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If your bank is represented by any of the following attorneys, or by a firm using the services of Lender Processing Services, Fidelity National Foreclosure Solutions, DocX, there is an excellent chance you have fraudulent affidavits. LPS (formerly FNFS and affiliated w/ DocX) is a notorious foreclosure affidavit mill out of Mendota Heights, MN and Jacksonville, FL. Read the back issues of their newsletter, The Summit, for a play-by-play description of robo-signing; the back issues are available on Find Max Gardner’s “Top 200 Signs you have a false document,” which will give you a (partial) list of the tell tale signs.
This is just a list of the firms who got awards or special recognition in the three back issues (Sept. ’06, Oct. and Dec. ’07) of the Summit I’ve been able to find; not a comprehensive list by any stretch, because not all firms got an award, and I only have three issues of the thirty or forty that were published.

No state:
Homecomings Foreclosure (GMAC?)

Alaska Trustee, LLC
AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Malcolm Cisneros
AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Trustee Corps.
Regional Trustee Services

AL, MS Dumas and McPhail, L.L.C.
Shapiro & Pickett, LLP
AL Scott J. Humphrey
Albertelli Law

Mickel Law Firm, PA * major award Oct’ 07
Robert S. Coleman, Jr., P.A.
Wilson & Associates, PLLC (article Oct. ’07)
Dyke, Henry, Goldsholl
Baxter and Schwartz PC

Malcolm & Cisneros
Tiffany & Bosco
Statewide Foreclosure Services
Folks & O’Connor, PLLC
AZ/NV/OR/UT/WA Law Offices of Les Zieve

Old Republic Default Management Services
Solomon Grindle Silverman & Spinella
Malcolm & Cisneros
Curtis Law Group
Quality Loan Service Corp
OPTION ONE (I think CA, see 12/07)
Fremont Investment and Loan Management
Aztec Foreclosure Corp
Old Republic Default Management Services

Aronowitz & Ford, LLP
Robert J. Hopp & Associates, LLC
Edwards & Taylor, LLC
Frascona, Joiner, Goodman and Greenstein
Janeway Law Firm, PC
Moss Codilis
Castle, Meinhold & Stawiarski
Hellerstine & Shore

Reiner, Reiner & Bendett (photos 12/07)
HUNT LIEBERT (now … Jacobson) * photos Oct. ‘06
CT/DC/MD/VA McCabe, Weisberg and Conway
Law Office of Martha Croog

Rosenberg & Associates, LLC
MD/DC/VA Bierman, Geesing & Ward, LLC
CT/DC/ McCabe, Weisberg and Conway
DC/VA Curran & O’Sullivan, PC

Draper & Goldberg
Whittington & Aulgur
Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor

Jonathan Kilne, PA
FL/PA Joseph H Ganguzza & Associates
David J. Stern, PA
Marshall C. Watson
Gary I. Gassel, PA
Law Offices of Daniel C. Consuegra
Ben Ezra Law Firm
Phillips, Flynn, Dareneau
Shapiro & Fishman
Smith, Hiatt & Diaz
Albertelli & Halsema (related to Albertelli Law in AL?)
Enrico Gonzales
Popkin & Rosaler

Ellis, Painter, Ratterree & Adams
McCalla, Raymer, Padrick, Cobb, Nichols & Clark
Shapiro & Swertfeger (photos Oct. ’06)
McCurdy & Candler, L.L.C.
Stites & Harbison
Richard B. Maner
Stephen J. Knezo
Albertelli & Halsema, PL
Flanagan & Ireland
Moore & Associates
Shuping, Morse & Ross

AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Malcolm Cisneros
AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Trustee Corps.
Pite, Duncan & Melmet

Belin, Harris, Lamson & McCormic
Dunakey & Klatt
Petosa, Petosa & Boecker

AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Malcolm Cisneros
AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Trustee Corps.
McCarthy & Holthus
Regional Trustee Services
Alliance Default Services

