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EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s frustrating. Many of us did the math and came up with the only possible conclusion. State and local governments would default, starting now, in increasing numbers. They default on essential, social and other services leaving he citizens without any government at all. We wanted it to stop before it came to this. But for reasons that defy rational thinking, very few people are willing to connect the current economic crisis with the fall of the housing market, despite the fact that the housing industry has been a bell-weather for the economy for many decades.

If the housing crisis was a slump caused by the common economic factors of demand (over-exuberance) and supply (over-building) fueled by negligent lending practices we could say with some assurance that it will simply play out and we will recover. But we are not recovering and things are getting worse — all because the Wall Street banks are not being held to task for committing the largest fraud in world  history and because the fraud is continuing in the form of bogus foreclosures with bogus auction sales, depriving middle America of the last vestige of economic power in what is hailed as a free-market economy.

States don’t have a chance of recovery. Their status is that they were robbed of their treasury by investments in bogus mortgages bonds, pillaged by the illusion of a housing boom in which they made commitments that could not be sustained because the housing market was doomed, and deprived of revenue from employed workers, small business success, and tax and fee evasions, amounting to billions of dollars in each state. Arizona lost a minimum of $3 billion according to government experts there and yet they are gridlocked on whether to collect the taxes, fees and fines together with the damages caused to the state budget by the Great Securitization illusion.

None of this needs to happen, although we have gone so far kicking the can down the road that some of the damage is irreparable. States could recover in an instant if they applied their resources to the enforcement of taxes, fees, fines and damages using existing law. Their budgets, while damaged, could be restored to normal levels in a normal recession.

But this is not normal recession and there is no free economy. Wall Street banks grabbed control of our government at the Federal, State and local level using a scheme so complex that they could claim anything they wanted to claim — including using state non-judicial and judicial proceedings to effectuate t he largest illegal land grab in history. This will go down in history as not only the largest fraud ever committed, and the largest ceding of power to the business sector, but the largest for all time to come as well. There won’t be another one like this for 500 years.

People ask me why the law isn’t being applied. Even the most unsophisticated consumer understands that if they tried to use a straw-man at the closing of a transaction without disclosing what they were doing the other party to the transaction (the banks in this case) would cry foul, refuse to complete the transaction and probably refer the matter for criminal prosecution. Yet if the perpetrator is a bank, the rules are suspended, the law is not applied, and the continuing devastation of our society continues.

The Banks have the ear of government. They say that no matter how badly they acted, they should not be brought down because if they are, the entire financial system will collapse. Not true. The entire financial system consists of both huge entities crossing international borders and at least 7,000 large and small community banks and credit unions with the exact same access to electronic services, ATM convenience and every other aspect of commercial banking.

The sky is falling because the Banks are getting away with it and they continue to suck the life-blood out of our economy, changing our society forever, if we let them. Those public servants who fear their jobs will disappear if they take action are mistaken. They are dealing with a group of people without conscience and without any regard for the nation’s vital economic and security interests. They will use their tactics of undermining the narrative and preventing the application of basic law to achieve their aims. It is up to borrowers, collectively, to correct the damages because government won’t do it, even if it means, like in Minnesota, that they waive their claims against the perpetrators of this fraud.

This is why I have sponsoring a group that is forming a cooperative that will save America using conventional means to inform consumers that they have remedies, that opposing the banks is a a deeply moral act of advanced citizenship. And through this Cooperative, members will be able to meet those who are offering help, assistance and services to defeat the final corruption of our society starting with the corruption of title.

Is your title safe? The answer is no. Is the economy safe? The answer is no. Are we secure from unreasonable search and seizure? No. Are we protected by due process. No- not if the banks are the ones taking our liberties and privileges away despite a constitution that, once upon a time, promissed a country that would be governed by a nation of laws, not men.

No End in Sight as Minnesotans Grapple With State Shutdown


ST. PAUL — The state of Minnesota screeched to a stop on Friday.

State parks were barricaded, and campers, Boy Scout troops and everyone else were sent on their way.

Heading into a holiday weekend in a state that savors its summers outdoors, licenses for fishing, hunting, trapping, boats and ATVs were unavailable for purchase. And all around the State Capitol — the place where all the troubles began — the streets were eerily empty and official buildings locked, plastered with hand-taped signs that offered a gentle explanation: “This building is closed until further notice due to the current state government service interruption.”

