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Thanks to the alert from a new friend who will be posting here soon, it has come to my attention that if you ask for the closing documents AFTER the closing, you will often get the escrow instructions and if you, don’t get those instructions , you cna ask for them specifically.

The interesting thing is that it identifies the bank from which the funds were wired in, the account number, routing and transit and instructions on where to send any excess funds should it turn out that the money they sent was too much.

The significance of this is that the funds will be identified as NOT coming from payee on the note or the beneficiary on the deed of trust or the mortgagee on the mortgage. It corroborates that the read lender was intentionally not disclosed even though the closing agent and others knew who was paying. It also corroborates the argument that the “lender” at closing was a straw-man providing a fee based service for the real creditor to hide the identity of the true creditor contrary to the requirements of disclosure in the Truth in Lending Act and other statutes, rules and regulations concerning closing residential loan transactions.

If the note, mortgage and/or deed of trust do not disclose the principal then the issue is whether the deal recited in those documents ever actually took place. Signing it doesn’t mean the transaction occurred. It means that was the intent of the parties but not that it actually happened. If the monetary transaction actually took place between the borrower and a bank that was not named at closing in any documents perfecting the liability or the security then the lien is not perfected and is unenforceable as afar as I know in most states.

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  1. Norwest Corp 1985
    Parent of Foothill Capital Corp
    (a subsidiary of Foothill Group).

    Norwest Mortgage Inc., BANCO Mortgage, acquired by NATIONSBANK?

    10/19/95 FCC Holdings Ltd established
    Foothill Capital Corp 2468015
    7/31/2001 FCC Holdings moved
    6/2/2003 Renamed Foothill Capital Corp

    (RSSD ID 1558478 Wells Fargo Foothill Inc. renamed Wells Fargo Capital Finance Inc.
    2450 Colorado Ave, Suite 3000 West,
    Santa Monica CA 90404

    05/01/1979 – Foothill Capital Corp Los Angeles CA
    Finance Co.
    10/19/1995 – FCC moved
    07/31/2001 – FCC moved to current address above
    06/02/2003 – FCC renamed Wells Fargo Foothill Inc
    01/15/2010 – Renamed Wells Fargo Capital Finance Inc.

    1985: Norwest Corp Parent (1120754) of FCC

    Significant Interest: EMC Corp;
    The Money Center;
    BANCO Mortgage Co of Wisconsin,
    Norwest Mortgage Inc.;
    Centurion Life Insurance Co.

    Peregrine Capital Management, Inc./MN on SEC
    800 Lasalle Ave, Ste 1850,
    Minneapolis MN 55402
    41-6257136 IRS; SEC CIK 764529
    FFIEC1121087 Minneapolis MN

    On the SEC as both (Filer) (Owner)
    29 Closely Related including:
    Prudential – First International Advisors – Galliard – Lowry Hill – Golden Capital – Jennison – Kaplan – Metro West – Nelson Capital – Pruco – Wells Capital Management Inc formerly Foothill Capital subsidiary of Foothill Group; Wells Fargo Advisors, Wells Fargo Funds, Wells Fargo Alternative Investments …

    See Bottom for 40-APP Filing (Insurance)

    Peregrine Capital 2/17/09
    10 Years later ‘EMC Corp’ MA & McData Merger affiliate Microsoft Corp (relationship to / with EMC Corp in MN and EMC Mortgage Corp NY moved from MN) any relationship to 1995 ‘EMC Corp’

    1985 – EMC Corporation 1963522 Saint Paul MN
    moved from MN to NY and became EMC Corp of Bear Stearns Mortgage Securities renamed to Strucutred Asset Mortgage Securities.

    Controlled by Norwest Growth Fund
    112 Minneapolis MN.
    Including Datakey Inc,
    FSI International…Norwest Venture Capital Management, Inc.; Norwest Investors, Inc, Minneapolis MN; Norwest V.C

    Norwest Brokerage Services Inc. Minneapolis MN feeds directly to Norwest Capital Markets Inc. to Norwest Corp.

    Peregrine Capital Inc (1121087) Minneapolis MN
    (Feeds directly to Norwest Corp)

    The Money Center (1149894) Des Monies Iowa -ancial Co. (Feeds directly to Norwest Corp)

    Norwest Investment Mgmt, Inc. 1153967 Minneapolis MN (feeds directly to Norwest Corp)

    BANCO Mortgage Co of Wisconsin, Inc. 1255508 Madison WI (feeds directly to Norwest Corp).

    Norwest Mortgage, Inc. 1383474 Minneapolis MN (feeds directly to Norwest Corp).

    Norwest Mortgage Insured 2, Inc. 1844715 Des Moines Iowa feeds to Norwest Mortgage, Inc. 1383474 to Norwest Corp 1120754.

    Norwest Mortgage Insured 1, Inc. 1844706 Des Moines IA feeds to Norwest Mortgage Inc. to Norwest Corp 1120754.

    Norwest Mortgage Conventional 1, Inc. Des Moines Iowa 1844694 feeds to Norwest Mortgage Inc., to Norwest Corp 1120754.

    (Northern Prairie Indeminity Ltd – Georgetown Cayman Islands – International nonbank sub of domestic entities feeds direct to Norwest Corp parent 1120754).

