Weary Robosigner Gets Punchy and Vulgar on Signing “Linda Green” et al


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SEE LINDA GREEN “SIGNATURE” HERE: Match found in Hillsborough County Linda Green C–t

The use of the C-word in place of even a forgery of Linda Green’s signature should ring the bell. For the banks, the bell tolls for thee. If you act like a common crook you will eventually be treated like one. It’s your turn. — NEIL GARFIELD, LIVINGLIES BLOG

The robosigner was obviously male, probably tired of forging documents all day for multiple banks, and maybe a little resentful that this was the best job he could get. Look in the lower left-hand corner of this exhibit from a presentation at the weekend conference demonstrating the new Livinglies Analysis performed by Luminaq.

It’s the kind of thing that doesn’t jump out at you until after it is pointed out, or after you stare at each signature looking for some tell-tale message. You can call this the 23rd recorded forgery of Linda Green’s signature which is why recording offices are (a) reconsidering their rules on what they will record (see above link) and (b) deciding what to do about tens of thousands of documents that were recorded and which the recording office knows is falsified or has enough reason to suspect the document is falsified to reject the recording.

This particular racy example highlights the fact that most documents submitted in support of a foreclosure proceeding or foreclosure sale are simply fake documents. It’s easy to stop there. But if you think about it, why would the banks need to produce false documents? This wasn’t some isolated instance. It was a rampant pattern of conduct that defined the industry. Why?

The plain answer is that ONLY false documents would allow the false forecloser to succeed. It was and is illegal, improper and greedy. They went looking for free houses that would never inure to the benefit of investors (the real creditors). The Banks found that it was easy to steal a house because of the credibility that was given to anything they said or did. It just didn’t make sense to the Judges that Banks would act so malevolently. But they did.

The reason was that the investors have no interest in pursuing collection from homeowners because it would limit their better and larger claim against the investment banks. Investors who bought bogus mortgage bonds want to keep it simple rather than run into a hail of accusations of predatory and fraudulent loan practices. This created a void in “enforcement” of largely non-existent obligations (paid in full by third parties) falsely presented as secured by faked documents using fictional characters as “lenders” on instruments that the borrower was induced to sign under false pretenses.

The use of the C-word in place of even a forgery of Linda Green’s signature should ring the bell. For the banks, the bell tolls for thee. If you act like a common crook you will eventually be treated like one. It’s your turn.

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  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

  2. […] View article: Weary Robosigner Gets Punchy and Vulgar on Signing “Linda Green” et al […]

  3. Why are the stockholders not suing the senior executive management and/or not calling for the resignations of their infamous leaders, and board of directors’ members of the past decade?

    Dear SEC & OCC,

    Please advise in your audits, if your clients utilize:
    state of the art tamper resistant products, anti copy fraud resistant security paper products counterfeit proof security paper, anti-counterfeiting patented paper, Ink for secure documents and purchase of speciality reactive ink technologies, resistent paper to protect documents, ink technologies for document and product authentication to reduce losses caused by fraudulent document reproduction, financial product counterfieting and diversions. How did the inventive thinkes and problem solvers skip loss prevention?

    Rumor mill reveals empty cases of blank copy paper, Invisible ink cartridges, also known as security ink, a substance used for writing, which is invisible either on application or soon thereafter, and which later on can be made visible by some means, UV lighting, cost saving measures refilling ink jet printers with invisible ink, rubber stamping, document scanners, counterfiet property marking pens, notary/hand stamping for document readmission, writing surface with specialty purpose stylus, stamp, fountain pen, toothpick, or even a finger dipped in the liquid.

    Once dry, the written surface should appear blank, with a similar texture and reflectivity as the surrounding surface. With letters, a cover message should be written over the invisible message, as a blank sheet of paper might arouse suspicion that an invisible message is present. This is best done with a ballpoint pen, since fountain pen ink may “run” when it crosses a line of invisible ink, thus betraying the presence of invisible ink. Invisible ink should not be used on ruled paper as it may similarly alter or streak the colour of the lines.

    The ink is later made visible by different methods according to the type of invisible ink used. The ink may be developed by heat or by application of an appropriate chemical, or it may be made visible by viewing under ultraviolet light. Inks which are developed by a chemical reaction may depend on an acid-base reaction (like litmus paper), reactions similar to the blueprint process, or any of hundreds of others. Developer fluids may be applied using a spray bottle, but some developers are in the form of vapours, e.g. ammonia fumes used to develop phenolphthalein ink. Ink pens which have two tips—one tip for invisible ink writing, and another tip for developing the ink.

