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I’ve been hearing conspiracy theorists tell me that the states didn’t want to stop foreclosures, they wanted to keep them going and speed them up BECAUSE the court administrators had done the math, especially in states like Florida, where the filing fees are so high. As cynical as I am about the motivation of government, business and banks on this whole fiscal mess, even I thought THAT theory was a little far out.

Then along comes several articles in State Bar Association publications explaining how they are going broke because the foreclosures slowed down. It’s the lead article “Courts Brace for Budget Shortfall” by Jan Pudlow in the Florida Bar News. So rather than find a way to collect the real money from the banks for conducting fraudulent transactions and acts of interstate racketeering, violation of registration requirements, recording and failure to pay income tax, intangible tax, and other fees which dwarf the filing fees they are now after,  the court system administrators, not looking past their own noses, are just looking for low hanging fruit — more and faster foreclosure filings.

All this stuff about fabricated and forged documents at closing, fabricated and forged documents at foreclosure, appraisal fraud, predatory lending aside, they want foreclosures NOW. It would not be very cynical to imagine that Judges are under pressure to do just that since their own salaries depend upon the revenue of the court system. Thus a CONFLICT OF INTEREST arises between  (1) the state that is supposed to provide justice and due process and even the Judge whose decisions are supposed to be fair and balanced and (2) the borrower who wishes to have claims heard on the facts and decided on the merits.

In Florida, Lisa Goodner, who is the state court administrator, said there will be a $70 million shortfall bringing the the State Courts Revenue Trust Fund balance to ZERO by end of THIS MONTH. Desperate people do desperate things and throw caution and respect for the law to the winds. But when the legal system itself does it, where do you go?

At the present time the state court systems have a present motive and urgent need to have the mortgages treated as valid and the foreclosures as proper despite all public evidence to the contrary. One might speculate that requests for bailouts in some states might be acted upon by the legislature and not in other states. The same holds true for the Federal Court system. The information is presented as though we are trapped and don’t have any choices.

But we DO have choices — actually the only one available under our system of government. Apply the law, which is merely what has been written down over hundreds of years in order to conduct an orderly society. Do that and the foreclosures will mostly stop and the mega banks will most likely fall, but then all these people will have equity in their homes, rising home prices, and no need to file bankruptcy. Consumers will have money to spend,, entrepreneurs will have money to start new businesses and the small business sector will re-start its engine and supply 70% of all employment in America again. Wall Street will shrink and we’ll actually start making things that people want and performing services of actual value. Tax revenues will soar without screwing our neighbors.

SO believe in the Wall Street version of what is right and wrong or believe what you know in your heart. If you believe Wall Street we are clearly headed for a disaster and chaos of unfathomable consequences; if you believe what you know to be right, that you grew up knowing right from wrong without Wall Street telling you, then we have hope.

The really stupid thing is that any fool can tell that foreclosures are going down the tubes. So the Court administrators are headed down a rabbit hole. The question is how will this be resolved? Based upon past behavior the states will jump at the small money as long as it is  quick and the homeowners and investors who were the only real people involved in those transactions will stay screwed. Of course, if you have been reading here, the PEOPLE have the ultimate power to throw out the bums and start things over without changing our government or constitution or anything. It’s not the system or enabling documents of our society that is wrong, it is the misuse of the system by people who don’t care about the true value of America.

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    right up our alley!!

    here is the youtube of the interview of the director who won an oscar for this documentary film

  2. i am planning to file a lawsuit against our recorder’s county here in ca for not doing their job to collect taxes from the fraudsters. million of revenue lost because these officials running the county recorders office believed that after it reverts back to debt collectors such as loan servicer, the county recorder’s knew it was reverted back to original lenders. it looks like they knew what i am up to, they just ignore me because they know i am right. thousand of houses that has been foreclose and abandoned by loan servicer did not pay the real estates taxes, these debt collectors foreclose and abandon and got paid from the loan servicer but never maintained to pay the real estates taxes. another blow to the revenue of each county.

  3. neidermeyer, on March 10, 2011 at 5:01 am said:
    I filed 15 lawsuits in 9th circuit..
    daaaym …ur my hero .. action!!