Right up to the midnight deadline on Thursday, Minnesotans, who have been known to boast of their professional, efficient government, had held out hope that the state’s divided leadership could reach a deal on how to solve a looming budget deficit. But in the end, the fundamentally different fiscal approaches of the Republicans and the Democrats here did not change, and Minnesota began its broadest shutdown of services in state history with no end in sight.

“Now we’re just waiting and hoping this will be short-lived,” said Mark Crawford, the manager at Lake Maria State Park who on Thursday had to inform scores of campers that they needed to pack up and leave and then, on Friday, became one of 22,000 state employees out of work without pay. “We’ll have to change our lifestyle for a little bit,” said Mr. Crawford, who is 60 and has worked in the parks for 35 years.

Since 2002, there have been six such shutdowns around the nation, including one in 2005 in Minnesota. Some lasted a few hours, others for days. But this time, the two sides appear far apart, the anger is palpable, and no one is confident of a quick resolution. By Friday evening, a spokeswoman for Gov. Mark Dayton, a Democrat, said no negotiations had been scheduled for the holiday weekend.

“There’s a lot of concern about whether this is going to be for a weekend or whether it will stretch into August,” said Liz Kuoppala, the executive director of the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless, which, along with a long list of other groups (on behalf of people with H.I.V., battered women, mentally ill Minnesotans) pleaded on Friday before a retired State Supreme Court justice who has been designated to consider exceptions to the state financing freeze. “Part of the hardest part for people in the homeless shelters and elsewhere,” she said, “is not knowing what’s going to happen and what’s going to be paid for and what’s not.”

In a way, the standstill here may have begun last November, when the voters turned power in St. Paul upside down and picked leaders whose ideas about budgets, even during the campaign, could not have been more different from one another.

Republicans, who took control of both chambers of the Legislature for the first time in almost four decades, called for reining in spending as a way to pull the state’s budget, facing a $5 billion deficit, into control. But Mr. Dayton, who became the state’s first Democratic governor in 20 years, called for collecting more in income taxes from the very highest earners to spare cuts in services to Minnesota’s most vulnerable residents.

As the state’s new budget year approached, the opposing sides had negotiated privately, day after day, under a polite “cone of silence,” in which no one shared a peep about what the other side was asking for.

All vows of silence — and politeness — had vanished by Friday after talks fell apart and Minnesota found itself the only state in the nation closing down. At least 45 states had agreed to spending plans by Friday, officials at the National Conference of State Legislatures said, and the handful of states still finishing their work did not appear at risk of shutdown.

The entire episode left some Minnesotans baffled, posing questions to anyone they came across on Friday. Were highway rest stops open? (No.) Were courts open? (Yes.) Was the Minnesota Zoo open? (No.) Was the local swimming pool open? (Yes; only state functions were affected.)

Even as the state found itself with no approved budget, certain state services deemed essential never stopped. State police patrol and prison operations went on, as did payments to the state’s schools and payments for food stamps, welfare benefits and some programs for the disabled.

Other social services programs, though, including assistance for child care and some services for the blind, had received no such exemption as of Friday, officials said. Nor did the state’s lottery, racetracks, or about 100 road construction projects that were already under way around Minnesota. Torn-up patches, marked only by lonely orange cones, were common sights on Friday.

But even within state agencies, officials found themselves sorting through what must keep going and what ought not. Most prison guards stayed put, for instance, but the state Department of Corrections said it was ending family and volunteers’ visits and yoga classes for prisoners and — if the shutdown lasts long enough for service to lapse — prisoners will see no more cable television.

For many here, though, the largest question was how Minnesota’s leaders might ever reach some accord.

For all the talk of compromise and suggestions by Republicans at one point on Thursday that a deal might be close, it appeared by Friday that the central philosophical divide — between holding the line on spending and raising taxes to maintain services for those most in need — had never really been crossed. Each group retreated to its own side.

