This Maryland class action ruling requires Lenders to file new foreclosure suits under new statutes that require mediation, modification and other remediation attempts.

The class action in Massachusetts resumes with the SJC Ibanez ruling.


Do you have any robo-signer named C. FETNER, CATHY FETNER or CATHERINE FETNER in your database or in documents you’ve seen? Fetner signed as a principal at Hanover Capital Partners for WAMU (where later she was Risk Manager), and Edison Decisioning (sharing same address as Hanover Capital) in Edison, NJ. She may have been involved in creating or spinning off ALLON HILL (a “due diligence” firm which sprang up when gaps in assignment chains needed filling). Her specialty seems to have been “due diligence” which we take to now mean fabricating documents to fill in the gaps in these assignment chains. She is currently at JPM Chase. In one document we first examined four years ago, Cathy Fetner’s signature (in NJ) appears on an assignment from Bank United to WAMU dated the day of the Miami closing. The law mill that proffered this fake additional document did so AFTER WAMU became part of JPMChase. US Bank National Association became trustee of of SASCO 5 RF 5, the fund that supposedly contained the loan in question when it was still at Lehman Brothers. There was no mention of Lehman Brothers on any assignment. The judge in Miami asked “so what?” when this and other frauds and forgeries were brought to her attention. PLEASE PASS THIS QUESTION ON.


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  1. Darn. Just now seeing this and also the many great comments


    Allan ( March 8, 2013

  2. Frustrated to the hilt: I remember reading M. Soliman’s comments that MERS is the actual break in the chain. Here is the quote I have saved from him in Word format, as I think it is so important…I don’t understand everything he says, but this may be a gem!

    “The break in the chain of title is actually the registration with MERS. You cannot register a security and have a recorded assignment – its dual consideration and that’s a fraud.”

    Comments in article here on LL: “Reports Coming in That BOA Will Buy AIG to Hide The Transactions”

  3. EMC mortgage is a servicer and former lender owned by Bear Stearns. Also BNC Mortgage was owned by Bear Stearns. They also owned Encore Credit Receivables Trusts, held by CWABs.(Countrywide). In all the suits filed against CW, some of their dealings with EMC are coming to light in the courts. So now the shadow players are changing the named investors on MERS site from EMC to Encore Credit. None of these trusts have reported in 3 or so years in the SEC docs, and I haven’t found any 15Ds filed. Can anyone add to this? Thanks-

  4. to clarify an issue, catherine fetner was appointed pursuant to a power of attorney to act as poa for fdic, problem is all these 15k + assignments were purportedly executed and acknowledged march 21, 2002, and effective dec 31, 2001, when according to the trusts, the assignments were years earlier, these were special made assignments by the fdic, pusuant to the sale of the servicing rights to emc mortgage, problem is they all are frauds.

  5. dave,
    FDIC!?! That’s some damning evidence, for her and the FDIC.

  6. I have assignments of mortgage from catherine fetner, purporting she is senior vice president of emc mortgage corp! she was also a power of attorney for the fdic, ( and a notary) when fdic sold the servicing rights of the superior bank mortgages to emc mortgage, she and others poas purportedly executed and notarized tens of thousands of mortgages all on one date march 21, 2002! Further her signature varies on the documents, suggesting she did not sign them, further some of these mortgage were not recorded until years later, after the poa from fdic expired, in my case the persons who signed my assignments signed thousands of others all on the same day, i have reviewed over 12k assignment of these assignments of mortgage, the ones signed by ms fetner were usually recorded years later ie 2004-2007, suggesting they were not executed on march 21, 2002, as purported on the assignments. also they were witnessed by 15 different people! of course this is not possible, i doubt if these people were even employess of hanover on march 21, 2002! I have lots of documentation includung copies of ms fetner’s signature, ( assignments) she is nothing but a fraudster, i would be happy to share info, email me a further, as she was a new jersey notary, a complaint to new jersey notary comm. would be appropiate, also consider that these assignments were prepared by another notary ( ies) namely marileen bradlee, donna graves, I believe new jersey has a law forbidding notaries from preparing legal documents. hope to hear from you!

  7. I am facing a similar situation with a now defunct pretender lender, which had the loan table funded, no proper disclosures, other than their own BK filing indicating their practice of selling the loans prior to settlement for 103% OF THE LOANED AMOUNT.

    The closing instructions mention Aurora Loan Servicing and Lehman as the new servicer and what appears to be Investor. Lehman went bust, this pretender went bust also. Now three years later the liquidating BK trustee is coming forward with what appears to be the original note with a blank endorsement made by them to collect on a loan that has in all appearances and purposes been paid in full to them prior to settlement, but we have no proof other than their BK filing and the closing instructions. It seems we are in limbo here, and they have the winning hand, even if that means a crooked winning hand.

    We are sure the judge is going to rule on their favor, only because of the fact that they have not mentioned any trusts, nor have there been any assignments on the land records, and MERS is on the deed of trust. I did the securitization analysis, however, the actual trust could not be located. Why would a pretender lender do a blank endorsement on a note if it was not to sell it to some one or to have sold it prior to funding?

    Any comments and suggestions?, I understand no one can provide legal advice, what I am looking for is to expand my horizons!!!

    This case has been a nightmare for the last two years or so. How can you fight them when they refuse to give you the info and when they are lying all the way to the bank!!!!

    I forgot to mention that this case is in VIRGINIA!!!!, where you can get foreclosed by the pretender lenders by almost showing up a picture of your house and claiming they lent you the money!!!.

  8. So if in Maryland they have to refile the foreclosure suits . Will all the homeowners that went through this in 2009 be notified of a new foreclosure or will it all just be refiled and swept under the rug? What about the homes that were already bought will they have to give up that home. This is truely a disaster all around and so many questions and no answers. Fortunatly my home is still standing empty and owned by the bank with a reality comp. handleing the sale. Altisource bought it. But my big question is will we the homeowners that already went through the illegal foreclosure because the courts did not examine all the paperwork have to go through this AGAIN???

  9. “So what……..” Hmmmm. Not surprised, they are more corrupt in Florida and Miami in particular. All you have to do is understand the politics down here to understand why. Remember the 1980’s with the drug cartels when officers of the law went to jail for consorting with criminals?. Now it’s consorting with banksters .Banana republic pretending to be cosmopolitan. “So what” …… truly amazing.

  10. All she cares about is her retirement, which she’ll lose shortly after she’s let everyone’s houses be illegally taken from them. Ask her if she thinks her pension fund, which holds billions of worthless securities will be able to pay the legal fees associated with defending RICO charges.

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