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You guys have kept me going on this. The closest estimate is that we have some 100,000 pages of resource material — for free — on this blog. Thanks to readers who kept me in the loop I can say there have been tens of thousands of cases in which the homeowner has stayed in their home, eliminated or vastly reduced their debt and restored their dignity. I get letters every day that I can’t publish telling me that they used the material on this blog (thanks to all the contributors) and that everything looked bleak until the eve of trial when they received a settlement offer they could not refuse. They can’t tell me the terms but they are VERY pleased.


My job is far from done. There are 20 million active mortgages that in my opinion are factually and probably legally defective. There are close to 100 million transactions involving securitized mortgages that were originated, refinanced or supposedly satisfied where the parties, amounts, and satisfactions were false and defective — wild deeds in effect. The megabanks intend to keep their place at the top even if it means lying to everyone and forcing them to believe it. They publish financial statements that are entirely false as to presenting a true picture of the the bank on any given date because they assume the mortgages and mortgage bonds and other “hedge” or synthetic products have a value. They don’t. So on any given day where the equities of these megabanks are traded, the traders are using false information and taking risks they do not know exist.

The entire title system of all 50 states has been corrupted and the only way of truly correcting it using due process is to get the signature of either a homeowner (past, present or future) or a judge who will declare the status of title. Hedge fund managers see the opportunity and are getting ready to create and trade in securities heretofore nonexistent but brought to reality through circumstances created by the banks.

At this point in time, I don’t believe that a single “securitized” loan was ever securitized in fact and I don’t believe that a single foreclosure ever conducted involving a “securitized” loan is valid. I believe that every deed issued from such a foreclosure is a wild deed as worthless as a deed to the Golden Gate Bridge. All of them can be overturned and the legal title, in my opinion, has remained and will always remain in the name of the homeowner even if they think they were foreclosed and the house sold.

Increasing numbers of ex-homeowners have made this realization and have overturned judgments of eviction, unlawful detainer, foreclosure and sale. Right now the number of people is rising, contesting the rights of so-called “creditors” who are nothing but pretender lenders, but we still have 95% of people who get their notice of default and notice of sale who simply leave their home on the mistaken belief that they failed to pay a debt that was due. The debt, in my opinion, was not and never was due to the people who gave notice of default and notice of foreclosure and sale. The only creditor was the investor who has chosen to rip into the investment bankers who created this mess rather than fight with innocent homeowners.

SO I will continue on, and making a little bit more of a dent every day. With your help, support, comments and contributions we have made this the largest resource on the internet by far. Now it is time to turn it up a notch as we become the largest factor in the marketplace and start using economic power and the power of numbers to turn back the tide of bank fraud committed on every citizen of this country (and other countries), every homeowner and every taxpayer. Our government has been held hostage by the banks. Now it’s our turn.

The true patriots are the ones who support, promote, encourage and actually fight the fight. The true moral high ground lies with those who challenge injustice and won’t pay a debt that has already been paid several times over. Why should our precious wealth be given to banks as though they were entitled to it?

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  1. thank you neil, i was at your seminar in santa monica in august/september 2008 and EVERYTHING you stated has been proven to be true.

  2. Check out this guy- so true!

  3. Thank you Neil, for saving my life! I can’t fully explain because it is too emotional, but thank you.

  4. I forgot to say “thanks, Neil!” and BSE, good to hear you’re still around. Please accept my personal best wishes to everyone here. kicks said it best, and I would not be in my house had I NOT found this site 3 years ago. thanks for everyone’s hard work and the sharing and caring that goes on here.

  5. I think 100,000 of those hits are from me checking in 5 times a day for three years.

    I need to “get a life”.

  6. Ditto what everyone has said here, Mr Garfield. This site has been the best. A very special thanks for allowing us to sound off , communicate, and comment here.

  7. Thank You so , so , much for this site , and all of the great info and articles, and your insights. I live in san diego county, but i am mostly unemployed, working only a few hours a week, but still trying to keep my house. Aside from me purchasing the combo title and securitization analysis, can you recommend an attorney in san diego county who “gets it”, and would know what to do with the combo i purchase from your site ? Any info would be greatly appreciated ! thanks again.

  8. Thank you Neil. You have been a blessing to all Americans even if they do not realize it yet. keep up the good fight! I will continue to refer people to this site to find out the truth.

