18 Notaries Hide Behind 5th Amendment Right, Lawyers Admitting They Can’t Vouch for Their own Signatures



EDITOR’S NOTE: So now that we ALL know that virtually ALL the paperwork is faked, forged and fabricated, now what? The Judges ignoring these developments are doing so at their peril. Their connections with banks and banking interests are being investigated and revealed.

Whether you like it, hate it or have some other “opinion” politically speaking, here is the deal: the mortgages, the mortgage bonds, and the whole procedure was a massive fraud. The perpetrators of the fraud are the investment banks on Wall Street as can be seen by the lawsuits from investors, borrowers and attorney generals. We are a nation of laws, not governed by individual political opinions. We apply law as it exists at the time the act was committed. The victims of fraud are always entitled to restitution and damages. Hence, the game should be over — the investors are entitled to damages, the borrowers are entitled to damages and the homeowners are entitled to clear title on their homes.

Yes that might mean there is a collateral benefit to many homeowners, but there will also be a collateral benefit to the economy as millions of people are converted from broke to having positive net worth. Our economy will be kick started just like a $13 trillion stimulus package without a dime spent by the government or the taxpayers.

Think about it, do you really want to sacrifice the economic future of the country just to prevent some guy down the street ending up in good shape?

F’closure Mill Lawyer Invokes “Pure Heart, Empty Head” Defense, Describes Signing Practices As “Stupid” As

18 Notaries Hide Behind 5th Amendment Right

Friday, January 28, 2011


In Baltimore, Maryland, The Daily Record reports: 

  • Attorney Thomas P. Dore on Tuesday conceded that five pending foreclosure proceedings should be dismissed because he could not vouch for his signature on documents filed with the Baltimore City Circuit Court. Judge W. Michel Pierson must still determine what action to take, if any, with regard to at least 15 other foreclosures involving notarized documents not actually signed by Dore, who represents lenders.
  • Eighteen current and former notaries public invoked their Fifth Amendment rights and refused to testify regarding their certification of Dore’s signature on the documents. “Truthful answers to questions posed might tend to incriminate them,” the notaries’ attorney, David B. Irwin, of Irwin Green & Dexter LLP in Towson, told Pierson. “I have no doubt that they have a good-faith invocation right.”
  • Notaries who knowingly certify false signatures face possible criminal sanctions for misconduct in office or fraud.(1)


  • Dore came under heavy questioning from the judge and a special master appointed to review his foreclosure documents for irregularities. At the end of his testimony, Dore expressed regret to the court for failing to sign the documents himself but said he always acted in good faith.
  • I apologize for having put you through this,” Dore told Pierson from the stand. “I made a terrible mistake,” he added. “It was never my intent to deceive the court. It was frankly stupid, your honor.”


  • [D]ore’s system of authorizing others to sign for himhad gotten out of hand” and he discovered that staff members whom he had not authorized to sign his name had, in fact, signed foreclosure documents, he said.
  • Ethically, I should have signed those affidavits myself,” Dore said. “I realized I made a stupid mistake and we changed our practice.” Dore insisted that at no time did documents leave his office without being carefully reviewed for accuracy.

For more, see Notaries invoke Fifth Amendment in foreclosure hearings.

(1) The recent foreclosure robosigner disaster has revealed that the role of the Notary Public and the fundamentals of notarization are not fully understood either by the public at large or by many of the notaries themselves.

In light of this disaster, the National Notary Association has stepped up and released a whitepaper entitled, “Why Notarization Is More Relevant And Vital Than Ever.”

According to their recent press release, this whitepaper addresses why notarization remains essential to protecting the integrity of today’s transactions, what specifically occurs in a notarial act, and the three primary types of official notarizations. It also details how America’s Notaries Public are supposed to help deter fraud and forgery by serving as trusted, impartial witnesses to millions of business transactions every day, an obligation that these robosigners obviously need to be periodically reminded of. According to the white paper:

  • Impartiality [] means that Notaries must operate independently and resist improper or illegal requests or demands of supervisors, customers, friends or family members. There may be times when signers, employers or other third parties request that a Notary take “shortcuts” — like not requiring the personal appearance of a signer — for the sake of expedience. But, such improprieties are a violation of state law and can carry severe criminal and civil penalties.

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  1. Does anyone have any info on these two BOA Robosigners?: Yolanda Smith, Asst. VP, and Rhoena Rice, VP

  2. fyi- Anyone with Dore as trustee in MD. I invvestigate mortgage and foreclosure fraud, so it wasn’t surprising I was attacked, fraudulent foreclosure suit filed in MD (over a year after M&T Bank failed/refused to comply with QWR) and just few days ago judge fraudulently backdated doc to deny Motion to Show Cause.

    Problem for them is I had Dore under oath in Aug. 2010 admit he had NO personal knowledge of any purported facts. I’m just getting warmed up with him (I hope one of his lackey staff are reading this) and the coward had to have someone in the Baltimore County Circuit Court fix the case instead of going at this mano y mano.

    Tip for the day- post all your docs in Scribd. They have great SEO and your docs will end up high in rankings if you use right keywords. Search “thomas dore motion to show cause” and Scribd docs should be near top of search. Great way to get the word out and amplify your signal..

    Corresponded with Gerald Solomon (Bierman class action) about taking on Dore class action or mass joinder. Have lot of tools to make this happen.

    last tip- in QWR- demand the 1099 OID showing source of funds, 2046 balance sheet, currency transaction reports, 424b5 prospectus, pooling and servicing agreement, CUSIP number on loan application for starters.