Kluever and Platt
Dutton & Dutton
Jaros, Tittle & O’Toole
IL/MI/OH/PA Weltman, Weinberg and Reis
Codilis & Associates * major award ‘07
Wirbicki Law Group
Heavner, Scott, Beyers & Mihlar
Fisher & Shapiro
Freedman, Anselmo, Lindberg & Rappe
“I received yesterday the letter and check regarding the Bankruptcy Incentive Award.
I am very proud of the work that my staff has done to get to this point. We are
striving to be in the top 10 nationwide. I fully understand that you do not need to
give out the incentive awards. I am very appreciated of this and in my way have
tried to use your incentive to create an incentive for my staff. We are going to use
the check to create a “lunch” fund to buy bagels, pizza and other foods.”
– Steven C. Lindberg, FREEDMAN, ANSELMO, LINDBERG & RAPPE October ‘06

Bleecker Brodey and Andrews
KY/IN/OH Reisenfeld & Associates
Nelson & Frankenberger
Feiwell & Hannoy
Foutty & Foutty
Doyle and Friedmeyer

Kozeny & McCubbin
Martin, Leigh, Laws & Fritzlen
Shapiro & Mock
Shapiro & Reid
South & Associates
Gallas & Schultz

KY/IN Reisenfeld & Associates
Manley Deas Kochalski, LLC
Reynolds & Thompson, LLP
Nielson & Sherry
Lerner, Sampson & Rothfuss
Clunk, Paisley and Assoc., PSC
Mapother & Mapother

The Boles Law Firm
Foreclosure Law Firm, LLC
Shapiro & Mentz
Dean Morris

Korde & Associates
Ablitt & Charlton
MA/NH/RI Orlans Moran PLLC

The Fisher Law Group, PLLC
CT/DC/MD/VA McCabe, Weisberg and Conway
MD/DC/VA Bierman, Geesing & Ward, LLC
Friedman & MacFadyen, PA
Cohn, Goldberg & Deutsch
Shapiro & Burson
Rosenberg and Associates

Shapiro & Morley, LLP

Potestivo & Associates
Trott & Trott (also listed as MN)
IL/MI/OH/PA Weltman, Weinberg and Reis
Orlans Associates
Fabrizio & Brook
Peter, Schneiderman & Associates

Usset & Weingarden, PLLP
Shapiro, Nordmeyer & Zielke, LLP. (wrote article December ’07)
Elizabeth Mason, PC
Murnane Brandt

Codilis, Stawiarski & Moody
Martin, Leigh, Laws & Fritzlen
Kozeny & McCubbin
Millsap & Singer
Sandberg, Phoenix and Von Gontart
South & Associates

Adams & Edens PA
Shapiro & Massey
Dyke, Henry, Goldsholl
AL, MS Dumas and McPhail, L.L.C.
Morris and Associates (a/k/a Morris Law Firm)
Morris, Schneider & Prior, LLC

AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Malcolm Cisneros
AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Trustee Corps.
Just Law Office
Mackoff, Kellogg, Kirby & Klos

Shapiro & Ingle
Morris, Schneider & Prior, LLC
Brock & Scott
Nodell, Glass & Haskell
Roberson, Haworth & Reese
Erwin, Simpson & Stroud

Kozeny & McCubbin
Eric H. Linquist

Harmon Law Offices, PC
Korde & Associates
Barron & Stadfeld, PC
Shechtman Halperin Savage, LLP
MA/NH/RI Orlans Moran PLLC
NH/VT Law Offices of Jonathan F. Weidman

Fein, Such, Kahn & Shepard
Zucker, Goldberg & Ackerman
Koury, Tighe, Lapres, Bisulca & Sommers
McCabe Weisberg
NJ/PA Stern & Eisenberg, LLP
Parker McCay

Little & Dranttel

Malcolm & Cisneros
Aztec Foreclosure Corp
McCarthy & Holthus
National Default Servicing Corp.
AZ/NV/OR/UT/WA Law Offices of Les Zieve

Jonathan D. Pincus
Shapiro & DiCaro
McCabe Weisberg
Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates
Ziccardi & Rella PC
Edward A/ Wiener, Esq.
Eschen, Frenkel & Weisman
Cohn & Roth
Steven J. Baum (in big trouble)
Berkman Henoch Peterson & Peddy, PC

IL/MI/OH/PA Weltman, Weinberg and Reis
Shapiro & Felty
(Cuyahoga County) Manley Deas & Kochalski
KY/IN/OH Reisenfeld & Associates
Luper, Neidenthal and Logan
Law Offices of John D. Clunk Co., LPA
Keith D. Wiener & Assoc.
Reimer, Lorber & Arnovitz Co.
Carlisle McNellie Law Firm
Gerner & Kearns Co., LPA

