INTIMIDATION: Deutsche Bank Sues Foreclosure Fraud Expert’s Son

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EDITOR’S NOTE: They are getting desperate, but the question is who is “they?” Does Deutsch know that a suit was brought in its name? Deutsch’s actual trust department has nothing to do with these fictitious “Trusts.” Now, just as Colonial sued Reagan in Arizona for just asking a question, Deutsch is suing the son of a foreclosure expert while he is minding his own business studying poetry.

Deutsche Bank Sues Foreclosure Fraud Expert’s Son With No Financial Interest In Her Case

Deutsche Bank Sues Foreclosure Fraud Expert’s Son With No Financial Interest In Her Case



But Deutsche Bank wasn’t just going after her. The bank was also attempting to sue her son, Mark Cullen, who is currently pursuing a graduate degree in poetry at the New School in New York. Cullen hasn’t lived in Szymoniak’s house for seven years and is not a party to any aspect of her mortgagehe has no interest in either the property or the loan, and never has had any such interest, according to Szymoniak.


And other Florida foreclosure experts say it’s difficult to interpret Deutsche Bank’s move as anything other than retaliation for Szymoniak’s media presence. If it is not, in fact, retaliation, they argue, then Deutsche Bank’s lawyers have demonstrated rank incompetence.

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  1. Way to go Deutsche. Threaten Szymoniac’s kids? I’m in foreclosure. I’ve got kids. You’ve finally given me the final push to do what’s necessary: a pro se complaint in Federal court against your buddies at MERS and Indymac for violations of the RICO act. Did it just this week. Invitations to the party will be sent out soon. I didn’t invite you though. Your buddies can do that.

  2. @ALL

    Below is a recital of a 72 year old man in respect of a struggle with AHMSI for at least 2 years. AHMSI apparently foreclosed on the man’s son who owned the home they lived in–the son lost his job and committed suicide under the pressure of failure to provide for him and his dad—according to the old man, and he had nowhere to go but the street with $1200/mo SS check——and medicare co-pays. He did everything well–at least if the multiple court orders are as potrayed. This story goes back so far and is so sad, that it literally brings tears to my eyes knowing it happened and continues.

    I just read a piece on the AGs press releases–and wonder if they have lawyers or PR guys in charge?
    How are the going to compensate GEEZER for his lost son—where is that in the $5 billion?

    He wrote letters to AHMSI [new not old] David M Friedman if hes telling the truth. And that got their attention–kind of similar to Ms Sy’s experience with LPS’ dotting the i’s—is there a 3rd that would make it a set? AHMSI AND LPS. But read his story:

    fish3000…thank you for you concern. I am still gathering evidence to bring aivil tort action against AHMSI…meanwhile I have been successful, to date in having my county trial court having found in my favor, 3 times by upholding the judges thought the same judge upheld the 3 orders declaring the mortgage null and void. The basis for my pro se lawsuit against AHMSI has been and continues to be the facts that they have no standing. To date they have never offered and legal proof of them being a true holder of the original note. According to long standing tort law if you ain’t got the note/mortgage you ain’t got any standing…I am seeing a number of reports from various states where judges are FINALLY recognizing the validity of no note no standing for which remains the basis of my claim. I have numerous documents/emails backed by Return Reciet USPS as delivered per the law under TILA They ignored my letter of recission, my QWR and the subsequent NOD. They have never defended themselves on the PRIMARY issue, STANDING…but this outfit seems to believe the judge will reverse himself WITHOUT any proof of STANDING. But apparently they believe they can prevail…which they may. We little guys are always at the mercy of these giant scammers…they are trying to “outlive”…at 72 yrs old they may just beat me if I die before I prevail…meanwhile their attorney gets fat racking up billable hours so they have incentive to try to beat me up (I live on $1200 SSA per mo) and no attorney was interested 2 yrs ago in taking me on contingency…it would please me to email a final judgement to the 5 or so area (Salem, OR) who rejected me on basis of my case supposedly had no merit…HA!

    I do prattle on but I thought you deserved to know some details of my ongoing battle with an outfit that I believe had something to do with my sons death. Regardless of outcome on present litigation I full well expect to force them to answer, in court, their complicity in the death of my 44 yr old son…they scoffed at this notion last year in a hearing they obtained for an order to show cause on the lack of standing order. IF I continue to prevail then I will use some funds thru a reverse mortgage to fund legal counsel ( most atts will jump at a retainer…but shouls I not prevail then I will contue on In Propria Persona.

