Congressman apologizes for ‘get bloody’ comment

Most People Not Sure He Was Wrong

EDITOR’S COMMENT: The rhetoric is being called over the top and the Congressman apologized. Seems like everyone is apologizing for saying what is on their mind. If it doesn’t fit with what the media deems “correct speech” then “free speech” loses every time.

We live in a society that is shaky and crumbling precisely because people did not take to the streets exercising their right of assembly and free speech. The whole point of our system of government was based on the premise that the ultimate authority for governance lies with the people, not some ruling elite. So a guy shouts up some fighting words and he gets pounced on like he started a revolution.

Because mortgage foreclosures and the disintegration of our financial system has reduced the fundamental qualities of our economy to shambles, I get to speak with people from all political spectrums. My observation is that on the facts they are mostly in agreement about American ideals and policy. It isn’t until they know who said something that they take offense or feign offense. So we have been psyched using sophisticated methods to abandon our core thoughts and principles in favor of labels and political parties.

I think Palin and Capuano have a right to their opinions whether they refer to “cross-hairs” or things getting bloody in the streets. My opinion is that the single most important factor in the decline of the United States is not the lack of outrage, but our unwillingness to hear it. And the single most important reason why we have not expressed our outrage is fear of each other and fear of our government when it should be exactly the opposite. The government should be afraid of us. And as for fearing each other, a little independent thought by everyone regardless of their ideology would allow us to disagree and hammer out real solutions to real problems.

When I think about the attacks on commentators like Olbermann, Limbaugh, Palin, Capuano, and the people who are forced to resign because of “transgressions” that have existed for thousands of years, I can’t help wondering if we have lost our way. If you want to expose a comment and make your own, that is fine. But when people lose their jobs and freedom expressing their views, we are no longer in America. Does it really matter that Limbaugh takes pills? Does it really matter that some rhetoric is passionate? Healthy debate and demonstrating in the streets on REAL ISSUES is the way this country was born, remember? I see Wisconsin  citizens engaged in that healthy debate and people making passionate remarks, and I’m jealous.

I feel envy over their willingness to take to the streets to block what they think is unfair or stupid legislation. I wish we had opposing groups shouting with signs so the issues would be fully aired. Maybe we would have a different climate than the current one that encourages speed of foreclosures instead of fairness and the application of established law, precedent and rules.

Congressman apologizes for ‘get bloody’ comment

Washington (CNN)-Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Michael Capuano, who came under fire for heated comments he made at a union rally earlier this week, apologized for his remarks Thursday.

“I strongly believe in standing up for worker rights and my passion for preserving those rights may have gotten the best of me yesterday in an unscripted speech,” he said in a statement. “I wish I had used different language to express my passion and I regret my choice of words.”

Capuano spoke at a rally outside the statehouse in Boston Tuesday in support of Wisconsin state workers. He encouraged union members to challenge a proposal that would limit collective bargaining rights stating, “Every once in a while you’ve got to get out in the streets and get a little bloody when necessary. This fight is worth it.”

The seven-term congressman was one of many who called for toned-down rhetoric after the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords last month. But he seemed to recant that sentiment in early February, telling a local newspaper that he thought politicians had become too bland.

“Politicians, I think are too bland today. I don’t know what they believe in,” he told the Somerville Journal. “Nothing wrong with throwing a coffee cup at someone if you’re doing it for human rights.” [He was speaking metaphorically. It’s obvious. Who cares HOW he said it?]

Capuano is mulling over a bid to take on popular Republican Sen. Scott Brown in 2012 and has said he will decide by this summer.

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  1. Revolution, sure… but how many that blog, post etc. actually take the time out of their day to attend a local board meeting, a school board meeting? It is not easy after working all day to leave your home and or family to attend local public meetings held by YOUR elected officials, and thats just what they count on, an un- engaged populous that they can legislate out of existence to their benefit.

    We live in a Republic…for now, where the public has and can change policies, but if you want to sit on your duff and listen to talking heads spew dribble from the TV… and post REVOLUTION, when you are not engaged in your community then when the *@*t hits the fan you best better be prepared!

  2. I’m sick of all the pansies in this country, who wine over offensive words, shut the heck up and stop your crying, i have the right to say what the heck i want too, and you have the right to either listen or ignore, but not to tell me what i can and can’t say!

    I’m so sick of the pc correct nation, it’s pathetic!

    Anyone who gives in to the pc correct squad is weak, and not fit for any office position. Stand up for your rights and for what you believe in, it’s what this country was founded on!!!

  3. Karen..
    the USA .. is now thru intentional exposure, paralysis put into motion, a cash crop wait for harvest .

    This extension of GOODWILL,.. is very telling ,
    this entire collection of posts today-was a rather deep thought provoking exchange.

