Robo-signing is no magic bullet


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Research and reporting on robo-signing is no substitute for the COMBO title and securitization search, report and analysis. It is a valuable adjunct to it. The COMBO provides the context in which the presence of robo-signing can be shown to be important — like a substitution of trustee in which the document is shown to be bogus. There, the COMBO report will show that the actions of the pretender were with full knowledge that they were not the creditor and that the document trail and the money trial go into multiple directions, none of which meet. All actions flowing from a false substitution of trustee (and there are many of them, if not most) are voidable if you properly object, keep the burden of proof on the pretender because you know the document cannot be authenticated. If the Judge allows it in anyway then you must bring evidence into court that will destroy the pretender’s prima facie case.

The confusion over robo-signing is causing some mistakes in court. By now there are many lists floating around the internet which name “people” whose name and “signature” have been affixed to legal documents upon which the pretender lenders rely in prosecuting foreclosures. Anyone offering you a magic escape hatch just because one of those robo-names comes up on a list or search is not aware of the court realities in the difference between information and evidence.

Start with the definition: Robo-signing is the act of unknown parties sitting around a table with a bunch of rubber stamps and pens. They receive instructions from the people who hired them as to which name to sign and what stamp to use. They forge the signature of the person whose name has been supplied by their employers, who in turn are working for the Wall Street Banks. Each person who signs a name does so in their own writing and many simply disguise their writing so the forgery is not traced to them.

Robo-signing is not the act of one person signing a lot of documents without reading them. It is the act of falsely presenting a person’s name who has no knowledge their signature is on any particular document.

When you go into court, pointing out the name of a person on the robo-list, you are inviting a dismissal of your claim. Without more, the signature on YOUR documents might be valid. The presumption, especially if it is notarized, is that the signature is valid. So simply identifying the presence of a person whose signature was robo-signed on OTHER documents doesn’t prove and is not evidence that the signature on YOUR documents is not genuine. Several people are making the error of assuming that the Judge will automatically accept the robo-list as evidence of the fabrication and forgery. Like the Banks, you need to lay a proper foundation for the evidence you want to submit with a live witness.

VOID AND VOIDABLE: There is a huge difference between the two. Most lay people regard a robo-signed document as void, and indeed the judge might so decide — but only because all the facts showed that the foundation for authenticity of the document was lacking merit. THAT is an example of a voidable document — i.e., a document whose effect will or might be considered legal in the absence of a successful challenge to the document. Void documents are rare. Those are documents that, under the law of the jurisdiction in which they were found, are declared void on their face because of some defect apparent on the face of the instrument. Even a law that says a document is void usually means that you must challenge it, which procedurally makes it voidable, not void. A void document is one in which any judge or even a clerk would ignore and refuse to consider or record.

The witness must have personal knowledge, under oath, or an expert opinion that will stand up in court. The piece that is missing is the laborious task of digging up not only 18 different signatures attributable to one person, but also the task of showing a signature that has a Presumption of authenticity like the signature affixed to the named person’s own mortgage or other public document. Then you could say to the Judge that you have a signature of Linda Green on the mortgage she has, and that it does not match any of the signatures you found on 18 other documents, INCLUDING THE ONE IN YOUR CASE.


Then you have the issue of what does this mean, assuming you prove the likelihood of fabrication and/or forgery? You just understand and have a competent report from analyst that traces the chain of title to the property and traces the chain of title to the alleged loan and then traces the money trail in order to show that the securitization of this loan was a faked. Only then if you have made your case regarding the failure of the securitization parties to legally transfer the obligation and legally document the obligation with a legally binding note — only then can you attack the issue of whether the lien was legally perfected or if it is fatally defective.

A statement from an incompetent expert  whose credentials cannot withstand cross examination or some other self proclaimed expert or analyst will not be given any weight at all in the proceedings and will likely not be admitted into evidence, a decision that the appellate court is likely to affirm. This is how we reach “bad law” decisions because the litigant, the lawyer or the service provider giving the information has only provided information, not evidence. Additional statements from the service provider that a document is void is not necessarily correct. each state varies, which is why you need to check with an attorney licensed to practice in the jurisdiction in which the property is located.

Robo-signing is most probably an illegal, even criminal act depending upon which state the property is located in. But the existence of robo-signing, even if you find that your documents show the name of someone whose name was used in robo-signing does not prove they did not sign it. Each case has its own evidence. The litigant and their attorney must be prepared to offer the document into evidence along with testimony in which the credibility and authenticity of the document is cast into doubt. Some judges who are already disposed to ruling for the borrower might be more lenient than others.

But it is still true that most judges are not predisposed in favor of borrowers and that they will certainly apply the rules and laws of evidence very strictly, particularly strict adherence to the laws of evidence is the argument that got you to the point that the authenticity of the signature, notary and witnesses is a question of fact, requiring an evidentiary hearing. when it comes down to it, the party who dug up the list of robo-signers is NOT going to be able to defend a statement that the document is void or even that ti was forged or fabricated. This is because the researcher is not an expert in title, not a lawyer and not possessed with any personal knowledge cornering the signature on the document in question.

That said, the work of these researchers is invaluable because it points the way for the litigant and their lawyer to ask questions in discovery, if you can get that far. In most cases, making assumptions from the information you have can, with the help of properly worded discovery requests, convert that information into evidence. You must realize that the mere report does not relieve you of the burden of proving your case.

