I am getting sporadic reports of possible cyber-attacks on this and other sites whose purpose and mission is to help consumers, homeowners in particular, challenge the validity of their mortgages, notes, obligations and foreclosure attempts. Whatever it was, it seems to be over for the moment. I have no information as to whether the events were synchronized attacks by the banks, as many suppose, or if it is just a technology snafu, which is entirely possible. My apologies for those who were inconvenienced.

Neil Garfield

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  1. i too am being blocked from getting into your Bosco page this afternoon. I ran to the library just to post this message.


  2. Hi Neil, Once again your site is re-directing people…I believe this happened about 1 week ago….I know someone told you your site wasn’t being messed with…but I think someone (entitiy) is messing with it.

    Good luck and thank you for keeping this great site going.

    Me Too

  3. i’m not m. soliman if that’s what u think.

  4. tnharry, you have destroyed your own reputation but you want to blame others. You hide behind aliases you create in order to reinforce what others won’t. And you blame Neil for problems you create in a dilusional state. Los Angeles

  5. Ha ha ha. Love this dysfunctional “family” routine. Shades of my childhood

  6. ok Louie, I’ll bite…who am i and what is my agenda?

  7. tnharry, my problem with you is, I know who you are and I know what your agenda is.You are self seeking and determined to seek attention even if it is negative. Karma is the great equalizer and you will be your own judge and justice. Keep digging until you can’t get out.

  8. thank you Louie. I know i’ve made a good point (or in this case ninex did) when you attack me instead of the comment itself. look at the structure of the site – it’s a little piece of a wordpress site. it’s not on Neil’s server. the analogy is if i claimed someone was trying to hack the page where my cufflinks are for sale on ebay. that’s no more mine than this is Neil’s…

    what’s your problem with me anyway Louie? i’ve been posting as many or more useful contributions as i have sniping ones

  9. nimex, where did you suddenly appear from? And of course tnharry is right there to cheer you on. What do you know about hacking tnharry? I bet your an expert on that subject too,right nimex, I mean MS, I mean tnharry.

  10. that’s actually a good point ninex that i didn’t think of until you mentioned it. it’s truthfully not a “site” at all, just a little bit of space on wordpress’s site. chumming the waters is all it was…

  11. Neil…

    First of all stop with the BS hack attacks – For crying out loud, you run a wordpress blog. It’s probably nothing more than kiddy progs running port scans/tests. You don’t even run your site off of a VPN or Dedicated Server. If a hacker worth his/her salt wanted to take down your site …it would take no more than 2-5 minutes with your current setup.

    And a Bank, Pretender Lender …for crying out loud man ? With the millions of dollars they’ve stole …you don’t think they’d have enough money to hire a team of professionals and go after any website of their liking, and take it down? Stop BS’n the people that come to your site for information.

    If you would like some input on several security weaknesses your site has and improvements you can make i’ll be happy to assist you. But clearly you are speaking on a subject that I know far too much about …and as I’ve mentioned – your website it fine!

    I look forward to seeing my message posted …unless you have a problem with the truth being revealed.

  12. good

  13. @tnharry . It is really frighting, but I do believe there is something very dangerous ahead of us. We need to stop it by fighting for our properties. This is definitely a repeat of history. look up 800 Concentration camps. I have friends, customers, and relatives that have been working on these in the Seattle area and Tacoma area and one was just asked to go to Alaska and work on three more. Why so many empty prisons they plan to fill in a year and a half?

  14. cubed–Thanks for the Keiser and Cenk links! Love ’em both! ‘Specially Keiser!

  15. @ cubed i am as irritated as you , so frustrating. my husband lost his job because he was not the boss. i heard him talking to his “adjudicator’. yes no unemployment until proven innocent sir rick scotts idea. my husband lost his job because his boss was having a bad day and my husband had to do 2 jobs because some one was fired and his boss wanted him in another area and started yelling at him. he is in his 50’s having his boss whom he befriended yell at him. they road their harleys together, and he sent my husband text messages of ….well you know. we went to his house to watch hockey. for god sake i liked his wife she was nice. and he fired my husband and the state of florida will not give him unemployment but how do the bills get paid all while the wall streets are paying big bucks to get laid and do drugs nice ……………. unreal do not understand life sometimes

  16. @ tnharry i suppose you should google “the rise of the third reich’

    I WAS EXPRESSING THAT HITLERS TACTICS TO SUBDUE GERMANs in 1933 is VERY FAMILIAR TO WHAT IS GOING ON NOW. the sequester of our mainstream media , the loss of jobs, the stealing of our property. i am truly scared at what is sinister behind what is happening. i have been abused by wells fargo bank from origination and it must be to steal my home and subdue me. did you know if you lose your job you can not collect unemployment , guilty until proven innocent isnt that the opposite of why we have court? so you lose your job cant find a new one because no interviews but no unemployment how do you feed your family pay your electric. not everyone in 1979 went to college. my husband is from an immigrant famiy with 7 children. college was out of the question. i was in a different family i was 3rd generation in usa with 3 siblings i went to college. but our bills depend on 2 salaries. so sad not one interview after a month. thats awful and no unemployment. and you dont think this reminds you of 1933 germany. food banks= breadlines?????????? instead of putting me down and making me explain please do the research and form a fight together not apart and guess what thats exactly what they want. the knowledgable to know and the unknowledgable to not know so be part of the knowledgable and read between the lines and see what is happening.

