I did not realize an IMPORTANT part of the Agreement ‘definitions’ of participants did not get copied into the posting and are related to your question.

IndyMac Bancorp Inc. (Registrant)
Closely Related (4):
•Indymac Capital Trust I – SEC# 1157668 6/10/04
•Indymac Capital Trust II – SEC# 115670 6/30/06
•Indymac Capital Trust III – SEC# 1157671 – 6/30/06
•Indymac Capital Trust IV – SEC# 1157669 6/30/06
Formerly Assigned On
Indymac Mortgage Holdings Inc. 6/2/98
Inmc Mortgage Holdings Inc 8/13/97
CWM Mortgage Holdings Inc 10/25/94
Countrywide Mortgage Investments Inc/DE
7/3/92: Address: 888 East Walnut Street
Pasadena, California 91101-7211 U.S.A.

SEC CIK # 6035 Savings Institutions, Federally Chartered
SEC 8/7/08
6798 Real Estate Investment Trusts
SEC 2/12/01

Jurisdiction: Delaware, U.S.A.
IRS: 95-3983415

“CMI” shall refer to Countrywide Mortgage Investments, Inc.

“MLGSI” shall refer to Merrill Lynch Government Securities Inc.

“MLMCI” shall refer to Merrill Lynch Mortgage Capital Inc.

“PMI” shall refer to PMI Mortgage Insurance Co.

“Qualified Insurer” shall refer to GEMICO, PMI or UGI.

“UGI” shall refer to United Guaranty Insurance Company.

“VA” shall refer to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“Agency” shall refer to GNMA, FNMA or FHLMC, as the case may be.

•Government National Mortgage Association (“GNMA”)

•Federal National Mortgage Association (“FNMA”)

•Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (“FHLMC”)

Nonconforming mortgage loans are loans which do not qualify for purchase by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (“FHLMC”) or the Federal National Mortgage Association (“FNMA”) or for inclusion in a loan guarantee program sponsored by above referenced agencies.

Nonconforming mortgage loans generally consist of jumbo mortgage loans or loans which are not originated in accordance with other agency criteria

Agency Security” shall refer to a GNMA Security, a FNMA Security or a FHLMC Security.

“Approvals” shall refer to the approvals of FHLMC, FNMA and GNMA described in Paragraph 13(c)(ii) of these Supplemental Terms.

“Bank” shall refer to The First National Bank of Chicago.

“Business Day” shall mean any day excluding Saturday, Sunday and any day on which banks located in the States of New York or California are authorized or permitted to close for business. All references to “business day” in
the Master Repurchase Agreement shall be deemed to be references to
Business Day.

“MLMCI’s Margin Amount” shall have the meaning set forth in the Master
Repurchase Agreement except that the percentage referred to therein for
each Transaction shall be specified in the related Confirmation/Funding

“Cash Purchase Price” shall refer the cash price, and to the corresponding
cash proceeds, to be paid by an Agency, under its cash purchase program,
for Mortgage Loans sold by a Qualified Originator that are the subject of a

“Closing Agent” shall refer to a title company, closing attorney or other
agent that disburses funds on behalf of a Qualified Originator in
connection with the origination of a Mortgage Loan; each such title
company, closing attorney or other agent must be acceptable to MLMCI in its
sole discretion.

“Collateral Submission Summary” shall refer to the Collateral Submission
Summary substantially in the form attached as an exhibit to the Custody

“Commitment/Certificate of Insurance” shall refer to the
Commitment/Certificate of Insurance issued by a Qualified Insurer with
respect to each Mortgage Loan and held by the Custodian pursuant to the
Custody Agreement.

“Commitment Number” shall mean the commitment number provided by a
Qualified Originator to CMI, and communicated by CMI to the Custodian, with
respect to a Mortgage Loan indicating that such Mortgage Loan has either
been designated (i) to be included in a pool of Agency Mortgage Loans
backing an Agency Security, (ii) for sale to an Agency under an Agency
purchase program or (iii) to be included in a pool of Non-Agency Mortgage
Loans to be sold to a Trade Investor.

