U.S. Economic Growth Reports Continue Stall

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U.S. Economic Growth Slows to 1.8% Rate in Quarter

EDITOR’S NOTE: They were expecting 4% and they got 1.8% — and that is measured in the way most favorable to past government policy. The answer remains the same. Stop the foreclosures, admit that the banks declaration of wealth is false and that the attempt to crash the middle class was poorly executed — support, that the middle class still has their wealth but they don’t know it. Wall Street blew it and now wants us to drink their Kool Aid.

By admitting that the mortgages are all or mostly invalid, void and unenforceable we provide a stimulus that is paid for not out of the taxpayer treasury, but out of the illicit profits declared by Wall Street  much like government fiat. We return to a rational economy in which trading paper does not form 50% of our GDP and where the demand from consumers, small investors and the business community is met by a robust, thriving amalgam of American businesses innovating new ways to satisfy the new demand.

Is this really so hard to understand? A news conference at the Fed is not going to fix things. A new series of initiatives based  on truth and justice will repair most of the damage.


American economic expansion slowed to a crawl in the first quarter, but economists are hopeful that the setback will be temporary. Total output grew at an annual rate of 1.8 percent from January through March, the Commerce Department said Thursday, after expanding at a 3.1 percent pace in the fourth quarter of 2010.

When the year began, economists expected a more robust growth rate of about 4 percent, only to be barraged by bad report after bad report. Turmoil in the Middle East led to higher oil prices, which had already been climbing because of increased demand in emerging markets like China. Housing sales dropped sharply. Winter blizzards closed businesses and delayed construction, causing investments in nonresidential structures like office buildings to fall 21.7 percent from the previous quarter. Imports, which are subtracted from gross domestic product, surged. Military spending sank.

Economists say many of these problems will fade later in the year and economic growth will hasten through the spring. Last quarter’s dismal news was, fingers crossed, “a pause, not a trend,” said Kathy Bostjancic, director for macroeconomic analysis at the Conference Board.

The American public seems less certain.

Every time the economy has appeared to be on the verge of taking off, prospects have been thwarted by troubles at home (like housing) and abroad (like the European debt crises last year). As a result, Americans seem to be tiring of predictions that things will pick up “soon.” A Gallup poll released Thursday found that 29 percent of Americans believed the economy was in a depression.

“The G.D.P. went up, and that’s all fine and good, but in the real marketplace that’s definitely not the case,” said Jeff Beatty, a 62-year-old information technology professional in Richmond, Ky. Despite applying for 214 jobs “across half of the country,” he said, he has been unable to find work for the last year.

To some extent these frustrations, and false starts in the economy, may have been predictable. Historical research by the economists Carmen and Vincent Reinhart has shown that economic recoveries after financial crises are always fragile and painfully slow. So even though the work-stopping blizzards of winter have passed, and export growth looks likely to pick up again, other obstacles may rock the remainder of the year.

Of these various economic menaces, the most threatening is higher commodity prices, which reduce the amount of money that households and businesses have available to spend on other purchases and, in the case of companies, additional employees. Crude oil prices have risen 32 percent over the last three months and have shown little sign of falling in recent weeks. These increases, along with those on food and other goods, have nearly neutralized the 2011 payroll tax cuts that were intended as a stimulus.

“For rising prices of oil and gasoline, the main place it hurts the economy is the pain it puts on consumers, and we continue to monitor that impact,” said Austan Goolsbee, chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers. He said he expected consumer spending to continue growing apace, however.

Declines in government spending will probably remain a drag on the economy throughout the year, as state and local governments cut back and the federal government tries to cut spending over all. Last quarter’s steep drop in military spending, a category that tends to be volatile, will probably reverse itself later in the year, economists said.

Investors largely shrugged off the report for the last quarter, with stock prices little changed on the day.

The main sources of strength last quarter were greater inventories on stockroom shelves and more business spending on equipment and software. Equipment and software purchases have grown for eight consecutive quarters and have only recently been accompanied by hiring strong enough to lower the unemployment rate.

At an unprecedented news conference on Wednesday, the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, addressed concerns about sluggish growth so far this year.

“Most of the slowdown in the first quarter is viewed by the committee as being transitory,” Mr. Bernanke said, referring to the opinions of the Fed’s Federal Open Market Committee, which sets interest rates. “That being said, we’ve taken our forecast down just a bit, taking into account factors like weaker construction and possibly just a bit less momentum in the economy.”

Several economic reports in recent weeks have been relatively optimistic, including industrial production, corporate earnings and — finally — job growth. The nation’s employers added 216,000 jobs in March, the fastest growth since last spring, when the federal government temporarily increased hiring for the decennial census. The job growth this year has been spread through almost every sector.

“The broad set of labor market indicators still look good,” said Andrew Tilton, a senior economist at Goldman Sachs, which is forecasting that the economy will accelerate and expand at a 4 percent annual rate in the second quarter.

Still, given the ground lost during the recession, the economy has a long way to go before its job market and output are feeling healthy again. There are some fears that the slow expansion in the first quarter may weigh on job growth, since employment trends tend to lag whatever happens in the rest of the economy.

“Payroll growth may have a temporary wobble,” said Ian Shepherdson, chief United States economist at High Frequency Economics. “This is not a fundamental shift in the path of recovery but maybe a temporary distortion.”

Economists played down the economic threat to the United States from Japan’s deadly earthquake and tsunami in March.

“It only happened at the very end of the quarter, and any disruptions to supply chains would take a few weeks to come through,” said Paul Dales, a senior United States economist at Capital Economics. “If there’s any effect, it’ll happen in the second quarter, but the impact should be minimal.”

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  1. Mary, you’re right on the money! Literally! WFHM originated, check from Deitsche # days prior to close, loan on in the WFHET 05-2, in the 1999 Norwest. HSBC as trustee for both trusts, no recording, assignment filed after foreclosure withdrawn. HAMP solicitations for 2 different loans 3 days apart (lock and close, 3 days apart). Deutsche just got slammed with a mortgage fraud lawsuit (False Claims Act).

    Since you’re into it, where did the Bear Stearns claims end up as the counterparty to the WFHET 05-2. Series 7 and 9 SWAP certs were in Maiden Lane 1. Citigroup Global as Securities Underwriter.
    Who’s got the button? Who took that loss or writedown?

  2. Tony,

    I have the same issue except I have Lost Note from 1st law firm representing a pretender lender/servicer in 12/09 and a Substitution of Trustee from MERS to US Bank in early 2010 and then a transfer of loan to new servicer, a new loan number and a new Substitute Trustee sending a foreclosure notice trying to bypass MERS on the Deed of Trust and name all the new parties in the foreclosure notice.

    I will follow Mary’s advice I do have attorney and have read Clouded Title. This blog helps folks like me look closely at the letters to see the FRAUD.

    Will continue to fight sale date is coming up soon.

  3. tony, on May 1, 2011 at 6:18 pm
    Tony you need a chain of title audit to reveal defects to answer that question and the judge would decide. EVIDENCE EVIDENCE EVIDENCE

    Plaintiff does not provide state and land records to the COURT do they? They were not attached to the complaint. Does a DEFENSE Attorney submit copies for the COURT to see? In NJ, the Assignments filed after the complaint are evidence that the ‘pretender lender’ ‘substitute trustee’ did not own the note and are not the party with standing.

    The audit will provide details of the transactions you need as evidence.

    Have you read David Kreiger’s Coulded Titles?
    f you have read the on-line book you can contact him on line and determine if you want to move forward with an audit that will prove the defects and be able to incorporate the defects into evidence. Do you have an attorney? To win you need someone who knows the laws and how to process evidence at the right time and before its too late.

