Congress harmed the economy by overstepping limited powers and did and does prevent enforcement of laws. The law serves a purpose only when the laws are enforced. The economy, third element of our national security harmed by Congress who for a decade choose to make deals with banks creating a superior class of consumer. Forcing organizations incorporate into their strategy and supply chain and place into the public domain for consumer consumption financial products and financial services that are defective at the time of sale causing substantive harm to new middle class of consumer ‘investors’ and inferior class of consumers discriminated againts, reasonable people as individuals who purchase mortgages. The banks choose to break the laws to profit. Congress chooses to look the other way to profit.
Banks gladly pay sanctions over and over highly more profitable than following the law. These foreign organizations, operating as banks who utilize ‘private brand labels’ e.g., Wells Fargo, and ‘GMAC Bank’ a fictitious name, spit upon the Federal Republic, U.S. Constitution. Congress created a cast system in the United States and did not amend the Constitution. For indeed Banks are a superior class of consumer. Investors now are the new middle class of consumer, and individual consumers are now an inferior class of consumer without due process of law subject to unlawful seizure of their property in a larcenous manner.

Consumers the only way to fix this is to get educated. Each transaction is not complicated. The diabilical plot is not complicated. Its fraud, smoke and mirrors.

The only right you have left is to submit in writing your Petiton to redress grievances seeking injunctive relief and humbly request your authority in both houses to stop overstepping their limited owers and to enforce laws in place that would protect the welfare of the nation. Seek prayerful remedy as allowed under law. Congress must stope making deals with foreign organizations. If Congress ignores your respectful requests petiton the President of the United States of America, Commander in Chief of the Executive Branch to invoke Executive Order and seek first impression case charging Congress for collusion having harmed the economy. Its not the FRB, SEC, OTS, OTC, FTC, its Congress who prevents enforcement of laws. Congress created the Federal Administrative Agencies who are without authority to adjudicate unlawful business acts. We prayerfully seek relief thru due process and under fourth amendment seek the President of the United States Executive Branch Article II to enforce laws and bring forth case charging those who harmed the economy, third element of our national security for together we can seek justice.

How much longer can Congress ignore with intent the banking, insurance, real estate frauds?

Does Congress think the inferior class of consumer will remain quiet our silence perceived as we are in agreement?

Will the inferior class continue to allow their property to be taken unlawfully? 95% of the foreclouses are uncontested. The party standing before the court must prove they are the lawful party when you contest. Yes you need an attorney and there are few who protect consumers as defendants through consumer protection laws. Why? Many attorney’s dont’ even know what those laws are for so long they profitted easily as transactional attonreys.

To be a responsible citizen learn what harmed you and never again trust those who tell us banking is too complicated. We all have calculators. Money, interest, is just a math formula. Knowledge is power and you don’t have to trust a bank employee who tells you they know best how to invest your only asset, how to improve your credit. Take responsiblity as patriots to protect the nation and seek justice revealing one mortgage at a time ‘Foreclosue-gate’ simply another banking, insurance, real estate scam and frauds. Default events of 90 days trigger employees at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Institutional Lending, for example, to follow the script and agreements that will allow the SERVICER and MASTER SERVICER of the SELLER and BUYER to process claims under ‘credit enhancements’ and ‘insurance policies’ and for a fact the loans created during the default event do not exist in the Pooling & Servicing Agreement (PSA) of the reference ‘loan trust’ and the only reason the SERVICER would go to so much trouble would be to claim benefits from their valuable investement in the ERRORS & OMISSIONS POLICY.

The banks business selling loans at a discount.

The loans sold at a discount using private brand label of a national bank allows the banks to control the inferior class and contain their complaints into one bucket! Anything with the private brand label ‘Wells Fargo’ goes to the ineffective federal administrative agency OCC Congress created thru acts, enacted laws, enacted the agencies, roles and responsiblities and supervisory over SERVICING.