    Thank you for your interest. I pray you will prevail in your own action. ”

    FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT HAVE ENCOUNTERED AHMSI ——carefully review Ross. This is the AHMSI CLASS ACTION link–leave a story at that site please–of the way they deal with foreclosures–that site is mostly people desperately seeking application of lost payments to prevent foreclosure and other servicing matters on the route to foreclosure, most recently, please look for patterns. Who did what? To whom, When? Where?.

  3. Being a U.S. army Vet, in an unknown war, 66-69 the 2nd Koran War, Thank you so much for exposing those NAZI SWINE HUNTS (pig dogs) aka Deutsche Bank. In my guts I knew they were reminants of the Third Reich. thank you so much for this much needed info. Now it needs spread to the 75 % (totally ignorant ) U.S. population. Maybe then the apathetic masses will find social conscience like we did during the Vietnam 16 yr. long hellish , illegal war brought to you by the very same clique, that owns the FEd, and suppliers the White house wite 80%^ of its Cabinet , Secretaries etc(Dick Chenney for one is a Director /member. 4,400 in all , by invitation only!
    Long story short, Read “THE SHADOWS OF POWER” by James Perloff, IBSN out of print, and totally documented by congressmen ,Generals , Admirals on and on no opinions, jsut recored histortrical facts . Facts of who run this convoluted, gone to hell country,and ti not he cGovt, per se. OKaand you

  4. Where is MSNBC on this?

    Why did the Plaintiff lists as Defendant ‘Wells Fargo Bank NA’? on the Complaints?

    Go read your Lis Pendens and find out who they listed on the original Lis Pendens. If you’ve never looked at the documents and who filed those documents, you won’t know the ‘intent’ to harm you.

    As they intend to hurt LYNN S. and her family, let us create that ‘Assocization’ a non-profit organization. I want to work for the Assocation! Where is that lady in CO from the Phone Conference last week?

    Want to hear the conference call and two people who want to start a ‘real people’ no party affiliation association to protect themselves and become a non-party associated lobbyist group?

    Living Lies Conference Call last week:$


  5. good stuff here:

  6. Lets add to the evaded taxes liabilities owed by both servicers and property default management operators and their subcontractors–operations like FIELD ASSET SERVICES. These people derive income from services performed at a local level. That means income taxes and often sales taxes on service fees. If you the citizen have to pay a sales tax on grounds maintenance, repair or whatever in that line-why should they not pay as well. Ostensibly, the subcontractors bill FAS for example–or the servicer–then the tax should be collected by the contractor from FAS etc. County by county in many states–Florida comes to mind. Similarly local income taxes are owed to the locality where the service is performed.

    Look for contractors that reside outside the county where service is performed–work everywhere but where they reside—tax evasion?

  7. @ E. Tolle:

    i have been carefully contemplating exactly what you are speaking of. Ok so right, wrong or indifferent, if the bunch in the discussions attempt to usurp state authority by legitimizing MERS or some application thereof—-prospectively. Assuming that they can elevate the Commerce Clause over state powers etc—even so —-what about the implicit avoidance–some might say evasion of local fees that are designed to support local enforcement/judiciary–etc,

    They obviously certainly want the local court to issue Orders to vacate, etc. They want the local sheriffs to do service of process and in one case Iv seen in Wood County Ohio–bodily carry a home-owner who had lived in the home his whole life–30 plus years. [See Keith Sadler @ Bowling Green ]-jail them, etc. But these servicers do not want to pay for the services—the trusts pay no income taxes–etc. either. Question is whether anobody is paying state/local income taxes on the activity revenues–also.

    If I were a County Prosecuter or Solicitor on behalf of Recorders/Treasurers I think Id be trying to sort out either civil assessments or criminal evasion claims.

    They clearly did not file assignments of mortgage for the transactions that were involved in the initial securitization –never mind —subsequent repackaging etc.

    Ths although the initial mortgage recordation in the name of MERS as NOMINEE for XYZ originator was recorded and a fee paid, next the NOMINEE originator transfer to the purported DEPOSITOR , then the depositor into the Indenture trustee [ie into the trust if its plain vanilla securitization. These facts virtually are necessary elements of the securitization-such that later when a document preparer such as DOCX later jumps the chain going directly from the originator to the indenture trustee –belying the intermediate steps for which no fee was paid–at least 2 added fees were intentionally avoided.