    Do you know who received the ‘funding’ from the intermediary funder attorney/agent who closed for the PRETENDER LENDER? Please request copy of that funding. Will reveal loan#, date of funding will be perhaps one day after you reviewed documents of SERVICER (NOT LENDER). The bank did an origination closing with an intermediary funder and the MASTER SERVICER (Buyer) did not purchase the SELLER’s discounted loan until 90 days to 180 days following the loan# being serviced. All default events the SERVICER is tryign to get your property because they are in agreements to pay the payment you can’t pay. That does not mean you owe them the debt. The deal they made is a separate agreement. The trust should own the debt if the property was secured and attached to the loan trust. However the scammers did not do that.

    *Funding statement (underwriter and/or intermediary funder and/or title escrow company) The funding statement will have on the document the loan#, ordered by, (remitter information) attorney name, and Corporate Trust of bank funding deposited. Wire/Transfer or Cashier Check Statement).

    Copies of all correspondence indicating any disclosures involving MERS or any other servicing agreements, wherein you were notified that your mortgage loan servicers have changed.

    *10 Digit Sales Agreement #’s, MERS SERVICER ID# 18 Digits, Servicing Statement changes, Goodbye letters. Assignee/and or Successor Statements . 7 digit MIN# (MERS Identification Number 7 Digits) All (10 digit Sales Agreement numbers). Copies of all correspondence indicating any disclosures involving MERS or any other servicing agreements, wherein you were notified that your mortgage loan servicers have changed.

    Copies of all mortgages (1st, 2nd, HELOC’s, Lines of Credit, etc.); anything showing a purported lien against the title to the property.

    General Warranty Deed (or Warranty Deed, Land Deed, Grant Deed or whatever form of Deed from Grantor to Grantee naming you as the Grantee over the title to the land improvements are situated).

    Any Information on Trust, PSA, FWP, …
    Copies of any document showing that a New York Trust claims to own your property (this can be through suit, written claim or PSA).
    If you don’t have any of the documents with a MERS MIN# because you only dealt with the BUYER and not the SELLER of the discounted loans, LUMINUQ provides ability to get name of loan trust.

  4. I have a Question that does not have anything to do with this subject. Foreclosure has been filed (SC Judicial) nothing attached to the complaint . After interrogortorries and discovry , authenticate of docs , etc.. A lost note affidavit was produced , but it was an lost note from the original lender , to the servicer . The plaintiff in my case is a successor trustee to the trustee . HOw can a successor trustee go on the fact that they are the owner and holder of a note and mortgage by way of a lost note affidavit from the original lender to the servicer ? How would the assignments of the note take place with out the note? wouldn’t the servicer have to draw up another lost note to sell it to the despositor stating the note was lost?

  5. ? lender K B Home
    brian davies, on May 1, 2011 at 9:02

    More info please on KB Home.

    Why do you ” think a LENDER?” and not a PRETENDER LENDER?

    (Intermediary Funding) first deals don’t go directly to Master Servicer.

    You asked for:

    This institution has been renamed (see Institution History). The current information is:

    Institution Type: Domestic Entity Other

    RSSD ID: 3703889
    Event Date Historical Event

    2008-07-01 COUNTRYWIDE KB HOME LOANS, LLC located at PLANO, TX was established as a Domestic Entity Other.

    2010-02-13 KB HOME MORTGAGE, LLC was renamed to KBA MORTGAGE, LLC.

    KBA Mortgage LLC a domestic entity of Parent noiw ‘Bank of America Corporation.

    1 * BANK OF AMERICA CORPORATION (1073757) CHARLOTTE NC Financial Holding Company – Domestic



    1563 –* BAC NORTH AMERICA HOLDING COMPANY (1379552) 1524 CHARLOTTE NC Financial Holding Company – Domestic

    1564 —* BANA HOLDING CORPORATION (1199769) 1563 CHARLOTTE NC Financial Holding
    Company – Domestic

    1564 CHARLOTTE NC National Bank

    1565 THOUSAND OAKS CA Domestic Entity Other

    2346 ——* KBA MORTGAGE, LLC (3703889) 2345 PLANO TX Domestic Entity Other

  6. uprootedone very well put on Tom Miller but what about President Obama who is Bombing People all over the world in the name of Democracy while allowing his own people (American) to get screwed by the Banksters.

    Regarding Tom MIller he is an attorney are trained to talk there way out of anything.

  7. Sorry, wrong link. Here is the correct link

    Attorney Honored


  8. Today at 04:07 PM Reply with quote #1


    Foreclosure Fighter Honored for Putting Up the Good Fight

    Please click on the link below and see how one of my colleagues has been recognized for his good work…. For all you who live in Central Florida and need excellent representation, please contact my friend and colleague Gator Bradshaw!


  9. What Happened to Tough Talking Iowa AG Tom Miller’s?

    Maybe Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller has done nothing wrong in accepting campaign donations from finance, insurance and real estate companies.

    But the appearance, at face value, of a conflict of interest is so strong, Miller has more explaining to do.

    Last fall, it was Miller who led the charge against Big Banks’ improper foreclosure practices.

    He led a task force of attorneys general from 10 states as well as four federal agencies to combat mortgage fraud and unethical lending.

    Miller was full of tough talk in the fall, but lately, he seems much more low-key about the pursuit of lenders who forced families out of their homes.

    A report published last week by the National Institute on Money in State Politics suggests one reason Miller has eased off the accelerator has to do with a war chest full of big donations. Miller denies that.

    But the report certainly raises questions that Miller should address.

    It shows that more than 63 percent of the money Miller raised for his re-election campaign in 2010 came from out-of-state donors.

    Donations from businesses that could have an interest in the mortgage foreclosure

    investigation were 88 percent higher than the contributions Miller received from that group over the previous decade — amounting to more than $261,445.

    Miller contends most of the contributors had no connection to the Big Banks investigation and that comparisons to his 2006 campaign aren’t valid because he ran unopposed that year.

    Fair enough. And Iowa campaign coffers — including those of Miller’s opponent, Republican Brenna Findley — overflowed with out-of-state money in 2010.

    Whether or not the contributions influenced him, Miller has changed his tune from the zealous pursuit of offenders he had adopted in the fall.

    “We will put people in jail,” he said then.

    When Miller joined forces with federal agencies, including the FBI, he noted that while the focus had been on civil enforcement of the mortgage industry, the new partnership would bring into play the potential of criminal charges.

    By January, Miller had backed off that statement, saying the group would not pursue a criminal investigation. “Our focus is to reform the servicing process and that’s inherently civil, not criminal,” he said.

    So, if the campaign contributions had no bearing on the investigation, as Miller contends, why the change of heart regarding criminal charges?

    Miller said the only people who gave contributions and had any connection to the investigation were two longtime friends of his who donated $15,000.

    But a blog post by Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi noted $60,000 in contributions came from three partners in a law firm that represents Goldman Sachs.

    Other lawyers who represent Big Banks also contributed to Miller’s campaign,

    Taibbi found.

    That’s a discrepancy Miller must address.

    So is his softening attitude toward pursuing legal charges against these big banks.

    If Miller’s protestations are to be believed, then it is incredibly fortuitous for those lawyers that the Iowa official to whom they donated money has decided to back off an investigation of their clients’ foreclosure practices.

    Iowans deserve some clearer answers from Miller on these questions.

  10. Aurora Associates LP, NY 8/25/1999 (not registered in New York State) yet on Federal Reserve Repository is listed as a domestic entity of a Bank Holding Company.

    J.P. MORGAN CHASE & CO. RSSD ID (1039502)
    as of 12/31/2001 * Institutions
    12/31/1999 (Bank Holding Company)

    Chase Mortgage Company transactions flow to a State Bank!