“Confirmation/Funding Request” shall have the meaning of “Confirmation” as
set forth in the Master Repurchase Agreement but shall be substantially in
the form attached hereto as Exhibit B, in the case of Agency Mortgage Loans
intended to back an Agency Security, Exhibit C in the case of Non-Agency
Mortgage Loans and Exhibit D in the case of Agency Mortgage Loans that are
not intended to back an Agency Security.

“Custody Agreement” shall refer to the Custody Agreement, dated as of
October 1, 1993, by and among MLMCI, CMI, the Bank and the Custodian named
therein, as the same may be modified and amended from time to time.

“Custodian” shall refer to the custodian named in the Custody Agreement.

10K 12/31/93 Indymac Bancorp Inc. Filed 3/29/94 SEC File 1-08972 Accession Number 898430-94-223

Jurisdiction DE, 95-3983415 IRS ID#
Exchange where registered:
New York Stock Exchange
Commission File# 1-8972
Countrywide Mortgage Investments, Inc. (“CMI” or the “Company”) was incorporated
in the State of Maryland on July 16, 1985 and reincorporated in the State of
Delaware on March 6, 1987. The Company has elected to be taxed as a real estate
investment trust (“REIT”) under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended
(the “Code”).

Exhibit 3.1


Countrywide Mortgage Investments, Inc. has caused this certificate to be signed by Angelo R. Mozilo, its President, and Sandor E.
Samuels, its Secretary, this 11th day of December, 1993

“Kelly Absher” has been a Signatory for/with the following 9 Registrants:
• Indymac Bancorp Inc [ formerly Indymac Mortgage Holdings Inc ]
• Select Notes Trust LT 2004-1
• Structured Obligations Corp
• Structured Obligations Corp Long Term Cert Ser 2003 3
• Structured Obligations Corp Long Term Certs Ser 2003-4
• Structured Obligations Corp Long Term Certs Ser 2003-5
• Structured Obligations Corp Select Notes Trust Lt Ser 2003-1
• Structured Obligations Corp Select Notes Trust Lt Ser 2003-2
• Structured Obligations Corp Trust Sprint Capital Cer 2002-1

Registrant: Select Notes Trust LT 2004-1
1 Closely Related:

93 SEC Filings (from 6/8/04 to 3/24/11)

10K 12/31/93 Indymac Bancorp Inc. Filed 3/29/94 SEC File 1-08972 Accession Number 898430-94-223



NCNB CORPORATION (1073757) as of 12/31/1985
#1 *NCNB Corporation 1073757 Charlotte NC a Bank Holding Co (“BHC”)

Institution History for

On 7/5/1999 Nations Bank, N.A. was renamed to
Bank of America, National Association
101 South Tryon Street,
Charlotte NC.

To find the relationships one must look in multiple locations.


This does not include the foreign loan trusts of the foreign organizations that our loans were placed inside of.


Foreign organizations have to have a domicle in USA to do business over our financial exchanges, but the USA does not require disclosure of ‘sharehowlers’ ‘investors’ ‘owners’ ‘private family trusts’ who take control of the ‘loans’ into private portfolios outside of our financial markets.

To see the financial relationships of the foreign organizations acquisitions of ‘American’ financial institutions, one must review the

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  1. Norwest Asset Securities Corporation (?) comes up with
    Good Standing in State of Maryland
    1100 Broken Land Parkway
    Columbia MD 21044
    State of Formation: DE

    Correction -Ffound new and relatively important information.

    in MD Norwest Asset Acceptance Corporation was renamed to Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corporation
    F04375234 DE

    In MD 2/24/2005
    Corporate Charter Approval
    Norwest Asset Acceptance Corporation
    F04758215 (DE)
    Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corporation
    F04375234 (DE)

    Per State of Delaware Secretary of State
    The First State
    Harriet SMith Windsor certification:

    “Norwest Asset Acceptance Corporation” a Delaware Corporation merges with and Into

    “Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corporation”
    organized and existing under the laws of the state of DE 2/24/2004.

