Thigpen Failed to Meet with President, Economic Advisers on WH Visit


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Thigpen Failed to Meet with President, Economic Advisers on WH Visit
Today, June 21, 2011, 5 hours ago | David Dayen

(photo: Rev Dan Catt)

“It was a bust.”

That’s what Guilford County register of deeds Jeff Thigpen told me
about his visit to the White House last Friday. Many were intrigued by
the surprise announcement that Thigpen would be part of a reception
and policy briefing some of the nation’s brightest young legislators.
He has been at the forefront among registers of deeds of the
foreclosure fraud crisis, using the power of his office to document
forgeries and other abuses by banks seeking to upend the land title
recording system that has prevailed in America for centuries. There
was a hope that this White House meeting would offer a chance for
Thigpen to build on his success, and get the ear of top policymakers
about the extent of the fraud.

It didn’t pan out. “I got up there and they processed my stuff late,
and there were a bunch of young electeds attending the briefings,”
Thigpen said in a brief phone interview. “And I got bumped from the
briefings. So I went to the reception, but there was obviously no time
with the President at that.”

Thigpen is now backtracking to the people he would have met at the
briefing, and sending them letters about his work as a register of
deeds in combating foreclosure fraud. “I heard (Council of Economic
Advisers Austan) Goolsbee was giving one briefing, and oh man, I would
have loved to have been there,” said Thigpen. “I would have had the
first hand up with the question. My friend told me Goolsbee gave the
briefing, I was sitting there cussing.”  [cont’d.]

Both Thigpen and his fellow registers of deeds which have investigated
the fraud in their offices are ramping up for a weeklong convention of
registers in Atlantic City next week, from June 26-30. John O’Brien,
the register for Sussex County in Massachusetts, is giving a series of
briefings, and plans to present findings similar to what Thigpen
showed in North Carolina. O’Brien has some help from forensic
investigators in documenting those findings. “That’s going to be good
stuff,” Thigpen said.

O’Brien gained some notoriety two weeks ago when he announced he would
reject clearly fraudulent foreclosure documents from being recorded.
“I’m totally behind John on that,” Thigpen said. “If they are that
knuckleheaded to submit Linda Green robo-signers to be recorded…. to
do that to a recorder, that would be the equivalent of slapping me in
the face. We have to decide in the public recording community, are we
just going to be ministerial officers, accepting whatever they give
us, or are we going to look at what goes on, and be responsible. And
if we’re going to be responsible, we have to prepare ourselves to be
those kinds of institutions.”

Thigpen hopes that O’Brien can change some minds of registers at the
convention in Atlantic City. He has had talks of his own with some
registers across the country, and he said that most of them are
curious in his findings. “They just don’t know how to deal with it,”
he concluded.

10 Responses

  1. I have been thanked profusely by people for making these available to spread truth—you can make your own if you want—this livinglies site saved my life and my sanity—I have no problem helping and telling people to independently search for truth—I asked Neil if it was okay…so there you have it.

  2. is Neil okay with you using the comments section of his for-profit website to pimp your merchandise?

    GOT M.E.R.S.?

  4. @dan-o, i could imagine a response along the line of Mrs. X is authorized to sign docs for properties located within the state of Minnesota. given parameters like that, the location could be relevant. but as to a general question of whether Mrs. X has ANY authority to sign for MERS, location should be irrelevant

  5. dan-o, of course you’re right. No need to know where you hang your hat. I’m reminded of John Walsh at OCC….if you’ve ever written them with a complaint about a bank, they simply forward it on to the offending entity. They actually get paid to perform that service which they call regulating. It would be humorous if it weren’t for its ramifications on the home front.

    Any society knowing their government is captured by criminals, working for them and not the citizenry, has a mandate to bring the criminals to justice, as well as the government entities (and all individuals involved) who are aiding and abetting the crimes. It’s just common sense. No big fanfare, just a trial followed up by the clang of metal doors shutting behind them. It’s that easy.

    Dig in your heels. Tell Mers you need the information and they don’t. Get whatever they do in writing. Use it against them if it comes to that. Remember who you’re dealing with. Mers isn’t user friendly. It’s not nation friendly either.

  6. i dont believe the registrars did anything wrong and couldnt have prevented the mess we are seeing. they put their trust and faith into the banks to be honest. the banks bit them in the arse. lets not forget, banks are SUPPOSED to be honest. the volume of mortgages being recorded during the boom certainly could guarantee most documents would get by the recorders even if they were keeping an eye out for fraud. their are 1000’s of bogus signatories on these documents. to scrutinize each record would be impossible.i think this is a lesson for everyone, the banks cant be trusted. period.

    on another note, i just began a conversation with MERS legal department, and asked them to authenticate a person claiming to be an assistant vice president and secretary of mers. they told me they could, but they wanted to know my property address to conduct their research. my response? i told them i dont believe that my info is relevant, this person is either employed by them or not. i am waiting on a response. it makes no sense why they would need my property address to verify if someone is working for them. none at all. does anyone know why they would need or want this info to find out if someone is working for them or not? does this make sense? basicly what they are telling me is depending on my address, this person may or may not have worked for them. what a bunch of crap.

  7. are thigpen and obrien the only registrars not asleep at the wheel?

  8. I think that not only do Registrars not know how to deal with it, I think many might think, their past will come back to haunt them when they did nothing about the fraud they registered.

    Perhaps if the Registrars are allowed by law to go back and correct any recording mistakes, maybe they will be more likely to do it.

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