    1985 12 Pages for Norwest Corp

    Norwest Corp 1120754 Parent

    Foothill Group Inc. 2222066 Los Angeles CA – Finance Co reports directly to parent Norwest Corp.

    Foothill Capital Corp 1558478 reports directly to United Title Agency of Arizona Inc,. 2215965 Phoenix AZ directly to Parent Norwest Corp.
    FCC Holdings Ltd 2468015 Los Angelas CA
    Foothill Partners 2365646
    Foothill Partners II LP 2365664
    Foothill Parnters III, LP 2468024

    American Land and Title (Kansas) direct to Norwest Corp. Parent (Norwest#1)

    First National Bank Bay City TX direct to Norwest#1

    Dial Bank, Sioux Falls, South Dakota (363956) flows to Norwest Financial Inc.
    1141991 Des Moines Iowa.

    Dial Bank
    1200 North West Ave
    Sioux Falls SD (Non-Member Bank)
    06/01/1984 Established 363956
    04/11/1994 Moved (3201 N.4th Ave, Sioux Falls SD)
    07/01/2000 Renamed Wells Fargo Financial Bank
    02/02/2009 Acquired by
    Wells Fargo Bank, National Association
    101 North Philips Ave
    Sioux Falls, SD 57104 ‘National Bank’
    Office of Comptroller of Currency
    FDIC Certificate 3511
    RTN 121000248
    Commercial Banking

    2/20/2004 Acquistion
    Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, NA (995151)
    Wells Fargo Bank Nevada (655576)
    Wells Fargo Bank New Mexico, NA (599951)
    Wells Fargo Bank North Dakota, NA (928850)
    Wells Fargo Bank Ohio, NA (239323)
    Wells Fargo Bank South Dakota, NA (428752)
    Wells Fargo Bank Wisconsin, NA (794541)
    Above acquired 2/20/2004 right before merging out of existence ‘Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc.’

    Wells Fargo Bank Alaska, NA 68569 (68569)
    Wells Fargo Bank Montana, NA (627555)
    Wells Fargo Bank Nebraska, NA (723354)
    Wells Fargo Bank Texas, NA (765756)
    Wells Fargo Bank West, NA (728854)
    Wells Fargo Bank Wyoming, NA (67852)
    Acquired 11/21/03

    First Security Bank of California NA (163969)’
    NAPA National Bank 8/25/2000
    North County Bank
    Norwest Bank Red Wing NA 732851 7/8/2000
    Wells Fargo Bank (Arizona) NA 2309574 2/18/2000
    Wells Fargo Bank (Colorado) NA (650151) 6/1/1997

    (Acquistions 1996 included:
    Wells Fargo Bank of Arizona N 9/1/1996
    First Interstate Bank of Washington NA /6/1996
    First Interstate Bank of Idaho NA 6/1/1996
    First Interstate Bank of Nevada NA 6/1/1996
    First Interestate Bank of Oregon NA 6/1/1996
    First Interstate Bank of UTAH NA 6/1/1996
    First Interstate Bank of CA 4/1/1996

    Barclays Bank of CA 6/1/1988
    Valley National Bank Glendale 1/2/1990
    Crocker National Bank 5/31/1986
    Commercial National bank 8/24/1974
    Beverly Hills National Bank 1/22/1974

    Channel Islands State Bank 5/30/1969
    American Trust Co 3/25/1960

    Wells Fargo & Co. 1120754 as of 12/31/1999
    Former President Clinton authorized Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and creation of financial weapons of mass destruction that allowed foreign organizations to acquire real estate of the United States of America – one mortgage at a time.

    Foreign organizations successfully control
    Office of Comptroller of Currency.

    FDIC insures each national banking association which foreign organizations force all SERVICING operations reported to Federal Reserve to flow through.

    Foothill Capital Corp RSSD 2468015

    10/19/1995 – FCC Holdings LTD
    11111 Santa Monica Blvd
    Los Angeles CA
    07/31/2001 FCC Holdings Ltd
    2450 Colorad Ave, Suite 3000
    West Monic
    6/2/2003 FCC Holdings Ltd renamed to Foothill Capital Corp

    Norwest Corporation (1120754)
    Minneapolis MN

    Residential Funding Corp 1844797 Minneaplis MN
    flows to from KCH Inc 1842962

    Foothill Group (2222066) Los Angeles CA
    Finance Co. fows directly to Wells Fargo & Co. who was born 11/2/98 and a result of the efforts of the divestitures and acquistions of Foothill Group and Foothill Capital and Jerboa Funding, money of foreign organizations outside USA who control entire real estate industry of USA not in a normal ‘organization’ chart as reported to IRS rather in a springmap, this ‘chunk’ organized as a wholly independent owned domestic (North America) subsidiary including Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd and the required private financial exchange ‘hop’ thru United Kingdom/London Financial Exchange to Asia.

    First Interstate Insurance Co (1195855) Phoenix AZ (1195855) flows to Wells Fargo Bank, National Assocaition 451965 San Francisco CA National Bank to REI Investors Inc 2865696 New York. Eastoil Realty Co LLC New York to Wells Fargo Bank LTD Los Angeles CA to WFC Holdings Corp 2741679.

    Holdings Corporation (protects profits of owners)

    Foothill Capital Corp (1558478) Los Angeles CA-Finance Company

    Rels Title Services, LLC 2724038 Des Moines Iowa flows to Foothill.

