In answer to many questions pouring in from many concerned friends, Jake Naumer is OK, but his Blog got axed. Jake is continuing to supply the rest of us with news and blues about mortgages and foreclosures.

BLOGGERS ALERT! As the megabanks lose more and more ground in court, they are using their enormous resources to put pressure on those who oppose them and their tactics. My advice: Be careful about what you write and who you write about. Stick to your knitting and don’t go to far afield. If you are reporting something, make sure you either have corroboration or that you say you don’t have corroboration you believe it anyway. And be careful about the use of other people’s writing — make sure you give them and their publication credit and link back to the source.

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  1. Interesting stuff about foreclosure blogs
    You actually placed right stuff on the table.
    I hope more users will get the information that i receive from you.

  2. is down too now….same reason? I loved that blog…

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  5. More Plans To Sabotage Liberals

    Think Progress: New ChamberLeaks Presentation Emerges, Details More Plans To Sabotage Liberals


    By CD – Posted on 11 April 2011

    April 11, 2011- In February, ThinkProgress broke a story revealing that attorneys for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce had communicated with a set of military contractors — HBGary Federal, Palantir, and Berico Technologies — to develop tactics for sabotaging and spying on the Chamber’s progressive critics. The Chamber attorneys and the security firms discussed targeting ChamberWatch, the SEIU, MoveOn, ThinkProgress, and other groups. The proposals details efforts to steal private computer information, spy on the families of the Chamber’s critics, and plant false documents within organizations opposed to the Chamber’s agenda.

    ThinkProgress has uncovered yet another presentation from one of the private security firms describing plans for the Chamber. Because of a technical glitch, a few emails of the 75,000 emails leaked to the public from one of the defense firms did not process. One of the emails now processed correctly reveals yet another proposal, created by HBGary Federal executive Aaron Barr, and forwarded to the other security firms. Although it appears not to have been completed, the last slide in the presentation lists tactics — labeled “Discredit, Confuse, Shame, Combat, Infiltrate, Fracture” — to “mitigate [sic] effect of adversarial groups while seeking litigation.” View a selection of the slides below:

    H&w presentation

    View more presentations from AmericanProgressThe presentation was emailed on November 17, 2010, a period of time in the midst of several meetings between the private security firms and lawyers representing the Chamber. As we have detailed, emails obtained by ThinkProgress indicate that officials working directly for the Chamber may have also had direct knowledge of at least some of the proposals.

    The Chamber has distanced itself from the controversy. In a blog post, a top Chamber official says they never finalized any deal with the security firms for the hacking proposal against the Chamber’s progressive critics.


  6. Once these articles were posted…that is when the blog takedown campaign began….

    Think Progress: New ChamberLeaks Presentation Emerges, Details More Plans To Sabotage Liberals
    Today, April 11, 2011, 55 minutes ago | CD
    April 11, 2011- In February, ThinkProgress broke a story revealing that attorneys for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce had communicated with a set of military contractors — HBGary Federal, Palantir, and Berico Technologies — to develop tactics for sabotaging and spying on the Chamber’s progressive critics. The Chamber attorneys and the security firms discussed targeting ChamberWatch, the SEIU, MoveOn, ThinkProgress, and other groups. The proposals details efforts to steal private computer information, spy on the families of the Chamber’s critics, and plant false documents within organizations opposed to the Chamber’s agenda.

    read more

  7. Remeber – most important that only attorneys can represent us in court. Peolpe contact the state bar direct – has anyone (I would like to know what they say) . And get information direct from the bar as to who can best represent your case in court.

  8. Contrary to the rumors, the Banks had nothing to do with it. SAY NO MORE

    WAKE UP AMERICA .. … .

  9. Dying Truth – Although sites like his, this, 4closureFraud and ForeclosureHamlet are somewhat informative. The information they bring is relatively useless in our modern day dilema of economic entrapment.

    Amen Brother …amen .

    Judge say’s to client – “you did sign the note? And you did sign the Deed of trust , yes!

    Now your up, IN COURT – its your turn ….?
    What are you going to say ?

    1. Loan was comitted to a secondary investor by means and methods the court is not concerned with.
    2. MERS has standing and that is a fact, the court won’t hear the MERS argument!
    3. The trust purchased the loan and therein it rests and entitles the parties to the deed of trust to foreclose.

    To all the lawyers I have met or know of…..ANSWER THE QUESTIONS.
    IF YOU CANNOT . WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE ? BUYING A CONSUMER TIME? The State say’s lose your license and pay big fines ….even go to Jail. Hmmmm

    THREE YEARS OF PEOPLE WINGING IT – IT HAS TO STOP. Dont hire me – hire someone else with 25 years secondary capital markets and wholesale thru servicing experieince and an accounting backround.

    Do I sound abusive – wait till I get in front of the other sides counsel . . . and tear apart the lies for you in court. GET MAD DAMN IT AND WAKE UP !

  10. I know there are a lot of pissing contests – but guys this is not the time nor juncture to do it; you are all needed with your collective wisdom and chutzpah – you guys have collectively helped us all out as homeowners fighting the fight we could not do without each one of you – now please get over yourselves; figure out how you can work and support each other – our fight is not over and it is against some very big entities who are getting more and more pissed off – and you need to keep focused and stay out of the pissing pool – you guys have no idea how much I and thousands of others rely on you – you are our foot soldiers out there – when no one else is leading us – our president doesn’t know we exist; our government could care less – please kiss and make up and figure out how the hell to move forward even stronger and with more fight in ya – I know I wouldn’t have survived without you….

  11. jake here…need some help if ya’all want foreclosureblues back up

    i have it archived in a .xml file

    need domain and server space…oh and someone
    who knows what in the hell they are doing to get it back up…

    its gonna take a little cash…very little…

    but i have none….

    that is why i have so much time to do the job

  12. Jake –

    START UP A NEW WEBSITE…! This time TARGET them directly…

    Regardless if your information was borrowed from others, IT IS STILL NECESSARY!

    WE NEED MORE WEBSITES to help expose their lies.

    One of the KEY COMPONENTS to our effort is GETTING THE TRUTH OUT to as many people as possible. It is critical to PUSH as hard as possible to EXPOSE the lies.

    How many decent hard-working families will be TOSSED to the street today? How many were deliberately sold loans that the agent KNEW those folks COULD NOT AFFORD – but disguised the damn loan in their slick-sales pitch by baiting them and misrepresenting the FACTS of their loan…

    These families were sold loans based on a BOTTOM-LINE payment which was a complete LIE. Those folks were simply shown a 800-dollar payment… then the loan-agent justified their guilty-feelings by saying something like – “…well just remember the “might” go up a few 100-bucks in 3-5 yrs, but it could even go down…” all said while attempting to meet their DISCLOSURE requirements…


    The problem with this entire ordeal is that none of the true GUILTY PLAYERS have any FEAR. They do not FEAR the law. They do not FEAR potential consequences. THEY HAVE NO FEAR… Shutting down Stern’s foreclosure mill in Florida slowed down foreclosures in Florida but it DID NOTHING TO REPAIR the destroyed lives left in their wake.