  4. I have a question about our bank requesting reconciliation between my 2010 tax return and my business P&L for a modification (I did not report all income). If I stated it was “cash” would it help or hurt my case?

  5. Marie,
    I don’t communicate with her that much anymore, although she does let me know in advance of appearances she is making on fraud issues.
    If you have her phone # and e-mail info I don’t know what to say other than she is probably very busy, and try to be patient with her. She has always been very willing to share what she knows to help others.
    She is careful of not giving direct advise, outside of her area of expertise, and is limited by her insurance coverage. And her daughter had a brain tumor first year at college, had a very close call and may still have complications.
    She had her foreclosure suit dismissed, just to have it refiled within weeks naming her son as a co defendant. But it was all done as a intermediation ploy, they later sent a notice of dropping party, but these things send a chill down the backs of homeowners who are fighting the banksters.
    I hope she finds time to help you, but never wait for anyone. Research everything you can, question everything that the plaintiffs claim, verify what they have stated in their pleadings/motions and file and refile for discovery.
    Be well and fight on.

  6. John Anderson

    I’ve tried to reach Syzmoniak numerous times by telephone and email. She never responds or is it that she only responds if you have something she wants?

    I desperately need an expert and she seems to know Soundview, option 1 and DB quite well. So hard to find anyone…

  7. Whats new? Already there are assignments of mortgage filed from DOCX of Alpharetta Georgia that was “is” a subsidiary of LPS of Jacksonville FL. There have been assignments of mortgage made from BOGUS ASSIGNMENT TO BAD BENE and many others. I guess if your paid less than 12 bucks a hour, and they expect you to sign thousands a day, at a point when your ready to quit, you snap. They were told it was all legal, but you gotta know, that they knew it wasn’t.
    The Vice Presidents and Assistant Secretaries of over 20 banks and attorney in fact signors of legal documents, MERS officers all sat in offices signing a name until their hands cramped,and then would start signing another as a new name to be able to keep going. The notaries despite their oath routinely and regularly violated the law because they were employees, and if they wanted to keep their job’s, they had to do it illegally.
    I contacted the Alpharetta Police to report this activity, back when I first found other DOCX assignments online and compared them to mine. I was the first to contact Lynn Szymoniak when on her website Fraud Digest she called out for DOCX assignments. When we compared the documents we found that what we already had showed clear evidence of fraud. Needless to say she carried on and really blew the lid off the operation. I am grateful to her for her efforts.
    I keep records of the dates, e-mails to the local DA, phone records of the runaround I got, and finally when I pressed the issue
    “well your the only one who has ever complained about it”
    So then I just straight out ask ‘Is it to big for you? And he said he would pass it on to some committee in the state house which was probably a lie.
    So now whats to be done? What should happen? How long will the 50 AG investigation take “stall” to see this fraud?

  8. I have a Linda Green in my title chain lol, where’s the money?!

  9. usedkarguy

    e:mail me at brian_tracy AT cfl.rr.com , I just downloaded your docs for WFHET05-2 , too much to send via e:mail … I need your mailing address to mail this on CD ,, M. Soliman can attest to you I’m not a banker..

  10. welcome to the legal system dodododo

  11. Sorry meant to say finger.

  12. The way I see it. This poor man’s home was trashed out because someone elses home was in foreclosure. This man’s house was trashed out because of the trashout business is unregulated. There should be strict rules to follow before trashing out any home. This man’s home was trashed out because you have a system that could care less and starts to point fingures. ” So we trashed out your house, I am not to blame. So and So is to blame go after them.” So and So says “Well that is where they sent us. Get over it old man, we don’t care if your most valuable possessions are gone. At least we got paid.” So in my eyes the foreclosure process is to blame. And we have a court system, law enforcement and elected officcials who could care less either–as long as it is not happening to them. This whole system is disgusting.

