“The sad part of this whole picture is that even after so many homebuyers were victimized, that the homeowners who fortunately were not, are not standing by those that were and bought into the story for the first several years that it was the dead beat homeowner that caused this demise, and with that mindset, they actually paved the way for the path we now find ourselves on, but they just didn’t get it soon enough. They were in effect, a vote for the banks and the loss of the rule of law. This of course will come back to haunt the American people if we do not get it turned around. When the fog clears, we will know for sure.”


Enough already:

You said this from the heart. And yes, you have it exactly right. You have inspired me this morning.

The banks who chose the loan programs to sell to the American people and then having underwriters come in and approve the funding of the loan based on loan programs that have no place in our society, but ended up touching every part of our being: jobs, private investment through profit sharing plans and retirement funds, emotional distress, loss of family, broken communities, food banks, and the rule of law, and the list goes on and on. ” In the hands of a few, go the rewards of many, all on the backs of the American people”. There are many of us who understand what that means, but not enough.

Producing a product for Wall Street and Fannie and Freddie was the name of the game and the banks and originating lenders didn’t care how they came up with it. There was money to be made and continues to be made as the American people are taken to the slaughterhouse. Are we going to continue to stand for this kind of treatment or are we going to begin the process that will peacefully take our country back. This does not have to become a hostile attempt to force the banks to do that which is right for the people, but it will be an affirmative stand by all Americans because without it, those that created this fiasco and so harmed their brother, most assuredly will continue to do so.

It is clear that the Administration, the Congress and Wall Street do not know at this point what to do, and so it goes with the American people. So more time is bought by the AG’s with a few phony settlements which do nothing for the homeowners. a Congress that is afraid to touch the subject, and so many Courts that did not have a clue while they heeded the wims of the lenders and almost destroyed any justice for the people. But it is not too late if all Americans will do the right thing. Take action.

Did I see Goliath out there? Yes, I believe he is there. So, people, what are you waiting for?

The sad part of this whole picture is that even after so many homebuyers were victimized, that the homeowners who fortunately were not, are not standing by those that were and bought into the story for the first several years that it was the dead beat homeowner that caused this demise, and with that mindset, they actually paved the way for the path we now find ourselves on, but they just didn’t get it soon enough. They were in effect, a vote for the banks and the loss of the rule of law. This of course will come back to haunt the American people if we do not get it turned around. When the fog clears, we will know for sure.

While it is clear that a small percentage of the loans made were made with the homebuyer working falsely and made loans they knew they were not able to repay, most home buyers did not. However, for the most part, millions not really understanding what was going on, signed the papers with the trust that the lender was honest and forthright.

The American people – 75% – have deserted those homeowners that have now become the victims of the banks. I thought this morning as I watched a poll on Fox news that said 68% of the people still believe in the American Dream – Does anyone want to define what the “American Dream” is now. This tells me, America you don’t get it.

The banks now have an opportunity to correct the issue to try to regain the trust the American people once had for them – but as you can see, they are fighting to the finish to provide so little compensation for all that they created, both nationally and globally to those that were harmed which would in effect work to the good of straightening out the title issues, court issues and of course – give us back the rule of law.

Everytime I hear someone mention the $150 Billion to Fannie and Freddie and I equate that with the $17B now being offered to the American people, I don’t know how anyone could accept such further victimization of the people.

There are those of us still out there that intend to bring about a good resolution that will put the housing crisis behind us – Everyone will not be happy, but it may end up being the best that it can be under the circumstances and without the help of the AG’s, the Congress and the Administration and its regulatory.

The deal will be between the Banks and the American people – The government needs to step aside as do the AG’s. The best news I heard today is that the 50 State Attorney Generals are basically coming to a parting of the ways –

Now the American people, state by state can step in and begin that which they should have done four years ago, but simply could not or would not take the time to make the call for what must be done.

It is obvious that the the campaign of those running for President will not reveal or permit any discussions regarding the housing crisis. Once the housing demise begins to deminish, the jobs will become a reality – how many people have tried to tell the Administration who concentrated on health care – first the Obama adminishtration for two years and now the REpublicans have picked up the torch. Ryan’s plan is good and will not be forgotten – it is a bench mark and the American people need to demand that the “whole story” be revealed from both sides –

Like the housing issue, the health issue is taking the same path – get it off the table before the campaign gets in high gear.

The seniors need to step up on behalf of the generations to come as their part in making a mark for America – Well, come on seniors.

And the rest of the American people need to follow.

The banks can make this work – we are not waiting any longer for them to step up and help us make it happen – and sooner rather than later.

This is simple talk from someone who cares about this country – just like you do. We must put the people’s plan/proposal on the table without any interference from the Feds and we need a strategy to pull it off.

But everyone that comes to this site TODAY, look for more of the same – talk, talk, talk – we have good knowledgeable people who can take up the cause to help those of us not organizaed sufficiently to bring it to fruition – WHY?

Thank you for your time.

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  1. No one is sick of you Mary Cochrane by any means – of course you are correct. This is a critical situation and yes, I have submitted cases to the senators of my state and other states on behalf of advocacy cases I have worked on. The OCC and others, but I did not do it based on your writings. That was the mistake I believe that we made.

    What I was attempting to do is look at a group participation led by people, such as yourself that would be able to take our place at the table with all of the ammunition that has been gathered per the individual cases, our rights, etc.

    What I am finding out over the past week is that the group participation may never be an option. Reviewing the comments of the other 95% homeowners who were not directly harmed tells me without question that most of those believe our clients are nothing but deadbeat people, should go to prison and they have no interest in fighting for their own rights. In fact, most feel it was that 5% that is responsible for the demise. I am just shocked and greatly disappointed that they do not seem to care what happens to their rights as individuals or most probably don’t even know they are losing them.

    I did this in the 80’s to some degree and it worked but of course we did not have the kind of fraud that has gone on in this latest demise we now find ourselves in. Why do we not have a voice at the table? Pehaps we have not been addressing it properly.

    I am going to get into this and spend some time on your suggestion . Perhaps Mary will do the same.

    Yes, even in the last case that went before the Court, although we walked through the fraudulent documentation, reference to the PSA, the standing issue, fraud on the court and just a host of other issues, the lender won their MSJ based on an alleged default of the loan. The citizens of America simply do not understand. The Court, with all of that documentation did what so many other courts were doing initially and that was to award the msj to the banks. Fortunately now, so much has been brought to light that the appeals judges will tap into the real merits of that case and it will be overturned. But that is just one case. It was simple to the Court . Do you have the note? After 5 years, they coughed it up and they won their MSJ, ignoring all else that had been presented.

    Your comments as always are appreciated..

  2. Dear Bankslastchance & Marilyn Lane and all of those who do not realize the only way you as an indivual may address your Authority (CONGRESS) is through the First Amendment and each ‘individual’ with the right may submit a Petition to Redress Greivances (Complaints of wrongs of the goverment) whereby your formal written request and identification of your legal name, legal residence, phone number and email, requesting that your authority in Congress held accountable under US Constitution to review the complaint and take steps to right the wrongs in good faith of the welfare of the United States of America for Congress is charged in all matters related to COMMERCE and welfare of the nation and is preventing enforcement of laws that otherwise would protect consumers had the Glass Stegal and other laws not been removed and in the absence of jurisprudence there immediate attention and prayerful remedy of the collective harms against each consumer as an individual become urgent matter seeking immediate redress in accordance with remedies of law for the alleged unlawful business acts, falsification of documents to public offices, attempt to take possession of property in larcenous manner….