Lamun, Mock, Cunnyngham & Davis
Shapiro & Cejda
Kivell, Rayment and Francis

Shapiro & Sutherland, LLC * got major award in Dec. ‘07
OR/WA Bishop White & Marshal
AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Malcolm Cisneros
AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Trustee Corps.
Robinson Tait
Routh Crabtree Olsen
AZ/NV/OR/UT/WA Law Offices of Les Zieve

Shapiro & Kreisman
FL/PA Joseph H Ganguzza & Associates
Goldbeck McCafferty & McKeever
McCabe Weisberg (McCabe, Weisberg, Conway)
Shaffer & Scerni
Udren Law Offices
Zucker, Goldberg, Ackerman
Martha Von Rosenstiel
IL/MI/OH/PA Weltman, Weinberg and Reis
NJ/PA Stern & Eisenberg, LLP
Law Offices of Barbara A. Fein

Nicholas Barrett & Assoc.
MA/NH/RI Orlans Moran PLLC

Finkel Law Firm, LLC
Roger, Townsend, and Thomas (is it “Rogers”?)
Weston Adams Law Firm
McDonald McKenzie
SC, TN Brock & Scott, PLLC
Fleming and Whitt, P.A. (formerly Pearce W. Fleming Law)
Riley Pope & Laney
Bolen Law Firm

Mackoff, Kellogg, Kirby & Klos

Shapiro & Kirsch* wrote article Oct. ’06, photos Oct. ‘06
Apperson, Crump, Duzane & Maxwell PLC
SC, TN Brock & Scott, PLLC
Richard B. Maner, PC
Rodgers, Hill and Kolarich (Price, Rodgers, Hill & Kolarich)
McCurdy & Candler
Wilson & Associates

Winstead Sechrest & Minick P.C.
Hughes Watters Askanase (article 12/07)
AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Trustee Corps.
Robertson & Anschutz, P.C.
Barrett Burke Wilson Castle Daffin & Frappier
Baxter & Schwartz
Brice, Vander Linden & Wernick
Brown & Shapiro
Codilis & Stawiarski
Mann & Stevens * wrote article October ‘06
Kelly Harvey
AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Malcolm Cisneros

CMS Legal Services
David B. Boyce
Scalley, Reading, Bates, Hansen & Rasmussen
AZ/NV/OR/UT/WA Law Offices of Les Zieve

Shapiro & Burson
Friedman and MacFadyen
Sykes, Bourdon, Ahern & Levy
Samuel I. White P.C.
Specialized, Inc. of Virginia
Rosenberg & Associates, LLC
Glasser and Glasser, P.L.C.
MD/DC/VA Bierman, Geesing & Ward, LLC
CT/DC/ MD/VA McCabe, Weisberg and Conway
DC/VA Curran & O’Sullivan, PC

Lobe & Fortin
NH/VT Law Offices of Jonathan F. Weidman
Jeffery Kosterich & Associates, PC

Robinson Tait
AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Malcolm Cisneros
AK,HI,ID,MT,OR,WA,TX Trustee Corps.
OR/WA Bishop White & Marshal
Meridian Trust Deed Service
Quality Loan Service Corp.
Routh Crabtree Olsen
Shapiro & Sutherland
AZ/NV/OR/UT/WA Law Offices of Les Zieve

Vollmar and Huismann, S.C.
Gray & End (could be Gray & Assoc.)
Blommer Peterman

Law Office of D. Kevin Moffatt
Daniel J. Mancini and Associates

Castle, Meinhold & Stawiarski

Being in Florida and all, things are different. It was very good to see the Florida Bar publish this piece about attorneys whose clients file fraudulent docs in court. Attorneys are required to let the court know about fraudulent docs both pre- AND post-judgment. This is an especially powerful tool to use against the attorneys who aided and abetted this huge, staggering fraud by the banks, and this article can be used as a road map to file a complaint in Florida, and the logic can be used in every state.
Check this out!
Use this list and write in, blog, comment, and complain everywhere. Call your state’s Attorney General!
If lawyers are going to restore any shred of the respect they feel they deserve, they’d sure as heck better start policing their own! We’ve got an entire profession who is specially, rigorously, and expensively trained in the minutiae of right and wrong, and you’re telling me they didn’t know what was going on? Baloney. If you or me filed a fraudulent affidavit in court, what do you think would happen? Man, they’d put us under the jail. But when banks come in and their lawyers file phony affidavits by the truck load, does the sheer scale of the fraud make it OK?
Why has no one gone to jail yet?

