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EDITOR’S COMMENT: The U.S. Treasury is reported to own $4.6 TRILLION in mortgage bonds, which would make it the creditor in millions of homes that (a) have already been “foreclosed” (b) are in “foreclosure” or (c) going to be foreclosed. Yet not once in any court action is the U.S. Treasury named as the creditor or having any interest in any mortgage. They paid 100 cents on the dollar  to save the big powers on Wall Street (ignoring the smaller players who had played fair and square) and now they are going to test the market by starting to sell these mortgage bonds back into the marketplace.


So if you want to know why the government’s programs have been so anemic in confronting the fraudulent, illicit and  immoral behavior of Wall Street and the pretender lenders out there foreclosing on homes they never financed, you don’t have to look any further than the $4.6 TRILLION that the government says it is holding in mortgage-backed bonds that are backed by fatally defective and fraudulent mortgages and notes.

If the government were to tell the truth the way Elizabeth Warren says should be done, then the government would have to admit that (a) under the best case scenario they spent 100 cents when the speculative value was only 2-3 cents and (b) there is something fundamentally wrong with the mortgage backed bonds and the underlying fatally defective, fraudulent mortgages and notes. THAT WOULD AMOUNT TO ADMISSION THAT THE TAXPAYERS GIFTED $4.6 TRILLION TO WALL STREET.

To put this into perspective: 7 million homes have been fraudulently sold at auction on credit bids submitted by non-creditors. Not one penny was paid at these auctions nor any money before that because the bidder never lent any money nor did they purchase the receivable. The bidder was paid as a stand-in for the undisclosed and potentially unknowable creditor just like the “loan originator” was paid to stand in as the lender.

Applying the $4.6 TRILLION from the U.S. Treasury to cover losses to investors and homeowners caused by fraudulent appraisals, fraudulent ratings, and deceptive lending practices, (instead of giving the money to Wall Street) would have allowed an average of $657,142 to be applied on each so-called mortgage transaction providing more than enough to provide substantial relief to investors, and correcting the bogus loans to fair market value levels, thus leaving the investors where they intended to be and the homeowners where they intended to be. Oops!

Instead, the U.S. Treasury maintains the illusion of authenticity of the mortgage bonds and the mortgages, obscures the identity of creditors in foreclosures, and continues to indirectly prop up balance sheets of mega institutions on Wall Street. The true value of the Citi group is not $129 Billion as reported but more like a negative figure. Let it fall, and do what is right for investors and homeowners and the economy is largely fixed. Continue with current policy and our credibility in world markets will continue to erode. I’m not the only one who figured this out. Central Bankers and world economists understand this perfectly well.

It’s not too late. Don’t sell the bonds. Use them to make things right with investors and homeowners and go after the assets of the mega banks including the off-shore money that management took in the tier 2 yield spread premium that nobody wants to talk about. There management cheated not only investors and borrowers, but stockholders as well.

BBC: US Treasury to sell $142bn of mortgage assets

US house for sale The US housing market is still fragile

The US Treasury has said it will start selling off $142bn (£87bn) worth of mortgage-backed securities that it bought during the financial crisis.

It said it would look to sell up to $10bn worth every month and expected to generate a profit of between $15bn and $20bn from the sales.

The money will help to reduce the government’s high budget deficit.

The Treasury bought the securities in 2008 and 2009 as part of its attempts to combat the financial crisis.

“We’re continuing to wind down the emergency programmes that were put in place in 2008 and 2009 to help restore market stability, and the sale of these securities is consistent with that effort,” said assistant treasury secretary for financial markets Mary Miller.

“We will exit this investment at a gradual and orderly pace to maximise the recovery of taxpayer dollars and help protect the process of repair of the housing market.”

The government stepped in to buy the mortgage-backed securities when investors began lose confidence in the instruments when the housing market slumped during the financial crisis.

The housing market is still fragile in the US, with figures released on Monday showing a fall in existing home sales in February of 9.6% compared with the previous month.