    Directors Asset Conduit Corporation acquired
    Norwest Asset Acceptance Corp
    206 8th St
    Des Moines IA 50309
    RSSD ID 2608857

    Currency flowed as of 2/23/2004 to and from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. while a general purpose buisness entity.

    Norwest Asset Acceptance Corp 2608857
    Des Moines Iowa feed directly to
    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. 1632332 which feeds to from Wells Fargo Bank, National Association (451965) Sioux Falls SD to parent Wells Fargo & Co. 1120754

    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. merged out of existence May 2004. All employees assumed to be part of a national bank upon merger.

    OCC stated that all ‘Mortgage Corporation’ business had to be done inside of Wells Fargo Bank, National Assocaition in letter to John Stumpf May 2003.

    07/29/1997 -Established Domestic Entity other:
    Directors Asset Conduit Corp
    7485 New Horizon Way
    Frederick MD
    02/25/1998 Rrenamed

    Norwest Asset Acceptance see address above
    02/24/2004 acquired by Wells Fargo Securities Corp. (On FFIEC only) Norwest Asset Securities Corp was renamed to Wells Fargo Securities Corp.

    I checked and Wells Fargo Seurities Corp does not exist on FFIEC and separate from
    ‘Wells Fargo Securities LLC (2983367)
    San Francisco CA – Securities Broker/Dealer (a pass through agency) to Wells Fargo Private Client Funding INc. 2971083 San Francisco CA to Violet Asset Management Inc 3051946 Las Vegas NV to Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, Sioux Falls SD 451965 (National Bank) to WFC Holdings Corp 2741679 San Francisco CA – Bank Holding Co to Parent a Financial Holding Company – Wells Fargo & Co. 1120754
    Wells Fargo Funding Minneapolis MN is where Origiantion Closings between Deutsch Bank Structured Products (Closers) had to take place? Warehouse Lending (buy money) no interest loans (LPS NF) non-related third party deposits funding into Corporate Securities Treasury of Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corp. Funny – currency not reported to Federal Reserve System under that operating name.

    Based upon research of the subsidiaries Wells Fargo & Co. own (agent/dealer/brokers/distributors) wholesale & retail (SERVICING side)

    Wells Fargo Funding Example: Pinnacle a subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Co/MN flow thru Wells Fargo Bank, NA Sioux Falls SD flow to WFC Holdings COrp 2741679to Wells Fargo & Co. 1120754.

    Wells Fargo Funding Inc. 1970614 formerly known as Norwest Funding Inc Minneapols MN 1970614 as of 12/31/1999 (prior to WFHM and prior to 3/13/2000 change to Financial Holding Co Parent was Bank Holding Co).

    Norwest Funding feeds to Norwest Bank Minnesota, NA Minneapolis MN – Lindberg Financial Corp 1121827 Minneapolis MN Bank Holding Co. to Wells Fargo & Co.

    (Sioux Falls SD National Bank) 12/31/1999
    Norwest Bank South Dakota, NA 428752.

    Dial Bank 363956 Sioux Falls SD Non-Member Bank flows to Norwest Financial Inc. 1141991 Bank Holding Co.

    (Of interest relationship with Residential and JPM)
    Norwest Mortgage of NY 1957342 Des Monies IA, Prosperity Mortgage Co, Legacy Mortgage, ATI Foreclosue Services, Norwest Ventures LLC, First Capital Mortgage Co, Mountain Pacific Mortgage, Southeastern Residential Mortgage, Mortgage Professionals, Wes Desmoines IA, Next Home Mortgage, C.M.H. Mortgage Co, Westerville OH, Real Estate Financial 2461696, Palm Harbor FL, Central Federal Mortgage Co, State College PA, Advance Mortgage, Chesapeake VA, Mortgage One, Canton OH, …. Norwest Pinnacle Mortgage Reno NV, …. Norwest Asset Securities Corp (2495208) Des Moines Iowa and Norwest Integrated Structured Assets, inc. Frederick MD, Norwest Asset Acceptance Corp 2608857, Des Moines IA

    (Liberty Mortgage San Diego CA)
    NorthStar Mortgage Temecula CA
    Southwest Partners Des Moines IA
    Pacific Colonia Funding LP Irvine CA
    Western Colonia Mortgage LP Salt Lake City UT
    United Mortgage Group San Diego CA
    Gold Coast Mortgage
    Norwest Asset Co 2733786 Des Moines IA

    Residential Home Mortgage Investment LLC Des Moines IA 2292087 floes to
    Norwest Mortgage Asset Management Corp 1963371 Des Moines Iowa flows to
    Norwest Mortgage Inc 1632332 Des Moines IA flowed to First Interstate Tower (1023592) Los Angeles CA flows to United California Bank Realty Corp 1023547 Los Angeles CA to
    Wells Fargo Bank, National Assocaition 451965 San Francisco CA National Bank floes to REI Investors Inc. 2865696 New York, Eastoil Realty Co LLC 2865575 NY to Wells Fargo Bank LTD 167565 Los Angeles CA. to WFC HOLDINGS CORP. to Wells Fargo & Co.