During Origination the BUYERof the discounted loans are in agreements and sell back to SELLER who also acts ‘as Depositor’ the SERVICING rights and retains custody of the documents.

In the event of a default by a consumer, the SERVICERS pull out the Reconstituted Servicing Agreement which includes instructions the employees of Wells Fargo for example, Executvie Specialist, for its client ’708′ Lehman Brothers in an approved Exhibit tagged onto the 8K typically an unassociated documents.

The loan# created during the default event as instructed inside of the ‘Reconstituted Servicing Agreement’ instucts the Employees of private brand label, Executive Specialists, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Institutional Lending what documents to create, what loan trust to reference and which robo-debt collector law firm in agreement will process the documents for Wells Fargo Bank NA, and using the same loan# during origination used between BUYER & SELLER. and same loan # created during foreclosue, the SELLER as SERVICER notifies the Substitute Trustee who is at long arm reach is with or without knowledge that the loan was never ever inside the pooling & servicing agreement PSA of the ‘loan trust’ and with intent and to make use of the valuable credit enhancement of the ERRORS AND OMISSIONS Policies which provide 10% return on the investment; per Billion dollars is $100 Million dollars. Wells Fargo Bank NA Credit Risk Managers are tracking total forclosure forecasted claims against the ‘loan trust’ that does contain loans just not the ones in foreclosue!

Master Servicer filing claims as BUYER and SELLER during origination and Foreclouse.

Why would Congress even debate about MERS? Why are the cities using MERS to track the properties in foreclosue? Is MERS a good tracking tool? YES? Can banks sell loans at a discount yest. Can banks sell loans over and over that are not securitized? Yes. Can banks use the consumer asset in their portfolio’s as an asset if they paid for the loan? I don’t know if they can if they don’t hold a lien on the title. That is for who to decide? Its a matter of COmmerce and all matters of Commerce Congress decides whether they will do anything and if they will issue sanctions. We know they don’t enforce laws. A sad sad day to realize the Federal Republic will disappear unless the consumers as an inferior class step up and get smart and learn its not hard to understand what they did now that we can access information that was not publically shared and the spin that everything is complicated is not true. The only truth in all of this is the inferior class is here to stay, you are not safe in life and property and no more lives should be ruined not one day more without Congress acting responsibly, admitting they made mistakes and they will no longer harm the economy and our beloved nation and protect as their oath dictates the welfare of the United States of America.

Why would Congress in both houses allow foreign organizations to spit upon the U.S. Constitution?

Does Congress reallynot know that members of the private financial exchange collaborated in Agreements over the SEC are allowed to reengineer roles and responsiblities.

Does Congress really not know that Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Structured Asset Securities Corp, Bear Stearns, Lehman as underwriter for the private family trust affiliate and non-affiliate brokers Frederick MD, the former Wells Fargo & Co., Norwest, Wells Fargo HSBC Trade Bank, Bank of New York, Federal Bank of New York, John Rockerfella, Sun Trust are in agreements and former registrations and collaborated 1994-1997, acquired the valuable private brand label ‘Wells Fargo’ 11/2/1998. Is it coincidence that Wells Fargo HSBC Trade Bank was part of the Norwest merger? Is it coincidence the name used on the storefronts in 50 states used the valuable name of a national bank? Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. was a general purpose entity, a domestic entity other in the Federal Reserve and part of Wells Fargo & Co/MN formerly Norwest. The new parent chose to survive as a subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Co. using a new RSSD ID tracking # under the Federal Reserve who became oeprating as a Financial Holding Company on 3/13/2000 and FREDDIE MAC, Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp, GMAC-RFC, Norwest promoted the #1 Virtual Bank, #1 Originator and #1 Servicer and profitted.

The intent of the foreign organization clearly to control the world economy.

Since 2000, in the United States of America, the private brand label ‘Wells Fargo’ did control the real estate industry.

