American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc WAS PAINE WEBBER SUBSIDIARY


Here’s a goodie for Florida (and probably the rest of the country.. I was looking around in the Florida corporate registry …and saw something really odd ( see ) ,, My servicing entity from WF/Option One was originally “American Home Mortgage Servicing Inc” and it continues to be so … However the company went BK and Wylbur Ross’s “shadow” version took over servicing with a new company using the same name … I do not recall ever getting the required official notices….

here’s a cut-and-paste of the answer from my inquiry to the Florida dept. of corporations … if there is anything actionable of usable here let me know… I REALLY want to QT …. THANKS ..

Good Afternoon,

We apologize for the delay in our reply.

F93000002976 was a Maryland Corporation originally qualified in Florida on 06/28/1993 under the name PAINEWEBBER MORTGAGE FINANCE, INC. On 09/28/1993 the name was changed to COLUMBIA NATIONAL, INCORPORATED. On 07/21/2004 the name was changed to AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE SERVICING, INC. On 04/21/2008 the name was changed to AHM SV, INC. On 09/25/2009 the corporate status in the State of Florida was revoked due to non-filing of the 2009 Annual Report.

The corporation used the name AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE SERVICING, INC. from 07/21/2004 to 04/21/2008.

F07000006151 was a Delaware Corporation originally qualified in Florida on 12/17/2007 under the name AH MORTGAGE ACQUISITION CO., INC. On 06/04/2008 the name was changed to AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE SERVICING, INC.

F07000006151 did not start using the name AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE SERVICING, INC. until approximately 2 months after F93000002976 filed the amendment changing their name to AHM SV, INC.

When viewing the detail page online at just above the entity name you’ll find a link for “Name History”.

Lee Yarbrough

Internet Access Section

Florida Department of State

Division of Corporations

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  2. Maryland – Taxpayer Services Division

    American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc.
    Domestic Entity
    Formation 8/3/1972
    7142 Columbia Gateway Dr
    Columbia MD 21046
    Financial Institution

    Change of Resident Agent
    CSC US
    Ste 400
    2711 Centerville Rd
    Wilmington DE 19808
    7/13/2004 America Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc.
    acquired Columbia National, Incorporated, a MD corporation hereafter called above.
    Alan Horr Secretary
    Michael Strauss President
    520 Broadhollow Rd
    Melville, NY 11747

    Painewebber Mortgage Finance, Inc. effective 9/1/1993

    8/18/1993 Article of Amendment with Name Change
    CPO Amendment

    Formation Paine Webber Mortgaqe Finance, Inc.

    Resident Agent:
    CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service Co
    7 St. Paul St. Suite 1660
    Baltimore MD 21202

    AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE SERVICING, INC. General Info. Amendments Personal Property INCORPORATED

    General Info. Amendments Personal Property OLD NAME
    General Info. Amendments Personal Property INCORPORATED

    formerly AH Mortgage Acquisition Co. Inc
    COPPELL, TX 75019

    12/1/2009: Registered Agent Address Change
    Corporation Trust Inc
    351 West Camden St
    Baltimore, MD 21201-7912

    4/14/2008 America Home Mortgage Servicing,
    formerly AH Mortgage Acquistion Co., Inc

    AH Mortgage Acquistion Co., Inc.
    Josh Seegopaul (President or VP)
    Suite 200
    4600 Regent Boulevard
    Irving TX 75063

    Kimberly Baggett Assistant Secretary – Registered Agent of Corporation Trust Inc.

    12/18/2007 – Qualification Incorporated DE
    has NOT done INTERSTATE, INTRASTATE or foreign business before this qualification..