Research and reporting on robo-signing is no substitute for the COMBO title and securitization search, report and analysis. It is a valuable adjunct to it. The COMBO provides the context in which the presence of robo-signing can be shown to be important — like a substitution of trustee in which the document is shown to be bogus. There, the COMBO report will show that the actions of the pretender were with full knowledge that they were not the creditor and that the document trail and the money trial go into multiple directions, none of which meet. All actions flowing from a false substitution of trustee (and there are many of them, if not most) are voidable if you properly object, keep the burden of proof on the pretender because you know the document cannot be authenticated. If the Judge allows it in anyway then you must bring evidence into court that will destroy the pretender’s prima facie case.

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  4. Like you say,cubed2k—we have to be like a commercial—saying and telling the Truth—over and over and over and over and over…and never give up…start a grass fire and keep the wind blowing it…

  5. E Tolle: Thanks

    Amazing, never heard of this before. How do you know such things?

  6. Okay, I can do flyers…anybody have a sample layout? What exactly should the flyer say? That’s a good start…

  7. Carie, no, you don’t have to tell anyone to do anything. Just tell them what you know….the Truth. John Gault had the right idea, unfortunately, it’s not possible. We don’t have the bankroll to effect this solution, no matter how good the idea.

    Take a cue from White Rose:

    1. If everyone waits until the other man makes a start, the messengers of avenging Nemesis will come steadily closer.

    2. Why do Americans behave so apathetically in the face of all these abominable crimes, crimes so unworthy of the human race?

    3. Americans slumber on in their dull, stupid sleep and encourage these criminals.

    4. Our legislators must evidence not only sympathy; no, much more: a sense of complicity in guilt….for through their apathetic behavior they give these evil men the opportunity to act as they do…. they themselves are to blame for the fact that it came about at all!

    5. Why do you allow these men who are in power to rob you step by step, openly and in secret, of one domain of your rights after another, until one day nothing, nothing at all will be left but a mechanized state system presided over by criminals and drunks? Is your spirit already so crushed by abuse that you forget it is your right – or rather, your moral duty – to eliminate this evil banking cartel?

    Poetic license taken, sorry Sophie and Hans. The early Nazi state was really not that much different from today. Anytime a society’s rights are removed for the sake of the privileged or the chosen, it’s a good start towards other forms of tyranny that continue to dovetail together like a daisy chain. Those that argue the opposite are those who still have job security, or so they believe, and those who still have a roof over their heads, for now. The downfall of their neighbors didn’t affect them, or so they believe. But it’s only a matter of time before they too are robbed by such a well oiled machine.

    Become your own printing press. Reveal the truth behind the mechanism. Place fliers at universities, grocery stores, laundromats, wherever you can. Educating and awakening the people is paramount. Leave a contact # if you want, or not. But most importantly, spell out the truth behind the foreclosure machine that is rolling over America untouched, protected by our complicit government and by the silence of the purchased media. That’s the one thing we have over the cartel in spades, the Truth.

  8. The populace  can’t comprehend it. And they just figure if they pay their little mortgage payment every month, the wolves will stay away. As my brother said  “You should have paid your mortgage.”. He doesn’t care about junk fees, forced place INS., lost payments and so forth

      Don’t expect John q public to be up in arms.  This resistance by the public won’t change anytime soon

    Folks CAN’T  comprehend that the banks would steal every nickel that most of us have and that the government would participate

    It’s like reading Alice in wonderland.  Descriptions of this fraud are  too fantastic to treat as other than someone elses ravings

  9. e.tolle—I see the trees—but WHAT CAN WE DO??? TODAY???
    Do we put up signs in our neighborhood saying: “Meeting tonight at the park—come and listen to the TRUTH about the mortgage fraud—save your house! Save your sanity! Be proactive!”

    Because I’ll do it…but, I’m not an attorney…and what SPECIFICALLY DO I TELL THEM TO DO??? Write a QWR? Protest in the street with signs???? Give them the WHOLE truth (which we are still figuring out!), on a piece of paper?

    I really want to do something, other than “nudge’…

  10. E. Tolle,

    Moving post.

  11. Folks, it’s ALL criminal. Don’t you see?

    Robo-signing, lost note affidavits, omnipresent notaries, empty trusts, foreclosing notes endorsed in blank, trusts holding originator endorsed notes, Mers in toto, Mers’ 20K secretaries, judiciary’s bank pensions, regulator capture, admitted destruction of original notes, note repositories, foreclosure mills, rocket dockets, AG settlements, zero prosecutions, DOC X, bifurcation, mis-applied payments, deaf-mute-blind DOJ, credit bids, modification schemes, larceny, theft, bribery, forced re-default, force-placed insurance, dual track, false appraisals, app income inflation, post dated assignments, self serving assignments from dead principals, perjury, falsification, fraud, and that’s just what comes to mind.

    Hitler said, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” It’s time to wake up, and nudge the people around you to awaken as well. And it’s way passed time to question authority here. It doesn’t take a Che Guevara to see through the total lies and fabrications by a criminal syndicate. The financial cartel needs to be stopped by whatever means possible.

    Hitler also said, “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.” Think hard everyone! Time to start seeing the trees people, the forest’s on fire.

  12. Carie,

    Wow! That is a lot of securitization fraud. Just the fact that you know all of this must mean you have evidence of it. The Court can’t deny the evidence. Wait, I just heard what I said. Ha! Of course they can and they probably will.