“This is a night of deep sorrow for me because I don’t want to see this shutdown occur,” Mr. Dayton told reporters shortly before the midnight deadline on Thursday. “But I think there are basic principles and the well-being of millions of people in Minnesota that would be damaged not just for the next week or whatever long it takes, but the next two years and beyond with these kind of permanent cuts in personal care attendants and home health services and college tuition increases.”

That evening, hundreds of protesters demanding a solution to the impasse gathered outside the Capitol, and Republican lawmakers, describing themselves as discouraged and disheartened, held what some described as a “sit-in” in their chambers urging the governor to call a special session so some state services might be kept running temporarily.

“We’re talking about runaway spending that we can’t afford,” Kurt Zellers, the Republican House speaker, said. “And we will not saddle our children and grandchildren with mounds of debts with promises for funding levels that will not be there in the future.”

David Maki-Waller, 41 and a resident of Northfield, was also thinking of his children on Friday, but of a more immediate problem: how to keep the four of them (15, 11 and 8-year-old twins) entertained over the long weekend now that the family’s reservation to camp at Frontenac State Park — secured months ago — had been canceled along with everyone else’s.

“They’ve been asking me for a Plan B,” Mr. Maki-Waller said. “What are we going to do this weekend? I don’t know. Everyone wanted to go camping.”

Lori Moore contributed reporting from New York.

39 Responses

  1. edgetraderplus,

    No great mystery. Subprime “loans” were 100% refinances — that means someone else owned before — but, subprime loans did not qualify for traditional securitization. Thus, GSEs could not purchase — (however they did purchase the false securities related to the eventual securitization of subprime cash flows). Culprits needed to get actual mortgages out of GSE hands — so that bank/debt buyer could refinance what GSE could not.

    As to courts —they have not been provided all information.

    But, do what you want. Cannot divulge more. Sorry. Good luck.

  2. Wednesday 6 July 2011


    Thank you for taking the time to provide an “answer.”

    >…nearly ALL subprime loans were refinances…likely NO
    > new “mortgages”…only a modification of already (falsely)
    > classified default debt.

    Until/unless that kind of speculative statement can be proven,
    it is a uselss assertion to make. There is no defendant who
    could even begin to make such a claim in any FC case.

    That clears it up.

    One thing you should know about judges, carie, and I have
    been in court with several judges over the past four years;
    they do not give a damn, for the most part, about any
    defendant defending him/herself. They know more than you
    may think, and they also know how to control any case for the
    plaintiff’s advantage.

    No judge will “win” a case for anyone defending on thier own.
    The presentation must be clear that the plaintiff cannot win.
    Even the best case, poorly presented, will lose.

    A case can still be won, but that is the lay of the land
    going in.

  3. carie- all ‘refis’ came with fees for the ‘mortgage’. Of course, the mortgage was just a charade. So the fees were illegal. sorry my computer keys keep freezig up more later.

  4. The challenge is to figure out how to EXPOSE the lies that the servicers and pretender lenders (and others) have been “getting away with” for far too long…and make it understandable for the JUDGES!!!
    And then of course, hope that your judge is not corrupt…or stupid.

  5. @ edgetrader

    …nearly ALL subprime loans were refinances…likely NO new “mortgages”…only a modification of already (falsely) classified default debt. This is why there was no need for “funding”—as to “shell” trusts. Cannot “fund” already classified default debt—no need to fund. Only funding was for “excess cash” by the subprime refinance. All that occured in subprime refinances—was a transfer of servicing rights to a modified “default loan”.

    …above quote from ANONYMOUS posted on May 9, 2011 at 6:11 pm.

  6. Wednesday 6 July 2011


    If this has been answered before, then Anonymous should be able
    to point to where the explanation is. “It ain’t easy” is not an answer.
    I have not seen a discussion on the premise that “subprime mortgages
    are not mortgages” as a presentable argument.

    If they are not, as has been stated, there must be a basis for making
    the statement, otherwise, it is a basless statement to make. When I
    posed this question before, no one else had any answer or said the
    matter had been previously addressed, and at the time it was posed,
    I had no idea of the source.

