We should not be mistaken into thinking that saying words that are technically true justifies misleading others when there is no valid justification to do so and it constitutes a clear violation of ‘distance yourself from falsehood’. It is very important to educate our children on this point so that they realize that the prohibition to lie is not avoided by clever wording.

Just because the pretender lenders are misleading the court does not give you a license to do the same. The truth often takes longer to come out, but if you persist, the truth will be known and justice will prevail.

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  1. cheryl, on February 1, 2011 at 2:27 pm said:

    Nobody has checked the actual guidelines for HAMP!
    I did, and found some amazing things about HAMP.
    The true problem with HAMP is that the servicers are making a fortune off the program by NOT HELPING PEOPLE.
    The guidelines call for REPAYMENT PLANS TO BE OFFERED FIRST. To work out someway for the homeowner to catch up missed payments, get current and stay current on payments.
    The servicers get paid $400 for that.
    If a repayment plan can’t be worked out then a MODIFICATION PLAN should be tried next, with trial payment plan that ends with the homeowner getting a complete MODIFICATION FROM THE LENDER.
    The servicers get $800 for setting up the trial modification plan, then they get paid $1900 more for getting the homeowner to the end of the trial modification.
    How many people have you heard of the got a repayment plan or were offered a repayment plan?
    None, same here, none.
    Why are people pushed into the TRIAL MODIFICATIONS?
    Which plan do you see being pushed?
    I signed up for the training as a housing counselor with HUD, that is where I found all the information on HAMP!
    Who is gonna turn down nearly $2000 in bonuses and not be held responsible for the outcome? No requirements to complete the project, get paid for doing a half-assed job, who would turn that down?
    Guess who helped to write the guidelines for HAMP?

  2. Slightly off the topic but relevant and very important for those of us who are either still contemplating a modification or are currently involved in the “process”

    Here’s a link and an excerpt:

    Loan Modifications Burn Many Homeowners
    MINNEAPOLIS — Many people who sought help under a federal program created to keep them from losing their homes are instead saddled with huge, unexpected bills.Thousands now face a stark choice: Go deeper into debt, or foreclosure.

    Lenders routinely approved short-term “trial” loan modifications that reduced payments for desperate borrowers under the umbrella of the Obama administration’s Home Affordable Modification Program. But lenders continued to count the mortgages as delinquent or in default.

    Now instead of granting permanent modifications, lenders often are reinstating the original loan terms and demanding big back payments.

    Through November nationwide, lenders canceled 729,109 trial modifications. Carl Christensen, a Minneapolis real estate attorney, said he is getting 15 telephone calls a week from shocked borrowers.

    “The banks put out their hand and say, ‘We’re going to help you,’ and then stab people right in the back,” Christensen said.

  3. I could only guess.

  4. Wow. I’d like to know what inspired that.

  5. Re: Marie McDonnell’s mention of 9/11- while I am not a conspiracy theorist, I find it worthy of note that in the months leading up to 9/11, the FBI, of all groups, in responding to an almost frenetic increase in reported (to the FBI) instances of mortgage fraud, they had requested (through Conressional budget panels) hiring an additional 5,000, that is five thousand, agents for their financeial crimes enforcement division. Well, 9/11 happened, the FBI diverted thousands of agents from their existing workforce into 9/11 investigations, and the FBI got NOTHING. Two years later, they got- are you ready? Five (that’s five) additiional agents. So they were shorted, 4,995 agents from their requested number of additional agents. Think about it..

  6. This is well put. It’s from Marie McDonnell, the woman who wrote the brief that probably saved the day in Ibanez by educating the judge so well.

    We need Congress to enact an emergency “disaster relief” program, overseen by HUD, to prevent the tsunami of foreclosures that is now in progress due to the unbridled greed launched and authorized by the Garn-St. Germain Act of 1982 which, according to the FDIC, was the first non-homeowner friendly federal legislation in history.

    We need to start talking about this in terms that people can understand:

    This is a pandemic that is inflicting catastrophic physical and mental illness on vulnerable children, women, minorities, elders, low-income and median-income families across the nation, but the Center for Disease Control has not yet identified and classified the virus;

    There is a criminal element to this problem which everyone is denying except when it comes to defrauding financial institutions;

    A pickpocket will get time in jail whereas the theft of mortgage payments, equity and real property from homeowners is a “civil” matter where there is no effective redress;

    As with 9/11, we are unprepared to deal with this crisis because we have never seen it before and don’t have enough time to train nurses or set up triage centers;

    Disaster relief (shipping supplies and money) will only enable the predators to profit further unless we find a way to nullify these transactions and disgorge the illicit fees and finance charges;
    There are too many people in distress and too few advocates to assist;

    The banking lobby has got to go; there are too many US Congressmen beholden to big money and corporate interests who are profiting from the transfusion of wealth from the working to the capital class; we need to “clean house” if we are to correct this national disgrace.

    If Congress giveth, Congress can taketh away and it had better do so soon before we have another Katrina-like fiasco. I suggest we get to run a campaign, spread the word and take on this issue.

    The implosion of the subprime industry gives us the best clues about what to do here: we are witnessing the most effective discipline that can be imposed upon rogue lenders by the market itself…finally! By cutting off the gravy train and stopping the supply of money, the industry is getting the message loud and clear in a heartbeat. (Mortgage Lenders Network, Ameriquest, New Cenruty, Fremont, ad nauseam.)

    Consumer advocates need to organize their position and hold the Bond Market Association accountable for creating the supply lines that have fostered this travesty. The Mortgage Bankers Association, National Association of Mortgage Brokers, National Association of Home Builders and the National Association of Realtors have to take responsibility for their roles as does the SEC, Fitch, Standard &Poors and Moodys for hyping the investments that were build on air.

    These are strong words but as the great English statesman, Edmund Burke once said:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    Marie McDonnell

  7. Justice will prevail? I doubt that most Americans in this hell of fraud hold that opinion, Neil.

    When? Armageddon?

  8. I’m in my fourth year without making a payment, and I am amassing the ammo to fry their butts in court. They’ll get their day, at least from me.

  9. Maybe, Maybe Not. When you find the amo, you could shoot them down.

  10. Unfortunately, you will need to stay in some sort of litigation in order to keep your house until the truth comes out.

  11. mary
    I have the same feeling. I am in process since 2007 to obtain the truth and only truth

  12. Amen to that. I am and will continue to obtain the truth. It is my nature and I have been accused before of having such a personality, whereby, I will obtain the truth and justice.

    Seems everyone on this blog has the same feeling and attitude.

    We will obtain answers and justice.

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