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Feb. 7, 2010

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House Democrats unveil Homeowner Relief for a Strong Future

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – House Democrats announced on Monday a homeowner relief package to hold government accountable at a time when the state again ranked second in the nation this month for foreclosures.

Homeowner Relief for a Strong Future offers balanced, responsible solutions for the foreclosure crisis, prevents fraud and preserves our communities.

“These bills directly deal with the foreclosure crisis, a problem in Arizona that Republicans have ignored in the past,” said Rep. Debbie McCune Davis, D-Phoenix (District 14). Recent figures as of Thursday show that Arizona continues to rank second in the nation in foreclosures. We have held that top spot for the past few years, and now it’s time to hold government accountable so we can have a strong economic future.”

McCune Davis has asked House Commerce Committee Chair Jim Weiers to establish a subcommittee on foreclosures.

In February, Arizona jumped to second in the nation in foreclosures. One in every 17 Arizona households received a foreclosure filing last year. (

Homeowner Relief for a Strong Future includes the following bills:

HB2383 Borrowers’ Bill of Rights: Guarantees homeowners the right to receive timely and accurate responses to good-faith borrower inquires. (McCune Davis)
HB 2283 Abandoned Home Crime Reduction Act: Requires current and accurate ownership information on all property and assists neighborhoods and law enforcement in reducing crime. (McCune Davis)
HB 2626 Home Sales Notification Act: Allows homeowners in foreclosure to be notified of sales, even when the initial sale is postponed (McCune Davis).
HB 2124 Homeowner Relief Act: Keeps homeowners in their homes by granting temporary (60 day) relief to residential homeowners, who are in foreclosure and in danger of losing their home. (Patterson)
HB 2123 Safe Neighborhoods Act: Requires the maintenance of properties during the foreclosure process. (Patterson)
HB 2430 Right to Rent Act: Allows homeowners, whose foreclosed homes are of low to moderate value, to remain in their homes as renters for an extended period of time. (Tovar)
HB 2642 Mandatory Mediation Act: Offers homeowners facing foreclosure in an owner-occupied home an additional step that would require a mediation process to take place before the property may be foreclosed. (Tovar)
HB 2641 Arizona Home Equity Theft Prevention Act: Protects homeowners who are facing foreclosure from scams and fraud. (Tovar)
HB 2632 The Tenant Rights Act: Ensures that if a tenant is lawfully in possession of the property when a foreclosure action is initiated, the tenant is able to continue to rent the property for the remainder of the lease or 90 days, whichever is longer. (Hobbs)
HB 2269: Truth in Mortgage Brokers Act: Cracks down on bad acting mortgage brokers and protects borrowers from bad lending practices. (Ableser)

“This package of bills could not come at a more critical time for our state,” said Rep. Daniel Patterson, D-Tucson (District 29). “We need to hold government accountable to enact legislation that strengthens our housing market and the financial well-being of our communities. Those steps include fighting scams and fraud and encouraging lenders and borrowers to work together for the best possible outcome.”


Sarah Muench
Communication Director
House Democrats, Arizona Legislature
(602) 926-5848

8 Responses

  1. Does anyone have an AZ lawyer they can recommend? I just ran across someone that needs help immediately , they were scheduled for auction Monday 02/07/11 but it may have been cancelled due to an approved loan mod , they don’t really know.. thanks

  2. The ASF and Kondaur Capital Mr. Daurio are going into the document recreation business. So if all the affidavits, assignments are non existent, if the notes were never endorsed in accordance to the laws who cares, we can just swing it and recreate the title chain and all the documentation.

    Of course Kondaur and companies like it that specialize in purchasing, servicing and foreclosing on fraudulent and non compliant loans.

    They have to try to fudge the issue otherwise their business model is dead. They specialize in non-judicial states to ram through their crappy foreclosures.

  3. TMT- the ASF of course is trying to put a positive spin on all the irregularities, illegalities, and blatant unconscionable fraud which has been wreaked upon American homeowners, WHETHER THEY ARE BEHIND ON THEIR MORTGAGES OR NOT. The bastardization of the land records in 3000 courthouses from coast to coast should be enough to sentence all participants to 99 years of hard labor. How can a “default processing company” miraculously produce documents from originators who are no longer in business, signed by persons who have died or moved out ot state, from Trusts into which no notes were actually deposited, from servicers most of whom have been sanctioned and fined numerous times for predatory practices…… Furthermore, when you see that the law firm purportedly signing off on who owns what and how much is owed, and there are 3 or 4 attorneys and a support staff of 40-60 grunts, who do we think is studying,reading,and signing off on millions of documents? The support staff. This is unauthorized practice of law, a serious offense to even the most senile of judges who don’t know the difference between HAMP and hemp. Get to the bottom of it, ignore the ASF and their paid stooges.

  4. The proposals in AZ sound pretty good … I might make some similar proposals to my city gov’t ,, right now we have big problems with empty houses and maintenance being put on HOA’s by banks that won’t take responsibility ..

  5. Ian. Thanks for your response. That is the process that I would like to hear…
    ASF has a meeting this week at Florida. CNBC and HousingWire have been covering series of topics about the mortgage market and the securitization issues.

  6. TMT- the only way that this new entity from Kondaur Capital can “cure” the loan documentation 98% of the time is by forged, fabricated,and backdated documentation. This documentation would then be notarized and attested to by people with no direct knowledge of anything they attest to. It is just a tired spin on a problem which will never go away.

  7. Mortgage title review service launched at ASF

    In the wake of the robo-signing scandal and recent court cases challenging mortgage paperwork, a new service being launched at the American Securitization Forum gathering in Orlando claims it can fix most errors in the mortgage title chain.

    DKR Collateral Dynamics is a new venture being co-partnered by Jon Daurio, CEO of Kondaur Capital, perhaps the largest dealer in nonperforming mortgages in the country.

    DKR offers collateral audit reviews, by going through mortgage and title paperwork, identifying any errors and working to patch the problems.

    “We can cure the loan documentation more than 98% of the time,” Daurio said.

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