    Where their efforts as a BADGE of HONOR bro – you’ve earned it…

    Now it’s time to RELOAD…

    Keep the Powder Dry…

  13. If anyone had their foreclosure done by the Law Office of Marshall Watson, please see attached website concerning lawsuit against them by the Florida Atorney General.

  14. Although sites like his, this, 4closureFraud and ForeclosureHamlet are somewhat informative. The information they bring is relatively useless in our modern day dilema of economic entrapment. When judges decide cases in this day and age, instead of being conscious of their duty to say ‘what the Law is’ and enforce it as is, they are ever so conscious of the affect the case would have on future cases if the law were actually enforced to serve the ends of justice, that they base their decisions solely on the economic effects it will/may have on their pensions/investments/financial interests through the judicial activist de facto advent of “precedent”, that the Law doesn’t matter anymore or even that the Supreme Court 20 years ago said (See citation at bottom) that mortgages and notes can’t be securitized or converted into securities.

    It’s a waste of time using what was the conventional methods of enforcing the Law and Justice, when those who are charged with administering its enforcement are less concerned with its integrity, thinking irrationally and are more concerned with their own personal loss/gain that may come as a result from deciding other people’s cases.

    The other 2 branches’ main purposes and functions are dependent on their being administered in the judicial branch (the Articles of the Constitution are in their numbered order for a reason). Laws are not pushed throught a Legislative process of motions, amending, striking words etc. then voted on and passed between the 2 houses in Congress of 535 members (100 Senators and 435 Representatives) whom are elected by US then sent to the President whom is elected by US to be executed as finalized and written into Law (unconstitutional Laws notwithstanding), only to be ignored, neglected, mutilated etc. by some UNELECTED activist judge(s) purportedly appointed for life, protected by a self-proclaimed judicial immunity and unaccountable to the People.

    We the People did ordain and establish and are guaranteed a Republican (NOT the political party) form of Government Ruled by Law (them, not us), not by a Judicial Dictatorship purporting to act under the color of Law, but in absolute defiance and contravention of the Law. When the Judiciary breaks down the whole system becomes dysfunctional, useless, meaningless and devolves into a chaotic threat to us all, whom are the only reason for its existence. States look at and see this as the leading example and then follow suit.

    We need to remove and replace the broken branch (the judiciary) and put the People in its place. For those who promote, want and preech Democracy, that’s the best place to start. Tell any and every judge proclaiming that we’re a Democracy to step down from the bench and let us decide our own fates, because in a Democracy the People are the Judge, Jury and Executioner (activist judges NOTLEFTSTANDING). And as long as the judges continue their reign of Judicial Supremacy, the will of the People shall remain their prisoner.

    Grassroots movement is the only way to go. Forget the MSM they’re only distractions that report very little to not look too suspicious. But we have seen how effective negative publicity can be. So we should create our own brand of justice with a blacklist website for judges (as well as sections for Lenders, Servicers, Trustees, Attorneys) who bring about injustices, compile their cases to be graded for errors and condense them for later final ajudication by Juries of We the People as the final arbiters.

    This is actually somewhat prescribed for in the Constitution (although, not specifically), and has been known as the last resort to relief for centuries. EQUITY. And since the power of prescribing Equity is delegated nowhere in the Constitution it is reserved to us “the People”, whom the Tenth Amendment does not restrict as there are only prohibitions against the States, not us.

    Unless we all stop and realize that a reasonably rational alternative remedy like this is the only viable solution to a constructive compromise, we will all remain stuck banging our heads up against the wall of the Titanic destined to drown in our own self-enabled destruction.

    “[T]ypes of notes that are not securities include the note delivered in consumer financing, the note secured by a mortgage on a home, the short-term note secured by a lien on … assets, the note evidencing a `character’ loan to a bank customer, short-term notes secured by an assignment of accounts receivable, or a note which simply formalizes an open-account debt incurred”. Reves v. Ernst & Young, 494 U.S. 56, 65, 110 S.Ct. 945, 108 L.Ed.2d 47 (1990)(internal quotations omitted)

  15. Jake Naumer here….

    Steve Dibert wrote the following comment and I dont think it went through….but im sure wont mind if i post it…

    April 3, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    In response to Neil Garfield on April 3, 2011 at 8:26 am:

    “Before everyone gets their underwear into a knot about Jake Naumer, here is what has been going on the for the past month. Last month, he received several emails from attorneys and bloggers who’s articles he was posting on his site. One of whom is foreclosure defense attorney in St. Petersburg. They demanded he take down their articles. After several email exchanges that went back and forth, Jake ultimately refused to comply with their request. It was then that they complained to WordPress claiming he was violating their copyright, WordPress took the site down. Contrary to the rumors, the Banks had nothing to do with it. It was because Jake was damaging their SEO and because he was not posting an attribute and a link. So, yes it was Jake’s own fault. I warned him as did others for 3 months to change the way he was posting and he refused.”

    Let me respond to this and readers can decide for themselves…

    this comment is almost all true, the only exception being outright…

    i did not refuse to take down posts by those who requested me to do so.

    they were taken down immediately.

    so yes it is true that i had ‘scraped’ and all that.

    i take full responsibility for that.

    But the point is this…

    Someone still wanted the site to come down, even after i complied….and

    Steve Dibert is willing to outright misrepresent the facts in order to conceal that…

    I wonder why?

  16. its the RESEARCH that counts!

    *this person took right from Mario’s page and uploaded it directly on to Scribd:

    Mario… does this bother you?

  17. it’s the RESEARCH that’s most important!

    *so here is somebody on Scribd promoting Mario Kenny… it’s stripped right from his website.

    Mario – does this upset you or no?

  18. I hate to lose even one source of homeowner info and I mourn the loss. We mustn’t let this phase us. We must all keep our eyes on the end goals: 1) Justice for the homeowners.
    2) Breakup of TBTF.
    3) Jail time for the CEOs who orchestrated the fraud.
    4) Recall/replacement/no pensions for those elected officials who willingly enabled the fraud and refused to follow the law.
    5) Jail time and fines for foreclosure mills/document mills who perjured & forged.
    6) Firing/step-down/no pension for those in unelected government positions who were the bankster’s henchmen.

