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It took a while, but the government agencies are noticing and acting on the fact that have been sleeping while notaries’ seals show up on documents that are dated BEFORE they were licensed and other irregularities. When you come right down to it the entire securitization scheme was an illusion, a fake, with straw-men entering the picture from every window in the house. The first straw-man was the originator. But the others include all the sharks circling the waters in this foreclosure nightmare in which some individuals and companies got rich beyond their wildest dreams and now rest comfortably aboard their yachts and private jets.

The foreclosures are filled with straw-men who had no authority to act and were actively involved in concealing the truth from the borrowers and the government agencies that were necessary in order to establish title. The sales are filled with straw-men in that the bidder is an unknown entity with no status as creditor and who tenders neither the note nor cash to fulfill the statutory requirement of paying for what they bid on. The evictions are filled with straw-men who are always one layer removed from another actor who is several layers removed from some unknown person or company that is using instructions that amount to “break the law” which is some layers removed from the real actors on Wall Street. But the facts are there for anyone who wants to look.

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  1. Make it happen

    Your case has many familiar strands but more complex. Mine was servicer assignment to trust almost 4 yr late. Servicer claimed to be successor in interestto option 1. NOT.

    I’m interested on the timing issue. Can you elaborate? What state ? I’m Va.

  2. Tnharry

    I have to say man, I’m proud of you. Couple weeks ago you were jammin people up with some crazy talk, and I knew you couldn’t be all bad being from Tennesse and all.

    But you are absolutely right on with this stuff.

    Marie needs to fight like hell and save her home.

    We just checked one of our files and the very first one found the notary signed documents 6 months before she got her notary issued. Confirmed with Commonwealth of Virginia.

    BAAAMMMMMMM!!!! Got us some fraud on assignment from Mers to Suntrust, that’s going to keep our peeps in thru the eviction court and BAMMMM should do pretty good on our quiet title case.

    FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT and if you don’t know how contact me. I’m not an attorney but my good friend is.

    God Bless You All

  3. Oh Marie & tnharry, one more fact…the pretender lender assigned its foreclosure bid to the alleged remic trust which supposedly already owned the loan…it closed in 2006 and hasn’t reported anything to the SEC since 2007,,,

  4. Marie,

    Still fighting pro se in the Court of Appeals. Without getting to specific, I’m in a non-judicial state, the trial court dismissed my case b/c the foreclosure order was not timely appealed so they considered my argument moot b/c the sale already transpired, go figure.

    The note the pretender lender presented to the court had no endorsement whatsoever, they received the foreclosure order by submitting a copy of a note in favor of the originator, an “assigment of deed of trust” from the originator to the pretender lender executed by the “servicer” and affidavits by the “servicer” stating the pretender lender was the holder. The “assignment of deed of trust” was not recorded and it was executed by the “servicer” after the originator filed bankruptcy. Can you guess what my argument is on appeal? tnharry, will you also contribute your thoughts? Is it moot or is there a controversy? Of course there’s many more specifics and evidence, I just don’t want to discuss my strategy….Never know who’s reading..

  5. kicboxer,
    Great idea … who was your Notary insured with?

  6. So, Make it Happen…..

    The “servicer” did the same to me. Junk fees, misapplied payments, forced duplicate insurance. They did it all to me, too, after seven years of paying every month….

    For a year I thought I was imagining all the miscommunications until I said, no more. Scorched earth? Yeah!

    They took all my equity. A lot of equity. Scorched earth? Yeah!!

    That’s my new mantra. Thanks Tn. You actually did reorient my thinking: winning doesn’t happen. Scorched earth? Yeah!!!

    What happened finally, “Happen.”? Suit ? Verdict? Pro Se? You didn’t say

  7. Thank you tnharry. If you didn’t get through to Marie you sure as heck got through to me. Marie I feel your pain and if I can say anything about my experience it is, you DEFINITELY have to seperate your emotions from the ENTIRE proceeding, whether you’re in front of a judge or writing a complaint or motion. It’s an extremely hard process but it must be done especially if you’re a pro se litigant, trust me I know. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the horses…I do it for my family.

    Get this, my home was foreclosed on and I wasn’t in default!!! I received a NOTICE OF DEFAULT in May stating I was in default of my April payment. That is unheard of even if I missed the April payment. When I mailed my May payment, the servicer sent it back stating I had to pay April and May or my home would be foreclosed upon. To add insult to injury, the servicer sent me a Verification of Mortgage that had the April payment on it. After I brought this to the Servicer’s attention, they said they would suspend the foreclosure and investigate my account, the next thing I knew investors were calling me about the foreclosure auction that took place on my home!!!

    If you’re going to milk them, milk them for all they have by taking what belongs to you and then some…Wishing you the very best!!!! Thanks again tnharry!!!

  8. Hardly scorched earth but I really like that image

    And wish I could do that kind of damage

  9. Marie, if scorched earth is really your end game, you don’t stand a chance. Dragging it out and making it expensive on them only makes it harder on you. The attys billing by the hour will add you to their christmas card list after you make them richer. If you want to try to save your house, listen to the people trying to coach you a little bit.