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  1. Frenkel and Lambert SPS attorney are missing

  2. your missing Butler & Hosch a foreclosure mill in orlando

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  9. There working with Sovereign Ventures inside job to sell your place . it never hit the streets. And there name is on your deed the day it sale it happen me they was on the news today in calif

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  11. Douglas C. Zahm

    Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida

    (stealing properties also in miami dade)

    fraud note ( two notes), fraud assignment, fraud affidavits,fraud notaries even his own signature in some papers is different … of course is a MERS vice president too. pffffff…

    did i miss something???

    fake plaintiff : Midfirst Bank (midland mortgage co. the servicer)
    (official dog )
    Designated Counsel/Trustee
    Florida Foreclosures
    and Bankruptcies

  12. I am actually in need of talking to a foreclosure law firm. I don’t want to give up my house, it would be nice to see if there is anything they could do for me. I will have to check some of these places out!


  13. In 2009 RE/MAX and HEART Financial Services partner on new short-sale service.

    Heart Financial Services is affiliated with Shapiro & Fisher

    So, the Shapiro Mill fabricates documents, fraudulently forecloses on homes and … then they profitably negotiate your short sale? Wow, isn’t this conflict of interest?

  14. Well frankly, upon seeing this ‘old news’ (as tnharry) puts it. I was reminded of an email that we received last August from HUD stating that Citi had another Attorney on our case. That was NOT present at our first hearing, nor were their names anywhere on our paperwork. New and Old court cases.

    Upon doing my own investigation, as well as having one of the attorney’s on this list, put into evidence against us as ‘true and accurate’ in our court proceedings last year. I found that the Attorney that Citi was now wanting us to resend our payoff to. Is also fabricated and just a show of how far these attorney’s will go.

    You see Citi told HUD that the attorney’s were practicing in Maryland, yet gave a Georgia phone number, with a Maryland Address. The dept at which we were to send this ‘new’ pay off too, isn’t even a dept., that this company has, nor is the address anywhere in their directory, or do they even practice, nor handle Citi.

    I did my own investigation and guess what, Citi has once again used these attorney’s to fabricate paperwork. WHICH in turn helped us win our first case against Citi.

    Now that this list has been regenerated, I now have even more evidence to produce in our Courts that Citi is once again and will once again fabricate and perjer themselves in court.

    I don’t care if it is boarder line liable, THERE ATTORNEY’S ARE FAKES AND FRAUDS AND NOT CHECKING PAPERWORK BEFORE FILING FORECLOSURE PAPERWORK! You see tnharry, our house is paid off, the pay off was entered as evidence, yet we are once again in forclosure proceedings? Liable or not, this list needs to be re-generated for all the people who are now facing this nightmare and should not be on the ‘hit list’ of attorney’s to ruin our lives!.

    Thank you Neil for posting this and reminding me of more fraud being done by Citi and their attorneys…..

  15. Please add Mark Burkhardt, California

  16. you forgot to mention florida default law group. if i’m not mistaken, they were the first ones to be exposed in this scandel with erin cullaro whom also worked for the ag’s office at the time. she was moonlighting as a robosigner, even having dates suppoedly notarized even on days she worked at the ag’s. two places at one time, pretty tricky!! not to
    mention the usual incredibly different signatuers. plus, i don’t suppose it hurts to have family members on board to notarize the affidavits
    (lisa callaro), sister in law i think and a calluro gentalman who,s name escapes me, but is husband to one of the ladies and a well connected person. corrupt to the core…. p.s. that’s only a tiny part of the fraud
    in my lawsuit that i have been fighting and intend to until my dying day.

    if anybody has problems with the term moral hazard and still wish to keep there head in the sand, try thinking about your family, or freinds
    who may have clouded titles,who’s property will eventually get grabbed, (they’ll find ways to put people in default who have been paying religously forever) think of your children and what they’ll inherit out of this mess, mostly all the soldiers and their families who sacrificed
    so much(their everthing to keep our freedoms alive) and we’re about to lose it all to these weak, greedy,corrupt scum of the earth, bankers,
    politictions on their payroll and all their cohorts.., the mill lawyers, the
    brokers. the appraisers, the ratings agencies, where does it end?

