers and others make tremendous fees and profits.

    Property renovation and foreclosure prevention
    NACA also provides property renovation assistance and Membership Assistance for NACA homeowners. NACA’s Home and Neighborhood Development (“HAND”) Department addresses repair issues, and where appropriate provides rehab assistance throughout the renovation process. NACA’s Membership Assistance Program (MAP) provides comprehensive counseling for Members who are delinquent on their home payments, including establishing payment agreements and providing financial assistance to help Members avoid foreclosure.

    Innovative technology
    The NACA program has developed state-of-the-art mortgage software for web-based counseling, processing and underwriting., called “NACA Lynx”, which is the envy of the mortgage industry. This is a paperless system that allows for character lending, loan processing and underwriting to be done on a very large scale.

    Powerful national advocacy
    NACA has revolutionized mortgage lending with its mortgage services and advocacy. NACA’s organizing department continues the aggressive advocacy against predatory lenders and the fight for economic justice. NACA is a high-profile organization, with its program and advocacy featured in the national media, including the Wall Street Journal, Prime Time Live, Boston Globe, Washington Post, major news outlets, and local networks nationwide.

    NACA’s committed staff and contacting NACA
    Our staff of hundreds of dedicated staff is committed to working with you to access this incredible mortgage product and to advocate for strong neighborhoods and economic justice. We are always looking for qualified staff—see our current job listings for details. To keep updated on NACA services, campaigns, and relevant legislative happenings, sign up by clicking Contact Us.

  2. “…the real creditor, when found, received undisclosed third party payments, as per the securitization documents that gave them the right to make a claim on the obligation of the borrower.”

    Come on, Neil…enough is enough…PLEASE wake up and get the WHOLE truth out there: What was securitized in bogus trusts –were the cash flows to collection rights. Period.

  3. The crabs should all be thrown in one big basket and left to fight it over and devour each other. Then, the big winner should be mercilessly sued by everyone would lost one penny in that monumental fraud, ruined and completely dismantled. Then, we should kick out all the incompetents who either took part in, benefited from or failed to act to correct that debacle. At that point, we could start rebuilding America with new blood, new ideas and new ideals. And get back to basics: jobs, freedom, the pursuit of happiness, justice for all, etc. Somehow, i think it will come…

    NEW YORK — Insurer AIG wants more than $10 billion from Bank of America, saying the bank cheated it by selling it overvalued mortgage-backed securities.

    American International Group Inc. filed suit Monday in New York State’s Supreme Court.

    Bank of America Corp. denies the allegations, saying AIG “recklessly” chased investments with high returns, and was big and sophisticated enough to know the risks.

    Banks have been hit by a series of suits over misrepresentations related to the securities. In June, Bank of America agreed to pay $8.5 billion to a group of investors for selling them poor-quality mortgage securities.

  4. Wish my Virginia property had been in Arizona. My assignment is a classic: Linda green, tywanna Thomas and a transfer from the servicer to the trust

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