    I’m no attorney, but wouldn’t the cause of action be wrongful foreclosure, with an intent to defraud?

  13. Forgive me if this has been answered before, but how the heck can they take your house in the name of a “trust” that is EMPTY? Pooling and Servicing Agreement NOT FOLLOWED??? Not to mention (robo-signed), assignments signed AFTER trust was closed???
    Isn’t there pleadings or causes of action for THAT crap???
    This is just so ridiculous.

  14. Whether you win or lose in court over a foreclosure, be sure you
    maintain ALL of your paperwork afterwards. There is a definite
    chance you will be able to use this data in the future. No matter
    what the banks think they’ve won, all they’ve done is kick each of
    these problems down the road until finally it comes back around and
    bites them.

  15. Boy. Dan O

    You make the point so well why robo signing ON IT’S FACE should be voidable. This is crime

    I have Linda Green on my assignment: 22 known signatures. I shouldn’t have the burden of proving falsity, the bank should have the burden to prove this was not as you put it so well, manufactured evidence

    It’s hard to find these people; they’re scattered to the four winds

  16. Mr Gsrfield

    So how does one use your securitization report? It too is imformation, not evidence. It isn’t admissible, and contrary to your apparent assumption, there are few to NO real foreclosure defense attorneys out here, for any amount og money, especially in rural areas and most especially in the south where the status quo WILL be maintained

  17. Dan-O you better read this bit about fake docs and dishonest lawyers robo signing…. will the real slim shady please stand up… please stand up….


    JP Morgan and Shady East Coast law firm Goldbeck Mccafferty Mckeever check in on shady East Coast law firm Phelan, Hallinan & Schmieg.

  18. Sorry that whole site came up.

  19. @ Louise & David

    In addition to the bias of some judges toward pro se litigants
    I found the following webpage by a June Wisniefski

    judicial immunity, judges have banded together under government sponsorship to devise means of defending themselves from aggrieved and increasingly militant pro se litigants.

    Continuing Education Credit Prejudices Judges
    by June Wisniewski

    The Anti-Government Movement Handbook is a training manual for judges and court staff against pro se litigants, published in 1999 by the National Center for the State Courts (NCSC) in Williamsburg, Virginia. This book, along with Dealing With Common Law Courts: A Model Curriculum for Judges and Court Staff, published in 1997 by NCSC, was developed from an Institute for Course Management (ICM) course on dealing with common law courts, held in Scottsdale, Arizona, February 5-7, 1997.

    The curriculum and manuals for this course were prepared with a grant from the State Justice Institute: Award No. SJI-96-02B-B-159, “The Rise of Common Law Courts in the United States: An Examination of the Movement, the Potential Impact on the Judiciary, and How the States Could Respond.” The State Justice Institute (SJI) is a non-profit, 501C(3) corporation that was started in 1986 and funded by Congress to develop courses and training manuals for state courts and judicial training organizations.

    This course and training manuals were developed by a group of 27 judges, court clerks, court administrators, and prosecutors in Arizona who examined the history and procedures of the Common Law Court Movement (CLC) and created the training curriculum and responses that courts, judges, and court administrators can use when dealing with common law courts in their own jurisdictions. My contact at the conference said that one of its goals was to identify ways the courts can make preemptive strikes against the CLC movement.

    Some of the keynote speakers who helped produce the CLC course in Arizona were Chief Justice Thomas Moyer of Columbus, Ohio, T.C. Brown of Columbus, Ohio (a reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer), and Jonathan Mozzochi, Executive Director of the Coalition for Human Dignity in Seattle, Washington. Mozzochi, who distributed Guns and Gavels, a publication of the Coalition, was listed as “a nationally recognized expert on militias and hate group activity.” The Coalition is like a west coast version of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

    I originally found out about this course by watching a videotaped session of the 1996 combined conference of the Conference of Chief Justices (CCJ) and the Conference of State Court Administrators (COSCA), held in Nashville, Tennessee in the summer of 1996 and called “Impact of the Common Law Court Movement on the Courts.” More than 50 state Supreme Court justices and state court administrators attended the Tennessee conference. The CLC session was taped with a grant from SJI. Keynote speakers were Michael Reynolds, senior intelligence analyst for the SPLC, and James Reynolds, chief of the Terrorism and Violent Crime Section, U.S. Department of Justice.

    The panel discussion included Susan Hansen, senior reporter with American Lawyer, Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Moyer (past president of CCJ), Utah Supreme Court Justice Michael Zimmerman, and Judges Jeffrey Langton and Gregory Mohr from Montana. The taped session was more than three hours long. At the end of the session, one of the speakers mentioned that there was funding for additional CLC conferences. I immediately called ICM, located at NCSC in Virginia, and asked about the additional CLC conferences. My contact told me that a Scottsdale conference was going to take place in about three days. Since those two conferences, there have been additional conferences sponsored by SJI with other organizations.

    SJI sponsored a conference with the American Judicature Society in Scottsdale, Arizona in November, 1999 that was closed to the public and the press. There will also be an ICM course in Orlando, Florida on February 5-7, 2001 called “Increasing Access to Justice for Pro Se Litigants,” with that organization’s perception of what “access” means.