    The rights of the Amendment belong to an individual not a group.

    Have you created your Petition to Redress Grievance(es) to your Authority (Congressional representative), copied your two state senators and any state legislature?

    Petition to Redress Grievances individual ‘Complaint’ address to Authority under Article I – Legislative Branch. A formal Complaint of wrongs (acts) committed by the government, whereby you may humbly seek your authority to investigate and provide injunctive relief (Remedy) as allowed under law? under Article II – Executive Branch who as allowed Jurisdiction over the matter before the Judiciary under Article III?

    You may be sick of me and disappointed that I repeat over and over the same song but until the individual requests their authority to right wrongs no change will happen for the people.

    In order for Foley to be brought up on charges there must be evidence not hearsay. Submit your evidence in your Petition to Redress Grievances.

    For example look at your documents and secure evidence to give to Congress and copy the US and State Attorney General where property located.

    You’ll find interesting facts in documents in the Origiantion folder which no one is taking steps to get and makes excuses why they can’t. You can ask the court by filing a Complaint as an individual pro-se and list John Doe’s as defendants to be identified.

  3. All the resources for national virtual backbone of ‘consumer’ membership as individuals contributions for hiring lobbyists to represent consumer entitiements under Article IV of Constitution – right to be safe in life and property using due process of law safe from unlawful siezures – consumers as individuals most important VIP’s whose assets are coveted by financial organizations. What about a $10 Membership monthly to an non-profit organization who can repesent consumer’s as individuals! The legislatues can be ‘state charter members’ who can contribute their expertise to solicit you votes and you’ll have the hard facts to deflect their false statements and insure your candidate is accountable for what they say and do and don’t do.
    If any interest at all share your thoughts.
    We need to be ready before November when the next targetted technical default of the economy.
    send thoughts and interest to beta

    Mary_Cochrane @


    OF FLORIDA Case No. 08 CA 3299 MF



    husband and wife,




    My name is Louis Aguilar (“Louis”), and I am representing my self in this action. In response to each of numbered paragraphs of the Plaintiff’s Complaint or Petition, I state as follows:

    1. The allegations of Paragraphs One (1) and five (5) to Ten (10), I had and I am disputing as not true allegation. The allegations 1 and 5 to 10 are deliberated unlawful proceeding that First Commercial Bank of Florida (“FCB”) had engaged by filing faulty affidavits and affidavits that attested personal knowledge of facts, FCB’s Executives Manager, Directors and Employees, had consistent pattern or practice and willful violation that was intended to mislead this Court on this foreclose case, Osceola County Case 2008-CA-3299 MF and Bankruptcy Court, Chapter 13 Case #09-00017.

    2. On January 7, 2011 The Florida Attorney General Office of Financial Regulation closed First Commercial Bank of Florida and appointed the FDIC as Receiver and as successor in interest to FIRST SOUTHERN BANK (“FSB”)

    3. Based upon information received on October 22, 2010 from Bill McCollum, Florida Attorney General, clarify the unlawful legal proceeding that FCB had engaged, the discovery of information from experts in this case and based upon our own factual and legal investigation there are legal claims that need to be resolve, abusive or unfair lending terms, Fraud in the Inducement or Factum, Predatory Lending Fraud, Fraudulent Representation, False Representation, alteration of documents or forgery and willful violations intended to mislead Louis, the Counter Claim and Third-Party Claim which is incorporated and attached herein.

    4. Attached to this Answer is The Defendant/Counter-Plaintiff/Third-Party Plaintiff Louis Aguilar (“Louis”), I am representing myself in this case, hereby files, his Amended Affirmative Defenses to the Complaint, Counterclaim against Plaintiff/Counter-Defendant FIRST SOUTHERN BANK (“FSB”), as successor in interest to FIRST COMMERCIAL BANK of FLORIDA (the “Plaintiff,” “FCB,” or “FCB/FSB,”), and Third-Party Claim against Third-Party Defendants Scott Braswell (“Scott”) and ALAN ROWE, DONALD L. ASHER, JR, JAMES H. BAUKNIGHT, JAMES W. BOWYER, STEPHEN C. CAHILL, DOUGLAS S. DOUDNEY, DR. DOUGLAS A. HUHN, DMD, SIDNEY G. SPAFFORD, and MICHAEL L. SPRAGGINS, SR (“The Board of director,” and collectively with Scott, the “FCB Representatives,” or “FCB/FSB Representatives”), suing them for consequential and compensatory monetary damages in excess of Six Hundred Thirty Thousand U.S. Dollars ($630,000.00) and such other relief as this court deems appropriate

    WHEREFORE, Louis Aguilar respectfully requests (a) a trial of all issues so triable, (b) the entry of a final judgment in his favor and against FCB, FCB/FSB and FCB/FSB representatives for damages in excess of $630,000.00 exclusive of prejudgment interest, attorneys’ fees and costs, and (c) all other relief in Louis’s favor that this Court may deem just and proper.

    Respectfully submitted, Dated at Kissimmee, Osceola County, Florida this 13 day of May, 2011

  5. We need to start helping each other.I know I need to find a good lawyer to help me with my case,but I don’t turst them don’t know who good or who with the bank’s can anyone help me with this.I have my home upstate NY

  6. Anonymous –

    Thank you –

    time is critical and sometimes we have to do more and to move one way or the other to get off dead center to work in the best interest of those we care most about – this Country and the people who want to maintain their rights. But here we are in the Courts, doing all that we can, but it simply is not enough, at least for now.

    I liked Smurf’s comment – United we stand.

  7. Mary:

    I have the greatest respect for you and try to read most of what you write.

    The point is to halt the foreclosures with a plan that might work to give immediate relief to the people while we work through the issue of an investigation of the loans. Back in 2005 & 6 having a pretty good idea of what was ahead, because of the dangerous loans and the inability of the servicers to handle the servicing responsibilities, I tried my best to come up with a plan that would have halted the foreclosures early on. But it was not to be, thus the current housing demise took its toll.

    Just recently and due to the continued and ongoing arrogance of the banks and what was happening in the Courts, I thought once again, we need a A plan that could be developed by those individuals such as yourself and qualified others. The point is the people need leadership so they can present a plan of resolution and a strategy to pull it off.

    Such a plan could put the banks on notice that every loan put on the books since 2000 must be investigated. Why would I not want that and if I gave that impression, certainly that was not my intent.

    The disappointment to me was that your comments seem to lead us back to the Courts which were doing nothing to help us at this point and time now that we knew all that we knew. That is what a lot of homeowners are doing and have been doing – We just wanted to add to that effort by having people like yourself express your opinion about whether not we can benefit from such an organization. I believe we can, but there just are not enough people responding to determine the need for the organization for the people.

    They need a voice and they just don’t have it. Your comments did not seem to address the benefit of such an organization but again, sent us back to what we have already been doing as early as 2006 or around there.

    I believe it was in l989-90 when I spent a lot of time in the trust department of one major bank reviewing the notes, etc on loans that the bank was acting as trustee. This is when the banks carried out their responsibilities according to their trust agreement. We looked at each and every note, corporate resolution, assignment, power of attorney and they had best pass the test, or back the loan went to the seller for repurchase.