    (ps THE GENOSIDE HAPPENED TO MY FAMILY BOTH GREAT GRAND PARENTS HAD CONCENTRATION CAMP TATOOS so i appologize if i didnt explain myself. but i am a jew and my brother lives in israel with my neices, nephews and great nephew. so i am very familar to why there was an urgency in 1948 to form the “state” of israel.

  17. @ I so tired.

    In the early 1900’s,

    Like that is only 100 years ago and when you are 50 like me it is not so long ago.

    Why wall street and banks took over, fed reserve in 1913, wall street trading, bucket shops, read book famous trader jesse livermore, read warren buffet books who realized trading on wall st is a game for suckers – hence his long term strategy. Depression – easy credit, leverage via bank loans and margin on stocks. WW2, blah, blah, more wars. savings and loan crisis, dot com, enron, glass-stegal repealed, 401k’s, ira’s, nobody saves anymore – money in stocks= savings, easy credit for home buying. All the while stocks go up and down. Pensions, bonds at the state level, bonds at the gov’t level, bonds at the global level.

    Bottom line is Wall Street is in on it all. USA is now what 40% financial services, hardly any manufacturing, flipp’in burgers, wash’in cars, etc.

    Sell’in shit, lemonade stands, garage sales, mak’in beer & wine, grown’in some stuff, porn on the net.

    All Wall Streeters mak’in big bucks and pay’in for a one night stand in NY. Political people all gett’in a pension, leave office, get a good consult job at some wall st related company.

    And at the bottom of it all is the majority are just try’in to make a living and do right. But the rules are so complicated and added every year.

    All the while the fuks on wall st get laid and do drugs. Heard it today on MSNBC or FOX, forget now.

    So while media points to 6 six pack who ain’t got noth’in and is just work’in, the real criminals make big bucks drive nice cars, and rip off the populace everyday. And they do drugs and drink and get whores, and call it ok.

  18. fooking with mortgages is so profitble i want to puke

  19. look at the volume on the JPM chart in the 2010 area as compared to the earlier years.

  20. Diane Jenkins—can you possibly give me your “genius” attorney’s info? I’m at


  21. @diane that must be why they tell us to be in eminent default before we can even apply for hamp. please let me know how find out if wells fargo alreafy got paid. thanks saving my home in floridah home of A pam bimbo

  22. to – I”m so tired – I have the best Attorney ever, she is a genius, and she “gets it”, Orange County judge still wants Tender, I already did Loan Audit, Secur Audit and now a Bloomberg Audit to hopefully show bank was paid after 120 days in Default. Chase’s lawyer wiped my loan number off the website, call it intuition – In California the Judge’s are enforcing the “Tender Rule” FULL FORCE to get us out of the courtroom – FAST – Diane

  23. If you know anything about the banks you are dealing with you know that the crime is very likely.

  24. I know Bank of America, is snooping in my email, I have seen their id floating around.

  25. thank you as always for your kind words Louie

  26. tnharry, when MS quit posting on this site it was a breath of fresh air, and then you came along and took over where he left off. You are obnoxious. Get a life.

  27. I’ve been hit twice; now on 3rd computer.

  28. Hey “The Cenk” quits MSNBC because the boys at Washington told him to calm it down:

  29. Jan: I remember reading about the BSDs in “Liar’s Poker.” Good for you for “swinging” for the other (consumer) side – lol.

  30. You may reasonably assume that the site hacking and worm planting is being done by techie employees at some bank (or possibly banks), typically low-level employees who are bored and do so with the tacit approval of their managers. In NYC, this is known as being a “big swinging dick,” an elephant king of the jungle that imperiously swooshes his big trunk back and forth while elbowing the little creatures on the jungle floor out of the way. Becoming a “BSD” is the holy grail of anyone who works in Manhattan. All those guys are into that in a huge way, no surprise. The BSD phenomenon accounts for most of the fraud perpetrated at banks; it is individuals attempting to out-perform (literally) their co-workers. The techie guys in the IT departments in the back are emulating what they see on the mortgage-trading floor. Hence, hacking and worm planting. I have a nice terry bathrobe given to me as a little inside joke with “BSD” embroidered on the pocket in gold letters; I hasten to assure, not as an expression on dimensional attributes, but as a commentary on slaying the Wall Street beast!

    When in doubt, sue the bums. You too can be a BSD.

