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EDITOR’S ANALYSIS: If you the follow the money you are following the truth and if you stick with the money then your pleadings and proof will be congruent and persuasive. If you follow the documents, as the Banks want you and the Courts to do, you go down a rabbit hole where you will find nothing but darkness and confusion.

SO follow the money first, determine for yourself who the real parties are, and then see whether the documents the pretender lenders are proffering actual conform to the facts. They don’t and that is their problem. The trail of money does not match the origination documents, nor the securitization documents.

The origination documents do not describe the actual money transaction and neither do the securitization documents.

Thus the job of the attorney or litigant is to shift the burden of proof back to the would-be forecloser (pretender lender) by showing that based upon the reports from third parties who have analyzed the original transaction with the homeowner-borrower, the money transaction is NOT supported by ANY documentation.

Just because there was an actual monetary transaction in which funds were advanced to a borrower does not mean you can submit ANY documents you want to use to enforce the rights and obligations of the parties arising out of the real money transaction. They must be the RIGHT documents, signed by the borrower. AND those don’t exist.

The investor-lender received an entirely different set of documents NOT signed by the borrower.

The only way to correct the chain of title on the millions of foreclosures that have already occurred is to get the signature of the homeowner-borrower who was the target of foreclosure. My guess is that most won’t sign a thing unless they get some value for their signature. If they don’t sign, then the only logical legal conclusion is that regardless of the flurry of activity that occurred, the paperwork is simply a snowstorm intended to obscure the fact that the pretenders had no right to to foreclose, the the party submitting a credit bid at auction was not a creditor and therefore did not qualify to submit a credit bid, and that any title transfers on record arising from those foreclosures are in actuality “wild deeds” that any title examiner worth his salt would simply ignore. The bottom line is that the homeowner who thinks he/she/they were foreclosed and evicted out of their homes are in actuality still the owners of the property and have the full right of possession of that property, even if the “foreclosure” was years ago.

Which brings us to the rest of the homes that were the subject of transactions involving so-called securitized mortgages. According to published reports there were 80 million or more such transactions over the last 10-15 years. To the extent that they are subject to the above analysis, those homes also have defects in the chain of title that can only be corrected by signatures from the homeowners involved in sales, re-sales, refi, etc. Short sales with a pretender lender are void. Modifications with a pretender lender are void. 96% of the loans between 2001 to the present fall into this category.

And what that means is that, in my opinion, under state and federal law, the homes do NOT have  valid perfected mortgage lien and there is no enforceable written promissory note payable to any party that gave or paid consideration in the mortgage transactions. This is not the fault of the homeowners and it isn’t some trick played by attorneys for borrowers. The banks screwed it up on purpose because it was a way to  make trillions of dollars, even if it left a mess in the title registries of all 50 states. The banks received a collateral benefit arising out of the confusion that they created in the form of bailout, insurance payments, payments from counterparties in credit default swaps, guarantees, over-collateralization and cross collateralization.

Now the collateral benefit is swinging the other way — and the banks are screaming in horror as the wealth they stole from the gut of America (the middle class) slowly seeps back to those victims of the gigantic fraud that Wall Street would have us believe was sophisticated finance scheme but inf act was pure illusion, fictitious transactions, giving rise to flase documentation, and outright lies told in and out of court.

Get yourself a forensic analysis (expanded TILA audit) that take into account the title and securitization issues and see for yourself.

submitted by Mary Cochrane:

Inside United States what’s Deutsche Bank got to do … got to do with it? Terminator!
As Intermediary Funder ‘DB Structured Products, Inc.’ and a registered member of MERS – DB STRUCTURED PRODUCTS, Inc. has everything to do with it! In fact, they are the actual unrelated third party in agreements with coconspirators who harmed economy, third element of our national security, and our great nation. Want to know how the ‘Trust Fund’ CAP Swap Agreement and relates with respect to any Loan to be purchased pursuant to a Purchase Obligation, any Loan to be purchased pursuant to Section 3.31, or any Loan to be purchased or repurchased relating to an REO Property, and as confirmed by an Officers’ Certificate from the Master Servicer to the Trustee and the Securities Administrator
‘Deutsche Bank Americas Holding Corp’ Active as of 5/16/2011. No stock information for ‘profits’ are invested and held by holding company protecting owners. OWNERS holdings c/o Seth H Waugh, 60 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 a New York State business entity, Status is Active, County New York, Jurisdiction Delaware. Established 7/28/1993 as ‘Deutsche Bank North America Holding Corp’ renamed 7/26/1998
DB Structured Products Inc. registered in California doing business inter-states under UCC Codes, as coconspirators during Origination the ‘intermediary’ ‘funder’ acting as a non-related third party, who on 6/8/2006 funded a monetary transaction ordered by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage a div of Wells Fargo Bank NA as SERVICER related to DB and Lehman and Wells Fargo and Norwest Corp and Goldman Sachs and UBS and BOA.
On 6/5/2006 as Originator, and on 6/7/2006 as Servicer, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage a div of Wells Fargo Bank NA c/o Wells Fargo Funding LLC and DB Structured Products Inc. all transactions currency carried c/o Wells Fargo Bank NA.
Actual “Cashier’s Check Statement” reveals ‘WFHM’ ordered funding on 6/5/2006 closings taking place between originator’s agents, brokers, dealers, distributors and non-related third parties. Consumer unaware their ‘mortgage loan’ was committed and sold already in secret creating a predatory consumer mortgage that harmed the Cochrane family and the great State of New Jersey, and the economy, third element of our national security.
As a matter of fact, follow this model and you can figure out how the economy was harmed. The ‘mortgage loan’ approved by the underwriters was executed prior to consumer even reviewing the transactions (HUD, TILA, mortgage loan, promissory notes) and almost a week prior to the consumer’s rescind period resulting in a defect at time of sale recognized to be a defect in the financial product sold that harmed consumer and was reported to Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen, Office of Comptroller of Currency, US Attorney General Paul Fishman, State Attorney General A. Milgram, Financial Crimes Unit, DOBI, NJ DOBI, Congressman Scott Garrett, Senator Dodd, Governor Chris Christie, former Governor Corzine, Federal Trade Commission, HUD, Qualified Written RESPA Request disclosing alleged origination and servicing acts which harmed economy, directly to Wells Fargo & Co, c/o John Stumpf, Wells Fargo Bank NA, 420 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94163 – 415-396-5581, Fax 415-396-2987. Appears Executive Specialist Bonnie Schooler’s disclosure to Mary Cochrane directly on phone that Mary was never to call Bonnie ever again and Bonnie exclaimed ‘DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TROUBLE YOU HAVE CAUSED? Yep and I know how much more I’m causing by revealing the actual facts of harm and injury and Bonnie Schooler’s compliance and collusion and collaboration in hiding the origination frauds reported to the OCC who appear to be in cahoots with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage ‘their client’ and refuse to record consumer complaints from me period!
Since Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen ignores me, and Congressman Scott Garrett ignores me and it appears that every government agency does not want the facts in the public domain, as a Patriot, I reveal how the economy has been harmed and have documented in writing since December 2008 and verbally reported to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage since May 2008.
The funding from Deutsche Bank Trust America’s closed with who? Checking Account DBT Co LTD in NJ c/o Structured Asset Securities Corp.
The intent of the transactions recorded by DB STRUCTURED Products Inc., Deutsche Bank Securities, Deutsche Bank Insurance Company provides valuable information to all investigating not including the ‘intermediary’ funder as ‘Plaintiff’ or ‘Defendant’
MERS as an electronic registry was intended to track the financial transactions other than ‘Retail’ and the shareowners and shareholders are coconspirators.
The transactions are for the beneficiary of the RETAIL transactions whose name is placed on the actual ‘mortgage’ and the agencies and agents did not record the securitized documents in accordance with statutes of your state so find out who they were not properly recorded.
The literal ‘mortgage’ and ‘promissory note’ Wells Fargo, JPM, BOA, LBHI, DB, UBS NATIONSBANK, FOOTHILL, Norwest Asset Securities Corp and Structured Asset Securities Corp handled.
Detusche Bank Trust Americas will be related to: DB Structured Products, Inc. a New York State Business Entity.
See Lines of Business:
On the New York State Business Entity Search type: DB Structured and view record:
Securitization: Margolies Exits Deutsche Bank, November 16th, 2010
Joy Margolies, former managing director in the residential mortgage finance unit at Deutsche Bank, has left after nearly … is this the CEO of DB Structured Products Inc listed on New York State Business Entity records which are still active.
The CEO, Joy Margolies, 60 M Wall Street, NY 10005; Principal Exec Office: Sonja K. Olsen, Deutsche Bank, c/o 60 Wall St N4006, N NY, Registered Agent: CT Corp 111 Eight Ave NY NY 10011. 1/11/2002 today 5/16/2011 DB Structured Products, Inc. renamed 1/10/2002 – 1/7/1994 – 12002 Deutsche Bank Sharps Pixley Inc. Renamed 1/6/1994 – 4/30/1970 established as Sharps Pixley Inc. is how you read the business certificate.
Deutsche Alt-A Securities Mortgage Loan Trust/Series 2006-AR4 (8K0 10/13/06) for example, Joy is Signatory and Mckee Nelson Filing Agent as related to Lehman Brothers. DB Structured Products, Inc. (SPONSOR).
Registrant and Depositor: Deutsche Alt-A Securities, Inc. Date of Earliest Event 10/13/2006. File Commission Number 333-131600-06. IRS# 35-2184183, 60 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005. Registrant entered into a PSA on 9/1/2006 as Depositor with HSBC Bank USA, National Association as TRUSTEE and Wells Fargo Bank NA as Master Servicer who is also the Securities Administrator providing issuance of the issuance of Deutsche Alt-A Securities Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-AR4, Mortgage Pass Through Certificates, Series 2006-AR4. The PSA Exhibit 4.1
9/1/2006 Depositor ‘at closing date’ is owner of the loans and owner of other property being conveyed by it to Trustee for inclusion in Trust Fund.
New York State Business Entity: Deutsche Alt-A Securities, Inc. 6/3/2003 Jurisdiction DE, Inactive: Dissolution by Proclamation /Annulment of Authority 10/27/2010. Joy Margolies, 60 Wall St, New York, NY 10005. Principal Executive Office: Deutsche Alt-A Securities Inc. 60 Wall St, NYC 60-4006, NY NY 10005.
Trust Fund segregated pool of assets comprised of loans and subsequent loans and certain other assets. On Closing Date, Depositor will acquire Certificates from TRUST FUND as consideration for its transfer to TRUST FUND of the Loans and certain other assets and WILL BE THE OWNER OF THE CERTIFICATES. The delivery by the Depositor, Deutsche Alt-A Securities, Inc.
Cap Agreement (SWAP) March 2011 will be related to Mr. Soliman’s clues regarding IAS 39, leasing and more. Here is great link ‘Implementation Guidance’ IAS39 July 2001
‘Derecognize’ If transferor has retained control, the financial asset is not derecognized. Since Deutsche Alta Securities Inc is in agreement, and are in control to begin on March 2011…. One can assume IAS 39.37 applies.
Why did Deutsche Bank Mortgage Capital, LLC, 40 Wall St, NY established 11/19/1996 surrender Authority 7/28/2009? 60 Wall Street, NYC 60-4006, New York, NY 10005. Registered Agent Revoked?
And Deutsche Bank Capital Corporation inactive as of 9/30/1993 DOS Process Agent c/o American UBS Corporation, 40 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005. 1,000,000 shares established 5/20/1940 – Union American Corp. 4/22/1970 renamed Amrican UBS Corp; 12/29/1971 renamed UBS-DB Corp, renamed 3/31/1978 Atlantic Capital Corp, renamed 12/31/1984-Deutscfhe Bank Capital Corp until 9/30/1993 merged out of existence in New York.
Actual Name 11/19/1996 – Transatlantic Capital Company, LLC through 11/4/19989 when renamed to Deutsche Bank Mortgage Capital LLC renamed 11/19/2005 to Deutsche Bank Mortgage Capital LLC.
(1/17/1989-5/2/1990) Delaware Corp established and merged out of existence to handle mergers? Deutsche Bank Capital Management (USA) Corp.
As reasonable people, I am able to understand employment descriptions which prove useful. For example, look at the duties of a Joy Margolies whose LinkedIn public profile on 5/16/2011 reveals employment duties thru 1992. Is Joy E and this Joy the same person as listed from multi sources?
I’ve copied at the bottom for the information provides an excellent resource of what ‘DB Structured Products Inc.’ a special-purpose vehicle (SPV) managed and how relates to the MERS entity as an intermediary funder of my mortgage loan on 6/5/2006 as ordered by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage employees.
The Principal Executive Office refers to a Sonja K Olsen whose business profile comes up in Wiki working for: Deutsche Bank Insurance Agency Incorporated, located at 60 Wall St New York, NY 10005.
“The officers include Sonja, Sonja K Olsen, Terry W Nall. Deutsche Bank Insurance Agency Incorporated was incorporated on Monday, January 15, 1996 in the State of FL and is currently active. Registered Agent c/o CT Corp Sys, 111 Eighth Ave, NY NY 10011”
A New York State Business Entity, Jursidiction MD County in NY Dutchess, Active 5/1y6/2011, formerly known as ‘Alex. Brown Insurance Agency Inc. 2/5/1987 established name changed 11/3/2004. Chairman CEO ‘Terry W Nall’ c/o 3414 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta GA 30326.
Principal Executive Office: Deutsche Bank Insurance Agency Inc., One South St, Baltimore MD 21202.

