In the United States, Berkshire Hathaway is the largest publicly-traded holding company; it owns numerous insurance companies, manufacturing businesses, retailers, and other companies.

WFC Holdings is part of the SEC orgnaization of Wells Fargo & Co.; Wells Fargo & Co/MN, Wells Fargo Bank NA, …

What is a holding company?
Firm that owns other companies’ outstanding stock.

It usually refers to a company which does not produce goods or services itself; rather, its only purpose is owning shares of other companies.

Holding companies allow the reduction of risk for the owners and can allow the ownership and control of a number of different companies. In the U.S., 80% or more of stock, in voting and value, must be owned before tax consolidation benefits such as tax-free dividends can be claimed.[1]

Sometimes a company intended to be a pure holding company identifies itself as such by adding “Holdings” or “(Holdings)” to its name, as in Sears Holdings.


Wells Fargo & Co. is the parent as far as reporting money through the organization.

What is a Parent Company?
Parent company owns enough voting stock in another firm (subsidiary) to control management and operations by influencing or electing its board of directors.

A parent company could simply be a company that wholly owns another company. This would be known as a “wholly owned subsidiary.”

A lone company may not be called a subsidiary of any organization.

The parent company does ot have to be larger or more powerful entity. The parent company may be smaller than a subsidairy, and do not have to operate in the same locations, or the same businesses and conceivable could be competitors in the markeplace!

Note: Because a parent company and a subsidiary are separate entities, it is entirely possible for one of them to be involved in legal proceedings, bankruptcy, tax delinquency, indictment and/or under investigation, while the other is not!

The most common way that control of a subsidiary is achieved is through ownership of shares in the subsidiary of the parent. The shares give the parent control.

A subsidiary may itself have subsidiaries.

For example, Wells Fargo & Co. is a parent and all of its subsidiaries together are called a group. Group can also apply to cooperating companies and their subsidiareis with varying degress of shared ownership.

It’s all about the agreements!

Subsidairies are separate, distintct legal entities for the purposes of taxation and regulation. For this reason they differ from division, which are businesses fully integrated within the main company, and not legally or otherwise distinct from the main company.

Berkshire Hatay Inc. listing of subsidairies:

A non-operating subsidairy would exist on paper only (i,.e. stocks, bonds, articles of incorporation) and would use the identy and rolling stock of the parent company.

Control of subsidiary generally includes both practical and theoretical control and of course is defined in the agreements.

DTCC is the ‘holding company’ for DTC (1973) and NSCC (1976).

That’s better found the definition:

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), based primarily at 55 Water Street in New York City, is the world’s largest post-trade financial services company. DTCC was established in 1999 as a holding company to combine The Depository Trust Company (DTC) and National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC). It was set up to provide an efficient and safe way for buyers and sellers of securities to make their exchange, and thus “clear and settle” transactions. It also provides central custody of securities.

User-owned [1] and directed, it automates, centralizes, standardizes, and streamlines processes that are critical to the safety and soundness of the world’s capital markets. Through its subsidiaries, DTCC provides clearance, settlement, and information services for equities, corporate and municipal bonds, unit investment trusts, government and mortgage-backed securities, money market instruments, and over-the-counter derivatives. DTCC is also a leading processor of mutual funds and insurance transactions, linking funds and carriers with their distribution networks. DTCC’s Depository Trust Company (DTC) provides custody and asset servicing for 3.5 million securities issues, mostly stocks and bonds, from the United States and 110 other countries and territories, valued at $40 trillion, more than any other depository in the world.

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  1. Berkshire Hathaway Inc
    Subsidiaries of Berkshire Hathaway:
    Form Ex-21 off of 10K’s

    10K 3/01/10 Berkshire Hathaway Inc 12/31/09

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation….Trust ‘4’
    Ownership of stock$/SEC/Registrant.asp?CIK=1166559

  2. $700 billion will disappear into the hands of the Ultra-Rich Class of society. While the poor, working, and middle classes end up eating mac and cheese for the next 20 years.

  3. Paulson never says anything……….

    It’s all loans, credits, loans, keep it flowing………….

    What BS…………

  4. and you’re worried about your debt, your payments go to fooks like this————

  5. How is this possible——

    —–he made 30 cents on every dollar his unit made—-

  6. Greenspan: I still don’t understand why it happened?

    I’ll tell you Alan, all your equations and mumbo jumbo don’t ever mention or take into account FRAUD. And in others words as well, you and all the other jack wagons do not know what you are doing.

