Why Is The Florida Bar Offering Free CLE For Foreclosure Mills?


January 29th, 2011 · 4 Comments · Foreclosure

free-CLE-FloridaBarThis world is a bizarre place and it’s getting even more bizarro.  As we learn from Washington DC and New York City every day, the perpetrators of the financial crimes are not just not punished…THEY ARE REWARDED…..quite handsomely, thank you all very much.  Not just thank you….THANK YOU….VERY, VERY MUCH.    The Wall Street types, the lenders, the servicers, they’re all pocketing billions while at the same time their crimes and wrong doing is being very well documented….and there is precious little talk now about issuing any punishment for the wrongdoing.  Meanwhile, attorneys, advocates and civic minded thinkers who speak out against this tyranny are subject to attack. (First thing we do…silence the critics.) It’s all very Orwellian and quite terrifying to me.

And now the Florida Bar is offering free education for foreclosure plaintiffs.  I’m all for educating, but I’ve got a problem using my dollars to pay for it.  I think Bar outreach and efforts should be used to go out and support the public and to reward and assist attorneys who are serving consumers and the larger good….not the Wall Street Wizards that helped cause all this mess.  Why don’t the foreclosure mills voluntarily have their attorneys take this CLE and pay a reasonable fee for the production and distribution of the education…then use those proceeds to support charitable and consumer outreach programs of the Florida Bar?

But the thing I find most disturbing thing about this is how much time is spent in this advertisement talking about a profoundly serious ethical issue that must be quite widespread if it is being given this much attention.

Based on the amount of space this issue is discussed, should we expect a new round of affidavit and attorney withdraws after the attorneys attend these seminars?

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  1. Equities are distorted certainly, but unless these plaintiffs attorneys provide some pushback, the foreclosure prong of the servicers’ shops will always beat the modification side to the punch. the long term solution entails some of these attornies going to jail–then substantial increase in modifications as the real estate to stop this senseless waste.

  2. Ian,
    Did you see the reference to our mutual ‘friend’ Scott Anderson in the recently released presentation, titled “Unfair, Deceptive and Unconscionable Acts in Foreclosure Cases,” ???

  3. Liz in Sarasota- great idea for those of you in Fla. I would craft a short yet concise complaint, copy it, and get copies out to everyone, also to law firms. You guys down in Fla. have a problem unlike any other state with your judiciary. I empathize with you all, but the truth cannot remain hidden-keep plugging, but try to figure out how to work smartly and efficiently at the same time.

  4. To all the Attorneys that read this Blog. Why not one of you go to this seminar and get the information and share it with all of us Paralegals!

    Thanks for all your consideration.

    Forensic Mortgage Audits and Foreclosure Defense
    Quiet Title Actions

  5. Liz will do

  6. I guess it is all about winning, about the game!!!

  7. My friends, those of us who went toe-to-toe with Shapiro & Fishman, Marshall C. Watson, Florida Default Law, and David J. Stern and had affidavits filed in our cases that were generated by LPS, Fidelity National Foreclosure Solutions, or one of their spin-offs have just been given the road map we need to make ethics complaints to the Florida Bar about the attorneys who handled our foreclosure cases. Each of those foreclosure mills had a long standing relationship with LPS, to the extent that they won “awards” from LPS for their efficiency in using LPS’s services. In 2006 Dory Goebel, LPS employee currently working in their JAX offices, co-authored an article in their newsletter, The Summit, that is a blueprint for robo-signing. So, if the standard for the attorneys in these mills, filing foreclosure cases by the thousands, is that they should have “reasonably” known the affidavits were false, why, then, there you have it. A firm that used LPS to the extent that they get an award should have reasonably known that the docs they were filing were fraudulent. Period.
    I would like to encourage all litigants in foreclosure cases all over the state to look over their docs in cases filed 2006 and beyond, see if you have an LPS-generated affidavit, and, if so, file a complaint with the Florida Bar.
    It’s obvious that the bar is not going to police their own; we need to encourage them to do so.
    It slays me that the very people who are TRAINED, at great expense, in the minutiae of ethics can be so dense. Our lawyers don’t understand what’s obvious to any third-grader you’d care to name. It’s disgusting.
    We’ve got to fight back!
    Call the Florida Bar at 850-561-5600 and request the forms necessary to file a complaint. They can be mailed to you. You do not have to discuss the whys, hows, or name names with the bar staff.
    You can also download them from:$FILE/Inquiry%20Complaint%20Form.pdf?OpenElement
    (I realize not capitalizing the “b” in bar is disrespectful, and I mean it to be.)
    Time tolls 6 years following the fraud is “discovered or, with due diligence, should have been discovered.”
    So, we’re all fine. Let’s go!

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