    Chase Mortgage Company reports to a State Member Bank who then reports to the Financial Holding Company Parent!

    Aurora Associates, LP Parent in Federal Reserve Repository JP Morgan 12/31/2001

    1 * J.P. MORGAN CHASE & CO. (1039502) NEW YORK NY Financial Holding
    Company – Domestic

    5 -* BROWN & COMPANY SECURITIES CORPORATION (1040601) 1 BOSTON MA Securities Broker/Dealer

    Finance Company

    19 -* JPMORGAN CHASE BANK (852218) 1 NEW YORK NY State Member Bank

    20 –* CHASE MORTGAGE COMPANY (1039650) 19 COLUMBUS OH Domestic Entity Other

    Report created: 5/1/2011 Hierarchy report with the following institution types: Commercial Bank, Cooperative Bank, Credit Union, Edge/Agreement
    Corporation, Financial Holding Company, Holding Company, Industrial Bank, Insurance Co. Broker/Agent/Underwriter,
    Nondepository Trust Company, Other Company, Savings Bank, Savings and Loan Association, and the Securities

    Very Interesting:

    JPPMorgan Chase & Co RSSD ID 1039502 as of 12/31/2009 & 12/31/2010 HMDA Reporters

    #1 JPMorgan Chase & Co. RSSD ID 1039502
    New York, NY
    Financial Holding Company-Domestic

    #2 JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Assocaition
    (852218), (0000000008 OCC
    JP Mortgage Chase Bank NA)
    Columbus Ohio – National Bank


  11. Hmmmm. No Lehman Commodities and no Aurora Loan Services, LLC inside FFIEC.GOV







    TROJAN HORSE Wells Fargo Bank NA as SELLER of all originations thru Wells Fargo & Co/MN (formerly Norwest Corp)

    Who in 2000 is the largest origniator, largest servicer and largest virtual bank? Norwest Corp!

    Aurora Loan Financial LLC ‘Master Servicer’ is what legally?

    ? Aurora Loan Services LLC originates and services prime and subprime residential mortgage loans through wholesale and correspondent channels. The company also buys mortgages originated by other mortgage bankers, banks, and credit unions. Aurora Loan Services, LLC was formerly known as Aurora Loan Services, Inc. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Littleton, Colorado. Aurora Loan Services, LLC operates as a subsidiary of Lehman Brothers Bank, FSB.

    GE Electric
    27 Closely Related:
    Aircraft Services CORP – SEC # 1405079 – 12/9/10
    EFS Regency GP Holdco II/LLC – SEC # 1405077 –
    12/9/10G E Asset Management Inc – SEC # 936839 – 3/22/11
    GE Capital (Mauritius) Holdings Ltd – SEC # 1407940 – 3/26/10
    Ge Capital Cfe Inc – SEC # 1224822 – 10/1/09
    Ge Capital Equity Investments Inc – SEC # 1093083 – 2/14/11
    GE Capital International (Mauritius) – SEC # 1408110 – 3/26/10
    Ge Capital International Holdings Corp – SEC # 1265479 – 12/17/0
    Ge Financial Assurance Holdings Inc – SEC # 1049537 – 3/6/06
    GE India Ventures LLC – SEC # 1408505 – 3/26/10
    GE Indian Services Holding Private LTD – SEC # 1408472 – 3/26/10
    Ge Investment Private Placement Partners II/L/P – SEC # 1023838 – 4/25/07GEI/Inc – SEC # 1290757 –
    3/6/06General Electric Capital Corp – SEC # 40554 –
    4/21/11General Electric Capital Services Inc/CT – SEC # 797463 –
    4/21/11General Electric Capital Services Indian Investments LLC – SEC # 1408506 –
    3/26/10GPSF Securities/Inc – SEC # 1472683 – 10/1/09Greenwater Holdings Ltd – SEC # 1280748 –
    3/1/06Heller Financial Inc – SEC # 46738 – 7/20/05Heller International Group Inc – SEC # 1280749 –
    7/20/05Idx Investment Corp – SEC # 1165483 – 5/10/06Idx Systems Corp – SEC # 1001185 –
    5/10/06National Broadcasting CO Holding/Inc – SEC # 1295844 –
    6/28/06NBC Universal/Inc – SEC # 902739 – 1/15/08
    Recreational Services LLC – SEC # 1272049 – 12/18/03Regency LP Acquirer/L/P – SEC # 1405078 –
    12/9/10Security Capital Group Inc – SEC # 923687 – 12/17/03

    Click on these tabs to view other information related to General Electric Co.


    95 “Issuer” Relationships (where the security “Owner” is)
    Filing or”Owner”
    First Filing Last Filing Relationship Filed By Filer or Reporting Owner

    7/29/03 1/4/08 4 Ameen Philip D
    7/2/09 4/4/11 4 Beattie William G
    6/22/09 3 Beattie William G
    9/16/03 2/24/06 4 Beccalli Ferdinando
    9/22/03 3 Beccalli Ferdinando
    7/29/03 2/24/06 4 Begley Charlene T
    9/20/05 2/24/06 4 Begor Mark W
    8/8/05 3 Begor Mark W
    1/29/10 2/4/11 SC 13G BlackRock Inc [ formerly BlackRock/Inc ]
    9/20/05 2/24/06 4 Bossidy Paul T
    8/8/05 3 Bossidy Paul T
    7/22/03 9/14/06 4 Calhoun David L
    2/14/06 5 Calhoun David L
    7/29/03 2/24/06 4 Campbell James P
    7/21/03 9/20/05 4 Cary William H
    7/2/03 4/4/11 4 Cash James I Jr
    9/5/03 9/20/10 4 Cassidy Kathryn A
    4/29/04 4/4/11 4 Castell Sir William Martin
    1/19/05 5 Castell Sir William Martin
    4/21/04 3 Castell Sir William Martin
    7/29/03 2/5/07 4 Conaty William J
    2/13/04 5 Conaty William J
    8/17/04 9/20/10 4 Daley Pamela
    8/9/04 3 Daley Pamela
    2/13/04 2/14/06 5 Dammerman Dennis D
    7/29/03 12/12/05 4 Dammerman Dennis D
    2/24/04 9/20/10 4 Denniston Brackett B III [ formerly Denniston Brackett D III ]
    1/19/05 5 Denniston Brackett B III [ formerly Denniston Brackett D III ]
    2/23/04 3 Denniston Brackett B III [ formerly Denniston Brackett D III ]
    7/29/03 2/24/06 4 Donnelly Scott C
    9/21/04 4/19/06 4 Fitzsimons Shane
    2/23/04 3 Fitzsimons Shane
    6/24/03 5/25/04 4 Fraizer Michael D
    7/2/03 4/4/11 4 Fudge Ann M
    7/29/03 2/24/06 4 Fujimori Yoshiaki
    7/2/03 4/2/09 4 Gonzalez Claudio X
    7/29/03 9/20/05 4 Harper Arthur H
    1/19/05 2/14/06 5 Heineman Benjamin W Jr
    7/16/03 12/12/05 4 Heineman Benjamin W Jr
    4/4/07 4/4/11 4 Hockfield Susan
    12/21/06 3 Hockfield Susan
    7/29/03 5/5/08 4 Hogan Joseph M
    3/17/08 3 Ielusic Walter F
    7/31/03 3/1/11 4 Immelt Jeffrey R
    2/14/06 5 Immelt Jeffrey R
    10/23/97 SC 13D Insight Health Services Corp
    9/16/03 2/24/04 4 Jeffe Robert A
    7/2/03 4/4/11 4 Jung Andrea
    2/14/11 5 Krenicki John
    6/24/03 9/20/10 4 Krenicki John
    7/29/08 3 Krenicki John
    7/2/03 4/4/11 4 Lafley Alan G
    7/6/05 4/4/11 4 Lane Robert W
    6/16/05 3 Lane Robert W
    7/2/03 4/4/05 4 Langone Kenneth G
    7/2/03 4/4/11 4 Larsen Ralph S
    7/2/03 4/4/11 4 Lazarus Rochelle B
    11/23/05 2/24/06 4 Little Mark M
    11/14/05 3 Little Mark M
    7/30/07 9/20/10 4 Lynch John F
    1/18/07 3 Lynch John F
    4/24/08 4/28/11 4 Miller Jamie S
    4/24/08 3 Miller Jamie S
    7/3/08 4/4/11 4 Mulva James J
    5/13/08 3 Mulva James J
    6/24/03 10/19/10 4 Neal Michael A
    7/29/03 9/19/07 4 Nissen David R
    7/2/03 4/4/11 4 Nunn Samuel A
    9/20/05 11/1/05 4 OConnor Dan
    8/8/05 3 OConnor Dan
    6/24/03 12/12/05 4 Parke James A
    7/2/03 4/4/11 4 Penske Roger S
    9/20/05 2/24/06 4 Pralle Michael E
    8/8/05 3 Pralle Michael E
    9/16/03 2/24/06 4 Pressman Ronald R
    7/29/03 2/24/06 4 Reiner Gary M
    2/13/04 2/14/11 5 Rice John G
    7/29/03 9/20/10 4 Rice John G
    7/29/03 4 Rogers Gary L
    2/13/04 2/14/11 5 Sherin Keith S
    9/16/03 9/20/10 4 Sherin Keith S
    7/2/03 4/2/04 4 Sigler Andrew C
    7/2/03 4/4/11 4 Swieringa Robert J
    10/4/10 4/5/11 4 Tisch James S
    6/21/10 3 Tisch James S
    10/9/01 425 Toks Inc
    9/16/03 9/19/07 4 Trotter Lloyd G
    2/11/04 2/16/05 SC 13G Wachovia Corp New [ formerly First Union Corp ]
    7/29/03 2/18/04 4 Wacker Richard F
    7/2/03 4/4/11 4 Warner Douglas A III
    7/29/03 9/12/05 4 Woodburn William A
    2/13/04 5 Woodburn William A
    7/29/03 4/25/08 4 Wright Robert C
    2/14/06 2/12/08 5 Wright Robert C
    2/20/07 3 Zucker Jeffrey A