    Flows to

    Fidelity National Life Insurance Co 1049060 Phoenix AZ

    Peregrine Capital SEC 02/17/2009
    40-APP 2/18/09

    Prudential Investments LLC
    40-APP Filing Agent: Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison LLP 01/FA
    1285 Ave of the Americas, NY 10019-6064
    NO IRS# – SEC CIK 950142 Last Change 2/14/03
    (13,531 SEC Filings 1/7/94 to 5/20/11)

    Evergreen Investment Services Inc
    First International Advisors LLC
    Wachovia Securities LLC
    AST Investment Services/iNC
    Prudential Bache Asset Management Inc
    Prudential Annuities Distributors Inc
    Prudential Retirement Insurance & Annuity Co
    Pruco Life Insurance Co of New Jersey
    Prudential Investment Management Services LLC
    Jennison Associates LLC
    Prudential Insurance Co of America
    Peregrine Capital Management Inc/MN
    Pruco Life Insurance Co
    Prudential Annuities Life Assurance Corp/CT
    Kaplan J L Associates LLC
    Prudential Investment Management Inc
    Wells Capital Management Inc
    Metropolitan West Capital Management LLC/CA
    Golden Capital Management LLC
    Evergreen Investment Management Co LLC
    Wells Fargo Private Investment Advisors LLC
    Quantitative Management Associates LLC
    Wells Fargo Funds Management/LLC
    Tattersall Advisory Group/Inc
    Wells Fargo Alternative Asset Management/LLC
    Lowry Hill Investment Advisors/Inc
    Pruco Securities LLC
    Galliard Capital Management/Inc
    Wells Fargo Funds Distributor/LLC

    There is an EMC Corp in MA result of a merger of McData who in 1998 amended 10K
    EMC, a Massachusetts corporation, was incorporated in 1979 and has its
    corporate headquarters at 35 Parkwood Drive, Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Products tested in MA and Cork Ireland.

    EMC’s Internet Services Group, formed in 1997, provides a comprehensive Web
    site management service, leveraging the Company’s resources, including its
    Symmetrix systems and its suite of enterprise storage software. Through this
    service, the Company develops, implements, maintains and monitors all the
    technical aspects of a customer’s internet presence, including management of
    internet-based electronic commerce and database applications as well as Web
    and online advertising.

    EMC markets its products through multiple distribution channels, including
    its direct sales force and selected distributors, resellers and OEMs. The
    Company has a direct sales presence throughout North America, Latin America,
    Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and the Asia Pacific region and uses
    distributors as its primary distribution channel in other areas of the world.
    Over the past three years, the Company has expanded its sales and marketing
    organizations significantly in all major geographies of the world. During
    1998, the Company established a direct sales presence in Eastern Europe,
    strengthened its direct sales in Latin America and continued broadening its
    direct sales presence worldwide. The Company increased its sales channel
    capabilities by signing agreements with a number of resellers, value added
    resellers and distributors during 1998.


    Separate Organization
    Wells Fargo Bank, National Assocaition 451965

    12/31/1959 – Wells Fargo Bank 420 Montgomery St, San Francisco CA ‘State member bank’
    3/25/1960 renamed Wells Fargo Bank American Trust Co.
    1/31/1962 renamed Wells Fargo Bank
    8/16/1968 renamed Wells Fargo Bank, NA
    chgd from State Member Bank to NA
    2/20/2004 Wells Fargo Bank, NA moved
    101 North Phillis Ave
    Sioux Falls SD

    SEC transactions of ‘Wells Fargo Bank NA ?
    RSSD ID 451965
    Parent Wells Fargo & CO.

    12/31/1995 Parent ‘Norwest Corp’ 1120754


  2. BANCO MORTGAGE COMPANY was renamed to Norwest Mortgage, Inc. 12/31/1983 and acquired by Norwest Mortgage 6/28/1985. Again all related to our friend ‘Wells Fargo Bank NA’ dba (whoever) 2004 forward.

    Norwest Corporation – Parent
    #1 NORWEST CORPORATION (1120754)as of 08/14/1987

    54 –* NORWEST FINANCIAL, INC. (1141991) 53 DES MOINES IA Bank Holding
    55—* DIAL BANK (363956) 54 SIOUX FALLS SD Non-member Bank

    58—* CENTURION LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY (1149849) 54 DES MOINES IA Domestic Entity Other

    196 -* NORWEST GROWTH FUND, INC. (1120802) 1 MINNEAPOLIS MN Domestic Entity Other
    206 –* + EMC CORPORATION (1963522) 196 SAINT PAUL MN Domestic Entity Other
    207 –* + FSI INTERNATIONAL, INC. (1963531) 196 CHASKA MN Domestic Entity Other
    205 –* + DATAKEY, INC. (1963513) 196 BURNSVILLE MN Domestic Entity Other
    226 -* PEREGRINE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, INC. (1121087) 1 MINNEAPOLIS MN Domestic Entity Other
    237 -* NORWEST MORTGAGE, INC. (1383474) 1 DES MOINES IA Domestic Entity Other
    238 –* NORWEST MORTGAGE WISCONSIN, INCORPORATED (1423567) 237 DES MOINES IA Domestic Entity Other 239 –* NORWEST MORTGAGE CONVENTIONAL 1, INC. (1844694) 237 DES MOINES IA Domestic Entity Other
    240 –* NORWEST MORTGAGE INSURED 1, INC. (1844706) 237 DES MOINES IA Domestic Entity Other
    241 –* NORWEST MORTGAGE INSURED 2, INC. (1844715) 237 DES MOINES IA Domestic Entity Other
    242 –* NORWEST MORTGAGE CLOSING SERVICES, INC. (1844724) 237 DES MOINES IA Domestic Entity Other

    Prior to BANCO Mortgage Co was Iowa Securities Co 7/10/1969-12/31/1973.