    “Constitutionalists in Court” was held in the St. Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota area in the summer of 2000 by the National Judicial College (NJC) of Reno, Nevada, and the same course was held again November 13-14, 2000, also at NJC in Reno. This course discusses the history of protest movements affecting the judiciary, identifies typical challenges and ways to handle them, anticipates courtroom security needs, and plans solutions and strategies.

    NJC, together with the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), conducted a survey, developed material for their courses from SJI materials and grants, and published a brief report called “Right-Wing Extremist Challenges to the Authority and Jurisdiction of the Court” in 1998. This course and report contains a preemptive plan against pro se litigants and others who may disagree with the court, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Native American protest groups, religious organizations, and anyone else who may take issue with a court decision. The information from NJC is so controversial that NJC has banned its course and conference materials from the public, but their library and the SJI repository is open to the public.

    I originally started researching judicial training organizations in 1996 after I was denied an inheritance by the New Jersey court system when my parents died and was also denied entrance to a conference and course materials at NJC in May, 1996, called “The National Conference on the Media and the Courts: Working Together to Serve the American People.” The media conference was closed to the public. Only one New Jersey judge, Martin Kravarick, attended that conference. Judge Kravarick was elected president of the American Judges Association (AJA), a judge’s organization under NCSC. AJA publishes a quarterly journal called Court Review, available in your local law library, by subscription, or through interlibrary loan.

    I first found out about the judicial movement against pro se litigants and the CLC movement by reading Kravarick’s “President’s Message” in the Fall, 1996 issue of Court Review. I called Judge Kravarick for more information on what the CLC movement was all about, and he gave me some additional contact information. I called Mike Reynolds of SPLC, and he told me there were four conference proceedings and that the conference was taped. I waited over three months to get a copy of the tape, “Impact of the Common Law Movement on the Courts.” That tape is available through interlibrary loan from NCSC along with the training manuals mentioned above.

    Each state has an SJI repository for all publications put out by the organizations they have funded. For example, the repository in Nevada is at NJC in Reno. In New Jersey, the SJI repository is at the New Jersey State Library in Trenton. You can check out these training manuals with a New Jersey library card. You can also find out where your SJI repository is by looking it up on the Internet at by calling SJI at 703-684-6100, or by writing to the State Justice Institute, 1650 King street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

    SJI is funded by Congress with your tax dollars. If you don’t like the courses and materials they are funding, you can write to your senator or congressman, or directly to SJI and ask them to stop funding these materials. SJI gets very few letters from the public, and I’m sure they would love to hear from you. When you get to their Web site, read and download the newsletters. Most of their new grants are in their newsletters.

    The National Center for State Courts is an umbrella organization for several judges’ organizations such as the National College of Probate judges (NCPJ), AJA, CCJ, COSCA, ICM and others. I have been a member of NCPJ since 1996 and have attended four judges’ conferences. The most controversial and harmful material against the public is coming from NJC and NCSC materials, two agencies that compete with each other for SJI and federal government funding.

    In the training manuals mentioned above, there are two sections in each book where the writers advise judges and court personnel such as court clerks and guards on how to handle pro se litigants using a step-by-step process. The writers of these manuals reveal a court that is biased and has a dangerous point of view about justice and equal access in the court system.

    Copyright © 2001 June Wisniewski

    The Author: June Wisniewski is a legal researcher and journalist in Reno, Nevada, who can be reached at She has written a number of articles on judicial subjects and is author of the book, The Coffin Chasers: An Aggrieved Litigant’s Journey Through the Corrupt World of Probate. This article appeared in the January 5, 2001 issue of the Idaho Observer and is reprinted here with knowledge of the author. Its subject matter is the basis of another book, Unequal Justice: The Inside Story of the National Judicial College.

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    a). Every man, woman and child is equal and has a creator’s standing (inherent right) to a roof over their head, a few acres of land to grow food, access to fresh water and clean air and the right to pass that land on to descendants. No one should ever have to worry about being displaced or having debt collectors or sheriffs knocking on the door or anything else to do with fear based enFORCEment.

    b). LIFE is a gift and we are supposed to be gifts for LIFE, serving the dream of LIFE by doing no harm to LIFE and co-creating the dream of LIFE with all other LIFE forms of LIFE. MAN is LIFE and LIFE is MAN; without MAN to think and feel LIFE here and now, there would be no one to think and feel LIFE and LIFE would not exist. MAN is the embodiment of the living Creator of the living dream of LIFE, gifted with the power of thought and the free will to co-create Paradise or a world of chaos and destruction.

    c). LIFE is information. When we distort the information of LIFE and then eat it, drink it, process it, manipulate it, work with it, worship it, think and feel it, etc, etc, not only does LIFE become distorted but, as we are part of LIFE, we become distorted too. We can choose to live our lives based on information that causes harm to LIFE or on information that nurtures and supports LIFE that is who we really are.

    d). We live under a system that allows men and women to harm each other and earth and think they have the right to do so, and that allows some men and women to be “more equal” than others – “All Men Are Equal But Some Are More Equal Than Others”.

    e). None of the powers that be will ever admit to wanting to do harm, nor will they publicly deny everyone’s creator’s standing as described in point a) above.

    f). “The System” is not real; it was dreamt up in the imagination of the Grand Architect of “The System”. It has no LIFE, no substance, and can only appear to exist through the use of and destruction to LIFE and through the enslavement of men and women to maintain it. It is dead and cannot maintain or reproduce itself and has no gifts for LIFE. It needs some to have power over others, to be able to wield authority over those who reject “The System” and whose intention is to live outside “The System”, because, if everyone decided to live outside “The System”, there would be no system (no illusion). “The System” is an artificial world, a fairytale, superimposed over the real world of LIFE and is the cancer destroying LIFE at an ever increasing rate. Another name for “The System” is “HELL”. See point 1 below, “The Body Of The Love For Life Work by Arthur and Fiona Cristian”. All civilisations are of “The System”, they are all apocalyptic by design and all collapse because they are not LIFE sustainable, making way for the latest model of civilisation to appear out of the wreckage of the last.