    Thank you for writing – again, your work is valuable and I regret that you did not understand my intent.

    No one should go without representation, I guess I just have not made it clear that perhaps a united effort would make some impact.

    It is my understanding that there is sufficient evidence to prove the wrong doing of the banks and financial lenders and of course we expect them to be charged with such wrong doing. Again, surely my writings did not give that impression.

    Why can we not have a place at the table with a leader who can represent the people. WE had good faith in the AG’s but that does not seem to have worked out so far. Do we keep waiting?

    The Feds offered programs that were designed to offer relief, but those too have not been successful as you know. And they gave millions of dollars of taxpayer money to support those programs that never could have worked. Now we really know why.

    Thank you for writing –

  8. Dear Marilyn Lane I’m not trying to have great posts I’m trying to share ‘focus’ on what will yield due process of law for we all are to be safe in life and property and not subject to unlawful seizures. And what lays before each COURT OF EQUTIY, in each COUNTY COURT and COUNTY RECORDERS OFFICE in each state and US Territory tomorrow? How many families will the thrown on the street this week? What to do what to do about it? FOCUS!

  9. The American Way

    The American Way
    Jan 29, 2007

    Welcome to America, where you and your family will be able to fulfill your dreams
    You are required to work hard in order to succeed. I give you the opportunities through
    hard work to own your own land. I welcome you to rise up and fight for what you believe in the American dream I welcome you now onto American soil.
    Good Luck and God Bless
    Watch the Mortgage corporate today or they will take your American dream away that’s the
    American way of life today

    Come Come Come
    Keep the vision alive of what America really is freedom and the American Dream
    The crooks have taken that away
    America represents the last stand for freedom in the world.
    Welcome! Here in America you will be guarded from harm and protected from enemies. You will prosper your children will grow to be finely tuned to contribute to this land, their land. We together will make this land great. Your times of hardships are not over with the corporate crooks today.
    This land is your land. This land is my land.
    Welcome to the land of the free, land of opportunity, land of Constitutional equality
    Welcome to the gates of the America dream. Any and everyone are welcome whether rich or poor. This is the land for Freedom, liberty where hope is alive and where dreams come alive
    Now congress you must keep this American Dream alive.
    Welcome to America, Come in and enjoy the freedoms that America has to offer. Here you will find endless opportunity and prosperity at your fingertip builds your American Dream and let no crook take it from under

    Welcome! My name is Lady Liberty. As we all know, many of you are searching for freedom.
    Well I can say you came to the right place. In America, you will find all you wanted, and more.
    I wrote a song:
    Let freedom ring from the bottom of your heart
    Everyone deserves the best freedom is the best part. In America you can find your American dream to come true, even more then it seems but watch out for the American crooks or your American dream will be unforeseen I no these cooperated crooks come so quickly and without warning to take your American Dream so we have to stand together and fight for what is rightly ours.

    Seeking freedom and fulfillment of our dream. It is one of the universal symbols of political freedom and democracy in the world
    Did You Know?
    Freedom is not standing still. A symbolic feature that people cannot see is the broken chain wrapped around the Statue’s feet. Protruding from the bottom of her robe, the broken chains symbolize her free forward movement, enlightening the world with her torch free from oppression and servitude
    Enjoy your stay here, you will find a better life if you do not let the crooks stand in your way. Here in America, their once was no strife now you have to strife. Your life will be better, you made an extraordinary choice, because in our country, everyone can find their own, special voice in freedom of speech so stand together and struggle and fight until we have won our fight.
    United we stand divided we fall.
    Where have Democratic gone into the hands of the crooks
    The Democratic Party swept to power

  10. saveamericaone and Mary

    Your posts are great — just — you remain too focused — need to open up. All pieces will then fit.

  11. Dear Bankslastchance, maybe,

    And your point?

    Nothing happend for the people 2005 until Foreclosuregate and the good work of (one) attorney with a banking background who looked at the actual transactions. A novel idea for the ‘masses’ who have managed the mess.

    One good man, knew how banks operate and knew civil procedure and law. Save a lovely family from being otherwise thrown on the streets.

    So please, what is your point – your book and the intent of your disappointment that I believe we each can Save America One Mortgage at a Time reversing the harm done.

    You do realize as individual consumers harmed by ‘national banks’ as trustee before the COURT OF EQUITY there is no other option but to right each wrong one mortgage at a time.

    Otherwise, I look forward to being enlightened.

  12. Papergate:

    Rebecca was correct and she was confirming what senior author was saying –

    It is going to take an organization that can express the voice of the people. That is what senior author was trying to convey. I only wish more people would have responded to this post – Thank you Neil Garfield for running the pience by senior author.

  13. leapfrog:

    great post – and on point. Nothing has been done.

  14. “Bloomberg reports: “There is definitely going to be another financial crisis around the corner because we haven’t solved any of the things that caused the previous crisis,” Mobius said at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in Tokyo today in response to a question about price swings. “Are the derivatives regulated? No. Are you still getting growth in derivatives? Yes.” Unlike Icahn, Mobius stopped short of calling for a return to Glass-Stegall and a repeal of the abominable Gramm-Leach-Bliley which unleashed the era of zero margin derivatives and financial system neutron bombs. On the other hand, it is nice of Messrs Icahn and Mobius to speak up now, two years after the ongoing systemic instability transferred $3.5 trillion in capital from current and future taxpayer generations to the present financial elite. We do, however, forgive them because in their better late than never contrition, they join the likes of Zero Hedge who since January of 2009 have warned, over and over, that nothing in the structure of capital markets has changed, and that the market could any day open not only bidless, but broken beyond even Brian Sack-ian band aid repair.

    Mobius, as seems to be the conventional wisdom these days, focuses on the $600 trillion or so in OTC derivatives as the next source of systemic jeopardy:”

    As always, read the comments, especially the ones by Rufusbird about Patriots (us) versus TPTB (the powers that be).

  15. Marilyn – thanks for your input. It goes directly to the point I have been trying to make – The very fact that your case along with so many others, was handled in this manner tells me, let the people go to the Hill with their voice and arrange for a relief program that will be an immediate effort.

    If the banks think for one minute we will not force them to follow the constitution – they most certainly have another thought coming.

    Within that discussion between the people and the banks (no feds), will be our report of how we will go back to assuring that the rule of law prevails and that would be “if it takes one mortgage at a time”. We have been saying that for years as our passion to take back the rule of law has been so evident. This is not the first time it has been brought up but it is the first time that we must now take the time to form the organization that can do something now while we go back to the courts.

  16. saveamericaone on May 30, 2011 at 4:24 am said:

    “Dear James McGuire,
    Sadly you are mistaken the facts speak for themselves.

    How did your ‘pension’ get into the ‘Issuing Entity’ and in the name of the bank owners c/o Cede & Co, and DTC as nominee? and placed in the ‘junk bonds’ areas so your fund would not get interest in subordination (a form of credit enhancement protecting the banks as owners assets).”

    Cede & Co. as agent for DTC as Nominee for a Certificate (Payment(s) Intangible) where the issuer of the Certificate executed a hedge (short or long), ain’t calling that ball, where such Payment(s) Intangible [Personal Property under UCC] is secured by the Intangible(s) Payment Stream(s) which is secured by the Tangible Mortgage Note [Personal Property], where the Tangible Mortgage Note is secured by a Security Instrument [Personal Property] where the lien represented by the Security Instrument is governed by local laws of jurisdiction. As the Security Instrument represents a lien, Real Property laws apply.