    Entity Name:
    Dept ID #: F12284170
    Personal Property Filings

    2011 03/09/2011 No
    2010 04/15/2010 No
    2009 06/15/2009 Yes (only year filed a return)
    2008 08/19/2008 No
    2007 No

    Registered Agent: The Corp Trust Inc
    300 E. Lombard St
    Baltimore MD 21202-3219

    10/3/2008: forfeited failure to pay 2007 fee.
    LAUREL, MD 20707
    American Home Mortgage LLC 4/1/2005
    8101 Old Sandy Spring Rd #23 Laurel, MD 20707

    Alvin T. Butler Sr
    6403 Gradys Walk Bowie MD 20715
    (Provide Residential Mortgage Services to Public including financial consuling)


    Tradename Application
    America Home Mortgage V
    538 Broadhollow Rd
    Melville NY 11747
    Residential Mortgage Lending
    AMH Corp

  3. Neil: You know my email address. I need a document forensic testing done and would like a direction to point me in.

    Thank you so much.

  4. Need opinions:

    Complaint vague, lost note count and owner/holder count. No facts plead. Just a copy of a note made to lender, no endorsement. No assignment plead or filed. Court clocks LP and Complaint in June 1, 2009 and then shows a stamp on it now, “clocked in error” with a new clock in June 15, 2009, 2 days prior to my being served. If the court had it on June 1, 2009, what would the relevance be to stamp error. The assignment filed in August 25, 2009 with a date and notary of june 4, 2009 . ODD???

    What would you make of it? Comments would be appreciated…

  5. Thanks angry & NOT TAKING IT,

    I actually know how to get my house back.

    This is an opinion piece. Everyone has an opinion.

    I’m like Dorothy who learned how to get back to Kansas. I know how to click my heels. I just needed to know what OZ was like and figure out the man behind the curtain who called himself a Wizard.

    Crazy as it sounds. I do know how. But sometimes if someone wants to steal something you can’t really catch them in the act, until they ‘steal it’. Otherwise it’s just an idle threat. And you don’t know the brevity of their intent until you give them enough rope to hang themself, or as in a book called The Samurai Cat, you let the mouse think you are useless and can’t do a thing to stop them and let them make a ball of sticky rice so big they get stuck in it themselves.

    Passive is how this existence work. If you hit me I hit you back, only means they come back hitting harder. We do not fight our brothers and sisters. We let them get their selves in trouble and we say, “Oooo…see what they did!” And the parent comes in and takes care of the rest.

    Kids can play together so much that like a herd, over time they looking for a leader…a line leader…a game leader…a banker leader…some sort of leader to tell them what to do…Simon Says…but when the game is over. Anyone can be Simon. All are equal. It’s when you’ve played so long that you ‘think’ you control everyone that it gets out of hand.
    Putting people in jail over Simon Says, or taking their home over Simon Says (their courts will strip you of everything because you don’t now ‘their’ rules when you don’t even belong there)

    If it’s an administrative court, then you need to be the Plaintiff…but you aren’t. They didn’t have jurisdiction…if it’s a judicial court, then they can’t bring acts in the name of the state or government in law or in equity or in court controversy because the 11th Amendment forbids it…if it’s general jurisdiction…well don’t let me mention the Trading with the Enemies Act…Oh, and am I military? Did I expatriate, or am I a foreign state? By the way, we have a spiritual affinity with one degree unless the judge is souless, so the Creator in me is the same Creator in you…all things being equal, you can’t sit at that bench and judge…there are many more…but whatever…it’s time to call in all debts from the lawyers and judges.

    We were supposed to forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors. Well the first shall come true…it’s called into existence, and the second will be true after our debtors walk the mile on our shoes and feel what we felt…the “do unto others as you’d have them to unto you.” There’s enough paperwork in existence to incriminate them of their dastardly deeds.

    I just plan to show papers and state my claim. Papers are powerful. They proved it themselves when they woke me up. We are in revelation and the apocalypse now.
    apocalypse – “revelation, disclosure,”
    revelation “disclosure of information to man by a divine or supernatural agency,”

    No one knows the hour of the return..everyone was supposed to always be prepared.

    I know I’ve mentioned being in dark places. Their system has captured me in their wide nets of deception but it’s where I learned the most. I’ve been in the lions den, and when it was all said and done, well, if I say what happened, I’d give a clue to who I am and what I can do.

    Control is an illusion when all things are equal.

    They are bound by oath. If they violate the system they pledged their oath to, IT will take them down; so they can’t harm another living, breathing, life again. Life is protected by their constitution.