    156 “Owner” Relationships (where the security “Issuer” is)
    Filing or”Issuer”
    First Filing Last Filing Relationship Subject Company or Serial Company

    10/1/09 4 A123 Systems/Inc [ formerly A123 Systems Inc ]
    9/23/09 3 A123 Systems/Inc [ formerly A123 Systems Inc ]
    10/18/99 8/21/03 SC 13D Advanced Lighting Technologies Inc
    1/10/01 8/19/03 4 Advanced Lighting Technologies Inc
    10/18/99 1/10/01 Owner Advanced Lighting Technologies Inc
    10/18/99 3 Advanced Lighting Technologies Inc
    1/10/97 7/31/97 SC 13D Alliance HealthCare Services/Inc [ formerly Alliance Imaging Inc/DE ]
    3/10/06 5/10/06 4 Allscripts Healthcare Solutions/Inc [ formerly Allscripts-Misys Healthcare Solutions/Inc ]
    1/27/06 5/10/06 SC 13D Allscripts Healthcare Solutions/Inc [ formerly Allscripts-Misys Healthcare Solutions/Inc ]
    4/22/96 SC 13D American Health Services Corp/DE
    10/10/03 1/23/04 425 Amersham PLC [ formerly Amersham International PLC ]
    2/4/99 8/9/02 SC 13D ATC Technology CORP [ formerly Aftermarket Technology Corp ]
    8/22/03 4 Beacon Power Corp
    6/9/04 9/8/04 SC 13D Bha Group Inc
    10/16/01 12/9/02 SC 13D Cablevision Systems Corp/NY
    10/16/01 3 Cablevision Systems Corp/NY
    10/16/01 4 Cablevision Systems Corp/NY
    10/16/01 Owner Cablevision Systems Corp/NY
    6/16/04 4 Castle Dental Centers Inc
    12/12/03 12/18/03 4 Centerplate/Inc [ formerly Volume Services America Holdings Inc ]
    12/4/03 3 Centerplate/Inc [ formerly Volume Services America Holdings Inc ]
    3/15/06 SC 13G China Medical Technologies/Inc
    11/1/10 12/22/10 SC 13D Clarient/Inc [ formerly Chromavision Medical Systems Inc ]
    11/5/10 12/22/10 SC TO-T Clarient/Inc [ formerly Chromavision Medical Systems Inc ]
    10/22/10 10/28/10 SC TO-C Clarient/Inc [ formerly Chromavision Medical Systems Inc ]
    7/27/01 SC 13D Data Critical Corp
    2/14/00 SC 13G Egreetings Network Inc [ formerly E Greetings Network ]
    9/10/98 SC 13G Elamex SA De CV
    1/10/05 4 Elephant & Castle Group Inc
    2/14/01 SC 13G Emcore Corp
    4/23/99 SC 13D Fischer Imaging Corp
    12/19/97 4 Genicom Corp
    12/19/97 Other Genicom Corp
    12/19/97 SC 13G Genicom Corp
    8/3/07 3/26/10 4 Genpact LTD
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    6/8/04 3/6/06 4 Genworth Financial Inc
    5/24/04 3 Genworth Financial Inc
    2/11/00 5 Globalstar Telecommunications Ltd
    11/26/97 2/11/00 Owner Globalstar Telecommunications Ltd
    2/26/98 2/11/00 SC 13G Globalstar Telecommunications Ltd
    11/26/97 3 Globalstar Telecommunications Ltd
    11/25/97 SC 13D Globalstar Telecommunications Ltd
    10/11/96 4 Grand Union Co/DE
    9/27/96 10/11/96 Owner Grand Union Co/DE
    9/27/96 3 Grand Union Co/DE
    2/14/01 2/13/02 SC 13G Granite Broadcasting Corp
    3/18/97 9/2/97 SC 13D Greenwich Air Services Inc
    3/18/97 3 Greenwich Air Services Inc
    3/18/97 Owner Greenwich Air Services Inc
    9/8/00 3 Harmon Industries Inc
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    7/17/00 9/1/00 425 Harmon Industries Inc
    7/25/00 9/1/00 SC TO-T Harmon Industries Inc
    11/1/00 10/4/01 SC 13D Honeywell International Inc [ formerly Alliedsignal Inc ]
    10/23/00 12/12/00 425 Honeywell International Inc [ formerly Alliedsignal Inc ]
    11/21/03 1/15/04 SC 13D HPSC Inc
    1/14/04 4 HPSC Inc
    11/12/03 1/12/04 425 HPSC Inc
    11/21/03 3 HPSC Inc
    10/11/05 12/12/05 SC 13D Idx Systems Corp
    10/11/05 3 Idx Systems Corp
    12/26/01 4 Imatron Inc
    10/1/01 12/26/01 Owner Imatron Inc
    9/26/01 12/26/01 SC 13D Imatron Inc
    9/24/01 12/17/01 425 Imatron Inc
    10/1/01 3 Imatron Inc
    6/11/98 SC 13D Innoserv Technologies Inc [ formerly Mmi Medical Inc ]
    7/10/01 11/14/01 4 Insight Health Services Corp
    7/10/01 11/14/01 Owner Insight Health Services Corp
    7/12/96 11/14/01 SC 13D Insight Health Services Corp
    5/4/99 SC 13D Interactive Network Inc/CA
    12/18/01 2/21/02 425 Interlogix Inc [ formerly Iti Technologies Inc ]
    12/28/01 2/21/02 SC 13D Interlogix Inc [ formerly Iti Technologies Inc ]
    12/28/01 2/21/02 SC TO-T Interlogix Inc [ formerly Iti Technologies Inc ]
    2/11/99 2/14/00 SC 13G Intervu Inc
    12/3/04 3 Ionics Inc
    12/3/04 SC 13D Ionics Inc
    9/27/99 2/14/03 SC 13D Ion Media Networks Inc [ formerly Paxson Communications Corp ]
    9/27/99 3 Ion Media Networks Inc [ formerly Paxson Communications Corp ]
    9/27/99 Owner Ion Media Networks Inc [ formerly Paxson Communications Corp ]
    3/13/06 3 Ivillage Inc
    4/9/99 2/14/02 SC 13D Ivillage Inc
    7/2/98 4/30/99 SC 13D Kaynar Technologies Inc [ formerly Kaynar Holdings Inc ]
    2/14/00 4/4/03 SC 13G Liveworld Inc [ formerly Talk City Inc ]
    11/4/97 11/18/97 SC 13D Lockheed Martin Corp
    11/10/97 4 Lockheed Martin Corp
    11/10/97 Other Lockheed Martin Corp
    9/1/94 SC 13D Lockheed Martin Investment Management Co [ formerly Lockheed Martin Corp/MD ]
    8/18/00 4 Lunar Corp
    8/18/00 Other Lunar Corp
    6/12/00 8/18/00 SC 13D Lunar Corp
    6/2/00 8/4/00 425 Lunar Corp
    6/12/00 3 Lunar Corp
    6/12/00 Owner Lunar Corp
    9/30/98 11/30/98 SC 13D Marquette Medical Systems Inc [ formerly Marquette Electronics Inc ]
    9/30/98 3 Marquette Medical Systems Inc [ formerly Marquette Electronics Inc ]
    9/30/98 Owner Marquette Medical Systems Inc [ formerly Marquette Electronics Inc ]
    2/14/97 SC 13G Marquette Medical Systems Inc [ formerly Marquette Electronics Inc ]
    4/22/96 SC 13D Maxum Health Corp
    3/10/00 4 Mecon Inc
    12/3/99 3/10/00 Owner Mecon Inc
    12/3/99 2/25/00 SC 13D Mecon Inc
    12/3/99 12/7/99 3 Mecon Inc
    1/29/96 SC 13D Medical Imaging Centers of America Inc
    12/12/03 7/9/04 4 Msgi Technology Solutions/Inc [ formerly Msgi Security Solutions/Inc ]
    12/10/99 8/13/01 SC 13D NBC Internet Inc
    9/9/03 4 Newpower Holdings Inc [ formerly TNPC Inc ]
    3/24/00 SC 13G Novametrix Medical Systems Inc
    2/14/00 SC 13G Obh LLC [ formerly Obh Inc ]
    12/2/99 4 Oec Medical Systems Inc [ formerly Diasonics Inc ]
    8/17/99 12/2/99 Owner Oec Medical Systems Inc [ formerly Diasonics Inc ]
    8/17/99 12/2/99 SC 13D Oec Medical Systems Inc [ formerly Diasonics Inc ]
    8/17/99 3 Oec Medical Systems Inc [ formerly Diasonics Inc ]
    11/4/02 2/25/03 425 Osmonics Inc
    8/14/95 SC 13D Outlet Communications Inc
    1/12/98 4 Paine Webber Group Inc
    1/12/98 Owner Paine Webber Group Inc
    11/15/94 12/5/97 SC 13D Paine Webber Group Inc
    2/11/00 2/10/06 SC 13G Plug Power Inc
    2/11/00 5 Plug Power Inc
    10/28/99 2/11/00 Owner Plug Power Inc
    10/28/99 3 Plug Power Inc
    7/11/03 4 Positron Corp
    7/11/03 SC 13D Positron Corp
    1/6/05 8/19/05 SC 13G Regal Beloit Corp
    8/17/05 4 Regal Beloit Corp
    1/6/05 3 Regal Beloit Corp
    10/1/03 12/17/03 4 Regency Centers Corp [ formerly Regency Realty Corp ]
    3/25/09 12/9/10 4 Regency Energy Partners LP
    3/25/09 3 Regency Energy Partners LP
    8/9/99 SC 13D Rewards Network Inc [ formerly Idine Rewards Network Inc ]
    5/18/06 3 Rotech Healthcare Inc
    12/27/99 1/26/00 SC 14D1 Showpower Inc
    8/24/00 11/17/00 SC TO-T Smallworldwide PLC
    8/24/00 11/2/00 SC 13D Smallworldwide PLC
    8/17/00 SC TO-C Smallworldwide PLC
    6/3/97 SC 13D Star Technologies Inc
    7/20/05 4 Superior Essex Inc
    2/25/04 3 Superior Essex Inc
    5/11/01 SC 13D Telescan Inc
    7/1/03 4 Thermoview Industries Inc
    3/21/02 3/22/04 SC 13D Tivo Inc
    11/30/98 1/6/99 SC 14D1 Total Control Products Inc
    12/1/98 3 Total Control Products Inc
    12/1/98 Owner Total Control Products Inc
    7/28/00 SC 13D United Road Services Inc
    7/12/99 2/27/09 4 Valuevision Media Inc [ formerly Valuevision International Inc ]
    11/29/00 2/18/03 SC 13D Valuevision Media Inc [ formerly Valuevision International Inc ]
    7/12/99 8/10/99 Owner Valuevision Media Inc [ formerly Valuevision International Inc ]
    8/4/08 SC 13D Vital Signs Inc
    7/13/01 SC 13D Vmic Inc [ formerly Vme Microsystems International Corp ]
    6/22/00 5/29/02 SC 13G World Wrestling Entertainmentinc [ formerly World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc ]
    5/20/99 8/4/99 SC 13D Xoom Inc
    5/20/99 3 Xoom Inc
    5/20/99 Other Xoom Inc

    First 250 of 627 Affiliate Relationships (based upon SEC Files: Parents / Subs., Directors / Officers, et al.)
    Last Filing Registrant

