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  4. To big to fail mean to big to prosecute, you’re right, Now BOA after the DocX settlement are doing their own findings of your damages in violation of Office of the Comtroller of Currency, the agency of the ovesite on the issue of damages on wrongful foreclosure, solely limited on manufactured note and Mortage (i.e) Docx scandel, of which is the largest overt rico violation ever know to man. To big to prosecute, funny, a harvard professor stated in the New York times something very similar, that those prosecutions were “to hard” (in re Citi’s settelement with the SEC without admission of wrondoing (rejected settelment) by Federal Judge Rankoff in New York

  5. A case some “real” lawyer should want!! It’s in South Carolina and the foreclosure has been disposed of and done so without Order and Notice to the Homeowner, Me. The case involves someone using my bank account to buy another house, an auto debit. The statute of frauds mandates that paying someone elses debt “must be in writing,” of course it wasn’t and never was going to be. Countrywide, and it was at the very time BOA aquired CW, had debited 47 times after being noticed and detailed out this wire fraud. An Accountant and Attorney’s spoke with their Attorneys for CW and BOA as well. Nevertheless, they said that they would credit me in return with details of additional cost to me to be resolved later on., This was at the time, before any news articles, on the subject of the fraud (named by Attorney General) “Parallel Foreclosure” telling those who wanted a mortgage Mod they had to be behind on payments to take advantage of the government program, and was prepairing foreclosure documents for they’re fraudulently induced delinquency (wire fraud). In my case, The fraud to repay me my stolen money by profesuional criminals who merely called BOA up and restarted the theft. They were repeatedly noticed ( BOA and local FBI) by phone and letter, and on an occasition said I should have closed my bank account, but there is no legal precedent on this, just to make it look as you done something wrong, and was to basically stop them from stealing from me. They stopped two years later and I repeatedly noticed them of triple damages the entire time; and this absolute fraud (same persons were indicted and plead guilty on similar items related to me)
    Additionally, when I stopped paying my morgage per their request, I had a $9,000.00 esgrow that was illegally being debited from my account on my own home, only 1/6th is legal per the Fed Real Estate act of 1974, mine was 1/4 and I was inelligble. I had owned two previous homes and also paid a large down payment. Of course part of the preditory lending practices they not only ignored me and the law and took the position to pay my taxes and insurance. However, the previous owner was an out of state owner, his taxes were double of that of a primary resident, as myself. So as well they were noticed as was the Auditor, who never changed the amount, I was paying $4,400.00 per years instead of $2,200.00 what I should have and for 5 years, didn’t stop that either when repeatedly requested. Interestingly, during the foreclosure case pendancy, I noticed they’re attorney and then the amount was reduced when they thought they would get foreclosure “FROM” it being returned from federal Court where I moved it under title 15 USCA and it was returned to state court since BOA’s primary business wasn’t a debt collector.
    Abreast of all the above BOA’s attorney filed a default and didn’t mail any pleadings to me (in 2010, it all began early 2008 the lawsuit and the debits in 2005) a paralegal I know I had watching court filings noticed me only 3 days before the 30 days response time and I hand carried a opposition motion, Now the amount was $103,667,00 without the overbilling of taxes and other compensatory damages (just direct cost that I could prove on paper) exceeding what I allegely was behind by 3 fold. I learned on July 16, 2010 the case was “deposed of” and no order to that exist. I’m headed back to Fed Court on this, an Attorney that knows the strength of all this would be nice, since BOA basically bought the criminals a house and gave it to them (stated by me to BOA on a phone call they were noticed was being recorded) and the same people counterfieted and forged checks emptying out my home equity line, all a diversion, involving Citi who, at this time sent me an apology letter as to their previous threats and collection efforts, I recorded them as well, they took no action nor has the Secreat Service on the Counterfeiting since the persons are documented drug dealers as well and were protected by the local drug task force as some sort of informants. Nevertheless, I was forced to buy known criminals a house (all of this has state Finance managers and states witnesses for my behalf), BOA knowing and recorded by phone has aided all the other crimes to get my home which at one time had an addition equity of $900,000.00 over the mortgaged amount held by them; . . . . the act of Rescission for fraud should be a good start,

  6. We are a group in Utah, we analyze and lead the homeowner in the direction that best suits him, legal, short sale, credit repair, asset protection, financial planning, etc. We are here to help get America out of this mess. http://www.centerforhomeownersupport.com,
    877-711-0191 or call me personally Karen Curtis 435-729-9192.

  7. BSE

    Reason the modification has failed is because the servicers are no longer servicing for the banks who received large TARP bailouts. The banks have been dramatically disposing of loans — that they “voluntarily” said they modify. And, so has the Treasury – via Maiden Lane. If modifying at all, who are servicers now modifying for???

  8. Anyone in Delaware????

  9. To Fred Montano Jan 27 I am a homeowner working in New Mexico. How can we get together?

  10. North Atlanta (Marietta) group E-mail to thetruthexposed101@gmail.com

  11. I would like to start a group in North Atlanta (Marietta) for support and atty referral. I am not a atty, however I began my fight April 2009 and out of Fed court going to bring to State court. If this only was for support it will help, we are fighting the beats here.
    send an email.

  12. Absolutely cannot modify. Once an attorney says modify I’m out thr door. Arizona. Donald loeb 40 some years in the business reasonable fees and a heart of gold. He I’d very knowledgable. He saved my lawsuit. ( so far!). I wish to add attorneys have had a horrific task getting their minds around this historical fraud remember they are up against the worlds best with unlimited resources younger faster with Lexus nexus. Billet plate shortcuts they are advised by the worlds best criminal minds so cut em a break and be realistic in tote expectations this is very very complicated SM

  13. Listen up people!

    Gregory Bryl, Esq, took $2800 of our hard earned money from us and has not provided us with anything in return.