  7. @edgetrader—ANONYMOUS has answered these questions before…he probably gets tired of repeating himself…I think he should write a little handbook explaining everything and sell it…I would buy it! So far I’ve been just printing out his answers and compiling my own little handbook. I like the way he explains things carefully so that a lowly layperson like me can understand…mostly.
    Anyway, being able to “prove” all this stuff in court before a judge is what this site is all about…the short answer is…it ‘aint easy…because the judges don’t want “side” with the homeowner…

  8. Wednesday 6 July 2011


    On a recent thread, I mentioned that someone said
    subprime mortgages were not considered mortgages,
    and did anyone have further information? It appears
    that you may have been the source, given the recent
    quote from you:

    >Subprime mortgages are not mortgages — they
    >are invalid and fraudulent unsecured debt
    >collection — to already false default debt.

    In what way does one go about proving that? Were
    that possible, it could cause a rupture in any “lender’s”
    ability to foreclose.

  9. carie,

    Yes — it is a lie. But, servicers have been getting away with numerous lies. And, even if the cash flows to the fake mortgage loan were at one time “assigned” to trust, the security investors to that trust never owned the collection rights to the fake mortgage loan itself. .Once the cash flows cease, the security investors entitled to nothing.

  10. ANONYMOUS—before you go—please:

    My IndyMac servicer said in an email to me: “Your loan is in such and such securitization trust which is owned by Deutsche Bank and we are the servicer…”
    Question: Because the trust is not only empty but the “fake loan” was never even transferred to a securitization trust, isn’t this email documentation a blatant lie and a potential “smoking gun” for me if I need it?”

  11. Ok, ANONYMOUS…I understand…thanks for the input…I appreciate it.

  12. carie

    Because I am dealing with issue that is under current investigation — and precluded from speaking further. Not really back — just checking in once in awhile to see if going in right direction here. Two most recent posts by Neil — very important.

    Nevertheless — I have been telling it like it is – here — for a long time.

    Subprime mortgages are not mortgages — they are invalid and fraudulent unsecured debt collection — to already false default debt. Borrowers were in false default before they even signed on dotted line for a new so-called mortgage refinance. Every single subprime mortgage is bogus — which makes every single foreclosure related to a subprime/alta a/jumbo loan — false and fraudulent.

    No money passed in refinance — no loans paid off. No valid mortgage currently exists.

    Once everyone starts digging into “debt collection investors” — and NOT security investors — the bottom will fall out.

    This is why “security investors” are winning. Details of their settlements — never divulged.

    But, think about it — why would security investors have such large monetary damages IF they still had claims to the property??? They do not — they only had claims to cash flows derived from — what is now being established — fraudulent debt collection — fraudulently securitized derived cash flows.

    The bottom is coming — just taking the courts extra long time to — get it.


  13. tnharry,

    No one should make money off this mortgage mess period. This is not the time to act like a business man. I’m not getting pulling Neil out I’m pulling everyone out.

  14. Tuesday 5 July 2011

    Fellow H:

    If you have done any reading of articles here, you should know
    that the likelihood of the trustee “selling” your house has the
    proper standing to do so is next to nothing, and, as a consequence,
    you can challenge the confirmation of sale on that basis, if you do
    your homework and prepare.

    You can often get a “win” at the lat minute, where one may
    not have been available beforehand.

    Just a thought, before you give in/up.

  15. @Tony, that is what I’ve said a few times, but the real response to that is “just don’t come here if you don’t like it”. Why begrudge Neil trying to make a buck? He’s giving away lots of good information for free already. I would agree that some of his products are priced a little above market rates, but no one’s forcing anyone to buy them.

  16. My home of 20+ years will be sold at Trustee’s Sale in two weeks, but I’m no longer angry because this ceases to be a country I recognize when the Poor and Middle Class are suffered to bail out the filthy rich. We’re headed for a class war of epic proportions, so you’ll have to excuse me while I prepare my body for a


  17. This I know the answer and not helping people is crazy. If you or anyone has truth in this matter that can help blow the lid off this, SAY IT!! The truth no one can stop or cover up. Its called now a days whistle blower.

    This now sounds like wiki leaks I got papers on BOA but I’m not telling crap. People this is a forum this discuss the truth, not to sell information. It makes me so mad when I see Neil or anyone sell information to a group of people saying they are losing there home. People STOP preying on people for your own gain. If you saw someone wounded on the street would you say I can help you but I’m not telling you need to figure it out or you can by my 1st aid package?