    Saveamericaone: “Mistaken, hardly.” In short, the hard copy of the Mortgage Note and Security Instrument is Personal Property of the owner but the Security Instrument is governed by the local laws that affect real estate liens. The owner, issuer of the Certificates of the Personal Property [Alleged Paper Mortgage Note and Security Instrument], still has to follow the laws affecting Real Property liens.

  17. thanks Mary
    My own brother always good naturedly thinks I think differently than most people. He always thought that me going into Federal Court with the issue of the banks being prohibited from making mortgage loans against the Constitution was off the wall.

    I still don’t have possession of my two nyc condos back but I won’t give up. The Constitution says they are mine.

    I would like to go into the history of what happened to me in the Courts when Fidelity NY FSB hid four of my mortgage checks in order to fake a default, accelerate and fraudulently foreclose. (Fidelity NY FSB went under and Astoria Federal S & L became Successor in Interest.)

    The NY State Judges would not pay attention to the bank hiding my checks. I could not believe what was going on in the courts. I told one NY state judge Carol Arbor “this is a scam that they did in Nazi Germany, not the United States” Judge Arbor said “strike her answer”. That decision still sits in my state record.

    After five judges of the 1st dept of the NY Appellate Division agreed with her, I filed a Chapter 13 to stop the bank from stealing my two condos.

    The first Judge that even paid attention to the Constitution was the Hon Cornelius Blackshear
    of Bankruptcy Court. He had told me to file a 510 motion (that is to void a fraudulent creditor) . When working on a 510 motion I spendt hours in the libraries reading. I didn’t have a computer .

    One of the articles I read was written by law professors that said ‘all bank foreclosures are illegal” since the mortgages are in prohibition to the Art 1 Para 10 Cl 1 of the US Constitution.

    When the corrupt debt attorneys Mullooly Jeffrey Rooney & Flynn filed to lift the automatic stay I came back with “this foreclosure is illegal and prohibited by our Constitution.” and the Hon Judge Blackshear told me to file a Federal Petititon.

    I went to the Federal Court Building to find out how to file a Petition. Federal Court is easier to deal with than the State Court. I bought a book for $15 from the Court . of the rules and was able to figure out how to write a Petition.

    On May 8 1997 I brought my Federal Petition, three copies of my state record, and my money to Federal Court. The Hon Louis l Stanton read and accepted my petition for filing and sent me to the Fed. clerk to pay my fee and get my docket number (I demanded a jury trial – that demand has to be done the day you file your petition) and after filing the forms the last words the clerk said to me is” don’t forget to file a copy of the Petition at the State Court.” (that act of filing a copy of the Federal Petition in the County Clerks office removes the case jurisdiction from state court to federal court.. State Court cannot proceed any further unless and until remand.)

    The Hon Louis L Stanton issued his first orders on June 11 1997 and made a directive that I write a demand letter upon the bank for settlement. (I added RICO charges) The attorneys MJRF stalled and went wild that I wanted a free house and and money
    Around July 20 1997 while my case was in Federal Court I received two copies of State Foreclosure Judgments signed on June 30 1997 in State Court by Judge Arbor. (she is the judge who struck my answer)

    In Federal Court you were instructed to go to the Judges Chambers with courtesy copies of all your filings, so I wrote a letter to Judge Stanton telling him the State Court proceeded while I was in Federal Court.When I brought myu letter to Judge Stanton’s chambers, His law clerk told me, the judge spoke to the attorneys. On July29 1997 my case was abruptly remanded to State Court by the Federal clerk sending the certified letter to state court. Only after July 29 1997 can the state court proceed.

    However in the attorneys MJRF rush to foreclose they used the void judgments ab intitio of June 30 1997. I told the corrupt Timothy Rooney and the corrupt referee Penny Stark you cannot auction off my two condos and Timothy Rooney said “who is going to stop us?” I handed out papers at the auction and all the attorneys who came to bid left and the properties were won by Straw buyer Fang Li and Cheetah realty. I was ousted from my properties by the US marshalls with eviction notices from Fang Li and Cheetah Realty.

    After being ousted I went to Floriida to put a roof over my head. I wrote a little book and sent it to Federal Senators, Federal Judges, OCC, OTS,etc I didn;t stop but that was in the late ninetys and you heard very little about bank fraud on TV, in the papers.

    I sent my book to the Miami Herald and their answer was foreclosures are not a very big issue in Florida.
    I had sent my book to a Federal Judge who responded and told me to open up the case since the foreclosure judgments of June 30 1997 are void ab inito and have no latches.

    I came back to NY and in 2008 sought two show cause orders in NYSC to mark vacated the void ab initio judgments of June 30 1997 pursuant to the US Case of Elliot V Piersol (on jurisdiction)

    Astoria Federal S & L had gotten rid of their corrupt attorneys MJRF seven years prior and the new attorneys Mr. Arthur Walsh of O’Reily, Marsh and Corteselli apparently checking the dates
    knowing they didn’t own my two condos when they auctioned them off said “Its indemnnify Indemnify Indemnify – we are stepping aside and the title companies are stepping in”.

    The title attorneys corrupt Frank Malone of Fidelity National Title and his partner in crime corrupt David Fiveson of Coronet Title did not want to Indemnify their clients who have Forged Deeds but wanted to be Intervenors and be heard and what they told Judge Alice Schlesinger was Time makes Forged Deeds good (FORGED DEEDS CONVEY NO TITLE) and that they have equity The only equity the title attorneys were talking of was money under the table for Judge Schlesinger and she ruled against the Supremacy Clause of US Constitution in her not following US Supreme Court case of Elliot v Piersol (- on jurisdiction)

    I am still not back in my two properties but if the NY Dept of Finance is sincere in correcting the land records of New York they are going to be able to over ride the corruption of some judges and the corruption of the title companies with their sheriffs mandate.

    So why do I tell you to file a Federal Petition because, I believe this is the way to go.


  18. saveamericaone:

    The information you offer is quite valuable but for those who have already been through all of this and the experts who have already brought this information to the attention of so many – thank goodnss for Neil – why can we not move on?

    I am really impressed with your knowledge and you would do a lot of good if you would stand with an organization to argue these points – you are going at it the wrong way in my opinion, when you may have much to offer. Others may not agree.

    Since when do we fight to sign petitions to make sure a government employee gets appointed but yet will not take the time to get the signatures of the very people who were harmed so that our voice can be heard and we take our place at the table.

    I am tired of people who are arguing in our place with no progress. Sounds just like another ploy to me and buying more time to get nothing done.

  19. The A Man, thank you for the analogy. Amazing.

  20. Dear marilyn lane:

    Ultra Vires, a Latin phrase meaning “beyond the power”.

    Sadly, the same year you were fighting the good fight, bank owners birthed MERS as a legal entity whose owners and members electronically record transactions. As owners of the electronic registray, select members may produce ad-hoc falsified documents and the database records accessible to some members like LPS and DOCX.

    Bank owners who sell SERVICERS rights in contract form, under contract law, having a notational value book the RECEIVABLES AS ASSETS.