  13. @e.tolle – i didn’t say that no one is at fault. if this guy is on the ball, he’ll sue the bank, the move out company, the servicer, the outsourcer (Fidelity/LPS or their ilk), and maybe the local sheriff’s dept who improperly oversaw this. my point is that it’s not a foreclosure gone wrong and is suggested by the title on HuffPo and several other sites where I saw this story. it’s bad reporting. his house wasn’t foreclosed on. the bank hired a company to do the moveout of his neighbor’s property and they screwed up in a big way

  14. tnharry, isn’t this criminal trespass at the least? And in the case of the other gent who had his stuff removed and never returned, isn’t that felony theft? What am I missing here? If a 20 something black dude is pulled over and can’t explain what his PC is doing in the front seat, he has an extended stay free of charge at the Greybar Hotel for many years. What’s the difference?

  15. @carie – not as sickening as it appears. the move out company went to the wrong house. the mortgage company didn’t fc the wrong house. i’ve seen this purposely misreported on 5 other sites already. it’s still terrible, but the site authors are misreporting it as a fc gone wrong

  16. There are good judges!!! From Fraud Digest!
    California Bankruptcy Judge Laura Stuart Taylor has joined the ranks of judges who will not tolerate fraudulent documents produced by banks to foreclose. Judge Taylor entered an Order To Show Cause why OneWest Bank, FSB, should not incur “a significant coercive sanction intended to deter any future tender of misleading evidence to any court of this district.” Judge Taylor ordered OneWest to appear before her on July 29, 2011, to show cause as to why it should not be subject to compensatory and/or coercive sanctions, in the case In re Jessie M. Arizmendi, Bk. No. 09-19263-PB13, U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of California. The case involves a motion for relief from stay filed by OneWest supported with a declaration of Brian Burnett, who declared under penalty of perjury that OneWest was the real party in interest in connection with the Motion because OneWest was the current beneficiary under the terms of a promissory note and Deed of Trust.

  17. Maher, thanks for that. Am I understanding that the Trust Administrator violated its fiduciary responsibility, failed to comply with AB1122, and thusly misappropriated the assets by conducting a foreclosure conversion of the assets prior to obtaining a true sale to the QSPE (which is now a bankrupt entity)?

    Is that what you said?

    and harry, don’t let the idiots chase you away.

    Got a question: after trying to find the PMI carrier on the WFHET05-2 for over a year, I get a letter in the mail from TRIAD guaranty. They were one of the first I called. Sure enough, at the the bottom they identify themselves as “attempting to collect a debt”. If I walk away or lose, and it’s a non-deficiency state, why would the PMI carrier contact me? And could the contact be a result of the lawsuit being filed?
    How about I name them as a previous John Doe, join them, propound them, and see if they nibble on the fraud claims?

  18. I recommend going out and having some fun, you know, spirit of play, like when you ere a kid, and things were not so serious and you enjoyed life and had fun.

    So , here’s my fun, FU TNHARRY and Soliman, just because it’s fun to say so.
    But, I love you guys.

  19. I am laughing my ass offfFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

    and laughing and laughing,

    you humans are funny.

    It’s all so serious………….

  20. because you said this and i said that, but we have this rule, and there is that rule, why ………….

    but we can’t reach the borrower so we need some rules for that

  21. oh, I know, we need more rules.

  22. Still, Williams said she wants to talk with debtors even if they can’t pay something immediately because they may have the money in the future.

    Here you go, debt slavery at it’s best, but the kicker is the debt is written off.

    WHAT SAY YOU TN HARRY and SOlman and anyboby else?

  23. let’s see, debt buyer company’s are traded on wall street, but of course you have some non-wall street players just so as to not create a monoploy, this is allowed. and of course who backs the wall street and even started the wall street debt collectors, why that would be the banks.

    What a Game>

  24. debt collector—

    “Our goal is to contact the consumer,” she said. “Once we’ve contacted the consumer, we can work out the issues.”

    WHOSE ISSUES????????????

    Lets see you bought something. Oh, that would be written off debt.

    Oh, so you bought something, which happens to be debt, it’s sort of like you bought a widget, and now you need to sell it, but you need to sell it but the opposite, you need somebody to pay for it so you can make a profit. So you need the borrower to agree to pay for the item you bought (debt). So if we can get you to agree, why all is good for us, the debt buyer. Say , you borrower, owe the money, you borrowed it – right????

    But we got a deal for you, pay only 5k on your 10k debt.

    Say, how come the old terms, agreements, don’t apply now? Oh, they can if you agree to them?


    Will Congress pass laws, rules , to help us? Afterall, we employ people?