    I would tell any information I could give to anybody with proper case law to follow and then tell them to seek the information where to seek it, and come back so we can discuss the issue. Neil and everyone else on here this site is a good help but lets be honest it is more like a late night info commercial. You give some information, have testimonies and then say if you want more pay me $1,995 and I’ll throw in free shipping and a special dvd.

    PEOPLE WAKE UP, hold everyone accountable including the very people on this site. In order to fight the good fight we need people to stand on there own two feet. GOD BLESS

  18. Hi Neil…..Well here we are…. in sunny California…… Aurora v. Morell Pt. 1.

    04 JULY 2011

    KingCast/Mortgage Movies is going to California, the Levee may break in an Orange County Aurora foreclosure case:

    Hey hey what can I do, I got myself a nominal lender and they won’t be true…..

    Well at least that’s what the Courts in New York and Wisconsin are saying. Aurora v. Weisbaum, 2011 NY Slip Op 4184; 2011 N.Y. App. Div. LEXIS 4108 (May 17, 2011)

    Stay tuned. Of course if you don’t hear back from us later today you better get a posse together ‘cos we are just a few miles from the situs of the Richard Fine, Esq. debacle.

  19. Check it out:

    Roping you in with promises of “saving” you all kinds of money, but changing the terms of your “fake loan” with a NEW signature on NEW docs so you can’t SUE THEM when you finally find out about the GREAT FRAUD…devils, all of them.

    The TRUTH: “Well, we really have no claim on your property, because the original documents you signed were basically fraudulent, and you have really just been paying a servicer these past several years…but we don’t want you to figure all that out, because then you wouldn’t have to give us ANY money, so we are offering you a way to lower your payments to us on the “fake loan”—’cause we want to keep you indebted to us forever, so we can have our bonuses, etc. for a long, long time…”

  20. Monday Independence Day 2011


    Your post does not say much other than you know more than is
    being revealed, once again, and much more is “yet to be
    disclosed.” No doubt, you will confirm that after it comes out
    and say in effect, I told you so….without really telling.

    >Pretty soon — they will no longer be able to cover the fraud.

    “Pretty soon” How soon is “soon?” Who are “they?” that will
    not longer be able to cover, which part of the fraud this time?

    Now you are saying that investors are the culprits, if I read
    your post correctly. You then state:

    >Security investors are NOT the same debt collector
    > “investors” for foreclosures and false mortgage loans.

    >THIS IS THE CRUX of the fraud.

    There is that word fraud again. Investor fraud? Debt
    collector investor fraud? False Mortgage loan fraud?

    Exactly what is the “CRUX?”

    Your “admissions,” I do not know what else to call them, seem
    to be at cross-purposes…investors = culprits, but “NOT the
    same as debt collector ‘investors.'”

    Has anyone seen an “investor” guilty of fraud in thier
    foreclosure experience?

    What about FC mill attorneys entering false paperwork
    and pursuing FC for thier own benefit?

    A better score card is needed.

  21. “I know the answer — but, up to others to reflect upon.
    Again, — keep plugging – but — dig where you should.
    Just not seeing the complete right digging.”

    Forgive me, ANONYMOUS, I’m glad you’re back, but you are CRAZY MAKING!!

    Maybe I’m an idiot, but if you “know the answer”—why aren’t you sharing???


  22. I’d be glad to hear anyone join in with some insight into the repo market and how that would affect ownership and the documentation thereof ,, maybe tying it into accounting rules and practices … Lehman wasn’t the only company doing it… they all relied on the repo markets … I’m also interested in how the ECB fits in here … if you look at the charts in the link I provided a few replies down you’ll see things that make you go HMMMMM..

  23. ANONYMOUS, Allan Baron, good to hear you. And thanks to Neil for a great undertaking. Thanks, guys, gals, one and all for the support and camaraderie.
    ANONYMOUS, the argument IS one of derecognition and extinguishment. Hedge funds and cannibalizing CDO’s are the vehicle of modern warfare.
    And Allan, your case was won on standing? correct?
    you have my e-mail, would be interested to hear if you’re finished.