    Now when the prosecuter etc sets up the assessment, the defense will be raised that the intermediate steps were shams? Substance over form? It seems that the defense of the assessment may offer some interesting opportunities for defense bar to catch them on both sides of the case. Were the securitization steps followed–or not?

    If so then unrecorded assignments–if not then where does standing lie–especially where the originator is defunct/bankrupt etc.

    These fees have been avoided and the statute of limitations is running. The prosecuters should be piling on with assessments to protect the claims–maybe do something to help pay their own salaries.

    Now lets go one step further, some states authorize private persons to be bounty hunters in effect–often receiving either contracted or statutory set shares of the collections of avoided/evaded taxes/fees. Maybe there is room for the citizens to compel local action–directly or indirectly. local govts should balance the budgets by collecting income taxes and document fees owed by -not laying off clerks in the courthouse—- or raising the regular fees paid by everybody else. If the fee wasn’t paid then how can they assert the chain is intact? Pmt of tax or non-pmt is evidence or not of proper transfer.

    this is a situation where the prosecuter should file the action and bring it to the attention of the servicers’ and their agents’ board of directors audit committees and OUTSIDE auditors. this will trigger Sarbannes Oxley disclosure reviews to determine the materiality and legal risk. It will have to be disclosed in the 10ks if material risk–and impair both balance sheets and income statements.

  8. As to the NY Fed’s head-butt into the foreclosure/securitization debacle I mentioned earlier on this thread, Yves Smith has written, as usual, a very cogent piece at NC today:

    I’m nevertheless disturbed by the Fed trying to insert itself in a process in which it has no legitimate role, and as its paper indicates, in which it is willing to misrepresent facts to assist banks. Its concern instead should be for the public and the integrity of the housing market, both of which are victims of securitization industry greed and recklessness. But it will take root and branch reform of the Fed before that could ever happen.

  9. A Low Bid for Fixing a Big Mess
    Published: May 14, 2011

    SO the feds finally got one: Raj Rajaratnam, the hedge fund tycoon, is going down for insider trading.
    Weekend Business


    Times Topic: Gretchen Morgenson
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    Bank of America Corporation
    Citigroup Inc
    Wells Fargo & Co
    JPMorgan Chase & Company
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    Just don’t think for a moment that this victory for prosecutors will be keeping the high and mighty of finance up at night. No, some giant financial institutions have a bigger worry — namely, how to make the foreclosure fiasco go away.

    As the Rajaratnam verdict captivated many on Wall Street last week, the institutions that service about two-thirds of the mortgages in this country offered to pay $5 billion to settle allegations about robo-signing and other shady practices that quick-step troubled borrowers out of their homes.

    That figure is a fraction of the $20 billion that state attorneys general had apparently floated. If regulators accept the lowball offer, perhaps that would be because they haven’t dug deep enough.

    Because evidence of extensive and abusive servicing practices does in fact exist. It is piling up at the offices of the United States Trustee Program, the arm of the Justice Department that monitors the bankruptcy system. Over the past six months, the trustee has drawn material from 95 field offices covering 88 judicial districts. The findings should dispel any notion that toxic servicing practices were atypical or have done no harm.

    Clifford J. White III, director of the executive office of the United States Trustee, discussed some of the findings in an interview last week. But before we recount the ugly details, it’s worth noting the immense pushback the banks have mounted against the trustee office.

    Banks have repeatedly tried to thwart the program’s actions, filing lawsuits and court motions to prevent officials from compiling evidence. Never mind that part of a trustee’s job is to investigate possible improprieties in foreclosures to determine if they are poisoning the bankruptcy system.

    “We have faced consistent opposition by all of the major servicers,” Mr. White said. “We are currently facing 200 motions to quash our discovery requests. We also are facing upwards of 20 appeals either in district courts or in circuit courts.”

    Those pushing back include Bank of America, Citigroup, G.M.A.C., JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo, he said.

    The banks typically make two arguments. First, they say the trustee program has no legal standing to delve into individual cases between lenders and borrowers because it is not a “party” to these disputes. Every court has rejected this claim. Nonetheless, the tactic has allowed servicers to stall trustees’ discovery requests.

    In other cases, the banks agree to turn over information in specific matters of interest to the trustee program but refuse to provide details on their overall policies and procedures, which could show deep and systemic flaws.

    Why are these institutions so afraid of a little sunlight?