  3. 12/30/1999:
    Norwest Holding Company

    Name (RSSD ID) City State/ Country Institution Type As of Date
    DES MOINES IA Domestic Entity Other 9/20/1994
    MINNEAPOLIS MN Domestic Entity Other 5/18/2001

    Do you wonder why Fidelity National Life Insurance Co. is in relationship moving currency thur Northern Prairie Indemnity Ltd is a foreign organization? George Town Cayman Islands and both are
    Norwest Holdings Company,
    Sixth & Marquette
    Norwest Center
    Minneapolis, MN
    RSSD ID 1847912

    Institution History for FNL INSURANCE COMPANY (1049060)

    3 institution history record(s) found.

    Event Date Historical Event
    1964-02-28 FIDELITY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. located at 1700 BROADWAY, DENVER, CO was established as a Domestic Entity Other.

    Parent Wells Fargo & Co. RSSD ID 1120754
    1* NORWEST HOLDING COMPANY (1847912) MINNEAPOLIS MN Bank Holding Company
    19-* RESIDENTIAL HOME MORTGAGE, L.L.C. (2292078) 1 MINNEAPOLIS MN Domestic Entity Other
    Wells Fargo & Company is Parent of FNL Insurance Co.
    Institution History for FNL INSURANCE COMPANY RSSD ID (1049060)
    (1049060)1 PHOENIX AZ587 -* FIDELITY BANCORPORATION, INC. (1830044) 1 MINNEAPOLIS MN Bank Holding

    I have not finished my reasearch and in the event you have Fidelity involved or FNL – know its related to our friend ‘Norwest’

  4. This is Norwest Holding Co. as of 12/31/1999
    You’ll find of interest the Parent is
    WELLS FARGO & COMPANY (1120754).

    12/14/1990 NORWEST HOLDING COMPANY located at SIXTH & MARQUETTE, NORWEST CENTER, MINNEAPOLIS, MN was established as a Bank Holding Company.

    12/31/1999 NORWEST HOLDING COMPANY was acquired by WELLS FARGO & COMPANY.

    This institution has been acquired (see Institution History). The current information is:

    Institution Type: Bank Holding Company

    Primary Federal Regulator: FEDERAL RESERVE
    RSSD ID: 1847912


    1 * WELLS FARGO & COMPANY (1120754) SAN FRANCISCO CA Bank Holding Company



    222 -* NORTHERN PRAIRIE INDEMNITY LIMITED (1383577) 1 GEORGE TOWN CAYMAN ISLANDS International Nonbank Sub of Domestic Entities

    223 –* FIDELITY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY (1049060) 222 PHOENIX AZ Domestic Entity Other

    224 –* BANCSHARES INSURANCE COMPANY (1148990) 222 MINNEAPOLIS MN Domestic Entity Other


    * Institutions Matching Selection Rule.
    + For purposes of Regulation Y, the top-tier reporter’s ownership level in this banking organization does not meet the definition of “control”; however, the ownership level does meet the FY Y-10/10F reportability criteria as this banking relationship is regulated by the Federal Reserve.
    ^ Although this relationship is not governed by U.S. banking statutes, it is included because it is of interest to the Federal Reserve.

  5. The Kennedy information is related ot the foreign organization outside the United States private family trust.

  6. I ran a report of Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, Sioux Falls SD to see that part of organization as related to the refinancing date of my mortgage.

    The ‘Originator’ was and employee of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage employees of a storefront in NJ. Are they really employees of a national bank because Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. merged out of existence? Would that include all of the former names? Norwest Mortgage? GMAC Mortgage Corp? BANCO Mortgage? Directors Mortgage Loan? and in the agreements of the securities you’ll find the bank names that belong to Wells Fargo & Co. parent, marketed as Wells Fargo Bank NA. Why are we not protected from deceptive advertising regarding financial products and financial services placed into the public domain for consumer consumption? That means we would be protected by the FTC but we are not when it comes to banks. Why not when the banks used the names to mask the fact they took consumer credit application into a secret pipeline and sold loans at a discount. We were so stupid.
    “Stupid People sign stupid contracts all the time.” K.Petrides JD. one of my favorite professors who has lots of real experience as a former Chief of Staff of a New Jersey legislature.
    Example of one bank name that handled mucho transactions:


    OCC notice was for Wells Fargo & Co/MN
    Wells Fargo Bank, National Association
    101 North Phillips Ave, Sioux Falls, SD

    Why was the Cease & Decisit issued? Will it be just the 2009 foreclosues forward that are to be reviewed if they were processed lawfully? What about before 2009?

    If you are not familiar with the you can pull up entities and figure out when and what name they use to operate under and if they are part of the Federal Reserve System. If not, who then was the bank you did business with? They have thousands of affiliates, brokers, dealers, agents, distributors, wholesale and retail who do business with you under the name of Wells Fargo Bank NA or take your deals to them.