    And I hope every one of you watched the WSJ video on the investigation into the conspiracy to raise the LIBOR.

    Gotta go, fireworks are starting.

    God Bless America!

  24. The derivatives are the real story ,, unregulated ,, untraceable and they gave the bankers a feeling of invincibility , a license to go wild with NINJA loans to illegal aliens …”we have insurance!” ,, they all thought that the game of bigger fool would never end… It’s way past time to declare them all null and void unless they can be proven to protect a genuine insurable interest at 1x the possible loss… I sure can’t buy insurance on something I don’t have an interest in.

  25. They trained us like Pavlov’s dogs. Drooling at interest rate drops. In the early 2000s when rates inched down–we waited on the edge of our seat when Greenspan spoke. They played us like a fiddle. Dropping rates slightly, everyone jumping on a too-full bandwagon, rates went up, OH OANIC!, close now, then rates fell again. Do it over. Sign those promissory notes..How many times did you sign a promissory note from 2000 – 2007? Multiply that by millions and millions. Then multiply that by at least 3 (more like 10) to figure out the Billions made off of the Ponzi. Who made it?
    Why and who caused this mess? Mr. Greed?
    How about a law suit against the Federal Reserve by at least 2 million people as plaintiffs, for the Federal Reserve’s actions of irresponsibility and harm to society–inspite of the warnings of Brooksley Born and others stating that securitization and derivitave trading would take down the American middle class? That wuold get some attention to start. But of course, the statute of limitations has probably run out.


    The single point of contact for all parties and the driver of the deals were the Money Center Banks (RBS/Deutsche/other Europeans and all the Wall Streeters) ,,, however they needed the outside investor money and the sales force of all the EU banks in addition to the US banks or there wouldn’t be enough time or deals to really make the big money.. Ireland crashed early and HARD (when Spain started going bad) and they were the hub for worldwide tax evasion, their whole economy was based on washing profits to scrub all tax liability for virtually all companies whose business crosses international borders..

    This started strong in Spain (late 90’s , they have entire ghost cities built for foreigners vacations) way before it came to the USA (the EU needed the high yield to pay for their gov’t expenditures)… and all the banks have Cayman and Bahamas branches and owned banks or bank accounts … Give me the logbooks to GS, Lehman’s and Deutsches jets and I’ll tell you what happened. (these are public records that can be requested from the FAA by tail number in a FOIA.. just ask for flight plan data pertaining to re-entry to the USA) My guess is that the reason that the USA just gave the EU Central bank $600B in QE2 ( see ) is because this bubble was co-ordinated at the highest levels and wasn’t just something that “happened”,, quite possibly it was devised to help the US recover from 09/11/01.

    That’s enough conspiracy theory and speculation for one day … The real story will come out someday but for right now knowing that we have Herrera and other decisions coming out and that we are finally getting a somewhat level playing field is good news … All we really need is for the states to get busy demanding payments and for a few more homeowners by percent to fight.. this is the internet age ,, knowledge is power and we are getting to a critical mass of that knowledge … what was crazy a few short years ago is now accepted.

  27. Happy 4th to all.

    Keep pursuing — never give up. Much yet to be disclosed.

    Pretty soon — they will no longer be able to cover the fraud.

    Just keep plugging — Neil — but — keep an open mind.

    Investors??? The culprits.

    Until this is acknowledged — there can be no resolution.

    Investor lawsuits?? How are they even getting damages — when they supposedly have foreclosure rights?? Because — damages not connected to foreclosures. No foreclosure proceeds are allocated to any security investors/trustees/trusts.

    It is time to understand the distinction between security investors — and debt collection investors. Please explain here to the people — I have stated this many times — but, no one here addresses — they ignore. .

    Security investors are NOT the same debt collector “investors” for foreclosures and false mortgage loans.

    THIS IS THE CRUX of the fraud.

    How does Neil define “investors” — by securities — or by collection rights to false default debt??????

    Have asked for this — many times– from Neil — but, no answer.

    WHAT is the difference — in anyone’s opinion — as to investors???

    I know the answer — but, up to others to reflect upon.

    Again, — keep plugging – but — dig where you should.

    Just not seeing the complete right digging.