    Click here: to continue reading or see below for a guide around the Love For Life website and to see some videos we created mid 2009 based on some of the insights. As we keep developing these ideas we plan to create animated stories, documentaries, and a story to be the basis of a film.

    The Main Insights Of The Love For Life Work
    Can Be Researched Amongst These Recent Posts

    21st November 2010

    We suggest reading & contemplating each post sequentially as listed here:

    a) We Are The Life Of The Dream Of Life 6th September 2010

    b) The Manufactured World Of The Founding Father – The Grand Architect 23rd October 2010

    c) The Song Of LIFE – “The Song Of LIFE” parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are being made into an article that we will be posting shortly.
    The Song Of Life – Part Two 3rd November 2010
    The Song Of Life – Part Three 10th November 2010
    The Song Of LIFE – Part Four – How To Create A Slave 19th November 2010
    The Song Of Life – Part Five: Returning Drones To LIFE 21st November 2010
    The Song Of Life – Part One 31st October 2010

    d) Children Have Their Community School Snatched By The Powers That Be 26th November 2010

    e) When You Are In Commerce It Is Clear Whose World You Are In And Who You Are Serving 28th November 2010

    f) Do You Really Support Slavery? Commerce = Slavery – Freedom Truth Websites Being Pulled 6th December 2010

    g) Wikileaks – Another False Flag Spell In “The System” Of Spells 11th December 2010

    h) Disclaimer – Regarding The “Ecclesiastical Deed Poll” 18th October 2010

    i) The Chatter That Overflows The Cup 12th November 2010


    j) Arthur Cristian Interview On American Freedom Radio – The Vinny Eastwood Show 6th October 2010

    See Incontrovertible Evidence Of The Powers That Be
    Admitting To Involuntary Servitude (Slavery)
    More damming info to be updated very shortly

    k) Fiona Cristian Reply To State Debt Recovery Office – Part Ten From 13th October 2010


    l) ONCE UPON A TIME – 8 Minutes 37 Seconds Created Mid 2009

    m) THE HOUSE – 8 Minutes Created Mid 2009

    n) THE ORIGINS OF THE HOUSE – 4 Minutes 57 Seconds Created Mid 2009

    These posts will help you to comprehend where we are at and heading and why the REMEDY of KINDOM (Do No Harm Communities) is the ONLY remedy that frees MAN from the slavery to man-made HELL.

    Arthur & Fiona Cristian
    Love For Life
    21st November 2010

    1. For The Body Of The Love For Life Work by Arthur and Fiona Cristian
    Which Unravels The Reasons For The Chaos, Mayhem and Confusion Being Experienced In The World Today, Explains The Need For “Community Immunity” and Responsibility, and Focuses On The Creation Of Kindoms – Do No Harm, Life-Sustainable Communities (As The Remedy That Heals All Mans Woes) – And How We Can Co-Create Them. For Comments, Articles And Discussions, Go Here: – Also Go Here To See Podcasts And Videos Posted by Arthur & Fiona Cristian: – The Information Shared Comes From Inspiration, Intuition, Heartfelt-Logic And Information Gathered From Nature And Many Amazing Men And Women Along The Way. It Is Not Found In Any Books Or Channellings, Or Talked About By “Experts”.

    2. For Information About The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series
    go here: and for more on Eco Homes, Villages, Organic and Permaculture Gardening and Life-Sustainability, etc, go here: and here: and Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin – Kin’s School – Lycee School at Tekos:

    3. For How To Eat A Raw, Living Food Diet,
    go here: – LIFE is information. When we distort LIFE and then eat, drink, absorb, think, feel, hear, see, touch, taste, smell and perform these distortions, the information of LIFE, your LIFE, our LIFE, our children’s lives, everyone’s LIFE, is distorted.

    4. To Find A Menu For The Extensive Research Library (over 8,000 items posted)
    Which Covers Topics From Health to Chemtrails/Haarp to Brain Control to Archaeology to Astronomy Geocentricity Heliocentricity to Pandemics Bird Flu Swine Flu to Fluoride to Cancer to Free Energy to Global Warming, 9/11, Bali Bombings, Aspartame, MSG, Vaccinations, Aids/HIV, Mercury, New World Order, Satanism, Religions, Cults, Sects, Symbolism, etc, etc, go here:

    5. If You Would Like To Read About The Cristian Family NSW Supreme Court Case
    (Macquarie Bank/Perpetual Limited Bank Fraud Condoned By Judges, Registrars, Barristers, Lawyers, Politicians, Public Servants, Bureaucrats, Big Business and Media Representatives – A Crime Syndicate/Terrorist Organisation) Which Prompted The Creation Of This Love For Life Website December 2006, And The Shooting And Torture Of Supporters Who Assisted Us In Reclaiming The Family Home, Joe Bryant And His Wife, Both In Their Late 70’s, go here: And Read Some Of Our Email Correspondence With Lawyer Paul Kean – Macedone Christie Willis Solari Partners – Miranda Sydney May 17th-June 27th 2006:

    6. For The Stories Of Other Victims Of The System,
    go here: (If you have a story you would like us to put up, we would love to here from you:
    action @

    7. For Documentation Of Harm Done By The Powers-That-Be And Their Representatives,
    Evidence Revealing How Victims Did Not Break The Peace, Caused No Crime or Harm, There Were No Injured Parties. Documenting Incontrovertible Evidence Demonstrating How The Powers That Be (PTB) And Their Lackeys Will Break All The Laws They Are Supposed To Uphold. They Will Kidnap, Intimidate, Terrorise, Rape, Pillage, Plunder And Lie And Take Responsibility For None Of It. All Part Of Their Tactics Of Using Fear And Trauma To Keep Us In Our Place. Relatives Of Those Under Their Radar Are Also Not Safe From Attack And Intimidation. All Starting From A $25 Fine For Not Voting And A $65 Fine For Not Changing A Dog Registration. We Do Not Have Freedom And Can Only Appear To Have Freedom If We Comply. Regardless How Small The Matter The PTB Throw Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Away To Enforce Their Will…. Go Here:
    Fiona Cristian Reply To State Debt Recovery Office – Part One to Part Ten – From 17th October 2008 And Still Continuing: or
    Fiona Cristian Reply To State Debt Recovery Office
    Part One: – From 17th October 2008
    Part Two: – From 18th December 2008
    Part Three: – From 9th January 2009
    Part Four: – From 14th January 2009
    Part Five: – The Sick Puppy – From 20th February 2009
    Part Six: – Police Officers, Sheriff’s Officers, Tow Truck Driver and State Debt Recovery Office Blatantly Ignore the Law To Rape, Pillage and Plunder The Private Property Of Fiona Cristian – From 11th March 2009
    Part Seven: – Affidavit Of Truth – Letter To The Queen + Australia: Fascism is Corporatism – From 30th March 2009
    Part Eight: – The Pirates Auction And The Ghost Of VSL386 – From 4th April 2009
    Part Nine: – Arthur Cristian’s Letter To Pru Goward MP – From 15th December 2009
    Part Ten: – Should We Be In Fear Of Those Who Claim To Protect Us? “Roman Cult” Canon Law – Ecclesiastical Deed Poll – The Work Of Frank O’Collins – From 13th October 2010

    8. If You Are Interested In Information On Freedom From Statutes, Rule-Of-Law, Free Man/Free Woman, Strawman, “Person” and Admiralty Law (The Law Of Commerce),
    go here: – For Common Law, Democracy, Constitution, Trial By Jury, Fee Simple, etc, go here:

    9. If You Are Interested In Banking and Money Created (Fiat/Credit/Debt/Mortgage/Loan/Overdraft etc) Out-Of-Thin-Air, How Banks Counterfeit Money,
    go here:

    10. For A List Of All The Latest Posts In The Love For Life Website,
    go here:

    11. For Links To Many Hundreds Of Videos, DVDs And Podcasts
    go here:

    12. To See The Cristian Family Pledge, Legal and other Disclaimers
    go here:

    13. To Read About How A Representative Of The NSW Jewish Board Of Deputies Had Threatened To Shut Down The Love For Life Website
    go here: Part One: Part Two: THE STEVE JOHNSON REPORT AND VIDEO: and Part Three: Latest Update On James Von Brunn:

    Conscious Love Always
    Arthur & Fiona Cristian
    Love For Life
    action @
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    Arthur Cristian

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    17th June 2009

    Note: Updated Thursday 29th July 2010 12.05pm Sydney Time.

    Love For Life does not support harm doing in any shape or form. However, we are supporters of free speech and post articles, documentaries, etc, that represent a wide cross section of ideas. See the Love For Life extensive research library where over 8000 documents, articles and videos are posted: We clearly see the evidence of the destruction to MAN and the earth that has been caused by ALL religions over the centuries and are therefore not supporters of religions, cults, sects or any group that demands conformity of thought, speech or action, or has rules, regulations or rituals that must be followed. Religions, nationalities and cultural “identities” are formed as a result of the brainwashing we receive from childhood. They are part of the tactics the Establishment uses to keep us all divided from one another and fighting one another.

    All religions promote discrimination and division, leading to hatred and even violence and murder. None of them have yet to produce a remedy to all the suffering, poverty, unhappiness and discrimination in the world. If any religion truly had the remedy to all the suffering on earth, there would no longer be any suffering. What have Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, atheism and the New Age done to end the suffering in the world?

    The Love For Life website has information from all sides on many subjects, whether about Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Law, health, psychology, mind control, vaccination, aspartame, MSG, Chemtrails etc. There are over 6000 articles, documentaries etc on the website and they are so diverse that we are sure that everyone would be able to find something they loved and something they hated, if they took the time to search. If we removed all the articles hated by everyone, there would probably be nothing left! We are not anti anyone but freedom of speech is freedom of speech and no one should condemn the work of another without taking the time to research the subject themselves. Yes, there are articles by those who have a less-than-rosy-viewpoint of Judaism, but there are also articles on the dark side of Tibetan Buddhism (and it is very dark) for those who are interested in the truth: Tibet – Buddhism – Dalai Lama: Should the authors of these articles be abused and imprisoned for daring to challenge the widely conceived reputation of Buddhism as being the religion of peace and love and that of the Dalai Lama as a saint, or should those interested be allowed to study the work and come to their own conclusions? The same applies to all the articles, documentaries, etc, about Christianity, Islam, Freemasonry, New World Order, etc.