    a couple tips i think Neil would agree with, (by the way, beyond excellent work Neil, thank God for you and a hand full of others)
    get a securitization audit from a reputable company,do some research or try 312-253-2109, or better yet listen to the archived radio
    program from 4closure on 07/09/2011. very informative.
    then, take this information to a qualified lawyer and your chances of keeping your home improve a 100 fold. if you’ve ever had an
    important mission in life, this is it. to qualify, you be an American who loves his country. as Lisa Eptein (ONE OF OUR COURAGES,
    TIRELESS CITIZEN WARRIORS, who by the is a RN who was on
    the site at ground zero on that horrific day, helping the injured,
    ignored folks. It won’t go away on it’s own, and the only results are,
    well actually I shudder the thought. But it’s us versus them. No matter
    your skin color, your religous beliefs, your age, or your status. It
    affects all of us. Good luck people. Love to all the good guys and
    gals. Signing off.

  17. phelan hallinan & smeig in nj and pa

  18. lol. All my previous posts the past two years were about the fraud of a different house. I only just found out about the one down the street a few days ago. I just literally found out about it.

    The bottom line is that the banksters are pretending to have these rights, to take the homes of Americans, based on a scam of build em up (prices) and crash the market. They want to wipe out the middle class, of which includes a great many Jewish people, including jewish friends of mine.

    And some call this theory crazy?

    And the very bottom of the paper… is that a forgery is a nullity. Nothing changes this.

    Fraud is fraud, and me being a conspiracy nut is besides the point.
    Just because I might be some crazy writer, does not give my husband the rights to conspire to forge my name, nor does it give the bankster the right to take that property with no due process, based on these forged documents that purport that “I gave up my spousal rights to the property” Especially, when they should have know it was a forgery.

    (This is not about me,) but what person out there thinks that it is right that Indymac and K. Hovnanian can “attach” missing notarizations to Deeds of Trust, that are probably forged. On a deal that the FDIC said was virtually blackmail, as the buyer tried to cancel the FDIC said. (He had lost income, when it came time to close.)
    Then they go into a NY Court and get a default judgment of over ONE MILLION, on this poor bastard. On forged notarized documents.

    Yea, call me crazy. Join the club!

  19. Also…….
    MA, CT, RI, NH – Harmon Law Offices

  20. click her link Louie – at least she’s refrained from invoking the freemasons, the jews, and the illuminati in these posts. and you call me the crazy one….

  21. have it your way Martha. all of your posts (including on other threads) have discussed the forgery and fraud and how you “discovered” your name on these other properties. all i’m saying is that you appear to want the benefit of these other properties while still complaining of the fraud in their acquisition. either their purchase was valid or not, but choose one and stick with it. that you have also commented that your current property has been transferred to Humpty Dumpty is also highly illustrative if your overall credibility.

  22. Martha let me say it for you. Tnharry is a phony.Don’t listen to him. He claims to be a lawyer and he’s not. He is a fraud.

  23. RE: the Tnharry post below
    “But Martha, you have a remedy. You can contest the assessed value with the tax assessor. There’s a procedure for that. All the fraud/forgery talk is a red herring for that issue. As to the other property – if you admit it is ill-gotten gain by virtue of fraud and forgery, then you also admit you have no rights in it. You can’t have it both ways.”

    I never said it was ill gotten, now that is a red-herring. Why would you assume that? I only said MY NAME was forged to a release of interest in it.
    It was my community property.
    Where would you think it was ill gotten. I have the checks used for the purchase. They came out of my community property.

    Analyze one step at a time.
    You cannot simply state I am not damaged, as I’am, if what I say is true.

    My community property was taken without notification to me, or my release of interest. Fact.
    Multiple persons and entities conspired to do this. Fact.

    If husbands were allowed to conspire with Notarys and nilly-willy forge wives names to releases, and then let someone else take the property, why then there would be no teeth to the community property laws.

    I can establish I own the property by evidence. Fact. The loans were taken on it after I acquired equitable title. Fact.
    The law is the law, and this is black and white it seems to me.

    One cannot simply come to the conclusion I have no rights to the property without a full evaluation of the facts.

    I only know it was conveyed to my husband for good and valuable consideration. Fact.
    Then my name was forged to a release of interest.

    He married me. and EVERYTHING he owns is equitably mine! I would never ever sign a release on a home to him without a huge settlement in a divorce.

