Who will make them pay?

Who will make them pay?
You will.

Yesterday, in six cities across Illinois, people stood together and demanded Wall Street banks like JPMorgan Chase pay their fair share to end the revenue crisis, create jobs, and stop illegal foreclosures.

In New York City, thousands marched on Wall Street demanding that Millionaires and Big Banks pay their fair share.

In North Carolina, community leaders made sure the shareholders of Bank of America faced up to the bank’s terrible record on foreclosures and devastating impact on our communities and economy.

And, that was just this week.

Next Tuesday, May 17: We Go Medieval

JPMorgan Chase is holding their annual shareholder meeting at the Polaris Center in Columbus, OH—the second largest flat office building in the world—with, get this, an actual moat around the building.

Considering that, we’ve decided to do what any normal, enraged-at-Wall-Street-and-big banks-American would do. It’s Robin Hood time. JP Morgan Chase and other big banks must pay their fair share, and at the Showdown in Ohio we will make our message clear.

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  1. Joyce

    Perhaps uprooted can help you.

  2. Joyce Cauthen,

    Need to reach out.

  3. I am

  4. Anybody Dealing with Ocwen please contact me


  5. Edgetraderplus

    Thanks. Your advice is sound. I’m buried under mountains of problems and work 250
    Miles from the property in question. This is a logistical nightmare. I can’t get to the courthouse to set whst happened amd they didn’t send me any paperwork I think there are nefous avenues of attack but I work 64 hour a week without benefits. The servicers like jackals know how to take down the weak ones….thanks for your thoughts. They were much appreciated and a reminder that possibly my own worst enemy.

  6. Edgetraderplus:

    It takes many prods: scrutiny, education, agitation and litigation, to move this monster. The courts react to all the noise. Slowly yes and not uniformly or predictably…but a little more consciously than they would otherwise I think…

  7. Sunday 15 May 2011

    Feel good moments making the news. Once the cameras are off and the event[s] fall off the print
    page, it remains business as usual for Wall St and
    the banks. Always has, always will. I will always
    maintain the battles are not won on the streets but
    in the courtrooms.

    MERS did not breakdown because people were
    upset about how MERS and the system functioned.
    MERS unraveled in court cases, one feeding the
    next, as an example of how the battles are fought
    and won.


    If your property is listed, then the time to object to
    confirmation of sale must have passed. I do not
    know the RULES and PROCEDURES for non-judicial
    FC, but because they affect you, YOU need to know
    what they are in order to determine if they have been
    broken, and one thing I know for sure, these “plaintiffs” and FC-mill attorneys are not the
    brightest when it comes to doing theings right, BUT,
    they have a distinct advantage in knowing HOW to
    defeat ill-prepared opposition.

    What are the rules for “notice,” if any, prior to being
    FC’d? Were they followed? If you did not contest
    your FC, that puts you at a disadvantage.

    IF you know and/or can prove that the trust was
    “de-registered” prior to your FC, and the trust never
    had your note, then file for fraud to void the whole
    thing, claiming your right to due process to be heard,
    re the trust issue that will PROVE a lack of proper
    party standing, with no financial interest in the matter,
    and no possible injury to plaintiff could occur, etc. You
    have to be creative, and within legal bounds, and
    believe anything is possible.

    I am not an attorney, but better, I am a fighter, and I zero
    in on their mistakes and force the court to take notice
    of them, even when the court has demonstrated it
    is clearly ruling against me all the time.

    It ain’t easy, but with dogged determination, it ain’t impossible, either.

    NEVER “assume” anything. Find out from the auction
    company WHO made the credit bid and WHO authorized it. If the trust in not a party in interest,
    they cannot make a credit bid. It may require a
    subpeona to get the information, but information is
    key. You may find that a different “party” was actually
    behind the credit bid.


  8. I think you have excellent instincts Carie

    I’m writing to warn the realtor that they and any buyer should think twice. I’m going to sue, but am frankly not hopeful. The courts are too whimsical and in Virginia very much sympathetic to creditors. The people I meet in Virginia are all asleep, content to just bump along

  9. to the A Man

    He is doing something. He is buying time for the banksters. Sad as it is. He uses his executive order for other outrageous issues which he is a promotor of – how about promoting the people and their interest?

    It is a lost cause.

  10. So sorry, Marie—thanks for responding…
    Well, I still don’t understand who or how they can legally sell your house—they don’t have proper legal chain of title, note, recording, etc., so—doesn’t the person who buys the property simply perpetuate the systemic fraud—knowingly or unknowingly?????

  11. Correction, the trust existed, as they all seem to, probably, with no loans. According to the psa scheme mine was certainly untimely – “transferred” to the trust three years late and of course not done pursuant to psa terms…



  13. Hi Carie

    Virginia is nonjudicial. My property was “sold” before I even got the acceleration letter. The bogus assignment was from Ahmsi to deutsche bank. So although I haven’t been able to get to the recorder of deeds, I’m pretty sure it was a credit bid by the pretender deutsche bank In reality, The so called trust 2006-opt1 was deregistered with the sec. I doubt whether the trust ever LEGALLY existed. My assignment to the trust was dated 2009, the first time they tried to foreclose. They kept hitting mr with fees until I couldn’t (and wouldn’t play any more). The rest is the usual sad history. They’ve listed my house for less than I paid, not counting the barn, fencing and other improvementms I made (65,000 worth). It appears they’re trying to dump the property as quickly as they can because it is very marketable.