Disclosure: In no way does this discussion intend harm to employees of the coconspirators. Rather, we need to understand that good people employeed by the coconspirators were harmed also. How many brokers, dealers, distributors, agents of the SERVICER and ORIGINATORS are personally harmed forced into foreclosures and bankruptcies. The coconspirators did not discriminate whose properties would be taken.
Back to basic discussion how Deutsche Bank as a coconspirator harms us as ‘intermediary funder’ during Origination through the ‘Master Servicer’ Wells Fargo Bank NA as ‘Seller’ of Discounted Mortgage Loans (orchestrates over 90 days) and in one transaction sells to Master Servicer ‘Aurora Loan Servicing’ as Purchaser of mortgage loans through Structured Asset Securities Corp. organized as a pass-through agency (joint venture) SPV’s leasing agreements….
What is a conspiracy:
‘Con’priacy’ ‘Hand in Glove’ Cahoots “in League or in Partnership share equally ‘joint venture’ origin of ‘in cahoots’ kajuit (Dutch) and kajut (German) ….. a joint conspirator… in agreements band ‘themselves’ together to perform ‘alleged’ illegal, wrongful, or subversive acts (both spoken and unspoken).
Many employees are doing their jobs in good faith. Many are complicit and a JURY will have to decide based upon intent of substantive omissions of material facts. Do the ‘Executive Specialists’ of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage ‘Institutional’ who orchestrate the reconstitution for their client ‘Lehman Brothers’ and ‘Deutsche Securities’ act in collusion and collaboration to hide the deceptive acts during origination?
Do these individual employees act on behalf of their employer, co-presidents of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage divisions of ‘Wells Fargo Bank NA’ of parent Wells Fargo & Co. beneficiary of the transactions of MASTER SERVICER Structured Asset Securities Corp and Norwest Asset Securities Corp c/o Wells Fargo Bank NA SERVICER.
Really important to comprehend and understand that many of the employees were brokers, dealers, agents, distributors of the coconspirators who benefitted and acted with intent to hide the documents that would reveal facts of harm and injury to consumer and those people can be named in the lawsuits to be brought against those who have harmed the economy and your families.
Many employees of the SERVICER’s call centers today are cooperating with consumers and providing data facts and helping to reveal harms to consumers. Wonder how many are really undercover? After all how are we going to penetrate cut the head of the snake and end this nightmare?
The Master Servicers’ reconstitution documents apply during ‘commercial clients’ foreclosures and bankruptcies proceeded by the very documents governance of the originations for the ORIGINATOR’s RETAIL transactions. Nowhere do consumers have copies of Agreement’s between the ‘Agent’, ‘Broker’, ‘Dealer’, ‘Distributors’ of the retail and wholesale transactions related to the ‘Servicer’ who is attempting to taking possession of property in a larcenous manner.
Upon foreclosure, the agreements invoked by the members of the reconstitution, do implement, with intent, the takings of property in larcenous manner and with intent created during the 90 day origination period the takings by deception. One could wonder why no one was doing anything about these acts if they had not been in writing. And they are in writing filed in the public domain.
, and making possible third party to take possession of consumer’s real and personal property in larcenous manner.
Reconstitution clearly intent contains the instructions created during the 90 days the ‘mortgage loans’ origination not in the pooling and servicing agreement. A 90 day pre-period loans originated were committed. Literally, the public instructions filed in the ‘pooling and servicing agreements’ and unassociated documents, miscellaneous exhibits and reconstituted servicing agreements for TRUST FUNDS filed on the SEC for use of the employees of the coconspirators.
The instructions define roles and responsibilities and in the event of foreclosures or bankruptcies. Written ‘intent’ of the coconspirators on the RETAIL SIDE of ‘mortgage loan’ transaction and are engaged in literal takings of real and personal property that do not belong to the coconspirators.
The coconspirators’ servicers are complicity for they don’t’ have a legal right to the takings and don’t have first-hand knowledge of the document and have falsified the documents filed with the County Clerks/Recorder, and COURTs! The FORECLOSUEGATE attorneys’ agreements are representing non-related third parties and the manufacturers who designed the financial products and financial services to be placed into the public domain and sold to consumers with intent of not following the laws of the United States of America intended to stand before the court and lie, cheat and steal.
The RETAIL TRANSACTIONS of the coconspirator’s and their Master Servicers (Structured Asset Securities Corp) and (Norwest Asset Securities Corp) promises to each other in writing all transactions (movement of currency) in sale of discounted loans and purchase of discounted loans are WITHOUT RECOURSE. Check cashed and cancelled cannot be returned to sender. So as not to interfere in each other’s business and to hide documents that otherwise clearly would reveal the true owners of the unlawful acts, the private brand label ‘Wells Fargo’ or a ‘national banking association’ are affixed to all of the related transactions on the SERVICING SIDE.
Complicity by the Secretary Counsel of the conglomerates did create the agreements and with understanding did sign agreements the CEO’s and CFO’s for all documents are reviewed and all are in agreements as beneficiary and whether directly or indirectly the beneficiary and leases between each other’s senior executive management and their employees, agents, dealers, brokers, distributors did employ workers” for pieces of gold and silver and promises of stocks and bonus, stipends and rewards from the lowliest of low REO BROKERS who many coconspirators have their own divisions such as Wells Fargo’s ‘Home Mortgage’ division ‘Premier Asset Services’ (PAS) by invitation only of a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage employee will train their own REO BROKERS who pay fees to be ‘the one’ to get the property and purchase the bad debt and in collusion and are complicit hide the broken chain of title securing services of complicity title and settlement agencies to consummate the deals and movement of ownership and resale’s of bank owned properties. All paid pieces of silver and gold and promises of stock rewards, bonus, stipends, and commissions do and did exchange services and their silence did cooperate to get paid and harm the economy of the United States of America. Now we are only speaking of the RETAIL TRANSACTIONS of the coconspirators DB, WFC, JPM, LBHI, UBS, BOA …
Master Servicer as Facilitator (makes easier) acts of the coconspirators’ roles defined literally by agreements do perform together ‘alleged’ illegal, wrongful, or subversive acts of the Underwriters. The Master Servicer is not the ‘mastermind’ but a pass through agency created by the coconspirators ‘Structured Asset Securities Corp’ and ‘Norwest Asset Securities Corp’ for example the ‘Registrant’.
Important Notice: The ‘Issuing Entity’ on the SEC are related to the ‘ISSUER’ as ‘Owner’ filed by the Filer or Reporting Owner and is not related to the retail transactions of the ‘mortgage loan’ as not the ‘loan trust.’
In the beginning, Coconspirators (Parents) operating as Financial Holding Companies (Domestic (USA) or International) are dependent upon their own Underwriters. Underwriter: a person or firm engaged in the insurance business, who assesses the risk of enrolling an applicant for coverage or a policy, and who guarantees the purchase of a full issue of stocks or bonds and the person and enterprise that underwrites the insurance policies and the employees and agents of the insurance company who assesses the risks and determines the premiums payable to themselves; e.g. payment of commission of empty pooling and servicing agreement estimated value and ‘Master Servicer’ paid fee for they are the ‘handler.’
Coconspirator (a member and one that engages in a conspiracy); co-conspirator (a group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose);
underwriter, master servicer, ….Question: Can the ‘Issuing Entity’ be a fictitious name? The name of a file folder and scam is the Master Servicer – Structured Asset Securities Corp (SASCO) and Norwest Asset Securities Corp (NASCOR).???
See what became the PSA’s the Reconstituted Servicing Agreements of the Master Servicers Structured Asset Securities Corp (SASCOR) and Norwest Asset Securities Corp (NASCOR).
For its only through an agreement or reconstitution ….
Reconstituted Servicing Agreement as related to topic ‘ Deutsche Bank/DE adding Lynn S’s son’s name to Lis Pendens and specifically what does the Issuing Entity, Loan Trust got to do with Deutsche Bank and CONSPIRACY (two or more entities …in agreement…..)
See, read, and digest the actual meanings of the words using the Free Financial Legal Dictionary:
17 C.F.R. § 229.1107 (Item 1107) Issuing entities. Title 17 – Commodity and Securities Exchanges:
See: “(l) If applicable law prohibits the issuing entity from holding the pool assets directly (for example, an “eligible lender” trustee must hold student loans originated under the Federal Family Education Loan Program of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 1001 et seq.)), describe the arrangements instituted to hold the pool assets on behalf of the issuing entity. Include disclosure regarding the arrangements taken, as applicable, regarding the items in paragraph (k) of this section with respect to any such additional entity that holds such assets on behalf of the issuing entity.”

ANYWAY WHAT’S THE ‘ISSUING ENTITY’ GOT TO DO GOT TO DO WITH IT? Since Sarbanes Oxley they ‘bastardized’ the intent of the SEC Regulations that the Issuing Entity would have accountability. NOT when each ‘Issuing Entity’ researched is nothing more than a file folder name. Is there an SEC Regulation which allows use of fictitious names? For indeed each ‘Issuer’ is an entity such as Structured Asset Securities Corp or Norwest Asset Securities Corp whose ‘Owner’ filed documents under the fictitious entity forcing reasonable people to wear ‘horse blinders’ and focus on agreements that have nothing to do with the ‘loan trusts’ and everything to do with the intent of takings of properties and only come alive during a foreclosure and/or bankruptcy. Otherwise, these documents as filed serve no purpose and are the SPV’s and literal vehicle of the con-game.
‘Issuing Entity’ file folder that contains documents, agreements, transactions, financial schedules, related to movement of money of entity ‘Structured Asset Securities Corp’ as Registrant over SEC assigned the ‘role’ and ‘responsibility’ as DEPOSITOR for (1) big transaction (representing all of the Originators related special-purpose vehicles (subsidiaries’ affiliates) dealers, brokers, agents, distributors on ‘retail side’ as SERVICERS. Monies moved from Master Servicer on retail side as SERVICER on retail side the parties who collect money for ‘loan numbers‘.
The ‘Reconstituted Servicing Agreement’ on the Retail side is also known as the Pooling & Servicing Agreement used only in the event of foreclosure, and provides instructions: who, what, when, where, why, how the SERVICER will take property without lawfully recorded Assignment.
“The Assignment of the lien without a transfer of the debt is a nullity in law”
“A lien is not assignable unless by express language of the statue”
“What is the statute in your state where the property is located?
In California for example, the note and mortgage are inseparable. What about your state? Is the note essential, and the mortgage an incidental?
For if so read further to see if the Assignment of the note carries the mortgage.
Therefore, the Assignment of the mortgage alone is a nullity?
See Carpenter V. Longan, 83 U.S> 271 (1872) US Supreme Court
Secure from LivingLies their new forensic audit which will reveal the loans are not in default! The SERVICERS are in agreements to pay the monthly payments or forfeit the $1 Billion dollar portfolio they get ½ percent on the principal balance of. How much is ½ percent of a $Billion dollars annually for 30 years? Plus the chunk of change monthly x 360 months for collecting payments.
SERVICERS forced by agreement want to collect the ‘mortgage loan’ monthly payments and move to themselves in many related entities names a series of transactions through their own treasures and gave themselves the short and long stick to profit during default events to themselves so move assets around, move currency for each time you touch the entity you make money.
The Plaintiff’s attorney who files the documents and stays in uncontested foreclosures is under agreement and is beneficiary of transactions of SERVICERS.
Anyone discuss yet why all foreclosures and bankruptcies moved to a trustee who claims to be a national banking association? And who claims to hold a ‘perfected lien’ and are the owner of the asset as the ‘current’ beneficiary of promissory note’ entitled to ‘Deed of Trust’ a superior agreement held in the name of the property owner.
When the institutions fail the FDIC allows them to repurchase their own bad debt! And FDIC pays $.65 on the dollar! WOW! How? Not complicated all by agreement.
With Intent the related Servicer (a fictitious name and/or affiliate of itself)appears in court of equity and claims to be the owner abusing the COURTS (spitting upon the Federal Republic) and the robo-law firms are with intent with knowledge and coconspirators – two or more persons in agreements in a conspiracy.
The ‘trustee’ as a national banking association claims they have a right (and use the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) to prevent disclosures otherwise Structured Asset Securities Corp and Norwest Asset Securities Corp would be subjected.
Based upon the ‘Issuing Entity’
The ‘written definition and role and related responsibilities’ are intent.
Originator’s subsidiaries, affiliates, third-party agents, dealers, brokers, distrutors of the (Master Servicer as Purchaser of Loans) majority sold back the rights to SERVICE the loans.
The ‘intent’ of the events that may happen as related to a foreclosure or bankruptcy are covered and outlined in the reconstitution of the bad debt of the Servicer (who again as themselves represented in the beginning at the RETAIL side of the transactions as related to creating a ‘mortgage loan’ claim they are with the right to collect money and takings of property.