    As to the rest… somethings are better off left unsaid.

    And no I cannot contest the value with the assessor if the settlement statements are fraudulent, as the FBI said, I have nothing to contest them with. Nothing to show the true price yet, as all the documents were altered, ala the exact thing the FDIC found.

    Until the facts come out, I do own this property, as a forgery is a nullity… you learned that the first semester right?

  24. But Martha, you have a remedy. You can contest the assessed value with the tax assessor. There’s a procedure for that. All the fraud/forgery talk is a red herring for that issue. As to the other property – if you admit it is ill-gotten gain by virtue of fraud and forgery, then you also admit you have no rights in it. You can’t have it both ways.

    And was was that about Humpty Dumpty anyway? Have you conveyed your property somehow?

  25. Tn, Actually you are incorrect. I have a document from LA county that tells me 99% of the time, the assessed value comes from the “preliminary transfer report” that the builder submits.

    As for using COMPS. The FDIC proved (case below) all the comps were frauds, as the builder was adding in “FAKE CREDITS” after the sales so they could claim the prices were higher- in concert with INDYMAC.

    They did 100% loans, then added in fake credits, and sold the sack of Sh*t as 80% or under. All without the knowledge of buyers.

    This is why the comps kept going up.

    The assessor has told me the value came from the report the builder submitted.

    This report the builder submitted was fraudulent.
    LA County tells me I can bring in my settlement statements, to argue, but they were fraudulent and the price changed after this by the builder in a continued pattern of fraud, that shows in the e-mails submitted in FDIC v. K.Hovnanian.

    The FBI knows the statements were fraudulent, and this was when they told me I was defrauded.

    about the “other secret home” Last I Iooked CA was a community prop state. If I legally owned a home, and the spousal release was forged, and there was no actual sale to a BFP on a trustee sale, as they purposely kept it secret… what then.

    If you found out you had a release of interest forged on a home, and there was no default, and it was sitting down the street, what would you do.

  26. but third parties don’t affect the value of the home for the tax assessor’s figures. the tax assessor frames his or her own value for tax purposes, and doesn’t rely upon all of those perpetrators you are referring to. you’re not going to like this statement, but it seems like you’re chasing shadows. if no one’s asserting anything against your house and you’re pursuing this on behalf of all of the other people potentially defrauded i think you’re upsetting yourself needlessly.

    i don’t understand the parts about humpty dumpty and richard fine. what did that mean?

  27. Tn, There was a NOD filed in 2009, that I dispute (there are NO DEFAULTS, we all know!)

    My name was forged on the recorded DEEDS OF TRUST.
    I did not sign the RECORDED ones!

    On the expired NOD the APN number matches my original grant deed, which is also the SAME APN on about five other houses!

    but…the NOTS has a different APN, the APN that I am taxed under.

    So is anyone trying to take this box of wood? I don’t really know. The NOD is expired, and I have declared the Deeds of Trust forgeries.

    There is no pending sale that I am aware of.

    The bottom line is the Deeds of Trust are forgeries.
    Is there an equitable lien? Possibly, but it’s undetermined in my opinion at this point.

    The house is not legally in my name any more. Humpty Dumpty has an interest in it. Richard Fine is named as a Trustee, among others.

    The damages issue is the key to it all. All across America.

    However, if someone fraudulently increased the stated value of my home to the tax assessor, that I cannot dispute according to LA County, and I have to pay taxes on that $40,000 due to the fraudulent increase. Is this not damages?

    What is the legal threshold. Show me a case.
    I must pay that increased tax, due to the fraudulent increase, and the fraud of the Defendants, or the home gets sold for taxes.

    If my name was forged intentionally, of which caused me severe emotional distress, and they conspired with my husband to present fraudulent applications and documents to me in inducement, to sign fake documents that *they would destroy) substituting the forgeries…

    and then they forged my name to another document, a “spousal release of interest” on the other home, and kept the loans secret, and the property from my knowledge intentionally…off the public records.
    How am I not damaged.
    My doctors think I am severely damaged by this fraud, as it caused flashbacks from childhood trauma (won’t go into this here.. it’s in my book, but it’s very connected)

    How am I not damaged?
    BTW My husband insists he was framed, but I just cannot be certain, as the FBI did say” husbands usually do this sort of thing.”

    I guess he will need to prove it in front of a JURY!