    To be sure, the nationwide investigation by the United States Trustee’s office represents an aggressive tack that big financial institutions are unaccustomed to. “The bankruptcy system provided an early warning sign of problems in mortgage servicing,” Mr. White said. “We began looking a few years ago at some of the violations of mortgage servicers, on a case-by-case basis. What’s different from the past is, if we find a facial discrepancy” — something that’s a problem on its face — “we are off the bat seeking discovery.”

    When the banks have provided information, lawyers for the trustee program have often found extensive errors in amounts owed and charges levied. Needless to say, these mistakes do not typically favor the borrowers.

    Mr. White declined to get specific. But the mistakes that his office has found fall into two broad categories. One involves inaccurate amounts that the banks say borrowers owe. The accuracy of these documents, which are filed with the courts, is crucial. Borrowers and bankruptcy judges overseeing their cases use them to determine payment schedules to cure defaults, for example.

    Inaccuracies often arise because loan servicers fail to reflect that borrowers are in trial loan modifications, like those offered by the government, Mr. White said. As a result, though borrowers are paying the proper amounts, the servicer shows them falling behind. Then the bank moves to restart foreclosure.

    IN other cases, proofs of claim filed by servicers are just wildly off base. In one matter, a bank claimed to the court that a borrower owed $52,043. After the borrower objected and a trustee asked for documentation, the amount owed dropped to $3,156.

    Imagine what would have happened if the amount hadn’t been questioned?

    The other problematic area showing up in the trustees’ inquiries relates to what Mr. White calls improper default servicing fees. These include charges for legal work, property inspections, insurance and appraisals.

    Often, the fees charged to troubled borrowers are not even specified. Trustee program officials found a defaulted borrower who was charged $10,260.50 in “prior service fees” with zero documentation. In another case, a borrower fell behind after the lender doubled his escrow payments with no explanation or justification. Then the bank filed a motion to lift the bankruptcy stay so that it could foreclose.

    “In fewer than 20 judicial districts,” Mr. White said, “we have identified hundreds of facial deficiencies, including cases in which we seek to investigate inflated or improper escrow charges and cases in which the mortgage servicer sought relief from stay so it could foreclose on a debtor’s home.”

    Mistakes happen, of course. And loan servicers like to contend that if errors occur, they are rare and honestly made. But after sifting through the data produced by this investigation, Mr. White disagreed that problems are rare. “In Senate testimony, an executive from Countrywide said its error rate was 1 percent,” Mr. White recalled. “The mortgage servicer industry error rate might be 10 times higher, based on the number of cases we are looking at.”

    “There are continued flaws in the process, and they are not merely technical,” Mr. White continued. “Those flaws undermine the integrity of the bankruptcy system. Many homeowners have been harmed, including where the lender has come in and said ‘we want to lift the stay and go back into foreclosure proceedings,’ even though they lacked a sufficient basis to do it.”

    He went on: “There are enough examples of this to know that we are not dealing with small numbers.”

    So an authoritative source with access to a lot of data has identified industry practices as not only pernicious but also pervasive. Which makes it all the more mystifying that regulators seem eager to strike a cheap and easy settlement with the banks.

    …a good read….

    I wonder if Joe Schwingding is his real name?


  11. @David C Breidenbach

    L. Randall Wray warned that this would appear this year….legislation ordaining Mers. Right at the time when multitudes are starting to see the problems that thus system creates, not fixes.

    They conveniently ignore the issue of lost funds at the county level. I guess they hope that no one will bring that little problem up.

    If the request by our land recorders to be included in any settlement talks with the state AGs and the feds is ignored, this will signal that Mers is being set up to soon be installed by officialdom.

    This cannot be allowed to happen under any circumstance. The gaming of our entire system cannot be allowed to be hijacked simply for the streamlining of profits in securitization.

    “the outdated nature of the relevant law”….in whose opinion? I really don’t care for broad assumptions like this that pretend to state something as a foregone conclusion of fact widely acceptable by all concerned.

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” ~ Adolph Hitler

  12. Lyn Syzmoniak was only doing her job—and Deutsche Bank is using the Donald Trump business model of: if someone seems to be attacking you—attack them back bigger and harder!!!!

    Lyn has a very informative site at …check it out!

  13. The MERS national registry would be of obvious benefit to servicers that want to speed foreclosures if possible more cheaply–less atty fees—-or if absolutely necessary modify to kick the can down the road until the next reset.