  19. It’s a shame that foreclosureblues was shut down,he gave insightful and informative info. sounds like he stepped on someones toes and thats what brought all this about.I was unaware that there was aMs. Manners on internet protocol and now it sounds like its coming down to a juvinile pissing match.Get back on board with the real issuses that need to be addressed.They are watching us to watch us tear each other apart;its time to move on.

  20. Mario
    wonderful no bs bloggs

  21. Here’s a what-if scenario for ya…

    WHAT IF – a gang of punks drove up in your neighbor’s yard and tossed their family out to the street leaving them bankrupt scarred and marred for life. A month later they go across the street and do the same… a week later the same – again & again – all BLATANTLY illegal…

    What are YOU WILLING to do about it? You called the police – it isn’t their problem – understaffed – can’t help budget cuts… You call EVERY KNOWN number and write EVERY possible letter – but they continue –

    WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO? Wait until they come for your house too? Maybe just leave now before you’re family is embarrassed – that’s an option…

    Does it matter that the gang of punks drove -up in a Porsche wearing a 2,500-dollar SUIT?

    ARE THEY CRIMINALS OR NOT? Well, gee, that’s kind-a hard to say…

    Foreclosure Blues is a Good Man helping to fight the fight…

    Strange – Foreclosure Blues used 1 or 2 of my pieces I wrote – each had LINKS and I cannot think of a single piece I’ve seen on the site that did not have multiple links within the articles. When I emailed the website they were very good about replying even a follow-up phone-call on their nickel attempting to help point me in the right direction. They did not distort or attempt to mislead anything said or implied.

    Here’s a trivia nugget for those not used to “CHARACTER ASSASSINATION” strategically employed by these manipulating bastards.

    HERE’S THEIR TACTIC – when they grow weary of a particular message, then they will DISCREDIT THE MESSENGER…! They KNOW by destroying the messenger’s credibility regardless of how many lies and manipulations it takes – they’ve neutered the message.

    These tactics have been honed to perfection since the 1970s and now they know exactly how to use it against YOU. Why do you think the big-boys became so interested in other types of media like FACE BOOK? They have to CONTROL the information to win. Too conspiracy for ya – oh well, call it something else but you better get your head out of your-***.

    Here’s a question for you blog-warriors. WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS? The question they are attempting to answer is “what are you WILLING to do – that’s the question. Once they’ve determined what you are “WILLING” to do, then planning the next wave of attacks is simple.

    What are YOU going to do when they eventually shut-down Neil’s site? What are you willing to do when they shut down other sites – STOP Foreclosure Fraud – Foreclosure Hamlet – 4closure Fraud – Foreclosure Servicing Fraud … What are you willing to do about it? Send a letter of complaint – gee-whiz batman do ya think that will send a message of disapproval…? Here’s a hint – if they SHREDDED the DAMN NOTES on these loans – do they really care about your letter of complaint?

    The Question is this…

    What do you think is at stake? Is what we are seeing only about money & property? What do YOU believe this FIGHT is about? Maybe you don’t believe this is a fight – it’s merely a misunderstanding..?

    What are WILLING to do about it?

    If they are allowed to violate our laws and DESTROY the lives of MILLIONS of AMERICAN FAMILIESS – is that okay too?

    If al-Qaeda would have attacked us but did NOT destroy those buildings and still KILLED & DESTROYED the lives of 3000 AMERICANS – would that have been okay?

    What is the difference?

    If al-Qaeda wore suits and worked at Wall Street, would it okay, then?

  22. Foreclosureblues:

    hint, now becomes foreclosurenews or whatever.

  23. There is a digital irony here to contend with. The entire foreclosure issue is due in large part to digitization of finances.

    If the paper trail, the act of having paper following all transfer of sales, is avoided, then securitization takes off big time, and all kinds of financial shenanigans follow.

    The same applies to internet blogging. If we begin to copy entire articles from other sources, we do the same thing that we accuse the mortgage industry of doing, we take shortcuts that ultimately could be be reducing the number of hits the originator of the content gets.

    However, CURATION of important stories is a very honorable thing to do, it’s just that line between CURATION and simply cutting and pasting is easily crossed, just as it was easy to create obscene amounts of financial products based on a finite number of homes.

  24. So are there any paid shills here? and hey if anyone wants to pay me to shill I will collect the money, for sure.

  25. Many lawyers are angry because no one reads their stuff, they will trough you under the bus, for sure, I know this first hand, its all a smoke and mirrors people, stick to the point, being winning your home, some people were born to be unhappy, they use other people and blame other people for their short comings, its a human ignorance thing and for centuries it has gotten mankind no where, greed and plunder got us here and will take us to ruin if we let it.

    I am no fantastic writer, no legal brain and I profess nothing, so what did you say you wanted from me? LOL. The only thing I can say is I know how to fight the bankster day and night, I have had sufficient practice and I love fighting them, but I use my lawyer, as the pro se bull did not wash with me.

    Can I knock Neil? hell no he has helped me mucho LOL, I am still in my house and I also thank Brian Korte, he is a bomb of a defense attorney, and I consider him my friend, Neil is my friend too, my online foreclosure friend.

  26. I have always warned about infighting, its silly, immature and just plain ignorant, save your fight for the court and the plaintiff, these are the enemy, not me I am your friend, I am here to help you, I ask nothing of no one, I have done no one any wrong and if I do you wrong let me know and I swear I will do my best to make the wrong right, if I feel like. I owe no one nothing, if I feel reasonable I will employ reason, and if not I will employ nothing. The infighting is counter productive and you will not win your house from this.

    Why does anyone want to get famous? you have to chose between fame and the winning of your property, do you have the time to take out of life to tend wild gossip? if you do , knock yourself out.

  27. FKA *** yes send them to me or post them here lets see his colors***


    Is Neil Garfield Fanning the Flames of Paranoia with Misinformation?
    Posted: 03 Apr 2011 11:17 PM PDT
    Original Article By Steve Dibert of MFI-Miami

    While at my niece’s birthday party, I received an email from a reporter asking me if I knew anything about the foreclosure activist site, Foreclosure Blues.  Apparently, he read on Neil Garfield’s Living Lies website that WordPress pulled the plug on it.  When I got back to my hotel, I checked out Living Lies and this is what Garfield wrote:

    BLOGGERS ALERT! As the megabanks lose more and more ground in court, they are using their enormous resources to put pressure on those who oppose them and their tactics.”

    This implies that the banks forced WordPress to pull the plug on the Foreclosure Blues site.  With the responses Garfield received from this posting, a lot of his readers understood it the same way I did.