  28. .

    Where are the biggest perpetrators, FLORIDA DEFAULT LAW GROUP ????


  29. @Martha, I still don’t understand your problem. It sounds like no one’s trying to take your home. I hope that’s correct for your sake. As to the other fraud, it sure sounds like the ex-husband was in on the fraud and forgery. If no one’s trying to get your house, i would have to agree with the court to some degree – you may not have damages. Kudos for fighting, but you can’t fight other people’s fight for them.

  30. Tnharry.

    Nope, I still feel sorry for myself.
    As to filing suit.

    May: filed complaint. I think the two “Ghost loans” I found in my husbands name were “refinances” on my Farnham ct. home. I know the sales price was upped by $40,000 and the Deeds of Trust forged.

    June: FBI tells me “You were defrauded” They withhold the truth of how from me.

    July: filed FAC

    August: Someone takes a copy in and filed it to prejudice me.
    September. Filed SAC. Judge is outraged I filed a duplicate complaint, despite my insistence and a filed declaration that I did not.

    December: half the crooks are dismissed on Demurrer, as judge tells me I am not damaged, despite my tax payments being illegally increased by the fraudulent sales price, and my claim of forgery –(and an expensive expert opinion on declaration) and severe mental distress. (I am now under doctors care, here in 2011)

    A nut job is the consensus.

    DEC 29th, despite NO ORDER BEING SIGNED I file a request for reconsideration, set for January 18th,but then realized I filed it with too short of notice.

    The Judge signed the order the day I filed the request.

    15 days later on
    January 13th, at what was supposed to be supposed to just a case management hearing,. My car is tampered with. I can’t make the hearing.

    The judge advanced the motion despite my absence, and continued it to Feb 3d.
    I called that day to take it off the calendar for the 18th, as I did not know it had been advanced.

    Feb 3rd. I appear at the case management hearing. I still had no idea they had advanced it, as I though I had took it off calendar.

    Judge upset I am pro per still. No lawyer wants to fight the LA county Court.
    Or take my case as they will get blacklisted.

    I refilled a motion for reconsideration for March 25th,
    March 9th, KHAM files a motion for sanctions, and despite not once PERSONALLY SERVING ME… They toss it on my door step in 55 mph winds, when they knew I would be in LAS VEGAS FOR A WEEK!

    March 24th, I WITHDRAW the motion, and I NOTIFY all.
    March 25th, I think this is only a case management hearing now, but the Judge tells me she will hear the motion I withdrew, as it was too late, and that she will rule my motion to quash service is too late, as it should have been heard before today.

    I object. I object to NO PERSONAL SERVICE.
    Judge tells me “I can’t keep dragging these people in here!”
    I object. She sanctions me $5500 anyway, and tells them they can submit a new revised “request” and she will sign whatever amount they submit.

    I obtain a transcript, This is all in there.

    June, I serve my husband a summons, and feel he is acting in conspiracy with them.

    I am served a “motion to request summary judgement” scheduled for August 4th,by FATIC, a party I did not sue! (I sued FATCO)

    July 2nd, I receive an anonymous tip that the two loans that BOFA said are my husbands are actually for a DIFFERENT HOME HE BOUGHT IN SECRET, right down the street!

    I e-mail Bobby Finlay. A simple message. “How many other homes do I own?
    A day later, I get a voicemail. The are requesting an ex-parte hearing to advance the motion to July 5th, (I will be out of town)

    I keep my plans, as the Court will do whatever it wants, despite no service on me, and despite my objections.

    July 5th,
    I am not there, but a different judge DENIES THE MOTION!

    They RUSHED in as they knew…that I found out about the OTHER HOME!

    I am in severe distress, and I find I am not the only victim. I really need a lawyer, but the system is so corrupt… who can be trusted?

    The lawyers are the crooks it seems.


  32. The fraudclosure investigation is turning into the biggest whitewash:

    Of course, most of us expected that.

  33. Nice one Martha – at least you’ve stopped feeling sorry for yourself. Now try to channel some of that into some self-help and file suit

  34. Need to add Korn Law firm to SC Foreclosure Mills listing

  35. And here’s a few more involving AZTEC FRAUDCLOSURE CORP:

  36. I just googled “Aztec Forclosure Corp fraud” and found this scribd:

  37. Tnharry,

    If I say “there is an excellent chance” that your an ass. Is this libelous?

