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EDITOR’S NOTE: When you have nothing else throw mud. Some of it is bound to stick no matter how stupid it is. That’s straight out of the Republican playbook. The Banks are losing ground and they are pounding and threatening the Republicans withdrawing their support and otherwise trying anything they can to undermine the credibility of one of the ONLY people in the current administration that “gets it” and wants to do something about it, and has the power to do so. It is sleaze politics at its worst, and this is something that lies squarely at the feet of the Republicans. When will the sellout to the banks end? It will end when YOU make it end. Write your congressman and senators — both in the Congress and your state legislature.

Elizabeth Warren Fans Attack Patrick McHenry On Facebook Over Liar Charge

Patrick Mchenry

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WASHINGTON — Rep. Patrick McHenry’s pants may not be on fire, but his Facebook page is getting thoroughly flamed after he called Elizabeth Warren a liar Tuesday in a subcommittee hearing.

Fans of Warren think the North Carolina Republican took some unacceptable liberties with the boss of the nascent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and they’re demanding that he get some McEtiquette and apologize.

Hundreds — and probably thousands — have flocked to McHenry’s fan page to singe him.

“I ‘like’ the fact that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Americans are appalled by your behavior,” wrote Jill Budzynski. “You are an insult to the title of chairman of any committee. It is out of order to abuse a loyal public servant who is trying her best to accommodate your flip-flopping of schedules. How reprehensible to accuse her of lying. Apologize now.”

The dust-up Tuesday came near the end of a hearing on the CFPB when the Oversight Committee’s top Democrat, Maryland’s Elijah Cummings, noted that Warren had stayed beyond the time he had seen agreed to in internal committee communications.

But McHenry denied there was any agreement, even though the hearing time had been changed as recently as that morning to accommodate the subcommittee. “You’re making this up,” McHenry told her, to her shock and gasps from the hearing audience.

Warren and her staff had the same understanding as Cummings, and sources confirmed the previously agreed upon timing for The Huffington Post.

31 Responses

  1. Mr. Congressman. Get a new picture. You look like a wimp.

    And Mr. Congressman. I knew Patrick Henry. Patrick Henry was a friend of mine. And you, Mr. Congressman, are no Patrick Henry!

  2. ANONYMOUS—yeah, the three stooges…they are all a colossal joke… but somehow I don’t feel like laughing…

  3. that’s a great case leapfrog! more re: the case of Rickie Walker can be found here;


    1) Rickie Walker Objection to Proof of Claim.
    2) Rickie Walker Memorandum of Law in Support of Objection to Proof of Claim.
    3) Tentative Order of Judge Sargis.
    4) Rickie Walker Objection to Claim #5 of Citibank;

  4. carie,

    Mr Ben Bernanke, Mr. Henry Paulson, and Mr. Timothy Geithner — all put together the original media presentation — blame the homeowners — so the banks can be protected.

    Have said before — this was the beginning of the end. But, they ran into problems — and the end is not near. Egg.

  5. When will “they” get it.
    This is NOT a partisan issue.

    Politicians and others need to get over themselves.
    Banks don’t discriminate on whom they steal from and throw out on the streets.
    We are ALL people.

    It’s all about money for the banks. Bottom line.

  6. The attack on Warren will backfire nicely. What bothers me the most is that people do not see our politicians in bed with the wealthy, the corporations and the government to screw the middle class. Soon, the middle class will have nothing. When that happens, it will get real interesting.

  7. tnharry is correct in this matter. Let him play devils advocate. It will only benefit all of us.

    This is not a democrat or Republican issue.
    This is an American Issue.

  8. cubedK: I follow the Rickie Walker case since its in the same court as my case. The Mandelman article got me all excited, but from what I read both Walker’s attorney and the banksters have to go back to the drawing board on a few things. I’m still keeping an eye on it.

  9. Umm, Eule, what was the point of the attachment regarding checking account overdraft class action litigation?

  10. Hey leapfrog,

    thanks for mandelman matters.

    here it is for us california’s:

  11. Joyce, take a look at the other article Martin Andelman posted on Mandelman Matters – it was from Max Gardner and you might enjoy that one too.

  12. They were arguing about the scheduling of the hearing. Not the content, afaict.

  13. Leap frog is correct!!!!

    No more contributions from financial organizations should be allowed to buy politicians.

    Why don’t we force candidates to run on their own passion for wanting to do the right thing.

    They all go before a committee that is broadcast one month before voting takes place and make their case. End of story.

  14. Let’s face it, just a small percentage of the victims of the housing crisis are making their comments known. We have in effect, left it up to the political arena which clearly never should be done.;

    We are doing nothing – so they are doing nothing but reaping the benefits of being a political tool for the banks – both parties

    Let’s not make it political. bring in the number of people who have been victimized – in otherwords, the global economy and every taxpayer in this nation –

    Yes we need to move on with a movement behind us which we do not have – and that opens the door for this kind of ______________.

  15. “Now, I don’t care what your views are about politics…this is just plain STUPID and McHenry looked like what he obviously is… a pantload.

    I can’t imagine that it’s a coincidence that McHenry has received very generous donations this year from large banks and industry trade associations that oppose the CFPB, including $1,000+ checks from the American Bankers Association, Mortgage Bankers Association, American Express, American Financial Services Organization, Cash America International, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association.

    And in 2009-10, commercial banks gave him $91,975… the American Bankers Association kicked down another $20,000, and Wells Fargo Bank was his single largest campaign contributor at $15,550. Don’t believe me? (Look it up HERE if you want.)

    How can anyone vote for this guy? The State of North Carolina would be better off just leaving his congressional seat empty.”