    The system works, but they had operated in a bubble and the system never knew what they were doing.

    What’s the saying, be cunning as a serpent and gentle as a dove.

    It’s not about winning, it’s about protecting those of us who ‘do not need to know the system’. We have a right to live free from controversy, and this was just so wrong for someone to interfere with the obligations of private contracts, a basic law they wrote, and then operate with impunity.

    Everybody don’t want to take a trip to a business and go through their metal detectors only to be told to ‘rise’ and ‘sit’ as the first signs of contracting with the court and giving them power over you.

    No one needs to be in court and tell them their rights are being trampled on, only to be offered two weeks for contempt, and if you don’t know how to reject that verbal contract, they grab you and give you two weeks, because you agreed to it because you didn’t say ‘no’. Tricks, tricks, tricks.

    For them to think their system is higher than the Creator, who created the land in dispute (which should not be in dispute, foreign or domestic…this land is our land from Canada to South America…it belongs to ALL of us…from Iceland/Greenland/United Kingdom/Europe to Japan. Now some place may be your birth place and you hail from it, but that’s it. The planet is ours. This planet is our estate. We are the children of the Creator. We inherited this. All of us, not some of us. We need to stop drawing invisible lines and recognize this place is big enough for all of us to walk on without bumping into each other.

    The disputes are theirs, they created them.
    The enemies are theirs, they created them.

    Joshua fought the battle of Jericho and the walls came tumbling down.

    I am not in it for the fight. I’m as cunning as our government that went bankrupt but didn’t shut down.

    Everyone was waiting on midnight for it to run out of money, and they had played this game 5 or 6 other times, knowing full well how much would be spent by the time the day was over. Well, well, what have we here? The money was spent the night before and the day of the expected default. So the default had occurred ‘before’ they’ reached an agreement. It was spectacular, and I’m grateful for the people in charge who can play both sides and still do the work of the people when the cards are right.

    What was different? The military were paid ‘early’ and got half their paychecks while everyone was bickering about the government. That’s what happened. That’s money spent in advance since it was transferred into their bank account. A bankruptcy trigger certain measures, that the PTwannaB’s didn’t want to happen, so they sat heavy on the ones they felt they could control. But they only had control as long as they controlled the money supply and once you default and don’t pay your creditor, they have no power over you. I mean what can they do, make you go bankrupt? You’ve already done that. What sue you for the money? Well how much do you really owe if most of it didn’t exist until someone typed the digits in a computer.

    Hey, you need $10,000…here let me type $10,000 in my computer and print it out on one of those special check papers that have the special background to determine if it’s counterfeit. By the way, I created $10,000, but you owe me $12,000. I didn’t create the other $2,000 so go get it from somewhere else. What happens if you get it from somewhere else and they don’t have the money to pay you back because there is $2000 less money in circulation, I Robbed Peter to pay Paul? Well Paul has to go bankrupt..that’s how our system works. We will create the principal but not the interest, so if everyone tried to pay back their debt, there is always someone who won’t have money because it’s all gone, so they will declare bankruptcy and we’ll take their assets.

    That system got bigger and bigger, and the more people that worked for the government the more money they could create. It was crazy.

    So the scheme of theft of assets worked top down, and all in the system probably had agreements to keep it going. In the public they’d get scrutinized like someone cared, and behind closed doors, they’ll say ‘good deal, you are in’. Here’s a million dollars for playing along.

    I cancelled the change of address today. I did not modify the e-mail address, so this guy whoever he is will get an e-mail notification that his change of address has been cancelled.

    My home is under investigation for fraud, there is no way they can just slip it from under me without me taking action to find out who it is.

    If the only way they can get the home is to transfer mail there, then they won’t get into that box unless they break in.

    I didn’t want to do anything to cause the law firm any ‘real’ grief, but now I guess I’ll have to put out the power of Love and Light, and unfortunately the attorneys, all six, any to act, and the judge who helped them steal my home, will find that 2011 is not a fun year for them.

    I know Kung Fu “Neo, The Matrix”.