    4/13/11A123 Systems/Inc [ formerly A123 Systems Inc ]
    1/9/08 ASC Hugoton LLC
    4/2/07 Abbott William W
    4/8/11Adams Diane
    4/4/11Adik Stephen P
    5/15/07 Advanced Lighting Technologies Inc
    11/3/09 Africk Andrew
    4/6/11Ahmann Mark A
    12/9/10 Aircraft Services CORP
    5/16/08 Aiu Rene G
    8/4/08 Aldridge David S
    4/4/11Alesio Steven W
    8/17/10 Alexander Charles
    9/9/10 Alexander Kent
    4/21/11Allscripts Healthcare Solutions/Inc [ formerly Allscripts-Misys Healthcare Solutions/Inc ]
    3/21/11 Alsene Steven P
    1/19/11 Altman Stuart H
    1/4/08 Ameen Philip D
    10/30/03 Amrein Jeff
    5/12/04 Anderson David A
    12/22/09 Anderson Edward T
    12/17/04 Ap St LLC
    2/17/10 Apollo Advisors V LP
    4/10/10 Apollo German Partners V GmbH & Co Kg
    2/11/11 Apollo Investment Fund V LP
    4/10/10 Apollo Management V LP
    4/10/10 Apollo Netherlands Partners V A LP
    4/10/10 Apollo Netherlands Partners V B LP
    4/10/10 Apollo Overseas Partners V LP
    5/27/10 Arata Stephen Louis
    1/4/08 Asmundson William L
    5/7/10 Avampato John
    4/15/11Ayd G/Robert
    12/18/03 BCP Offshore Volume LP
    12/18/03 BCP Volume LP
    8/4/08 Baker Oliver Debrah A
    4/15/05 Baker Robert W Jr
    7/22/05 Baldwin Kenneth Rone
    4/9/04 Ballou Stephen
    4/27/11Bank Raymond L
    7/3/07 Barbera Jeremy
    10/20/08 Barlow Kelly J
    10/20/06 Barnes Richard D
    7/3/07 Barnett James J
    4/24/07 Barnett Jeffery M
    2/16/11 Barta David Alan
    4/18/11Barter John W
    6/26/07 Bauchiero Frank E
    6/14/04 Baynham Frank
    4/27/11Beacon Power Corp
    4/5/11Beattie William G
    2/8/08 Beccalli Ferdinando
    2/24/06 Begley Charlene T
    2/24/06 Begor Mark W
    7/8/10 Berardino Joseph F
    8/2/10 Bergeron Stephanie W
    12/15/10 Bhasin Pramod
    11/9/10 Bhatia Mohit
    4/9/04 Birchfield J Kermit
    1/3/11 Black Cathleen
    8/4/08 Blackford Barbara L
    12/18/03 Blackstone Capital Partners II Merchant Banking Fund LP
    2/13/08 Blackstone Management Associates II LLC
    12/7/07 Blackstone Offshore Capital Partners II LP
    2/18/11 Blankenship C Ronald
    12/4/03 Blitzer David S
    2/24/11 Bloem James H
    10/11/05 Boehler Brenda
    4/4/11Bolinder William H
    2/1/08 Bond David A
    5/7/10 Borelli Frank J
    2/24/06 Bossidy Paul T
    12/21/10 Bradley Michael J [ formerly Bradley Michael Jack ]
    5/24/10 Bronfin Kenneth A
    7/9/03 Brooks Gary
    2/23/05 Brown Douglas R
    2/23/05 Brown Stephen L [ formerly Brown Stephen L ]
    4/22/11Bryant James W
    4/24/07 Bryant Richard
    3/8/11 Buck John D
    10/14/08 Bulkley Benjamin [ formerly Buckley Benjamin ]
    6/28/07 Burgoyne James F
    2/11/11 Burt Stephen M
    4/15/05 Butts Thomas
    5/19/06 Caccappolo Richard
    2/8/10 Cadbury Sir Dominic
    4/5/11Calhoun David L
    2/24/06 Campbell James P
    3/8/11 Capp F William
    4/4/07 Carey Joseph E
    4/4/11Carpenter Alvin R
    3/21/11 Carter Philip L
    4/1/11Carter Stephen Martin
    9/20/05 Cary William H
    4/5/11Cash James I Jr
    9/20/10 Cassidy Kathryn A
    6/28/07 Castagnola Daniel R
    4/5/11Castell Sir William Martin
    6/18/04 Castle Dental Centers Inc
    2/17/09 Centerplate/Inc [ formerly Volume Services America Holdings Inc ]
    4/24/07 Chambers Thomas
    3/10/11 Chandler/III Dan M
    1/28/09 Chee Felix P
    3/21/07 Choe David
    4/25/11Chookaszian Dennis
    2/11/10 Chopra Rakesh
    2/23/05 Cichon Edward J
    9/2/10 Cogny Patrick
    5/20/10 Cole Andrew
    4/9/04 Cole Dollie
    2/27/06 Coleman J Reed
    11/24/10 Colonnetta Joseph
    5/7/10 Colvin Terry R
    4/27/11Comcast Corp [ formerly AT&T Comcast Corp ]
    7/26/07 Communications Data Services Inc
    12/6/06 Compton Robert A
    4/25/11Comstock Elizabeth J
    10/4/10 Conaty William J
    11/23/05 Conn Corey N
    6/16/10 Connors Lawrence B
    2/14/11 Contrarian Capital Management LLC
    4/9/04 Cooley Sam
    2/15/11 Corbin Amy Renee
    3/20/08 Courcier George Bryan
    3/31/11Crandall J Taylor
    1/3/06 Crook James R Jr
    2/23/05 Crosby Alan M
    4/7/09 Cull John G
    12/20/10 Curran Connie R
    2/23/05 Curtis John F
    4/3/08 Curtis Terry T
