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“John G. Stumpf”
a.k.a. “John. G. Stumpf”
Latest Filing: 4/8/11 as Signatory

As: Registrant Stumpf John G

As: Signatory
(Director, Officer, Attorney, Accountant, Banker, Agent, etc.)

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17 Registrants:
Chevron Corp [ formerly Chevrontexaco Corp ]
Stumpf John G
Target Corp [ formerly Dayton Hudson Corp ]
Visa Inc
Wells Fargo & Co/MN [ formerly Norwest Corp ]
Wells Fargo Capital X
Wells Fargo Capital XI
Wells Fargo Capital XII
Wells Fargo Capital XIII
Wells Fargo Capital XIV
Wells Fargo Capital XIX
Wells Fargo Capital XV
Wells Fargo Capital XVI
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Wells Fargo Capital XX
WF Deferred Compensation Holdings Inc

“John G. Stumpf” has/had a Signatory interest in the following 3 Registrants:

Chevron Corp [ formerly Chevrontexaco Corp ]
Target Corp [ formerly Dayton Hudson Corp ]
Wells Fargo & Co/MN [ formerly Norwest Corp ]


Exhibit 10.1
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:
The company set forth on the signature page hereto (the “Company”) intends to issue in a private placement the number of shares of a series of its preferred stock set forth on Schedule A hereto (the “Preferred Shares”) and a warrant to purchase the number of shares of its common stock set forth on Schedule A hereto (the “Warrant” and, together with the Preferred Shares, the “Purchased Securities”) and the United States Department of the Treasury (the “Investor”) intends to purchase from the Company the Purchased Securities.

The purpose of this letter agreement is to confirm the terms and conditions of the purchase by the Investor of the Purchased Securities. Except to the extent supplemented or superseded by the terms set forth herein or in the Schedules hereto, the provisions contained in the Securities Purchase Agreement — Standard Terms attached hereto as Exhibit A (the “Securities Purchase Agreement”) are incorporated by reference herein. Terms that are defined in the Securities Purchase Agreement are used in this letter agreement as so defined. In the event of any inconsistency between this letter agreement and the Securities Purchase Agreement, the terms of this letter agreement shall govern.

Each of the Company and the Investor hereby confirms its agreement with the other party with respect to the issuance by the Company of the Purchased Securities and the purchase by the Investor of the Purchased Securities pursuant to this letter agreement and the Securities Purchase Agreement on the terms specified on Schedule A hereto.

This letter agreement (including the Schedules hereto) and the Securities Purchase Agreement (including the Annexes thereto) and the Warrant constitute the entire agreement, and supersede all other prior agreements, understandings, representations and warranties, both written and oral, between the parties, with respect to the subject matter hereof. This letter agreement constitutes the “Letter Agreement” referred to in the Securities Purchase Agreement.

This letter agreement may be executed in any number of separate counterparts, each such counterpart being deemed to be an original instrument, and all such counterparts will together constitute the same agreement. Executed signature pages to this letter agreement may be delivered by facsimile and such facsimiles will be deemed as sufficient as if actual signature pages had been delivered.

In witness whereof, this letter agreement has been duly executed and delivered by the duly authorized representatives of the parties hereto as of the date written below.


By: /s/ Neel Kashkari
Name: Neel Kashkari
Title: Interim Assistant Secretary for
Financial Stability


By: /s/ John G. Stumpf
Name: John G. Stumpf
Title: President & Chief Executive Officer

Date: October 26, 2008

* * *

Tarp Letter to John Stumpf from Chair Harry Waxman 10/2008

Page #1

Page #2 of 3 and #3 of 3

Is the SEC Private Trasaction with Federal Reserve related to Chair Harry Waxman Letter TARP FUNDS 10/28/2008?

What good did they do with TARP – pay for their employees and affilaites to process HAMP paperwork over and over and over and over and over again?

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  2. linda that is what is happening to me right now what state are you in . waiting for my lawsuit. this is criminal and insane.

    you can email this guy or go to his website i was told he is investigating wells fargo?
    i am going to write him.
    i do not feel what is going on is right for any of us,
    the bottom line is the appraisal were fraud and we could not sell our homes when the ponzi scheme fell.
    i also submitted everyhting i was suppose to atthe right time from 2009-2010 only to get a mod that was higher then my original. wheni had to dela with them again my file was moved and a fedex package lost and now the lies are flying. i do not know what to think of all this but am devistated as is my husband. this guy is a start if you can google wells fargo fraud we can contiue to brainstorm for more help.

  3. if you watch the inside job, every person involved in the fraud of AIG and ENRON all have a position some where in our govenment. i was horrified, every person!!!! so thats is why they can sleep at night they are use to this. we on the other hand the middle class working families are losing our homes , have lost our bank accounts, the credit poof! gone, to, it seems so theatrical. like thye have to make a movie about this, how much can wellsf argo lie to me. and my lawyer wanted me to continue sending in paper work? because that shows that i am nieve and do not know whats going on. what they just did to me and my family goes against all the grains i thought of banks. to top it off moving my file out of hamp review and losing a fed ex package. they send me back to the original loan proccessor whom told me they moved my file she sends me a letter to send info again by may 3rd (wells fargo must get money every time submit) but…………………….i get a letter from the loan prosseccor they sent me to after they moved my file , she hsd no direct dealing with this other women actually told me she did know where she was . inthis letter she states my loan was nver compromised. huh never compromised. i was taken out of review. i wish we all new what to do it seems like every entitiy we complain to does not do anything. i was told to write the OCC they just told wells fargo to write me. we need to brain storm and come up with ideas. my foreclosures comming i do not want to leave my home.