    Remember in the beginning of the movie, he ran. He thought they had power over him but they sent a bullet his way and he looked and said, “No.” And stopped it mid-air.

    Well, I know how to life in a world without them, a world without rules and controls, a world where anything is possible.

    Tomorrow I will be busy delivering the notices, and within a week, there will be some unhappy people.

    But think about it….when they tried to make me homeless they were not unhappy; and from March to June as they moved me to their theft, and in August when they made me move, and now while they try to take my home from me by squatter, well that’s a year of attack.

    I will spend one day with my counter offer of light, and within a week, the shake-up will occur.

    Judges and lawyers…the very oath that protected you is the very oath that will destroy you when you don’t abide by it.

    What is it? You are immune unless you commit a felony, bribery, or treason?

    Lawyers and judges, are you guilty of any of the three, and just don’t think anyone knows?

    Lawyers and judges have you ever had jurisdiction to do what you’ve done to the living people?

    As our paradigm shift occurs and the 100th Monkey learns that new trick of what you’ve done, where can you go, how can you hide? Your signature is there, you control the court and the filings.

    Well the 100th Monkey is learning the new trick.

    Enjoy your life afterwards…you will have to find light in the darkness you created for yourselves.

    I love you no matter what you do, but I did not consent to you violating the Universal Law of Free Will against the Creator within unknowingly, unwillingly, unintentionally.

    You are judged.

    This is a New World, just not a New World ‘order’.

    Keep your eyes open…the unravel has happened and now the pieces will be all over the place.

    What a great world we live in.

    Service to Others is the lesson here. It was Service to Self that led to this out of control ride where self interests stole from the people with impunity.

    I’m not angry. I’m excited about what tomorrow brings for those who’s heart has not beat really really fast in a really long time.

    I will remind them what it feels like to ‘live’ and have someone threaten that existence by their rules, except this time their own rules will ensnare them, and they can’t say , “Please forgive me, I didn’t know what I was doing.”

    Smiling and waving..smiling and waving,

    Light and Love,
    By Executor: Trespass Unwanted, alive, allodial, corporeal, life, live born, born alive, adult, free, freeman, whole blood, in jure proprio, in jure divino.


    Jacksonville | Bank Gives Man Foreclosed House For FREE –

    From . It’s a tale populated with many of the major players in the national foreclosure drama: The law firm of David Stern, the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (better known as MERS) and a mortgage packaged with others and sold into a securitized trust. Here’s how it happened. Read more at

  7. Jay Hayes

    Know many. Ocwen is being investigated by FTC — not that this is any comfort.

    Distressed debt buyer.

    Dave Krieger,

    Interested, but courts are tossing out if loan not paid in full — this is standard — how do you battle this??

  8. @ Jay Hayes

    Send them a RESPA letter demanding they account for all escrow transactions. The escrow account is one of the most common methods these servicing companies use to get someone to default via the diversion of payments.

    There are plenty of RESPA samples all over the net. The servicing company has a legal obligation to answer and there are damages attached to not complying with the demand.

  9. Any Body dealing with Ocwen?

  10. What can we do to get more lawyers and consumers to sue these bastards???

    What can we do to clog the court system with our pleadings that they have no other choice but to listen and act on our concerns, conplaints and victimization?

    What can we do?

    how can we weed out the predatory , lazy ass lawyers?

    How can we have newscasters like 60 Minutes look into our direction ever more closely and see the truth and the aftermath of the bankers greed and the complicity of our local, state and federal officials?

    I was actually looking forward the Government shut down to sew these bureaucrats taste what we all have tasted with the lack of employment and no one listening to our plight.

    But, these congress and their members are really a disgusting bunch, even the recently elected who have no clue.

    They do not know that only 20% of the USA budget is covered by the taxes we all pay. That is it 20%, the rest is prettty much borrowed, stolen or created out of thin air.

    So how can we really make these credit and clueless money spending addicts to look our way and really do something about it.