  3. something stinks in Maryland. Notary investigator “lost” my paperwork. After those 15 started pleading the “5th”. Next stop, Maryland Attorney General.

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  5. […] An attorney, in court, admits his behavior was STUPID! Yes, he admits false docs, etc was his mistake and stupid – his words! […]

  6. Sorry but I think I have you all beat. I had aGeesing foreclosure that had an assignment by Liquenda Allotey that was notirized by a notary that did not fill in the date it was signed, and this paperwork was recently brought to court as evidence. The case was dismissed!

  7. PJ- if the notary was a woman, check to make sure that she hadn’t since gotten married and changed her name. I’ve seen this happen a couple of times.

  8. And then what path should a homeowner take when after submitting a request to the state treasury department to verify if a Notary was registered, only to find out that the governing body in the state has no record of the Notary?

  9. anyone heard of a notary out of michigan by the name of melissa j. hall? i have tried and tried to find contact info for her to no avail. in the massachusetts land records shes notarized hundreds if not thousands of foreclosure related papers for the law firm of orlans and moran pllc, mine included. or has anyone heard of sarah hargrove? apparently she works for orlans and moran but is also a vp of mers, signing off on any paperwork the firm needs from mers with melissa hall notarizing it.

  10. i have a woman who signed an assigment of my mortgage as assistant vp of mers and then signing another document as an attorney of the law firm who is trying to foreclose on me. awfully convenient this firm has an attorney who is one of thousands of mers vp’s, isnt it? essentially they can fabricate any document they need and have it appear as if it came from mers.

  11. @ANONYMOUS (the Georgia homeowner) You can check our facebook page for contact info:


  12. But if the notaries are guilty because they forged documents – how-much MORE-SO are those LAWYERS like Geesing – who TOLD THEM TO SIGN HIS NAME?

    What about the paralegals that submitted the documents with the signatrues obviously FORGED? What about the lower-level attorneys at these firms that KNEW these docs were forged?

    Geesing told the notaries to sign his name – so he claims.

    Obviously these lawyers KNEW of the forgeries. There are docs several yrs old with these forgeries – yet these attorneys have not even been sanctioned and are still foreclosing?

  13. I had Jacob Geesings signature on my foreclosure documents so what you are saying here is that this jack a did not sign my papers to the court they were robo signed??? Is there an attorney out there that will take my case. Cause i have a document that the signature is written over…Please contact me if you are interested in my case. I have been told I have a very strong case against saxon but i am not smart enough to fight them on my own. I will pay what ever it takes to get my house back!!!!!

  14. Geesing was the person who signed my foreclosure documents. Could this have been a ROBO signing??? I have been told I have a Legal case against Saxon but am not smart enough to fight them on my own. Is there anyone out there that will help me??? I want my house back from the illegal foreclosing…also the signature on my documents were written over.. like someone copied the signature

  15. Very soon in Virginia, any one will be able to foreclose on you by taking Picture of your house or even writing the home address on a napking.

    Having proper land records does not matter in this state. President Jefferson must be rolling over in his grave, he must be happy his memorial is not o
    located in Virginia, he may not be foreclosed with fabricated documeentation.

  16. this is great, however, in Virginia we thrive in helping the crooks evade tbeir responsability and close the loop of this scam by making legal what is illegal.

  17. @Forensic Mortgage Examiners

    Ooops–I meant to say “wish you guys….” as opposed to “miss you guys……”

  18. @Forensic Mortgage Examiners

    Please provide your contact information. I am a homeowners in Georgia. My paperwork was signed by the infamous robosigner Linda Green and documents were created by DocX.
    Wells Fargo originated and then handed off to US Bank.

    I miss you guys much success in continuing to expose this massive, criminal FRAUD!!

  19. usedkarguy- I had a Wells Fargo trust located in Annapolis Md at one point. Will look into Frederick location. Thanks.

  20. I have a notary complaint filed with the Maryland Notary Division, Secretary of State. Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corporation, and servicing ops, are in Frederick, Maryland.

    Took the liberty to forward said copy of complaint to the Maryland AG, and the governor.

  21. It has been more difficult to get to get my GREEDY XXXXX
    wife to come to a bank to sign a “Transfer of and for Home Depot” shares I forgot I had because these security’s have to have a special type of notarization. It is called a
    “Medallion Guarantee Stamp” We both have to be present. It took 8 weeks, she had to control every thing, and on the day we were to meet at a bank at 4pm, and she stood me up, “a flat tire”, thanks I needed to get that off my chest for today after reading the above.
    I propose the same type or similar type of a better just way to protect our “American dream”.
    I despise the fact that “MERS” even has the stain on our country! A[mers]ica makes me sick. America is still a sleeping giant, however I do believe people are beginning
    to awake from the stupor. Its us or them…………

  22. “13 Trillion Dollar Kick Start”, nicely said Neil.

  23. It will be interesting to see how the notaries being sued in the Northern District of Georgia respond when it’s time for discovery… for those that don’t know, there is a federally filed class action suit for all Georgians who were foreclosed upon, illegally, by the firm of McCalla Raymer, using assignments produced for them by Prommis Solutions.

    We have found ELEVEN current notaries who supposedly “notarized” these assignments – slight problem though… they weren’t notaries on the day the documents were “executed”. And, no, they had never held notary commissions prior to getting their current commissions, so there’s no “I’m sorry, I just used the wrong stamp” excuse available to them.

    Depositions are gonna be FUN!

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