  7. so of course one realizes that maybe 10-20 years ago, I don’t know off hand the time frame and numbers, a working American put his money in the bank and earned 10% interest and somewhat higher on a CD, and then they invent retirement accounts IRA’s, 401K’s, etc. And then they get the stock market moving up, and more people sheep see the market’s going up and transfer some of their savings into the stock market, and all the while saving interest rates are going down and down. And then they get rid of Glass Stegall so banks enter Wall Street, and saving interest rates go down and lots & lots of people go into the stock market via IRA’s or trading accounts like E-trade. And in the 70’s they introduce Credit Cards, and credit cards interest charged goes down and down, to 0 for balance transfers and 5 % rates. And before you know it everybody and their uncle have multiple credit cards, their savings in the stock market. And lo and behold, the stock market crashes. Easy credit gets jacked up interest rates, houses the same thing. And guess what, you signed the dotted line, you promised to pay, and now you are trapped. And of course some laws were changed all the while trapping you even further. Oh, and of course inflation occurs all the while thus making your money buy less things.

  8. A-Man, Ian, E.Tolle:

    “How do you justify stealing essentially all of the income of Senior Citizens and others who are not in a position to take market risk? To put this in perspective the average rate on 1-year CDs were around 5.25% prior to the collapse in 2007. $1 million in such a CD would return $52,500 – enough money for a retired couple, along with Social Security, to have a reasonable lifestyle. Accumulating $1 million, while not particularly easy, was entirely possible for most working couples during their lifetimes. $50,000 is reasonably close to the median household income; as such a retired couple could thus live a decent middle-class lifestyle on this income without taking market risk.

    Today a 1 year CD yields, at best, about 1.25%. That same household now has an income from their CDs of $12,500. This is below the poverty line for a two-person household (currently $14,570.) Your zero-interest rate policy has literally resulted in the descent of an average-income retired household into poverty. Given that 13% of the population of the United States is over 65, how do you justify intentionally plunging those retirees into poverty?”

  9. Maybe Donald Trump has a point about the Polticians not being so bright. That is why the Chinese are kicking our ass. Its not that there is a conspiracy.


  10. E.Tolle-
    Right on the money again. May I add that because of the US Govt.,Fed Res,Treas, OCC,OTS,FDIC et al failure to deal with the fraud in the origination of the bogus MBS ‘securities’ on the investors’ end, and their parallel failure to deal with the fraud in the origination of home ‘mortgages’, they are now dealing with the aftermath of the fraud by inflating the currency, flooding the markets with free money. This (US) activity has caused the food riots in Algeria, Egypt, India and elsewhere,and the civil unrest in numerous other countries. We are causing all this but the bubble is about to burst, and it will be seen that the emperor has no clothes.

  11. Can someone with a SCRIBD subscription please shoot me a pdf copy of to me at brian_tracy AT


  12. Mary,

    So, regardless that AHMSI had their own bank, Wells Fargo N.A. being the Master Servicer of the PSA makes it a part of the banking business that the OCC has regulatory jurisdiction? It doesn’t not matter that AHMSI is not a subsidiary of Wells Fargo. It’s the agreement?

  13. neidermeyer

    Name was changed to Sand Canyon — as part of agreement when H & R Block sold Option One to Wilbur Ross.

    Can you imagine — what kind of agreement mandates that a name be changed as part of the sale????

  14. E. Tolle

    I understand — you are dealing with undisclosed parties. This is huge SERVICER fraud.

    But, servicer continues to believe that they do not have to disclose the identity of the actual current creditor/lender (collection rights “investor”).. I know I will receive disputes here that the debt is already paid — and, I agree with this. But, unfortunately courts do not buy this. They still view as a default debt owed. The problem is that the CURRENT debt buyer (investor) of collection rights is being concealed in courts — and being concealed in loan mods — which are all fraudulent.

    Unless we attack the source of concealment — rather that claiming debt has been paid — we will lose in court. And, we have to expose the investors that are fraudulently foreclosing and executing false loan mods — and then breaching them!!!

    Because the loans were fraudulent manufactured default debt to begin with – fraudulently presented as a valid mortgage — the debt SHOULD BE dischargeable in BK. And, modifications are fraudulent as the real party is concealed (and with a steeply discounted purchase price that should mandate a meaningful principal correction).

    Some here disagree with this. But, unless you hit them where the actual fraud lies — courts will disagree. Keep saying this — it is investors that are concealing themselves — and it is investors that are participating in false loan mods. It is investors (default debt investors) that fraudulently funded loan to begin with.

    This is a serious problem that has not been addressed here. It is the source of the problem.
    Go ahead — guys — hit me — but I stand by this.

    Have not seen one valid mortgage loan modification because all are falsely procured under a false name.