    LENDERS (CREDITORS) using credit lines of third parties, called third party warehouse lenders, brokers, REO brokers, enhanced brokers, settlement agents, attorney agents, receive checks or wire transfers made payable to themselves and the banks use the third party credit lines (not the banks) and the funding deposited into Corporate Securities Treasury Indivdual c/o Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corp, for example. Clear (intent) of ponzi-money laundering scheme, to utilize credit lines of third parties, reward members who pay fees to be members masked as training and levels of certifications, use warehouse lenders as mules.

    Bank owners already converted the deposits into other assets before the consumer mortgage was recorded in the public domain.

    The promissory note already converted into other assets in the banks name.

    The ‘Ultra Vires’ 1996 case in which you fought the good fight, brought into the light of day. Wonder when the electronic registry was sold under contract law and became the SHAREOWNERS property?

    Since 1997, all residential transactions (RMBS) and (CMBS) related transactions are electronically recorded inside of MERS electronic registry.

    For example, Wells Fargo’s clients who visit the TROPICANA and use their card get rewarded but you can only be a member if you apply, and you can only get rewards if you use your member card.

    Only members get to be players benefit from the membership and TROPICANA tracks transactions and rewards me to pay and play.

    (WELLS FARGO) owner of Tropicana does send me stipends!

    YES THEY OWN TROPICANNA through one of ‘their’ bankis, an employee is quoted using the name of ‘Howard Atkins banks’ is owner of the Tropicana I visit in Atlantic City.

    We visted once and filed our membership papers and were issued a card. They had a great deal for members. Use your card, and track you play time. If you play for 10 Minues we will give you a free room to come back and stay! So much fun we had (3) years ago on our anniversary at the penny machine! My husband got lucky and we did break even on the $25 we placed into the machine and got a free room reward.

    The following Christmas holiday we got to say for free one night, pay $79 for the next night, and enjoy my daughter’s 18th birthday! 2 Nights, 3 Days, pool and all!

    If you are not a member, you don’t get rewards! If you use your member card, you get paid to play!

    Not a member of MERS you do not get any business related to non-conforming mortgage products sold by the corporation owners.

    Not all brokers MERS members and those brokers wonder why they don’t get their deals approved while other brokers do?

    Food for thought. All mortgages are touched by SERVICERS who since 1997 makie money selling SERVICING RIGHTS to someone else under contract, further creating or clouding the title. Please read Dave K’s ‘clouded titles’ to understand the part of these transactions which can harm YOU! the consumer, one mortgage at a time!

    You may or may not have received a notice so don’t assumer your title is not clouded. Better to be safe than sorry!

    Residential Mortgage-Backed Security: As with all mortgage-backed securities, this entitles the owner to a claim on the principal and interest payments on the particular mortgages underpinning the security.

    “Mortgages made with a Bank’s credit are Ultra Vires Contracts” the mortgages were made with their client’s credit lines known as third party warehouse lenders who remain unnamed third parties in the scheme. The broker or settlement agent deposit goes into the Corporate Securities Treasury as a deposit without recourse the actual check payable to agent or broker the bank not using their credit line but the third party credit line, allowing bank to pay for asset using somebody else’s money to procure the asset.

    Once the deposits clear, and in the form of Cashier’s Check, immediately, Corporate Securities Treasury employees are instructed daily to convert currency deposits into other assets owned by the bank.

    Global Securities, Securities, Certificates, Notes in name of Bank as OWNER electronically recorded with Cede & Co c/o DTC as Nominee, currency of USA converted into international form of currency (alike Monopoly money) is how they took care of that one!

    Corporations paid for the residential mortgages upfront during origination, and deposited currency into the bank. The ‘credit line’ of the warehouse lender used and not the bank’s credit line.

  21. To savemericaone:

    What a huge disappointment your writings are to this site. I know you mean well and have in all probability a great respect for the law enforcement. Somebody may have forgotten to tell you, but yes, we all had that at one time and we must get it back and sooner, rather than later.

    For five years, the fight has been on whereby victimized homeowners, directly and indirectly, have suffered, waiting as you say “to have their day in Court”.

    First, you never not once even ask what would a settlement for the people look like? Did it incorporate the punishment they so justly deserve? You just assumed a settlement by the people meant – no jurisprudence. I do not know what an organization for the people can accomplish, but I do know, that after many years of victimization which goes on to this day, both in the Courts and through the financial services entities, that this would be an effort by which the People Would Have A Voice”.

    Few are winning or at least winning on the basis that they should have won and this administration, law enforcement, the Congress and regulatory stand by and do nothing – Now the Administration has found a way to keep people talking about Elizabeth Warren (a very fine person and one that needs to be incharge) is being slighted by the Republicans because they want a team effort, not just one person that the Administration can control. She will be working for the government to try to represent us and she has made great strides – but she will need more time if and when she is appointed – She cannot do it alone and it is foolish to think she can. But we will see.

    In the meantime, the voice of the people must go forward independently of the feds in all respect while the system looks at loans one mortgage at a time. By then “saveamericaone”, those that have so taken advantage of the people will have bought more time to run their agenda.

    I don’t know where you have been for the past 48 years but I can assure that after writing a documentary back in 2005, I know full well who is responsible for this demise and the information about who was responsible is nothing new. What is new is that there are those of you and myself as well that would like to re-emphasize the critical need for the rule of law. Obviously you have never read anything I have ever written regarding the rule of law and how the fraud upon the court and the bank’s success in overriding it has been so devastating to America.

    I have been working for the good of the people for as long as I can remember as being down in the trenches in this industry fo 48 years – and you are telling me who is responsible. I don’t have to research my coverage of this subject as I have lived it for the past 5 years just working with homeowners who have been so damaged.

    Back in 2005 we were getting letters from the AG’s and the betrayal of our rights to investigate the banks and the national mortgage bankers association and other non profits who worked in tandem so as to keep from the homeowner is rights –

    Yes, jurisprudence is required for the kind of real recovery we need. But we have to stop the bleeding an we have to assure that the people have their voice, particularly now that we see our jurisprudence has not effectively worked for us the way it was designed.

    If you want to saveamerica, how about giving the people back their voice – you known as well as I do that millions left their homes because they could not afford to defend themselves – one mortgage at a time. I don’t know how hard you worked to help people keep their homes, but try working 24/7 without pay and operating expenses, taking calls in the middle of the night from desperate homeowners who did not know what to do.

    Had you spent some of your time investigating what rights the people would demand in such a plan, if they had a chance (which they do not in court), you would realize that these homeowners know what is needed, they just can’t get there because so many have been deserted.

    I assume you are voting for the banks when you tell these people who have no way other than perhaps class action suits that provide huge profits for defense and little in most cases to the homeowner – is that the jurisprudence you are talking about? It is not supposed to be about money, it is supposed to be about keeping one’s home that he thought he was purchasing legally.

    While working on a foreclosure prevention task force some years ago before the full brunt of what has happened came to light, I said to them “the servicers” are the second tier that will bring this economy down. Now years later, I hope the gentlement remembers my words. The committee member speaks up and says ‘ what is a servicer” I got off the committee because they would not listen then or now. but now after all the damage has been done, reform for servicers is on the horizon.

    I could write the book my friend on loan servicing technique and/or should I say, Intentional Negligent Loan Servicing Technique”. That which has been practiced for years all right under the noses of the feds . Would you like to see a couple of letters I have from the regulatory passing the buck to each other? while the homeowner waits for his day in court and he is removed from his home.