    Unfortunately, this is not what happened.  Back in February, I was cc’ed on an email from Richard Vetstein, a bankruptcy attorney in New York, who was angry because Jake Naumer, the creator of the site, was lifting articles from his law firm’s site and other people’s websites without permission and without attributing the article to the writer. Apparently, this attorney also felt Jake Naumer’s actions were affecting his SEO.  Vetstein cc’ed the email to me, Matt Weidner, Mike Konczal and a few others attorneys and bloggers who’s articles Jake had harvested for the Foreclosure Blues website.

    Matt Weidner and Richard Vetstein sent Jake Naumer several cease and desist emails demanding he take all their articles off Foreclosure Blues.  The few of us emailed back forth over this issue and the consensus was that if he didn’t comply with their request to remove their articles and to cease posting any new ones, we would complain to WordPress’s corporate parent, Automattic in San Francisco.  Several other email exchanges later went with Jake Naumer refusing to comply with their request.  He did comply with my request.  So I left it alone.

    During the height of this situation, Jake Naumer emailed me saying he was considering taking the site down because it was discovered that he was misleading people about his Wall Street credentials.  It turns out he was a professional gambler not a Wall Street securitization expert as he claimed.

    It was not the banks who forced WordPress to ax Foreclosure Blues, it was Jake Naumer violating copyright laws by lifting articles from other people that caused the site to be axed.

    This one of the reasons I have issues with the Foreclosure Activist community.  They post blogs fanning the flames of paranoia before doing any research and blindly supporting someone who claims to be something he or she is not.


    Admin Note: while many of try to leave comments on Garfield’s site pointing out the wild speculation, we find that our comments are not being published. Must be nice to always be right.

    You are subscribed to email updates from
    To stop receiving these emails, you may unsubscribe now. Email delivery powered by Google
    Google Inc., 20 West Kinzie, Chicago IL USA 60610

  29. This is what I think is really happening. I base this upon my own personal experience as well as being a former Realtor and pre-*** student. Ultimately, NO ONE is going to get a real loan modification because it is all a scam. We happen to have Chase Home Mortgage also, and I have read story upon story from one homeowner after another about the way these banks are abusing people. The stories are the same and I can identify with everything that others have said. The banksters’ ultimate goal is to take your house. THEY WILL FORECLOSE. Make NO mistake about that. You WILL lose your home. Bottom line.
    Because when the banks got all that bailout money, that gave the Feds the right to stick their nose in the banksters business. Banksters are common thieves (the ONLY difference is they dress nicer and don’t sneak into your home in the middle of the night).
    The banks want the Feds out of their business so they say they are going to pay back the bailout money to get the Feds off their backs. HOWEVER, rather than actually paying back the billions in bailout money (our taxpayer dollars mind you) they are forcing everyone who is upside down and behind into foreclosure. Banks almost always buy the/your houses back at the foreclosure sales. Then they write the difference off (as losses) on their taxes. Thus, they are technically “paying back” the bailout money but not out a single dime and, they get to keep the houses too and resell them and make even more money over the life of the new loan. They get to have their cake, keep it, and eat it too. This is who the American homeowner is dealing with.
    HOW are they getting away with doing this and why are they telling people to PURPOSELY NOT make XX payments prior to filing for a modification? The answer lies in the mortgage paperwork itself. Almost all mortgages have a clause in them called a “Power of Sale” provision. Read it! It plainly states that in the event of your default (ie., you get behind), the lender has the right to foreclose and NO OBLIGATION to enter into ANY modification program or accept anything other than what was originally agreed to. The banks are literally setting people up like dominoes. Just look around. Right now 4 out of 10 homes are either vacant or in foreclosure-that’s nearly HALF! The Banks have ZERO intention of letting you keep your home. It is a complete scam with the full blessing of our elected officials who work so hard for us (cough). Once you are behind, there appears to be no accountability as to what happens to any/all payments you make to them from what I am seeing and hearing. There are major discrepancies in escrows. My educated guess is that the banks are pocketing whatever you do send them so you might as well burn the money.
    Bottom line? Don’t get behind. In this economy though, I know for most people that is or has been impossible. If you have been or you are in arrears/trial loan modification, etc., REALIZE NOW that they ARE GOING to take your house-it is only a matter of time, a question of WHEN, NOT “IF”. If you are behind, stay in your home as long as you can, drag the process out as long as possible, realize you will most likely have to file bankruptcy because they will also try and come after you for the difference in what you owed and what the home actually sold for. Watch your respective County recorder’s office for the foreclosure sale date. They are REQUIRED to record that PRIOR to the sale. On the day BEFORE the sale, file your bankruptcy. It isn’t the end of the world. Rather, it is a new beginning. While you remain in your home DO NOT SEND THE BANK ONE CENT! Save ALL of your money and sell off anything you don’t need so that you can find another home when they stick a note on your door telling you that your home has been sold from underneath you. This is the inevitable. It is awful and scary and atrocious-but this is the reality of what is going on. I have yet to hear of a single loan modification that worked out in the homeowners favor. Google the banks and foreclosures and complaints and you will see the same scenarios being played out over and again and all have the SAME end result-FORECLOSURE! It is doubtful that the government or the AG’s will help. ALL the complaining is falling on deaf ears. Banks are powerful because they have money (our stolen money) and money is power. Class actions are good but they are only as good as the judge who handles the case and Judges can be and are bought and sold all day long for the right price. Bottom line, SAVE YOUR MONEY! Give these criminal enterprises (banks) a taste of their own medicine. Play along – but send them no money and drag out the process of foreclosure as long as possible. Two can play at their game. But realize that ultimately you WILL lose your home so you best prepare yourself whilst you have the time. Don’t pay these bastards ANYTHING no matter what empty promises they offer. They are lying and yes, still stealing and they will stop at nothing to steal your home right out from under you.

  30. just sent me an e-mail discrediting 2 Bloggers! They included no PROOF of these e-mail exchanges. I guess they got tired of shaming the Banks!! They have lost all credibility with me and I will not read them anymore.
    Remember the HBGary e-mails and the plan for Bloggers? The banks hired these guys to discredit the Bloggers…to make them choose between their “career or cause”.
    I am a regular reader of many Blogs…including foreclosureblues. There was always a link to the original article…he found wonderful and different content everyday! Will miss you!
    Everyone needs to stay on point like Mario said…United we stand but Divided we fall. They are laughing there heads off at this bickering…it was the plan…Perhaps to take the light away from the 60 minutes episode on Foreclosure Fraud????
    I will post the email from shamethebanks if anybody wants to see their REAL colors…

  31. Nothing to be sorry about…I regret nothing

    I will not be compromised by the tactics of subterfuge

    You shouldn’t be either

    Continue to seek out the truth

    Disregard the personal attacks, they are a diversion.

    This is really about control

    At some point persons interested in freedom will

    become noncompliant

    and that is what is feared more than anything

    Foreclosureblues blog could not be controled

    so it was taken down

  32. Personally I am going to remove all the posts from my blog, I do not need to do this and to do it for free is a huge waste of blood, for nothing but horrors from people who are full of envy.