As a foreign organization, and wholesaler of discounted loans, owning a valuable logo they placed Trojan Horses on Main Street throughout the USA in all 50 states where consumers are forced to trust their only asset to con men and con women, employees who take consumer property into the pipeline and supply chain.

Freddie Mac, Microsoft, Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp, GMAC-RES Cap (formerly GMAC-RFC) and Norwest LTD LP LLLP controlled 99/2000 virtual networks and in agreement swith private brand label ‘Norwest Asset Securities Corp (“NASCOR”) laundered money out of the nation one mortgage at a time. By July 2003, the commercial application complete to track electronically Foothill Capital Group & Wells Fargo & Co. transactions July 10, 2003 by Bank of America (BOA Agent for Foothills deal acquiring Norwest) dba Wells Fargo & Co/MN Thereafter, anyone who wanted a chunk of the business profits 3 to 1 had to become a MEMBER of MERS.

Wells Fargo handled the ‘Investors’ and excuted agreements able to ‘more easily’ originate this complex loan for Bank of America (said Joe Forte, senior partner at Dechert LLP.”. MERS Commercial promoted to be the standard in CMBS transactions. CMBS conduit operations for Bank of America Securities. This system opened pandora’s box for the ‘banks’ secured temporary permission from Congress to not document loans when they were a financial holding company. CMBS marketplace designed for use by issuers, master servicers, custodians, orignators, and special servicers. It’s a virtual application that supports tracking multiple promissory notes and multiple properties in the collateral structure and provides a method to identify how manysecurity instruments and UCC documents were presenta t the time of the loan closing. How does MERS reduce the risk for a lender to repurchase a loan? Bankc of America Securities, Bear Stearns, GE Capital Real Estate GMAC Commercial, John Hancock and Wells Fargo are the private funders of the commercial application. Wells Fargo & Bear Stearns (now JP Morgan) do not record their own retail transactions. ABN AMRO/LaSalle Bank,

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  1. AHM Invest Corp, state in their 10K, the mortgage brokers through whom originate wholesale loans have parallel and separate legal obligations to which they are subject.

    FTC entered into a Settlement Agreement with a MORTGAGE LENDER where the FTC characterized a MORTGAGE BROKER had placed all of its loan production with a single LENDER as the ‘AGENT’ of the lender.

    FTC imposed a fine on the LENDER in part because as principal the LENDER was legally responsible for the MORTGAGE BROKER’s unfair and deceptive acts and practices.

    Funny, now I know what the FTC ignored my complaints against Wells Fargo. And they knew did they not that they only originate loans and are not the LENDER! And I could have had a V-8! Instead of wasting hundreds of hours until I knew for sure. Afterall, the substantive omissions of material facts leave consumers without evidence that we are not in agreement with LENDER.

    AHM Invest Corp (American Home Mortgage – funny we should learn this from ‘them’ but…

    The United States Department of Justice, notably — in the past — has sought to hold the MORTGAGE LENDER responsible for the pricing practices of MORTGAGE BROKERS, alleging that the MORTGAGE LENDER is directly responsible for the total fees and charges paid by the borrower under the Fair Houseing Act, even if the LENDER neither dictated what the MORTGAGE BROKER could charge nor kept the money for its own account.

    The originator, AHM Invest Corp, claims to exercise little or no control.

    FTC, ignored of course, that Wells Fargo controlled the real estate industry of the United States selling in bulk loans at a discount.

    Who were those masked people we did business with anyway? Originators? Yep! and they are not the LENDER and they are in Agreements sold back the servicing rights.

    LENDERS have risk.

    Originators and SERVICERS make money without risk.

    I am not a lawyer and I do not know legal things and even if I think I do I don’t.
    Victory Over Theft Exchange

    Get Educated
    Look up real legal definitions
    Get copies of the origination documents including the funding.
    Fight Back

    Use the law to reveal CLOUDEDTITLEGate!
    Intent to take your property by deceptive acts, originator allowed third party to take possession of your property in a larcenous manner.