Why the TRUST FUND of 88 individual loan trusts, in the event any of the referenced ‘mortgage loans’ how many loans? Are covered by (1) ‘Reconstituted Servicing Agreement’ recognized to be the Pooling & Servicing Agreement by ‘Loan Forensic Auditors’ and lists SASCO 2006-WF3 ‘Trust Fund’ of 88 Loan Trusts PSA RECONSTITUTED SERVICING AGREEMENT’s instructions.
Unrelated third parties not included (mentioned) during Origination keep secret from consumers are Deutsche Bank Trust of Americas whose funding deposited to ‘Wells Fargo Bank NA’ as LENDER merely a technicality to record a ‘mortgage loan’ in the name of Wells Fargo Bank NA who will present an Assignment in the event of a default event or resale.
Why do they leave out the intermediary funder? Part of the RETAIL TRANSACTIONS that the ‘Lenders’ don’t record inside of the MERS database that the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD OF GOVERNORS’ beneficiaries of all these transactions along with the United States Government claim MERS is the new ‘Vogue’ to record electronic transactions and if you let them will like Cede & Co. c/o SOME foreign owner have control of all the real estate of the USA! Without accountability and responsibility to the laws of the United States of America and intent ? to make DEED OF TRUST an inferior document.
Why does DB STRUCTURED Products, Inc. left out of the ‘named’ parties? Why does the UNDERWRITER not need to be listed as one of the SERVICER’s of the RETAIL TRANSACTIOSN? Or are they as DB Structured Asset Products MERS MEMBER ID: 1002829 who is a ‘Servicer’, ‘Sub-servicer’, ‘Interim Funder’, ‘Investor’, ‘Document Custodian’ but is not an eRegistry or eDelivery Participant (Lines of Business) Member Org ID: 1002829, DB Structured Products, Inc, 60 Wall Street, NYNY 10005 (212) 250-9340 & fax 212-797-5160 c/o MERS Department.
Wells Fargo Funding – MERS Org ID: 1010064 – Lines of Business “INVESTOR” “Third Party” c/o Wells Fargo Funding Inc., Sixth & Marquette, Minneapolis MN 55479 who are eRegistry and eDelivery Participants (Correspondent Lenders) under Agreement with Intermediary Funder DB Structured Products, Inc.
Wells Fargo Foothill LLC c/o Lender Finance Division, 14241 Dallas Parkway Suite 1300, Dallas TX 75254 (Fax) 972-387-4054 – MERS Org ID: 1006610 Lines of Business: ‘Interim Funder’ is not an eRegistry Participant nor eDelivery participant.
Business Entity Search New York State: Active as of 5/16/2011: Wells Fargo Foothill Inc.
Foothill Capital Corporation 8/17/1982 – 7/11/2003 renamed to Wells Fargo Foothill Inc. – Principal Executive Office, Peter Schwab c/o Wells Fargo Foot Hill Group, Inc., 24450 Colorado Ave, Suite 3000 W. Santa Monica CA 90404, Jurisdiction CA, Active in New York State under Uniform Commercial Codes as an active foreign business corporation. (Up to no good on 8/4/2009 registered Foothill Securities, Inc. c/o National Registered Agents, Inc. 875 Ave of the Americas, Suite 501, NY NY 10001
Of interest to research: Foothills Title Agency Inc. 3/21/1988 – County Warren NY established 3/21/1988 shares of stock 200, Dissolution by Proclamation/Annulment 1993).
For those who are not familiar with who Foothill Group know they are related to UBS, Norwest Corp, BOA, Nations
‘Deutsche Bank Trust Americas’ or leaving out the actual bank in NJ ‘DBT Co. Ltd’ who deposited the funding into the Corporate Treasury Securities ‘Wells Fargo Bank NA’ in the name of the Settlement Agent (as an individual) who is an affiliate of the Title & Settlement Agency (can be any name). At that time all of those transactions are RETAIL with SERVICER and have nothing to do with the LENDER, and nothing to do with Deutsche Bank the MERS ‘intermediary funding’ as DB STRUCTURED PRODUCTS for example.

Deutsche Bank regional corporate trust offices established inside US June 2002 in Charlotte NC, New York, Chicago, Olive Branch Mississippi (funny ‘olive branch’), Santa Anna, San Francisco CA opened 1/20/2004 regional western states headquarters handling Municipal Trustee Services (purchase of municipalities)…
Deutsche Bank Trust & Securities Services = ‘Global Provider of trust & securities administration services’
Deutsche Bank/AG global leader corporate banking and securities transactions: banking, asset management, private wealth management, significant private and business banking franchise in Germany and other selected countries in Continental Europe. In over 23 Securities Markets, as well as trustee, agency, registrar, depository, SPV management, relates services for wide range of financings. Products serviced include bonds, auction rate securities, medium term note and commercial paper programs, asset backed and mortgage backed securities, CDOs, SIVs, project financings, escrows, syndicated loans, American Depositary Receipts and German equities

Definitions Consumers must chant every day to not be confused:
‘Issuing Entity’
‘Loan Trust’
‘Lis Pendens’
‘Current beneficiary of a promissory note by way of Assignment’
‘Perfected lien’
‘Chain of Title’
‘Reconstituted Servicing Agreement’

Chairman Bair explained to the House Services Committee:

Securitization takes the role of the lender and breaks it into separate components. Unlike the more traditional relationship between a borrower and a lender, securitization involves the sale of the loan by the lender to a new owner–the issuer–who then sells securities to investors. The investors are buying “bonds” that entitle them to a share of the cash paid by the borrowers on their mortgages. Once the lender has sold the mortgage to the issuer, the lender no longer has the power to restructure the loan or make other accommodations for its borrower. That becomes the responsibility of a servicer, who collects the mortgage payments, distributes them to the issuer for payment to investors, and, if the borrower cannot pay, takes action to recover cash for the investors.

