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DON’T GET DISTRACTED BY RIDICULOUS RUMORS. Some rumors are flying around about lawyers and some politicians that are simply not true and devoting your time to spreading them takes away from your efforts toward doing something positive. I’m no fan of most politicians but there are some especially pernicious rumors about some lawyers who have devoted their lives to protecting homeowners and politicians in Arizona and other states who have supported and continue to support our cause. Be aware that the the rumor mill is fueled by billions of dollars of bank money used to hire people to spread disinformation.

  1. Not one story about a lawyer “selling out”  to the foreclosure mills has proved to be true upon investigation.
  2. Not one story about a politician killing proposed laws in legislatures for personal gain has been corroborated, although many are suspected. One in particular in Arizona is patently untrue, which I know of my own knowledge. But it wouldn’t surprise me if I did receive corroboration on some other stories in other states. The fact remains that the majority of politicians in both parties are already influenced against the interests of homeowners. Not much is required to kill bills that would help homeowners in foreclosure. But I do believe that central political figures (bell ringers) are probably receiving “favors” with respect to modification of their mortgages, although I can’t prove it. The rest of the stories I don’t believe because I don’t think the banks would spend any money they didn’t think was necessary.
  3. In virtually every state there are only a few legislators who “get it” and really want to do something constructive. The rest are very much influenced by lobbying from the banks and campaign cash. As Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois said “The banks own the place.”
  4. There is absolutely no indication from any state that any meaningful change in foreclosures will come from either the executive branch (governor, agencies etc.) or legislative branch. The ONLY place where we have hope and where things are progressing for homeowners in the judicial branch of government (in the the courts).

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  1. However some attorneys are, in fact, not trustworthy. Such as Tom Bayard and Walter Hackett who are affiliated with a trustee company out of Las Vegas that processes forclosures as trustee. I think that’s a serious conflict of interest when they work on consumer bankruptcy cases, yet foreclose on properties for a bank! Upon initial meeting, Tom will appear to be on your side and they point out all the illegalities of your loan, that you can do adversary proceedings, etc. Yet they leave your petition in the hands of an inexperienced paralegal, don’t file all that is neccessary for the bankrupty even if the trustee has told them to, don’t show up at the hearing or will send an attorney that knows nothing about your situation and not reposnd to you AT ALL. Find someone else, or you WILL lose your house!

  2. Help!!!Help!!!Help!!!Help!!! Bank is trying to foreclose on commercial property in which they deferred $182,000 due to some unknown reason they did not reveal. But made this gesture after the NC Banking commission were contacted. Is there a lawyer you know that will work on contingency basis? Lawyers in this area states they don’t have the heart to go up against them but states they did me and my partner wrong.

    You can reach me at 919-344-6998

    BOMBSHELL- YES, A Good Senator’s Pro-Consumer Legislation Can Be Made to Disappear
    April 26th, 2011 ·
    By now you know the story, a true hero in the fight for consumers, and a Senator who was sticking up for truth and for her constituents introduced a commonsense piece of legislation that would have provided some important and basic information for consumers, Arizona Senate Bill SB1259. I give this good senator much credit for seeing the issues involved and stepping into a major minefield for standing up and doing the right thing.

    Unfortunately, her good work got crushed, snuffed out, whacked. But that’s the process, and certainly not her fault. Below is what purports to be a very personal and detailed explanation for what happened to this legislation. Now Senator Reagan is taking some heat for what happened here, but I ask….how many of the people that are giving her heat stood up and fought for her and for this bill? And if the banks and their lobbyists got to the other side, but no one stood up and supported this bill and senator Reagan isn’t that democracy? The rule is if you didn’t write a letter, you didn’t send an email, you didn’t become active in the process, it’s not fair for you to complain. …
    Full article at

  4. We blame Wall Street (and rightfully so) but when will we place at least 50% of the blame on the local law firms on Main St? Without the engagement of lawyers on Main St, Wall St’s fraudulent evidence and insufficient testimony would never reach the courthouse door, much less be presented to a judge. Every victim of this mess should be writing grievances with their State Bar against these lawyers. We must be as viligant in our fight for justice as Wall St. and their cronies are viligant in perpetrating fraud for profit.

