Important update from Max Gardner below:

From: O. Max Gardner III
Wed, Apr 27, 2011
Subject: Mass Joinder Cases
To: Boot Camp Attorneys

Court Documents In ‘Mass Joinder’ Contingency Fee Lawsuit Suggest One
Attorney May Be Pocketing Upfront Fees From Clients Without Telling

Posted: 26 Apr 2011 09:03 PM PDT
Court documents filed in a Los Angeles, California Superior Court in connection with a ‘contingency fee’ (ie. no upfront fees) mass joinder
lawsuit on behalf of homeowners who were allegedly screwed-over by Bank
of America and others indicate that an all-out brawl has apparently
broken out involving the attorneys from separate law firms who initially
came together, as co-counsel, to represent the multitude of homeowners
bringing the case.

More specifically, the subject documents represent a motion filed by one group of the plaintiffs’ attorneys essentially requesting that the court
boot two specific attorneys from any further involvement in the case, at
least with respect to certain specified plaintiffs.

Among the concerns of the attorneys filing the request with the court is
that they have received reports from some of the homeowner/clients that
at least one of the other two attorneys is pocketing upfront fees from
them for joining this ‘mass joinder’ lawsuit without the knowledge or
consent of the motion-filing attorneys which, according to them, is a
case that is a contingency fee case requiring no upfront fees from the

For the court documents, see Ronald v. Bank of America, et al. – Motion
to Remove Mitchell J. Stein.

See Brookstone Law, SML and Apex Join to Protect Homeowners for a recent
press release issued by the motion-filing attorneys in this case which,
in part, addresses the racket some other attorneys are perpetrating in
connection with collecting up front fees from bankster-defrauded
homeowners in exchange for allowing them to sign up for ‘mass joinder’

6 Responses

  1. Buy into Pines various bottles of snake oil at your own expense. I’ve talked with him. His head won’t fit into most elevators due to ego, and yet for no reason.

    Stay away, bad news.

  2. i cannot believe someone (atty) who holds such a worthy profession and higly respected proceeded years of education just to practice and be recognized as scammers.clearly morals and ethics are non-existance in their vocabulary

  3. Anytime there’s a shift in the legal arena, the scammers and con artists pounce first…disgusting.

  4. I also had checked into the Stein group. They want $4K or $5K to sign up for the mass joinder.

  5. Looked at one group in Los Angeles last week. There must have been 15 cubicles with families and a few more families waiting in the lobby looking to sign up for help all on a Saturday. All these guys aimed for was me to sign up at approx. 6k. They pushed it and didn’t like it when I said no signatures today. I need to go home and think about it.

    The lawyers at the state bar checked out and I couldn’t find any negatives on the company name. But one lawyers name lead to the owner of the business. There it was. A bunch of ex-mortgage brokers busted for loan modifications and now turning law firms.

    Not only do these guys help a little old lady across the street then steal her purse. They make sure she gets hit by a bus!

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