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  1. cubed2k,

    Always told my mother — I do not like Glen Beck — now she gets it.

  2. Anon, I was watching Glen Beck last night, DVR’d from a day earlier I think or sometime in this week. He was explaining the financial crisis and mortgage/foreclosure mess. Boy, he’s been brainwashed as well. He doesn’t have a clue. FOX network just went down to the controlled media for me. FOX network is listed under the article posted by Neil in “Naming Names: Your Real Government” on the right.

    Beck actually says people signed a contact for their homes and should pay it and keep their promise. Beck is a traitor and adds to the confusion, he does not get. Once again only certain info is released and discussed. Everything is taken out of content and twisted to suit their viewpoint they want you to have. There should be a law that says you can’t report something unless you have the full details. Anyways, I now know Beck is another hack for the elites and money changers.

    While eating lunch I’ll switch between CNBC, Fox and MSNBC. It’s funny watching all these clowns talk. Stocks and wall st on cnbc and their world of BS, then Fox reporting what they think is important, then the foreign hack talking about what he thinks is important. Ever notice on these channels they now have a lot of english speaking heavy accent foreigners – global, trying to get us used to it all.

    My wife says she can’t stand watching the CNBC on financial markets, she says it is all so frantic like. I said yes, they are trying to create motion, movement, like something is happening. But in actuality it is boring. To make money on wall St you need movement, stable prices to do yield returns when trading. You look at stocks and they all have the same basic charts. Why is that? All stocks move about the same and produce the same technical charts on a given day. Not all but most of them. why is that? Like all the owners of all those stocks sold and bought the same day, not possible. It’s controlled by the market makers.

    I traded stocks for awhile, price stability or slow movement is not how you will make money. There is no product (or production with exchange), only money making money or losing money. You need movement to do that, price swings. Hence the ABS and MBS markets now.

  3. “Conflict of Interest”. Looking to profit off of bogus MBS by selling them to predatory investors is a breach of fiduciary duty owed to homeowners.

    Side note: A couple of terms in the Fraudclosure game that make me think it was set up kind of like betting on Football games.
    “pool” “slice and dice”

    Investors bet for when default occurs, when houses are sold and what they’ll sell for.

  4. cubed2k,

    All this means — is MONEY MONEY MONEY — and by every means possible.

  5. boy oh boy, all this because Wall St had to turn houses (home ownership) into a trading vehicle of paper. They need to get out of our lives or one day they will be out their own.


    To confirm the “Game of 40 Thieves” please read EX 99.1 of AIG 8K report filed on 3/10/2011 with SEC. (SEC file # 1-08787, Accession # 950123-11-24205)

    Please also see EX-10.1 of AIG 8K report filed with SEC on 12/15/2008. (SEC file# 1-08787, Accession # 950123-8-17611)
    There is an Asset Purchase Agreement dated 12/12/2008 and reference of it was given in EX-99.1, when AIG is purchasing these assets back from Maiden Lane II LLC controlled by the US Treasury and Fed Reserve.
    All of these assets are in Maiden Lane I, Maiden Lane II and Maiden Lane III, after the major trigger event, AIG Bailout and insurance proceeds. All of these banks et al have acted and are still acting ultra-virus. When they do not own how they can foreclose.
    Please link these and the game of “40 THIEVES” is clear and now over (EXPOSED)

  7. “I’ve said it repeatedly, but it seems I can never say it enough: the financial power that be have long ago ceased being in the business of anything remotely connected with reality. They honestly seem to believe if they can get enough people to believe their propaganda, reality will come to conform to it.”


  8. The unwinding has begun AND is underway.

    I said GAME OVER, and it’s GAME OVER!

    It may not look like it, but the government was the largest holder of the biggest fraud and ponzi scheme as of late ( LOL ).

    If there is no buyer…it’s proof it was worthless and a ponzi scheme. If the Fed buys it, …well let’s just say there are some things even the Fed won’t touch.