    Here is Federal Reserve Repository information. Each line with a # is related in how currency is reported to Federal Reserve by the Parent. Wells Fargo & Co. RSSDID -1120754 is a higher level organization.

    This is a limited view 12/31/2006. Institution History shows details. Organization Hierarchy reveals parent. You can change date to search by parent to create a report of the entity as it existed the year or day you closed.

    WELLS FARGO BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION (451965) as of 12/31/2006

    How you follow how the money flows is the #1 is the main entity. Each line increments and following the RSSD ID(xxxxxx) # is the relationship to the entity above it.

    2 -* + BANK OF BERTRAND (347657) 1 BERTRAND NE Non-member Bank
    3 -* + SHANGHAI COMMERCIAL BANK LIMITED (1242535) 1 HONG KONG HONG KONG F o r e i g n B a n k i n g
    4 -* AMERICAN SECURITIES COMPANY (1348651) 1 SAN FRANCISCO CA Domestic Entity Other
    5 -* COPPER ASSET MANAGEMENT, INC. (1852877) 1 LAS VEGAS NV Domestic Entity Other
    33 ——-* WELLS FARGO SECURITIES, LLC (2983367) 32 SAN FRANCISCO CA Securities Broker/Dealer
    35 ——* BITTERROOT ASSET MANAGEMENT, INC. (3016011) 9 MINNEAPOLIS MN Domestic Entity Other
    36 ——-* JERBOA FUNDING, LLC (3201899) 35 LAS VEGAS NV Finance Company
    58 -* WELLS FARGO VENTURES, LLC (2330626) 1 DES MOINES IA Domestic Entity Other
    116 –* PNC MORTGAGE, LLC (3382471) 58 FAIRFAX VA Domestic Entity Other
    118 –* CAPSTONE HOME MORTGAGE, LLC (3387476) 58 TRINITY FL Domestic Entity Othe
    122 –* CHL HOME MORTGAGE, LLC (3393141) 58 LABELLE FL Domestic Entity Other
    161 –* EDWARD JONES MORTGAGE, LLC (2687946) 58 MINNEAPOLIS MN Domestic Entity Other
    162 –* HOMESERVICES LENDING, LLC (2724047) 58 EDINA MN Domestic Entity Other
    163 –* PINNACLE MORTGAGE OF NEVADA, LLC (2763103) 58 SPARKS NV Domestic Entity Other
    173 –* RELATED FINANCIAL, LLC (3072866) 58 MIAMI FL Domestic Entity Other
    179 –* DH FINANCIAL, LLC (3101935) 58 YARDLEY PA Domestic Entity Other186 –* UBS MORTGAGE, LLC (3133619) 58 EDINA MN Domestic Entity Other199 –* MORTGAGES UNLIMITED, LLC (3199428) 58 NORTH CHARLESTON SC Domestic Entity Other
    200 –* WF-KW, LLC (3201200) 58 DES MOINES IA Domestic Entity Other
    201 –* SECURITY FIRST FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC (3201901) 58 DAYTONA BEACH FL Domestic Entity Other
    208 -* WELLS FARGO REAL ESTATE TAX SERVICES, LLC (2377304) 1 DES MOINES IA Domestic Entity Other
    209 -* WELLS FARGO CASH CENTERS, INC. (2468350) 1 SAN FRANCISCO CA Domestic Entity Other
    -* WELLS FARGO DELAWARE TRUST COMPANY (3120954) 1 WILMINGTON DE Non-deposit Trust Company – Non-member
    212 -* WELLS FARGO BANK INTERNATIONAL (680756) 1 MINNEAPOLIS MN Edge Corporation –
    213 –* WELLS FARGO SECURITISATION SERVICES LIMITED (3117543) 212 LONDON ENGLAND I n t e r n a t io n a l N o nbank Sub of Domestic Entities
    CA Domestic Entity Other
    232 -* WELLS FARGO DELAWARE TRUST COMPANY (3120954) 1 WILMINGTON DE Non-deposit Trust
    Company – Non-member
    238 -* WELLS FARGO FOOTHILL, LLC (3197200) 1 SANTA MONICA CA Finance Company
    252 -* WELLS FARGO EQUIPMENT FINANCE, INC. (1149885) #1 MINNEAPOLIS MN Finance Company
    253 –* TAI TITLE TRUST (3104150) 252 MINNEAPOLIS MN Domestic Entity Other

    Total Records: 253
    WELLS FARGO BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION (451965) as of 12/31/2006
    * Institutions Matching Selection Rule.
    + For purposes of Regulation Y, the top-tier reporter’s ownership level in this banking organization does not meet the definition of “control”; however, the ownership level does meet the FY Y-10/10F reportability criteria as this banking relationship is regulated by the Federal Reserve.
    ^ Although this relationship is not governed by U.S. banking statutes, it is included because it is of interest to the Federal Reserve.

    Its not a coincidence that Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. was merged out of existence into Wells Fargo Bank, National Association Sioux Falls SD May 2004.

    BANCO Mortgage, Norwest Mortgage, Directors Mortgage Loan Corp, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc., fictitious name of America’s Servicing Company, GMAC Mortgage of Iowa… all very interesting in that every agreement ‘Wells Fargo Bank NA’ used as a private brand label in the transactions which harmed all of us.

    Event Date Historical Event
    1958-10-02 DIRECTORS MORTGAGE LOAN CORP. located at RIVERSIDE, CA was established as a Domestic Entity Other.