  4. Enough Already and Linda:

    Perfect examples of what I was talking about – since when did the loan servicer assume so much authority? Well they are supposed to service loans based on their normal portfolio servicing policies – which were very fair in their day before 1994 and believe me, after that time, probably 1998, we saw some real change with the way loans were to be serviced. and F & F supported servicers

    Oh well, again, the intentional negligent loan servicing technique became the name of the game and we have millions of homeowners to prove it..

    It was so obvious in 2007 of what was going on with the servicers – so the lender of the Gang which has always been Fannie and Freddie (they were without question in the 80’s, the best of the best, but they had different CEO’s in place after 1994, so this would be a major change in the concept of loan servicing – the whole ball of wax is now coming together –

  5. Wells Fargo evicted us on April 6th this year.
    Over and over again they said they had no record of my loan mod paperwork and would bounce me over to Wachovia, who would back them up.

  6. well if the fraud was happening to us in florida i am sure it has been happening all over the united states. moving files on unsuspecting loan poccessors and then when they contront the homeowners are taken off the case and the case is given to another loan processor whom lies for wells farg to any goverment entity that the homeowner complains. yes!!! lies. i have a loan proccessor writing my sanator that my file was never comprimised or moved? what?? it eas moved right out of hamp review. dec 2010. i am devistated that they can lie like this this. heart breaking that my house is on the line because of a lie. what do i tell my children. that there are bad people in this world that lie. then on top of moving my file out of hamp review 12/10, in 1/11 they send me a letter they need more financial paper work. i am already livid about moving my file but i send the paper work. fed ex i save the tracking #., after my 1st dealings with WF in 2009 and denied a hamp loan and losing my paper work almost constantly i joked with the guy wheni mail it. because i wanted a copy of the reacking#. then when they lost the package i went back to the post office and asked what the tracking #’s were for.? i called fed ex , fed ex was unable to contact wells fargo. so now i have a moved file and lost package sent feb 4 due feb14th. on feb 16th i receive my hamp denial and feb 21st notice of foreclosure. then i complain to the OCC, florida AG, our senator. then start the lies. the letters to each governmaent entity and me. that wells fargo did everything right and i thr homeowner did everything wrong. my file was never compromised. they deniy receiveng the package even though it was sign for , even if ehat they say “i didnt send all the paper work i was uppose to” they should have acknowledged the package. so now what i am on the hook for all there wrong doing when everyone in the country except the judges know whats going on. good luck to my family/. we have worked all our lives for a home and to lose to some people who feel thr need to lie sad. god bless america

  7. Mary:

    Yes and there were no two such ways about it. I have been burnt up about that TARP money going to the non profits since 2007 – The Hope, the Neighborworks, and others who were paid to keep on shoveling the paperwork back and forth. Neighborworks was set up to train the trainers, work with governmental offices regarding foreclosure prevention and they didn’t even know what I was talking about when I told them in early 2008 that it would be the loan servicer’s negligent loan servicing technique that would fuel the fires of the dangerous loan origination programs out there.

    They worked in tandem with each other from day one and the Congress – why do they not have to answer for their actions – Has anyone looked at the salaries of these non profits – Disgraceful, I am afraid to ask.

    What happened to the last $75 B sitting in the TARP fund – AFter handing out all of the money to non profits who were supposedly buying foreclosed real estate up in the communities, fixing it up and then reselling it simply because the banks would not take care of their own properties – Here again – it was a deal – don’t maintain the properties, get the government to give money to non profits to buy them up – there was no way the banks were going to lose. My first quote to a reporter here in Houston I said, the banks will lose millions if they elect to foreclose, foreclose and foreclose – I was wrong – they got the taxpayer to keep them safe from even these costs – And the Congress believes in non profits designed to assist in the effort – The money should have gone to do unto the banks as they have done unto the people – and that would be for the muncipals to take their assets without paying them and giving them back to the homeowner’s – No, that is not what we did – we rewarded the banks by taking care of the expenses and paying top dollar I am sure.

    In the meantime – our treasury set up a program to help investors buy another percentage of these foreclosures at – as no recourse loans, low interest rate loans, etc. – Taking from the poor to help make the rich richer (investors who had to do nothing but sign their name on the dotted line.

    Why is all of this just now coming up – They zeroed in on getting rid of the REO properties rather than weighing in at the expense of the tax payer –

    Like Wall Street said and I believe this may have happened – Mr. Government if you don’t do what we need to be done and fund that money – then you are going to be responsible for bringing this economy to its feet – and guess what – the banks got the money and we are still reeling from the loss of our homes and a broken economy as a result –

    Why is our government so stupid. I knew we were in trouble when in 2007 they came up with that phony homeowner asistance plan (while we were handing out money to Bear Stearns and FNMA as the gov had to show they were doing something – you know the homeowner receovery plan whereby the homeowner would share from 50 to 90% of any profit he made on his home when it was sold – WOW – nuts. I think it was to go into effect October, 2007 and we had a total of 15 applicantions by then – never got off the ground and wasn’t mean to. It was a pacifier, just like Obama’s plan in 2009, same program with a little more action – I think they got about 35 applications after they announced it. No really, they did end up getting 400,000 modifications over a three year period based on probably all of the recovery programs. Now Hamp was the biggest joke and ploy of all on the tax payer – everyone knows that now.

    I am still looking to find someone that appeared to be on the side of the people from 2006 to date – haven’t found them yet.

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