    6/22/05 Dale Julie A
    9/20/10 Daley Pamela
    5/27/10 Dalvi Ajit M
    4/4/11Dammerman Dennis D
    8/13/10 Damore Richard A
    2/12/04 Danielson Scott
    1/7/09 Davenport Roger L
    11/26/07 Davis Charles M Jr
    4/8/11Davis William J
    8/15/08 Dean Randall H
    8/4/08 Deedy Justin F Jr
    3/10/11 Delatour John S
    1/31/11 Denning Steven A
    9/20/10 Denniston Brackett B III [ formerly Denniston Brackett D III ]
    1/14/11 Deshpande Gururaj
    4/1/11Deutch Philip J
    3/15/10 Di Paola Anthony
    2/23/05 Dickerson Lyman B
    11/15/10 Dixon Dennie W
    3/21/11 Dobbs Michael R
    3/3/11 Doerr Christopher L
    4/9/04 Doherty Raymond R
    3/3/11 Donnelly Scott C
    2/8/06 Downie Jason H
    2/22/11 Druce J Dix
    10/28/08 Dunleavy Catherine
    1/7/09 Dunne Nicoa C
    8/17/10 Dzialga Mark F
    12/9/10 EFS Regency GP Holdco II/LLC
    2/8/10 Eaves Corey A
    2/22/07 Eisenreich David L
    2/13/04 Eldred John M
    3/14/08 Elephant & Castle Group Inc
    5/18/06 Elkes Steven
    1/6/11 Elsenbast Frank
    4/4/11Energy Transfer Equity/L/P [ formerly Lagrange Energy LP ]
    2/4/11 Everets John
    3/22/10 Fagre Nathan E
    4/19/11Feldstein Kathleen F
    8/1/07 Ferrara Juan F
    2/18/11 Fiala Mary Lou
    8/29/07 Field Richard D
    4/21/11Fife Eugene V
    11/4/09 Fine Capital Advisors/LLC
    3/25/11 Fine Capital Partners/L/P
    11/4/09 Fine Debra
    1/20/11 Fischer Thomas J
    9/5/03 Fisher Jeffrey L
    4/19/06 Fitzsimons Shane
    5/4/09 Fleckman Dan
    4/27/11Foate Dean A
    5/20/10 Forcier Jason
    4/10/08 Fox John C
    2/11/11 Fraizer Michael D
    12/18/03 Frick Kenneth R
    4/5/11Fudge Ann M
    2/24/06 Fujimori Yoshiaki
    3/23/06 Fuller Alton D
    10/1/09 Fulop Ric
    6/25/10 Furst Jack D
    3/22/11 G E Asset Management Inc [ formerly G E Investment Management Inc ]
    3/26/10 GAP (Bermuda) LTD
    3/26/10 GE Capital (Mauritius) Holdings Ltd
    3/26/10 GE Capital International (Mauritius)
    3/26/10 GE India Ventures LLC
    3/26/10 GE Indian Services Holding Private LTD
    3/6/06 GEI/Inc
    10/1/09 GPSF Securities/Inc
    4/15/05 Galin Robert F
    2/22/11 Gamache M L
    3/30/11Gap Coinvestments III LLC [ formerly Gap Coinvestments Partners III LLC ]
    3/30/11Gap Coinvestments IV LLC [ formerly Gap Coinvestments Partners IV LLC ]
    3/26/10 Gap-W International/LP
    3/30/11Gapco GmbH & Co Kg
    3/30/11Gapco Management GmbH
    3/30/11Gapstar LLC
    6/28/10 Garrubbo Edwin P
    10/1/09 Ge Capital Cfe Inc
    2/14/11 Ge Capital Equity Investments Inc
    12/17/03 Ge Capital International Holdings Corp
    3/6/06 Ge Financial Assurance Holdings Inc [ formerly Ge Financial Assurances Holdings Inc ]
    4/25/07 Ge Investment Private Placement Partners II/L/P [ formerly Ge Investment Private Placement Partners II Ltd Partnership ]
    4/1/11Geller Marshall S
    3/26/10 General Atlantic Genpar (Bermuda)/L/P
    3/30/11General Atlantic LLC [ formerly General Atlantic Partners LLC ]
    3/26/10 General Atlantic Partners (Bermuda)/L/P
    4/21/11General Electric Capital Corp
    4/21/11General Electric Capital Services Inc/CT
    3/26/10 General Electric Capital Services Indian Investments LLC
    4/22/10 Genpact Investment Co/(Bermuda) Ltd [ formerly Genpact Investment Co/(Lux) SICAR S/a/r/l ]
    4/15/11Genpact LTD
    4/14/11Genworth Financial Inc
    7/3/07 Gerlach John T
    8/4/08 Gilleland Tracye C
    4/4/11Gin Sue L
    10/1/10 Giroir L/Patrick Jr [ formerly Giroir Pat ]
    6/14/04 Glazer Ira
    5/7/10 Gliebe Mark Joseph
    5/20/10 Golato Louis M
    1/19/11 Goldstein Arthur L
    4/10/08 Goldstein Bernard
    9/23/10 Gomez John
    4/2/09 Gonzalez Claudio X
    1/3/06 Gorman Stephen C
    5/18/06 Gould Kellie
    8/4/08 Gounot Denys
    3/9/10 Gour Vivek N
    11/15/04 Graff Stephen N
    5/20/10 Granara John
    12/16/10 Grassle Jenele C
    4/22/11Gray Rodney Lynn
    4/21/11Green Philip D [ formerly Green Philip E ]
    3/1/06 Greenwater Holdings Ltd
    2/15/08 Griffin Mark
    3/16/10 Guaglianone Victor
    4/3/08 Gunder John D
    3/1/11 Gupta Rajat K
    8/4/08 Guthrie James F
    9/18/08 HM Txrg LP
    List All Affiliate Relationships