  11. Ocwen is one of the worst:

    I would look for robo signers in your doc’s

    Good Luck

  12. trespass unwanted
    if you want some info that [may lead to the return of your house] http : //
    expose the notaries, fraudulent , felonious,acts with the secretary of state .
    contact me freak 4 u at comcast dot net

  13. Help!

    I have a loan being serviced by Ocwen. 6 months ago my monthly payment went from $3300. to $5900

    According to Ocwen this was do to out standing escrow fee’s.

    I can Not afford this increase. I tried a loan Mod(HAMP) and was turned down. Ocwen will Not tell me who owns my loan… they did Not apply my last payment they claim it is in a suspense account.

    They are now demanding $ 35,000 to reinstate my loan which I do Not have.

    Every time I call them I end up talking to someone in India who I can barely understand. The last time I talked to them Ocwen told me my house was worth $625k I have a loan Balance is $375k

    Ocwen says they have referred my delinquent Loan to an outside attorney to start the foreclosure process.

    Im in California

    Any idea’s on how I can defend my home?


  14. Hi,
    I am doing research on Quiet Title procedures . Any info is appreciated. My e-mail is
    Thanks a million 😉


    Thanks Lisa Epstein of and Lynn E. Szymoniak Esq. at for sharing these info. More helpful info can be found on their websites.




  16. larry g walker: Welcome to the club.
    What you are describing is ‘not’ new. That’s why so many of us are here, disclosing with each other what is happening in the process.

    It’s a strategic theft from people native to this land. The ones doing this don’t belong here and have no authority, but they are protected.

    The wealth generated is vast, and the fines and penalties are minimal.

    Even the AG’s settlement seems staggering for 20 billion dollars, but with how they monetized homes, that’s equivalent to about 200 high dollar stolen homes and they’ve done millions of theft by fraud.

    And I’m tired of people calling it a foreclosure. You have to have a ‘right’ to foreclose. Any activity that is done without the right to do it is, theft.

    When I talk to the AG I can’t even say I’ve been foreclosed on. I paid an obligation and another party ‘interfered with the obligations of a private contract’ and used their access to a system that can access public records, people with access to hired hands who are licensed to carry, and people with access to jails who can give you a one way trip behind bars.

    This place is a ‘nasty’ place for the sludge the lawyers crawl through to do the lowest of the low in deeds.

    Everything you described was done by an attorney at a law firm and they aren’t representing the CEO, nor CFO of the company, they present the building or just the name of the company. They have no ‘client’. Yet they do so much in that ‘name’ they represent and have no liability for their actions because they will stand in court and say they represent that ‘name’ and someone occupying the office of judge in that court (which is a racket) will accept that as a statement of truth (even under penalty of perjury) because they swore an oath to a common source behind the scenes to keep a secret.

    So see what you are dealing with. Someone occupying the office of judge. Someone representing a ‘nothing’ for a client, and both having access to public records, and men licensed to carry guns.

    And we wanted to be governed!


    Trespass Unwanted, alive, allodial, corporeal, life, live born, born alive, whole blood, in jure proprio, in jure divino.

  17. (no name) i to have problems with AHMSI, or what ever name they go by. my question is i have no contract, no agreement, and nothing ever from anyone that american home mortgage servicing inc. is my servicing agent, lien holder, creditor, bank, or any thing. however they have placed a lot of information on my credit files, which i cannot get removed, they also have removed my lenders name from my home owners insurance policy and replaced it with their name. they also have changed the entire note/loan/mortgage/lien that we signed in 2006 I would like to have any and all information from any one out there about the practices of AHMSI, also how many law suits are going on through out the usa, both local, state, federal, civil and other wise. thanks n/n

  18. This is a public forum read by many, but I will say this. I know nothing and if I think I know something I know nothing. I do not give legal advice because I don’t know legal things. Where it appears I am making a statement of fact, consider it a statement of opinion. Truth is relative.

    Now for the story.
    The title company is aware of the Massachusetts case where clear title was not given to lawyers by a judge and the homeowner got their home, free and clear.
    The law firm knows the AG is investigating to see if they foreclosed without the proper paperwork.
    Everyone is halted from selling foreclosed homes until the investigation is complete.
    There’s behind the scenes activity on homes that are titled to Fannie Mae.
    There is activity to allow Fannie Mae to keep the homes on their books (which a Realtor has to sell), but in the mean time, the Realtor, and title company, and law firm, work some magic for someone to squat on the property.