  10. And just think at 500 an hour there will be NO profit on the sale of my farm after 300 hours. So my 40 page complaint will get those billable hours to a nice tidy sum. Yes sirree, the longer, more opaque the better. Then there’s the motions hearings,maybe some discovery, and eventual appeals. Yes my consolation must be that they won’t realize much……unless tnharry represents them; then I’ll be out lickety split on a motion to dismiss

  11. Unlawful foreclosure requires proof of forgery or fraud. Correct? Can’t prove fraud because no one will admit to what goes on Obrien the recorder of deeds says green has 22 signatures so I’ll pull them all. He’s inferring one from the other, as well as making a unilateral determination (which I applaud of course) that green or her forger wasn’t vp of anything

  12. unfortunately Marie, it’s the exact opposite of what you just posted. making a claim for fraud requires that you plead WITH SPECIFICITY. if you go in with inference on inference, you won’t survive a motion to dismiss. it’s entirely possible you don’t need to claim fraud. if you think you have improper documents, what’s wrong with simple unlawful foreclosure and quiet title? i bet you can prove those a heck of a lot easier than trying to make a case for fraud against corporations with $500/hour lawyers

  13. Can’t PROVE a thing. It’s inference upon inference unless someone gets talkative. Fraud scenarios surely must allow evidence that might otherwise be excluded?

  14. Good thoughtful post tnharry, and right on the money. Good counsel.

  15. @Marie, I want to help you and I don’t think I can. Showing that his license was pulled or that he lights ants on fire with a magnifying glass doesn’t prove YOUR case. Showing a pattern doesn’t really matter. It helps, but it alone doesn’t get the ball across the goal line.

    Show that whatever he notarized in YOUR title was forged or fraudulent. And if you do, show HOW that mattered. Don’t focus on him, Linda Green, Tywanna Thomas, or Lee Farkas. Focus on you and specifically how your named defendants specifically damaged you. I’m trying to steer you away from emotion and matters that are not directly relevant in order to focus you on the facts and allegations that matter.

  16. Tnharry

    And if Linda green has 22 signatures that doesn’t matter either. I think credibility matters. A pattern matters Losing you license for participating in fraud matters

    Or why do we discuss any of this. Why this post

  17. Dododo

    Yes thank you for your concern

    I kept my horses on the property, a sizable herd Had a caretaker of sorts. The bank contacted animal control and through various types of persuasion (no eviction proceedings) they got AC to threaten me with seizure if I didn’t move the horses that day. While this was in progress, animal control was ON THE PHONE with the banks Atty. Also I was not allowed to leave the property until the horses were gone. It was a nightmare

  18. Marie – read my post again. “revoking Ivey’s license has nothing to do with you”. I stand by that. They can revoke his license, renounce his citizenship, and tattoo “loser” on his forehead and none of those undo your foreclosure.

    Get your case filed. Fight back. 37 pages is probably way too much. Keep it simple. Use short sentences instead of long paragraphs. State your claims concisely and let the evidence tell your story as the case develops.

  19. Marie are you saying you were forced to give up your horses? Did I read it right.? So sorry, I really feel for you. This is outrageous. God help us all.

  20. Tnharry: 37 pages and counting, more facts and issues than I can almost deal with

    Ivey has nothing to do with me you say? Nothng except that makes three out of three of the usual suspects on my assignment: Ms Green, Tywanna Thomas and now Ivey with 0 credibillity (actually I suspect his signature was either forged or else he was the forger: the three signatures look similar in style).

    I suppose this has become a mental exercise, as I’m post sham foreclosure in Va and I know Virginia is almost totally hostile to homeowner “debtors.”

    Then, last week the bank enlisted local animal control to throw my horses off my “foreclosed” property. Didn’t bother with a court order; my property has been taken without a single shred of real evidence of ownership being presented by anyone to anyone. Animal control accepted and dutifully followed the banks real time (on the phone) instructions to oust my horses without any objections, challenges, questions, while I was held in an arrest mode and forced to agree to giving away or hauling my horses hither and yon so as to make the best of a bad situation

    I’m literally sick at heart and physically ill and depressed. I understand how Carie feels, except that I’m too depressed to have a panic attack Maybe when I have more energy

  21. I just wrote a letter to my county recorder requesting a meeting with her.

    We should all go after the notary bonds and use the funds to finance our lawsuits.

  22. let me echo the sentiments of the good counselor: “Sue EVERYBODY”!

    don’t look to your local D.A., the Department of Financial Institutions, the Comptroller of the (debased) Currency, the DOJ, the FBI, the FDIC, the governor, the senator, the representative or anybody else for that matter to care about YOU!

    If the department that supervises notary registration and use doesn’t care about fraud, where else do you go?

    To COURT. With evidence. In a pleading. Unnamed John Does 1-100. They will show up, just give them time.

    “Yerronnner…I haven’t even been forelcosed on abnd this here insurance company want money from me. What if I didn;t have my house? I’m in a non-deficiency sate, yerrronnnner.

    How can this happen?

  23. revoking his license has not a single thing to do with you

  24. Marie – sue your mortgage company. Sue DOCx, sue LPS, sue Chris Ivey and Linda Green. No one’s going to help you but yourself.

  25. What about Fulton county GA where “my”notary Chris Ivey hung out,assisting with Linda green forgeries. His license was revoked recently too late to help me

  26. they dont tell them to lie cheat or steal lol its part of the job description. if you get hired and your job is to simply sign document after document in the back room of a foreclosure mill lawyers office, the avergage schlub would do just that and not question it. most have no clue what they are doing. thats the problem.

  27. I just have to say, this kind of stuff absolutely blows my mind.

    These are bank employees.

    I haven’t ever had an employer say that my job as an employee is to “Lie, Cheat and Steal”. Never, and I wouldn’t do it either.

    What kind of person would go to work as an employee and think that they are supposed to “Lie, Cheat and Steal” as part of their employment?

    What person would take a job with the possibility of having to do unpaid time in prison as a result of their employment?

    Not me! It’s not my company. If I have to “Lie, Cheat and Steal”. it’s gonna be because I myself am making millions of dollars because of it. Anything less, it just wouldn’t be worth it. Sheesh.

    Forgery, as an employee. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable.

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