    The Love for Life website also shows how the Rule of Law, the Bar, the Government, the Monarchy, the system of commerce, the local, national and multi/trans-national private corporations, all the courses and careers on offer from our universities, all the educators, scientists, academics and experts, the aristocrats and the Establishment bloodlines have also done NOTHING to end the suffering in the world. The website maps the insanity of a world where there is no help for those in need, just as there was no help available for us when we were victims of terrible bank fraud: (orchestrated, condoned and protected by an international crime syndicate/terrorist organisation of judges, barristers, registrars, lawyers, politicians, banksters, big business representatives, media moguls and other lackeys who, all together, put up a wall of silence despite our trying many, many avenues. After the family home was stolen and business destroyed we were left close to poverty and destitution caring for 4 young daughters. Three years later not much has changed regardless of all our efforts. Where were all the followers of all the religions to help us? Or do we have to be members of those religions to receive help from others involved in them?

    We have been accused of being anti – Jewish because we had posted an excerpt from James von Brun’s book: Kill the Best Gentiles! in which he blames Jews for the problems of the world. Obviously this is not our view because of what we have stated above. We do not hate anyone, whatever religion they follow. We are always open to talk to any religious leader or politician and meet with any judge, member of the Bar, experts, academics, educators etc to share the remedy we offer that heals all the divisions between MAN and MAN, and MAN and the EARTH.

    Today, a representative of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies is threatening to close the website down, because they have decided it is anti – Jewish and that we promote racism. What has the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies done to end the suffering in the world? Can they show that they are concerned with the suffering of ALL men, women and children AND ARE SEEN TO BE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT or are they only concerned with Jewish affairs? If so, they, along with all the other religions that only care for their own, are part of the problem, not part of the solution. The man who rang Arthur today was only concerned with Jewish affairs; he was not interested in our intentions or in anybody else, just as most Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Catholics, etc, are only interested in their own. While we separate ourselves into groups, dividing ourselves from others with rules, regulations, rituals, procedures and conditions, we will never solve our problems.

    Part One: A Representative Of The NSW Jewish Board Of Deputies
    Has Threatened To Shut Down The Love For Life Website

    Part Two: A Representative Of The NSW Jewish Board Of Deputies
    Has Threatened To Shut Down The Love For Life Website

    Part Three: NSW Jewish Board Of Deputies
    Has Threatened To Shut Down The Love For Life Website
    Latest Update On James Von Brunn

    No matter what we in the Western World Civilisation of Commerce have been promised by our politicians, religious leaders, scientists, educators, philosophers, etc, for the past two hundred years, all we have seen is ever-increasing destruction of men, women and children and the earth. None of the so-called experts and leaders we have been taught to rely on are coming up with a solution and none of them are taking full-responsibility for the fact that they can’t handle the problem. All religious books talk about end times full of destruction and suffering but why do we have to follow this program when there is an alternative to hatred, mayhem and death? Why are our leaders following the program of destruction and death rather than exploring the alternatives? It seems that any mainstream politician, priest or academic are only interested in supporting the RULES OF THE DIVIDE, that maintain the haves and the have nots. For 200+ years, 99% of the world population have been so trained to pass on their responsibility for themselves, others and the earth, that the 1% of the population that make up the leaders of the rest of us are making all the decisions leading to the destruction of all of us and the earth. Let’s not forget the education system that brainwashes the 99% of the population that we are free and have equal rights while, in fact, we are feathering the nests of those at the top.

    At the root of all our problems is self-centredness, an unwillingness nurtured by the Establishment that keeps us concerned only with our own needs rather than the needs of others around us and the Earth. Instead of creating and releasing acts of love for those around us as gifts to benefit them and the earth, we take, take and take, until there is nothing left. The whole point of the Love for Life website is to show people the root of all our problems and to share the remedy. The extensive research library is there to attract browsers and to provide access to information not available through mainstream channels. If the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies can, after careful examination of our work, prove that anything we are saying is wrong, we will be happy to accept their proof. If they cannot, and they are still insistent on closing the website down, they will be showing themselves to be traitors to MAN because they are not interested in pursuing any avenue that can end the suffering in the world.

    All religions, corporations and organisations that support and maintain the Western World Civilisation of Commerce are part of the problem because our civilisation is a world of haves and have nots, racism, violence, hatred, poverty, sickness, discrimination, abuse, starvation, homelessness, corruption, collusion, vindictiveness, social unrest, arrogance, ignorance, fear, war and chaos. While we support civilisation, we support death and destruction because ALL civilisations that have ever existed are apocalyptic by design.

    If we truly want peace on earth and freedom for all, we have to let go of all that which keeps us divided, and come together as MAN, conscious living co-creators of creation. The Love For Life website offers a remedy to the problems we all face in the form of DO NO HARM COMMUNITIES: For more details see here: and here: – We also highly recommend that everyone read the brilliant Russian books called The Ringing Cedars: – The Love For Life homepage/front-page also provides lots of inspiring remedy based information: – If you want to be kept up to date with our work please register to the Love For Life mailing list here: We usually send two postings per month. Presently there are over 5200 registrations reaching over 500,000 readers globally. The website now receives over 7 million strikes per month with January 2010 reaching almost 7.2 million strikes.