    The law firm files a Notice with the property description. Being the last filing with the property description, it has the appearance of indicating ownership, but it’s not a Deed, Assignment, nor transfer of Deed or Assignment.

    Step two, the title company sends a refund to the name on the notice. The refund is to indicate some money paid toward a Home Warranty. (I guess to indicate interest and investment)

    Step three, the refund is sent to the home address and the ‘future squatter’ attempts to get the postal service to recognize a change of address request at that location.

    Step four, lights are turned on at the location in a different name…after the postal change of address goes through, maybe they can get the keys either via locksmith or some other means, and move in.

    Step five, move the lights into their name and live there, and potentially have their drivers license and other things converted to that address.

    What they avoid. Taxes…the property is still in the name of Fannie Mae. AG, the law firm does not have to report that they did a fraud foreclosure with improper paperwork. Court, the title company through the action of refunding someone warranty money at that address can have the appearance on their books that the someone was the ‘last’ title holder of the property.
    Until I see the contents of that Notice that was filed, I won’t know what’s going on. It’s not viewable on the web. My first impression is, as a law firm, they reserved the number for the Notice and can upload paperwork at any time, and by reserving the Notice now, they probably reserved a Deed but I don’t know what name it’s under since online you can’t search by property description, but I should be able to go to the Clerks’ office and do research there for any numbers reserved..but having a number, saves the date of the transaction even if there is no transaction yet.

    There’s a ‘lot’ of reserved transactions sitting on the records. I did a search for a one month period and started looking from the last page, backwards..there were 620 pages holding 25 entries each. I will have to go through a good majority of them to find the ‘window of dates’ that my property was listed.

    It gets stranger and stranger.
    If law firms are acting as debt collectors, that Supreme Court decision about them being able to be sued still stands.

    Problem here is, I’m private and sovereign and do not belong in their ‘place of business’, that is ‘open for business hours’, to reserve a right to not be trespassed against.

    This is going to be pretty interesting. The Creator within knows they chose their path.

    They know what they do, and it shows culpability and organization. I had no idea how corrupt our nation’s trustees and the ones with access to our credit were.

    The Love of Money is the root of all evil.

    Light and Love,
    Trespass Unwanted, alive, allodial, corporeal, life, live born, born alive, whole blood, free, freeman, adult, in jure proprio, in jure divino

  19. As most of us with mortgages know, servicers can change as frequently as lenders, so this situation does not surprise me. A chain of title assessment would certainly prove out whether the holders of the note followed the legal path in the land records.

    Quiet title actions are not sexy. They are not cool. In fact, they are mind-boggling, tedious and time-consuming, yet not time-sensitive. The best part of what I’m seeing is … the banks do not know how to answer these suits. What? Did ALL the attorneys representing banks fall asleep in property law class?

    Get the book … get up to speed … progress is being made in this area … there are several more attorneys doing quiet title actions in Florida … I had a great time on my trip there (I met with several of them).

    Visit your county courthouse land records. It’s a great civics lesson. Start with your warranty deed and move forward. It’s a real eye opener!

    I spoke with Jeff Thigpen in North Carolina (Guilford County Register of Deeds) … he has a stack of 1,300 assignments with “Linda Green” on them. I’ll bet there are at least 1,300 more of those hiding in his files!

    I am constantly doing research in this arena and working with attorneys across the country on QT.
    It’s amazing the information I’m getting on these procedures … enough to write CLOUDED TITLES II … the aftermath.

  20. The fraud runs so deep. Keep looking into Willy and the limelite. You’re getting closer!! Deb

  21. Good work Neil , I was working on this too, because in my Credit Report is AHMS in there , and I had never any business with them .One Mortgage to much . Maybe Wylbur open his pocket now.

  22. Hey Brian or anyone else with AHM/Option One
    I have alot of info on American Home Mortgage, AHMSI, and all their affiliates, Option One, Sand Canyon and of course WF. You can contact me at


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