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  2. Off-topic here, but GREAT article…

    “In fact, given the gravity of the question over clear title, the only seemingly prudent thing to do is to suspend mortgage payments, weather you can afford them or not, and to instead place those funds into a private escrow account, as we had previously advised. That is why they want you to be highly circumspect of your condition in life, because you will be too distracted to notice the thief in front of you. Remember if greed doesn’t work, fear will, and vice versa. Think of them as the commensurate emotions associated with bubbles and collapses – they vacillate, one to the other, but the transfer of assets abides at a steady clip to those who feel no emotions.

    These folks will try to help you undervalue yourself. Don’t. You were not designed or built to be a slave to another man through debt. It is, for lack of a better word, a sin. If you don’t have a Ph.D in finance from Harvard, you probably couldn’t design this Ponzischemeif you’re life depended on it. Are you accountable? You are. But they are more accountable. It is important to think for yourself when someone tells you something ridiculous like “prices will always go up”. Intellectual inertia with a streak of greed is wrong, but it is also minor on a relative basis, and very prevalent. However, using superior knowledge and power to prey on the ignorant in a calculated way is more serious. You have a stronger claim to the security interest in the property than they do, on many grounds, not the least of which is ethical. That isn’t to say you will win, but you have to try.”


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