  33. Jake I am sorry this happened to you, I also have had complaints that I do not do linkbacks, the owner of Swarm the banks has come to my blog and has made a fuss about this, I do my best to identify the original author, most of the time when people complain I solve the problem, sometimes I get mad and remove the post all together, I have no attachment to any article, they mean nothing to me, its all for the education, of the homeowners, and in no way is this about me. Sometimes people send me things and beg me to post them, normally I do, I am overworked and not paid.

  34. linkbacks were always visible

  35. i only took down articles if there was a complaint, which were very few…

    i really dont know much about all the linkback stuff

    i just wasnt interested in it….

    i never intended to harm or impede anyone else

    nor did i ever say that i wrote anyones post

    all the posts had the authors name and a link to it..

    but yes i was guilty of posting full articles…i dont deny

    so i guess it was justified what wordpress did…

    no big deal to me…ive got other things i can do

    im pretty sure the blog helped alot more people than

    were supposedly hurt…

    i was never concerned about attribution or SEO

    i still dont even know what that is…

    all i know is that i had 450,000 reads and many came from the highest level of govt and global finance and law…

    so it must have had an effect…

    and obviously it had some power to have produced this level of scrutiny

    seems like i heard once…

    “the pen is mightier than the sword”

    maybe i will just start writing my own posts

  36. by the way quedos to stopgovtwaste for the Talcott Franklin CNBC video post…

    this is a very credible guy who splains things very well….

    but remember, even Talcott has an agenda

  37. sorry, meant to write, if the linkbacks are NOT visible…

  38. I thought you said they were 7,000 articles that you have curated. Curation is one of the must unsung aspects of the Internet. Being able to find the best articles and amass them on one site is a real achievement.

    But if the linkbacks are visible, and the articles are reprinted in full, it ends up competing with the originator of the article.

    I would assume you would have to go back and add links for each article, plus cut them down in size so they are not the entire article reprinted on your site.

  39. I wrote about the Newscraping issue back on December 04th of 2010.

    and then again more recently, I went into the topic of retroactive linking to sites that link to your site…

    I don’t think it’s fair to say this is banks against us issue. It’s people wanting to be properly credited for their work so the copying site is not actually taking visitors away from the originating material.

  40. No it was quite easy to search and take them down…

    took about 15 minutes

  41. And a final comment with “60 Minutes” in mind…

    Neil and I have had this conversation often…

    The information is all out there…

    a year ago that couldn’t be said…but now it’s all out.

    As an accused poker player, i had to ask myself the

    following 2 Questions, this was about 2-3 months


    this is coming from my background (my father was

    on a bank board, his brother my uncle is an attorney

    still on that bank board, my mother is an attorney,

    and my father-in-law was President and Chairman of

    the Board of another bank. These were/are very

    honest people)

    #1…Why would Bankers and Government openly

    participate in fraudulent activities; and how would

    they benefit from that?…

    the answer…….


    WHY? because they are being paid whether they

    engage in fraud or not. So they wouldn’t neccesarily

    be motivated to choose fraud and pillage as a

    business model.





    I await your comments and then I will explain my

    thoughts on this….

  42. Jake, winning at poker should not be confused with being a gambler since being a poker champion is an actual achievement, to twist that into a bad thing, is not good.

    Ironically, you did such an incredible job of story curation that when it came time to descrape them, you probably realized it could take you a year just to do that. Ouch!

  43. Being a poker player, I have to look behind the actions being taken by others and try to determine what the real motivations are.

    We have to recognize that there is a well funded deliberate effort to difuse, confuse, and mislead about the information in these blogs.

    That was the purpose of Foreclosureblues, to try to provide enough credible information so that readers could attempt to discover the truth for themselves.

    I presented what i believed to be credible articles, including opposing viewpoints.

    i was paid nothing, nor did i endorse anyone, and i had no advertizing on the blog.

    i did receive inquiries about the expert declarations, and i provided some of them to folks when they asked.

    One attorney did hire me for 2 of them, which I worked on for over a month and provided to him.

    All of my other declarations have been refered to me from local attorneys.

    I am fairly certain that our banker brothers do not like my expert declarations because they are very straightforward and expose the exact nature of the securitization conflicts.

    I am fairly certain that our banker brothers did not like the Foreclosureblues blog for the same reasons.

    We can also vett out trolls by this current misinformation, for it becomes obvious who may have different agendas than represented by the degree of misinformation provided. lol

  44. MFI Miami Steve Dibert who i considered a friend, decided to write his anti Garfield post tonight that stated that I had emailed him.

    I quote his article…

    “Several other email exchanges later went with Jake Naumer refusing to comply with their request. He did comply with my request. So I left it alone.

    During the height of this situation, Jake Naumer emailed me saying he was considering taking the site down because it was discovered that he was misleading people about his Wall Street credentials. It turns out he was a professional gambler not a Wall Street securitization expert as he claimed.”

    I’m sorry to say this to Steve, but this is an outright lie, and i have the emails to prove it.

    #1 I did comply by taking the articles down immediately…because I respected the authors and

    #2 I never emailed steve ‘that it was discovered that i was misleading people about my wall street credentials”.

    the reason i never emailed this is because this is the first time i have ever heard this…lol

    I was first licensed as a securities broker in 1982, and my Registered Investment Advisor License was just dropped in October 2010. This is public record.

    I am in the process of joining another RIA firm as we speak.

    I specialized in RMBS and Municipal Bonds since the early 1980’s, having traded and sold millions of dollars of securities to banks, trusts, pensions, and other fiduciaries.

    These folks did not buy and sell these securities through me because I was a trusted “professional gambler”…

    I have written multiple expert declarations on MBS securitizations that are currently being used successfully by attorneys.

    This does not mean that our banker brothers would not love to discredit me or Neil.

    And it is fair game for them to do so.

    I guess by ‘professional gambler’ steve is refering to the 2 World Poker Open events that I won in Las Vegas in 2005. For that I do apologize, although I would very much like to do it again.

  45. Ok my comment is showing now…can’t remember what i wrote before but here goes…

    WordPress took Foreclosureblues down Monday.

    They stated that it violated their terms of service, that articles had been “scraped”…

    that is true for alot of articles (there were over 7,000)

    Some guys started to complain about 2 months ago and when they emailed me, I took them down.

    Almost all of the other authors were glad that their articles were posted and they let me know.

    Many authors sent me the articles to be posted.

  46. Jake Naumer here…I have been trying to comment but I guess I have been cut off…

  47. Mario, if you read Neil’s forward, it’s all spelled out there. You are allowed to have an opinion as long as you state it as your own personal opinion.