  15. ALL ,

    Simple question , Am I correct in thinking that trusts registered in New York means the regular corporate/business registry …

    Funny thing ,, Option One Mortgage Corp shows up as a name change to Sand Canyon .. I thought Sand Canyon just bought the assetts but was a seperate company?

  16. E. Tolle.

    But the homeowner never received a signed copy of the mod back from the bank.

    This has happened to a friend of mine. They got a loan mod, but no paperwork returned, signed sealed and delivered if you will. My friend thinks everything is cool. And she thinks life goes on, I got a place and I’m making ends meet. Oh my god, little does she know. In actuality she is just paying rent under the guise of home ownership. Oh boy. She does not know. As do many.

    Thanks for your postings.

  17. E. Tolle,

    You are not dealing with the stated “bank” in a loan mod. You are dealing with a servicer that represents undisclosed debt buyer “investor” — who could be a hedge fund/distressed debt buyer/– or the servicer for parent corporation who retained collection rights as a debt buyer — or an independent servicer itself (as debt buyer).

    The loan mod is not with a stated trust/trustee — or the security investors to same. They are not lenders — and not the creditor. Contract must be in new lender/creditor name — and that new lender/creditor is likely an undisclosed distressed debt “investor.” Further, loan mod will likely relinquish legal rights against the undisclosed investor.

    You are right — most often no loan mod at all. Because a loan mod cannot be a valid loan mod MORTGAGE. All that is is being presented is another modification of a default debt — and this “modification” — not a MORTGAGE modification.

    There is a reason so few valid modifications are actually executed.

  18. ANONYMOUS, what I meant to say was, I wanted to ask your opinion of my findings….I failed to express that.

  19. boots

    Thoughts are with you. If fraud is the law of question — specifically plead it. Court is granting you opportunity to do so. Violation of law is defense to foreclosure.

    Use the chain — sure fraud. No possession without conveyance. PSA mandates strict adherence to stated chain. Ask for POA — PSA also mandates that only Depositor can cause assignment — and not trustee or servicer. POA likely fraudulent.

    If refinance — get canceled check for prior loan. Who was prior trust — who cashed the check, who was Master Servicer to prior trust — did they record payoff and report to SEC as required??? If not — big TILA violations as not a mortgage– detrimental reliance – and defense.

    Again, not an attorney, only for educational purposes – not for legal advise.

  20. ANONYMOUS, I was about to ask you this in another thread, but it’s about to vanish, as is the problem with wordpress blogs.

    You wrote:

    No modification is valid without identification of the current creditor/lender (“investor” in pass-through will not do). Modification must be a new CONTRACT with the proper NEW LENDER —- since the old supposed LENDER to original contract is likely GONE.

    I’d like to add another twist to this fraud that I have not only experienced myself, but have seen in several other people that I’ve dealt with.

    Many times, there’s simply no modification at all. Of course you, the homeowner jumped through the faxing docs hoops, pulled together inches thick stacks of paperwork, got the agreement before a notary and into the mail in the nick of time.

    But the homeowner never received a signed copy of the mod back from the bank. And lo and behold, the new payments that were supposed to kick start the new mod agreement weren’t applied to the loan mod. This isn’t discovered until many moons down the road, as there’s really no rush, there are too many properties on the market as is. Why rush more foreclosures?

    This breached the mod, and ate up the exact amount of money that the homeowners had left to their names. And the banksters, just like the Grinch reaching in to grab the last morsel, knew, due to the voluminous faxings as to savings, indebtedness, etc., EXACTLY HOW MUCH THEY COULD STEAL!

    It’s the perfect crime. And so commonplace, as to never, ever be CSI’d by anyone. They win.

  21. Here is another House Slave Mr Miller

  22. They the Judges and Politicians are supposed to be part of our community that is the American Way. We are not Europeans or Mexican Nationals. Where justice hides behind Walls.

    Tim Geithner is as “Kapo” and Obama is a house slave.

  23. This is why I think that all Public Figures especially Judges and Sherriff’s should have their Homes addresses and Names exposed.

    They are Public figures Their salaries are paid by the Tax payers and they must be our Peers.


  24. A Man, your article at Huffpo said:

    When housing costs hit certain levels, many Americans are forced to choose between rent and food. “In real terms, it means more people have less money to spend on household necessities such as food, health care, or savings.”

    Savings? What’s that? For millions of Americans these days, saving are the coinage left in your pants pocket at the end of the day.

    Here in what used to be the good old USA, we only spend around 9 cents of every dollar on food. In the Arab world that is running red with blood in the streets, they spend 85 cents of every dollar on food.

    So imagine what the commodity price rise is doing to these poor folks for whom even the slightest increase would possibly be a life or death situation, or seeing your family go to bed with stomachs growling….