    Ps I’m no expert but I would communicate with your pretenders formally only by certified mail etc with qwr written prominently. That way they’re required to respond and I would think that their responses are just about as good as testimony. That is, get them to put their responses “on the record.”. Email is very dangerous. Be careful of admissions and the like.

  14. Neil,
    From OHIO – Get the latest updates and story here on JP Morgan – Chase
    See the many links to stories of Chase using FRAUDclosure as a Business Model
    Chase is #1 in America in foreclosure holdings – approx $75 BILLION.

  15. “What was the Federal Reserve Bank of New York doing to prevent this mess?”

    the were promoting it.. thats what.

  16. @ Marie:

    I’m just wondering—you say “They’ve” listed your home…who are “they”? Is it the servicer? The trustee? Exactly WHO is claiming that they “own” your property? Did they show proof? Did you have a “loan” that was (supposedly) put into a trust? MERS?
    Obviously, I’m still trying to figure all this stuff out, for my own discovery…

    On another note—to anyone out there who might know—I sent an email to my IndyMac servicer asking if the particular “trust”—that my loan is supposedly in—is even still in existence…and since I was told by the servicer that my “loan” was “owned’ by Deutsche Bank—I asked him—in an email—: ‘Why does the spokesman for Deutsche—John Gallagher—always say Deutsche doesn’t own any loans?’ …He ignored me…

    Well, yesterday I got a letter in the mail (from IndyMac), saying:
    “We are in the process of of evaluating whether or not your your letter is considered a RESPA-QWR…if (it does), we are required to have the issue(s) raised in your letter addressed or resolved by the 60th business day of receipt of your letter…(we) reserve the right to conclude and inform you that your letter may not constitute a RESPA-QWR, but will, in any event, provide a response to your letter when required under applicable laws.”

    Okay…so while they are doing this, is the sheriff going to come a’knockin’?


    Our influence in the world is diminished because we the United States are looked at as a diminishing economic power, caused by the Banksters.


  18. The FTC should break up the 5 large banks and let
    7000 State Chartered Banks and Credit unions take over!
    Racine WI

  19. We are women Robin Hoods here in Laguna Niguel, California!

  20. The is a HUGE action sponsored by EIGHT different activitst’s organizations happening on May 21 (day of Rapture) in Seattle.

    See http://usuncut.org/actions/485 for all details.

    Come join in and MAKE THEM PAY!

  21. AWESOME! Thanks, Neil, for posting this. This gives me hope and encouragement!! I’ve added my information to the Make Wall Street Pay site and I encourage EVERYONE else to.. Let them know what this has cost you.

  22. I’m ready in Maryland. (I’m still trying to pick my jar off the floor when I heard a public official say she didn’t believe subprime lending existed.)

  23. I’m ready in Virginia. They’rve listed my foreclosed home at below market value. Robin hood is definitely needed but I’d settle for Maid Marian or Little John if RH is busy in Ohio ..

  24. Be nice to the police. They also pay mortgage.

  25. […] Who will make them pay? You will. Yesterday, in six cities across Illinois, people stood together and demanded Wall Street banks like JPMorgan Chase pay their fair share to end the revenue crisis, create jobs, and stop illegal foreclosures. In New York City, thousands marched on Wall Street demanding that Millionaires and Big Banks pay their fair share. In North Carolina, community leaders made sure the shareholders of Bank of America faced up to … Read More […]

  26. Go ahead Bankster make my day.


  27. A good bankster is a dead bankster.

    Hang’em high.

  28. What was the Federal Reserve Bank of New York doing to prevent this mess?

    *The Federal Reserve Bank of New York plays a “special” role in the Federal Reserve System for several reasons.

    First, its district contains many of the largest commercial banks in the US, the safety and soundness of which are paramount to the health of the US financial system.

    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York conducts examinations of bank holding companies and state-chartered member banks in its district, making it the SUPERVISOR of many of the largest financial institutions.

    Not surprisingly, given this responsibility, the bank “supervision group” is one of the largest units of the New York Fed and is by far the largest bank supervision group in the Federal Reserve System.

    The New York Fed is a also the only Federal Reserve bank to be a member of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), which means that the NY Fed has a special role in international relations, both with other central bankers and private market participants.

    (maybe they were over at the SEC’s office watching porn)

    **Also, in case you didn’t know: the Board of Governors of the FEDERAL RESERVE made an amendment allowing bank Section 20 subsidiaries to trade Mortgage Backed Securities without having to prove that the underlying collateral met the Boards appraisal standards.

    They didn’t think it would cause ‘systemic risk’ to the banking industry… YEAH RIGHT!!!

  29. yes.

  30. I love it! Take it to the streets!

  31. […] Source: Livinglies’s Weblog […]

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