    If you perform curating services, (in which you find important articles and post them on your site), just show the first paragraph of the article, followed by a link to the actual article.

    Then below that, put your own opinion if you think it applies.

  48. ***edit to my below post***

    Otherwise, it seems like the Banks have won, “by ” knocking out a means for us to get important information which we didn’t have easy access to.

    We are in a huge battle right now and evil is trying to prevail “over” us!

  49. Many thanks to Jake Naumer for the fantastic job that he did on FB! I loved that site! It was the BEST aggregator of information on foreclosure related matters out there. Now I’m at a complete loss on where to find a blog site as good as his and I feel left out of the loop now as to what is going on in court matters regarding foreclosure defense.

    I truly appreciate Neil and Livinglies, but I don’t have any money to order what Neil is selling right now, nor do I have money to get a lawyer (even IF I could find a good one “that gets it”). I just got really spoiled by Foreclosureblues and not needing to go anywhere else but there and Livinglies.

    Now if there was some confusion by readers about who wrote what and credit not being given, oh well. I never thought it was Jake trying to make like he wrote most of the articles he posted. And if this is the reason for shutting down the site, I sure hope that he’s able to get his site back up on another server. Otherwise, it seems like the Banks have won, but knocking out a means for us to get important information which we didn’t have easy access to. Obviously, it wasn’t all accurate or true, but neither is a lot of MSM and other sources of information.

    We are in a huge battle right now and evil is trying to prevail other us! I laughed tonight when a close friend told me what they saw on 60 minutes. Like 60 Minutes was reporting on some NEW piece of news?! Balderdash! It’s crazy how far behind MSM is and always has been on the housing bubble, bust, recession/depression!!!

    Hey, I’m not on the battle lines like many bloggers (Mario) who are being attacked. I lost my home to foreclosure last year after being a homeowner for 25 yrs and doing everything above board (no liar loans, 20% down, putting my home on the market in the fall of 2007 when I knew I couldn’t afford my mortgage any longer and had close to $200K of equity). I tried to fight the eviction pro se when I couldn’t find a lawyer and finally had to just give up before the sheriff threw me out. I want to stay involved and be ready to continue the fight when I have the money and court cases are being resolved in homeowners’ favor.

    Keep up the fight everyone! Justice may just prevail over evil if we don’t throw up our hands and give up completely!

  50. Mario Kenney is for real

    Be Strong and Courageous

    Neil Garfield and Company are all riteous people.

  51. United We Stand Divided we Fall.


  52. they got you all exactly where the the banksters want you, bickering and infighting with each other while they run away with your house and everything you have, took the time and fought mine and got the thing dismissed, I took the time to help thousands of people, for free, did you get that free, I am not doing this any more, fortunate for me, let me tell you my blog doers not profit me its a hobby, a place where i waste my time, for nothing, the things I write and post does nothing for me as I read the stuff and post it for others to see and read and learn, ask Neil if he makes a penny profit, he most likely makes squat, his family must hate the fact that he does this day and night, sometimes I see his post starting at 4 am and the things he writes he already knows, or whatever.

  53. Which is more the banksters have been selling my social security number, date of birth, the info on my race, and the color of my skin, my financial information my name and address and how many children I have or not I am married or not and the nobody did shit.

  54. MSoliman

    What do you mean that Mers cannot be shown as nominee for more than 120 days???

  55. People love pain and chit chat ….win your home back. Explain the fraud. Now 60 minutes cannot figure it out ….so ……

    what s the use …….
    Step 1 See the Hud I
    Step 2 See the Dt of Transfer PAS
    Step 3 Default

    Go ahead…end the pain . File a motion to dismiss…go ahead ,….just end the pain……Oh you like the pain.

    Lenders—-they don’t get , I should have never jumped over here ….

  56. The issue, IMO, was that foreclosureblues was not properly attributing articles and blogger posts. He was warned several times by attorneys and bloggers that he was violating The Digital Millennium Copyright Act. That being said, he was cutting and pasting full articles from other sources and not giving proper credit. I strongly doubt the banks would go after a plagiarizer – why not go after the original. We, like many, aggregate plenty of news at and it’s a non-issue. Wild speculation that this is some plot by the banks to shut us up is just that. Wild speculation.


    Epsilon Hack: Customers Targeted From Citigroup, Walgreens, TiVo, Capitol One, HSN, College Board

    Even they are getting Hacked. We jews took down or outlasted the Pharoah The Romans The Greek The Nazis The Communists The British Empire. So it is only a matter of time before the Banksters go down.

    A Good Bankster is a Jailed Bankster.

  58. Maybe foreclosure blues did screw up?

  59. Patrick Farrell its always the Jews fault.

    There are bad and good in every people.
    More people have died in the name of Catholicism and Protistants than any other religion. Just ask the Native Americans for starters.

    Plus Neil Garfield is Jewish.


  60. So we live in a country of say nothing, see nothing do nothing and have nothing else you be put in Jail, right? then we have some bloggers who are complaining about not getting sufficient traffic and blaming other bloggers, for non sufficient traffic, three linda greens and we cannot say squat, how many Brian Blys do we have? the LPS were cooking fake paper for a decade and the banks were stealing money but we are being made into criminals because we did not give a back link to an internet article that has a share button on it, the ignorance and stupidity is outragious.

  61. Jamilla Moore,

    True. Be able to back up with public information.

  62. Good thing for those who post and talk in circles — can never be accused of plagiarism.

    Read the Word Press “terms” — do not think this is about copying anyone. Unlikely – but Patrick Farrell — could be in trouble for writing like your last post.

    Really — this is about exposing Robo-signers — who are now fearful.

    Should they now pull 60 Minutes???

  63. I offer the same caution not just to bloggers, but to angry homeowners. Be very careful what you write and say — in particular, on-line and to the media –the small, regional/local/state lenders, loan servicers and investors. I have a client who is fighting a slander per se cross-complaint based upon comments she wrote in 2010 on a wrongful foreclosure blog [not this one or Foreclosure Blues]. Please learn your state’s definitions of libel per se and slander per se and write and speak accordingly!

  64. I believe in killing.So do Muslims.So do many Americans.Muslims kill child molesters. AMerican courts are run under British law,hence members of the BAR = British Arbitration Registrants = Lawyers.
    They profit by having trials and running prisons.
    Muslims just fucking kill them.Praise Allah!
    Muslims hate Jews, because the whole American money system is run by Jews.
    Tin Geithner-Sec. of Treasury,
    Ben Bernanke=Chair of the FED,
    Douglas Shulman- Comm. of the IRS,
    Lloyd Blankfein- CEO of Goldman-Sachs
    All four fucking Jews, who gave away trillions.
    Now you know why the USA sings praises to the Jews, and the banks as well.
    Got it?