  7. Thanks Anonymous. Not certain I comprehend your explanation. I’ll return to the docs and read the relevant section on ‘trigger events’ however, I still find the following to be odd? it’s the last few lines from my earlier post:
    ” the expiration of 21 years from the death of the last survivor of the descendants of Joseph P. Kennedy, the late ambassador of the United States to the Court of St. James’s, living on the date hereof.” doesn’t this seem odd? or have you read similar in other trust documents?

  8. Also — been told the “pools” exist — but with trust attachment. Find that impossible.

  9. India,

    Trust put into default upon “trigger event” — that is what happened. All that remains is remnants of a failed water-fall structure.

  10. we have this and more cloak and daggers stranger danger talk, but why was it necessary why the robosigning why the development of the LPS softwear to process the churning of fraudulant docs, all this looks well prepared to me, plausible deniability? no… did know always knew and know what they do with intent…and still do, the developer infact deals with the FDIC and now have a….holdings company…does this stink or what…
    i have 1. developer sold me a loan that was not, 2.the escrow company is owned by them 3.the appraiser was owned by them (perse) assignment that counts, 5. indymac bank ,6. break in chain.7. indymac bank 8.. indymac bank……deutsche depositor …but into whos account .. agree follow the money

  11. Help! Anyone who can explain the following, please do. I found this paragraph within the SEC filing of the PSA of possibly, the trust my loan is in. Note the last few lines. Is this weird or some “standard” boilerplate?

    “SECTION 10.01
    (a) The respective obligations and responsibilities of the Servicer, the Depositor and the Trustee created hereby (other than the obligation of the Trustee to make certain payments to Certificateholders after the final Distribution Date and the obligation of the Servicer to send certain notices as hereinafter set forth) shall terminate upon notice to the Trustee upon the earliest of (i) the Distribution Date on which the Certificate Principal Balances of the Regular Certificates have been reduced to zero, (ii) the final payment or other liquidation of the last Mortgage Loan in the Trust, (iii) the optional purchase by the Terminator of the Mortgage Loans as described below and (iv) the Distribution Date in August 2035. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in no event shall the trust created hereby continue beyond the earlier of (i) the Latest Possible Maturity Date and (ii) the expiration of 21 years from the death of the last survivor of the descendants of Joseph P. Kennedy, the late ambassador of the United States to the Court of St. James’s, living on the date hereof.”

  12. […] April 17, 2011 by 3032oak Leave a Comment Interesting column in Neil Garfield’s BLOG: […]

  13. What if I have the copy of the check? Deutsche Bank? Wells Fargo Home Mortgage loan. Busted securitization. no assignment.

    sounds like a simple two-page pleading. Foreign unregistered corporation, table funding from the undisclosed lender. That’s all? I have so much more…..

  14. The settlement means nothing. The banks will pay money for wrongful foreclosures but will keep the house. It will go on the books as Tier One capital and the can lend against it 10 -1. More than enough money will be generated from this than is needed to payoff injured homeowners.What a great deal for the banks.

  15. I shared this with my attorney, I even showed him the closing documents of which I was able to get a full copy of the settlement company file since I was lucky to have had a close friend work there, he said that the infoe was of no consecuence.

    I was mad to say the least, How can it not be of consecuence or importance if that was evidence of the fact that the money came from a different source other than the FAKERS on the note and how can I sign a deed in lieu or a do short sale with an entity that never put any money on the deal.

    In my actual case the Closings showed First Maguns on the note, but the Instructions identified other parties from who money was received and to whom the paper work needed to be sent.

    Title companies as a rutine pulled the isntructions from the paper work so the borrower would not be able to identify the fees and yield spread commissions the mortgage brokers and lendewr were making on them without their knowledge and approval

  16. is the document im looking for the intitial escrow account disclosure statement or something else?

  17. If your title company is out of business, there will be another title company who will be the custodian of record for the defunct company.
    I was able to obtain my closing docs even though the original title company is no longer in business.
    Also when you ask for the closing files make sure to tell them to include the wiring instruction. They may remove that from the files hoping that you won’t notice.
    Insist on getting the wiring instructions.

    foreclosureProSe . com

  18. ann–

    how did you find your loan inside your MBS trust?

    also, I can help you with your questions. I have filed quiet title–so far so good…

    my email–



  19. Who should be contacted for a copy of the closing docs if the originator/broker is out of business? The title company? Who is charged with maintaining copies of these documents?

  20. WOW..nice coverage mary..
    hmm… we need to leverage this into a position..

  21. So Countrywide did have an account with BONY?

  22. Closing instructions list “Bank of New York” under “wiring instructions.” Lender purported to be Countrywide Bank, FSB. Did Countrywide have an account with BONY? If Countrywide WAS ITSELF a bank, why should money be wired from or to ANOTHER bank, i.e. BONY?

  23. Would the disclosure to the borrower at closing that the loan would be sold in part or whole, even multiple times, clear the so-called straw man and the funders from liability?

  24. There is also something called a “Letter of Transmittal” relating to a “Custody Agreement.”
    There will be a checklist for required collateral documents transmitted. And, a box marked off — may read “Modification Agreement” – if loan was a refinance.

    The Custodian to named trust would have this document.