    The system seems of questionable benefit to investors however. It would be nice for example for the investor to know that the same property is not in 2 trusts undisclosed—the “closing date” tied into MERS #s would have to be certified by MERS to describe the pool. MERS should not create properties that are not USPS–no airloans.

    Homeowners should know who their creditor is–especially if there are lax rules on origination.

  14. @E. Tolle
    “In other cases there may be a failure to comply with the proper foreclosure procedures because of training deficiencies with respect to the people who conduct the operations. That difficulty in turn may stem from (1) the complexity, and the outdated nature of the relevant law, (2) the complexity of the transactions themselves, and (3) the vast amount of paper that must be managed by market participants who are geographically distant from one another. Little can be done about the second cause, as modern financial transactions are simply complex and usually for good reasons. But something can be done about the first cause and perhaps even about the last cause.”

    “outdated nature of the relevant law”———-that would be UCC, land, foreclosure, criminal, civil practice, constitution–at least Due Process clause–what else?

  15. @E. Tolle;

    Fed solution looks like spelled MERS—-?

    Deutsche is sure desperate????

    Take a quick look at this OMG

  17. Can you Say……COUNTER SUE !!

  18. Here’s the New York Fed’s proposal that would appear to be the start of a Mers whitewash. These people are in a world of their own, a private, members only club where they can’t see the real problems inherent with this fiasco thrust upon us all.

    (1) revise the law, whether state or federal (working with Congress and federal agencies) to remove unnecessary legal impediments to current good mortgage loan practice and the efficient and transparent processing of transactions;

    (2) provide statutory or regulatory backup for market developed mortgage transfer operations and clarity for the documentation and procedures necessary to the certain operation of that process; and

    (3) revise the law for maximum efficiency in the process to accomplish the lowest cost for transactions for lenders and borrowers alike.

  19. sounds like Deutsche bank is getting desperate

  20. Since the small post came through. This is my story, and the story of many I know. I and many Americans loosing their homes are hardworking people. I have ran my business for over thirty years. building it to over a hundred and fifty thousand a year net business. In 2005 the economy began to slump, I now find due to the banksters. I and many I know took out loans on our mortgage from the very bank causing our problems to save our homes and businesses to get help before we were in trouble. We were sucked into farther harms way by the banksters. By early 2006 my net dropped to sixty thousand a year and by 2008, & 2009 it dropped to 30,000.00 net a year. In 2010 my net went up to over 50,000.00 net a year due to smaller businesses that consolidated and moved in with me giving me more income for rental space I have available which helps me and them , and a slight increase in business, due to other businesses failing that are smaller than my business, giving me their clients, due the harm the banksters have done to the economy. In 2008-2009 I began filling out modification applications, over and over for ten months, due to being told all the paperwork did not arrvive. I could never get a hold of the same person,nor get through voice mail on the phone given me, never to talk to the same person. I was told by three different servicer employees to fall behind in order to qualify. I finally allowed one month to fall behind. I received verbal notice I was approved and to begin making modification payments immediately not to wait for the payment coupons, which did eventually come. I was never informed I was on a temporary mod. The first questionable misleading document that vagly mentioned trail payments were the coupons themselves. I paid mod payments for five months, then received a letter stating I was disqualified. I called the servicer to be told due to O’bama changes I was unapproved. Since I was unapproved my mod payments were now considered partial payments and I was in foreclosure unless I could come up with over twenty-five thousand. I was literally drug into foreclosure, and I have many friends in this same situation. I went to an attorney Sara Small Point De Jorn for help. She wrote and mailed a letter of dispute of debt per the FDCPA November 11, 2009, never to be answered. She recommended me to go to Melissa Huelsman attorney in Seattle. Melissa told me I had a mod fraud case, and she wrote up the papers to represent me. I paid her for her deposit and put the sixth mod payment in her trust account for proof I had it. I was only suppose to pay three of them to be finalized for the mod. Then Melissa told me she did not feel the judges would adjudicate for the homeowners, they are partial to the banks, and she told me the best way to help me was to put me through the bankruptcy court. I was not happy with this however reluctantly signed the bankruptcy papers and did all I was suppose to do, and paid her in full. She told me not to give the bank any more payments. That was in December 2009. Melissa tells me she is waiting for the foreclosure notice that has not come. I became so frustrated I filed a Pro Se case, and the very partial judge has given summary judgment to Deutsche Bank and I am in the Appeals court and need my papers forensic audited soon to have for this. I have it under “Fraud upon the Court” and review. I will be sending Neil Gleason his funds for mine and my sons home this week, and a little extra for his fight against these banksters. I am sending Lynn Syzmonaik a small amount of money for her fight for humanit. If we all send a little to the people who have taken their time to help us, and we all communicate to push forward we will win over this crime. I am willing to meet in silence with signs in hand to quietly protest outside the doors of these banks and the government buildings. I have never done any thing like that before.