    CertificateGate! robo-signers there too! All fo the “Loan Trusts’ ‘Trusts’ ‘Certificates’ were robo-signed by ‘officers’ without first hand knowledge. Inside jobs. Like E. Todd Whittemore. Come on Todd, you worked for Aurora Loan Financial. EVP of what? Signatory of SEC documents. Sounds important. Meaningless when you consider and ask youself what was E Todd Whittemore, for example, attesting as EVP on a 10K?

    SEC Agreements definitions are per Agreement. When is a ‘Trustee’ a lawful trustee or a substitute trustee for the SERVICER performing an administrative task unrelated to a real trust agreement?

    SEC documents you must find yours, and extract the definitions. They are so sneaky, they will refer to terms not defined in this agreement to be make up roles and responsiblities and their own rules whether lawful or not. .

  2. Leapfrog:

    Sadly there are few educated attorney’s coming out of the revoling doors of ‘general store law schools.’.
    Radio Blog of Max Gardner and Michael Joe an attorney with the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada discussion:

    The current body of attorney’s are without knowledge over the subject matter foreclosure defense and/or do not want to miss the boat when the real estate market turns around.

    Foreclosure-gate was not disclosed by any one of the big fancy firms who represent the Plaintiffs.

    Foreclosure-gate was was disclosed by a pro-bono attorney, with banking experience, a subject matter expert, who saw what was wrong to protect his client. That attorney, worked with another who did rigtht by the consumer, legal system, and may inadvertently save the USA.

    The cascading revelations came forth thru Legal Services in FL, OH, NJ, …

    The AG’s are without authority to enforce laws unless Congress says Go. Who can bring a first impression case to stop sanctioning ‘banks’ as a superior class of consumer who are financial holding companies and long-arm reach of foreign organizations.

    A women who could not afford an attorney, losing her home in bankruptcy, deserves due process of law, and protection from unlawful seizure of her property.

    The bank’s created the documents which allow 3rd parties to take possession of property in larcenous manner, when the Plaintiff is not the party with Standing, not owed the debt, claiming to be the lawful party.

    Consumers can’t afford to be without a good attorney. How many do you know who are foreclosure defense attorney’s with knowledge of consumer protection laws, bankruptcy, loan mitigation?

    My personal goal is to reveal the loopholes which harm our nation.

    I’m not a pro se advocate.

    I am an advocate of becoming educated and taking back responsiblity to protect my nation since Congress won’t.

  3. Mary & 3rdborn,

    Thanks so much for the feedback and encouragement. It is unbelievable how I constantly converse with distressed homeowners who have no idea that they have rights. I find myself sympathizing with them, but I remain tight lipped because I don’t want to cross any legal lines, there’s a thin line between reality and perception, especially when you’re speaking to a complete stranger one on one.

    I always refer people to Neil’s blog, I’m just concerned with the laziness of people who refuse to read. I know its my duty to educate and I would much rather host a support group and meet at least bi-weekly. 3rdborn, I’m going to replicate what you’re doing and use disclaimers often. I’ll visit your website at

    Can anybody and everybody share their thoughts about circulating an identically drafted petition in our respective areas? Are there any attorneys available who are willing to draft the petition and submit it them to the proper agencies? Thanks for any feedback and/or information you can offer.