    So, if no one buys it, that’s the evidence that it was worthless from the start. If he sells it at a loss, that means it’s not worth the paper it’s written on. If he sells it at a profit, the ponzi scheme continues and the ‘new fool’ is holding the hot potato and will have to get rid of it.

    My what a tangled web they’ve weaved, and now they are wrapped in it.

    Stay in the light everyone, the dark shadows are beginning to be exposed. Lower vibrations are no longer in control.

    A bit more jostling around and the Captain will have control of the ship and can steer the People home.

    It ain’t a crime until a crime has been committed. I’ll say criminal activity has been going on for a loooong time.

    [ “To put this into perspective: 7 million homes have been fraudulently sold at auction on credit bids submitted by non-creditors. Not one penny was paid at these auctions nor any money before that because the bidder never lent any money nor did they purchase the receivable. The bidder was paid as a stand-in for the undisclosed and potentially unknowable creditor just like the “loan originator” was paid to stand in as the lender.” ]

    Sounds like evidence of a crime to me. I can see those bankers thinking they have the upper hand in the settlement to decide how much they are willing to pay to get out of what they’ve orchestrated. What’s on sale and how the world responds to it; is proof that they orchestrated a huge ponzi scheme with impunity.

    Hey banker man! This is not the Depression years! We know how it was orchestrated then…but factor in one thing…you legislated ‘life’ out of the picture and though you could orchestrate it again. Well sorry, ‘Life finds a way.’, as paleontologist Allen Grant, said when he realized the dinosaurs were breeding inside Jurassic Park, contrary to the carefully planned design and total control of their fake ecosystem .

    The One Infinite Creator within knows everything, is within everything, and is everywhere.

    I have to speak vaguely. These are my opinions and “I live” by them.

    Light and Love,

    Trespass Unwanted, alive, allodial, corporeal, life, live born, born alive, free, freeman, whole blood, in jure divino, in jure proprio

  9. Anonymous, you wrote:

    “US government is, in fact, continuing to transfer wealth from the American people (who are ALL taxpayers) into the hands of undisclosed parties — possibly including — themselves – in the foreclosure process.”

    Along with the another very efficient transfer of wealth through QE1 and QE2, which moved/is moving billions of dollars in wealth from savings/retirement/pension accounts upstairs to the top 1% or 2%.

    Will we all suddenly awaken after the entire crime has been executed? How do we intercede? What steps can be taken to interupt this crime?

    Many questions….

  10. almost correct..

  11. Civil Disobedience (Thoreau)
    From Wikipedia,

    Civil Disobedience (Resistance to Civil Government) is an essay by Henry David Thoreau that was first published in 1849. It argues that people should not permit governments to overrule or atrophy their consciences, and that people have a duty to avoid allowing such acquiescence to enable the government to make them the agents of injustice. Thoreau was motivated in part by his disgust with slavery and the Mexican-American War.

  12. We are talking “securities” and derivative contracts – in the hands of the US government. As I have stated, beneficial pass-through security holders — are not the creditor. Thus, US government would not be profiting by foreclosures — under any security instrument pass-through.

    However, derivative contracts are not security pass-through — and foreclosure proceeds would be transferred to the US government by any derivative swap contract — or by any subordinate (mezzanine) tranches that transfer collection rights out of a security pass-through trust. (And- US government ALSO holds these tranches/contracts)

    In either case, the US Government is controlling the foreclosures by failing to demand meaningful modifications — not voluntary modifications — under the program HAMP.

    US government is, in fact, continuing to transfer wealth from the American people (who are ALL taxpayers) into the hands of undisclosed parties — possibly including — themselves – in the foreclosure process.