  28. The only Independence Day I’m looking forward to is when we Americans finally break free from the crush of the kleptocracy that has taken over our entire system of governance and rule of law over the last few decades. Only then will I wave a flag again.

    Until then, I’ll get my news from Russia Today and Al Jazeera, as the MSM in the states is all about lies and deception throwing a false light on what’s really going on all around us. I’ll look forward to the day when the top banks are put into receivership, and their leaders jailed for nonfeasance, misfeasance, and malfeasance.

    Then, the former CEOs of these once financial bohemoths will be able to watch us rebuild this once great nation as they take their hour of excercise in the prison yard, but instead of being respected pillars of society like they’ve been used to for so long, these ex-Harvardites will be simple punks endlessly chased by Booty Bandits looking to hook up with the person who tossed their Mamma from the hood. It’s all good.

  29. I got a loan mod and I told them (basically), to SHOVE THEIR LOAN MOD—because they can’t even prove that the “fake loan” even exists…much less a “real” loan…

  30. In honor of the 4th of July, here’s the (timely), Jefferson quote again:

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

  31. OMG, spankieblue…have you read all the information about loan mods???
    EVERYTHING IS FRAUDULENT FROM THE MINUTE YOU SIGNED YOUR ORIGINAL LOAN DOCS INCLUDING ANY LOAN MODS AFTERWARDS…the banks and servicers are doing the “loan mod shuffle” with you…don’t EVER expect them to be honest and forthright in ANYTHING.
    Here’s what you ask them: “Will you please send me absolute proof of conveyance of my “loan” to the trust, and proof that the trust even exists, because if you can’t, then this is fraudulent.”

  32. Send me info on this co-operative . I want to be a part

  33. Ms Davey as most other journalists still pain the problem as bickering between Dems & Repubs, never writing about the banks as the culprits.

    At least you do Neil! Your blog has helped many people, including me. You certainly kept my “info ammo belt” supplied.

    Didn’t they do this “land grab” back in the 40’s? against the USA farming community?

    Look forward to you “cooperative” growing & growing!!

  34. @ Spankieblue: When they file foreclosure you may have an “unclean hands” counter claim.

  35. Spankie

    I totally agree with readdocs – Lawyer up. What state are you in?

  36. Neil ,

    I have know you since the beginning of this blog ..without your insight , friendship I would have lost my home , again & again you have been proven correct on your all your theories.

    You are a true hero and patriot . Bless you!

    To you & everyone a happy safe 4th of July and let’s take back our country.

  37. You need to lawyer up. It is the person of contact advising you to
    break the law.

  38. This is a race to see who gets shut down first.

    There will only be ONE winner at the end.

    Keep feeding the banks and you will end up starving, shut down.

  39. I hate to say it but we will ALL be camping soon. Shooting our dinner. No one will have a house.
    On 6/17 I was informed all of our hamp documents were finally in and our point of contact said she gave them to her supervisor. On 6/24 I recieved mail from Wells Fargo, dated 6/22, that our hamp loan would be disqualified if they didn’t get the documents that were missing. ( there was no list, of course, of the documents that they needed). I immediately called my single point of contact at W.F. and informed her of the letter. She appologized for the letter saying she knew nothing of this document. (I have all this recorded btw). I was told to await the hamp decision on 6/25 by my Single Point Of Contact(S.P.O.C.)-(beam me up scotty). On 6/30 I was contacted by my S.P.O.C. and informed we qualified for the unemployement mortgage program, to our surprise, becuase my wife is on unemployment and there is no W-2. (this IS recorded). I explained to her that this was possibly fraud becuase my wife had filed a 1099 stateing that she worked for an employer part time while she collected the balance in unemployment. My S.P.O.C. was basically telling us to Lie to wells fargo and all other involved parties. If W.F. has all the hamp documents, including 2010 tax returns and the 1099 form from my unemployed wife for this year, shouldn’t they have known we did not qualify for this NEW loan my S.P.O.C. was trying to sell us? If what she said is true, and they have all of our documents….isn’t this some kind of fraud. She certainly claims, on tape, that we still havent been turned down by hamp, and that I need no more paper work, and this back dates all the way to 6/17. I’ve certainly caught them in a lie and I have it documented. What is my recourse if any?

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