Law firm Fisher and Shapiro sued over foreclosure cases


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Law firm Fisher and Shapiro sued over foreclosure cases
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By Mary Ellen Podmolik

4:22 p.m. CDT, June 21, 2011
A former Chicago resident whose home is in foreclosure has filed a
lawsuit against Fisher and Shapiro LLC, the law firm that admitted to
Cook County Circuit Court that some of the mortgage foreclosures it
handled contained altered documents.

The suit, filed in federal court in Chicago Monday, seeks class-action
status and comes three months after the court’s Chancery division
temporarily halted more than 1,700 mortgage foreclosure cases as a
result of the law firm’s admission. Upon further review by the court,
the number of cases that was temporarily stayed grew to 2,127.

6 Responses

  1. Of course law firms must follow proper procedures, no excuse for that, but has it occurred to anyone that the root cause is you borrowed money to purchase (or refinance) your house and failed to pay it back? Why does everyone feel such a sense of entitlement?

  2. Jan Van Eck, it sounds like you’ve navigated this territory. I filed suit against the Wells Fargo NA d/b/a’s, HSBC as Trustee, and the law firm. just two weeks later I get a collection letter from the PMI guys Triad. I told them they’re my next named defendant. By the way, where were you when I called two years ago? I went for the whole enchilada citing wire fraud and racketeering for the bogus assignment and affidavits. anxious to see their next move.

    The pen is mightier than the sword.

  3. debi p., although I understand your plight and commiserate, rest assured that this low life can’t get by with changing the rules in midstream. Read Prof Levitin’s take here:

  4. Filing suit against the foreclosure mill is a great way to go! Be sure to make the individual partners (at least one) personal defendants. The insurer will be brought in, of course, but rest assured, the insurance deductible will shoot up and the premium will become at least $10,000 more expensive the next year, so you bleed the bastards no matter what the outcome. The last mill I sued settled out for over $100,000 so that tells you the insurers are not happy about letting such cases go to trial. If you have a forged or robo-signed document, sue the mill.

    As to Debi P., the reason you have Rick Scott as your Governor in Florida is because the people of Florida were (1) stupid enough to admit his as a candidate in the party system, and (2) stupid enough to elect him. You get what you vote for. Remember that, the next time you climb into the voting booth.

  5. Where are the prosecutions in Florida? Why not our very own fishman and shapiro? Does anyone else feel like they are the victim of a conspiracy to steal from the american people? Why is Rick Scott allowed to steal from the consumer any more? Why isn’t the broward chief judge under investigation? Why isn’t anyone investigating all of rick scotts illegal money making schemes? He is PROFITiNG from our demise. Today I find myself full of questions. Why is this all happening and why doesn’t any one care including our president? Rick scott is simply destroying florida and all its records. He is a felon. Why is HE allowed to ruin an entire state? Does anyone know he was partners in a sports team with george Bush? There’s our answer and there’s the link. He is a criminal to his core. The DEViL with the pen must be STOPPED before he ruins an entire state! Does anyone care?? How is this allowed ? The crimes so blatant and clear, with him, our lives as we know it grows to an end and the crash is near. Someone please tell me I am not alone in my plight—this is a criminal, disgusting, lying fuk and is trying to make florida non judicial. Who in their RIGHT mind does that when hawaii and others are trying to fight more for their citizens. Would some one please take the pen away from the devil before the devil has completed destroyed florida. The titles are all tainted– doesn’t the devil get it or was he placed to cover the fraud, lies and deceit. He is friends with the bush brothers and their friends make the voting machines…sound familiar to anyone??? Debra 5613899339

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