    Trespass. thanks for the link. ,
    the holometer …hmm..
    it is always good to be reminded how small & yet complex we are.

    Good morning Battlemates! I received the following message from a mentor of mine that prompted much contemplation. I thought I would share some thoughts with you…



    DIGNITY leads to GRACE.

    GRACE leads to POWER TO SACRIFICE (my word would be “goodwill”).

    GOODWILL leads to HAPPINESS.” ~ Bhajan

    Recognizing this sequence to be true, I thought I could use it as a map to help me answer a couple of critical questions. I have been asking myself, “Where have We The People become thwarted in our pursuit of happiness?” and “Why are We The People largely paralyzed when it comes to restoring equity in the midst of this financial crisis?”

    I believe that most Americans are feeling a renaissance of our COMMITMENT to the principles that our country was founded on. I also believe that the majority of us possess enough CHARACTER to weather almost any storm. Then I get to DIGNITY.

    I must pause at DIGNITY. DIGNITY is maintained in a society when life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are recognized as birthrights for all of its citizens. The financial crisis has made it apparent that greed and its oppressive patrons have taken our country hostage and cheated our citizens of out of our birthright. The patrons of greed have betrayed our country because, like bullies on the playground, they have not yet recognized that we best help ourselves when we help each other. We The American People have become complacent victims – able to absorb a multitude of in-dignities forced upon us daily by the insatiable agenda of the patrons of greed.

    Our collective threshold of indignation must SURGE BEYOND CONTAINMENT if We The People are to admonish greed and the patrons of greed and insist once again upon life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And, We The People ARE expressing our growing indignation toward the big banks, Wall Street, and even our government. We ARE recognizing where we are on the map. We see how we got here.

    A policy of greed-gone-wild demonstrates a broken commitment to the best interests of America and has resulted in a predatory character that seeks to exploit and enslave. Millions of Americans have been robbed of dignity and have forgotten how to live autonomously. Now dependent upon our oppressors, we are paralyzed to act in our own best interest. It’s “every man for themselves” – our own personal form of greed. We lack the grace to extend goodwill. A country of beggars and slaves, we experience a deterioration of our life and liberty, making the pursuit of happiness impossible.

    However, We The People are strengthening our COMMITMENT to stay educated, organized, empowered, and involved. As we rebuild our CHARACTER of autonomy and integrity, we are reclaiming our birthright. With DIGNITY restored we have the GRACE to articulate a keen understanding of our individual and collective responsibility for the financial crisis. We can then appreciate that the interest of everyone is served best when we help each other succeed. This extension of GOODWILL serves to strengthen our collective vision of equity and will contribute to our life, liberty, and pursuit of HAPPINESS.

    Perhaps, like me, you are witnessing a mass willingness to work hard to educate ourselves and then to share what we have learned with others. Together we are helping to heal the inequity brought on by the agenda of greed. Given the current state of affairs, restoring Commitment, Character, Dignity, Grace, Goodwill, and Happiness to our Country sounds like a grand pie-in-the-sky ideal. However, the work we do together in the foreclosure crisis underground as well as the mainstream is proof everyday of such restoration and I feel great gratitude for all of you.

  5. Karen,

    My thought is that people will start to take to the streets when they hear the cries of hunger from their children and have no means to help. That is when.

  6. Unfortunately, it looks like the only way the elite are going to take the rest of us seriously is by demonstrating in the streets, maybe even promising revolution. The young people of Egypt found out they could not get good jobs even with a good education and a degree. Guess what, our young people can’t get jobs either with their degrees. We are not far from Egypt. Wake up, America!

  7. I have been trying to get people to take to the streets for some time. Instead of not taking to the streets myself because no one else will, I protest alone….until TODAY.

    We are protesting today NATIONWIDE. Get out and protest in your city TODAY. Get off the couch. Get out there and help your fellow activist. Meet them, plan more.

  8. One the “lead” and “lead”

    Someone can lead you.
    (You hand over your power over self to another)

    You can lead yourself.
    (You control your self, you have the power to decide)

    Two different things, dual meaning. Duality.

  9. I know nothing and if I think I know something, I know nothing.

    Rumors have always abound on the internet for years,
    that the Illuminati, (or maybe our LORD God brothers and sisters, from Genesis Chapter 2) had a plan to implement martial law if unrest occurred on U.S. soil.

    Darkness has lost. It has been a long spiritual battle. Now we are witnessing the changing of the control. No longer will people listen to rhetoric of peace and go to war, and most know war is not the answer, even in your own country.