And she listed some of the roles in this modern mortgage transaction:
And she listed some of the roles in this modern mortgage transaction:

o Issuer – A bankruptcy-remote special purpose entity (SPE) formed to facilitate a securitization and to issue securities to investors.
o Lender – An entity that underwrites and funds loans that are eventually sold to the SPE for inclusion in the securitization. Lenders are compensated by cash for the purchase of the loan and by fees. In some cases, the lender might contract with mortgage brokers. Lenders can be banks or non-banks.
o Mortgage Broker – Acts as a facilitator between a borrower and the lender. The mortgage broker receives fee income upon the loan’s closing.
o Servicer – The entity responsible for collecting loan payments from borrowers and for remitting these payments to the issuer for distribution to the investors. The servicer is typically compensated with fees based on the volume of loans serviced. The servicer is generally obligated to maximize the payments from the borrowers to the issuer, and is responsible for handling delinquent loans and foreclosures.
o Investors – The purchasers of the various securities issued by a securitization. Investors provide funding for the loans and assume varying degrees of credit risk, based on the terms of the securities they purchase…
o Trustee – A third party appointed to represent the investors’ interests in a securitization. The trustee ensures that the securitization operates as set forth in the securitization documents, which may include determinations about the servicer’s compliance with established servicing criteria.
“Bankruptcy-remote”. What a great adjective
Margolies Exits Deutsche Bank, November 16th, 2010
LINKEDIN PROFILE of Joyce Margolies as of 5/16/2011
As related to ‘DB STRUCTURED PRODUCTS, Inc.’ and Deutsche Bank Trust Americas c/o DBT Co Ltd. New Jersey intermediary funding (MERS transactions) for retail mortgage loans with ‘Wells Fargo Bank NA’ ordered by WFHM c/o Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corp on Federal Reserve System renamed from Norwest Asset Securities Corp

Joy Margolies: Structured Finance Professional ‘Investment Banking’ Managing Director – Mortgage Finance at Deutsche Bank, Vice President at ING and Vice President at Credit Suisse First Boston, Vice President at Lehman Brothers, Audit Manager, Financial Services a div Arthur Andersen.
Managing Director – Mortgage Finance Deutsche Bank
Public Company; DB; Investment Banking industry
May 2001 – November 2010 (9 years 7 months)
– Managed a large staff responsible for contract finance, structured transactions, collateral analysis, due diligence, default management, breach management and investigation/litigation defense.
– Executed all residential whole loan purchase, sale, servicing, joint ventures, securitizations and all RMBS structured transactions including interaction with counsel, rating agencies, accountants, investors, etc.
– Led a deal team including senior M&A, accounting policy and legal officers, in executing the purchase of two mortgage companies by Deutsche Bank.
– Provided default management on large whole loan position to maximize recovery via whole loan sale, liquidation, short sale or modifications.
– Managed rep and warrant breach work from both buyer and seller perspective
– Performed an assessment of Western European mortgage platforms which resulted in stabilization of servicing and renegotiation of prohibitive vendor contract resulting in multimillion dollar cost savings. Executed first UK whole loan sale of non performing portfolio.
– Originated, executed and structured asset-backed commercial paper facilities and repo financing transactions for all mortgage related products including prime and sub-prime mortgages, home equity loans and sub/non-performing mortgage loans and real estate.
President ING: Public Company; 10,001+ employees; Financial Services industry 1999 – 2001 (2 years)
– Originated, executed and structured asset-backed commercial paper facilities, securitizations and other financing transactions for a wide variety of esoteric asset types including private label credit cards, franchise fees/royalties, trade receivables and auto loans. Maintained primary contact with customers, rating agencies and attorneys on all transactions.
Vice President Credit Suisse First Boston Public Company; 10,001+ employees; CS; Investment Banking industry 1994 – 1999 (5 years)
– Managed all aspects of residential and auto whole loan purchase, sale, and reverse repurchase facilities. Sourced whole loan business directly as well as through fixed income sales force. Worked with sellers, issuers, investors, accountants, rating agencies, servicers, custodians, due diligence firms and attorneys to ensure timely execution. Monitored existing positions through mark-to market and delinquency analysis. Conducted pre-bid review and market value analysis of collateral and trade terms, negotiated legal documents, prepared commitment letters, sales memorandums and settlement letters. Maintained primary contact with reverse repurchase counterparties – analyzing proposed purchases, sales and ongoing mark-to-market of positions.
Vice President Lehman Brothers Public Company; LEH; Capital Markets industry 1992 – 1994 (2 years)
– Supervised 8 staff people in preparation and analysis of matched book trading daily p/l. Managed balance sheet requirements for repo desk; coordinated off-balance sheet trades with customers and sales force.
– Coordinated daily firm balance sheet reduction process consisting of participating in balance sheet allocation decisions, producing position reports, developing desk specific balance sheet management strategies, approving specific transactions and coordinating the asset reduction process across the firm. Developed and implemented numerous system enhancements that improved the firm’s ability to reduce balance sheet levels at minimum cost.
Audit Manager – Financial Services Division Arthur Andersen Accounting industry 1987 – 1992 (5 years).
– Planned, coordinated and supervised audits of international corporations, primarily in the financial services industry. Drafted financial statements and footnote disclosures, including SEC filings for registered broker-dealers.
To view a MERS MEMBER ID profile type any 0-9 and Letter A-Z and find who the intermediary funder was of your transactions.
Joy E Margolies:
RMBS Management
Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.
Financial Services
40 Wall St Fl 60
New York, NY 10005-1333
United States
Source: Jigsaw

Keep your ‘eyes’ peeled to: Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, LTD symbol ‘LTB’ Successor Shinsei BankiI Tokyo Japan acquired Greenwich Capital Markets a Connecticut-based securities firm, thus giving LTCB a US-Based Securities Business. ‘SBC’ now part of UBS AG began a joint venture with LTCB during this period – NATIONSBANK OF GA (Nations) – Bank of America National Trust & Savings Association (BOA if you please) as Agent and Agency retaining ‘NT&SA’ and designation until renamed to Bank of America NA as part of BankAmerica Corp’s merger with NATIONSBANK in 1998.
Hmmmmm ‘marriage’ at same time of another related coconspirators whose surviving corporation took on name of valuable ‘trade name’ of commercial bank ‘Wells Fargo & Co’ creating a new corporation and both existing conglomerates survived 11/2/98. The parent moved into Norwest Corp’s headquarters 420 Montgomery St, San Francisco CA and replaced the storefront signs with ‘Wells Fargo’.
The Foothills group and its subsidiary Foothills Capital Group 1992/1993 acquisitions of INDYMAC/COUNTRYWIDE FUNDING of great interest.
And Foothill Group and subsidiary Foothill Capital Group of great interest include UBS Asset Management as investment advisor ‘UBS’ whose agreements claim sole voting & dispositive power & full beneficial ownership with respect to…. Recovery Equity Investors LP, whose GP is Recovery Equity Partners LP and Pacific Crest Capital Corp, a newly formed parent of Foothill Thrift and Loan 12/23/93 (during acquistions represented NY 6% stock ownership 12/31/1993 and stock ownership is where UBS puts its profits to protect them in preferred senior ownership transactions).
13 Registrants include: Wells Fargo & Co/MN fka Norwest Corp) and US Home Corp/DE Symbols ‘US’ ‘UHG’ ‘USHm’ ‘USHe’ Texas.
Who is Peter Schwab and his replacement. Peter retired end of 2010 after 39 years industry veteran. H. Jordan will stand alone responsible for the very pipelines Wells Fargo’s Foothill and subsidiary Foothill Capital Corp. asset-based lending group? And Wells Fargo Capital Finance the trade name for some asset-based lending, accounts receivable and purchase order finance services of Wells Fargo.