    55 Group-Member Relationships (Non-Registrant Filers: Partners, Affiliates, et al.)
    Last Filing Name

    8/9/02 Aurora Advisors, Inc. [ with Aurora Equity Partners LP ]
    8/9/02 Aurora Capital Partners L.P. [ with Aurora Equity Partners LP ]
    8/9/02 Aurora Equity Partners L/P
    8/9/02 Aurora Overseas Advisors, Ltd. [ with Aurora Equity Partners LP ]
    8/9/02 Aurora Overseas Capital Partners L.P. [ with Aurora Equity Partners LP ]
    8/9/02 Aurora Overseas Equity Partners I/L/P [ with Aurora Equity Partners LP ]
    11/4/02 Cablevision Systems Corporation
    7/28/00 Cfe, Inc.
    12/22/10 Crane Merger Sub/Inc
    9/1/00 Four Points Acquisition Inc
    2/14/02 GE Asset Management Inc. [ with Trustees of General Electric Pension Trust ]
    8/9/02 GE Asset Management Incorporated [ with Trustees of General Electric Pension Trust ]
    2/14/02 Ge Capital Equity Holdings/Inc [ with General Electric Capital Corp ]
    3/15/02 Ge Capital Equity Investments/Inc [ with Ge Capital Equity Investments Inc ]
    1/26/00 Ge Energy Services/Inc
    1/6/99 Ge Fanuc Automation North America/Inc
    2/14/02 Ge Investments Subsidiary/Inc
    3/15/02 General Electric Capital Corporation [ with Ge Capital Equity Investments Inc ]
    2/14/00 General Electric Capital Services [ with General Electric Capital Corp ]
    7/28/00 General Electric Capital Services/Inc [ with G E Asset Management Inc ]
    3/15/02 General Electric Capital Services/Inc [ with Ge Capital Equity Investments Inc ]
    5/11/01 General Electric Co [ with Regency LP Acquirer/L/P ]
    12/9/02 General Electric Company [ with G E Asset Management Inc ]
    3/15/06 General Electric International Operations Company Inc
    9/20/99 General Electric Investment Corp/Invest/Mngr
    2/14/00 General Electric Investment Corporation [ with General Electric Capital Corp ]
    3/2/99 General Electric Investment Corporation/As Investment Manag
    2/14/02 General Electric Pension Trust [ with G E Asset Management Inc ]
    1/26/00 Ge Power Acquisition Corp
    11/2/00 Ge Power Systems Equities/Inc
    11/17/00 Ge Power Systems Equities/Inc
    8/9/02 Gerald L. Parsky [ with Aurora Advisors II LLC ]
    5/10/06 IDX Investment Corporation
    5/10/06 IDX Systems Corporation
    8/8/97 Kidder, Peabody & Co. Incorporated
    8/8/97 Kidder/Peabody Group Inc
    12/28/01 Margaret Acquisition
    12/28/01 Margaret Acquisitions/Inc
    5/20/99 National Braodcasting Holding/Inc
    12/9/02 National Broadcasting Company Holding/Inc [ with Ge Capital Equity Investments Inc ]
    3/22/04 National Broadcasting Company Holdings/Inc [ with Ge Capital Equity Investments Inc ]
    3/22/04 National Broadcasting Company, Inc.
    5/20/99 National Broadcasting Company/Inc [ with General Electric Capital Corp ]
    12/10/99 Nbc Multimedia, Inc.
    12/9/02 Nbc-Rainbow Holding Inc
    10/4/02 Nbc-Rainbow Holding/Inc
    10/16/01 Nbc-Rainbow Holding/Inc
    5/11/01 NBC-TSN Holding/Inc
    6/22/00 Nbc-Wwfe Holding/Inc
    1/6/99 Orion Merger Corp
    8/13/01 Rainwater Acquisition Corp
    8/9/02 Richard K. Roeder [ with Aurora Equity Partners LP ]
    8/9/02 Richard R. Crowell [ with Aurora Equity Partners III LP ]
    8/9/99 Signaturecard/Inc
    8/9/02 Trustees of General Electric Pension Trust [ with Summer Street BRK Investors/LLC ]

    Filing-Agent Relationships (Attorneys, Financial Printers, Parents / Subs., SEC Agents, et al.)
    General Electric Co Has Been a Filing Agent For 9 Registrants:
    Last FilingRegistrant

    4/29/11 Ge Asset Management
    2/25/11 General Electric Capital Corp
    2/25/11 General Electric Capital Services Inc/CT
    10/27/06 NBC Universal/Inc [ formerly National Broadcasting Co Inc ]
    7/28/06 Ge Capital Equity Investments Inc
    11/3/03 Ge Capital Structured Finance Group
    11/3/03 General Electric Mortgage Insurance Corp
    9/5/03 Ge Global Insurance Holding Corp
    5/15/01 Ge Capital Commercial Finance