    Secretary of State certifies that the corporate existence of ‘Norwest Asset Acceptance Corporation” was terminated.

    2778596 8330 Authentication: 3699556
    050147266 Date 02-23-05

    State of DE:
    File# 2778596
    Norwest Asset Acceptance Corporation
    Domestic DE
    Registered 7/29/1997
    General Purpose Business Entity
    I don’t want to pay the $10 to see the Status.

    I’ll have to trust the Secretary of State of DE who is to perform the merchantile transaction of terminating.


    In the State of Delaware there are 53 entities registered with Division of Corporations.

    Norwest Advantage FUnds
    Statutory Trust
    General Purpose Business Entity
    Incorporation Formation 7/19/1993

    Norwest Holding Corporation:Formed 2/21/1984

    Norwest Limited LP LLLP responsible for joint ventures with Freddie Mac for example, Cendant, PHH, ….
    “Limited Partnership’
    Former 12/28/1998

    Norwest Mortgage, Inc.
    Incorporation Formation MN
    DE Registered 8/29/1983

    Norwest Mortgage Insured 1, Inc.
    DE 10/27/1983
    Domestic DE

    Norwest Mortgage Insured 2, Inc.
    Formation 2/15/1984
    Domestic DE

    Norwest Mortgage of New Mexico LLC
    12/22/1997 Domestic DE

    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. (can’t see history in DE but entity was renamed showing ncorporation 2/10/1992. Was name then BANCO? Can’t see detail.
    Name of entity in 1992 ?

    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Resl Estate Funding 1 Inc 2/9/1998 Formation Domestic

    In ‘DE’ BANCO has 184 Matches and will only view 50.

    Bank of America FSC Holdings Inc. Formation DE 2/5/1993 Domestic

    BANCO Mortgage
    Registered in DE as a Foreign Enitty of MN

  2. Important TERM to use cautionusly

    INVESTOR as related

    The parties in agreement and beneficiaries of the ponzi-scheme are MEMBERS in Agreements. These MEMBERS are registered to do business over the private financial exchange. We have to remind ourselves that the ‘manufacturer’ of the ‘loan trusts’ are registered MEMBERS or dealers, brokers, agents, distributors wholesale and retail.

    The ‘investors’ who purchased the ‘Certificates’ are those who purchased financial products in the public domain (wholesale) or (retail) the transactions were as consumer classified by US Goverment over $100K as Investor.

    The non-conforming mortgage products manufactured and placed into the public domain for sale and consumer consumption were manufactured by the largest producer of non-conforming mortgage products using the tradename ‘Norwest Asset Securities Corporation’

    Norwest Asset Securities Corporation (renamed to Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corporation) placed a ‘template’ if you will up on the SEC in 1996.

    Norwest Asset Securities Corp, promoted by Norwest Corporation, as their newly acquired affiliate in agreements with Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp – GMAC-RFC and…

    Chase Corporation
    3415 Vision Drive
    Columbus OH 43219

    Exhibit I

    Management’s Assertion Concerning Compliance with USAP Minimum Servicing Standards

    March 5, 1999

    As of and for the year ended
    December 31, 1998,
    Chase Manhattan MortgageCorporation (“CMMC”) and Chase Mortgage Company (“CMC”) and their subsidiaries (collectively, the “Group”) have complied in all material respects with the
    minimum servicing standards (the “Standards”) set forth in the Mortgage Bankers Association of America’s Uniform Single Attestation Program for Mortgage Bankers “USAP”).

    As noted in our assertion dated March 26, 1998, certain CMMC’s custodial
    accounts and related bank clearing accounts were not being consistently
    reconciled within 45 days. In addition, a significant number and dollar amount
    of reconciling items documented on the reconciliations were not being resolved
    within 90 days after identification.