    Unrest leads to destruction. The energy of anger can manifest in a group and once it takes over the group can do terrible things until they are dispersed so the energy cannot remain so strongly charged.

    You’ve seen what the unrest in Egypt has done.
    The congressman is accountable for whatever he says, in a spiritual way. If he guides someone down an unintended path, he is held accountable for guiding them.

    I’m glad he is aware that what’s going on in the world has to do with how each of us as an individual contribute to what’s going on.

    If we speak hatred, and harm, and hurt, we are contributing to the same things that are happening physically on the other side of the globe. Everything is connected. Our words and actions contribute to the whole. You will see that the problems going on here and now are because of you. I’m not accusing you in a negative way, but I am making you aware without infringing on your free will not not know how, to tell you, that if you aren’t speaking thoughts of togetherness, and forgiveness, and fulfillment, and light, and love, you are contributing to that which you see and are conscious of. As God men, we are co-creators of everything around us. What have you done to add to this creation something that is different from what we have now.
    There are many who in the language of Love have made moves that have shut down a lot of the dark activity. What you are witnessing is the dark giving up their hold, (be it reluctantly, and dragging their feet on the way out), in Love we won’t go in and take it, we won’t war to get it, in Love we will show forgiveness and expose their weakness.
    When things are done in Love they must release. If done in War and Hate, they have permission to fight.
    The rules of the Game are ingenious, and the players are all of us…each and every one…no you are not insignificant, you are a member of a whole, like a colony of ants, everyone plays a part, even if they don’t know the bigger picture of how it all ties together.
    I love you no matter your choice, because it’s your life’s journey. All of this is from the Love of the Creator. The entire experience is based on Love, and when you cross into the Love energy, you smile that something cared so much to give us the opportunity of a Cosmos, to discover ourselves and to experience an existence where there is ‘always, always, two sides to everything’, and we can choose what side and accept the other, we can choose what we want to observe or be conscious of and ignore the other as it’s irrelevant to what we want to experience, and when the rules of the game are violated, they are dealt with so we don’t even have to war with each other. There is an overseer to this experience, and just as one is dealt with for violating the rules, you, whether you know the rules or not, are dealt with for violating the rules. So don’t expect life to be peachy and rosey when you are making it a living hell for someone else.
    What you put out, you get back…that’s a basic rule. If you infringe on another, another can infringe on you. What you are aware of you are conscious of and that’s what you will always be conscious of until you shift your awareness to something else.
    That real estate guy is not aware that the tree he nailed a for sale sign is, is life. We aren’t aware that the people we complain about are made by the same Creator that made us. Our complaint either says everything made by the Creator is flawed, or everything made by the Creator is perfection and we lack the ability to see the perfection in everything that is going on.
    We have a mind and a heart. The mind is it’s own program, very basic, prehistoric, animal like. The heart has a mind to, and if you can listen, and feel, and use it more, you’d be so pleased with everything that is going on.
    A guy on the internet tried to explain his experience here and why he’s here. I’ve heard many explanations of how and why we are here, but I find it interesting his journey had him experience something so profound, that again ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. This is his truth. What is yours? Find out and be surprised. We are repeating what we’ve been educated to repeat, and what we were taught by authorities who are not our Creator, and who never reveal their source. What do ‘YOU’ think, what do you ‘feel’. Go inside and learn about you, and how you fit into this world of duality. It’s obvious you fit on one side or the other, and everything is being watched, and observed by the Creator within you. No judgment against you, only rules you must live within, and LOVE for you for the entire experience.
    If the Creator is always within, why would He not love himself while within. That’s the beauty of it all. No one has harmed You. It’s your perception of the experience. You still have food, a roof, water. You may have to get it from a source you didn’t want to, but in the entire scheme of things, Everything is provided. How you treat others is how you will be treated so if you have less than what you want, did you at some point contribute to someone having less than what they want? The Illuminated ones may know more than we do about how it all works. We will know just as much, too. But choose your energy, because there are some things out there that have ‘conditional love’ and they will show you all the love you need, but if you do something wrong, they will punish you and turn around and show you all the love you need. But there is another who will love you no matter what, and no matter what you do, you are loved. Many will follow the first path, not patient enough to wait for the one who loves no matter what. Both are ones that show you love outside of you. So impatience will lead many to the first who will come first. Those of us that Love inside of us, will have the patience to wait on the one who loves us unconditionally.
    There’s a lot going on. The world is not going to end, but it is changing. Mother Gaia has moved into the vibration of Love. She will be uncomfortable to those who are vibrating otherwise.
    We are a piece of the whole, anything that teaches or spreads separation (us and them) has an agenda to keep you from finding out the truth (united we stand, divided we fall). How long will you allow them to guide you in the dark?
    One guys experience discovering himself, use your own discernment. If it doesn’t resonate, discard or put it on a shelf. His experience is not mine, and what he saw I won’t decide whether it was real or true. I am telling you there is more than you know and it’s time you start seeking so you can find out. With the knowledge ‘as a God’, you owe it to yourself to stop being ‘lead’ and to start to ‘lead’. Notice they are spelled the same way, and are equally powerful (again Duality), it’s ingenious the world we live in.
    Notice it was through meditation that this One was able to experience what he did. Meditation is the gateway to the answers we seek. Everything we want to know is within. The Creator is within. We are Love. We are Loved.