  65. Why did they get axed?
    Anything in particular?
    Anything replacing it?

  66. The matter concerning the subject realty, title holder and outstanding obligation are a controversy that runs far deeper in size and scope than what is seen on the surface.

    A power of sale in a one action state runs juxtaposed to an understanding for a private parties action.

    No federal or state actor is present. It is where the maker of the note and party granting a deed of trust to a lender is now seeking to rescind the grant deed offered the lender at time of settlement.

    At question here is to what extent are the meaning of a one action state enforcement of that power, allowing a lender breach the terms and conditions of which it has granted acceptance.

    A power of sale is a privilege of the state and for that reason is assumed to have only the private parties are issue. THIS IS NOT TRUE UNDER D’OENSCHE DOCTRINE.

    The right of a mortgagee is in default to sell a mortgaged property if the mortgagor has not repaid his loan by the contractual date of redemption. I will break down the chain of title. I do it in general ledger form. I will show the loans origination and evidentiary certain to settlement.

    MERS is an immediate successor and assigns. MERS cannot be shown as a nominee for beyond 120 days. Thereafter the general ledger experience’s Derecognition.

    The process at that point in time makes a conventional foreclosure impossible. In order to accomplish the FDIC goals and claims the parties must adhere to generally accepted accounting principles. Herein is the single greatest problem the lenders are facing. An obligation and deed of trust obligate the borrower and expose the realty to foreclosure.

    Our efforts will clearly demonstrate to the court that a reverse repurchase commitment proffered by the FDIC has nothing to do with a conventional foreclosure. This is where the deed and or mortgage lose their value in a defense of title. You cannot REPO a real property asset under A condition subsequent without first bringing a foreclosure. You cannot bring a foreclose – under a power of sale

    (must be specific here)

    Motion for Expert Testimony,
    (do you even know who the trustee is working for ? )
    More definitive Statement


    not an attorney- see state bar for attorneys in your area.

  67. And be careful about the use of other people’s writing — make sure you give them and their publication credit and link back to the source

    That so goes without saying, c’mon people…if someone has an IQ enough to razzle dazzle you, link to it.

    Otherwise, I for one refuse to feel threatened by this move. It’s the banksters who are threatened, and would love to silence us one and all. It ain’t gonna’ happen!

    You know what? Screw these forces of evil. I will continue to stand in their way just like Polish resistance fighters of old. Bring it on, rat bastards.

    As long as what I know and say to be true is broadcast, screw you. If you disagree, just try and drag me off of a free speech forum. I will so willingly go there.

    All of this is wrong. It will be righted. I have no doubt about that. That’s not a threat. My belief is that all of the current board members of national/intermational banks should start moving 90 plus % of profits into protection mode. You are so going to need it.

    Clawbacks to the left of me, homeowners to the right here I am in the middle with Geithner.

    And that’s a bad spot to be in.

  68. . And be careful about the use of other people’s writing — make sure you give them and their publication credit and link back to the source . . .Over 1000 clueless web pages that have professed knowledge without one day on the other side ….not one day. Even clients I have had who were lured away by people with good intentions that never ever had a clue.

    It is the ex clients who started their own business i am focused on .

  69. Before everyone gets their underwear into a knot about Jake Naumer, here is what has been going on the for the past month. Last month, he received several emails from attorneys and bloggers who’s articles he was posting on his site. One of whom is foreclosure defense attorney in St. Petersburg. They demanded he take down their articles. After several email exchanges that went back and forth, Jake ultimately refused to comply with their request. It was then that they complained to WordPress claiming he was violating their copyright, WordPress took the site down. Contrary to the rumors, the Banks had nothing to do with it. It was because Jake was damaging their SEO and because he was not posting an attribute and a link. So, yes it was Jake’s own fault. I warned him as did others for 3 months to change the way he was posting and he refused.

  70. I’ve been the internet nanny warning bloggers about giving credit for the stories they use. It would have been nice Neil if YOU had credited me on that account.

    I notified pipping hole, then removed them from Swarm the Banks when they refused to put links to their sources. I just notified another blogger a day ago because they were doing the same thing.

    And I have written an article about crediting other soucres and not using the entire article either.

    I partially blame wordpress for not giving any kind of a tutorial to their bloggers. It seems to me that wordpress bloggers do it more than other types of bloggers, but that is just an opinion on my part.

  71. What about Lisa Epstein??? Is there a pattern going on here???

  72. Anything — to put foreclosures through.

    Know of a case — not too long ago — in which judge through out claims against the blogger. But, the blog shut down anyway.

    Think there is more to this story.

  73. Supreme Court shields prosecutors in wrongful convictions.,0,1867335.story

    Pharoah Let My People Go.

    A word of encouragement. History is on our side. Good always prevails.

  74. Trespass unwanted,

    Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! I have alot to learn from you through the Creator. You’re forward vision is insightful, thanks so much for putting life, liberty and freedom in perspective and please post often, I’ll definitely be paying attention. Beautifully spoken and very well taken. I’m eager to learn. Thanks again

  75. trespass unwanted

    Thank you..All is one, just not the same. The evil doers will soon pass away.

  76. I can smell the fear on them.

  77. Thus one of many reasons for me starting my posts (‘opinions’) with.

    [From a spiritual (not religious, but spiritual) perspective, we never really know the truth all the time, we know the truth in the ‘now’ based on what we know ‘now’, and after ‘now’ we may learn something that changes what we know and creates a new ‘now’ that has a new ‘truth’. That’s from a spiritual perspective.]

    I know nothing and if I think I know something I know nothing. I do not give legal advice because I don’t know legal things.

    First Amendment rights applied to the ‘People’ of the United States of America…there have been no People in the “United States’ corporation.

    I wish some of you would expand your understanding of the world we live in beyond this foreclosure fraud but at least the threat of having your home stolen, or having it actually stolen has awaken you to ‘something’ is wrong.

    They created man on paper, that man never walked on the land. That’s who they deal with all the time. You are the ‘surety’ and in some cases the ‘principal’ for that man. This has been in place a long time. You can’t violate the rights of a man that is not alive, if that man is on paper. You call him/her a person and you do things to that person…when you do things to the ‘body’, you are not recognizing anything is ‘in that body’, that’s why things done are , corporal. Things are changing, but people need to be aware of their history or they are doomed to repeat it.

    What is happening now has happened before in the Great Depression, and after such a success and transfer of wealth, you’d think after years of inflation and increased salaries, they’d want to expand that transfer of wealth even more.

    Foreclosures were easier back then, they held the paper, and got many to sign on for a loan over a course of years. They knew how to make sure you could not pay it back and reduced the money supply. They were holding the papers, they came and collected the property and improvements…your sweat and labor on developing undeveloped land.