    These instances of noncompliance have been
    remedied and procedural and operational enhancements have been implemented
    during 1998 and reconciliations since this time have been completed within the
    45 day minimum standard with reconciling items being resolved within 90 days of

    As of and for this same period, the Group had in effect fidelity bond and errors
    and omissions policy in the amounts of $250,000,000 and $25,000,000

    Thomas Jacob
    Chief Executive Officer

    Patrick Coon
    Executive Vice President of Servicing

    Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation

    Page 2

    Glenn Mouridy
    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    Lucy Gambino
    Vice President of Risk Management

    EX-99.2(A) Last Page of 2 TOC 1st Previous Next Bottom Just 2nd

    Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation
    3415 Vision Drive
    Columbus, OH 43219

    September 15, 1998

    Ms. Kimberly Wiggins
    Contracts & Compliance Administrator
    Norwest Bank Minnesota, N.A.
    11000 Broken Land Parkway
    Columbia, MD 21044

    Dear Ms. Wiggins:

    This letter is in response to your letter dated August 26, 1998, regarding the
    exception disclosed on the 1997 USAP Report.

    Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation (CMMC) is pleased to report that all
    custodial accounts are reconciled current as of March 31,1998. Additionally, all
    clearing accounts are reconciled current as of April 30,1998.

    CMMC has increased its management and staffing levels in the areas responsible
    for maintaining the custodial and clearing account. Management continues to
    diligently monitor alt the custodial and clearing accounts to ensure that all
    accounts are reconciled timely.

    Should you have any questions regarding the information provided, please do not
    hesitate to contact me at (614) 422-7722.


    Lucy P. Gambino
    Vice President
    Risk Management Department

    cc: N. Taylor

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  4. Franky, the model has moved to a new financial exchange outside of the United States. The gang is all there. We only care about what is going on in the United States.

    Do you know who is the Filing Agent for all of the dirty transactions between the members? Every 10K of a TRUST FUND of the MEMBERS of the PRIVATE EXCHANGE?

    BOA, DB, LBHI, SASCO, BNC, Wells Fargo & Co/MN and the other side? BNY HSBC WFC

  5. Sorry tnharry. There are a lot of us trying to catch up and forget to go to the source. Consumers as reasonable people without a source are lucky to join and learn. So please share.

  6. Dear Mr. Solimon

    Have you tried tender spring asparagus seared in a lovely light virgin pressed olive oil?

    You surely are a tease. How we all want to be there with you, in your brain, able to fast forward and glean the wisdom to use to save our country.

  7. Now, about that thing written in reference to asparagus! You see, I am a broccoli kind of person myself.

    You’re a good man though for looking after me. How long did it take you to research your diagnosis? Hey, stop , stop it … Butter cup? Okay? Just kidding!

    As for my resume, thanks for asking! Over the period of 1997 through 2002 I held positions as CFO and then COO for Mortgage Guarantee. Prior to this time I was well traveled throughout the industry, having been exposed exclusively to subprime lending. Over the prior 10 years I held positions at two different FDIC member Banks, held a capital markets position for a commercial investment banking firm in Century City, was later offered a partner position for a firm recognized as being on the forefront of what is now accepted as main stream Sub Prime sector. I later spent two years with a warehouse lender that was sold to Nat City, and prior to that I was offered a partnership with a REIT based in San Francisco. There I participated in one of the first ever SP securitization with all the working components we know today.

    During this time I completed a part time goal which was to design and implement into use a loan servicing and tracking program that could calculate the “tie out” pre-sale and post execution, including handling all the servicing transfers and calculate per diem to .01 cent on each outstanding balance sold. This included both fix and variable arm sales totaling $1.0 billion. The MiNUTE i3 system was proprietary; allowing the organization to drive the business of trading receivables in such a way that we could model and then execute just about anything out investors requested.