    To your comment: “Recovery ” not possible without jurisprudence – While that may be true, that should not put the brakes on what the people, who have given the feds plenty of time to correct and/or prevent, to initiate the start of the recovery can do.

    Again, I am sure you meant well, but it sends the wrong message. There have been millions that walked away from their homes because at the point and time they needed the jurisprudence, it ws not a tool available to them and as far as I am concerned it still isn’t. You know that. Do you want to give the people the money for the attorneys that might represent them properly – Not many of those out there. Or they can always go to “Legal Aid” This was the saddest part, when a person being represented by legal aid has to meet up with homeowner advocate like myself in the middle of the night to help prepare for the 8:00 court date with Wells Fargo, because Legal Aid would not return her calls.

    Nightmare stories of monies paid by homeowners trying to save their homes paying out to scam collection attorneys who say they can help – Well you see where that went..

    Last said: The people want and must have a voice NOW – NOT LATER. The jurisprudence this of course is so vitally needed will not be discarded – again, did it ever dawn on you that in our voice we will require that which will force the jurisprudence.

    You can say I am being kind and not on point, and clearly your point is well taken, when our laws are not working for us and no enforcement of those laws, we can look only to ourselves. THAT MY FRIEND IS THE POINT. I am calling it like it is AND IT IS MY OPINION.

    Why don’t you try answering the phone about 3:00 in the morning from a homeowner who was just served his notice of foreclosure, or listen to the calls as law enforcement shows up at the door and the people are trying to get help from which ever organization might be able to help them. If we are not careful, homeowners will come to accept that as standard operating procedure while we wait for our “recovery of one mortgage at a time”. It is not and never will be – Out of the many clients I have worked with, only three lost their homes – and we settled it over the telephone with the servicer.

    Only now has that become so difficult because the people did not speak up years ago and are now having to resort to the courts. And I was just as guilty. I wrote a book explaining this whole mess back in 2006 as a person who was experiencing this with her clients and I did not print that story because it named names of banks and others. Shame on me for waiting for jurisprudence. Perhaps that is why now I feel so guilty about the people’s inability to step up before it is too late. It was.

    As for a current case that has been out there for five years where the gentleman is taking it one day at a time, he lost his pro se case in district court and it is now in appeals: Now he has three judges at a different point and time, years later and a lot more informed, who will consider: the fraud on the court, fabricated assignments, forged allonge, an attorney infact who was also the servicer endorsing an allonge and assigning the loan to the creditor – some four years after the real transfer (memorializing) and front and center, judicial error by the Judge. This case had it all and the court wouldn’t even read or look at the evidence –

    No the people need their voice and if I am the ony one left standing, so be it.

    If you are so sure about what the jurisprudence can do for us at this point and time – try telling that to the children of these families who have now been displaced, emotional distress, broken families and broken communities – and they watch as the feds allow their homes to be sold as toxic assets for pennies on the dollar while the taxpayers make the banks whole. The universities have not done the job they should have done – they forgot about ethics, honesty, integrity, you name it – all would have prevented this fiasco.

    The banks have factored in all the possible risk and its cost to them – and if they got caught, they were ready for it and don’t think for a minute, they are not. Thanks to those high priced attorney firms, nationally and globally that assisted them in writing those pooling agreements. Remember the bean counters.

    Again, I know not what else to do –
    but give the people their voice – That my friend is on point, a little something you missed.

    You are correct ” Congress did choose not to enforce the law. The point I was making there was that now they have been caught – they do not know what to do about it. Doesn’t seem to me that anyone on the hill, Congress, etc., are addressing anything that has anything to do with the housing crisis that can make a difference toward “recovery”. As I mentioned, it appears to be off the table.

  22. Dear James McGuire,
    Sadly you are mistaken the facts speak for themselves.

    How did your ‘pension’ get into the ‘Issuing Entity’ and in the name of the bank owners c/o Cede & Co, and DTC as nominee? and placed in the ‘junk bonds’ areas so your fund would not get interest in subordination (a form of credit enhancement protecting the banks as owners assets).

  23. Yeah Marilyn Lane Welcome!
    We need your brain power!
    Thanks for getting on-board!

    Imagine what I could reveal if able to post all of the information! not just snipits!

    I’ll be happy to show you how you can link together the information. Call anytime.

    Kind Regards,

  24. Repeat after me, ‘Recovery’ not possible without Jurisprudence.

    Jurisprudence: the collection of rules imposed by authority; “civilization presupposes respect for the law”; “the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order”.

    No enforcement of laws expect lawlessness!

    Walmart made their common stock dividends delicious to the pubic to secure operating capital choosing as a corporation to:
    1) not following laws regarding overtime; more profitable to be sued by a few rather than pay employees fair wage in accordance with state and federal legislation;
    2) with intent train their employees and first tier management how to apply and secure government sponsored programs of medicaid rather than provide company sponsored program carrying their share of the employee benefit of insuranc;
    3) force businesses to suffer domestically displacing viable American businesses with point of purchase of foreign organization’s products.

    Cheaper to be sued and take ‘sanctions’ over lawfulness for ‘corporations’ who can’t be put into jail.

    What to do … What to do about it?

  25. Residents can save America one mortgage at a time.

    One by one can each resident with a loan mortgage may secure evidence to protect their property from unlawful seizure

    Those current on their mortgages secure evidence over CLOUDED TITLE and expert advice on what to do to protect their right to be safe in life and property.

    Those not current on their mortgages secure evidence to reveal Clouded Title, and evidence the certificate holders are being paid (RECEIVALBES on the books are current), and the loans are not in default, and the party standing before the court not the LENDER and as a pretender lender breaking the law should be fearful of the United States Government not acting as if they have a permanent ‘GET OUT OF JAIL CARD’.

    Filing falsified documents created with intent to take property by deception and allow third parties to take possession in larcenous manner felonies!

    “Contributing Author’ don’t be kind be on point.

    BANKS chose ‘loan programs’

    Banks chose to break the law and sell both ‘Certificates’ and ‘Mortgage Loans’ using the same asset! Period!

    Banks as corporations are not above the law to make a buck! rather steal a buck!

    Its not that CONGRESS does not know what to do.

    The fact is CONGRESS chose not to enforce laws!

  26. Uprootedone sent email. Regards,

  27. Ashley:

    I want to try to tell you why I think it would not work and most certainly there would be others that can better respond..

    To get relief immediately which is exactly what needs to be done now, is that cold hard cash paid out by the banks is the only thing that is going to work for “Stage One of Recovery”

    If the loans securitized (which were mostly subprime with high interest rate capability), that amount had previously been committed to an investor as a securitized mortgage, in one of the securitized pools. The pools have a value and if you change interest rates or modify the loans, the agreement made to the certificate holders would present some real loss in value which means that the lenders were changing the terms to the MBS certificate holders in mid stream. Not a popular idea.

    So the investors (certificate holders in the trust) are not going to get what they thought . When the payment changes occurred and adjustable rate increases took place, thus the defaults overwhelmed the lenders so they took the route of foreclosing the note, rather than modifying it. And since the property values no longer held, a refinance was not possible.