    This time, all the information is public…the plan was the same, but part of the plan was to leave the ‘masses’ uneducated…so the education level of the masses equates to about 6th grade level, about the level of intelligence you need to read a newspaper, but we are God created and living, so the knowledge is within and education is really remembering what we already know. Some of us did not stop with the spoon fed information that came from let them be our only teacher is to let them be our ‘God’ so to speak, so we searched for knowledge or for the ability to remember the knowledge within.

    More and more pooled our understanding on the internet in blogs and posts to blogs and our knowledge expanded, and we saw a bigger picture of what was going on.

    We were ‘told’ it’s written in the stars that we remain in the situation we are in, so deal with it, but we are made of the stars, so if it is ‘written’ it can be ‘rewritten’. Many of us effect change by being in the light at the edge of the universe. We bring the Light and Love to the dark places and into the dark spaces.

    We are like a match in a dark room. So insignificant in size and space from the capacity of the room, but when lit, darkness has to hide in corners and shadows. Darkness does not have the power that light has..can’t take a matchstick of darkness in a well lit room, and activate it and it cause light to hide in shadows.

    Many have chosen a side by their deeds. They wear dark robes and sit on benches and do dark things while judging others. But all is one, so in their judgement, the judgment they cast out, they shall receive. They made many without a home on Earth, so they will not have a home here.

    Fear not, the time is here for the things done to be done to them. If we are mirrors of the Creator, what you do to others, you do to yourself. They have done massive deeds, and stolen massive wealth…well the mirror is ready to show them the reflection that is there.

    There’s a lot of unraveling going on now, and if anything targeting blogs may be an attempt at removal of the evidence.

    Light has entered, there is no where to hide. The dark will see the light and know it’s power.

    When, (not if but when), we get back to the Republic and Common Law, these people are not protected, on the land, they will be ‘people’, not ‘persons’.

    Did you notice a ‘Supreme Court Judge’ got a traffic ticket? You’d think the highest court of the land can overthrow a simple traffic ticket.

    I bet you didn’t notice. I bet there’s a lot of things you don’t ‘see’, but that’s your choice and your free will. I will not impose on it. There are no coincidences…everything is specific…even Japan is specific, no coincidences….let the universe do it’s job and you keep on living.

    The unraveling is going on and on going.
    Fear not about the changes of the world, control is an illusion, you are where you are supposed to be and will experience what you are supposed to experience. No one can ‘kill you’ or cause you any harm from a spiritual perspective.

    Radiation is already in the universe, it’s in space, types of it comes through this planet all the time. The earth is changing, you are made of the earth, the earth came from the universe, it is part of the stars, you came from the universe, you are part of the stars. The sun came from the universe, it is part of the star system, we are all connected. The universe will not die, neither will you. The universe changes all the time, caterpillars change into butterflies, seeds into trees, or fruits/vegetables/wheat/nuts, embryos change into babies, tadpoles into frogs….if birds are decendent from dinosaurs, they survived the extinction level event that took out the dinosaurs. Don’t let the use the media to get you to give up your ‘fear’ energy for them to use against you.

    Both sides, good and evil are clouding the information stream, it’s like listening to two channels at the same time. Eventually you will tune out one message for another. Your choice but you won’t be able to hear the other message once the decision is made.

    This planet has a God man and a LORD God man, one created the Heavens and the Earth, the other created the Earth and the Heavens…we are mixed together, like wheat and tares. Probably are having families together with them and don’t know we are of different Creators.

    No reason to not love one from a different Creator, but the separation will take place.

    The bible or any religious doctrine is not perfect, but it does contain clues. Clues are all around us. I can’t detect them all. I rely on others that see them to share what they saw so I can see it too.

    You are where you are supposed to be.

    Light and Love,
    Trespass Unwanted, alive, allodial, corporeal, life, live born, born alive, free, freeman, whole blood, in jure proprio, in jure divino, adult

  78. i know your blog has made an attempt to edit the entries of comments, but you may have to go beyond that.

    define rules for comments
    a membership roster may be in order such as the one on

    it is time to go really viral, FACEBOOK THESE BASTARDS,LET A 500,000,000

  79. I agree time to get our own servers if they are reacting like this now think about whats right around the corner.They must be running scared.

  80. Gee, I thought we had the First Amendment to rely on. WordPress should publish the reason for taking down the website. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty. Just because somebody wants to sue ForeclosureBlues does not mean that its website should be shut down. I am just saying…

  81. dear mr garfield and everyone else who comments and cotributes.

    the banksters have hired several data mining companies to explore the sites like yours to find mentions of their names, executives, programs, etc.

    they have also hired overseas content fillers in Ireland, India and Bangladesh to post unsubstantiated crap about themselves. they have developed scripts, identities (aliases).

    their minions are outside U.S jurisdiction but your blogs are not.

  82. While the banks get their support groups like FDIC, OCC, the government and some courts, etc. the people who have been touched by the crime cannot get the support and the information they need, well that’s just un American!

    I can see if bloggers lie or miss represent or give falls information, I can see that would be wrong, but if anyone is giving out the proper information and point out problems and educate the public on public issues that should be the norm.

    Having the blogs and websites that educate and inform the people on the issues that affect them and their lives should never be shut down or closed, it’s not just! We all need all the help we can get in trying to get answers to our problems wether it be political or social or most of all FINANCIAL.

    I know the banks did not hesitate to report to CREDIT agencies on those who may have had defaulted on their payments, and that information is widely spread to every agency or employee or what have you; and ruin people’s credit and their future.

    If everyone has to keep clean hands, well I am all for that, but that goes for everyone and every institution. The people need to get as much information and help to know what on earth is going on with the things that affect their lives. We cannot shut down the resources of help! DID ANYONE SAY THAT WE LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

  83. Time to set up our own servers folks!

  84. So he can move to other blogs
    and it is time neil you move your site from wordpress.


  85. I believe we need to get our own servers where we can host the blogs.

  86. His blog did mention Talcott Franklin quite a bit!

    watch here @ 2:20 to learn more about Talcott Franklin’s “clearinghouse”

  87. Truth hurts and he was getting the truth told
    bet it’s something stupid whennthey come up with a reason. However when it comes to such resorts to stop truth coming out we can be assured that it is.

  88. I emailed WP asking what the hell reason they cited the first day. I received mumbles and blather. They claimed reasons that were not related to Jake’s site.
    No reply. No reply, no reply. Still waiting
    Come back Jake. We need what you do.

  89. Thanks for the notice. I too wonder what were the details were that led wordpress to close his account..

  90. Just wondering if there are any articles out there, that say what exactly what happened ?

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