BOA bank & agent & Foothills Capital Inc & Foothill Capital desire to amend agreement to reflect LTB, NATIONS, NORWEST become New Banks.
& UBS a national investment banking firm (5/95)

950131-95-124 1/30/95: Wells Fargo & Co/MN

a) “Babbscha Merger” Babbscha, Fridley State Bank, Merger of a wholly owned subsidiary of Norwest &

b) “Banrein Merger” Banrein, Inc, Merger of a wholly owned subsidiary of Norwest &

c) ‘Bank Mergers” subsequent mergers with & into a wholly owned banking subsidiary of Norwest
Norwest Interim Bank Fridley, N.A. (“Norwest Bank”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Norwest Corp (“Norwest”)

Stanley S. Stroup & Interest in 3 Registrants:
& Wells Fargo & Co/MN [formerly Norwest Corp]
& First Security Corp/UT
Teradyne Inc

Stanley S. Stroup & 9 Registrants:

& WFC HOLDINGS CORP [fka Wells Fargo & Co]
& WF Deferred Comp Holdings Inc.
& Wells Fargo Financial Inc. [fka Norwest Financial Inc]
& Wells Fargo Capital VIII VII VI IX
& Wells Fargo & Co/MN [fka Norwest Corp]
& Goldenbanks of CO fka First Golden Bancorporation (7/3/92)

Norwest LTD LP LLLP 1995/1996 private members collaborate in ventures with Norwest Corp and Wells Fargo Co. and Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Structured Asset Securities Corp, HSBC Global plc, GMAC-RFC, Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp to marry -…

ATTACHMENT A (Norwest Bank Minnesota National Assoc)

12/7/00 Laurel A. Holschuh SVP & Secretary
Schedule 13G Attachment Appended
Wells Fargo & Co (Fin Holding Co-Domestic)
filed on behalf of the following subsidiaries:

Norwest Limited LP, LLLP (1)
Wells Fargo Bank, National Assoc (2)
Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, National Assoc (2)
Wells Fargo Bank Nebraska, National Assoc (2)
Wells Fargo Bank Texas, National Assoc (2)

(1) Norwest Limited LP, LLLP is a Delaware limited liability limited partnership that is not one of the entities listed in Rule 13d-
1(b)(1()(ii) and is included in this filing pursuant to Rule 13d-

(2) Classified as a bank in accordance with Regulation 13d-

Independent wholly-owned subsidiary
360 Ids Center, 80 S. Eight St. Minneapolis MN 55402 responsible in 1996 creating deal with non-Frederick Brokers incorporating US PH Home Mortgage Corp (PHH) (Cendant) (GMAC)….. into the pipeline as affilaites of Norwest who became affilaites of Wells Fargo & Co/MN formerly Norwest. All existing registration and former agreements survived 11/2/98 mergers.

CUSIP No. 30226D 10 6
Norwest Limited LP, LLLP IRS Tax ID 41-1970247
Sixth and Marquette
Minneapolis, MN 55479
Citizenship DE, Place of Org: Minnesota

Schedule 13G 12/7/2000 .

Wells Fargo & Co. CUSIP NO 30226D 10 6
IRS Tax ID 41-0449260
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
Citizenship DE, Place of Organization: Minnesota
Reporting Person Filing: ‘HC’ Parent Holding Company in accordance with 240.13d-1(b)(1)(ii)(G)

Percent of class 6%

Note: SEC (Wells Fargo & Co/MN formerly Norwest Corp) merger & survivors 11/2/98

CUSIP No. 30226D 10 6
Norwest Limited LP, LLLP IRS Tax ID 41-1970247
Sixth and Marquette
Minneapolis, MN 55479
Citizenship DE, Place of Org: Minnesota
5.8% of Class
Type of Person Filing ‘PN”

Name of Issuer: Extreme Networks, Inc.
3585 Monroe St., Santa Clara, CA 9505

By Wells Fargo & Co. /s/ Laurel A. Holschuh SVP & Secretary

By Norwest Limited LP, LLLP
Tiberius Ventures, L.L.C., as General Partner
/s/ James E. Hanson EVP


The Undersigned hereby agree that the statement on Schedule 13G to
which this Agreement is attached shall be filed by Wells Fargo &
Company on its own behalf and on behalf of Norwest Limited LP, LLLP.

Dated: December 7, 2000

Dated: December 10, 2009
/s/ Jane E. Washington VP Trust Operations
Exhibit A

Parent Holding Company Control Person – Wells Fargo & Co. as stated above and Norwest Limited LP LLLP “DE Citizenship, By Tiberius Ventures, LLC DE LLC Its General Partner, Norwest limited is a limited partner in three separate partnerships common stock reported in Schedule 13G were acquired on 11/30/2009 and 12/4/2009 by Norwest Limited in connection with partnership distributions by such partnerships on such dates. Intentional misstatements or omissions of fact constitute Federal criminal violations
(See 18 U.S.C. 1001)

Name of Issuer: Rackspace Hosting, Inc. 5000 Walzem Rd
San Antonio TX 78218
14.61% of Class Owned
Common Stock CUSIP Number 750086101 11/30/2009
Group in accordance with 240.13d-1(b)(1)(ii)(J).

Wells Fargo & Co. Citizenship DE
420 Montgomery St,
San Francisco, CA 94104
14.61% of Class Owned
Parent Holding Co & Control Person (Wells Fargo & Co/MN formerly Norwest Corp)
in accordance with 240.13d-1(b)(1)(ii)(G);

Norwest Limited LP LLLP 13.81% of Class Owned
Type of Reporting Person OO
360 Ids Center, 80 S. Eight St. Minneapolis MN 55402

Formerly Norwest Corp 7/3/92 & Northwest Bancorporation 5/16/83
dba Wells Fargo & Co.
612-667-1234 Incorp DE
IRS 41-0449260
SEC CID 72971

SIC 6021 National Commercial Bank Source SEC 3/10/11 &
SIC 6712 Offices of Bank Holding Co Filing 11/21/08

Extreme Networks statement of beneficial ownership: NORWEST LIMITED LP, LLLP BY Tiberius Ventures LLC as GP –Wells Fargo & Co., Laurel A. Holschuh SVP & Secretary –
There is an active ‘Foothills Title Services, Inc. in TN formed 7/2/1997 by Attorney – Troy D Brown the Registered Agent, 121 STA Dr, Maryville TN 37804

Deutsche Alt-A Securities Mortgage Loan Trust/Series 2006-AR4 • 8-K • For 10/13/06 • EX-99.8 as Purchaser
Executed Recognition Agreement: the original Mortgage Note (including all riders thereto) bearing all intervening endorsements necessary to show a complete chain of endorsements from the original payee, endorsed in blank, via original signature, and, if previously endorsed, signed in the name of the last endorsee by a duly qualified officer of the last endorsee. If the Mortgage Loan was acquired by the last endorsee in a merger, the endorsement must be by “[name of last endorsee], successor by merger to [name of predecessor]”. If the Mortgage Loan was acquired or originated by the last endorsee while doing business under another name, the endorsement must be by “[name of last endorsee], formerly known as [previous name]”;

Related to Proprietary Lease and Assignment of Proprietary Lease to Originator of ‘Cooperative Loans’ UCC Financing showing an unbroken chain of title from the originator to the Trust, each with evidence of recording thereof, evidencing the interest of the assignee under the Security Agreement and the Assignment of Proprietary Lease; 8. an executed assignment of the interest of the originator in the Security Agreement, the Assignment of Proprietary Lease and the Recognition Agreement, showing an unbroken chain of title from the originator to the Trust; and 9.

“SECINFO.COM Deutsche Alt-A Securities Mortgage Loan Trust/Series 2006-AR4 • ’8-K’ 1st Page of 3± Line 159: 99.7 ISDA Master Agreement and Schedule to the Master Agreement and Swap Transaction Confirmation, both dated as of September 29, 2006 , between Deutsche Bank AG, New York Branch, as swap provider, and HSBC Bank USA, National Association, not in its individual or corporate capacity but solely as trustee for the supplemental interest trust. 99.8 ISDA Master Agreement and Schedule to the Master Agreement and Swap Transaction Confirmation, both dated as of September 29, 2006 , between The Bank of New York, as swap provider, and HSBC Bank USA, National Association, not in its individual or corporate capacity but solely as trustee for the supplemental interest trust. 99.9 …”

Hello $10 Billion Dollars! Deutsche Bank National Trust Co (DBNTC) are asserting claims for monetary damages against FDIC Receiver, alternative defendant JPM purported successors in interest to WaMU in which DBNTC alleges breach of contractual obligations affecting 127 governing agreements of trusts created for securitization of residential mortgages 1992-2007….. Based on how uncomfortable Chairman Shelia Blair is she should call me 973-347-3475 Mary. JPM is a beneficiary and coconspirator; what will they do? Settle what’s $10 Billion dollars of common stock so they don’t have to not open their books regarding Structured Asset Securities Corp, Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp, Norwest Asset Mortgage Corp, and Bear Stearns Alt-A …. DBNTC Case No 09-CV-1656-RMC

21 Responses

  1. Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette Securities Corp
    DLJ Mortgage Capital
    Uses ‘Wells Fargo Bank NA’ PO Box 85071, San Diego CA

    Filing Agent 25,837 Filings (3/10/98 to 4/8/11)
    Norwest Asset Sec Corp Mort Ps Thr Cert Ser 1998-1 Trust of:

    CSMC Mortgage-Backed Trust 2007-5 · 10-K · For 12/31/07

    Filed On 4/15/08 4:25pm ET ·
    SEC File 333-140945-07 ·
    Accession Number 1056404-8-1198
    Registrant CSMC Mortgage-Backed Trust 2007-5
    Top of Form
    1 Closely Related:

    Office Address
    Norwest Bank Minnesota N A
    1100 Broken Land Parkway
    Columbai, Maryland 21703

    INCORPORATED New York, U.S.A.SEC CIK 1056404

    SIC Code 6189 Asset-Backed Securities (ABSs)SEC 12/20/99

    Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas is now an affiliate of MortgageIT since
    the purchase of MortgageIT holdings, Inc.