    Take out the little man one at a time (local attorneys), they’ll eventually get caught or give up, either way, its going to make it harder for Wall St’s FRAUD to enter your local courthouse. WRITING A GREIVANCE IS FREE!!! It may take time but the Bar will catch on really quickly, we must unite and use our power!!!

  5. regarding Donald Trump, you and I are on the same page. He’s the only one who is not afraid to be disliked, he is not afraid to play against the action, if anyone could go against the Banks, and demand the audit of the REMIC Ponzi Trusts that are filled with fraudulently foreclosed properties, of course it would be Trump.

    Putting America back into heir homes, is a political message that could even get Trump into the White House. But no one up there gets it!!

  6. E. Tolle,

    So right.

  7. ANONYMOUS, don’t forget that $50 to $75 billion of Tarp was supposed to go to legal aid groups to help homeowners. But that moron Geithner decided against it. Very much akin to yesterday’s Arizona bill vanishing. Not in the interests of the elite.

    Can’t have the peasants holding out hope, now can we? Next thing you know, they’ll want affordable educations and healthcare.

  8. Attorneys are suffering — many lost their big clients. Never had an abundance of consumer protection attorneys to begin with — no money in it.

    Not to say attorneys are on the take — will not believe this. But, why can’t consumers easily find attorneys to help them??? Many inquisitions here for attorney help. Where are these attorneys??

    Where are the pro-bono attorneys? States should be mandating. NY supposedly was doing this – what happened??.

    Know of some pro-bono attorneys. Much gratitude.

  9. Please define ‘selling out’

    REO Broker who is in agreement with attorney and or is also the attorne of the robo-Law firm whose ‘Attorneys’ signature appears on the documents filed in ever foreclosue or bankruptcy case before the state and federal courts. They are in agreement, and their client is the ‘pretender lender’ who as as SERVICER processes instructions for their clients are called in the public domain the ‘investors’ but really they are the MEMBERS of the ‘Agreements’ who are the beneficiary of the transactions.

    Why are the documents in Foreclosuegate considered to be falsified.

    The documents were created unlawfully and the attorney’s without first-hand knowledge in my case processed using their own names the assignment, lis pends, and complaint.

    The Wells Fargo Bank NA presents to TRUSTEE ‘ who by the way must be another national banking association’ the ‘Named Loan Trust’ or ‘Named Trust Fund’ or ‘Named Pass-Through-Certificates’.
    which did not have properly conveyed assignments. Should not have senior counsel whose name appears on these legal documents and/or his associate attorneys be with first hand knowledge? Afterall the COURT the JUDICIARY assumes part of being independent that the documents are truthful.
    and represent a ‘trustee’ who is a substituted servicer who is suppose to be the legal party standing before the court.

  10. I am not buying the “corroboration” stuff either. I have an assignment that is fraudulent every which way from hell. It was submitted for signing and return to a LAW FIRM (lawyers). Not buying it.

  11. Arizona is nothing more than land owned by the banks. This tells all.

  12. Somebody has got to get DONALD TRUMP on our side. He has issues with the Banksters from what I understand.

    He got the Obama to show his Birth Certificate (right or wrong) he got him to do it.

    Be Strong and Courageous.

  13. On #2 I hear what you are saying – the word “corroborated,” but I ask you what other explanation is there for spiking SB 1259 that passed 28-2 as-is and then Nancy McLain refused to hear it as-is? How can you arrogantly “refuse to hear” a bill that passed the senate 28-2??? WHO are you working for when you “refuse to hear” a bill that passes the Senate 28-2 – a bill that your fellow representatives found worthy of consideration by a 28-2 vote. I’m giving Reagan the benefit of the doubt for now, until proven otherwise, but not McLain – the evidence is far too damning.

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