    I am sending for the forensic, tittle and securities and records docs on Monday for my son then soon for my own home.. Thank you to all that have contributed to save American families from these egregious, outrageous, unconscionable crimes. I know it is not over, we must push forward. I am going to past this small comment before I try posting a lengthy one to find it will post. i have had some post on other posting that would not post.

  22. Obviously the young man has a suit for wrongful prosecution absent some reasonable basis for being a named defendant.
    They don’t make mistakes in such a high profile –sure to be in papers etc.

    They have coldly calculated that the PR will benefit them. Thus they probably figure that the vaste majority of American voters will have little sympathy for an attorney that is not paying mortgage pmts -but they are. So no substantial downside PR?
    Or that is their conclusion apparently.

    But on the upside, they are sure to get a lot of press that will chill all payers on mortgages–that their adult children could be dragged in.

    Many may even fear that minors will be named as they could be if they are resident.

    My guess would be that they will assert that they must name potential co-tenants in residence.

    I would hazard a guess that the young man is associated with that address on the backgrounds–which they will assert requires due diligence shotgun filing to enforce the disposession. Obtain an enforceable Order to vacatte that is good against him etc-they will assert that what else can you do as a plaintiff attorney when faced with stiff resistance from someone as capable and determined as she.

    They fully intend to use her publicity against all homeowners.

    All they need is to turn up some evidence that justifies naming the kid.

    It could be pre-foreclosure?
    They will assert that the kid COULD still be there under an unrecorded lease/co-tenant whatever.

    This coldly enough would seem to be a risk of actually naming children such that if the vacate order is issued after he/she comes to majority.

    So folks that are tempted to stop paying and seek mods —may believe that their kids will get sued too.

    This could be a new aggrssive litigation strategy. Kind of back to issue is what is unethical?

    How to turn it around? How many of you are now more fearful than yesterday–people who speak against the processes? 1st amendment implicated here for everybody–if intent was to chill free speach.

    The newspapers need to sue on this–and really do some investigative journalism to support the case.


  23. What is the claim-just adding him as party defendant on foreclosure?

    if so this is despicable.

  24. Communist land records, what do they look like?

    *The communists were experts at destroying so-called capitalist institutions and records. Land records were no exception.

    *While the incentive system was generously applied to party hacks and loyal comrades, the need to own land and to have rights was rejected for the average citizen.

    *Poorly kept land records are obstacles, and an entrenched bureaucracy is often the enemy of progress and prosperity. Economic recovery is delayed when land information is delayed.



  26. Deutsche Bank Linked To Auschwitz Funding


  27. Deutsche Bank is good at conphiscating peoples properties. They Helped Hitler steal the jews and others properties.

    After Adolf Hitler came to power, instituting the Third Reich, Deutsche Bank dismissed its three Jewish board members in 1933. In subsequent years Deutsche Bank took part in the aryanization of Jewish-owned businesses: according to its own historians, the bank was involved in 363 such confiscations by November 1938.[16] During the war, Deutsche Bank incorporated other banks that fell into German hands during the occupation of Eastern Europe. Deutsche provided banking facilities for the Gestapo and loaned the funds used to build the Auschwitz camp and the nearby IG Farben facilities. Deutsche Bank revealed its involvement in Auschwitz in February 1999.[17] In December 1999 Deutsche, along with other major German companies, contributed to a $5.2 billion compensation fund following lawsuits brought by Holocaust survivors.[18][19] The history of Deutsche Bank during the Second World War has been documented by independent historians commissioned by the Bank.[20]
    During World War II, Deutsche Bank became responsible for managing the Bohemian Union Bank in Prague, with branches in the Protectorate and in Slovakia, the Bankverein in Yugoslavia (which has now been divided into two financial corporations, one in Serbia and one in Croatia), the Albert de Barry Bank in Amsterdam, the National Bank of Greece in Athens, the Oesterreichische Creditanstalt-Bankverein in Austria and Hungary, the Deutsch-Bulgarische Kreditbank in Bulgaria, and Banca Commercial Romana in Bucharest. It also maintained a branch in Istanbul, Turkey.


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