  4. “There are some revealing, as well as amusing threads in this presentation. The authors make strong declarations about the motives of borrowers that range from incomplete to biased. For instance, it notes a meaningful uptick in the number of pro se defendants. It blames this development on “negative press….emboldening borrowers to pursue legal action”. It bizarrely makes them sound like the instigators when they are responding to legal action taken against them. And it further contends that many are unwilling to hire attorneys, when the more obvious explanation is they can’t afford counsel and there aren’t enough Legal Aid lawyers to go around. ”

  5. To Make It Happen: The disclosure I made in our support group is that we are not attorneys blah blah. We WILL be passing on information on recent court filings and court decisions for them to use by themselves or through an informed attorney, and I stressed in a various places the “INFORMED” attorney part. Those are public records so it shouldn’t be any violation to pass them on WITHOUT supplying or suggesting how or when to use them. Avoid statements like “You should (or you need to) file a…” in place of “others have filed a …”

    Dave Krieger, a Paralegal, could help us on this to keep us out of trouble. Dave: Are you there? Neil: Help, please.

    You can post your group on which can be a central place to list all groups nationally. We had our 1st mtg on Friday and the people were sooo relieved that there was hope and something they could do. They truly appreciated having a group that educates them. It was very mutually rewarding. The lack of informed attorneys will continue to be a problem though.

    I am now organizing a 3hr. seminar for attorneys that will define the problem and the large market they can serve re foreclosure defense and quiet title, present some recent court rulings and direct them to Neil’s cache of services that will be on their level of law-speak and procedures. With a cursory introduction to the players and the problems, they can decide to pursue and buy Neil’s manuals that will be easier to follow. That seminar may be as important as the support groups. I will invite the real estate, bankruptcy, business & contract, and fair debt collection lawyers in our 3-county area. Any ideas, thoughts, help or warnings by anyone will be appreciated . We have to make this work!

  6. To support each other please share your name, state and phone number. Help find good attorney’s in your state that you can personally recommend based upon their knowledge, specialities and ethics.

    As we learn facts we can share with others adn point them to resources and help with the fog and fear. We all must care as Patriots about our nation. We must stop trusting others with important decisions that affect our lives.

    Silence is not golden.

    Don’t be silent one more day.

  7. Sure. 973-347-3475

  8. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to start a support group, but I have no idea if I would be crossing the lines of the unauthorized practice of law. I have extensive access to homeowners facing foreclosure and those in the preforeclosure process…I just don’t know how to assist them. Can anyone assist me. I have no intent of making a profit, I know to help one of us is to help all of us. Please let me know of any ideas

  9. so there never has been any “arms-length” relationship between any of these member of the consorteum. Hmmm. Now I understand the position of the Comptroller of the Currency.


  11. AMEN! Homeowners must get educated. I have started Foreclosure Support Groups in Greater Cleveland Ohio & surrounding counties to do just that. People are clambering for this kind of information and the hope it brings…can you organize one or more in your area?

    See for mtg info. The site is new and very incomplete so check back often. The site is to support the support group–not to republish all of Neil’s et al irreplaceable information–just link to them. The mtg outline/agenda is being published today to follow if you want. You can use that site for your meet a site for each area/group. Remember: “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.”

  12. Mary

    Is there any way I can privately contact you? If you cannot do here — maybe, can go through Neil.

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  14. Holy incoherence Batman!

  15. That’s the spirit Mary.
    In MA last year our legislators created Emergency Legislation as it relates to foreclosures. The Acts of 2010 Chapter 258. It imposes a 15 year prison sentence and a $500,000.00 FINE for anyone making false or misleading statements or putting forth and misleading or false documents as it relates to foreclosure. The law was enacted on August 7, 2010 and signed by the Governor on August 17, 2010 and became effective immediately.

    Pull it up and read section 11.

    The Bank has not produced one document in my case nor can they without violating the new law; when and if they do, I am going right to the AG and the District Attorney to have them prosecuted under the new law.

    All Massachusetts residents have a new weapon and most are unaware. Last year, in a conversation with banks counsel, I’d asked if he was aware, the answer was no. I forwarded the new law to him and to Brian T. Moynihan and Barbara Desoer. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. There is no way they can demonstrate standing without violating Section 11.

    Pro-se litigant

  16. Mary,

    I’m one person in pro-per and I do understand, and am willing to take it all the way by myself.

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