    We need a proposal that will allow us as an organization of the people, to try to make it a win win situation for both the banks and the people. As much as I would hate to see them win anything, this may be the basis for any kind of negotiation where the people are able to be compensated for the harm done to them and to stop future foreclosures which continues to increase the inventory. I agree and understand why no one wants to address it, but hey, too late – we have to now unless we allow the banks to foreclose on virtually every subprime loan or securitized loan that goes into default and even those that are not subprime but the trickle down effect caused so many the loss of jobs that even they could not make their payments.

    We can go with your program only after this issue has been resolved, rate setting can be determined by careful and reasonable consideration as they all, the banks, the feds and the people remember all that has happened and why it happened. But it cannot be accomplished now but will have to wait until this whole fiasco is taken care of .They have had five years to put into place a program that would have halted this demise, but made some very poor decisions as they allowed those that created the mess in the first place to set some of the rules. Making it voluntary for the banks to modify a loan rather than mandatory only bought the banks more time to complete their agenda. Looks like they won on that front doesn’t it.


    The reason we need the feed back from the people is so we can show all those that participated in this fiasco, banks, wall street, fannie and freddie, mortgage insurance, mortgage brokers and bankers, realtors, appraisers, title companies, you name it, – that we don’t care if they contribute to this fund or not, but that we are looking to the banks to pay cold cash for compensation, give the house back if it is still available on wrongful foreclosures or give them a voucher whereby they can go out and purchase another home with a no interest rate loan..

    If the loans had not been funded, then none of this would have happened and that is just the way it is. They made the decision to originate and fund, so they will have to answer the call.

    It would be my guess that they would attempt to collect a pro rata share from certain agencies that played along. And I know how that works – if they want to do business in the future, they will have to play ball, but that is not the people’s problem.

    Sorry I got so wordy again –

    One does not want to bring down the banks or Wall Street and I do not believe for a minute that one would attempt such a feat. But this mess has to be resolved and resolved now so America can go on with its life.

  28. marilyn lane, on May 29, 2011 at 1:15 pm said:
    I think everyone has to unite by each person so afflicted of having their property stolen by filing a Federal Petition upon Federal Question – Can a Bank create their own form of money in direct prohibition to Art. 1 Para 10 Cl 1 of the US Constitution. ?

    There is not a bank charter that allows any bank to create their own money and lend you their credit as the basis of a mortgage.

    Mortgages made with a Bank’s credit are Ultra Vires Contracts.

    Thurgood Marshall ruled that Ultra Vires contracts are Null and Void ab initio (which means from the beginning) .

    Once you can establish that your mortgage contract
    is Ultra Vires, nothing that follows is of any value to take your property whether it be Mers, Securitization etc. – and forget class actions only the lawyers make money with that.

    I went into Federal Court with this Petition . That was the year 1997 and bank fraud was not understood like it is today and after three months of being under Federal Jurisdiction the banksters corrupt attorneys pressured the Judge by saying” all the banks do this. ”

    The US Constitution stands above “whatever all the banks do.”

    It really is not that difficult to do. And everyone even without money can get into Federal Court by filing paupers papers. (it is called something else I can’t remember the phase.) But the one thing you must each remember when you filed your petition you must file the Record of the States action.

    I am not a lawyer but I remember when I discovered why the bank hid four of my mortgage payments and I discovered the reason was for them to foreclose and demand real money for their fake money, I figured out how to write a petition

    Maybe some attorneys can post a generic petition on these blogs

  29. Finally the Banks are getting squeezed on all sides…

    I am working with a producer in Hollywood on a under ground
    documentary called

    “Smoke and MERS”

    its about foreclosure Fraud, robo, BS, etc?

    The Producers are looking for homeowners who want to tell their story

    If interested email me

  30. We need immediate relief for the American people, the home owners, those that are losing the most important asset they have. Even today, after all the information about the banksters has come out, they continue to reap the benefits of the spread between what THEY get the money for, usually zero or 1/2 percent or something similar, and the 4 3/4 to 5 3/4 they charge the American public. WHY? Why do they still get to make this kind of profit off the American taxpayers that bailed them out for billions of dollars. If our government would only allow them to make 1 to 1 1/2% above what they get the money for everything would change. Every single American’s mortgages should be changed automatically to that rate and it should be fixed. Anyone applying for a refinance or a new mortgage should get that rate and even those that already have a mortgage on a home should automatically be changed to that rate. The banks should be allowed to charge only 1% maximum of the mortgage in bank fees (plus title insurance and recording fees that would be customary). Millions of Americans would be able to stay in their homes. Every American would refinance because they would save money on their house payments and those 1% fees would be profit for the banks.

    Someone tell me why this would not work? It would also be interesteding to see which members of congress, the senate AND the White House would endorse this. Those who would not, are the very ones that should be voted out.

    Something like this should have been done years ago…..before milions of Americans that lost their jobs, lost their homes.

    It’s time the banksters quit reaping profits at the expense of the taxpayers that are losing their homes.

  31. Cheryl:

    You bring up a very good point – fraud is continuing to go on even though so much as come out. That is one of the reasons why now, the people must take their place across the table from the banksters, without interference from loan servicing companies..

    The servicing companies are not allowed at the meeting – they will need to do what they are told to do by the companies that hire them – the banksters and just maybe some kind of resolution can be negotiated by the parties – the American people and the Bankersters..

    Thank you.

  32. This is how dumb the United States Government think we are

    Biting the bullet – cutting expenses.


    The President ordered the cabinet to cut $100 million from the $3.5 trillion
    federal budget.

    I’m so impressed by this sacrifice that I have decided to do the same thing
    with my personal budget. I spend about $2000 a month on groceries, household
    expenses, medicine, utilities, etc, but it’s time to get out the budget
    cutting axe, go through my expenses, and cut back.

    I’m going to cut my spending at exactly the same ratio, 1/35,000 of my total
    budget.. After doing the math, it looks like instead of spending $2000 a
    month; I’m going to have to cut that number by… six cents. Yes, I’m going to
    have to get by with $1999.94, but that’s what sacrifice is all about. I’ll
    just have to do without some things, that are, frankly, luxuries.

    (Did the president actually think no one would do the math? Please send this around so people understand what a load of crap this is —as if they didn’t already know)

    John Q. Taxpayer

  33. James McGuire – Thank you

  34. Cheryl:

    There are plenty of people, organizations, law enforcement, regulatory, the congress, the Administration and the list goes on – THAT KNOW ALREADY WHAT WAS PLANNED, HOW IT WAS CARRIED OFF AND HOW IT WILL END – IF THEY CAN CONTINUE TO RUN OVER THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    Please try to get a handle on the fact that there are enough people just on this site that can challenge the banks – It is not that we do not know enough.

    Don’t go there – get behind whatever organization is going to be there – CLASS ACTION SUITS ARE MEASURABLE – they do nothing but make way for the lawyers who have ill advised the very people that you say we should go after (the banksters).

    In my day, the great attorneys worked hard to protect the consumers through oversight of the lender’s loan practices – now they are waiting to reap the benefit of class action suits and will profit greatly from the lender’s wrongdoing –


    As we speak, someone suggested, I do not know who, that we look at the Class Action suits already made years ago – did they honor those and did the AG’s make them perform – that question needs to be answered before more Class Action suits are implemented – We just need to know.