  25. “Follow the money” indeed ‘Stranger Danger’

    No one I’ve spoken to had any idea that the consumer was in ‘stranger danger.’

    Once the consumer signs a credit authorizatino of a legitimate transaction, the approvals are for the benefit of the Financial Holding Company (SELLER) and (BUYER).

    The actual funding that changes hands during a Wells Fargo Home Mortgage refinance in NJ passed thru intermediary funder to an affiliate (agent) and the funding cashier’s check made payable to the individual deposited into the Corporate Securities Treasury of Frederick Maryland of Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corp.

    Sure the name of the agent is in agreement as a Settlement Agent. So why is the check not made out to the Settlement Agency?

    The agent did nothing wrong and is unaware that the funding is from an intermediary laudnering currency in a ponzi scheme. However, the agent needs to know that he holds in his files evidence to help save the nation one mortgage at a time!

    Why sitting in every Wells Fargo & Co. (financial holding company) subsidiary and affiliates both whoalesale and retail, agent,s brokers, dealers, distributors files is the evidence stored by CONSUMER! Alphabetically scattered throughout the USA.

    Each party in agreement a beneficiary with ‘Wells Fargo & Co’ subsidiaries and affiliates.


    Afterall, every agent, broker, dealer, distributor as a majority harmed by Wells Fargo & Co. could by their own hand send into their US Attorney Generals copies of the individual cashier check statements and wire transfers. Just go through your files and make copies and send overnight with a letter. These are copies of checks that may allow the United States Goverment to take control of the ‘DOMESTIC’ entity which exists for the benefit of (1) foreign owner, Foothill Group Inc.

    A copy of funding check which was created by the BUYER who is an intermediary funder will reveal the pipeline part of the supply chain critical for the IRS to reveal the money laundering and non-payment of federal taxes due the government!

    The currency deposited into an individual agent’s account filed by consumer loan file!

    The settlement agent who received funding did not know the funding was from the BUYER of the discounted loans and that the SELLER was sold back servicing rights, and that the transaction was recorded in their individual name are actually mules of the fraud of the fraudsters ‘Financial Holding Companies’ Wells Fargo & Co, ….

    WOW! The BUYER is an intermediary funder who is part of the ponzi scheme and benefits from the movement of currency.

    The BUYER is of a different type and so the government knows getting rid of the layer of the ‘OTS’ for Wells Fargo & Co. operating as a financial holding company, moved all transactions by agreement thru Wells Fargo Bank NA and their ‘partner’s private members of financial exchanges they moved currency thrugh were non OCC.

    Do the federal administrative agencies who audit just look at computer reports?

    Do they not know the funding through the treasuries is going itno an individual’s account, and not the Settlement Agency? What are the chances on the audit report the header states ‘Settlement Agency and just an ID#.

    Know that the copies of the actual transactions
    are stored inside individual consumer files alphabetically.

    Unless you have read the agreements, studied Wells Fargo & Co/MN subsidiaries, and relationships of the parent you will not know that you are actually an affiliate brokers, dealer, agent, distributor of Wells Fargo & Co. dba ‘Wells Fargo Bank NA.

    Yes you are under agreements with Superior, Prospect, …..Coldwell Banker, ERA, Weichert, Century 21, Better Homes & Gardens, PHH, US Mortgage, Cendant, Title Resources Group, Realogy, ….

    1) Did you know since May 2004 brokers, dealers, agents, distributors are enrolled into agreements with ‘subsidiaries’ and ‘affiliates’ of ‘Wells Fargo & Co’ by employees of the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage divisions?

    2) Did you know that consumer’s interactions are RETAIL?

    3) Wells Fargo Home Mortgage division employees are part of a United States National Bank?

    4) Since May 2004, the Wells Fargo Bank NA employees on the retail side are not required to be licensed who takeby deception consumer property into the secret pipeline.

    5) Storefront employees of ‘Wells Fargo Bank NA’ are rewarded for their deceptive acts.

    6) Federal Trade Commission hands are tied by CONGRESS and may not come into individual states. FTC indeed aware consumers being deceived by deceptive advertising and subject to harm during refinancing. Letters in hand to prove statement.

    7) Consumer’s did not know beneficiary of transaction of their property was ‘Wells Fargo & Co’ as SELLER and BUYER, SERVICER, MASTER SERVICER, Securities Administrator, SPONSOR, PAYEE, …

    8) Consumers as reasonable people are to be safe when purchasing financial products and financial services manufactured by Wells Fargo & Co..

    Why are the products indeed defective at time of sale?

    Where are the express and implied warranties?

    Why are there no consumer protection agencies? Why is every goverment funded agency transaction harmful to a consumer allowing fraud to be covered up and buried under statute of limiations? Becasue the goverment was limiting (they thought) their own liability. The financial holding companies fooled you. Are they the smartest people in the room?

  26. I’ve been suggesting this for some time now.

    The escrow instructions which can be also entitled “Closing Instructions” can typically state “Return of Funds Upon Failure to Close”…which will identify the account. The key word being “Return”. You will usually get the account name as well which often is different than the “bank” from which it came which can indicate a few different things from whether it was a “table funded loan”; trust provided funds or a myriad of other possibilities that you may wish to look into through discovery; by deposition, motion to compel and/or subpoena.

    I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice, just a little info based on my experience dealing with underwriting and loan closings.

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