U.S. Trustee on LPS: “False Affidavits and Materially Misleading Statements”

In RE Wilson | DOJ (US Trustee) in LA BK case “LPS/Fidelity acted with indifference to the truth”

Today, February 10, 2011, 6 hours ago | Foreclosure FraudGo to full article
“What is the economic harm to borrowers of alleged document defects
pertaining to foreclosure? The answer is none. First, the loans are in
default.” Dr. Anthony B. Sanders, Mercatus Center

Below is an excellent document to disprove the statement that there is no harm to a mortgagor when fabricated documents are filed or recorded.

LPS/Fidelity Foreclosure Practices — Unposted payments, notary fraud, perjury, and pleading ignorance.

Backgound from one of the members of ForeclosureHamlet.org here:  http://www.foreclosurehamlet.org/profiles/blogs/in-re-wilson-louisiana-bk-case

Attached US Trustee Brief

Page 8 “There is no dispute that Dory Goebel (LPS employee) gave materially misleading testimony”

Page 10 “The evidence proves that LPS/Fidelity acted with indifference to the truth…”

Page 14 discusses LPS employee perjury & fraud was due to misunderstanding and confusion per LPS

Page 19 discusses notary fraud

Page 20 “Fidelity operated an affidavit execution process that systematically caused the execution of false affidavits.”

Page 21 discusses an LPS Newsletter from Sept 2006 which is linked here

Page 23+ LPS/Fidelity policy for executing false affidavits

Page 25 cites a previous NY BK case where same affiant was criticized by a different court for presenting false affidavits



4 Responses

  1. ritchie, download the Florida AG presentation on affidavit fraud. Lots of Linda Green stuff.

  2. im a hostage and yet another forecloser on behalf of LPS, which is soon to sale on april 6 2011 , LPS / FNF has recorded a assignment of deeds on behalf of argent mortgage who is defunct and by LINDA GREEN vise president of CITI Mortgage the servicer who doesn’t service any loan of mine what can I do Now? recorded the same day trustee sale was recorded on behalf of power default services

  3. Forged deeds have no equity and yet when Thomas Malone of Fidelity National Title and David K Fiveson of Coronet Title told Judge Alice Schlesinger in New York Supreme Court we have equity the only equity they were speaking of was equity under the table for the Judge and Judge Schlesinger turned to me and said “it doesn’t look good for you” and ruled against the Law.
    Fidelity National Title, Fidelity Information Service, LPS DOCX and all their companies are rotten to the core. Why is Wm P Foley CEO of Fidelity not being put on the hot seat and questioned under oath.

  4. Anyone know how the U.S. Trustee got involved in the first place? This is very unusual – grand, but unusal.

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