    (“MortgageIt Holdings”), MortgageIT’s former parent company, by an affiliate of DB Structured Products, Inc.

    Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas is now an Affiliate of Chapel Funding,
    LLC (“Chapel Funding”) since the purchase of Chapel Funding bay an affiliate
    of DB Structured Products, Inc.

    Pricewaterhouse reports:
    LaSalle Bank National Association’s (“LaSalle”)
    Report on Assessment
    of Compliance with Servicing Criteria for 2007 (reporting errors)

    R&G Mortgage Corp. and R-G Premier Bank of Puerto Rico, wholly owned subsidiaries of
    R&G Financial Corporation (together the “Company”)

    in accordance with the transaction agreements

    Commission File Number: 333-140945-07
    Issuing Entity:
    CSMC Mortgage-Backed Trust 2007-5

    As Depositor
    Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage Securities Corp.

    As Sponsor DJL Mortgage Capital, Inc.
    Jurisdiction New York State


    c/o Wells Fargo Bank NA
    9062 Old Annapolis Rd
    Columbia MD 21045
    (410) 884-2000
    Securities: None

    Pooling & Servicing Agreement
    Dated 7/1/2007 (errors from 7/1/2007 – 12/31/2007) not reported until 3/31/2008 in 10K?

    Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage Securities Corp DE Corp
    Seller DLJ Mortgage Capital, Inc. DE Corp
    Servicer Wells Fargo Bank, NA
    (a national banking association

    In its capacity as Servicer
    State charter bank as Servicer and
    Backup Servicer
    Servicer Back-up Banco Popular
    Master Servicer Wells Fargo Bank, NA
    Trust Administrator Wells Fargo Bank, NA

    Company did not comply with backup servicer requirement.

    On February 14, 2008, the transaction
    agreement was replaced with a new
    transaction agreement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission under
    Form 8-K/A on that same date.

    The new transaction agreement, requires the
    Company to provide certain periodic information about the pool assets only at
    the request of the back-up servicer.


    a Utah corporation, as a servicer
    (in Special Servicer SELECT PORTFOLIO SERVICING, INC Modification Oversight Agent


    US Bank National Association, a national banking association, as trustee (the “Trustee”)

    (incorporated herein by reference from

    Exhibit 4.1 of the Current Report on Form 8-K/A of the issuing entity, as filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 13, 2008 as File No. 333-140945-07, Film No. 08606774, CIK No. 0001407650).

    as Custodian
    33.2 Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
    34.2 Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
    33.3 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company
    34.3 Deutsche Bank National Trust Company
    33.4 LaSalle Bank, National
    34.4 LaSalle Bank, National Association

    as Servicer
    33.5 R & G Mortgage Corporation
    34.5 R & G Mortgage Corporation
    35.2 R & G Mortgage Corporation

    33.6 Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc.
    34.6 Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc
    35.3 Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc
    33.7 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. as
    34.7 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

    Master Servicer
    33.7 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. as
    34.7 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    35.4 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

    Trust Administrator

    33.7 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. as
    34.7 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    35.4 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

    33.8 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
    34.8 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

    “Bruce Kaiserman”Latest Filing: 3/28/11 as Signatory

    As: Signatory (Director, Officer, Attorney, Accountant, Banker, Agent, etc.)

    PHH Mortgage Trust/Series 2008-Cim2

    1 Closely Related:

    RegistrantPossibly Inactive per 1/22/09
    Form 15

    Office Address
    11 Madison Ave
    New York, New York 10010
    U.S.A. 11 Madison Ave

    C/O Credit Suisse First Boston
    New York, New York 10010
    212-325-2000 Delaware, U.S.A.–
    SEC CIK 1440463
    SIC Code
    6189 Asset-Backed Securities (ABSs)SEC 3/24/09

    2 Affiliate Relationships (based upon SEC Files: Parents / Subs., Directors / Officers, et al.)

    Last Filing Registrant 3/28/11
    Credit Suisse First Boston Mortgage Acceptance Corp [ formerly DLJ Mortgage Acceptance Corp ]
    Registrant Formerly
    Assigned On
    DLJ Mortgage Acceptance Corp
    Home Equity Mortgage Trust 2007-1

    DLJ Mortgage Acceptance Corp Mort Pass Thr Cert Ser 1995-Q6 · 424B5 · On 11/24/95
    Filed On 11/24/95 · SEC Files 33-77722, -14 · Accession Number 912057-95-10407

    This Filing’s “Filed As Of” Date was Corrected by the SEC on 4/2/04.

    DLJ Mortgage Acceptance CorpTRUST FUND
    Pool conventional, adjustable-rate, fully-amortizing, 1-4 family, first lien mortgage loans to be deposited by DLJ Mortgage Acceptance Corp into TRUST FUND for benefit of Certificateholders.

    (REMIC)11/1/1995 CutOff Date.

    All Loans Originted or Acquired By:
    Quality Mortgage USA, Inc.
    Quality Mortgage USA Inc.
    (sold by Seller)
    To BUYER “DLJ Capital Inc.
    Prior to date of initial issuance of Certificates

    DJL Mortgage Capital, Inc.
    Affiliate of Depositor.

    As Depositor
    DJL Capital Inc. acquired by form affiliate on Delivery date

    Mortgage Loans Serviced
    Temple-Inland Mortgage Corp
    Master Servicer
    Temple-Inland Mortgage Corp
    Cut-Off Date 11/1/1995
    Delivery Date On or about 11/21/1995

    Variable Strip Certificates maintained by Depository Trust Co. represented by one or more certificates registered in the name of Cede & Co.

    No person acquiring a beneficial interest in Class of DTC Registered Certificate (each, a Beneficial Owner) will be entitiled to receive a Certificate except under limited circumstances.

    DTC will effect payments to and transfer of related DTC Registered Certificates among respective Beneficial Owners by means of electronic recordkeeping services acting throu organizations that participate in DTC.

    Proceeds to the Depositor are expected to be approximately $133,013,214 plus accrued interest, before deducting issuance expenses payable by the Depositor

    To be offered when accepted by Underwriter…
    Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette Securities Corp
    Same Day Funds Settlement System Of the Depository Trust Co
    Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette Securities Corporation, New York, New York, on
    or about November 21, 1995, against payment therefor in immediately available funds.

    Quality Mortgage USA INC

    “The Seller-Loan Delinquency,
    Forbearance, Foreclosure,
    Bankruptcy and REO Property Status”
    and, to the extent provided by
    Lomas Mortgage USA, Inc. as described herein, the information set forth herein under

    “The Seller-REO Property Liquidation Experience”) has been provided by the Seller.

    “The Seller-REO Property Liquidation Experience” has been provided
    by Lomas Mortgage USA, Inc. in its capacity as servicer during the periods indicated.

    No representation is made by the Depositor, the Underwriter, the
    Master Servicer, the Seller, the Trustee or any of their respective affiliates as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by Lomas Mortgage
    USA, Inc.

  2. Mary

    Know Neil sometimes posts his own synopsis. But, maybe you could do that too. I read through all your posts. And, you give AMAZING information. Readers here, however, may not be focused on what the underlying implication is – if post is too long — they lose interest.

    Think you are extremely astute — and want full impact.

    I, myself, have been told by others— that I tend to write “a book” — but they want the bottom line. I now try to do that.