    People, remember that you cannot take a charge to paid in capital that was used to lever good will at 10:1 .1 – – – not without some form of earnest capitation.

    Our firm’s business model (1997 – 2002) acquired and sold mortgage asset in pools to investor such as RFC, GMAC, CitiFinancial Group, BofA, CBass and Saxon – the list goes on and on. Now, this may not have as much meaning to a layperson versus an industry insider. When in the business of buying and selling paper, liquidity, not profit, but cash is bottom line. You must turn assets on a LIFO recurring basis while maintaining an accurate basis in assets held and sold in order to book each line item and execution on your G/L.

    At Mortgage Guarantee our staff could spread paper for purchase and carve out the best yielding pools upon executing the buy, ranging from $3.0 M to $25 million. This was upon executing SerRel whole loan trades delivered to all the above names.

    Talent was something the organization earned the reputation and enabled us to manufacture a greater inventory of product for sale with a very low overhead. None the less the organization had the capacity to intelligently “work” the weighted average element’s to always produce the highest execution and best possible pricing , all within a .01 cent margin of era.

    I was hardly ashamed of our exceptionally low returns measured by assets. Our margin on closed bulk trades ran about 6.35 percent execution or return on assets with an earnings return averaging just over 1.33 percent. What appeared to be a below average bottom line was compensated as a phenomenal return on cash. (Do you get it?) . Our ROC was in excess of 20.1 percent. . .do I have YOUR ATTENTION now? Our bottom line was good enough to attract the eye of one of the most notorious corporate raiders on Wall Street, Forbes billionaire, as well as attracting the Glabelli fund and Lehman Bros.

    Our bank lines required to finance paper was provided by CitiFinancial, and averaged 60+ days outstanding. The firm normally held serving for three months on average. (Do you hear what I am saying)

    Now if I do have your attention, then I ask you, again . . . What is it you want to know from an insider perspective?

    Hey, looking for nice report’s clean charts and pretty graphs? I guess we can help you as we ask W H Y? How about a typos free comment every now and then? (Okay …maybe next time).
    Look, for those that believe they have a shot at prevailing over the lenders with their means and methods for overcoming customers issues relating to servicing, delinquency and defaults – FORGET IT.

    What I read some are posting here and elsewhere has you back in the Stone Age. Are you looking for an angle or trying to be discovered as having found an angle – either way it’s getting real late in the game – Get it?

    I quote the late President Kennedy here again and state “Let me say this about that!” You’re in the Stone Age trying to come up to speed with an opponent three years into their new business model. Hell, they already are paying themselves big bonuses again as they tweak the bad and hang on to the worst. This is true while you’re being compromised guessing at what MERS really does or why Judges are so mean.

    Don’t be cruel . . . just be quiet! Sharpening pencils is a better investment than sharpening theory’s Get mad damn it! Outside of this fantastic site are worlds of esoteric international and domestic financial web sites and threads by Bomar brains that state things in ancient Greek. If you can decipher what they are saying, you will see they are in disbelief announcing over and over – “How can America get away with this accounting sham!”

    To the owners of the lonely hearts, purveyors of drec and sultans of swing. Put the coffee down and let go of Blacks dictionary. Go out and drop a hundred and twenty five bones on Wiley’s GAAP. Remember that you cannot take a charge to capital used to lever good will at 10:1 .1 without capitation.

    I’m here to help, that’s all!

  8. I agree… try and wrap your head around this and you’ll not only lose the judge, you’ll lose your home.

    Let’s all say it together, now…
    Standing, Holder in Due course, Real Party in Interest, proper valid chain of title….

  9. Cut n
    paste away

  10. yes Mary, thank you.

    The Gauntlet

    “The Beginning Of Wisdom Is The Definition, Of Terms.”


    Historically, gauntlets were an important piece of armour,

  11. Thanks Mary Cochrane and and Neil for more cut and paste nonsense. Slow news day?

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