  25. FU TNHARRY & Soliman:


    “Debt collectors’ ability to contact consumers is the greatest challenge in debt collection,” Fredrickson said in an email.”

    What the fuck does that mean???????? REALLY! oh, you Promised to pay! You AGREED. OK, for whose benefit? Challenge in debt collection. What does that mean?

    “By making contact with consumers more efficient and enhancing communication between collectors and consumers, ACA’s proposals would reduce debt-collection litigation and leave consumers with a better experience, he said.”

    SAY, YOU FUCK, IN WHOSE VIEWPOINT? rah rah, yah MR CONSUMER agree to that.

    “Fran Fisher, president of the debt-collection firm Revenue Recovery Consultants in Fairfax, said allowing collectors greater leeway when trying to reach debtors would pay off for consumers by resolving problems more quickly.”

    Why to go Fran,

    SAY FRAN, whose Problem would be resolved more quickly? You debt buyers of written off debt, of which the original creditor writes-off debt (forgives) for TAX PURPOSES and is A-Ok with the original creditor, it’s a numbers game, but hey sell the written off debt for something, like 2 cents on the dollar (which original creditor now counts as income – cool), and maybe the debt buyer can collect but we the original creditor don’t care anymore, oh debt buyers are another game created, and nothing to do with us original creditors – loaners of credit=money plus interest. Say if we, debt buyers, can only communicate with the borrower, why we can can get them TO AGREE that they owe the debt, and we (the debt buyers) can make money – all is good. We must have rules to communicate to the borrowers and get them to re affirm the debt ————–oh please GOD, please ConGress, do you not see the ways, the means of our business, we must communicate so as to get a NEW AGREEMENT. A new “promise to pay”. Oh, it’s really simple. Send in your DEBT VALIDATION LETTERS, that just just says prove it. Say, WHY didn’t you send me the proof of debt first, you know the contract that says I Promise to Pay you debt Collector money? Why don’t you send that to me?

    What is the diffence between assignment & debt collector? What is the difference between written off debt and sold debt written off?


    Would the answer be to get an agreement? A new promise to pay hidden under the RULES?


    Does anybody else see it?


  26. Who ever emailed me….(rocketmail) its not going through .
    Anyway …this is as far as I can go . .{CAP MARKETS REP.} as for recent client case files for related su. matter /expert evaluation – ref. CAP MKT study (not audit) .

    Good Luck
    not for publishing –

    Dt 04/23/22011 matter /Case no : held ” Orginal claim filed” CA 8/2009 Co. CONTRA COSTA type } circuit …move to FED DST CT US BK before ”>”

    Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., A National Banking Association.
    9062 Old Annapolis Road,Columbia, Maryland 21045.
    Indebted is left, to sit in bankruptcy, and whereupon the district court, jurisdiction is over liens and mortgages existing upon the property of bankrupts,

    II F.1 Transfer of subject matter title are basis in claims or counterclaims by defendants in seperate [seriel) fiing under material claims [See “The Master Servicer] rules governing , the Trust Administrator, the Custodian and the Servicer—The Master Servicer and Trust administrator” (exhibit 1IV.) prospectus supplement. -In defendants pleading the court shall recall (introduce into production / evidentiary) pursuant to the parties’ agreement; the master servicer will be required, “Duties” ** incidental as fiduciary**, among other things, to monitor the performance of the cashier “(servicer”).
    See addendum under exhibits list; // “The Pooling and Servicing Agreement” in this prospectus supplement. (Citation; § 2. And be it further enacted, where all future payments, (future valuation affecting conditional contract given consumer) securities, conveyances, or transfers of property, or agreements made or given by any bankrupt in contemplation of bankruptcy, and for the purpose of giving any creditor, indorser, surety, or other person, any preference or priority over the general creditor (subject to jurisdiction and claims) and all other payments, securities, conveyances, or transfers of property, or agreements made or given by such debtor , in contemplation of insolvency , to any person or persons whatever, not being a bond creditor or purchaser for a valuable consideration, without notice, Allegations as to the above entitled matter and herein subject matter – therfore shall be deemed utterly void, and a fraud upon this act; . . .. .. . . . . . .III. a. As to the parties responsible for the quality of the investment offering, the registration relies on the asset it originates, and herein we identified the originator as SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. STMI originated all of the pooled borrower loans. See “The Originator” and “Underwriting Standards “as found and available upon request; “found also in this prospectus supplement”. . .. . .Conclusions – For purposes of the proposed business model, meaning Proforma and intent, a Trust Administrator by means and methods incorporated into the private placement memorandum and pooling and servicing agreements, the Trust Administrator was elected “identified” for filing purposes as Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., a National Banking Association. withheld, avoids and reamined silent in its duties and fails therein to proffer a clear concise and indubitable translation of the current events and circumstances at such time for which its acts and procedural requirment burdens its obligation in such matters of trust //See “The Master Servicer, the Trust Administrator, the Custodian and the Servicer—The Master Servicer and Trust Administrator” in this prospectus supplement.
    Said Trustee listed in records is U.S. Bank National Association, a national banking association. The trustee’s principal office is
    U.S. Bank National Association, EP-MN-WS3D, 60 Livingston Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota 55107. . . . .[V].a. Ref: / submission by Soliman; M. // See “The Pooling and Servicing Agreement—The Trustee” in this prospectus supplement. Most notably “…as for this arrangement amongst parties, its Custodian named for filing disclosure requirements is SunTrust Bank, a Georgia banking corporation. . .. [V].a1 (on file) See “The Master Servicer, the Trust Administrator, the Custodian and the Servicer—The Custodian” in this prospectus supplement. . . .V. a.2 (on file) See “The Pooling and Servicing Agreement—The Credit Risk Manager- Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. / See “The Pooling and Servicing Agreement—(addendum) See Credit Risk Manager” in this prospectus supplement. . . . ..end /