    Will the experts on Class Actions please comment here. I think I will count on my self and hope others will at this point and time – no class action suits. I am not interested in rewarding the 4th level victimization. I know there are good firms out there, we just don’t know who they are so how again, that must be determined.

    Don’t lose site of what the real message is – the people must step up – not the representatives of people who created this fiasco in the first place.

  35. To Donna:

    Yes indeedy but voting the right people in is no longer the only way, it is just one of the ways that is going to supplement every effort we make before election day arrives. For those currently in office, well, that can be changed as well.

    This is an American issue – the rights of the people. From there, this organization will try to reach out to every culture to address their needs as one unit. In otherwords, no division by class, cuture or nationallty – We don’t need the majority of a specific group, we need all groups involved to express their opinion. This is not a vote getting project, this is promoting the good will of the American people.

    We have to convince everyone as an American citizen that they no longer need to count on a party to do their bidding if they themselves want to be fair as American citizens – The sooner the people come together, the better our nation and the better off the politicians are going to serve.

    No more paychecks – to politicians who do not serve the people – all the people. States can much better serve the people’s needs and hopefully, we will return to that.

    We can either step up and make our vote count or we can continue to let America fall to special interest and greed. We may have a bus too, going out to the citizens in each state answering those questions that politicians won’t answer. Just maybe!

    This is only becoming political because they made it that way and allowed the housing demise to happen without proper intervention.

    You don’t need a deed to buy insurance on a house and file a claim for damages!

    People need to break free of the banks domination of housing rules!

    But the problem is the massive scale of this fraud, no one can fathom, can grasp just HOW MASSIVE this thing is.
    It was all so simple before, either you could get a mortgage or not, you paid and stayed, or you didn’t pay and got put out!
    Investments had nothing to do with mortgages. 90% of people are ignorant of the way the rules for mortgages changed or what the penalties of this ignorance will be.

  37. rebecca1568 said:
    “Because all of us are trying to SURVIVE and that takes a lot of time. In order for us to mobilize as a group, there must be an organization of some sort. This takes TIME and costs MONEY. There isn’t even a grassroots-type organization.”

    The movement began years ago, and yes it involves a lot of time and very few have contributed to the efforts. But the machine moves forwards.
    God Speed

  38. I think Rebecca has the right idea and attitude – however we will gain support and a sense of decency if we drop words like “Foreclosure” and “Default” out of the discussions – people are already ashamed enough of being in their situations – I personally shun sites and blogs that say foreclosure – instead – fighting for your home – or something – people are also going to shy away from commenting on a site re foreclosure where the whole world can see their private issues – such as the issue with Facebook – things are too ‘out there’ with FB – we don’t need to air our laundry – (not really dirty) but we can discuss legal issues; state specific factors, etc., if somehow the wording is changed re foreclosure in the FB page – I’d personally check it out but I don’t want the whole world (not yet at least) to know what I am dealing with. But the effort and notion we need to become collectively active is absolutely correct Rebecca!

  39. Because all of us are trying to SURVIVE and that takes a lot of time. In order for us to mobilize as a group, there must be an organization of some sort. This takes TIME and costs MONEY. There isn’t even a grassroots-type organization. I’ve started a Facebook group called Bekker’s Foreclosure Friends (BFF). If those of you who read this post are REALLY interested in mobilizing, then join my group and PARTICIPATE. Then we’ll have the bandwidth to do something concrete to get the word out.

  40. James McGuire, if I understand him correctly, has it exactly right.

    The people of course have already stepped in to make sure the secondary doesn’t go boom boom boom with the first $150 Billion. Allocated by the feds to Fannie and Freddie, and a bailout to the banks with no strings attached.

    The people must meet at the table with the 10 CEO’s of the big banks and perhaps throw in a few Wall Street boys, ( may never happen – they won’t show) so the talks and ACTION can begin. We may even extend an invitation to the MI companies, the title companies and the foreclosure mill attorneys as they have played a significant part in the guarantee of some of these loans and the foreclosure. No feds allowed until the proposal has been negotiated and then, and only then, can the feds come in – not to change our plans, but to argue issues with the people, not the banks.

    We had a plan that would have bought the people sufficient time to resolve the issues and thus the demise of the housing market may not have occurred – why – because those loans in default that became non performing, would have remained performing – thus funding all of the banks and Wall Street, while the real and true investigations of the Wall Street Agenda could be handled.

    We did not have to bring down the whole economy by not buying sufficient time to resolve the issue and thus, values to a large degree of both the portfolios and the property values would not have suffered to the degree and extent that they did in such a short period of time.

    As I said, the feds had their chance and so did the banks – two plans – which need to be brought to the table and more if anyone cares to come up with their suggestions as I believe Neil once tried to get us to do.

    Every state needs to a spokesperson to check in with this site so we can know who is in and who is out. That is the start – then we go to the objective and present it in such a way – that it must be taken as serious as any banking institution can take it.

  41. This is the way. That—and to RECALL congress if they insist on staying in the real estate game. They have no knowledge to be involved in such earth shaking consequence. They have no idea how real estate functioned for hundreds of years before the american Bakers Association invented their own mortgage monster. Why would they the banks- be the ones to change the states and county recording systems. I think that by starving the courts from their fees they intentionally brought the court systems down as well. They did every thing intentionally. With decpeption with GREED driving the run away train. Greed kills in every single instance—just go through history and u can see it is all over the same horrifying thing GREED and POWER and WE gave it to THEM. We have to take it back. The oaths of office for congress and senate and the government offices through out our nation. The oaths are breached. They are obligated to uphold the constitution of the united states of america. We the people not WE the banks. Not WE the lawyers or WE the crooked corrupt judges! It says WE THE PEOPLE. Looks like ill be memorizing the whole constition

  42. I guess I will call a meeting with Governor Perry of Texas and Greg Abbott, A-G and put them on notice that it is my belief and some others that they must be held accountable – while we move to form an organization to deal with the banks – ourselves. They had a job to do to prevent this mess and it is far reaching to all of those that came before them.

    Perfect example: – allowing the state of Texas to become a non judicial state – the very first act that gave the banks the right to take people’s homes without the right to do so – intentional or not, it is what the State of Texas legislators have done.

    Do you think they will show? No matter, it is a start. Hopefully, others will designate themselves to make the same call.

  43. People, it’s still not clearly understood, it’s not a fraud against the people. The people are an expendable commodity for the protection of the 244% GDP Inflated Bubble Money Machine on the secondary market.

    Approx 12 trillion total in housing and approx 250 trillion in the secondary market. Judges, politicians, teachers, law enforcement, many have life savings/retirement depending upon the secondary market.

    When the house market popped, they need to do everything possible to keep the secondary market from going boom, boom.

  44. We have to start connecting all the dots of this massive fraud against the people.

    In Mary Cochrane’s post she lists the governing directors of a company called Investment Property Exchange Services
    as Vice President Secretary Director Michael Gravelle-
    Chairman director Raymond Quick,-
    Vice President Daniel Murphy-
    Vice Pres. Director Anthony Park
    all located at 601 Riverside Jacksonville Fla, that is Fidelity National Title and all its entitys building.

    She also lists Certegy Transaction Service Inc. aka Fidelity National Transation Services.

    The connection of the fraud gets bigger and bigger but at the heart is William P Foley Ceo of Fidelity National Title, former chair of LPS DOCX and the man that gives the marching orders for all his connections to steal our properties.

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