    Why is this happening? Listen to Ben Burnanke’s address tomorrow to hear the lame excuses. His QE2 has stoked the fires of the S&P and DOW, at the expense of every person in the world who suffers at the whim of the central bankers.

    Retirees here in the states are falling under the poverty line by the millions due to zero percent interest, which has reduced savings payouts to record low levels, at the same time raising food and other goods prices worldwide.

    Millions played by the rules all their lives, only to have the game board changed at Wall Street’s whim. They’re much akin to the snake oil salesman of old, only at least back then you got some cheap booze for your money, if not the guaranteed elixer.

    Now days, you just get ripped off, bamboozeled, sleight of hand, forgery, perjury, lost notes, robo-signed, and cheated by judges who swore an oath. Ain’t looking good for America or the world.

  25. thank you ANONYMOUS for you thoughts. I know we are all bunch of homeowners here just sharing some ideas. in my case I have to plead detrimental reliance when pleading a cause of action for fraud.

  26. THE A MAN

    Yes — rising rents — and CNBC anchors have said — there should be more renters — push those darn annoying foreclosures through – at record speed. RENT — they say to the victims. Owning homes — they imply — is for the elite.

    Aahh— they gave the foreclosure victims a chance to own a home — PAY HIGH INTEREST RATES ON FABRICATED PRINCIPAL BALANCE — OR ELSE — FORECLOSURE. And, according to the “investors” — those “dumb” victim homeowners blew it — they did not pay those fraudulent high interest rates on inflated fraudulent loans. They figured out the fraud and scam — and “investors” keep wailing — “But you promised.” .

    You PROMISED you were going to pay — say the “investor” to the victims. YOU PROMISED (sounds like a 5 year old to parent).

    Does not matter that perpetrators lured you, deceived you, and defrauded you —- YOU PROMISED —- they say.

    Promise does not matter in a contract of fraud.

  27. Berkshire Hathaway is run by WARREN BUFFET.

  28. A bit of Reality

    Heil The Fuhrer Obama.

  29. boots

    If you are referring to me — ANONYMOUS — all capitals — I am not an attorney.

    There is important case law that addresses detrimental reliance — Again, not an attorney — but appears has been used in conjunction with a particular violation of a law — such as the TILA.

    But, this would require addressing the origination of the loan — which is often difficult in foreclosure actions. However, certain violations of law – including TILA — can be a defense to foreclosure.

    If this was a subprime refinance — and that is a specific area of foreclosure fraud that I have been interested in — there could be numerous violations of TILA as the refinance may not have been a mortgage at all —- but instead a modification of prior false default debt. But, courts would still apply Statute of Limitations —

    Court could be looking for violation of a specific law that can be tied to detrimental reliance.

    I am not attorney and this is not meant to be construed as legal advise — and only for educational purposes.

  30. To anonymous and dying truth,

    how could you plead a detrimental reliance on a mortgage fraud.? i just had my hearing this morning and i was allowed to amend my fraud specifically talking about detrimental reliance. Basically I can’t say that because of the fraudulent foreclosure documents, I will lose my house–that is not enough to prove detrimental reliance. I want to know what kind of allegations i can make to allege detrimental reliance in order to proceed with my fraud claim against these pretender lenders. any help will be appreciated.


    “When Taylor Bean CEO Lee Farkas was asked by the Justice Department’s Patrick Stokes if he thought his firm’s agreement with Colonial Bank allowed Taylor Bean “to sell fraudulent, counterfeit, fictitious loans” to the bank, he replied,

    Yeah, I believe it does. It’s very common in our business to, to sell — because it’s all data, there’s really nothing but data — to sell loans that don’t exist. It happens all the time.”

  32. brian davies- I had the same thing from New Century, they used my house, both my wife’s and my name, SS #s, credit scores etc. to borrow $278,000 of which I was unaware. Just got some docs several weeks ago, trying to trace wires now to see who got the money- we sure didn’t. Reported “pays as agreed” on our credit report. Led to bad credit,lack of credit,almost sunk my business, somehow have stayed afloat and risen from the ashes. Now they are all in my crosshairs. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


    Good Work Mary. Here is a good one from multiple subpoenas. Looks like my loan was funded by 2 sources at once. See Closing docs from Indymac, and then the same one from Opteum Financial. Same funding dates. Also my loan was from non mers member universal american mortgage company of california, Some how they sold in the first 3 weeks to UAM capital who sold back to uamc llc right beofre it was apparently sold to Opteum. Now subpoena docs from Onewest shows same loan number but two different sources. Interest. These are good docs to see the next level of complexity

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