Cochrane: American International Group Inc. 10K 12/31/1993

American International Group Inc. 10K 12/31/1993

American International Group, Inc. (“AIG”),
a Delaware corporation, is a
holding company which through its
subsidiaries is primarily engaged in a broad
range of insurance and insurance-related activities in the United States and abroad.

AIG’s primary activities include both general and life insurance operations.

The principal insurance company subsidiaries are American Home Assurance Company
(“American Home”),
National Union Fire Insurance Company of
Pittsburgh, Pa. (“National Union”),
New Hampshire Insurance Company
(“New Hampshire”),
Lexington Insurance Company (“Lexington”), American International
Underwriters Overseas, Ltd. (“AIUO”),
American Life Insurance Company
(“ALICO”), American International Assurance Company, Limited (“AIA”), Nan Shan
Insurance Company, Ltd. (“Nan Shan”), The Philippine American Life Insurance
Company (“PHILAM”),
American International Reinsurance Company, Ltd. and
United Guaranty Residential Insurance Company.

Other significant activities are
financial services and agency and service fee operations. For information on
AIG’s business segments, see Note 19 of Notes to Financial Statements.

At December 31, 1993, AIG and its subsidiaries had approximately 33,000 employees

Subsidiaries: Ex-21:
Large number see link. Can click on each year.

Filer: America International Group Inc. SC 13G
Issuer: Americcredit Corp SEC File 5-40781 8/14/00

EX-99.1 · Identification and Classification of Subsidiary

Exhibit 1


American International Group, Inc. — Subsidiary Information

AIG Global Investment Group, Inc.

Parent Holding Company or Control Person Pursuant to Rule

Category Symbol: HC

John McStay Investment Counsel, L.P.

Investment Adviser pursuant to Rule 13d-1(b)(1)(ii)(E)

Category Symbol: IA

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“Kathleen E. Shannon” has/had a Signatory interest in the following 41 Registrants:

American Bankers Insurance Group Inc.
American International Group Inc.
Metlife Inc.
General Motors Financial Company INC
[Formerly Americcredit Corp]

Transatlantic Holdings Inc.
80 Pine St
New York, NY 10005 USA
Jurisdiction DE
SEC CIK 862510
CUSIP/CINS/PPN Issuer# 893521

SIC Code 6331
Fire, Marine, and Casualty Insurance
6351 Surety Insurance 5/13/96




Transatlantic Reinsurance Company. New York, U.S.A. 100%
Putnam Reinsurance Company.. New York, U.S.A. 100%*
Trans Re Zurich.. Zurich, Switzerland 100%*
Transatlantic Re (Argentina) S.A. Argentina 100%*
Transatlantic Re (Brasil) Ltda Brazil 100%*

10K’s are amazing place to learn history of companies who control the United States of America.
Transatlantic Holdings, Inc. (the ‘Company’) is a holding company
incorporated in the state of Delaware. Originally formed in 1986 under the name
PREINCO Holdings, Inc. as a holding company for Putnam Reinsurance Company
(Putnam), the Company’s name was changed to Transatlantic Holdings, Inc. on
April 18, 1990 following the acquisition on April 17, 1990 of all of the common
stock of Transatlantic Reinsurance Company (TRC) in exchange for shares of
common stock of the Company (the ‘Share Exchange’). Prior to the Share Exchange,
American International Group, Inc. (AIG) held a direct and indirect interest of
approximately 25% in the Company and an indirect interest of 49.99% in TRC. As a
result of the Share Exchange, AIG became the beneficial owner of approximately
41% of the Company’s outstanding common stock and TRC became a wholly-owned
subsidiary of the Company. In June 1990, certain stockholders of the Company
(other than AIG) sold shares of the Company’s common stock in a registered
public offering, with the result that approximately 35% of the Company’s
outstanding common stock became publicly owned. Since that date, additional
shares of the Company’s common stock have become publicly owned as a result of
sales by such stockholders. During 1998, AIG increased its 49% beneficial
ownership of the Company’s outstanding common stock to 52% as of year end. As of
March 11, 1999, AIG’s beneficial ownership interest increased to approximately
55% as a result of additional share purchases.

The Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, TRC, Trans Re Zurich
(TRZ), acquired by TRC in 1996 (See Note 1 of Notes to Consolidated Financial
Statements), and Putnam (contributed by the Company to TRC in 1995), offers
reinsurance capacity for a full range of property and casualty products on a
treaty and facultative basis, directly and through brokers, to insurance and
reinsurance companies, in both the domestic and international markets. One or
both of TRC and Putnam is licensed, accredited, authorized or can serve as a
reinsurer in 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam and the District of Columbia in the
United States. TRC is licensed by the federal government of and seven provinces
in Canada. TRC is also licensed in Japan, the United Kingdom and the Dominican
Republic and is registered or authorized as a foreign reinsurer in Peru,
Colombia, Argentina (where it also maintains a representative office in Buenos
Aires, Transatlantic Re (Argentina) S.A.), Brazil (where it maintains a
representative office in Rio de Janeiro, Transatlantic Re (Brasil) Ltda.) Chile,
Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala, Venezuela and France. In addition, TRC is licensed
in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, People’s Republic of China, and
maintains a branch in Hong Kong. Also, TRC is authorized to maintain a
representative office in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. TRZ is licensed
as a reinsurer in Switzerland. TRH’s (Transatlantic Holdings, Inc. and its
subsidiaries) principal lines of reinsurance include general liability
(including directors’ and officers’ liability and other professional liability),
automobile liability (including nonstandard risks), ocean marine and aviation,
medical malpractice and surety and credit in the casualty lines, and fire and
allied lines in the property lines. Reinsurance is provided for most major lines
of insurance on both excess-of-loss and pro rata bases.

Each of TRC and Putnam is currently rated ‘A++ (Superior)’, the highest
rating classification, by A.M. Best Company (Best’s) and ‘AA’, the second
highest major rating classification, by Standard and Poor’s (S&P). TRC is also
rated Aa1 (‘Excellent’), the second highest rating classification, by Moody’s
Investors Service (Moody’s) and TRZ is rated ‘A’ by S&P. Best’s, S&P and Moody’s
are independent industry rating organizations. A publication of Best’s indicates
that the ‘A++ (Superior)’ rating is assigned to those companies that, in Best’s
opinion, have, on balance, superior financial strength, operating performance
and market profile when compared to standards established by Best’s and that
have a very strong ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders. A
publication of S&P advises that companies that receive an insurer financial
strength rating of ‘AA’ have very strong financial security characteristics
differing only slightly from those rated higher, and that companies that receive
a rating of ‘A’ have strong financial security characteristics but are somewhat
more likely to be affected by adverse business conditions than are insurers with
higher ratings. A publication of Moody’s advises that an insurance financial
strength rating of Aa1 is assigned to those ranked at the higher end

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