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  20. The additional hurdle for the pro se litigant is the fact they don’t have any money. Litigation is expensive even if you are pro se. My judge is openly hostile to me and even applying different rules to me versus opp. counsel.

  21. heres a question. when a law firm pays an employee to sit in a back room and produce mers assisngments all day, is that robo-signing? also, how can a law firm pay an employee to act as a mers signing officer? lets not sugar coat it, these law firms are fabricating evidence for their clients in doing this. how is this legal? or is it legal? for one, the law firm appears to have a serious conflict of interest because they have a stake in the outcome of the case. two, if attorneys could pay someone to sit in their backroom for $10 an hour manufacturing evidence no one would ever lose a case, not just in foreclosure but in any case, criminal or civil. seriously, im baffled. according to my foreclosure mill, this is perfectly legal. to me, it says that the system is completely off kilter if this is really allowed. it says the cards are stacked on the side of the banks. im wondering if i can hire a mers signing officer to prepare and execute a discharge of mortgage on my behalf with no evidence i ever paid off the loan? if the foreclosure mills can do it, and legally, why cant i ? they can hire a mers signing officer to execute assignments of mortgage with no evidence the party of interest instructed them to do so, so why cant i get a discharge of mortgage with no evidence i ever paid it off? tit for tat is how i see it. we just need to find a rogue mers signing agent to do this. that would be great.

  22. David,

    I so understand your frustration. I’m facing the same “status quo” crap in Kansas. In my case my Note was sold and separated from the Mortgage the same day it was originated.

    This is the maddening part: the original lender still registered their paid off lien in the county land records six days later.

    A new mortgage agreement was never entered into with the 2nd note holder, thus they never had a lien to register with the county deeds office so the second note holder or mortgage never became an issue. It wasn’t until the 5th servicer offered a loan mod, and told us to miss a few payments, did it become an issue.

    Clearly the Note was separated from the mortgage; both were held by two separate and distinct entities. The mortgage is unenforceable, and the Note unsecured.

    But, no, the Court allowed the Plaintiff to write (Kansas Supreme Court Rule 170) the Memorandum Decision in favor of an entity assigned an interest in the mortgage from the incorrectly recorded lien holding NO assignable interest.

    Still fighting, but oh so tired of our system. I don’t think the Judges, at least those in Douglas County, Kansas, even read Pro Se litigant’s pleadings.

    I know it is entirely possible my arguments are wrong, my evidence is information, not evidence. I do know the Plaintiff has submitted NOTHING. I know I could be making all kinds of mistakes and I’m sure I am.

    But how can the separation between the Note and the Mortgage be ignored?

  23. David,

    I so understand your frustration. I’m facing the same “status quo” crap in Kansas. In my case my Note was sold and separated from the Mortgage the same day it was originated.

    This is the maddening part: the original lender still registered their paid off lien in the county land records six days later.

    A new mortgage agreement was never entered into with the 2nd note holder, thus they never had a lien to register with the county deeds office so the second note holder or mortgage never became an issue. It wasn’t until the 5th servicer offered a loan mod, and told us to miss a few payments, did it become an issue.

    Clearly the Note was separated from the mortgage; both were held by two separate and distinct entities. The mortgage is unenforceable, and the Note unsecured.

    But, no, the Court allowed the Plaintiff to write (Kansas Supreme Court Rule 170) the Memorandum Decision in favor of an entity assigned an interest in the mortgage from the incorrectly recorded lien holding assignable interest.

    Still fighting, but oh so tired of our system. I don’t think the Judges, at least those in Douglas County, Kansas, even read Pro Se litigant’s pleadings.

    I know it is entirely possible my arguments are wrong, my evidence is information, not evidence. I do know the Plaintiff has submitted NOTHING. I know I could be making all kinds of mistakes and I’m sure I am.

    But how can the separation between the Note and the Mortgage be ignored?

  24. I would like to talk to a lawyer that gets it here in Tennessee. I supposedly joined a mass joinder with MJS back in December which Kramer and Kaslow were players but I have lost all faith that they are doing anything for me. I filed a suit myself but know after my appearance yesterday there is not much hope for me pro se. I have serious doubts that there is much hope for any attorney either the way the AG’s are negotiating. Lot’s of stress on the family. Hate to give up. Servicer played the bait and switch forebearance agreement when I asked for a loan mod. And then hit me with a 21k bill followed by a 417k bill. Been fighting about a year. Any Tennessee lawyer that “gets it” available is requested.

  25. Yesterday in the Rutherford County Chancery Court of Tennessee. I appeared Pro Se to fight a foreclosure mills motion to dismiss them from a lawsuit I filed. It was all about the appoint by them and to them as a successor trustee. Well the judge allowed their motion to dismiss. The forecosure mill did not follow the statutes not was their any paperwork showing they were allowed to appoint themselves as successor trustee but that did not matter. More or less the judge said that is the way we do it here. Either they don’t get it, don’t care or have some special interests in maintaining the status quo.

  26. […] Continue reading here: Robo-signing is no magic bullet […]

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