  38. Give me a break, tn–

    My foreclosure mill is Aztec Foreclosure in California…I disputed the hell out of everything and they are ignoring me now ’cause they know I’m on to them…a-holes…

    Here’s another thing to to stoke the outrage fire:

  39. live in massachusetts? im starting a movement to fight the fraud, one small step at a time .

  40. This is good. Now, we need to do something about them. Why are they still in business???

  41. dano… I have done with an individual lawyer who is in the ethics board of the state bar association with unethical “repugnant” behavior… Guess what happened. They do nothing. I am waiting for another evidence after the depo of a certain case….. Stay tuned.

  42. […] Livinglies’s Weblog Filed Under: Foreclosure Law News, Foreclosure News Tagged With: crisis, foreclosure, […]

  43. dan-o: nobody will do anything to defend the homeowner. take charge, study, file a lawsuit.

  44. Thanks for the list….

    I have a friend who sold the house that they have the loan with WFC… WFC used Barrett Burke Wilson Castle Daffin & Frappier in Texas to threaten to foreclose on the house that they have already sold…. I remember this company because I called them to see what kind of law firm they are. I am going to forward this to my friend.

  45. Slow news day? C’mon…
    See Wells Fargo…. and then…..

    HARTFORD, Conn. — Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal is calling on federal and state officials to look into lapses in how home foreclosures are being conducted.

    Blumenthal and several other lawmakers recently wrote to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, urging them to work with state attorneys general to investigate various foreclosure-related issues, such as alleged improper home seizures, lapses in tracking paperwork, questionable signing of legal documents and the use of inexperienced workers.

    Blumenthal and some mortgage foreclosure advocates have scheduled a news conference Monday at the Legislative Office Building. They plan to discuss the questionable practices affecting homeowners at risk of foreclosure.

  46. Monday 11 July 2011


    Your frustration is understandable. The system is rigged, rotten to the
    core…a reality. The Bar is one place where not to go complaining of
    fraud. It is akin to the fox guarding the henhouse.

    The area of FC is a money pit for lawyers and banks. It ain’t going to
    change much, if at all.

  47. Dan-O

    I agree. If you are upside down on your house like me nearly $ 250,000
    You are faced with 3 choices. As follows:

    First continue to pay on something that does not exist and watch your neighborhood harbor fugitives listed on America’s Most Wanted List. The banksters get your money no matter they will not modify your loan.

    Second – Stop your payment and ruin your credit. Therfor the banksters if they give you a loan will be nothing but usury.

    Third – You can be a patriot, stop you mortgage payment and fight these dirty ass bastards.

    Second –

  48. you know whats interesting? i called the massachusetts bar about orlans and moran (listed above as a foreclosure mill) using false/forged/fraudulent documents and the guy i talked to said there isnt much they can do until i prove in court that they did something wrong. i showed him all of my evidence which clearly points to a pattern and stil got nothing. unbelieveable. no one wants to stop these fraudsters. not the ag, not the state, no one. its unreal. no matter how much proof you have a fraud they dont want to get involved. the ag told me because i am an individual there is nothing they can do. i dont want to throw my hands up in the air but jesus. there is a list of about 4 laws this firm and their clients probably broke not once but many times in my case alone, and i get nothing. wow. just wow.

  49. It looks like Moss Codillis may have some trouble in TX now under FDCPA and the TX version as well per that link cubed2k posted earlier. I’ve had several bad experiences with them in the past. They’ve also represented Ocwen – one of the worst of the bunch.

  50. Monday 11 July 2011

    The debt collectors, codillis, is the one that opted to withdraw from
    my self-defended FC case, after 4 1/2 years.

  51. I see NY was left out, so here you all go:

    Fein, Such & Crane (aka Fein, Such, Kahn & Shephard) LLP

    Steven J. Baum, P.C.

    Shapiro, DiCaro & Barak

    Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates

    McCabe, Weisberg & Conway

    Stein, Wiener & Roth

    Cohn & Roth

  52. recycling some really old content today Neil? actually this is borderline libel. saying that any of these firms’ mere involvement in your case equals a high chance of fraudulent documents just isn’t supported. admittedly, there are lots of names on here that you can recognize from the cases, posts, etc., but there are just as many that aren’t in the news everyday. The inclusion of the Stern firm in FL shows how old the list is in my opinion…

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