    SUMMARY PLEADING// Su: “AMEDMENT” ADVR. / “subject to ” The nexus for beliefs leading to claims and therefore alleging the parties “Lenders” selectively Withhold defaulted loans and thus manipulate GAAP sales treatment under IRS reporting requirements fro the business and not “QUALIFIED” [(as to) (?) See a General Delaware Business Trust;] and as to the SEC enforcement under Reg 1122 Ab. see attached exhibits (exhibit 1II) enforcement procedures thereby enforcing foreclosure recovery under conditions precedent to sale. . . .Pleaded: Therefore the Plaintiffs in the subject matter controversy cite under code of enforcement U.S.C. citation; § 2.(FED Dist. Ct BK) herein amongst others, this example of misappropriated asset allocation and cause for material breach of the understanding are

    . . .”www.foreclosurewebpage@wordpress.com”

    continuing . . . >>> Now, as to the indebted, who now is left sitting in bankruptcy, and whereupon the district court, jurisdiction is over liens and mortgages existing upon the property of bankrupts, BUT as to inquire into their validity and extent, and grant the same relief which the state courts might …end //>>>

  27. Robo or Hobo …Bobo Cigs….oh Robo Sigs…yeah , right ! Got it.

  28. I “C” for crook?

  29. It definitely does not spell out Christina or Huang. It looks like c-nt to me.

  30. That takes some real stretching as far as I can see from the pdf.
    But if so, a real bell ringer and could be that there is quite funny.

  31. sorry about the double post…

  32. it’s another slow news day carie

  33. Am I missing something? Are we talking about the squiggle above the word Christina Huang?

  34. Am I missing something? Are we talking about the squiggle above the word Christina Huang? Seems like kind of a stretch to say that is the word he or she intended to write…

  35. below post title – click on SEE LINDA GREEN “SIGNATURE” HERE: Match found in Hillsborough County Linda Green C–t

    then click the 2nd “Match found in Hillsborough County Linda Green C–t”

    or use http://livinglies.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/match-found-in-hillsborough-county-linda-green-c-t1.pdf

  36. Neil-Check out this comment form Florida Governor….Please make a post about it to help all Floridians


    Please make a post with the Governors Contact info. here is the link to email him, fax, and call.

    Office of Governor Rick Scott
    State of Florida
    The Capitol
    400 S. Monroe St.
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

    (850) 488-7146

    (850) 487-0801 (fax)

    email link form; http://www.flgov.com/contact-gov-scott/email-the-governor/

  37. I also clicked on the links and all I got were adds on how to make money working from home. Is this how some of these ROBO SIGNERS got their jobs, stay home and forge sign documents, because that would be a good job for (them).
    I am only jesting, but it could have been true, people are desperate for jobs and money they are willing to stoop as low as becoming FORGERIES.

  38. I clicked on every link and none of them led to a copy of the actual document. How can you find it?

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