  9. Mr. Johnson,
    I have made a deal with a Law Firm in Atlanta Ga.. Just happens to be the Attorney that represented me at the closing of the home I still live in.
    The deal is this:

    Requirements, Purchase thee 2 items below.
    At Neil F Garfield’s web site at
    1. Purchase the Title, Report, Analysis, and Commentary.
    2. Purchase the Securitization Report, Analysis, and Commentary.
    3. Optional but I think is needed is a Forensic Loan Audit.

    I have found w/o an audit that the closing attorney, title company, and broker where all in on this together, they pocketed 1 whole year of Insurance proceeds, equal to $2,600.00 which included 3 months in advance for escrow.
    I intend to purchase the Audit when I will be able to pay cash for it.

    The Firm has 3 locations, and they are in Atlanta, San Francisco, and Washington DC. This arrangement is very new, and The Attorney in Atlanta has not had time to announce it to the Partners in the other locations.

    I have known Doug since 12/12/1988 and I have had multiple deals with him, a few legal things, (free advice mostly), and now he is the Attorney that represents me at this time. NOT FREE NOW.

    For now you can contact me at “”, and leave me your contact information and how far you are in the process. I will in the near future, provide a single point of contact as we all move along in protest and disgust for the CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST all of us.

    Anonymous Atlanta

  10. I have done everything I can to promote this site—because it honestly saved my sanity and my life. You are a TRUE hero, Neil. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  11. Neil,

    Most of us would never have gotten this far in our fight if it hadn’t been for you. You have been a lamp to our feet in this foreclosure fight.

    And I think a million of those visits were from me alone.

  12. “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and women. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered…. If there be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” ~Thomas Paine

    Timely words when originally spoken and timely words today.

  13. Thank you for your incredible work and the resources you provide. You are absolutely right, patriotism lies in the willingness of man to stand up for what is right and TRUE. Homeowner’s past, present and future all have a stake in this fight. In order for our economy and way of life to be restored to us, we must take a stand and fight. Nothing good comes easy, but it must be done lest we continue to fall prey to the casino gulag that currently has a hold on our great nation.

  14. Thanks to all. Keep up the fight. It is not over yet….

  15. Thank you as you have helped so many of us and continue to do so.Yes the work is far from over but we will prevail with connections and knowledge,THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! We are blessed to have you!

  16. Does anyone have any idea if a house was modified by the pretender lender stating MERS is the owner or the house ( know they cant be but Chase and MERS seems to think so), Fannie is also involved. Can this be addressed, possibly signing mod under coercion to save the home, basically felt forced to as I received the mod papers and the foreclosure notice a day apart, (interesting the way they scare the heck out of you and manipulate you) am I dead in the water as I have signed acknowledging, the debt of an underwater over inflated house. I am renting at this time in my mind as the title is too clouded and very limited funds to force the issue but do I have any recourse ? Anyone knowledgeable on this please?

  17. Thank you for all of your hard work and research. I am learning so much from you and look forward to reading every single blog that you post. Keep up the great work because we need you!!!!

  18. Kudos to Neil, 5m is a whole lot of visits. And even more kudos due to the fact that this site is remains ad free, thanks in no small part to the hard work and generosity of Neil Garfield. Anyone else would have tricked this site out with purple boas and high heels like a pimp on Broadway with site hit numbers like that.

    Mr. G, I would like to add one small point. I’ve run the math over and over, and I’m quite sure I was the 5 millionth visitor. If in fact there’s some sort of door prize, like…say…a free representation in court….I’d be happy to step up and accept your kind offer. It’s the least I could do.

    Thanks Neil.

  19. Yo Mr. Gar. Please hook me up with a livinglies attorney in the San Francisco Bay area who knows your stuff. I like my house and I don’t like the Banksters. Thanks, Ken Johnson 650 793-3838

  20. Neil, thanks to you I have been fighting the BANKSTERS since October 2007 when you started this BLOG. I was in court again yesterday and my Judge, #4 by the way, delayed our case for another 30 days so the defense could answer the court. To give you an idea of how you have made me a fighter GOOGLE: FRESNO HOSTS MORTGAGE FRAUD SUMMIT , watch the video and read the article. Then GOOGLE: FEDS HOSTS MORTGAGE SCAM SUMMIT. This event was held at the NEW FEDERAL BUILDING in Fresno, Sept. 29, 2010. It was 1 of 5 cities that the OBAMA MORTGAGE FRAUD TASK FORCE held throughout the Nation. Thanks to you I’m still in the game and the name of the game is winning and you can’t win unless you step up to the plate.Thanks again and keep up the good work !!!!!!!

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