    Maybe — a quick header as to your focus point — an abstract — would help.

    We are a “fast” (food etc.) society. Agree — much cannot be consolidated – or impact is lost. But, you have so much to offer- and do not want it to get lost. Just a suggestion.

  3. Following now JP Morgan Securities and
    JPMorgan&Co DE
    60 Wall St, New York NY 1002060

    New York Trust Laws apply to ‘ponzi scheme’ because of ‘DTC’ and Cede & Co.

    Notes delivery thru DTC 3/8/1995 against payment in immediately available funds (JPMorgan Securities Inc purchaser.

    DTC description very informative how private entity born from 3/3/95 sale of Notes by JP Morgan Securities Underwriter on behalf of Morgan J M Co Inc. Note: David A. Diamond as signatory.

    DTC is a limited-purpose trust company organized under New York Banking Law, a ‘banking organization’ within the meaning of New York Banking Law, member of Federal Reserve System, a ‘clearing corporation’ within the meaning of the New York Uniform Commercial Code and a ‘clearing agency’ registered pursuant to provision of Section 17A of SEC Act of 1934.

    DTC created to hold securities of persons who have accounts with DTC (“participants”)

    -to facilitate the clearance and settlement of securities transactions among its participants in such securities through electronic book-entry changes in accounts of the participants,

    thereby eliminating the need for physical movement of securities certificates.

    DTC’s participants include securities brokers and dealers (including the Underwriter), banks, trust companies, clearing corporations and certain other organizations, some of which (and/or their representatives) own DTC.

    Access to DTI’s book-entry system is also available to others, such as banks, brokers, dealers and trust companies that clear through or maintain a custodial relationship with a participant, either directly or indirectly.

    Notes delivery thru DTC 3/8/1995 against payment in immediately available funds JPMorgan Securities Inc. (3/2/1995)

    Notes placed in name of Cede & Co. c/o DTC assignee and/or successors purchaser JP Mortgage Securities and company Morgan J P & Co Inc 3/3/95’ agreed to sell notes Morgan JP & Co Inc obligated to sell and JPMorgan Securities as underwriter obligated to purchase all of the notes (if any are purchased).

    So would the Notes then be purchased by a ‘loan trust?’ as ‘Class A-1’ in 1996?

    JP Morgan Securities 3/2/1995 (Underwriter) purchase notes (99.955% of principal amount $289,869,500) aggregate proceeds before deducting expenses from 3/8/1995.
    Limited to $290,000,000 (principal amount) will mature on 3/8/1996.

    Agent: (Morgan Guaranty Trust Co of New York an affiliate)

    Notes issued pursuant to Indenture 8/15/1982 amended between Chemical Bank formerly Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co as TRUSTEE (5/5/86) Notes constitute single series of Debt Securities under Indenture.

    //restated certificate of incorporation, as amended, List of Exhibits// not listing 1994 entities – just a few which are interesting sucha s ICI and Nominees and

    J.P. Morgan Securities Asia Ltd. (50% owned)
    Republic of Singapore

    ICI Securities & Finance Co Ltd (40% Owned)
    Bombay India

    Bank of Philippine Islands (20.4%) Owned

    Saudi International Bank LTD (20% Owned London

    JP Morgan Nominees Pty. Ltd Victoria Australia

    “Notes” represented by the Global Securities, the Depository or its nominee will credit on its book-entry registration and transfer system, the respective principal amounts of Notes to the accounts of participants.
    Accounts to be credited to be designated by UNDERWRITER.
    Ownership of beneficial interests in Notes limited to participants or persons that hold interests through participants – shown on, and the transfer of that ownership effected only through, records maintained by the Depository (with respect to interests of participants in Depository), by participants in Depository or persons that may hold interests through such participants (with respect to persons other than participants in the Depository).
    Some states require ‘certain purchasers’ of securities take physical delivery of such securities in definitive form. Such limits may impair ability to transfer beneficial interests in Notes represented by Global Securities.
    Global Securities deposited with DTC registered in name of nominee of DTC.
    Book entry form only.
    Depository refers to DTC or any successor depository.

  4. Annomyous I’d appreciate guidance on how to consolidate.

    Scanning one does not own understanding of agreements, documents, exhibits, articles of incorporations, dates, and understand who, what, when, where, why, how.

  5. Registered business entities with domicle to engage intra state and interstate only relate to United States and that entity in Indiana.

    Jurisdiction & UCC Codes
    separate issues

    Curious why you are interested – how would that affect you – how can you claim harm ?

  6. uprootedone,
    I second that. Very creative.

    As for the post…. it’s all too bunched up and very confusing. I think Neil could really use an assistant editor.

  7. Thank You Neidermeyer,

    Looks like an error.

    Not confused about who’s who but I don’t think bankruptcy purchaser by adding an Inc. at the end enjoys the right to servicing the loans and doesn’t have to provide docs from the origination. All files transfer.

  8. Steve ,

    I think it’s just a computer error … I looked up American Home Mortgage Servicing India Corp. Private Limited in the Florida corp registry and it seems as if the registry is confusing the “postal code” for Pune India (411013 is “Hadapsar I F” in PUNE) and IN as “india” with Indiana …

    Please don’t confuse AHMS and AHMSI , before and after the BK and sale of assetts to Wilbur Ross ..

  9. Mary,

    Got a strange question to ask. Under your second link New York State Business Entity, searching American Home Mortgage, six entities showed with counties and jurisdiction somewhat related to New York and Delaware. But under AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE SERVICING INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED the jurisdiction is in INDIANA.

    American Home Mortgage Servicing is in Pune India and the state of Indiana does show them registered and legal. So was someone just doing a play on words or is there some main purpose to as to why they became a registered entity of Indiana?

  10. when I went to pay my property taxes online, lo and behold, there was a notation on my account information that I had no balance owing and it showed that my property tax installment in April had already been paid. This was strange, since I did not pay it yet. I called the Tax Collector and they provided me with a copy of the payment information. This is how I found out that someone was setting the stage to take over our home. Amazing. FOLLOW THE $$$ is great advice!

  11. Mary

    You give important information — but you need to consolidate.

  12. David C Breidenbach,

    Thank you.

  13. “Short sales with a pretender lender are void. Modifications with a pretender lender are void. 96% of the loans between 2001 to the present fall into this category. ”

    The reason this is so bad is that any guy with a collection lead can slip in and MOD——so long as you give him $10K up front-and pay 500/mo till another comes along. Outside sight of courts even.

  14. By Barry Ritholtz – April 12th, 2011
    Follow the Money: How Systemic Bank Fraud Contributed to the Financial Crisis

    By Barry Ritholtz – May 20th, 2011
    Rule of Law: Banker Criminality Demands Prosecution

  15. A must read bombshell on LPS practices. This comment does sort of tie in with Mary’s in the “follow the money” reference. Wonder how they will get out of this one?

  16. Joy Margolies needs to be indicted . she knows where the the trail of the bodies is. i suspect there are no bodies either but there is a stain where it once laid and possibly traveled.

  17. this is the trail ..
    re-“not eRegistry Participant nor eDelivery participant”
    too eliminate the digital record & fingerprint or etrail?
    white out for digital data is unreliable at best. the digital info is like mercury ..once its released it cannot be recaptured or contain .
    hmmm.. nice work mary!!!!!!

  18. Good one, uprooted!

  19. our old loan broker for our loan, that is now out of business, gave me my entire file after he received our RESPA request….the file shows the loan closed in April by ABC Lender, but approved for funding by Morgan one month earlier, with a commitment to buy the loan the month earlier and Morgan demanding documents and approving the loan to be made. ON the day of closing i have a document that shows Morgan wired our supposed lender our loan amount plus $21,000 more than we borrowed and they made the first payment. This document shows our loan broker sold our loan for $21,000 and the first months payments was made, and the loan broker charged us 1.5% closing costs on our HUD….humm…i guess this is the table funded transaction i have read about and not disclosed per TILA…and the real party in interest was not disclosed…and our lender was being directed and demanded by Morgan the entire time. then the loan was placed in a Mortgage Back Security later.

  20. How does one follow the”money”? Who will do this? My attorney has the chain of title done. How does one do the money trail

  21. More Smoke and MERS..

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