  31. i am carie, thank you. i like to multi-task here while i’m on calls

  32. Having fun today with your little digs, tn? What else do you do with your life? Do you even have one? Or is this it for you?

  33. “Team Themis” [tasked by the Chamber of Commerce to come up with strategies for responding to progressive bloggers and others] also included a proposal to use malware hacks against progressive organizations, and the submission of fake documents in an effort to discredit established groups.

    HBGary was also behind a plot by Bank of America to destroy WikiLeaks’ technology platform, other emails revealed. The company was humiliated by members of “Anonymous” after CEO Aaron Barr bragged that he’d “infiltrated” the group.”

  34. wow – that one wins the prize for sure. comparing the mortgage mess to hitler’s genocide…..

  35. @not my husband and i were watching the history channel last night and a docu on the rise of the thir reich was on. it was intresting to me because i am a jew and my great grandparents both had the tatoos from the concentration camps. sbut i was not prepared dor what is saw and heard. what is happening before our eyes happened in germany in 1933. it is quite scary i woder what race they are going to after again. hitler closed the factories and people were starving no jobs the men had to join his army just to get food. do or die situation. women lrft alone with starving children.
    he burned down the germany’s parliment building hi 53 day in office as chancellor of germany. he scared everyone in to bowimg to him. we may not have government buildings burning but we sure have banking corporations that are lawless. above the law. they have taken over our government. one of the things hitler did to keep the people in the dark…………..stop all new papers and radio programs. hiummmmm if you thinlk about it we do not have a lot of media coverage about this mainstream. only that one 60 min story. yes we are being victimized. scary times everyday instead of getting true help to keep our homes we continue to receive bool shoot

  36. tnharry

    If you would be licensed to practice complex finance or business, you would know that there are no conspiracies.

    There are only cunning business strategies.

    Some have the skills to grasp them, like Neil. Others plod along or, to make themselves feel good at the expense of others, are $ock puppets.

  37. tnharry, It’s going to cost 60% more for streaming AND DVD’s….coincidence? I think not! (I had prof’s who would attest to that last part).

  38. Meant ot mention this before: results of random googles on Wells/attorney/fraud/mortgage etc. will eventually find you an ip that instantly corrupts your files and puts you in an inoperative state that requires shutdown/restart resulting in…….

    Don’t think they’re not watching and listening. They are also marginalizing the situation. They’re quite dismissive of the pro-se/sui juris petitioner.

  39. something was going on at stopforeclosurefrauds website for days.
    anyone know what happened?

  40. and let the conspiracy theorists begin…

  41. 2diane can you help how do you check to see if the bank has already been paid for the loan??? intresting., because i was told to default to qualify for hamp. which turns out to be bull shoot. noe i am in foreclosure now what. probably a scam to get us not use that mortgage intrest deduction becuase now we cant deduct anything. thta is highway robbery from the american people

  42. In addition to cyber-attacks and hacking, I am certain that the banks and others that may be involved in wrongdoing also monitor sites like this that expose their fraud. I don’t think it was just a coincidence that 30 minutes after I made a disparaging comment about my local law enforcement on this site that my aol account was compromised. The jack-booted thugs from the bank broke in to my house and robbed me…and the police department (guess I shouldn’t have named them) refused to even take a police report so my homeowners’ insurance would pay. The timing of the aol event right after making my comment here scared the crap out of me at the time.

  43. There is no doubt that cyberattacks are being carried out.

  44. Neil, I could log onto your site, but no other foreclosure website, I had scrolling errors on top of my screen, Diane in Laguna Niguel, oh, Chase screwed with my Bloomberg Audit and took out my loan number, I was hoping to show they were paid insurance $ so I wouldn’t have to do Tender.

  45. thank you ann

  46. Lynn E. Szymoniak, Esq., Ed., Fraud Digest

    July 20, 2011

    1. Who were the top mortgage document signers in the first half of


    2. Which trusts that closed in 2005, 2006 and 2007 repeatedly filed

    mortgage assignments signed and notarized in 2011?

    3. Who was the most prolific MERS Certifying Officer in the first half of


    Bonus Question: Which law firm used the following phrase instead of

    an actual date for the assignments:

    “At or before the ensealing and delivery of these presents the receipt

    whereof is hereby acknowledged…”



  47. Neil, thank you for all you do
    join the club they took out my computer with a worm. i had a anti viral downloaded called CA from my cable company then some how all of the sudden CA is gone i have AVG the computer i was using was my sons the one i am on present was not working. i thought my son downloaded the AVG so i didnt do anything. i didnt know it wasnt keeping my viruses away. then a worm hit and that was it. right in the middle of job search and foreclosure research. we were able to get the computer i am on by miricale and a new power cord thanks to the geek squad at best buy i am still on. so big middle finger to our cyber bullies they cant get us down lets keep up the fight. my other computer is going back still under warranty hah haha

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