  4. No worries…the courts can just bring in robo-signers, have available preprinted court orders stamped, “plaintiff’s motion denied, proceed with foreclosure”, and push through 100 times as many.

  5. The FEDs list of official Securities Underwriting and Dealing Subsidiaries

  6. @leapfrog–I totally agree with you.

    I am the first one to admit that I do not understand all this mortgage mess. In fact, I get more and more confused everyday. I for over 2 years could not understand how MERS got to be the law of the recording gods. What law was passed that made this little wessel of a company give them permissiion to take over a recording system that had been in they system for hundreds of years. Where is that law? MERS from what I understand just said this is how we are going to do this and it became a new way of recording. But then MERS accepts no responsibility for wrong recordings because they didn’t do it. Where an idiot like me can see something is not right, why can’t the courts?

    The title on my foreclosed home is most defintely clouded. What happens when the people who bought my house from REO want to sell? I could see the break in chain of title, why didn’t the title company? Now people are going to say, “These poor innocent people who bought foreclosed homes are victims.” The deadbeat homeowner who lost the home will again be blamed. Don’t people get it that when you buy a foreclosed home it is BUYER BEWARE? “Got Bargin and Sale Deed”

  7. “This makes for entertaining reading, in a sick sort of way. You’ll see again and again the notion that the law and the courts should give way to MERS. That’s consistent with what Gretchen Morgenson reported over the weekend, namely, that no review was made of the legality of MERS in any of the 50 states. The assumption was that MERS could simply be imposed.”

  8. Michael Moore Smells Blood.


    Be Strong and Courageous.

  9. Sorry George W. Bush recently canceled a trip to Switzerland because he had an arrest warrant issued against him. for war crimes.


  10. Did anybody know that George W. Bush cannot travel to Switzerland or to most Western European Countries because he has Warants for his arrest.

    This is the only way out of this ordeal Getting Arrest Warrants for Judges Attorneys and Banksters. Even their low level employees.



  11. Boots. It is the same at my county recorders office. They are all lovely people but they have no idea what is going on and they really don’t seem to care—-yet.

  12. The “Select Few” (them) are achieving just what they want…A Get Out of Jail Free card. The entire ordeal is exhausting at every level and that is exactly their (the Select Few) purpose…to EXHAUST those in the “Majority”. For every forward step accomplished, three follow that bring the Majority backwards. This country is run by thieves and bullies with money…As long as those thieves and bullies have the $$$$ to buy votes, nothing the Majority asks for will be granted. Sad, sadder and sadder still.

  13. This has gotten to the point its a joke. Our court system has become so laden with fraud and lies—how can u even believe anything that is recorded there now? When the clerk of the courts are whoring themselves out ( probably so they keep their jobs) then we have no hope. When the people become hopeless very bad things happen. That’s proven fact. . If u have – u can win– if u have not – u will lose. Nice justice. Deb

  14. I filed 15 lawsuits in 9th circuit FL attempting to get the courts to require payment of a MANDATORY STATUATORY FEE for non-Florida corps that file ,, $100 per filing ,, it would be several million a year in their pockets ,, the judges are however STILL illegally waiving the fees (they have no authority to do so) to assist the banksters..

  15. neil,
    if each county will imposed transfer tax in each fraudulent auction through “credit bid,” then each county will earned enough money to cover up budget shortfall. when i talked to our county recorder’s office about this scam, the supervisors told me they cannot imposed such transfer tax since the one buying the property reverts back to the lenders. i said that is a “lie” because i told the supervisor that the one who get to buy it by means of credit bid is not a lender, they are a debt collectors. i think these stupid officer running the recorder’s office don’t have ideas that these so called “auctioner” of pretender trustees telling the county recorders that the property revert back to original lender and is not responsible to pay the transfer tax. and these stupid county recorder’s office believed that craps. if these officials will do their job to collect the transfer taxes every time an auction is held, the county could collects millions from this foreclosure fraud. let see if these so called trustees and auctioneers will do it. every transfer of property to an individual must pay county and city transfer tax and it cost a lot of money for a regular person, but the county allowed these transfer of property free of any taxes because they were in believe that all the transfer was revert back to the original lenders. even the county recorder’s are also victims by these foreclosure fraud auctions.

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