    Despite our multiple requests for a refund, he has refused to refund our money.

    He is trolling this site looking to profit from homeowners hardship.

    We have filed a Complaint with our AG for Unlicensed Practice of Law and are finalizing a Complaint to be filed in his home state of Virginia (which by the way is the only state he is licensed to practice in).

    At this time I would like to hear from anyone that has had any other dealings with him. I want the good, the bad and the ugly!

    Please email me all of your stories and/or comments to:


    Lets combine our forces and put him and all other dishonest attorneys out of business of scamming homeowners!!!

  14. National Mortgage Bankers Association Mortgage Servicing Conference & Expo, Dallas, Tx. Feb.22-24, 2011. Damn! I was hoping they’d all be in jail by then.

  15. National Mortgage Bankers Association Mortgage Servicing Conference & Expo- Feb.22-24 2011, Dallas,Tx. Wonder what they’ll be talking about down there-

  16. If anyone knows about an attorney in central California please let me know I got evicted from my house in November I am 100% the bank did not own my mortgage but the courts are as corrupted as the banks. We just to follow the law and make the judges do the same please help.

  17. Help- good piece of info. Doesn’t apply to me, but if you can send it to 4closurefraud, dinsfla,foreclosureblues,foreclosurehamlet,etc. it may help others. CIG/HFI, corporate investment group, held for investment. Has a nice ring to it. Illegal,but nice.

  18. I would like to start a group for borrowers with Bank of America, that claims the Creditor is CIG HFI 1st lien Mortgage.

    BofA claims in letters loan mods were denied by investors and on the phone that the loan was sold and letters stating that CIG HFI 1st Lien Mortgage was the Creditor for borrowers loans. BUT in Court they claim CIG HFI 1st lien Mortgage is an internal department within BofA; CIG-Corporate Investment Group HFI-Held for Investment.

    I would like to gather docs and other folks mislead by this or lead down “the wrong rabbit hole.”

  19. We have a small group and are looking to expand in New Mexico

  20. Hi Ray, I am in Colorado as well.

  21. Homeowners’ Motto for 2011: MODIFY, BUT ALSO NULLIFY!

    Following the old adage of “Trust, But Verify” I propose a new slogan for homeowners in 2011 in response to the foreclosure crisis: Modify, But Also Nullify.”

    Nullify your mortgages (deeds of trust) during or before the “loan modification” scam process.


  22. oops, wrong thread

  23. “Too big to fail” equals “too big to prosecute”. End of story.

  24. How do I start a group in Colorado?

  25. USA Today

    WASHINGTON — A mortgage modification program aimed at saving homeowners from foreclosure has failed because regulators are “afraid to rein in or impose penalties on the mortgage servicers” whose record “has been nothing short of abysmal,” the program’s watchdog told Congress Wednesday.

    By Susan Walsh, AP file
    Neil Barofsky, center, inspector general over the government’s bank bailout plan, listens at a Senate Banking Committee hearing in 2009.
    By Susan Walsh, AP file
    Neil Barofsky, center, inspector general over the government’s bank bailout plan, listens at a Senate Banking Committee hearing in 2009.

    Neil Barofsky, the special inspector general for the government’s bank bailouts, bluntly labeled the mortgage program a “failure” in testimony before the House oversight committee.

    “And I think that if Treasury doesn’t respond to some of these things in a quick manner,” he said, the call to dismantle the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) “is just going to become a louder and louder chorus, and understandably so.”

    Three Republicans, led by Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, introduced a bill Tuesday to end the program, saving up to $30 billion in unspent bailout funds.

    “We think any objective look at this, it doesn’t warrant continued spending of taxpayer dollars,” Jordan said. He did not say what, if anything, he would replace the program with.

    Consumer advocates said HAMP should be given a chance. “It’s far from perfect, but it’s the only thing going,” said Kathleen Day, a spokeswoman for the Center for Responsible Lending.

    Blame for HAMP’s poor performance rests not with the Treasury Department, but with a mortgage-servicing industry that “can’t distinguish between the foreclosures that are inevitable and those that are avoidable,” Day said.

    Indeed, Democrats on the House Oversight Committee urged Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., to call executives at major mortgage servicers to testify — especially JPMorgan Chase, which has modified just 67,722 of 203,594 eligible mortgages, according to the most recent Treasury statistics.

    Issa said Chase could be called to a subcommittee hearing. Chase spokesman Thomas Kelly would not say whether the company would make executives available to testify.

    Barofsky’s report said the $341 billion bank bailout has largely been a success, with Wall Street banks repaying taxpayer money more quickly than anticipated.

    But the mortgage program, he said, “was the program that was supposed to be of help to Main Street.”

    “We’re running out of hope,” he said. With only 549,620 permanent mortgage modifications started, “there’s no way we’re going to ever get close to the 3 million to 4 million” homeowners who were supposed to be helped.

    The Treasury Department defended its handling of the program Wednesday.

    “I agree that the servicer performance has been abysmal and that’s something that we have been trying to fix,” said Timothy Massad, the Treasury official in charge of bank bailouts. “Let me first make it clear, this is a voluntary program. Congress didn’t give us the tools to impose fines.

    Wednesday’s hearing was the first by the House Oversight Committee since the GOP took control this month. Issa said the program “was conceived by a Republican administration, approved by a Democratic Congress” and is “a fitting subject for bipartisan oversight

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