  10. P.S.
    My smelly, sweated shoes go to you , Obama.

  11. Let There Be Blood
    When the majority of Americans and other countries around the world were against the invasion of Iraq, George W. Bush went ahead and invaded. How much blood was shed then? For what? Gates, Sec’y of Defense, now is cutting his puppet strings and saying that it is feudal to try that again. Where are the other puppets, Powell, Rice, Chaney ……Thousands of lives were lost because of Bush. Look at what he also did to Dan Rather (saying Bush never served in the Guard) and Keith Olberman (saying it’s 2,769 Days since Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” ). There is/was a lady at the entrance of Longwood Gardens, Pa. that stood out in the rain, snow for years with a sign protesting the war in Iraq because she sacificed a son in Iraq. What did Bush sacrifice?
    And now, the puppeteers have Obama dangling at their bequest. Like one of my customers said ” Same Shit, Different Face.” How many families does he have to ruin before the puppeteers cut his strings?

  12. I believe you hit the nail on the head, Niel.

    We are not taught the difference between a metaphor, a simile, and a literalism.
    We are taught facts and information to be tested on according to standards.

    We are NOT taught to THINK !!! Therefore, few of us can write or communicate effectively. One’s opinions and comments are personalized.

    Thus, we have no ability to converse beyond the basics. That leads to a dumbed-down society where any little quiver shakes up an entire community or an entire system and must be put out immediately for fear it will escalate into something much larger and uncontrollable. Or, forcing the “perpetrator” to apologize. Simply ludicrous.

    That makes US the terrorists.

    Result: People are afraid to speak up. That’s even if they can find their voice. Showing emotion is forbidden and misconstrued as violence.

    On the other hand, we cater to those who go around harming others because we don’t want to hurt their FEELINGS. We have to protect THEIR rights. (to hell with ours) We must pamper their bruised egos and help them to fit into our society beyond all costs.
    God forbid they might lose their license or something and have to learn how to act like a human being.

    None of it makes sense anymore.
    There is so little common sense nowadays.

  13. This is also, one of those sad tales of a multi-layered swindle, that for a couple years of “ecstacy” for the few fools in this, the whole thing is compromised for years to come for the whole, if not plain financial meteor strike global. You have a little handful of greed worshippers, like probably less than 10,000, jeopardizing all.

    It’s almost as if, they want it to be decimated to martial status.

    Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…

  14. I hear ya man! It appears, the place is lost in a commercialized sanitation, that allows the biggest pile of garbage and betrayal, IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA (so far) to continue rewarding itself.

    I never would have thought, that like seeing a heroine addict waste away on the outside, to complete non-existence, I would see addiction to money and illusion, at volumes no one can really benefit from, wasting our leaders, and their puppet masters away on the inside.

    Like a guy who damns up a river, and makes children go thirsty, for a water supply he could never drink himself, yet so removed from the reality of not only the suffering he causes down stream, but the psychological effect it is having as people see these living lies literally making love to their money and laughing. Man, this is a history of the fastest moral and ethical decline I have ever read, real-time, LOL.

    Not to knock bums, or hells angels or the Mexican mob, but Americans would be better off with supposed scoundrels, and the integrity in a mafia, than with what is displayed in the leaders, and their money changing masters. LOL, what a joke this place has become world wide. And I think, it is just beginning.

    I think this dementalizing greed, may be irreversible. Either way, what you just saw surface in the last couple years, from decades old architecture, is NOT a good sign, in fact it’s a big fat red flag.

    Obama may have changed the name of the ship as the new captain, but it’s still the Titanic, LOL.

    Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, 300 million passengers, on a lieing sinking ship…LOL

  15. Ameria is soft. The general population mostly act like robots. The ruling elite act like robots. Our military is the best in the world meanwhile we fight wars like robots. There is this thing in America called freedom of expression we don’t use it as we fear being labeled. The Tea Party challenged the political system, were derided by the med
    fia elite and the TP still kicked ass. Not sure what they will do now that they have some say. Until we have more of the average American not allowing the Banksters andOligarts running this country we will reap what we get “shit”.

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