Banks’ Lawyers (Shapiro & Burson) Accused of Forging 1,000+ Deeds

Daily Finance | Foreclosure Fraud in Maryland: Banks’ Lawyers (Shapiro & Burson) Accused of Forging 1,000+ Deeds

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Well well well.

I wonder if this includes forged satisfactions of mortgage as well, Mr. President…

Foreclosure Fraud in Maryland: Banks’ Lawyers Accused of Forging 1,000+ Deeds


As if the country needed more proof of the outlaw behaviors of banks and their agents, The Baltimore Sun‘s Jamie Smith Hopkins reports that 1,000 or more Maryland deeds are likely forgeries, created by a foreclosure mill. A former notary from law firm Shapiro & Burson filed an affidavit with law enforcement and regulators charging that the attorneys’ signatures on the deeds and other important documents were forgeries signed at the express direction of management. The affidavit attached sample signatures.

If the forgery claims are true — and that’s not much of an “if” — the false deeds cloud the properties’ titles, creating a nightmare for the innocent people who bought the homes after they were foreclosed upon.

This isn’t the first time this has come up in Maryland: Last year, two other law firms in the state, Bierman Geesing & Ward and Covahey Boozer Devan and Dore, admitted that they had forged signatures on foreclosure documents in a similar manner. And Baltimore firm Friedman & MacFayden is being investigated for similar allegations, the Sun reports. At this rate, the title issues in Maryland could prove to be as tragic in scope as those in Florida.

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  1. Getthefacts needs to get the facts on what are callled ‘self-serving assignments’.

    No POA is in evidence for Litton to assign to this DOT to the group that they should be viewed as working on behalf of. This is just the same as assigning the DOT in favor of their ‘boss’. (Although the servicing companies are known to act independently of the interests of the erstwhile investors.)

    This assignment is completely in violation of the PSA under which the securitization was to occur. That specifies the assignment had to be completed nearly 5 years ago. Any assignment of a loan that they were already claiming to be in default is prohibited by that same PSA.

    This document that Litton created is a pure piece of garbage.

  2. GET THE FACTS,do you know the law ? I don’t ever recall anybody could sign anybody else name without at least a durable working power of att. on file per signature.And even that is usually viewed with scepticism due to third party liability and so on.As far as the facts go even if you didn’t do something like this but were a party to it in knowledge only you are guilty by association.

  3. Please be sure all the facts are in before you pass judgement. And know your law. If one attorney gives someone the authority to sign their name and under oath affirms that signature as theirs it is as if they put pen to paper themselves.

  4. Of course they are all forgeries. They are done by either their secretaries, or by their secretaries who have them on computers. They are only creating documents so that they can foreclose on properties. They dont care who gets hurt, only that they were given an order from a bank. Just Do It!!! Then the firm finds a way to get it done, thus making millions of dollars in the process. Come on, now. Just Do It!!!

  5. In Virginia, the pretenders are starting to foreclose using the non judicial system and actually not even using MERS. In most deeds of trust MERS is named as the beneficiary and the pretenders are writing up the substitution of trustees in their own name, overriding MERS altogether,

    Who knows why tey are doing this and what consequences this will have on our land records. One attorney I talked to tells me that in Virginia the deed of trust follows the note, meaning that if these pretenders only forge or fabricate a blank assignment they can foreclose in their own name. That is what they are doing in my actual case.

    I have kind of given up because of illness and the fact that I cannot afford my attorney any longer. However, I will continue fighting some other ways.

    For those who have learned how have become learned in the ways of proper compliance issues and how to fight these crooks, the new bureau Consumer Financial Protection Bureau of the treasury Department where all of us may have a great deal of influence. There are many examiner jobs available all over the country.

  6. And it seems unlikely to change in the near future.

  7. I think what everybody has to accept is that almost all of the documents are fraudulent and forged. The forgeries were necessary to take the houses to foreclosure and foreclose on them illegally. The servicers are taking the FREE houses illegally, and it continues to this day.

    The fraud started even before you sat down at the closing table and signed. My mortgage already had the MIN # on it BEFORE I signed it. That means the loan was already sold and/or in a securitized trust. A this point, we know the documents in most cases were not sent to the trust. It was represented that they were in the trust, but not necessarily so. That way they could commit the first fraud and sell the MBS’s without the loans being in place and no documents to trace the fraud.

    Fraud, fraud and more fraud.

  8. Ha ha ha.

    Let the unraveling continue. Let the truth be revealed. Let the judges who played God feel the mud on their faces for having the highest power one could have on earth. The power to dispense justice against the Creator within all of us, and with that power, they sat on that bench, and swore us in, (to swear is to call God to testify) and ignored the statements from God under penalty of perjury, and put the Creator within and the little Creations (children, infants) out in the streets and made the Creator homeless on the land it created. All to satisfy a fiction that doesn’t eat, sleep, think, speak, but is always represented.

    The creation cannot be greater than the Creator.

    Ah ha ha ha ha,

    I love them.

    Universal Law comes first. It’s the law for with all other laws were created.

    As One on the internet put it, they forgot about the Law of Inevitability.

    Ah ha ha ha ha.

    I am so happy to see the things that are taking place now. Stay in the language of Love, it weakens them and strengthens you.

    This is a GREAT time to be alive.

    Trespass Unwanted, alive, allodial, corporeal, life, live born, born alive, free, freeman, wholeblood, in jure proprio, in jure divino

  9. Okay exactly how many of these firms are now making these statements?How many in the past?Is anybody keeping track of exactly how many there truly are?I mean if there are that many why is nobody paying attention and can you subpoena these people to court.WTF?

  10. This is the time when the judges should through those attorneys in jail for this type of fraud, and sanction them with tremendous fees for violating the law. I don’t understand how many times a lawyer can be found in violations nationwide and still be practicing law. Those foreclosure mills need to be foreclosed on permanently!
    our judicial system is faulty, for allowing such crime to continue without, lawyer and judges together with banks need not be above the laws of our states. We need a higher power to throw out those responsible for crimes committed on the good unsuspected innocent people who are either having their homes stolen from them or those who are buying faulty deeds on foreclosed homes! Why on earth are we the people working so hard to put politicians in offices and judges on benches to serve and protect us and they turn around and do the opposite. We need a fresh patch!!!!

  11. What do you call a thousand attorneys who are under the sea?

    A good Start.

  12. What about the Judges (also Attorneys) who let them get away with it. They are licensed educated people. They should get the death penalty for crimes against humanity.

  13. When you consider that Litton services loans that BofA has decided to pursue foreclosure against nationally, and that certain of their personnel are known as robosigners on the web, then why hasn’t Litton yet hit the headlines for the signature problems?

    In my own case, the LITTON attorney has signed as a MERS officer on the assignment of the Deed of Trust that was dated and recorded 5 years too late, per the PSA and also is a year too late per the paperwork that started the foreclosure.

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