  16. And yet again I get flamed immediately for an innocuous comment….I was just saying that it’s not really a Republican issue or a Democrat issue. Regardless of how we got to where we are, we’re here now, and let’s figure out how to move on with it.

  17. tnharry, Thanks for the clarification. For a moment there, I thought the housing meltdown had something to do with politics.

  18. The war between two bloggers:

    I side with Karl and Mish needs to get his head out of his ass. Peopple like Mish is how they operate. they somehow make sense of something that is total BS, just like how the politicians do their double talk and speak with forked tongues.

  19. Neil – this isn’t a political board. The housing mess wasn’t created by Republicans. Let’s get back to the real issues and leave the political muck-raking to other boards.

  20. Give McHenry the moniker he deserves: ‘Muck-Rake Mealy-Mouth McHinney’.

  21. Wrote to both Congress and Senator about fraud. One didn’t answer and the other referred to Hud. Doesn’t look like they’re getting it. Perhaps my words are too big or it’s the presentation. I don’t know. I’ll try going to Wall-mart and buying all 64 Crayola colors.

  22. The level of rudeness and lack of decorum by this legislator was over the top…McHenry is part of the problem with Congress…he was an embarrassment to himself, his family, his constituents and quite frankly all members of the entire House and Senate on both sides of the aisle

  23. We the people are the answer but first remember, we as a whole must do something –

    When Paul Ryan submitted his medicare plan, he did it in good faith and was retaliated against. He wanted the Congress to step up and offer suggestions but what happen – a commercial for granny going over the cliff was not indicative of what he was attempting to do – so they basically called him a liar but on a much larger scale

    Now we have a good person like Warren trying to get a feel for the homeowners position and note it and she is called a liar.

    Where is the outrage for Paul Ryan – why an outrage for Warren – Both good people trying to do the right thing but the other side calling them both liars

  24. i read your post but what i am seeing is criminal behavior that we the people can not fix by ourselves. we all have written the government enitties they know what is going on our voices are out there but the foreclosures continue. lets start with appraisal fraud, they all know the appraisals were all fraudulent yet do not procecute anyone. the banks forced appraissers to come it at or above property value or that appraiser would be black listed . hello people but they need to eat to so what are they suppose to do. i read a post where an appraiser was doing that for a while but got out of the business. our only line of defence back then was broken becuase the appraisers were being bribed .
    my appraisal florida 2006

    comp # 1 280k (all approx) on market for 17 days. checked tax appraisals on line property value. new
    house as of 2003 no property appraisal fro taxes done

    comp #2 280k sold 4/2006 238k 6 month later flipped for 280k sold in 5 days+

    comp #3 home owner wants 225k on mls for 51 days sells for 245k.

    this is just mine imagine all the appraisals like this. all anomallies usually are discared in a ligit appraisal guess underwriting didnt have to check any more.

    then we have robo signing and linda green, and then modification fraud. the blackhole of lost paper work and moved files. hardship letters that go unreaded. i just wish i new how we can all get to gether and fight this. i do not know how george eashington did what he did without cell phones and the internet.

  25. Sorry about the post – typo errors, but I was up all night working on a plan and a strategy that will offer some insight into the housing demise . Trust me, I can do much better when I am not so tired.

  26. Here we are getting off track once more. There is no question but that both the Democrats and the Republicans are still in bed and never fot of bed with the banks.

    Writing to the Congressman is good but will not provide the results we need in the time frame that is needed.

    The people should hoop and hollow about what is going on with the Justice Department, FTC and the AG’s and make their voice known there. The Congress and the Administrations have proven they are about “NOTHING” and that is what they have done to halt this housing crisis.

    When are we going to learn that the current Administration and the Congress need to be replaced and that they both fall very short of what it takes to protect the people’s rights. They don’t even respect our rights – how is that going to work.

    More time delay over arguments about how this one person, who appears to be on the people’s side,

    Where is the talk about the Plan and the Strategy by the People to resolve the issue them selves. We are the ones with the money – that can make a difference on whether or not the banks stay in business.

    The people are arguming the wrong point. Get the Team ready, and put Warren in charge of it, but she cannot be the only one speaking for the people – that doesn’t even make sense to me.

    Warren means well, but we need to look at something she wants to do that can put a halt to this foreclosure and corrupt demise of our country.

    Like Paul Ryan, she is but one person and cannot do it all with regard to their particular issue. We need more people to step in and back what the people most need – the rule of law and the people’s understanding that something must be done and they will be ready to make additional sacrifices to assist these two. Guess what, the people are not behind them, but they are ready to sit and criticize those that aren’t.

    Did anyone get upset when the Democrats went after Paul Ryan – Anyone can look at him and tell he is working in the people interest. All we have to do is meeting him at the front door, not the back and come up with more the proper feed back from the people who must make a real effort to understand his message. Just like Warren is trying to do with the mortgage mess. She has a real message and all she was getting was criticism from the other side.

    The Congress is and has always been a joke since l985 – and it continues to be.

    Perhaps they will talk Bill Clinton into becoming a Republican and run him as the Republican’s candidate. – Just kidding of course.

    It should not be about what the Pariies believe, it should be about what we need in a President right now. I just don’t think it is going to happen.

    The Politicians need to get out of the way and let Paul Ryan and Elizabeth Warren name the teams that will help them get something done. They cannot and should not have to carry the loan themselves with the political parties biting them at their heels.

  27. they are trying break us and they are trying to break that try to help us. this is a war i bet most of his campaign money came from one of the big banks. if someone can find out please do and lets get it posted. it seems to me he was called to started get angry and beat us down.

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