  13. How can the gov make a profit if they paid 100Cents on the dollar, and the market has steadily fallen since 2008, as it continues to do? The government just feeds their own un-credibility with repeatedly thinking we are STUPID, when actually, STUPID must be a criteria to be a policymaker. Don’t they know and care that we see them (as they ARE) stupid? This further makes the case for a ONE TERM for each house, drawing the expertise from the populace for the 4 or 6 years–THEY WOULD NOT WANT TO GO HOME LOOKING STUPID. Problem is–these guys NEVER go home.

    Use your knowledge to form a support group in your area to educate homeowners on these frauds and their rights. See legallyfightingforeclosure.com–1st support group in Cleveland Ohio area. Publish your group there.

  14. The only way out of this is to involve INTERNATIONAL COURT IN THE HAGUE or France or Mexico or Spain or any other country.

  15. Prudential Mortgage Capital Funding / Bear Stearns / Wells Fargo, Prudential Securities …..  
    Do not let the name fool you.
    The Federal Reserve Bank of New York located on Liberty Street is a Trojan Horse, the “World’s largest accumulation of gold.” The gold bullion in New York’s vault is part of the monetary reserves of foreign governments, central banks, and official international organizations around the globe. What is the U.S. government going to do when the foreign organizations call in the notes and want delivered to Liberty street the reserves held by the Treasury Department at Fort Knox, Kentucky and West Point, New York, Denver and Philadelphia Mints and San Francisco Assay Office?
    The Currency managed not in the best interest of the Real Estate Industry of the United States of America. Rather foreign organizations and private family’s trusts, 1970’s organization charge of FRB NY reveals Rothschild’s & John Rockefeller. In agreements with SunTrust & Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns. What are the gold reserves worth today? In 2008 $236 billion. What will happen when the foreign organizations call in the notes?
    The money laundered out of the nation one mortgage at a time over the private financial exchanges harmed the economy of the nation, third element of our national security.
    In 1992/1993 The Foothill Group Inc, and its subsidiary Foothill Capital, Group and new Parent, Pacific Crest, acquired control of the real estate industry of the United States of America.

    The deals that went down created the virtual pipeline through which Norwest Corp dba Wells Fargo & Co/MN sold discounted loans wholesale. The foreign organization’s owners successfully married Norwest and former Wells Fargo Company survived acquiring the valuable American trade name ‘Wells Fargo & Company.’ The storefronts operating in 50 states and US Territories throughout the USA took in residential property , and laundered money out of the nation one mortgage at a time. The foreign organization operating as the largest producer of non-conforming mortgage products right here inside the USA.
    . Norwest Corporation already in deals and agreements with, Chase Manhattan Mortgage Group, GMAC-RFC Wells Fargo, HSBC Global plc, Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns were all private members of financial exchanges. Each re-engineered roles and responsibilities worked in collaboration did take residential properties one mortgage at a time into their pipelines dba Wells Fargo.
    The state set on 3/13/2000 the new Wells Fargo & Co. parent operating as a financial holding company, was responsible for being in the USA the #1 virtual bank, #1 Originator and #1 Servicer. July 2003, it’s no accident that Wells Fargo & Bank of America were responsible for consummating and promoting the first virtual no-documentation electronic exchange using the commercial services and commercial products they required the United States of America Real Estate Industry to utilize in order to get a chunk of business.

    2000 Financial Holding Companies – Clinton apologized he made a big mistake trusting the lobbyists. Congress provided pass for no-documentation for financial holding companies May 2003 via SEC money thereafter laundered out of nation one mortgage at a time.
    Real Estate Industry controlled by foreign organizations using ‘Wells Fargo’ and ‘Norwest’ to bring to mama properties selling discounted loans.
    July 2003 Wells Fargo, & Agent Bank of America demonstrated the new ‘MERS’ vehicle to conduct business selling loans without having to worry about ‘securitization’ free to create loan#’s over and over and over again!
    No documentation for sales of non-conforming mortgage products, loans endorsed in blank alike bearer bonds!
    Is the majority of Congress ignorant in financial matters and ‘trust’ as consumers the inferior class of consumer trusted employees of the banks their only asset was safe in the hands of Wells Fargo?

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