    34 Filing Agents Have Made Filings For General Electric Co:
    Last FilingFiling Agent¹

    4/18/11 RR Donnelley/FA
    12/9/10 RR Donnelley File16/FA
    6/16/10 General Electric Capital Services Inc/CT
    3/26/10 Weil Gotshal & Manges 04/FA
    6/23/09 RR Donnelley/FA
    6/30/08 Bowne of Dallas Inc 01/FA
    12/14/07 General Electric Capital Corp
    5/18/06 Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP Los Angeles Office/FA
    5/10/06 Merrill Corp-MD/FA
    2/10/06 Bowne of Atlanta Inc/FA
    7/20/05 Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP
    1/10/05 Express Filing Services/FA
    5/14/04 Merrill Corp/New/- FA
    4/6/04 Command Financial Press Corp
    12/17/03 Hogan Lovells US LLP/FA
    8/22/03 Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson/NY/FA
    3/11/03 Donnelley R R & Sons Co 02/FA
    2/14/03 Skadden Arps Slate Meagher & Flom LLP/FA
    12/9/02 Shearman & Sterling LLP/FA
    11/4/02 Merrill Corp/FA
    8/29/02 Bowne of San Francisco/FA
    7/13/01 Bowne Boc/FA
    6/21/01 General Electric Mortgage Insurance Corp
    5/11/01 CT Edgar123/FA
    4/10/01 Simpson Thacher & Bartlett/FA
    6/22/00 Proskauer Rose LLP/FA
    12/17/99 Donnelley R R & Sons Co 08/FA
    1/6/99 Donnelley R R & Sons Co 03/FA
    4/3/98 Daniels Printing Co 01/FA [ formerly Daniels Printing Co 01/F ]
    2/26/98 Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP 01/FA
    7/31/97 Donnelley R R & Sons Co 01/FA
    4/17/97 Donnelley R R & Sons Co 05/FA
    7/12/96 McDermott Will & Emery/FA
    6/12/96 Merrill Corporate/FA
    ¹ The SEC does not publish the names of most Filing Agents.

    Exhibit 4

    Joint Filing Agreement

    This will confirm the agreement by and among all the undersigned that
    the Schedule 13D filed on or about this date and any amendments thereto with
    respect to beneficial ownership by the undersigned of shares of the Common
    Stock, without par value, of Autocam Corporation is being filed on behalf of
    each of the undersigned in accordance with Rule 13d-1(k)(1) under the Securities
    Exchange Act of 1934. This agreement may be executed in two or more
    counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original, but all of which
    together shall constitute one and the same instrument.


    By: /s/ Richard K. Roeder
    – November 15, 1999
    Richard K. Roeder, President


    By: /s/ Richard K. Roeder
    – November 15, 1999
    Richard K. Roeder, President


    By: Aurora Capital Partners II L.P.,
    its general partner

    By: Aurora Advisors II LLC,
    its general partner

    By: /s/ Richard K. Roeder
    – November 15, 1999
    Richard K. Roeder, Secretary and Vice President
    of Aurora Advisors II LLC

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    By: Aurora Advisors II LLC,
    its general partner

    By: /s/ Richard K. Roeder
    — November 15, 1999
    Richard K. Roeder, Secretary and Vice President
    of Aurora Advisors II LLC


    By: /s/ Richard K. Roeder
    — November 15, 1999
    Richard K. Roeder, Secretary and Vice President

    /s/ Richard R. Crowell
    November 15, 1999

    /s/ Richard K. Roeder
    — November 15, 1999

    /s/ Gerald L. Parsky
    — November 15, 1999

  12. “If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of the currency, first by inflation and then by deflation,

    the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered”

    ” Thomas Jefferson”

  13. Wells Fargo Loan Officer Convicted of Fraud!

    A former Wells Fargo & Co. loan officer has admitted his involvement in a $4.3 million mortgage fraud racket, authorities said.

    Larry Gene Hillard pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in federal court Tuesday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a news release.

    The 56-year-old Maple Grove man helped Invescorp owners Truang Quang Tran and Thanh Van Ngo submit fraudulently secure more than $4.3 million in loans for 12 properties, prosecutors said.

    Losses in the scheme exceeded $1.4 million, they said.

    Wells Fargo could not be immediately reached for comment. UPDATE:

    A Wells Fargo spokeswoman declined to comment, citing a policy of not discussing past or present team members.

    Tran and Ngo have been sentenced to two years and one year in prison, respectively, for their roles, prosecutors said.

    Three other co-defendants have also been sentenced.

    Government attorneys said Hillard ran credit reports on individuals using personal information provided by Tran and Ngo, supplied them with specific loan requirements and completed fraudulent loan applications.

    A sentencing date in front of U.S. District Judge Ann Montgomery has not yet been set.
    The full news release can be downloaded here (77.8 KB PDF).

    Read more: Ex-Wells Fargo loan officer pleads guilty in $4.3 million fraud | Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 10179-0024
    Registered 5/22/1986
    Active New York State
    County: New York
    Jurisdiction: Delaware

    Kathleen Zack CEO
    270 Park Ave
    New York NY 10017

    Recognize the address same as Structured Asset Mortgage Investments Inc, ….

    Jurisdiction Wyoming
    Active County New York

    3300 W PARKER RD
    STE 500

    213 W 18TH ST

    Series of RFC entities started in 1994…. found on Wyoming relate to principle address of businessess:

    20004-000476863 CORP
    Bear Stearns Residential Mortgage Corporation 1/09/2004 Inactive –
    Revoked (Tax) Delinquent Good

    1985-000231391 CORP
    Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. 09/20/1985
    383 Madison Ave
    New York, NY 10179-0024 USA
    Inactive 11/10/09 Revoked (Tax) Delinquent Good

    Mailing Address:
    4 Chase Metrotech Center 3rd Fl
    Brooklyn, NY 11245 USA

    Purpose: Purpose Code: Finance (Loan, Investments, Securities), Stock, Mortgage Brokers

    Jurisdiction: Delaware (Perpetual)

    Agent: CT Corporation
    1720 Carey Ave Ste 200
    Cheyenne Wy 82001

  15. The ‘nasties’ are still here however.

    New York State
    Division of Corporations
    12/3/1991 renamed 6/5/1998



    Jeffrey Mayer CEO
    383 Madison Ave
    New York, NY 10179-7200
    County New York

    Address sound familiar?

  16. 24 Responses
    saveamericaone, on May 1, 2011 at 9:35 am said:

    RENAMED 6/25/1999
    Termination 12/01/2010 won’t have to file 10K by April 2011!

    New York State
    Division of Corporations
    Enity Information

  17. Please tell me that ‘Timothy G.’ has not disclosed to you all HSBC, Banc America Securities … have moved on and won’t be doing business over our financial exchanges?

  18. http://www.scribd.com/doc/54328363/Gomes-Brief-Ex-1-Gomes-Case

    Gomes opinion in California dealing with mers. However the original lender K B Home is not a mers member. The question does this defect void the mers membership nominee issue?

  19. A Must Read!

    This article has been cross-posted in its entirety with the permission of the author, Steve Dibert of MFI-MIAMI

    This freshman member of the Michigan House of Representatives received nearly $11,000 from the real estate and banking lobby during her campaign last year.

    Now she has introduced legislation that appears to have been written by the banking lobby.

    This legislation would make it easier for lenders to take possession of a home even if the lender lacks legal authority to do so and by eliminating the 6-12 month post-foreclosure redemption period.

    Unlike most states, Michigan has a 6-12 month post-foreclosure redemption period. A homeowner gets a 6 months redemption period if they own less than 3 acres…

  20. The problem with Geithner Bernanke Obama etc…. is they think we are all stupid. Including the rest of the world.

    They behave like the person who got caught with his/her hand in the cookie jar and because they are big and strong they think they can get away with it.


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